York (dog breed): description, character, maintenance and care


  • Height up to 23 cm
  • Weight up to 3.1 kg

  • Height up to 20 cm
  • Weight up to 2.7 kg

  • Without class: up to 120 dollars.
  • PET class: up to 300 dollars.
  • BRID class: 400–1 000 dollars.
  • SHOW class: from 1 000 and above.

Lifespan: 12–16 years.

Breed advantages

  • Quickly adapt to different conditions of detention and feel great in any situation.
  • Despite their tiny size, they are self-reliant and hardworking.
  • Rarely cause allergies from the owners. The structure of york hair is unique, they have no dandruff. But it is she who is the most active allergen.
  • They are smart and love to learn, they do tricks and do agility with pleasure.
  • The miniature sizes cause not only affection, but they also have a purely practical significance - dogs do not eat much and do not take up much space.
  • Wool practically does not fade. Brush it daily, and it will not roll all over the apartment, gathering on the upholstery of chairs and sofas.
  • Yorkshire terriers love to walk, but they do not need serious physical exertion, it is enough to play with the baby in the yard or run in the park.
  • Cheerful disposition and ability to cheer up - with such a dog is not boring.

Difficulties in the content and education

  • York is a small dog with a Napoleon complex. She is always looking for trouble with other dogs, even if they are much larger than her size.
  • It is hard to believe, but under the touching appearance lies a solid character. This is an independent dog that needs good education.
  • Small size is not only an advantage, but also a disadvantage. Mini-doggie is easy to injure, and besides, it has fragile bones, like other small breeds.
  • Relationships with children are often strained. York does not tolerate cronyism. Can show teeth, if he accidentally hurt. Feels better in a family of adults.
  • The baby has a tender stomach, even high-quality ready-made feeds are not always well digested.
  • York is called a fearless brawler. His ringing barking will be heard not only by the owners, but also the neighbors.
  • The dog responds loudly to any noise outside the door or in the yard. It doesn’t matter whether it is day or night, which can cause discomfort.
  • It is not recommended to leave dogs alone. This is a dog that requires love and communication.

The nature of the dog, behavior

York, in spite of its tiny size, remains 100% terrier. The temperament of larger ancestors preserved and miniature Yorkshire terrier. The description of the breed confirms that it can be a sweet and gentle and very stubborn dog at the same time.

Yorkshire terriers are characterized by such features:

  • dedication - the little ones walk behind their master literally on their heels, willingly basking in their hands and ready for everything to please,
  • fearlessness - even a small terrier remains a predator, if necessary, he will easily master the profession of a watchdog,
  • ingenuity - quickly masters teams, but does not always execute them the first time,
  • energy and mobility - they are easy-going, playful, love to run,
  • strong character and desire to dominate - if he is not immediately shown who the dog is in the house, he will claim to be the leader of the pack,
  • some aggressiveness in relation to other animals, especially to dogs - the situation can be corrected by early socialization.

Photo of the Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier care: haircut, bathing, other hygiene procedures

The level of adaptability of the breed is quite high. Practically in any conditions both the puppy and the adult Yorkshire terrier get acclimatized. Care and maintenance do not cause difficulties, but take time.

The dog is clean, if you teach it, will go to the cat's toilet, tray or diaper. The breed does not shed, does not smell, but needs to be combed at least 2 times a day. Long-haired exhibition yorkshikov comb more often.

Care rules

  • Every morning, the hair on the face pinned, forming a bang of top notes. In the evening, the gum is removed, and the wool is braided into a pigtail for the night.
  • Puppies up to 7-8 months doing only hygienic haircut. Up to this age is not recommended to use the machine.
  • The first haircut must do a groomer. This usually happens after 3 months of age, when the dog already has vaccinations.
  • Model haircut update every 2-3 months, but only if the pet does not participate in exhibitions. Silhouette chooses the owner based on their personal preferences.
  • For show dogs, only standard haircuts are allowed.
  • It is better to bathe the little one in the bath using good shampoo and conditioner. They do this weekly, and more often if necessary.
  • Masks for wool will make wool silky. Make them every other week.
  • Claws file off several times a month, sometimes they have to be trimmed with special tweezers. This should be done carefully, so as not to touch the blood vessels, which are quite close to the outer edge of the claw.
  • Ears are cleaned weekly.
  • Hygienic cutting of the upper third of the ears and the area under the tail is done every two weeks.

