How to care for a pug, the basic principles


Pugs are pretty pretty dogs, which are very convenient to keep in small apartments. These pets do not require a lot of space, they sleep most of the day, comfortably sitting at the feet of the owner. How many years do pugs live? How to extend your pet live? These and other questions concern the caring owner. It would be desirable, that the pet was near as long as possible, pleased with its leprosy, touched by boundless devotion and obedience.

What affects the lifespan of this breed of dogs? How many years do pugs live at home? Let's try to figure it out.

Health status

Life expectancy is directly related to health. These dogs have a weak cardiovascular system. For this reason, dyspnea may occur in animals, sometimes tachycardia occurs. Often, the pugs suffer from the digestive tract.

They need to select food very carefully so as not to provoke gastrointestinal upset. If for some accidental negligence the dog picked up and ate something on the street, the consequences can be unpredictable. How many years do pugs live? If the dog is healthy, it can please a person long enough. At least, you can safely be with a dog for 10-11 years. Further, much depends on the care.

How many years do pugs live? If the dog receives quality nutrition, it will remain energetic and healthy for a long period of time. Pug must be properly fed. We can not allow the dog to eat the master's food from the table. It is necessary to immediately determine the type of feeding: natural food or dry food. You can not mix them. Otherwise, the pet does not avoid problems with the digestive system. In addition, it is worth noting that the pugs are quite sensitive stomach and intestines. It is hardly worth experimenting with cheap feed. It is better to choose one that meets the requirements of specialists and contains all the necessary substances for a full life.

Girls and boys

It is known that the life expectancy of these cute dogs depends on gender.

Boys are usually more active: they can get involved in a fight with other dogs or become victims of an accident due to increased natural curiosity. How many years do pugs girls live? In most cases, more than twelve. The period of their life can be 13-15 years, provided that the owner will be very sensitive to their daily needs. Comparing these figures with how many years pugs live males, it becomes clear why females delight their masters for much longer. By the way, girls pugs have a more relaxed and gentle nature. They are obedient and predictable, in every sense convenient for the owner.

Pugs are very lazy and do not require a daily hour walk from the host. People often choose pugs because of their balanced and calm nature. In the apartment they do not play pranks, do not rush, sweeping away everything in their path. These dogs are moderately curious, love to play even in adulthood, always remain faithful to the owner. As a rule, in the family they choose one person themselves, whom they will then obey all their lives.

Careful care

From the side of the person to the uninitiated, it may seem that the pugs especially do not need to be looked after. Dogs have a short coat, which, however, tends to shed. For this reason, the owner must necessarily purchase a massage brush for thoroughly combing out his pet. In pet stores you can buy a mitten comb, which will help to get rid of excess wool daily. You just need to remember to devote time to your pet. This is a rare breed of dogs that need to brush their teeth. Not all owners follow this rule.

Otherwise, tartar will begin to form, which is difficult to get rid of. Pet's nose must be regularly cleaned with a clean, dry cloth. It is necessary to clean the ears, monitor their condition. It is necessary to bathe dogs at least once or twice a month.

Veterinary Services

Thinking about how many pugs live, it is necessary to take into account the fact that these dogs often get sick. Because of the specific structure of the muzzle, they often suffer from the respiratory system, there are signs of irritation of the nose and inflammation of the auditory canals. Caring owner, as a rule, seeks to surround the pet with care, does not spare money for high-quality veterinary services. If in the case of a mongrel, lack of vaccinations may not lead to infection, then the pug will definitely pick up some virus when it goes outside. These dogs have a gentle immunity, which is required to be constantly maintained. Pugs need to be vaccinated, do regular checkups, as much as possible to monitor his health.

Active games

Pugs are puppies until old age. Dogs love to walk on the street, they need to move. Games in the fresh air help strengthen the heart muscle, and restore immunity well after an illness. That is why it would be a big mistake to limit them in space and to keep them exclusively at home. A pug is not a cat after all.

If you think about how many years pugs live at home, you need to pay attention to the possibility of spending more time with your pet. Then he will please his master for many years.

A pug is first and foremost a friend. Usually people buy this dog is not at all for the protection of the apartment. They just want to have a companion home who would share their habits and accompany them everywhere. Such a pet, no doubt, will help to brighten up loneliness, lift your spirits at the right moment. Due to the small size of the dog you can take with you to public places. She sits quietly in the hands of the owner and does not even try to escape.

For this reason, you can take it with you on the bus, take it by car, even appear in libraries or shops. For the dog itself is very important to have a close relationship with the owner. If the pet feels necessary, then he will live longer.

