Breed Commander (Komondor): Hungarian Watchdog Sheepdog


Large, strong, Hungarian Sheepdogs - Komondor inspire respect and trust at the same time. Possessing the uncommon appearance of a gigantic bichon with curly hair, dogs are excellent watchmen and guards, and this is the vocation that is in their blood. What is necessary to know about these original dogs to future owners?

The origin of the breed

The Hungarian Sheepdog is one of the oldest breeds. It was they who were met by nomadic Magyar tribes in the ancient Russian steppes and took several individuals with them. And it happened over 1000 years ago.

The modern Hungarian shepherd is the closest relative of the shepherd, but the southern Russian. For the ancient Magyars, dogs were exclusively working tools, and animals were valued only for their ability to protect livestock from predatory animals. They did not receive special care, they did not have a pedigree, but the Magyars had a ban on crossing commanders with representatives of other breeds.

By the way, powerful, durable and fearless dogs perfectly performed the work entrusted to them. They were not engaged in driving animals, but only performed security functions and played the role of accompanying. The shepherd had the opportunity to leave the cattle without fear. The large shepherds ensure that no one encroaches on the livestock of grazing cattle, dogs collect smaller cattle in the herd, drive them and see that no one is behind.

The original coat, which was twisted into bundles, was a reliable protection of the animal, both from low and high temperatures, and also helped with fights with predators, without allowing those to damage vulnerable areas. In addition, the white wool was an excellent disguise, and the guard merged in a flock of sheep with their wards. The dog remained with the cattle and never chased the predators.

Life in harsh conditions has influenced the character of a Komondor, he is angry with strangers, is an ideal guard, has a developed intellect and can make decisions independently. Representatives of this breed do not require special conditions and are distinguished by excellent health.

The manuscript of the History of the King of Astyagis, dating back to the 14th century, contains references to these dogs. And the first description with details was made in 1653 by Amos Comenius. Despite the respectable history, the creation of an official breed standard occurred at the beginning of the 20th century, only then Hungarian shepherd dogs with pedigrees appeared.

During the Second World War, dogs performed the work of guards and sappers, which led to a significant decrease in the breed gene pool. But already in the 50s, the breed of the Hungarian Shepherd was completely restored. Komondorov can not be attributed to the common breed, since no more than 12,000 individuals are registered worldwide.

Description of the Komondor breed

It is probably difficult to find representatives with a more surprising and memorable appearance in the dog world. Purebred representatives differ in gigantic size and coat of pure white color, in addition, it forms dense cords that look like dreddas.

Dog Breed Komondor - photo

Hungarian breeders say that if the dog is not large, then he is not related to the Comonorians.

  • Growth Males at the withers reaches 80 cm, the bitch varies between 65-70 cm. Moreover, the size of the dogs is not limited to the standard. The higher the Hungarian shepherd, the more expensive its cost. Moreover, having a high growth, the Komondor has a relatively small weight.
  • Weight males are in the range of 50-60 kg, females - from 40 to 50 kg. For comparison, the weight of the English mastiff with the same height will average 100 kg.
  • Head The animal is covered with long hair, twisted into bundles, and under it is a shortened muzzle with a strong jaw.
  • Eyes are hidden by wool, they are small, with dark brown or almond iris. Look wary, attentive.
  • Ears medium sized, triangular, hang down.

Wool and komondor colors

As already noted, the main feature of the Komondors is their wool, it is predominantly white, but since dogs can become very dirty, it becomes darker. At puppy age, there are individuals with cream-colored spots, but they turn pale in adult dogs. Dogs with ideal standard qualities have a bluish-gray skin, although dogs often have pink tones, which is undesirable.

Hungarian Shepherd photo

Coat long, somewhat shortened in the area of ​​the back, neck and muzzle. Hungarian Shepherd puppies have soft, curly hair, but with age it becomes longer. The harnesses begin to form from infancy. Dogs do not have an undercoat, the "children's" down in a dog falls to 24 months. And the entire coat, which grows and falls, remains on the animal and weaves into bundles, making them gradually thicker and thicker.

The length of the “dredd” reaches an average of 25 cm, but growth slows down. By two years they are fully formed into the main cords, and become as long as possible only by five years. In order for the harnesses to properly form and cover the entire body, owners should braid them. Otherwise, the pet will be one giant, felled woolen ball.

The tail of the Hungarian Shepherd Dog is always kept down, never bullying up. If you glance at the dog, it may seem that it is not at all, as it is hidden under woolen harnesses.

The nature of the Komondor

The Hungarian Shepherd Dogs are true watchmen and fairly independent dogs, but this does not in the least detract from their attachment to their family members. But to strangers they have no confidence, they always treat with suspicion the newcomers. So that the dog began to trust, it will take a lot of time, but then the pet will remember the person for a long time and always welcome him joyfully.