Raised York gives his attitude to food. Here, as in no other field, gaps in education are visible. You can be proud of your baby if he:

  • reacts calmly to the cooking process,
  • starts the meal only after the permission of the owner,
  • indifferent to eating people
  • does not take feed from someone else's hands.

Such manners instill in puppy age. This should be done consistently, without going after the little terrorist with a piercing gaze. For this you need:

  • feed the dog at the same time
  • clean up the food bowl no later than 20 minutes after eating,
  • never treat york during feasts and family dinners,
  • Do not allow picking up food outside.

An adult dog is fed 2-3 hours before a walk or half an hour later. Diet - two meals. Yorkshire Terrier is prone to overeating. No need to force the dog to eat. Remember that the amount of feed should be directly proportional to the mobility of the pet. The less york moves, the smaller the portion.

Choosing the type of feeding

An adult dog weighs up to 3 kg. Meals such a tiny one needs quite a bit, or more precisely - 20 g per kilogram of weight. It turns out, York eats 60 g of feed per day. In terms of spoons, it is –1 tbsp. l feed on 500 g dog weight.

For the owner it is convenient and difficult at the same time. Indeed, in a few spoons you need to fit a whole range of useful substances. Therefore, the majority of owners stop at the finished dry feed or soft canned food. Natural food is chosen by the owners who have enough time to cook.

Ready rations

For Yorkshire terriers you can not buy feed below the premium class. Buying cheap rations "economy" and "regular", you put your pet at serious risk. In such feed use slaughterhouse waste, the meat of sick or dead animals. They are stuffed with antibiotics, growth hormones, and sometimes pesticides and contribute to the development of allergies, diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, and skin.

Quality ready-made feeds are good for dogs. Dry granules contain a special layer that helps clean the teeth. They are balanced in vitamin and mineral composition, taking into account the age and characteristics of the animal. It is only necessary to follow the recommendations given by the manufacturer, as well as to provide the dog with constant access to water.

Natural feeding

The diet of the Yorshir Terrier should consist of 50% protein foods (meat, fish, cottage cheese), 25% carbohydrates (cereals - rice, buckwheat, wheat) and 25% fruits and vegetables. Meat for Yorkies take lean (beef, chicken), it is boiled. Pork and lamb are no good. They badly infuse the liver. From offal suitable udder, heart, liver, lungs, offal.

Boil the fish, chop and carefully remove the bones. Limit the consumption of pollock, hake, haddock and whiting. These types of fish inhibit the absorption of iron in dogs. Vegetables are grated or chopped. Can give raw or boiled. It is useful to add a little flaxseed oil to them. Egg white yorkam do not give, take only raw yolk. It is mixed with vegetables, cereal, meat. And do not forget about vitamins and mineral supplements.

What kind of dog

The world of terriers is so diverse that it is very easy to get confused. However, today our goal is to consider individual representatives, who are called “York.” The breed of dogs has a more accurate name - Yorkshire Terrier. This is primarily a long-haired toy terrier, which, however, stood out in a separate breed.

Its color is bluish and tan, and the hair from nose-tip to tail tip falls on both sides of the body, forming a kind of parting. The dogs are very elegant in and of themselves, but when they are perfectly combed out, and the glamor bangs are gathered in a beautiful tail or braided in a pigtail, it is simply impossible to take your eyes off them. York is a breed of dog that is ideally suited for residential housing due to its miniature size.

general description

This is a decorative breed bred in the English county of Yorkshire. It appeared at the end of the XIX century. And two versions speak about an origin. The first one is official, it is kept by dog ​​handlers. According to her, the ancestors of this breed were Scottish (paisley and Clydesdale) and Manchester terriers. However, there is a more beautiful, though less believable legend. She says that this breed was bred by Yorkshire miners to catch rats. And the miniature sizes were necessary in order that the dog was located in a pocket.

However, it is worth knowing that the first Yorks weighed at least 6-7 kg. Only after a while the breed passed into the size class of the toy group and became completely decorative. To date, York puppies are the most popular and in demand around the world.

