About the water bug of the sleek and the giant belostomu


Do you sleep badly, restlessly toss and turn and are constantly in a state of half-sleep? And the next morning your skin is itchy, itchy and strange red spots appear on it? Be sure, in your apartment settle unexpected guests - bed bugs. The phenomenon is unpleasant, but, fortunately, is amenable to elimination. What leaves the bedbug bites (photo)? How to get rid of trouble and cure the rash? All this you will learn from the article below.

What is this bug?

The bedbug is a little vampire. The body shape of a blood-sucking insect is oval, body length is about 8 millimeters. Usually, the value depends on the degree of saturation of the bug. The same factor affects its color. But, as a rule, the color range of an adult individual varies from light brown to brown. After a hearty lunch, the bug may become burgundy or even black. The life expectancy of insects is one and a half years, during which they feed not only on the blood of people, but also on animals and birds.

Bedbug bite bed, a photo of which can be found in any medical encyclopedia, can appear in any person. From the unpleasant neighborhood no one is immune. Indeed, nowadays, the myth that bugs can live only in unsanitary conditions has long been debunked. Far from it. In addition, the relationship between insect bites and ingestion of various infections has not been officially proven. Despite this, bugs cool poison our lives, interfering with normal sleep. As a result, performance is impaired, severe anxiety, anxiety and even depression occur.

As a remedy for bedbugs, it is recommended to use preparations of a mechanical principle of action, which is GEKTOR (HECTOR). Due to the principle of action, based on the dehydration of the insect's body, bugs cannot develop immunity to it, and for a human or animal, contact with the agent can cause only slight dryness of the skin. Also, besides all the above, the drug is completely odorless.

Biting process

The vital activity of the parasites is maintained solely by the blood of others. It is not surprising that they settle near the source of food, that is, in a person’s dwelling, trying to stay near the bed or directly in the bedding. Insects are nocturnal: during the day they hide in their favorite hiding places: in the cracks of the sofa, behind wallpaper, under the baseboards. Closer to 2 o'clock at night bugs go hunting. Attacking a victim during daylight hours can only be pushed by a very strong feeling of hunger. Usually, such a phenomenon is observed in highly contaminated areas: here the population of insects is so huge that not all individuals have enough time to get enough at night.

Even during deep sleep, you can feel the bite of a bed bug: the symptoms are frequent waking up, restlessness and even nightmares. All this awaits you at first. While you sleep, insects peacefully dine on your body. With their proboscis, they pierce the skin, reaching the small capillaries. When the epidermis is punctured, the insects inject a secret that has an analgesic effect, so you do not feel the bite itself. Pain arises only when the youngsters “manage” on the skin, in the saliva of which there is no anesthetic substance.

What does a bite look like?

In order to get enough, insects need to make a few bites. Usually there are three of them, so the doctors, jokingly, call them "breakfast, lunch and dinner." What does a bedbug bite look like? Photos presented in any specialized literature demonstrate that this is a slight reddening, in the center of which there is a pronounced scarlet dot. The spots form a so-called path, the distance between them can reach as much as 2 centimeters. Bites very itchy, itchy. It seems to man that he was bitten by mosquitoes. To exclude the presence of buzzing and flying insects, inspect the ceiling. If there are no mosquitoes on it, then this is the handiwork (or, more precisely, the proboscis) of bed bugs.

Stains in any case can not be combed, even if you are completely unbearable. The fact is that during this process you injure your skin: microscopic wounds are formed. You can not see them, but the bugs, thanks to the excellent scent, perfectly feel the closeness of blood. Therefore, they begin to attack your body even more actively.

How to distinguish a bedbug bite? Symptoms of the fact that you were bitten by these insects are the following:

  • The appearance of spots in the morning with their complete absence in the evening before falling asleep.
  • The multiplicity of bites, the trajectory of which is located on the same line.
  • The presence of wounds in open areas of the skin: face, neck, shoulders, legs and arms. Sometimes insects crawl under their pajamas, then their mark remains on the stomach and back.
  • The spots appear round, they are slightly swollen.