Instead of conclusion

Speaking about how many pugs live, it is necessary to take into account all the above factors. The more the owner cares about his pet, the less risk is left for the dog to become seriously ill with something. You need to try to show your pet that you value its society and strive to give the best. Animals always feel how they are treated, and subconsciously reach for kind, sympathetic, caring people. The average life expectancy of this particular breed is 12-13 years. It is known that girls' dogs usually live longer than boys. The fact is that males often can not appreciate the level of danger that may arise in a given situation.

Power Features

Like the French Bulldogs, pugs are recognized gluttons.

They are ready to absorb a variety of treats for days, and at the same time can create the impression of a hungry dog.

In such situations, the owner must be able to be categorical and, despite his love for the pet, be able to refuse him.

One of the main problems of this breed is the tendency to obesity, which over time can lead to problems in the heart. For this reason, dog feeding should be moderate.

If there is a puppy in the house, it is worth to give him food 4 times a day.. An adult dog should be fed twice a day.

It is desirable that the interval between doses was 12 hours. So much time is necessary for the dog's digestive tract in order to fully digest and digest food.

It is important that the food was varied and full. In this case, food should be enriched with vitamins.

It is best to use vitamins A and E, since they have antioxidant properties and can slow down the aging process of the animal.

If the walks are set aside for a certain time, then feeding should take place at the strictly designated hours.

Such an established regime will not only have a positive effect on the health of the pug, but will also relieve you of troubles with going to the toilet at the wrong time.

Hygiene procedures

There are various recommendations on how to care for a pug.

Most of them come down to hygienic care.

Among the mandatory procedures are the following:

  • swimming after the walk,
  • systematic nail clipping,
  • inspection of teeth
  • wool care
  • ear health monitoring.

Special care, especially in hot weather, requires a dog's face. Folds on the face may rot, causing serious irritation and dermatitis.

To avoid such problems, they need to be treated with a cotton swab or ear stick.

As an antibacterial agent you can use:

  • any antiseptic,
  • soft lotion
  • boric acid solution.

In the cold season, such hygienic care can be carried out only once a week. This will be enough to rid the folds of dust and subcutaneous fat accumulated in them.

Inspection after walking

In order to prevent the development of various problems, the owner of the pug need to develop the habit of carefully inspecting his dog after walking.

In the summer, be sure to check the dog for the presence of ticks.

Regardless of the time of year, after a walk you should carefully examine the eyes of the dog.

They are the ones in the pugs quite often exposed to various injuries and infectious diseases. On the street, a pug can cut the mucous of the eye even with a blade of grass.

Also, dog eyes are often subject to insect bites. If after a walk on the eyelids or mucous membrane, wounds, cuts or scratches are found, the eyes should be instilled with regenerating drops.

In this case, the owners need to know that eye drops, containing hormones in their composition, are absolutely not suitable for caring for pugs.

Ear care

Ears in dogs of this breed require special attention and care. Any inflammatory processes for pugs are very painful.

For the prevention of chronic otitis media and the development of infections, pugs need to be cleaned regularly. For this, the choice of the host, you can use:

  • boric alcohol,
  • hydrogen peroxide (3%),
  • special ear gel,
  • warm boiled water
  • soft cosmetic lotion.

In order to clean the ears, the fleece is wetted in the selected liquid, pressed out. Further, it gently and gently clean the folds in the auricle.

It is necessary to clean the folds until all the wool, dust and sulfur are completely removed.

It is very important that in the first times the pug's ears are cleaned very carefully and gently. This will help the dog to avoid the development of fear of such hygienic procedures in the future.

If the pug's ears began to emit a specific, clearly unpleasant smell, the dog must be shown to the doctor.

This may be a symptom of advanced otitis or infection.

How to care for wool

Keeping a pug in an apartment requires some attention to his coat. This care is simple and does not require special skills.

It will be enough to brush the dog with an ordinary brush once a week.

In order to reduce hair loss in a mopsik during the molting period, it is enough to add a fish oil capsule to the food.

Keeping a dog in the house will require a change in the owner’s habits. Even if the dog is accustomed to the tray, daily walks should be mandatory.

Proper care, ensuring the health of the pet, provides for the creation of conditions under which the pug will receive daily moderate exercise.

Despite its slowness and inactivity, the pug just needs to move. Otherwise, the dog may begin problems with blood circulation in the lower limbs, gradual muscular atrophy and deformity, or complete destruction of the hip joints.

Photo Gallery

So that your pet is always cheerful and active, do not forget to do the necessary hygienic and preventive procedures on time, which we described above. And now let's look at the photos of these cute fatties.