York character

Despite its miniature, York puppies retain the qualities inherent in terriers. This is courage, curiosity and tirelessness. They are very friendly, never attack a person or another dog. These aristocrats, but loyal to their master until the last breath.

In fact, this is a real cat that needs the constant attention of its owner. The dog is ready to spend the whole day on the lap of his master, and also to follow him on the heels. With great pleasure, they jump and run, play with balls and constantly wait for the approval of their owner. These dogs perfectly feel the mood, adapt to it. Therefore, do not be surprised if, if you feel bad, you will see a caring creature next to you that will try its best to help you.

Family relationships

This breed gets along well with everyone, including children, cats and pet birds. However, the breed of mini-york dogs is very small, so most often they are in danger. By mistake, you can step on it, press it too hard and cause harm. Children need to explain that this is not a toy, but a living creature, which must be treated very carefully and with love. In this case, the relationship will develop perfectly, and a close friendship will be established between the dog and the child.

York is a small miracle that weighs only 3 kg. This is a companion and a great friend who is gifted with a sense of humor, curious and funny, and he is also calm, but very playful. This is a person that the owner will have to reckon with.

Choosing a puppy

On the one hand, if you need a dog for the soul, it is not so important that it has a good pedigree. Often, however, such a document ensures that parents are raised in good conditions, mating is done according to the rules, and puppies are vaccinated. And then you need to pay attention to the very pedigree. The records of the father and mother with their nicknames, in general, do not speak about anything. Although sometimes the breeders do not pay attention to this buyer and lift up the price to heaven for the mere fact of having a pedigree. But if there are titles of parents and grandparents in it, then this is really a high-class pedigree.

Now pay attention to the kids themselves, their mother and the conditions of detention. Bitch should be moderately plump, the place - dry and warm. It is necessary that the puppy was in good shape, small but strong. Lively and agile, with flowing wool, which is still quite short. The breeder must honestly talk about the shortcomings that have babies. If the puppy is superior to the standard or it lacks one tooth, it may well become your pet, but it will never be a ring star.

Choose a name

Who bought a puppy, he knows how long it takes to give him a suitable nickname. We will not be able to decide for you, for example, how to call a dog, a girl of a small breed (York), but we can offer several options to choose from. A cute and elegant creature should have a matching name. Call your beautiful Iriska or Lily, Rose. More sonorous names, such as Celia, Flora, and Milin, will do as well.

An option for a dog is more difficult to choose, on the one hand, he is a man, and on the other, it is the same sweet and harmless cloud. Let's think about how to call a dog-boy of a small breed (York). You need to choose something neutral: Alavar, Bien, Devi, Harvey. You can come up with your own nickname, as long as you like it.

Today, one of the most popular is the york dog breed. The price, of course, strongly depends on demand. The average cost of representatives of this breed is from 18,000 to 27,000 rubles. Prices in Moscow are slightly higher, about 20,000–31,000 rubles.

I would like to note the high demand for this breed, as well as a huge number of proposals. In this regard, you need to be very careful when choosing. If the owner seeks to benefit, the bitch can be tied several times a year, the puppies are poorly fed, vaccinated at the wrong time or with a cheap vaccine. In this case, the probability of mortality.

Caring for york

Be sure to take the time to care for this magnificent creation. Like a little princess, a dog needs to be nourished and cherished. Every morning, start with an eye wash. You can use a weak solution of chamomile or tea. With a swab, remove all secretions that have accumulated in the corners of the eyes. Then it will remain a dry cloth to remove excess moisture and comb the hair on the face.

It is necessary to clean the dog's teeth regularly. Moreover, if the baby teeth did not fall out before 10 months, they should be removed. Cleaning should occur about once a week. If you see tartar, then you need to contact a specialist.

Ears also need to be cleaned once a week. Carefully remove the brown patina with a cotton swab dipped in green tea or a special lotion. About once every three months, it is time to bathe your pet. Its luxurious wool needs regular water treatments.

Bathing york

Since without this you still can not do, you need to teach your pet to water procedures. To do this, place the puppy in a bath on a rubber mat so that it does not slide. Turn on warm water in a small stream in order not to scare the puppy. Shampoo needs to be used only special, for long-haired terriers. Be sure to thoroughly lather the hair and rinse very well with water, then you need to apply a balm and rinse too.