  1. Aggression. When bad socialization Komondor may show aggression towards outsiders.
  2. Protection instinct. In dogs, the instinct of protecting their own territory is genetically instilled, and they will do it regardless of whether the owners want it or not. If you need a four-legged friend who will be a guard and protector of the family and property, then the representatives of this breed are what you need.
  3. Leash. Choosing a puppy of the Hungarian shepherd, it is worth considering that it is impossible to lead them without a leash, as the dog may be suspicious of people who are passing by. The breeders and owners are unanimous - the Komondors are wonderful pets for some, but not all. The period of maturation in animals is long. They can behave like puppies for a long time. The purpose of the Komondors is to protect and protect livestock, and they are responsible for their activities. Dogs will protect any person or animal that they consider to be a member of their pack, and will not show aggression towards them for no good reason.
  4. Jealousy. But they are jealous of the invasion from the outside, and the appearance of other animals, including dogs, on their territory, definitely, will not please them. They can lash out and drive away strangers, and given their size and the centuries-old experience of fights with predators, they can not only cause serious injuries, but also kill them. Those who are familiar with the habits of the Komondors say that it is easy to get into the territory of these dogs, but it is extremely difficult to leave.

It will be interesting:

Training Hungarian Shepherd

If we train Komondor, then we must begin to do it as soon as possible. However, please note that the pet has a habit of working away from its owner. It speaks of their independence and willfulness. Moreover, these qualities can occur even in well-trained sheepdogs.

Like most herding dogs, the Hungarian Sheepdogs have a tendency to dominate. The owner will have to constantly remind the pet - “who is the boss”, otherwise the dog will quickly take over the reins of power into “his paws”.

Thanks to a developed intellect, Komondors quickly assimilate teams, but still, their training will require a lot of time and patience. Moreover, to educate and train a dog of this breed for full socialization is necessary all his life. Any relaxation, even in small things, the dog will take for granted and will constantly violate the prohibitions.

Like other "shepherds", the Hungarian Sheepdogs require very heavy loads. After all, their ancestors could accompany the herds for days on end. And they are so hardy that any stagnation and boredom immediately negatively affects their behavior. Again, if you take into account their dimensions, then the losses can be enormous.

Another thing future owners should know about is that Komondor is by no means a quiet breed of dog. They loudly and with pleasure bark, warning that strangers are walking, and more even scaring away "uninvited guests." The owners will receive excellent guard, but the neighbors such a noisy animal may not like it.

How to care for komondorom

Wool is what requires constant and intensive care, and many believe that this is the reason why the Hungarian shepherd did not receive world popularity. Some owners found a way out, and they cut the pet several times a year, leaving the wool short.

Komondor puppy - photo

But quality care implies regular separation of cords. And since not every city has a specialist who knows how to work with this breed, it is better for the host to master the skills for caring for a pet's pet. The procedure itself is simple, but it takes time and patience, especially if it is an adult Komondor with long harnesses. It is not so easy to wash the dog, as the coat becomes wet for a very long time, and it dries even longer - 2-2.5 days.

Fleas, ticks and other parasites are more dangerous for Hungarian shepherd dogs than for other four-legged dogs. They are extremely difficult to detect, and most of the representatives of this breed are highly sensitive to insecticides. You should regularly inspect the ears of pets, and to avoid infectious diseases, you must regularly clean them of dirt.

Photo Komondora

Hungarian Shepherd puppy cost

If the upcoming grooming and the difficult temper of Komondor are not scary, then those who want to buy an unusual puppy may face another problem - the breed on the Russian territory is quite rare. But if you managed to find a proven breeder, the puppy will cost from 50,000 to 70,000 rubles.

Komondor - a serious pet for the strong-willed and responsible. He demands a firm hand and will faithfully guard his family, even at the cost of his life.

Breed standard

Color: only white. Some breeders breed black dogs, but this color does not meet breed standards.

Wool thick, long, braided in "tape". Wool grows throughout the dog's life. Finally formed after 2 years of age.

The nose should be black. Dark gray and dark brown are allowed. Other colors are a disqualifying defect.

The breed standard does not allow any species.

The lifespan of a dog is about 12 years.

In the litter is usually 3 puppy.


Features and character of Komondor

If you are just going to have a dog of this breed, then you should think about the following of its features.

This large, powerful dog better to live on the house. She needs a lot of physical activity and space. If you are going to keep the dog in a city apartment, then you will need to devote a lot of time and physical strength for its walking (1-2 hours twice a day - at least).

Requires careful maintenance. Since the wool is white, the dog needs wash frequently. You can not comb hair with a comb; you just need to “disassemble” it with your hands. The molt of this breed is insignificant, but due to the thickness and length of the coat, it seems that it falls quite a lot. There is no characteristic "dog" smell.

On a walk

Dogs of the Komondor breed become adults rather late, at the age of 3 years. Accordingly, up to this age, the dog behaves like a puppy. It just needs to be known, so that the peculiarities of behavior, as if already an adult pet, did not cause confusion.

Independence prevails in the character of some dogs, others are more affectionate. The breeder knows the character of each puppy and advises you exactly the type that suits you best.

In any case, your dog will excellent watchman. If Komondor feels aggression - attacks swiftly and mercilessly. When nothing threatens its territory and family members, the Komondor is calm and balanced. He perceives strangers indifferently if he does not feel any threat. For friends of the family is friendly.

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Family members Komondor is madly devoted. This dog with great difficulty endures the change of hosts, so if you buy a komondor, know this forever.