Traces on the skin after a bite is the body's response to the saliva that the insect secretes. Because of this, the spots stick on the skin longer than after any other parasite. Different people will greatly differ in the degree of itching and swelling that accompany the bedbug bite - the symptoms manifest themselves individually, depending on the characteristics of the organism. Some have huge bumps, others have slightly noticeable pale marks on their skin. Someone finds them the next morning after the "attack", someone finds out about the bugs only after several months of unpleasant neighborhoods.

Other signs

How to find out that a colony of bloodthirsty insects settled in your bedroom? First, suspecting something was wrong, carefully check the bedding in the morning. Usually after raids and bugs bugs on the sheets remain pale blood stains. Secondly, move the sofa or bed away from the wall and inspect the plinth. Bedbugs, if they are bred in the room, leave traces of vital activity behind them: their litter looks like black points on the surface. No, it's not dirt. All the "breasts" are almost the same size and shape.

A few more features have bedbug bite. A photo of a bloodthirsty insect in an enlarged format indicates the presence of holes in the chest and abdomen of the insect. These are exits of the so-called odorous glands that emit a specific smell. Some people who are in trouble say that crimson amber is spreading around the room. Others claim that it smells like brandy, and still others smell almond notes.

The difference between a bug bite and an allergy

These two phenomena appear differently. Traces of bedbug bites differ from allergic reactions primarily in their static nature. The former retain their shape and color for a very long time, the external signs of others often and quickly change. In addition, an allergy rash usually spreads over the entire surface of the body, lacking clear contours and edges. Instead, bedbug bites are located only in open areas of the skin in a straight line in the form of a path. Another difference is the condition of the epidermis of other family members. If the spouse who is sleeping next to you, there is not a single trace on the skin, most likely you are allergic.

As for the bites of other insects, it is a little more difficult to distinguish the bug bug from them. Again, it is worth paying attention to the shape of the spots: after the bed bloodsuckers, they are clearly outlined, arranged along the same line. Instead, flea bites are chaotic, usually they appear in the lower leg area. After contact with the midge, the pain is much stronger, the wound itself is smaller, and in the middle of it is gore. Mosquito bites are uneven, in their center there is a small education in the form of a pimple.

Whom do the bugs bite first?

These insects have favorite victims. On small, fragile and tender creatures, bed bugs usually parasitize: bites in children and young women are much more common than in men and older people. This phenomenon has a rational explanation. The fact is that insects, being bloodsuckers, are guided by the smell of blood, feeling it with their first-class scent. The thinner the skin, the more they feel the fragrance emanating from the person. Due to age-related changes in the body and its physiological features, it is the babies and the weaker sex that have the thinnest epidermis.

Adult men and elderly people are less likely to be attacked by bloodsuckers. They are also less sensitive to bites, so they do not immediately notice that they have become a victim of insects. But the rumors that bugs love people with a specific blood group, do not correspond to reality. They bite everyone, only spots appear on the skin in different ways.

Measures need to be taken as soon as you find a problem. Treatment of bedbug bites bites primarily involves the use of such medical devices:

  1. Acceptance of antihistamine drugs. For example, Claritin, Telfast, Zyrtec are very effective. They will protect you from a severe allergic reaction that may occur after a bite. Some people even have anaphylactic shock, so it’s best to protect yourself from the consequences. Moreover, these drugs are third-generation drugs, so they can be used for a long period without any side effects.
  2. Apply ointment to the bite site, which will reduce swelling and relieve itching. Usually, the doctor prescribes an anesthetic agent: “Akriderm”, “Afloderm” or “Psilo-Balsam”.
  3. You can stick on the site of the bite medical pharmacy patch containing painkillers.

All these methods will help you get rid of the unpleasant sensations that the voracious bugs have left on your skin.