Now your pet is ready to leave the bathroom. Wrap it in a terry towel, and after a few minutes, start drying with a hair dryer. Very carefully comb the hair in the direction of its growth. Where koltsy gathered, you need to disassemble them with your fingers. Now you can screw on papilotki or continue to comb to perfect smoothness and a mirror shine.

How to cut york

Not everyone is willing to spend much time caring for a dog. If you do not plan to take your pet to the exhibition, it will be wise to carefully trim his long hair. To do this, you can contact a specialized salon or adapt yourself to do the procedure yourself. You will need a professional scissors or machine. Since it is relatively easy to cut york, you can learn to do it yourself.

There are many options, the simplest is “under a five-month puppy”. That is, the fur is shortened so that it reaches the elbow joint. It does not get dirty, and there is no need to wind it up. This option is good for dogs. For a girl it is better to leave the entire length on her head, she will come in handy in order to collect tails and make hairstyles. On the body, it is reasonable to cut the hair 2-3 cm above the floor level. As an extravagant hairstyle option, you can use the machine to take off all the dark blue wool on the body, and leave it long on the legs. Thus, you can decide for yourself what the image of your pet will be, but the most important thing is that it is convenient for you and him.

Brief description of the breed Yorkshire Terrier

  • Other possible breed names: Yorkshire terrier, York, Terrier from Scotland, Dwarf longhair terrier.
  • Adult dog height: male - no more than 23 cm, female - no more than 20 cm.
  • Dog weight: maximum 3.1 kg.
  • Characteristic color Yorkshire Terrier: from neck to tail - bluish steel with golden brown hair on the chest and paws.
  • Wool length: it usually reaches the floor if not cut.
  • How many live йоркширские терьеры: в среднем 12-15 лет.
  • Достоинства породы: преданность и привязанность к хозяину, способность уживаться с другими домашними животными, игривые, дружелюбные, поддаются дрессировке и обучению, не линяют, очень чистоплотные.
  • Сложности породы: small and fragile, due to carelessness you can injure a dog, sob grooming - frequent combing and washing.
  • Average cost: 800-2000 US dollars.

The history of the origin of York

Yorkshire terrier is decorative breed of dogsbred in Yorkshire County in England as a result of the diverse crossing of small breeds of dogs. The ancestors of the dog are Maltese lapdogs, the Manchester terrier, the Cairo terrier and a number of others.

Ancient legends say that ancestors of the Yorkshire Terrier there were varieties of hunting terrier-rats that lived in England many years ago. Farmers and workers suffered greatly from rats and other small rodents. The local authorities didn’t allow large dogs to start, so people took small terriers home. The result of selection was a small hunting dog weighing about seven kilograms, capable of destroying small rodents. Terrier owes its wide distribution to British sailors.

What is the breed for

Nowadays, Yorkies are wildly popular. Carrying a little dog has become fashionable with celebrities. Simple families give birth to Yorkies for their good nature and cheerful nature. Although yorkies are descended from hunting breeds, now they are only bought as pets.

Yorkshire terrier is ideal for both experienced owners and beginners. These "living toys" designed for aesthetic taste.

Companion Terriers, following the owner in a campaign, on rest or on morning jog. They will make the company on a trip on any kind of transport. Dogs are well adapted to life in the city, although they have an independent character.

Yorkshire Terrier Character

Yorkshire - very good-natured and funny dogs. They love to run, jump, play with the owner, and will also go for a walk with pleasure. Surprisingly, such a kind and gentle homely child miraculously turns into a real fighter, barely out on the street. On a walk, York can bully cats and other dogs, even twice his size. The owner does not have time to blink an eye - and the escaped Yorkshire with a ringing bark rushes after the pigeons.

In short, the character of york is something similar to human. Many people treat their Yorkshire like friends.

How to choose a Yorkshire terrier puppy

It is strictly not recommended to buy terrier puppies in the markets. For this purpose, there are dog organizations with registered breeders, where dogs are acquired.