The author of the video gives practical and very useful tips on keeping pugs. You will learn about the disadvantages and shortcomings of this breed from a person who has not had a lot of experience with them. Enjoy watching.

The short century is given by nature

Pugs who have crossed the line of 14 years are considered long-livers. It means that in their life everything went smoothly. And if there were any diseases, they were not deadly. Statistics indicate that the oldest pug in the world was a dog named Martin, who lived in Russia. For the fact that his age has passed for 16 and a half years, the pug was awarded the Guinness Book of Records. While in this competition, he won all.

Nature decreed that the dog’s age with its owner catches up with each year, and then overtakes it. Look carefully at the table of correspondences of the number of years of a man and a pug (weight up to 9 kilograms):

If you translate the age of Martin on the human, then it turns out that he died at 82 years old. It turns out that the dog was not so old, that is, by human standards - not a long-lived.

Take care of your nerves

Very important for health, and therefore longevity, positive emotions that a dog can give daily communication with a person. Pugs are a sensitive breed and infinitely in love with their host. Therefore, your tender touch to the pet and every cheer gives him vitality. Always remember this and do not skimp on praise and tenderness.

Make sure that family members and other people do not hurt your friend, and, moreover, did not bring him physical suffering. Try to communicate with the dog calmly and gently, take care of his nervous system so that the emotional breakdown does not turn into tragedy.

But, of course, there are other reasons that affect the number of years that the dog will spend next to you. The objective factors that increase the pug's lifespan are:

  • good care and maintenance
  • a properly balanced diet, appropriate for age and condition,
  • disease prevention
  • competent actions of the owner in case of development of breed and other diseases,
  • timely assistance in case of an accident.

Poor heredity leads to death.

The most serious influence on the life span of a pug is caused by various diseases. These include encephalitis, which is incurable and is often transmitted with the genes of the parents. In a sick animal, convulsions begin and foaming saliva is released. These are signs of a seizure. The disease is typical for pugs and leads the dog to death, regardless of age. To ensure that your pet does not carry dangerous genes, special DNA tests will help.

Another hereditary problem - patella (dislocation of the patella) - this is serious. But in itself, it does not affect how much the pugs live. However, treatment involves surgery under general anesthesia, which has a negative effect on their weak heart. Therefore, constant monitoring by a veterinarian is necessary, especially in the first six months after the puppy is born.

Hereditary necrosis of the femoral head (destruction of the joint due to lack of blood circulation) shortens the life of the dog by half.

Pugs are not protected from congenital hip dysplasia. Used in the treatment of chondroprotectors, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, again, greatly weaken the heart of pugs. Only strict selection of dogs used for breeding will help get rid of this scourge.

A similar effect on the body of pets has a treatment and other breed diseases. Among them: juvenile demodicosis. It is caused by the actions of the mite, which destroys the skin of the animal. Dogs with weak immunity, which is under-received from their parents, usually get sick.

In order not to purchase a pet with hereditary diseases, you must carefully consider its choice from the breeder. Find out how many years his parents lived and what they were ill.

dog's heart

Reduce the life of the dog can careless owner in caring for her. Vulnerable places in the pug are:

  • eyes (due to the risk of injury and loss of the eyeball),
  • nose (due to the abundance of folds under it),
  • ears (narrow ear canal).

If you do not take care of the folds on the face, do not follow the eyes and do not clean the ears of the dog, then serious diseases can develop that will have to be treated with medicines. And their admission can lead to the development or aggravation of allergies - a real mortal danger for dogs of this breed.

Now more about the heart. К сожалению, у мопсов оно очень слабое. Именно поэтому они тяжело переносят жару и страдают одышкой. Слишком активный пес, не рассчитав своих сил, может умереть от остановки сердца во время игры. Поэтому хозяин должен следить за его состоянием и не давать ему переутомляться.Quite often, the dog's heart does not withstand anesthesia during the operation, and then the animal dies, even being very young.

Asking the question: how many pugs live, it is worth remembering about viral diseases. Both a small puppy and an adult dog can die from them. Therefore, it is necessary to do timely vaccinations and be observed at the vet.

Three whales for long life

To live long and sick less, the pug needs the right, that is, a balanced diet. The menu should contain the necessary vitamins and trace elements for the body to maintain the immunity and good physical condition of the dog. Indiscriminate feeding and low mobility can lead to obesity, which in no way adds health to the dog, but rather shortens his age by three to five years. After all, excess weight affects the work of the liver and other organs, leading to vascular diseases.