The Hungarian Shepherd Sheepdog was bred for the purpose of herd conservation, protect livestock from wolves and bears. Such a “job” implies that the dog must independently make the right decisions without a hint from the owner. Therefore, Komondor is very intelligent and independent. And, also, quite tricky and can be stubborn. Even a small puppy will try to “take in its paws” the education of all family members. Therefore, starting from a very early age (4-6 months), he needs to start training.

While running

Training and socialization

A dog's high intelligence allows it to quickly absorb information, and if training is monotonous, it starts to get bored. And, therefore, refuses to fulfill the commands of the trainer and the owner. Therefore, training should be structured so that Komondor receives a lot of new information.

An aggressive learning style can lead to the aggressive nature of the pet. During the training process should be only positive reinforcement: praise and treat.

From an early age puppy should be properly socialized. He should be able to communicate with other dogs, get used to new situations and people. Lack of socialization can lead to excessive aggression in the character of your pet. If a puppy grows up in a loving family, then a more faithful and reliable friend than you can’t find a Komonor.

Komondor - the favorite of children

Relationship with children

Komondor loves children. Never and under no circumstances will harm them. Children behind him, like a stone wall.

At puppy age, a komondor will play with the children, lick - kiss, wake up in the morning, “help” to get ready for school. In a word, fulfill your dog duties. On other people's children does not pay attention. Friendly with other animals living in the family, also takes them under his protection.

There are no special problems, except for:

  • hip dysplasia,
  • entropy (defect of a lowered century).

In the case of entropy, the eyelashes rub against the cornea of ​​the eye and inflammation occurs. It is treated surgically. Hungarian shepherds with such a defect should not be involved in further breeding.

Hungarian Sheepdog Wool

Choosing a puppy

Komondor is a rare breed, so in most cases you have to go for a puppy to breeder.

When puppies reach the age of 45 days, an experienced dog handler examines them for compliance with breed standards. After that puppies are put up for sale.

Often, future owners are waiting for the puppies to grow up a little, fearing that being small, they will not be able to handle the road badly. However, their fears are groundless. On the contrary, you need to buy a puppy. as soon as possible.

Puppies are easier to adapt to the family and their upbringing begins earlier. On the other hand, vaccinations end in 2.5-3 months and, buying a puppy at this age, you will no longer have a headache with vaccinations.


Preparing for the appearance of a puppy in the house

People who have never had a dog have a lot of questions about where and how to place a puppy, how and what to feed him, how to care, etc.

Some owners do not allow the dog to go further into the corridor, for others, it moves freely throughout the apartment and chooses a place for itself. Both options have the right to exist, but nevertheless, should be place to rest your petwhere no one will disturb him and will not stumble over him. And there should be no draft.

  • No litter is needed: the wool is the best litter.
  • You must buy a puppy bowl and place it where the dog will eat.
  • Get toys, for playing and for chewing, as well as a collar and leash.

While the puppy is small, he should live in the house. An adult dog can live on the street (but do not put it on a chain, Komondor will take it as an insult). On the street near the Hungarian Shepherd should be comfortable boothwhere she can take shelter in the rain, heavy frost, hide from the sun.

Komondor - a very big dog

Feeding features

Despite the large size, Komondor eats relatively little: about a kilogram of food per day.

Взрослых собак нужно кормить дважды в день. 1,5 месячного щенка — 5 раз, 2-6 месяцев — 4 раза в день, от полугода до года — 3 раза.

Сухой корм или натуралка — выбирать вам. Посоветуйтесь с Заводчиком и ветеринаром. Собака неприхотлива в еде, не имеет склонности к ожирению. Если ваш питомец живет на улице, то его рацион должен быть увеличен на 10-15%.

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Care features

  1. Wool. Carefully check for the presence of parasites (fleas, ticks). Be sure to use drops or sprays from parasites.
  2. the washing up: under no circumstances should you wash your dog with toilet soap. Only special shampoos. Check your pet's sensitivity to detergents.
  3. Ears. They are hanging from Komondor, and therefore need to be cleaned with special products that are sold in veterinary pharmacies. What exactly - advises a specialist.
  4. Paws. Komondor between the "fingers" thickly grows wool. You may not notice in time that your pet has driven a splinter into its paw. Because of this, inflammation and suppuration may begin and the paws will have to be treated for a long time. Therefore, in the summer, the hair on the paws is better to cut.

Breed origin

Komondory - one of the oldest breeds. Three thousand years ago, in ancient Babylon, the dog was not only known, but already used as a shepherd’s assistant.

It happened that Komondor, defending the flock, repelled the attacks of wolves and bears and, surprisingly, won: due to quick reaction, audacity and, of course, the effect of surprise - the attackers didn’t even realize that a real fighter was hidden under the "sheep skin".

It is believed that it was thanks to the comod several centuries ago that wolves were almost completely exterminated on the territory of Hungary. By the way, according to experts, the Komondor itself had wolves as its most ancient ancestors and from them inherited its fighting character. Another ancestor of the Shepherd Dogs was Tibetan dogs, which turned out to be on the land of Hungary, along with the nomadic Magyars.