Usually dogs are taken from the family of the breeder at a young age. When choosing York it is worth thinking a few times is it worth taking it as a kid, or better to take a dog older:

  1. Kids 2-3 months. Of course, at this age the Yorkies are very cute and funny, it’s nice to mess with and play with them. But you need to be prepared for the fact that the puppy will need a lot of attention, like a small child. The baby cannot be left alone for long; he will be bored and suffer. At night, York is scary, and he can wake the owner with his crying.
  2. Puppies 6-7 months. To take York of this age is very convenient. First, the dog already knows the place of the toilet and the basic commands. Secondly, the teeth were replaced - there will be no problems with gnawed furniture. Thirdly, the children's undercoat has already changed to real wool, you can see the full color.
  3. Adult yorkies. Unfortunately, many people refuse dogs for various reasons - having a baby, moving or even just because York is tired. Do not think that an adult dog will never get used to a new owner. Grateful york will quickly make friends and get used to the new conditions. This option is best suited for older people.

When choosing a puppy should pay attention to some points:

  • A dog must be given all vaccinations.
  • It is necessary to examine the nursery or another place where the puppies live. The room should be clean, spacious. Dogs must be well groomed, lively.
  • It is necessary to immediately tell the breeder what kind of dog is needed - for exhibitions or just for home. There may be different puppies in one litter, so this information is important. In addition, a simple puppy can be bought cheaper.

For Yorkshire terriers therebreed standardSome of its parameters are as follows:

  • the dog is not sluggish, moderately playful,
  • wool straight, smooth (not fluffy, not wavy),
  • coat length - to the floor, parting smooth,
  • head is flat, not round,
  • muzzle does not protrude forward, black nose,
  • physique as a whole is strong, strong
  • tail - usually docked to half, adorned with blue hair, must hold above the back,
  • ears at an average distance from each other, standing,
  • color - without impurities: only steel and golden red, no light blue and light yellow colors should be.

In any case, according to the breed standard, only adult dogs are evaluated. A puppy is very difficult to identify many of the signs, so it is better to choose small york with a specialist.

Nicknames for yorkshire terriers

Thoroughbred Yorkshire Terriers need to be called according to certain rules. Usually the name contains the name of the nursery and mother's nickname. In true breeds, all litters are recorded, and each has its own specific letter. It is desirable that in this litter the puppy's nicknames begin on her.

Of course, it is inconvenient to constantly contact the dog by its real pretentious name, therefore nickname can be abbreviated. The first letter is left and the name suitable for the dog is selected. Many breeders advise the dog to pronounce several names in turn. On which the york reacts - and leave it.

The nickname can be chosen on the basis of behavioral characteristics: mobility, color, character.

For boys Yorkshire terriers are better to choose mischievous, bright names. Popular nicknames for dogs: Charlie, Tom, Leonardo, Romeo, Leo.

Of girls better to call more melodic, calm nicknames. Popular nicknames for females: Bella, Leia, Aurora, Cassandra, Nicky, Juliet.

Care and maintenance of Yorkshire terriers

How to care for a Yorkshire terrier?

  • Wool york more like a man's hair, you need to care for her, respectively - combed every day and wash once a week.
  • At least once a month a terrier needs cut the claws.
  • Clean your ears gently once a week.
  • Every morning need wash your eyes - gently wipe swab moistened with warm water.

Usually yorkies use a tray or diapers for the toilet, so they do not need walking so much. But walking is an important element in the life of a dog, promoting health. For full physical development is required 2-3 walking a day.

Before buying a Yorkshire Terrier, for home care, need to buy accessories, providing comfortable living terrier:

  • bed of appropriate size
  • feeding bowls
  • leash and collar,

  • tray for needs,
  • a certain number of toys.

To accessories dog care relate:

  • metal comb and massage brush,
  • special fluids for hair care,
  • scissors and nail file,

  • toothbrush, paste, gel, shampoo,
  • conditioner for drying wool.

Yorkies catering

Both puppies and adult yorks are important. balanced diet. They eat a little, but the food must contain enough nutrients.

What to feed yorkshire terrier? Yorks should eat special dry food developed for the Yorkshire Terrier or small decorative breed dogs, canned food, natural products.

Products, prohibited to use For the Yorkshire Terrier:

It is important to comply diet: Puppies are fed first 6 times a day, gradually reducing the number of meals. By 10 months, Yorkshire terriers are taught to feed twice and this schedule continues throughout their lives.