Raising a puppy, immediately teach him to be careful with moving vehicles, so that in the future he will not become a victim of a traffic accident. Every owner should know how long the pugs live theoretically, and what conditions need to be created so that an accident does not happen to the pet.

The owner should always be careful to see if any external danger threatens his dog. There are cases when aggressive large brethren take the lives of pugs left unattended. Therefore, choosing a company for a walk, beware of vicious and uncontrollable dogs, as well as unfamiliar animals that may be carriers of infectious diseases.

In conclusion, we single out the “three whales” on which the pug's lifespan directly depends: food, care, heredity. To each of them should add the word "good." And if you cope with these "whales", then your dog will live up to 14-15 years. And perhaps he will set a new record.

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How many dogs usually live

Bringing a puppy to the family, anyone dreams that happiness will be long. How many years have dogs lived?

The lifespan of dogs varies within different numbers. It all depends not only on the breed, but also on many other factors. On average, a dog's life span varies from 11 to 12 years. About 20% and 10% of 100% live to 14 and 15 years, respectively. Unfortunately, this is only average data, it is almost impossible to establish the allotted time for a specific puppy.

It is interesting! Often breeds with short duration live to a dull old age and vice versa, long-livers leave us at a young age due to accidents or genetic pathologies.

How to translate the age of the dog in the human equivalent? This question interests almost everyone. There is an opinion that 1 year of a dog’s life is equivalent to 7 human years. Does this mean that a 12-year-old dog is actually an 84-year-old old man? And the 5-year-old dog is the same age as the 35-year-old master?

Unfortunately, this system is not endowed with deep meaning. Dogs of different breeds are different in their maturation, aging, etc. so that the data of real forecasts differ sharply from each other.

How many years do pugs live

Fortunately and surprise, pug breed dogs are among the top ten long-lived dogs. Their average life expectancy is from 12 to 15 years. They are less likely to have cases of congenital genetic diseases, they are less prone to allergic reactions. Also interesting is the fact that small in size representatives of the breed (from 4.5 kg to 10 kg) live longer than their large relatives.

Congenital diseases

Diseases with which puppies are “rewarded” from birth, for example, such as heart disease, most often represent a real danger to the life of a pet. It is not possible to prevent them, but timely detection gives a chance to keep it under control.

Fungi and bacteria that can accumulate in the folds of a pet's skin are far from the most dangerous infections with which it can become infected. The most dangerous are contaminated wounds and abrasions.. A wide range of deadly diseases can affect a dog in this way. The owner needs to be confident in the purity of the wounds and abrasions of the dog, so that the dog does not go to another world after the first fuss in the yard. The best solution to this problem can only be attentive to the pet and timely vaccinations.

This is another terrible thief dog longevity. The most common forms are lymphoma, cancer of the skin, mouth and testicles. Castration is considered an effective measure for preventing cancer of the sex.

Pug and encephalitis

The leading cause of death is encephalitis, a fatal swelling of the brain, accompanied by convulsions, general inhibition, loss of muscle control. This disease most often affects dogs of this particular breed, and it is rather difficult to diagnose it in its early stages.

The most vulnerable part of a pug’s body is its eyes. The head structure of pug dogs suggests bulging eyeballs, which, it would seem, simply do not fit inside the skull. This charming beauty of the breed at the same time and the source of their greatest discomfort. A slight scratch caused by a blade of grass can develop into a serious ulcer, requiring expensive surgery and complicated cornea transplantation.

Weak heart

Unfortunately, the heart system of dogs of this breed is not perfect.. They do not tolerate sudden changes in temperature, extreme physical exertion. Hyperactive representatives of the breed often die from cardiac arrest. During exercise, you must carefully monitor the condition of the pet, preventing the appearance of shortness of breath.


The special design of the dog's body can often lead to a deterioration in the blood supply in the region of the femoral head. This problem may in the short term pull on another one - wear of the hip joint and muscle atrophy. As a result, tissue necrosis may develop. With this disease, pugs do not live more than 7 years.

Excess weight

Pugs in their essence are gluttons, homebodies. Such a lifestyle, like in humans, inexorably leads to obesity. Against the background of excess weight, the pet may have problems with the respiratory and digestive systems.

Bacteria can accumulate in the folds on the dog’s face, so they should be given enough time to clean them. Also, dogs of this breed have narrow auditory passages that require regular cleaning. In addition, pugs are prone to glaucoma and chronic keratitis. Improper care is likely to make you a regular customer of a veterinary clinic.

With all this, you should not take this breed as disabled. They are quite strong and enduring, and all health problems are most often caused by the attitude of their own owners.

How to increase the life of a pug?