In 1920, Komondor received international recognition, it was first shown at the European show. Since then, a unique dog could be seen in many countries, including Russia. The modern population of Komondor in our country has about five hundred individuals. In the homeland of the breed, in Hungary, there are more than three thousand of them today.

Is it possible to cut

Is it possible to cut Commander "width =" 253 "height =" 250 "srcset =" / images / proisxozhdenieporodikomandorstoimostiotz_D425308D.jpg 253w, , 70w "sizes =" (max-width: 253px) 100vw, 253px "/> Can I cut a Hungarian shepherd dog, and if the future owners of komondor are interested in how to cope with all this mass of wool. Strange as it may seem, but to cut these animals is really not accepted. do it yourself, in the literal sense of the word (even the comb can not be used): take a strand by strand, cord by cord and separate them along the entire length, so that they are not messed up. Usually start from the tips, gradually moving to the roots.

Such a procedure is already required for a half-year-old puppy, it is carried out 1-2 times per month. When the pet grows up, it will be possible to disassemble the "dreadlocks" less often, as necessary. True, in no case it is impossible to lose vigilance - if the cords are still confused, they will have to be separated with scissors, and this is not a very simple task, there is a risk of injuring the animal.

You can also arm with scissors if the “dreadlocks” are so long that they drag along the ground and because of this they constantly get dirty. but you can cut the very minimum, in order not to disrupt the true Komondorsky appearance and not to deprive the dog of its natural weather protection and potential enemies (especially for shepherd dogs, which are in the service of a person).

Very unusual for representatives of this breed is molting. In puppies, it is still the same as in other dogs, but in adult comonorus, the hair that has fallen from the bulbs, continues to remain in the "dreadlocks". This, in principle, and due to the appearance of unusual cords in the coat of the animal and their constant, throughout life lengthening. By the way, there is a tradition in Hungary shear elderly shepherd dogs: Having removed 4-6 kilograms of wool from an animal, a pet is thus facilitated and, accordingly, prolongs life.

It is important to note that the Komondor is a very clean dog. Wool does not smell "dog", even if the animal is soaked. A person should only help a pet a little: protect it from fleas and ticks by applying special aerosols, and in bad weather before a walk, dress Komondora in overalls. Representatives of this breed are bathed infrequently - once every three months, or even six months. Wool in Hungarian Shepherd usually dries for at least a day, even if the owner is armed with a hairdryer.

Dog cost

The average cost of the Hungarian Shepherd Dog is from 50 to 70 thousand rubles. To get exactly the dog you dream about, you need to contact a responsible, trusted breeder, without being tempted on the Internet to "more profitable", dubious offers. Komondor breeders with a lot of experience and a good reputation are today in Moscow, Volgograd, and Kaluga Region.

Owner reviews

Ruslan E.: “The Hungarian Shepherd Dog is my dog, we understand each other, as they say, from a half-word. Of course, it didn’t come at once, it was necessary to study seriously with a dog, but he is very intelligent. ”

Anton G .: “This is a dog with character. Give up the slack - sit on the neck, and this, after all, 50 kg! For Komondor you need a strong owner. ”

Yulya T .: “I love my Komondor, and only because of this I endure his molt. True, in the family from where we took him as a puppy, they reassure that the problem will disappear when the baby grows up. I'm waiting!

Qualities assessed by shepherds

Hungarian shepherd shepherd, protecting the flocks of sheep or herds of cows, could easily resist large predators - wolves and even bears. This is explained not only by natural courage, but also by purely physical factors - thick wool is able to protect it from the teeth of attacking animals, just as a body armor protects a person from bullets.

No less important quality, which noticed the shepherds, was that this breed is equally easy to endure both cold and heat. This is explained by the fact that the coat helps maintain the animal's natural body temperature, reliably isolating it from the environment and preventing very cold or, on the contrary, overheated air from the skin surface. Accordingly, thanks to this microclimate, the Hungarian Sheepdog feels comfortable in any weather and can effectively carry out the tasks assigned to it.

Other qualities and mention of them in the literature

She managed to "light up" this breed and in literary works. Her qualities so admired people that the authors called her “the king among the shepherd dogs” (Jan Amos Comenius). Yes, among the shepherd dogs, he really had no equal, because he, due to his coloring, was invisible in a flock of sheep, and therefore could always make an unexpected and lightning throw in the direction of the predator who decided to attack.

But especially people appreciated the fact that Komondor is capable of realizing the owner, working without supervision, making decisions in difficult situations. And the creator of the work "The History of Nature and the Teaching of Crafts" Ferenc Peach said that "only Comdore can be entrusted with his life."

Komondor care and maintenance

Komondor is a Hungarian watchdog that requires special care. This is due to the peculiarities of his coat. Some dog breeders believe that Komondor wool should be combed with combs with widely spaced teeth. In fact, this is a wrong opinion. Of course, before leading their pets to the exhibition, their owners make various efforts to give the animal a proper appearance. However, regular combing and combing the commander is not only not required, but also contraindicated, as it can damage dreadlocks.

How to care for the comonor wool?