Training and education of the Yorkshire Terrier

From a young age these clever little dogs perfectly amenable to training. First, they love the owner and in every possible way want to please him. Secondly, they love to play, and training should take place in the form of a game, and only in good mood of York.

When training Terrier uses the methods of sequential actions: recognizing the name, the ability to walk on a leash, the execution of the main commands - “lie down”, “sit”, “quietly”, “fu”.

Some tipsconducive to proper education:

  1. It is important to contact the dog by name, then it will be better understood by the owner.
  2. Good behavior should be awarded a kind word and delicacy.
  3. When you reprimand you can not call the dog by name, so as not to create associations associated with incorrect actions.
  4. In no case can not shout at York or beat, lift by the scruff and shake. It is better to slap a newspaper or a clap next to it - a sharp sound will be a good punishment.
  5. Training begins puppy at the age of two months.
  6. Particular attention is in insisting the host on its leadership.

Advantages and disadvantages of the breed

The advantages of terrier are his dedication and determination. These are mobile, active and curious dogs, loving people. They are friendly and playful, sometimes persistent in the absence of proper attention to them. Terrier - neat dog, no problem walking in the tray.

Despite its size, York will be an excellent guard, no matter how incredible it may sound. York does not fade and does not smell of dog Great for allergy sufferers.

Little Yorkshire will allow you to do your hair, haircuts and even dress yourself in jackets and pants.

Of the disadvantages of the breed only a few can be noted:

  • a lot of time and effort is spent on caring for wool,
  • dogs are very fragile, you need to be extremely attentive,
  • in winter, for yorkers, they will need clothes and even shoes,
  • a huge disadvantage is the high cost of the dog.

Yorkshire Terrier Reviews

I have two cats at home and a big mongrel dog. Recently bought a york girl, Bessie. They get along fine, Bessie even licks cats in the muzzle.

I have a home in York. Though he is small, but very stubborn. If something is wrong - in it like a shepherd wakes up. Maybe bite. But it is rare, as a whole a very friendly kid.

Gave such a dog to the child for his birthday. Everyone is happy - and the daughter, and father, and relatives. Such a sweetheart, playing with her daughter, even teaches her to order - she nibbled a few scattered toys.

Feeding puppies

In the first weeks, babies are fed the way they used to eat at the breeder. Changes can be made when they grow up to 2 months. Regardless of the type of food, the puppy's food is organized according to the following scheme:

  • 2–4 months puppies - 4–5 feeds per day,
  • 4–5 months - 4 feedings,
  • 5–9 months - 3 feedings,
  • 9 –12 months - 2 feedings,

Morning meal should be liquid. One feeding can be made vegetable. And meat feeding alternate with dairy. Dogs give low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, ryazhenku. You can make a calcined curd. To do this, boil a liter of milk and pour 2 tbsp. l calcium chloride, heat the mixture to the formation of curd flakes.

Choosing a puppy, caring for him

Looking at the black ball, it’s hard to believe that there is a little Yorkshire terrier in front of you. The breed standards provide for a dark blue steel color with light reddish brown hair on the chest. But babies are born with black wool and gold marks. They do not look like parents at all. Later, the wool will acquire a characteristic color.

As a rule, puppies get into the house at the age of 2-3 months. They must be vaccinated and have a registered veterinary passport. When buying a Yorkshire terrier, be sure to check the pedigree of the puppy and parents. Do not go on about emotions, and carefully study the kids.

Preference should be given to the puppy, which is different:

  • activity and excellent health,
  • strong build with tiny sizes
  • playfulness and mobility
  • shiny healthy coat.

The dog should not have visible health problems and disqualifying defects. About trouble shows: dull hair, dandruff, peeling of the skin, too pale gums, smudges under the eyes, crusts on the edge of the ears.

The first days in the new house

Once in a new environment, the puppy will be bored. Acquaint with the new house you need gradually. Do not let the baby wander through the rooms. Better put him in the house, let him get out of there when he wants.

At night put him a hot-water bottle, it will warmly remind you of brothers and sisters. If the puppy whines at night, calm him down, but do not take him to bed. It is too small, it may fall out of bed at night, and it doesn’t cost anything to crush such a crumb in a dream.

Diaper spread on the floor so that the baby can quickly get to them. After all, puppies can not tolerate for a long time. Over time, the diaper one at a time, until it remains alone in the place you want. So york will quickly learn the boundaries of the sanitary zone.