  • Let's go with the times! Just as a person monitors their own health, one must also monitor the state of the pug. Systematic visits to the veterinarian and strict adherence to the vaccination schedule is half the success.
  • Physical activity is the key to a healthy life, both human and animal. Systematic active games, exercises and walks will help not only to combat obesity, to which they are so prone, but also to prevent atrophy of the muscles of the thigh by improving blood circulation in the tissues. A moderate load will be a good prevention of various stagnation.
  • Emphasis on proper nutrition. The food you feed your pug must be balanced and must contain vitamins A, B, E and C. Their consumption can slow down the process of premature aging.

  • It is better to refuse walking in extreme heat, as overheating is undesirable for dogs of this breed. After walking it is necessary to carefully examine the pet for scratches, insect bites and ticks.
  • In hot weather, it is better to wipe the area in the folds on the face with an antiseptic. Also, auditory passages need regular cleaning. Sometimes cleaning of the anal glands is required.
  • Pay attention to any changes in the behavior of the animal (lethargy, loss or loss of appetite, etc.). Be attentive and sensitive, inspect it for the presence of cones, seals and wounds. Notify the veterinarian of any changes.
  • Dog Identification. Information about the pet (name, address, phone number of the owner) attached to the collar will ensure the safe return of the pet in case it is lost.

  • Try to minimize the stress of the animal, surround it with love and care. The calm, welcoming atmosphere in the house will affect favorably not only on the condition of the pet, but on all family members. Dogs, like humans, suffer from anxiety and stress. It will be useful to establish a certain daily routine and stick to it without question. Having a schedule will help the dog to remain with a sense of security, to relieve it of sudden stress, and thus prolong life.

Important! Just following the banal rules for handling pugs can increase their lifespan by as much as 5-6 years.

Care and care

For a comfortable life, you need quality care and attentive content. Mandatory point in the care, is the need to regularly appear to the veterinarian. You need to study the characteristics of the breed, for recognition and prevention of diseases characteristic of these dogs.

Physiological features contribute to the emergence of a number of diseases. Most often, babies suffer from heart disease. Problems with the most important organ affect how many pugs live, significantly reducing the number of years allotted to them.

The problematic heart goes to almost all members of the family. It is extremely difficult for them to suffer much heat. It also happens to get bad from sudden changes in temperature. Many individuals with increased activity die due to cardiac arrest.

Make sure that your pet does not appear short of breath, if you notice frequent, deep and heavy breathing, you will see the pet home, he needs to rest.

The specific shape of the eyes often hides a disease like glaucoma. The bulging eyes seem insanely cute and ridiculous to us, but in fact it threatens with many diseases. The reason for this view is the small size of the bone orbit. The most vulnerable spot is the eyes.

Pay special attention to eye care, carefully, at the slightest suspicion of any changes, consult only a specialist.
The peculiar structure of the body, becomes the cause of impaired blood circulation in the area of ​​the femoral head.

If you do not pay attention to the disease, the likelihood that after some time the joint will collapse, and the muscles will atrophy - is very high. It will also lead to the development of limb necrosis. How many years do pugs live with such diseases? Usually the term is very short and does not exceed 7-8, or even 5. In addition, they get otitis and infectious diseases of the ears.

Good health - long life

More recently, you brought a small lump to your home, promising to keep and protect it against all ailments. Took responsibility for his life and health.

Unfortunately, the pet will not be able to tell you that she has something sore, watch his health condition and promptly contact your veterinarian.

Nutrition dogs must be balanced, with many vitamins.

Try not to walk in the rain or frost, do not forget to provide the animal with warm clothes and shoes. Clean your ears with a solution of manganese and rinse eyes, gently using a cotton pad, just use special means for hygiene.

Develop a schedule for your pet to eat. This is a mandatory measure, because pugs do not know the edge in food and are often obese. The dog loves food very much, but do not forget that in the future this gluttony can shorten the life span. It is better to walk with your pet more often, but not for long distances.

Owner errors

The most frequent, can be attributed to overfeeding and improper diet. They lead to problems with digestion. A molt can also begin, which will never stop afterwards. You can not run a lot, but a sedentary lifestyle also does not bring anything good.

It is necessary to find the golden mean of physical exertion, it is not easy, therefore, this problem can also be attributed to the most frequent errors of the owners.

The muscles of a little mobile dog are hypertrophied, and the heart is weak. The third mistake - non-compliance with the rules of hygiene. Ears, eyes and folds on the face are most often affected.

The lifespan of a pug is reduced to 5-6 years if not properly observed. If you are satisfied with this amount of time, it is extremely sad, you should not get an animal.