What care does a hungarian shepherd require? Photos of the dog clearly demonstrate its appearance. On them you can see the individual cords, care for which is carried out only with the help of fingers, excluding other tools. However, sometimes it also happens that there is a need to arm with scissors to separate tangled cords. In such cases, care must be taken not to damage the skin of the animal. To do this, the necessary manipulation of the instrument begins in the direction of the hair roots.

Actually, care is to prevent the cords between tangling and separating them. Acting with his fingers, the dog breeder should sever the adjacent strands, making them separate along the entire length, starting from the ends of the hair and following to the roots. Such a procedure becomes necessary, starting from a puppy age of 6-8 months. During this period, it becomes more dense, long and without proper attention can fall off. At first, it is necessary to divide the cords 1-2 times a month, then, as the dog matures, it is done only occasionally, as needed.

How often should bathe komondor?

There are different opinions about how often Komondor should bathe. The Hungarian Shepherd Dog dries out after taking water treatments for a long time because of its long and thick coat, so it can catch a cold in cool weather. Many breeders for this reason believe that it should be bathed only 2 times a year. However, experienced dog experts do not support this opinion, saying that in the warm season swimming in a pond or lake doesn’t hurt a dog; it can do it quite often without harming health.

But with regard to the use of bath detergents, there are quite clear limitations. For example, do not use them more often than once a quarter. It is unacceptable to use ordinary toilet or laundry soap, as this, firstly, will inevitably lead to dry skin and itching of the dog, and secondly, it can adversely affect the appearance of its wool.

What to feed Komondor?

The Hungarian Sheepdog is a picky dog. However, it must be remembered that its nutrition must be balanced. You should not constantly feed your pet canned food, and even more so with one dry food. In the diet of any dog, including Komondor, products such as meat, large bones, eggs, vegetables, bran, dairy products must be present.

Meat can be given not only thermally processed, but also raw - it is more useful for the dog. In this case, do not be afraid of the possibility of infecting the animal with worms. In dogs, the concentration of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is much higher than in humans, which is an insurmountable barrier for many parasites.

Price for Komondor puppies - what does it depend on?

Dog owners interested in the question of how much is the Hungarian Shepherd? The price for it depends on the compliance of the puppy's parents with the standards of FCI - an international canine organization. Any deviations from these standards reduce the value of the dog. In particular, it is considered unacceptable any deviation from the color of ivory, the wrong bite and some other signs. As a result, puppies, whose parents are animals with such deviations, will cost much less. At the moment in Russia the minimum price for komondor starts from 15,000 rubles. In most kennels puppies can be purchased at a price of 25-50 thousand rubles.

Hungarian Shepherd Dog (Komondor): photo and description of an ancient dog breed

The Hungarian Sheepdog (Komondor) is an unusual breed in which it is difficult to recognize a dog. This is a huge pile of crumpled wool, hanging like dreadlocks. It is precisely because of its uniqueness that the ancient breed of Hungarian Shepherds commander attracts breeders.

On this page are photos of dogs of the Commander breed, as well as its main characteristics. You can learn about the features of the breed and its specialization.

Character dog breed commander

Dogs of the commander breed are widespread in the world, but for domestic care, it should be borne in mind that this dog does not understand games, although it gets along with other animals and always and everywhere protects children. The character of the commanders, like in many strong dogs, is not aggressive, but the dog is ready to fight with any opponent, even superior to him. In food unpretentious. Able to quickly make independent decisions. Dedicated to the owner and with love applies to children.

The Hungarian Sheepdogs are widely used as guard dogs, they are well adapted to life in urban environments. However, the best option for keeping is a country house with a garden where the dog could move freely. This is a reliable watchman who can fearlessly protect his home and territory, and is a great companion.

Description breed dogs commander (with photo)

The description of the breed of dog Commander is similar to the description of the bullet's pit.

This is a large shaggy dog ​​with a short muzzle and a broad forehead. It has powerful muscles and impressive strength.

The growth of males is about 80 cm, the bough is 70 cm, weight is 60-50 kg and 50-40 kg, respectively. Height below 65 cm for males and 60 cm for females is considered a vice.

Pay attention to the photo of the Hungarian Shepherd Dog - its wool is always white, rough, hanging down with cords, covers the whole body, including the face. The undercoat is thick but short.

The tail is lowered to the hock, with excitation rises to the level of the back.

The history of the ancient breed of Hungarian Shepherd Commander

The history of the ancient breed of Hungarian shepherds commander is closely associated with the South Russian shepherd. The ancestors of the Comonor appeared in Europe in the IV. with the invasion of the Huns. For more than ten centuries Komondor has been successfully performing shepherd functions. The centuries-old guardian skills of the Hungarian Shepherd dog manifest themselves always and in everything: she independently guards everything that she is assigned to Of the three most common varieties of Hungarian Sheepdogs, the Komondor is the most popular.

Hungarian Shepherd Dog Commander - Dog with Dreadlocks

Komondor is a large Hungarian shepherd dog, covered with long, wavy white hair that covers even the eyes. Thick wool makes them visually even bigger. Komondors have considerable power, no wonder they were used to fight wolves.