Folk remedies

In addition to traditional medicines, there are other tools that help reduce the negative impact of insects, which are bed bugs. Bites ... How to get rid of them with the help of traditional medicine? Everything is very simple. For these purposes you need to use:

  • Garlic: it is rubbed and applied to the wound.
  • Pink lotion: it dries bites.
  • Potatoes. It is also crushed and evenly distributed on the affected skin.
  • Aloe juice, decoction of chamomile and hypericum. These fluids impregnate cotton wool and apply a compress.

Plantain leaves and baking soda solution also help with bedbug bites. They are also applied to the stains that remained after the bloodsuckers. In addition, be sure to attach a piece of ice to the wound - it will remove puffiness and swelling. Treat it with alcohol, it will dry the bite and help it to heal quickly. All of the above methods of traditional medicine will relieve the symptoms of itching and scabies for one, maximum two days.

How to protect yourself?

As we see, not such a disaster is a bite of a bed bug for a person. Symptoms can be very easily removed with the help of available tools. It is much harder to protect yourself from new raids of the bloodthirsty colony. To get rid of insects from an apartment, you can go two ways:

  1. Invite to the house a special service, which is engaged in disinsection. It is expensive, but effective. Experts spray the room with insecticides, treating every corner and even the smallest crack.
  2. Perform a full treatment yourself. This is a cheap method that requires maximum effort and time. You need to buy insecticides in the store and spray them flat in accordance with the instructions.

Remember that home products are sold in any form. The most effective and convenient to use - concentrated emulsion. They are diluted with water in the right proportions and applied to the surface with a spray gun or brush. Chemicals are also released as aerosols and in the form of powders.

If the bugs are bitten on vacation.

Such cases are not uncommon. The ideal option is to move to a new apartment. If this is not possible, you need to scare the bugs from the bed. For a start, thoroughly shake out all bedding. Sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers are treated with a steam iron. Pour boiling water into the crevices of the sofa, then vinegar. In the same way, process the baseboards near the bed. Move the bed as far as possible away from the wall. To prevent parasites from hiding at the other end of the room, place bowls filled with sunflower oil under the legs of the sofa. Or wrap them with special adhesive tape. Insects do not know how to jump, so these objects will become insurmountable obstacles for them.

So that you are not tormented by new bites after bed bugs, get tansy or wormwood. The smell of plants scares off bloodsuckers. Returning from the rest, shake all things and bags. After washing them, stroke them or steam them with a steam generator. These simple procedures will destroy those parasites who have climbed into your luggage. Accordingly, you protect the apartment from being infected with malicious bugs.

What is the danger?

The worst consequences of a bedbug bite are severe allergic reactions that cause anaphylactic shock. In the history of medicine there are many such cases. In addition, close contact with insects sometimes provokes the development of skin infections, causes nausea, fainting and flushing - capillaries overflow in the area of ​​the bite. Victims may complain of difficulty breathing, muscle spasms in the bronchi and severe edema. But these cases, as a rule, are rare.

In general, bedbug bites are no more terrible than mosquitoes. Insects are not carriers of dangerous infections, so they can not infect you. The only nuisance from such a neighborhood is the ever-itchy rash. In addition, people who bite bugs at night do not sleep well. As a result, they have low productivity of work, at the same time - increased nervousness and irritability. Sometimes a bite festers - in that case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Gladysha not confuse with anyone

Take a closer look at the pictures of the bugle-smooth. He completely justifies his name:

His body, in fact, smooth and streamlined, resembles a boat, deftly and incredibly quickly dissecting the water column. There are a water bug and two powerful "oars" - this is the back pair of legs. They significantly exceed the size of the remaining limbs and carry elastic bristles. A water bug is enough to make a few strokes "oars" - and he has already advanced a considerable distance.

This species of Coleoptera prefers stagnant water bodies. But it is not at all necessary to be near lakes or ponds to see this water bug, because the surface of the lake settles in any puddle or barrel in the garden, and can even find itself on the veranda in the evening, attracted by the light of the lamp.