Training and education

Care and love is good, but not enough. Hardness in relation to the puppy should be shown from the very beginning. If the crumb feels weak, it will be too often to test your patience.

On the formation of character affects:

  • parent genotype
  • environmental factors
  • proper education.

Brief description of the breed

A special breed of York has long been included in the category of decorative, although the dogs are not fragile physique. There are several varieties of Yorkies:

  1. Mini-york has a low height and weight up to 1.5-1.8 kg.
  2. Biver-York is a separate breed that the Germans derived from mating Maltese lapdogs and terriers.
  3. Standard York possesses classic wool colors.

York breed standards are most pronounced. In comparison with the body, the head is small. Pronounced muzzle has tight lips. Yorkie puppies have small teeth, a round nose is black.

The eyes of the animal are not protruding, medium landing. Look pets wary, intelligent and lively.

Auricles are small, resilient, but standing, usually triangular in shape. Outside they have a sufficient coat of wool. The shoulder belt of York is quite pronounced, the back is strong and wide.

Hock and knees are mild. Claws on paws black and moderately curved. The tail does not lift high, usually acts parallel to the body. There are yorkies with half tails docked, and some have natural lengths left.

Miniature terriers are considered long-lived. On average, the dog lives 12-15 years. Her health is strong, although some Yorkies are prone to eye infections, fractures of the extremities, indigestion and caries.

The history of the origin of the Yorkshire terriers

For the first time the breed was bred in the English coal basin of the town of West-Raydeng. The new dog was intended not to decorate elite salons, but to kill rodents that were snooping everywhere in the coal mines.

Animals showed themselves to be excellent rat catchers. Very quickly they were tamed by noble ladies and began to appear with small pets on social events and points.

Officially, the York Terrier breed was recognized only in the 70s and was named the "Yorkshire Terrier". The standard was developed after 12 years.

In the Tribal British book was first written York Albert. He is considered to be the founder of the family, he won prizes at various exhibitions.

After the Second World War, the popularity of this Yorkshire terrier increased, and the breed spread throughout the world, winning the hearts of animal lovers.

The character of decorative york

Each puppy is unique, although the breed has certain identical traits:

  1. Masculinity. Yorks are often on the street challenging even larger-sized dogs that encroach on their space. In crowded places, the Yorkies are cautious.
  2. Intelligence. In certain things, little terriers are quite clever. They show curiosity and attentiveness, they can be easily and quickly trained and are very devoted to their owners.
  3. Common sense and stubbornness. The actions of the Yorkshire terriers are always clear and simple. Their lively character attracts the attention of others, although the breed is distinguished by perseverance and stubbornness.
  4. Independence. Terriers are very independent. During training, it is important to establish contact with the pet so that the animal feels respect for the owner.
  5. Cheerfulness and tenderness. Yorks sometimes bite if they are abused, but in general they are joyful and good-natured, they are sufficiently attached to family members.

It is better not to take a small York in a family with children. Because of their small size, children often injure a miniature friend.

With other pets, the Yorkshire terriers usually get along well, including cats, but they hate small rodents.

Color and type of wool

Yorkshire terriers most often have a silver-blue color on the tail and torso. Golden tan on the sternum and in the area of ​​the head resembles their fur.

There are representatives of the breed with a dark coat color, black and fiery hue. On the paws and attractive face they have bright red spots, and the rest of the body is dark.

York hair is the main advantage of decorative puppies. Their “fur coat” is perfectly even and soft, although Yorkshire terriers do not have undercoat.

How to choose a puppy

A lot of pleasure and positive emotions cause cute yorkies without exception.

Although the wrong choice of such a small Yorkshire terrier can darken the mood of all households. It is worth paying attention when buying a puppy to the main recommendations of experts:

  • Каждая собака должна иметь пакет документов, состоящий из сертификата о выставках, а также родословной, ветсправок о прививках.
  • Лучше всего заранее посмотреть, в каких условиях проживает щеночек и его родители. It is not advisable to take a dog from a private "farm" house, where it lives in poor conditions on the street.
  • Buying a puppy under 3 months is not worth it. This is especially true of mini yorkies.
  • The animal should already have ears, although at 4 months, during the period of changing teeth, they may fall off.
  • The breeder must show how to care for the ears, and how to trim six of them correctly.
  • Purebred york will not be cheap. Although there may be a sale of marriage, but with the condition of mandatory sterilization.