Standard and breed description

Height at withers: Males 70-80 cm, bitches 65 cm,

Weight: dogs 50-60 kg, females 40-50 kg.

Color: white. Wool grows all life, reaching a length of 70 cm or more. The skin is gray, sometimes pink. Albinos are disqualified.

The history of the breed

The forerunners of the Komondors were brought to Hungary from the territory near the Black Sea by the ancestors of the Hungarians, the Magyars. Dogs were used to protect the flocks of sheep from predatory animals.

The Hungarians used dogs exclusively for practical purposes and were not specially engaged in breeding the breed. However, the purity of the line Komondor is not in doubt, since crossing with other dogs is not a tradition of the Hungarian dog breeding culture.

Character and temperament

The dogs of this breed are very clever, which brings not only the joy of easy training, but also surprises, because animals know very well how to trick their owners.

Komondory - beautiful watchmen. They are balanced and patient, and if you find a common language with them are also obedient. Perfectly get along with children who love to get into their thick fur coat. Wary of strangers. However, with the frequent guests of the family are on good terms.

Dogs are a danger to the enemy by physical superiority. Attacking, the Hungarian shepherd can kill the spine opponent. Even blows of the muzzle, they can cripple the enemy. Of course, shepherd dogs will be used only in an extreme situation, as mentioned above, they are usually very friendly.

Maintenance and care

Komondor extremely smart. Therefore, communication with them needs to be built as if you were trying to teach something to a very small, but smart child. Training is sure to diversify, otherwise the dog will start to get bored and lazy. It is easier to train a bitch than a dog.

These dogs do not tolerate a rude attitude towards themselves; they respond to it with aggression. But on the positive reinforcement meet the loyalty and willingly fulfill any requirements of the owners.

For the Hungarian Sheepdogs, long walks are obligatory, during which they can run and warm up well. Komondorov better to start in country houses with their site, where they always have the opportunity to be on the street, hiding from the weather in the booth made for them.

Komondory consume little food (1-1.5 kg of feed per day for an adult individual). They are not food demanding. Adult dogs are fed 2 times a day, adolescents (from 6 months to a year) - 3 times, small puppies - from 4 to 5 times a day. You can use high-quality dry food.

If you prefer a natural food, try cooking pet porridge (very useful oatmeal in water without salt and sugar) with the addition of lean meat (beef, veal) and broth. The diet should include fruits and vegetables, which will be to the taste of the pet. It is necessary to avoid giving shepherd dogs sweets (although they love them very much), salty foods.

Natural bones should not be given too often: sharp edges can damage the delicate lining of the dog's stomach and intestines. Лучшим решением является специальная косточка, купленная в зоомагазине.

Уход за шерстью комондора

Густая шерсть венгерских овчарок образует так называемые шнуры — полоски из остевых волос и мягкого подшерстка. Иногда необходимо производить разделение шерсти руками (расческу использовать не представляется возможным). Для собак-подростков процедура может осуществляться чаще, чем для взрослых.

The problem with the presence of such a smart “fur coat” is that in spring and summer dogs can easily pick up ticks in the thick grass, so they need regular inspection after each walk, and it is also desirable to purchase special tick collars for them.

Moult at Komondor happens twice a year. They drop wool a little and do not cause any special troubles in this regard.

After bathing, wet hair has almost no odor, which is another “plus” in favor of these animals. However, it will dry for a long time, perhaps a few days, so you should not once again walk with your pet under heavy rain and carry out water procedures on warm summer days when the probability of catching a cold is reduced.

It should be noted that, more often than not, the Hungarian Sheepdogs look as if they need more thorough care. But this is a completely normal phenomenon, and a little matted wool should look like that.

Health and life expectancy

Komondory often suffer from hip deformity. This violation can cause severe suffering to the pet, because in severe form it significantly limits its mobility. In case of a disease as a result of improper structure of the joint, its internal friction increases, which leads to destruction of the articular tissue.

The cause of the disease is a genetic predisposition and improperly calculated exercise. Puppies should not be subjected to excessive loads, and for adult dogs, you should avoid hypodynamia, which leads to muscle atrophy and the development of a defect.

Dysplasia can be detected at a young age. External signs are: lameness, gait changes, low mobility. To confirm the diagnosis requires an x-ray of the limbs. The treatment is carried out with drugs that slow down the degradation of the articular tissue, or surgically, until the joint is replaced.

Another common disease is entropy, a disorder in which eyelashes rub the eye cornea, which leads to inflammation. Due genetically, dogs with a defect are not allowed to breed. The treatment is performed surgically. The average life expectancy of Komondor is 10-12 years.

How much and where can I buy

You can buy Komondor breed dogs in special kennels or from the manufacturer.

The price of the Hungarian Shepherd starts at $ 1000. The cost of a puppy depends on the compliance of its parents with the standards of the International Canine Federation (FCI). For Comonor, produced from the winners of international exhibitions, the price can reach $ 2000.