The water bug is capable of quite long flights. In the air, this insect rises at night, as a rule, with one goal: to find a rich reservoir of food. The fulfillment of this important mission in bedbugs are thick brown elytra and gentle webbed wings of a transparent color.

Two large (by the standards of the insect) eyes attract attention. Nobody escapes the penetrating gaze of a water predator.

As with all bedbugs, the smooth-headed piercing-sucking oral apparatus. Having overtaken the victim, the water bug tenaciously holds it with its forelimbs, pierces its shell, injects the digestive enzyme during the bite and sucks the juice out of it.

Water bugs can not be called silence. Smooth male is a real musician. He scrapes the front pair of legs in his proboscis, making a sound similar to the chirping of grasshoppers.

Strange habits of the "water bee"

The bite of a water bug feels close to a bee sting. Therefore, the Germans came up with a nickname very suitable for him - Wasserbiene, which means “water bee”.

There is a strangeness in the bed bug that distinguishes it from other insects living in the water. This water bug swims in a completely different way than most insects do. A large creature with spread wings changes beyond recognition, when it finds itself in the water column.

When diving, he turns his belly upwards. It is this feature that helps members of the genus Notonecta to hunt. The water bug controls the surface of the pond, where it is easy to find small insects and their larvae.

But any predator, gape, often he himself is a victim. And smoothies can easily be eaten by poultry or fish. True, nature gave him the opportunity to avoid a fateful meeting with the enemy. The back of the water bug is bright, which makes it inconspicuous when viewed from the depths of the reservoir. The belly, on the contrary, is dark. Not every bird can see a water bug against a dark bottom.

Eggs their bug smoothly hides. Группы светло-жёлтых, уложенных в кружок яиц можно обнаружить в мае на дне водоёма или прикреплёнными к нижней части подводных растений. Они зреют недели две, а когда вода тёплая – быстрее.

Личинки, похожие на родителей, только более светлые, в течение лета претерпевают четыре линьки и достигают половой зрелости. Хитиновый покров, остающийся после линьки, настолько точно повторяет очертания самого насекомого, что легко перепутать его с живой особью.

С гигантскими клопами шутки плохи

A smooth eye is capable of causing serious damage not only to insects, but may well be the cause of the death of small fish. What then to speak about giant water bugs, belostomah? They look menacing. Their powerful forelimbs resemble the claws of cancer and leave no hope that the prey will be able to break free from the predator's dead grip.

The impressive size of a giant water bug (more than 10 cm in length) allows it to attack quite large animals: frogs, turtles, fish. For the damage that water bugs inflict on the inhabitants of reservoirs, they have earned the fame of "fish killers."

Fortunately, on the territory of Russia this species of insects is not found yet. Giant water bugs are a disaster for North America, Southeast Asia and South Africa. Similar insects were found in one of the lakes of Western Europe.

Belostomas are notable for their touching attitude towards their offspring, and the lion’s share of child-bearing concerns lies literally on the father’s shoulders: the female lays eggs directly on his elytra. Often it fits about a hundred future klopikov. In the spring, the male who cares for the younger generation resembles a hedgehog

Thailand is famous for its special, unusual for European taste, cuisine. Thais could not help but pay attention to such a "tasty" piece as a giant water bug. Fans of the exotic can try these insects in a fried form, and this dish is in good demand. Due to the attractiveness of giant bugs as a food product, their numbers have drastically decreased in some regions.

Are encounters with water bugs dangerous?

Generally speaking, the usual “Russian” smoothness is not a very aggressive bug, and he is unlikely to have a crazy idea to attack a person. But when people, neglecting elementary caution, decide to take an insect in their hands, it will immediately respond with a burning injection, which will be felt for a long time. Mostly the most curious and fearless children suffer from water bug bites.

A giant water bug is also not inclined to hunt people, but it happens that bathers bitten by a belostoma, jump out of the water with a face twisted in pain.