There are a lot of people among us who prefer not active dogs, but calmer cats. If you are one of them, I suggest to get acquainted with a very intelligent breed of lop-eared cats

Nicknames for York Terriers

Pedigreed puppies are usually called according to established rules. Be sure to name the mother or the name of the nursery. All litters officially register and assign a letter, with which it is better to name puppies.

Often, a long nickname is simply shortened for the convenience of communicating with a pet.

Popular melodic names for girls in York: Leia, Juliet, Marie, Nicky, Lizi, Cassandra, Aurora, Bella.

Terrier boys are more commonly called Leo, Romeo, Miki, Leonardo, Tommy, Charlie.

Yorkshire care

The dog requires frequent bathing, as its hair is long enough and quickly pollutes. The procedure is carried out once a week or 10 days. It is best to bathe your pet in a separate basin with warm water and not to scare the stream from the shower.

Breeders of the breed buy special products for bathing dogs, but you can use a simple baby shampoo. After the shampoo, in order to easily comb the fur, use a special dog balm.

In the arsenal of a caring owner of a terrier must be:

  • dog toothbrush or baby,
  • dog shampoo or bath gel,
  • collar plus leash for small breeds,
  • toilet tray,
  • the bed is the right size
  • food and drink bowl
  • dog toys,
  • massage brush and comb for wool,
  • dog file and scissors.

After the bath, the animal can be dried with a hair dryer or blotted with a towel. Coat gently combed and sprinkled with a spray. Some hostesses spin wool on soft curlers.

Every day should take care of the eyes of the dog. Rub them in the morning with a tampon and remove hairs that can injure the eye.

Once a week, it is enough to clean the pet's ears gently with a cotton swab. If fluid is leaking from the ears, and there is an unpleasant odor, you should contact the veterinarian. You should be alarmed by the owner and the warm nose of the animal with secretions.

Once a month, the terrier is trimmed gently with claws and every six months they brush their teeth. Sometimes the animal and do not need to walk, if the puppy walks on the tray, and it's cold outside. Walking in nature is necessary for a dog every day, at least 2-3 walking a day.

In the winter, some owners buy pets special dog clothes. The main thing - comfort and convenience for the pet. You should not force him to wear clothes if the dog categorically rests.

What to feed a small pet

It is important to balance the diet of a small household, both an adult and a puppy. Dogs of this breed are eaten in small portions, but often.

Best of all, dry food from leading manufacturers, designed specifically for their breed, is suitable for Yorkies. Complement its natural products and canned food. It is forbidden to give decorative terriers:

  • fresh bread
  • chicken eggs,
  • raw fish
  • all kinds of juices,
  • beans,
  • potatoes,
  • sweet,
  • fat pork and bones.

Babies are fed on the clock 6 times a day. By the year the dog is taught gradually to two meals a day. If the dog is eating properly, then it does not shed, but is very neat and clean. In the public domain, it is better for her to have toys so as not to spoil shoes or furniture.

After eating, if a terrier has eaten something liquid, you can gently clean its beard. Make it a wet napkin or cloth.

Nurture and training york

Little terriers are brave, groovy and intelligent. They usually do not sit still. To guard and constantly hold them in your hands is not worth it, so as not to get a timid and secluded pet. On a walk, do not let the dog off the leash, so as not to conflict with other larger animals.

You can train terriers without the help of a specialist. In some moments, if the baby does not happen, the owners show rigidity, but do not beat, but raise their voice.

The first commands for a puppy "To me", "Fu", "Place". It is not necessary to demand super-skills from a small puppy, the main thing is to make contact without conflicts and stress.

Health York Terriers

Yorkshire Terrier is a problem-free breed. Purebred dogs have a stable psyche. Often due to hypothermia inflamed pet ears. They quickly form tartar and sometimes have to remove it under general anesthesia.

Ligament breaks, sprains, fractures and sprains are common pathologies of terriers. They get such injuries with unsuccessful jumps and falls.

Some dogs of this breed have an umbilical hernia or even excess weight. In this case, they are kept on a diet.