Hungarian Sheepdog - Komondor

Have you ever heard of a dog breed like Komondor? This is in fact one of the most amazing types of sheep dogs from Hungary. Seeing her once, you will be at a loss as this dog has nothing to do with a shepherd dog. It is simply gigantic in size and looks like a cross between a sheep and a Jamaican rastaman, such an original animal with many braids. You probably guessed that we are talking about a dog with fluffy hair. And indeed, this breed is one of the longest-haired in the world and is known as the Hungarian Sheepdog. These dogs are the favorites of the shepherds, because they can easily get lost in their herd, and at the right moment to defend the sheep from the encroachments of wolves and other predators. Although, looking at them, even in the photo, you never in your life guess that this ball of wool, called Komondor, in general can protect someone from danger. However, this is a misconception, because the long hair hides a brave heart, because it is not without reason that it belongs to one of the most courageous and devoted dog breeds.

Breed of sheep-dogs “Komondor” appeared a long time ago, more than 1000 years ago. These dogs were bred by the Hungarians (Magyars). Due to their sensitivity and strength, as well as their external similarity with sheep, cattle, in particular, sheep, were used to graze. Thus, Komondor for many centuries - shepherd's dog. She is able to defend the whole herd from predators: foxes, wolves and even bears. In the mountains of Hungary, in the evenings and nights, low temperatures are often encountered, so the long wool perfectly warms it and does not freeze. In addition, it can protect from the canines and teeth of predators. Even the bullets of poachers are stuck in this thick coat. And as already noted, she serves her as a camouflage robe, and among the thousands of shaggy sheep it is difficult to distinguish the dog, so similar to them.

Hungarian Shepherd Dog Description

So, the most distinctive feature of these Hungarian dogs, by the way, they are also called Bullets or Hungarian water dogs, is uniformly covering the whole body of snow-white wool, with flagella falling to the ground. Canine scientists call these peculiar pigtails dreadlocks. The undercoat in the adult Commander is not, and puppies are covered with soft down, which falls completely by two years. This dog, at first glance, is completely unsuitable for living at home. Many housewives will be horrified, only at the thought of how much trouble she will have - hair all over the house. However, this is a wrong opinion, because its hairs are very strong and do not fall out at all. This, of course, surprising, but true. Dreadlocks Mature Bullets can reach 70 centimeters in length, because their growth never stops. In short, the older the dog, the longer its hair. If you look at a photo of the same dog of this breed with an interval of 1-2 years, then it will immediately become noticeable, of course, if you do not cut it. As for the description of the muzzle of Puli, this shaggy snow-white Hungarian shepherd dog has a short and broad-browed face. Commander can reach height (at the withers) up to 80 cm, while males are slightly larger than bitches. Their weight can be from about half a centner to 60 kg. Looking at the photos of these dogs, you immediately determine which of them is a dog and who is a bitch.

Hungarian Shepherd - features

Another point in favor of the fact that the commander was kept at home is that the commander does not have a specific smell that is common to almost all dogs. Do you know why? Nature took care of this. After all, if they smelled of dog, the predators who outlined to attack the herd would be on their guard. This proves once again that the Hungarian Shepherd is a shepherd's dog. They smell like their environment. However, if you decide to have such a dog in your home, you should be extremely scrupulous about hygiene. Because long hair, though not fading, can become carriers of various parasites. By the way, do not forget that the commander can not stand to live on a leash. She is a very freedom-loving dog.

Dedication komondora

Like many dogs, it is characterized by great devotion to man, his owners. Especially warmly she treats the master children, but she does not like to play with them, nevertheless. But at the slightest threat to their security, it will rush to protect them. To the guests, she first looks out and does not rush immediately to them. Bullets - a very brave dog. He is not afraid to protect his owner, as well as his property from the enemy stronger and larger than himself. As already noted, shepherd shepherd dogs can get into a fight even with bears. Their price when buying and selling is considerable. Of course - this is not a decorative dog, which they keep for their pleasure, but the safety of the family and property is also worth a lot.

But the quality that makes this dog more valuable is definitely the mind. She learns all teams very quickly. Even from infancy, she surprises and touches her owners with cunning and ingenuity. However, among them there are such individuals who would never want to train. And it speaks of their character. But we do not think that their price may suffer from this. Indeed, for such dogs there are much more important parameters than stubbornness. If you want the dog to be malleable, then either buy a puppy commander, or abandon the idea of ​​having this shaggy friend. This breed really has great love of freedom. After all, their distant ancestors were the rulers of the vast pastures and mountain peaks. Sheep wholly obeyed them, and the shepherds were taken as equals, as friends, with whom it was possible to share all the hardships of shepherd's life.

These are the amazing commander dogs. If you are a fan of fluffy, shaggy friends, Bullets are exactly what you need. How nice, embracing with such a warm shaggy friend, sit by the fireplace on a cold winter evening. He will be for you and a friend, and the guard and protection. Just never put it on a chain. It will hurt him terribly and will be a big blow to his dog's dignity.

Hungarian dog breed commander: a mop-like shepherd dog

The Hungarian Shepherd Commander (correctly - comOndor) is an amazing dog with a unique coat that looks like a sheep. Looking at a photo of a running Hungarian shepherd, many do not understand that it is not a tangle of tangled wool that appears before them, but a real shepherd's dog.