However, most often the water bug at a meeting with a person is wiser: he pretends to be inanimate or uses a technique typical of most bugs - throws out an odorous secret in order to scare off the enemy. Fortunately, the bites of water bugs are not dangerous to human life, although it is very painful.

Belostoma can harm people and in another way. In early spring or autumn, when the instincts force them to rise on the wing, flocks of giant water bugs, moving at a decent speed, can bump into people walking at water reservoirs. Nothing pleasant, these collisions do not promise.

No matter how menacing the water bugs may seem to us, you shouldn’t be too afraid of them and destroy them all the more. Let us not forget that tireless gadyshes destroy up to a hundred mosquito larvae in 24 hours. The probability of being attacked by mosquitoes is disproportionately higher than being bitten by a smooth face.

And the giant bugs are practically the only natural enemies of the three-fin turtles, which represent a real threat to the young of the commercial fish. Any animal is part of the food chain, and each participant in it should do their own thing. Water bugs are not the living creatures that need to be feared and destroyed.

How to learn Gladysha

The name speaks for itself. The body of the bug resembles a boat. The streamline shape allows it to move quickly in water spaces. And the smooth surface makes this process easier. The insect has 3 pairs of paws. The last ones are the longest and most unusual - in the form of oars. Thanks to them, the water bug on the smooth-looking calmly cuts through the water column and quickly reaches its intended goal. The appearance of the water bug of the smooth surface attracts the human eye more than it repels. Interesting color, which is distributed in the correct geometric shape. Shades are present: yellow, green, lime, brown. And even pink. On the head of the water bug are huge eyes.

Behavior features

Interestingly, the water bugs of the smooths can make sounds that are similar to the chirping of grasshoppers. The insect quickly rubs its forepaws on the trunk and produces a kind of singing. This water bug swims in a special way. He turns on his back and changes beyond recognition. This strange feature helps the insect go unnoticed in the water for predators such as fish. Since the smooth body of a water bug with coloring in the tone of the reservoir from the depth is difficult to notice. Smooth pulls paws to the side and moves smoothly, pushing with fins. From the height of the flight of the water bug bird can be confused with the plant. Therefore, birds often ignore it. At the same time, the water glide calmly approaches the victim, who lives in the upper layer of water, and begins to eat. However, they cannot be in the water for a long time. Periodically turn over, rise to the surface to breathe air. And at this very moment they risk being eaten.

In case of danger, a water bug acts like most of its relatives. He just pretends to be dead. And when this does not help, Gladysch releases an odorous substance with an unpleasant smell. In nature, such a signal is regarded as "carefully, poisonous!".

Insect habitats

Bedbug prefers closed reservoirs with stagnant water. But to see it, it is not necessary to go to such places. Insect may be in a puddle, a barrel of water. In the evening it can be found in the veranda or on the terrace. Water bugs fleece perfectly fly. But making water bugs is rare. Mainly for moving to more suitable reservoirs in search of food. They have slack - they like bright light. In the evening, the activity of bedbugs increases. Because many insects at this time begin to crawl out of shelters. And the included light bulbs and lights can not be ignored. For those who settled near the pond for the night, a meeting with these creatures is provided.

Food bugs water bug

The bedbug does not differ from other members of its family in terms of food. The insect is piercing - sucking mouth apparatus, and in the saliva is a nerve agent. However, like all members of this family. Water bugs sacrifice the victim first, then let in an antiseptic. Under the influence of a unique saliva, all insides quickly liquefy. Bedbug smoothly can start a meal, and suck the entire interior.

Offspring smooth

Insect lays eggs, which are carefully hidden at the bottom of the reservoir. They have water bugs on the bottom of the plants. Eggs have a light yellow color. Gather in an even circle. On average, the larva matures in 2 weeks. If the water is warm, water bugs are born before 2-3 days. The appearance of the larvae changes all summer. During this time, water bugs are 4 molts. After each increase in size, changing color. Leads the same way of life as an adult individual. Together, especially not hold. Everyone hunts individually.

Danger to humans

Gladysha can be called an exotic harmless creature. Man is not his goal. Insect bites extremely rarely. Mostly, in those cases, when feels danger. Curious and fearless children often suffer from them. Taking a bug in their hands, they risk getting a bite similar to a bee. The poison contained in saliva is not dangerous for humans. But the bite will be felt for a long time. Gladysha can be called more useful than harmful. A tireless water bug in a day eats hundreds of mosquito larvae. Regulates the number of other harmful insects. Gladysh never attacks people first. Do not touch him, and he will not touch!

Giant bugs - who are they?

There are no giant water bugs for joy or luck in our area. Giant water bug is a foreign tropical creature. Belongs to the genus belostoma. Reaches in length of 15 cm. Coloring brown with different modulations. An awesome insect species does not mean that it is dangerous to humans. Giant water bugs have 3 pairs of limbs. Front bent in the form of claws. They predator grabs the victim and attracts to itself.

The process of hunting and food

Giant water bugs can be found on bodies of water with standing water. Belostoma giant water bug prefers to hunt at night. Water bugs choose a convenient place, and simply freeze. When the victim approaches, the giant bug quickly grabs it with its claws. In the saliva of the belostomy is a substance with neuroparalytic action. The victim has no chance of survival if the water bug has already been injected. Giant water bugs are interested in large insects, frogs, small fishes. The gigantic belostoma bug itself rarely falls prey.


This item requires special attention. Caring for the future offspring is completely shifted to the strong back of giant water bugs - dad. The female belostomy lays 3-4 eggs directly on the back of the male. He does this until there are about 100 of them. Such a number of back giant water bugs can easily fit. From now on, all responsibility is shifted to dad. The water bug carries them for 2 weeks. Periodically, the giant water bug rises to the surface, and exposes the back for warming up. In this way, the larvae avoid the formation of mold and the accumulation of harmful microorganisms. In this form, bilostomy resembles a hedgehog.

Harm and benefits of giant water bugs

You should not fear for the life or health of a person when meeting this water bug. Belostoma does not prey on humans. In addition, for giant water bugs, it is preferable to quickly hide in a safe place. However, highly persistent curious people risk getting a bite. Water bugs bite like a bee or a wasp. There will be no big consequences. Just appear redness, swelling. The sore spot will calm down after a week.

On the contrary, belostoma is considered a very useful bug. Water bugs are the only creature that can calmly deal with such pests as tricycles. They constitute a great danger for the younger generation of commercial fish.

In addition, the giant harmless water bugs themselves suffer from human hands. Giant water bug is served fried in Thai restaurants. The demand for such exotic dishes is quite large. Therefore, in some lakes the giant bug remained in a small amount. And on farms try to breed them.

The bedbug is not always harmful and dangerous to health. Reckless destruction of these creatures is strictly prohibited. Even if they make a wonderful dish out of the bug. Everything in nature is interconnected! Perhaps in the era of global warming such large creatures will appear in our ponds. Need to know how to meet them.

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Hello, I decided to share my experience of removing bedbugs from the apartment. For a long time I suffered, I could not find a suitable means of getting rid of this scourge. Forces no longer had to endure these bites, and a small salary did not allow to call expensive disinfectors (and rumor has it that they don’t really help, only to air them a week later) In general, my neighbor Marina gave me an electronic device - Repeller Pest Redzhektwhich advertises in TV shops, he helped her to drive away cockroaches and basement fleas. I plugged in and the bugs are gone, I sleep well now. Now I think, and buy myself such a thing, it is worth the money. We have old houses, any evil spirits are found. Here is the link where I ordered: Official online store Maybe someone else will help the device.

Thank you, now at least I understand who settled in our country house. Outside the garden of the river, apparently crawled out.

dichlorvos will not help you, call professionals, only this way you will be able to get bedbugs. We had the same situation a few years ago, only professionals helped, it cost us a couple of thousand, but there were no big problems. They say that there are many bugs in St. Petersburg because of migrant workers.

Ultrasonic insect repeller. It works both on cockroaches, bedbugs and "other trifles", and on rodents. The truth is a lot of fakes, and not all of them cope well with their task. The original works as it should - here LINK where i ordered

Giant water bug smooth

Giant water bug (Notonecta) belongs to the family of hemiptera. According to the description in the encyclopedia, the largest are the hind legs, with the help of which it is able to hold onto and under the surface of the water, as well as to move very quickly along the water surface. There are several varieties of aquatic bugs:

It has a relatively small calf size (the length of an adult insect can reach 15 mm) relative to its main means of movement - the hind legs. For comparison, the closest relative of the giant water bug of the belostoma has a size of about 15 cm. The folded porch in the folded state resembles a small boat (roof-shaped), the abdomen is flat. Hunting for and under the surface of the water, in the second embodiment, he swims on his back, holding his hind legs for the surface of the water. Lives near open reservoirs, can live in a pool or aquarium. It reproduces with eggs, which it lays on plants. The male gladysha capable musician - the front proboscis can make chirping sounds. Often prefers to go hunting alone.

Water bug photo

Nature rewarded a giant insect with a unique color ensemble: the color of hard wings is lighter than the abdomen, which allows it to mask (hide) from predators. On the presented photos you can see how the water bug looks smooth.

Predatory water bug or not?

The main food is small insects and their larvae, i.e. Its presence in nature plays an important role for humans including (the mosquito eater). It can be called a predator, and it feeds very impressively - it gets drunk on the insides of its prey, sucking up all the vital energy (it feeds the food enzyme through the proboscis, which dilutes the insides of its prey and just sucks the contents).

After a hearty meal, he hides in aquatic vegetation to hide from predators. During the hunt, he prefers to act openly, without resorting to tricks in the form of an ambush (he usually hunts his back down). His brother, a giant belostos beetle, hunts small fish, tadpoles and fry, but it is impossible to meet him in our latitudes - this is a North American (can also be seen in the photos presented).

Water bugs are dangerous to humans or not?

Giant smoothness often does not represent a particular danger to a person, however, in case of danger, it can sting (bites if disturbed during rest or can attack if picked up). The bite is very painful, resembling a bee sting, due to the pain threshold, which is why in Germany it has the appropriate name “water bee” or “water scorpion”. The most curious suffer from his bites, i.e. children who are trying to take him in hand, he himself rarely can attack when it comes to a person. An aggressive reaction to an insect bite is manifested only in allergy sufferers, for other people it is completely safe.

Water bug bite photo

Giant water smooth bites a person only in case of danger - it can attack if disturbed during sleep (usually it happens during swimming in water, the most vulnerable parts of the arms and legs of the bather) or picked up. The bite reddens and a slight swelling appears (by analogy with a bee sting or a wasp, blisters may appear), it is recommended to burn with green paint. The bite site returns to normal within a week, after which no trace remains. In the photo you can see in more detail the appearance of the place of contact.

How to get rid

Water bug bed is smooth how to get rid of and what to do if it appeared - the actual request on the network, but not relevant in the light of reality. This insect does not harm a person if he is not disturbed in vain, he will not attack. Gladysh prefers open reservoirs with stagnant water, where you can profit from insects or their larvae. His appearance is more to the benefit than to the detriment - they will relieve from such trouble as annoying mosquitoes. Therefore, to look for measures to destroy (how to remove) these insects do not make sense, if the trouble has happened, and the smooth thing flew into the apartment or house, you can simply throw it away through a window or balcony. By the way, Gladysh is an excellent flyer, but he prefers to move at night, sometimes he can settle in a small puddle or a barrel of water (clearly seen in the photo).

Types of water bugs

Water bugs live most often in standing or slowly flowing water. Live anyway in all existing climatic zones. Nature created them to regulate the population of smaller insects. They are prey for fish and birds.

There are the following types:

  • water strider,
  • smoothies
  • combers,
  • water scorpions,
  • belostomy.

In general, this type of insect is considered safe for humans. Однако если их задеть, могут укусить. Познакомимся подробнее с представителями, чтобы знать возможного врага.

Водомерки — скользящие по воде

Водомерки — маленькие (до одного сантиметра) вытянутые клопы. Они обитают в озёрах, реках и даже лужах. Эти насекомые не тонут. Перемещаются путём скольжения по поверхности воды, некоторые умеют летать. Растения они перепрыгивают. A water strider has three pairs of legs: the front pair is needed to grab food and choose the speed of movement. The middle pair is used for walking. Hind legs help to choose the direction of movement and turns, and also need to jump.

Water striders have good eyesight and transmit information through vibrations of the water surface.

They feed on larvae and small invertebrates. Large individuals lay eggs on the leaves of plants throughout the summer, placing them in one row with the help of a mucous substance. The laying sometimes is similar to a cord in which can contain up to 50 eggs. With the onset of cold weather, they move under the bark, stumps and moss.

Smooth - stinging bugs

Smooth ears - small bugs, up to one and a half centimeters in length. The body is shaped like a boat. Color makes these insects invisible to fish. They prefer to dwell in stagnant waters. They move along the water with their belly upwards to make it easier to grab the victim. Gladysha, like a water strider, has three pairs of legs. Rear help quickly overcome obstacles. Looking for food can fly. Birds often do not notice this insect, since from the height of flight it resembles a plant. Smoothies feed on other insects and even fish fry: they inject digestive juice into the victim's body and then suck the insides. For a long time to be in the water can not, need air. And just at that moment they can be eaten. Lay eggs in plant tissue. Leaving from danger, they can dive into the depth and be there for about 7–8 minutes. In winter they live under the bark, in the litter of the forest.

Rowers - active at any time of the year.

Combs are small and medium-sized bugs (from seven millimeters to two centimeters), living in shallow water and in bodies of water with reeds. Stay in flocks. They hunt for invertebrates and larvae, some species are herbivores. Can fly.

Rowers are active in winter, so they often come across when fishing in the hole.

Water Scorpions - Breathable Tail

Water scorpions are medium bugs (from 2.5 to 4.5 centimeters), which prefer to live in stagnant waters and overgrown reservoirs, as they swim poorly and move slowly. Grasping legs in front and oblong breathing tube in the back make these insects look like scorpions, and because of the immobility of such bugs they are often mistaken for a fallen leaf. May be under water for up to 30 minutes. Having noticed the victim, they attack it with a sharp leap, grab the front “claws” and suck the insides. The scorpion bite is painful. In the spring, they lay large eggs with breathing tubes resembling thorns, inside plants and other organic matter. They wait winter in autumn leaves, moss, under bark, etc.

Bialostomy - giant bugs

Belostoma reach in the amount of up to seventeen centimeters. The forelegs look like scorpion claws. It is found in the tropics and in places with a temperate climate. They can hunt for fish, frogs, snakes and even turtles.

Bialostomy saliva contains a toxic substance that immobilizes the victim.

Sensing danger, pretend to be dead, exuding an unpleasant smell. In Asia, belostomas are a delicacy. It tastes like fried shrimp.

Are bites dangerous?

If while swimming you accidentally hit the bug, then he may consider it a threat, and then the bite can not be avoided. In Russia, water striders, smooths and combers are common, and only a sting of a stitch can cause discomfort.

When a bite insect introduces protein, so the wound does not heal for a long time.

The damaged area will swell, turn red and will itch. For the fastest healing, it can be treated with green. To relieve itching, various ointments for mosquito bites will do. Poison only causes pain, but in fact no harm to a person brings. With the bite of a water bug, no infections are also transmitted.