Dog Breed Commander: description and characteristics

FCI Standard No. 53 of April 6, 2000, Komondor. Group 1 "Shepherd's and cattle dogs, except Swiss cattle dogs". Section 1 "Sheepdogs". Growing males 70-80 cm., Bitch - 65-70 cm.

Dogs weigh up to 60 kg., Bitches up to 50 kg. (Of these, 7.5 kilograms weigh pigtails, which are, on average, 2 thousand).

Exterior standard

The large head is combined with a strong powerful body. Visually, shepherd dogs appear larger because of the bulk wool. The croup is sloping, the back is not long, with a pronounced musculature. The paws are very powerful with developed muscles. On the pads of paws of black or gray color, dense skin.

Important! The standard is allowed only white color.

Some breeders have bred varieties with black color, but they are not officially recognized. At puppy age, Komondor has soft wool twisted in a spiral. The breed of dogs commander has a thick undercoat, the structure resembles puppy hair.

The outer coat is long and coarse, its hairs interlacing into dense cords. Wool can have a length of ten to thirty centimeters.

A mop-like dog: many note the similarity of the Hungarian shepherd dog with a floor cleaning tool and wonder how it can comfortably exist with such a natural dowry. However, you can be sure that the life of dogs of this breed is absolutely full, wool in no way gives them discomfort, otherwise they would not have withstood natural selection.

How long do komondory live? On average, the life expectancy of the Hungarian Shepherd is small - only twelve years.

The dog reaches adulthood late - by three years. Until that time, she remains an “eternal puppy”, which is reflected in her behavior. She loves to play and shows gullibility.

Komondorov are divided into two types according to their psychology: freedom-loving animals and dependent on human attention. A breeder in early childhood notices the peculiarity of each puppy in this regard and, in accordance with the purpose of acquiring a puppy, recommends the future owners of a particular baby.

Hungarian Sheepdogs as pets are often chosen by people living in private homes.

Attention! Komondor make excellent watchmen.

The approaching danger forces dogs to move into a swift attack. New people and strangers do not inspire confidence in animals. In the presence of the owners, the Hungarian Sheepdog will behave culturally towards strangers, but it is worth leaving the pet alone with the new person, as her behavior will change towards aggressive.

The Hungarian guard dog breed Commander becomes a very friendly and good-natured dog when he realizes that the family and the owner are safe.

She is very loyal to the owner. This also applies to breed types who love freedom. The purpose of the comonor requires him some kind of autonomy and his own decisions, therefore, in the nature of the pet slip notes of independence.

Proper socialization and competent training are necessary to shape the character of the Hungarian Shepherd. In some cases, she shows obstinacy and seeks to prevail over the owner, so the owner must, from early childhood, be engaged in educating, teaching commands with gestures and showing the animal who is really in charge.

The breed of dogs Komondor needs a great physical exertion. If the owner does not satisfy this need, he will receive a negative response from the animal. Komondor is a very strong dog, dying out of boredom, it can create real chaos in the house.

Content, care and feeding

The Hungarian Shepherd is very clean, it almost does not smell, even if it gets wet or sweat. During shedding, the hairs do not fall out, but remain in twisted dreadlocks. A puppy at the age of two years is constantly combed.

An adult animal practically does not require this procedure. The owner parses the harnesses with his hands in order to avoid the occurrence of fallen mattes. This process is simple, but is very long and exhausting.

Komondor is bathed very rarely, once every three months, and sometimes every six months.

Attention! Bulk wool dries out for a very long time, so after bathing the dog is monitored to avoid colds.

Wool can dry longer than a day, even if it is surrounded by hair dryers. The owners of the Hungarian shepherd dogs take them out for a walk in special overalls, because wool catches street dirt. In wet weather, it is recommended not to leave the house with the dog.

Wool cover Komondor not cut. This procedure is necessary only if the harnesses are dragged along the road and get dirty: then they can be shortened slightly.

The owners of the Komondor workers often shorten the harnesses in the spring, because grooming is not an easy task. However, such a measure deprives the pet of natural protection from bad weather conditions and predators. Not too high popularity of the breed due to the difficult care of an unusual coat.

Important! The owner must provide the animal with the necessary amount of physical activity.

Ideally, if the pet has the opportunity to throw out energy in the yard.

Feed the Hungarian Sheepdog or quality dry food, or natural food. The natural diet includes: meat, cereals, vegetables, dairy products. On the day, the Komondor eats about one kilogram of food, despite its considerable size.

An adult pet is fed twice a day, a puppy at the age of one and a half months - five times, from two to four months - four times a day, and starting from six months and up to a year - three times.

All the pros and cons

  • great guard
  • strength and endurance
  • excellent herding qualities
  • calm temperament, good nature,
  • good for children
  • easy to train,
  • dedication to the owner and family.

  • difficult grooming,
  • desire to dominate
  • suspicious attitude towards strangers (this can be attributed to pluses).

The Komondor or Hungarian Sheepdog is an original breed with its peculiarity in the form of an unusual coat of wool. It has its advantages, and if the future owner is willing to devote much time to raising, training a dog and caring for its unique coat, he may think about purchasing a puppy.

Additionally, check out the video, which describes the breed commander: