How to care for a chihuahua? Keeping Chihuahua


Your gorgeous mini breed representative will be healthy and energetic.

If, when caring for your pet, you must follow certain rules that you will definitely need to learn.

Although the size of the dog is small, but it requires reverent care.

It is necessary to care, adhering to recommendations and in the general maintenance to consider certain nuances.

General provisions

A devoted four-legged little friend often happens to the owner in his arms, therefore there is a correct position of the dog in his arms.

So care for a chihuahua is expressed even in the observance of such trifles: you need to take a puppy with both hands, hold the brisket with the left, and hold the seat with your right hand.

No need to take the limbs, tummy, the skin or clasp around the ribs.

Walk in time. Walking is desirable from the age of 5-6 months. Choose a place to walk the dog away from the roads, from a lot of other people or animals — all of which can be dangerous for a tiny creature.

Also use a leash. Do not let her growl at dogs and chase cats and birds on the street..

Do this exclusively without physical gross influences (such techniques are strictly prohibited in raising dogs), delicately, with the help of the Fu command.

Make sure that your ward does not eat anything found on the ground while walking, because besides the risk of becoming infected, getting poisoned, she can simply choke on a piece large for the size of the larynx.

Always consider weather conditions. Caring for a mini dog provides for the obligatory presence of clothing for walking in cold air temperatures, which are also desirable to reduce in time.

In the summer it is worth ensuring that the pet does not get a sun or heat stroke, as they love to take sun baths.

Do not allow the dog to be still for a long time, for example, asleep, under the influence of direct sunlight and you should not leave it alone in a closed car.

It is necessary to accustom the leash to the baby gradually and from 1-1.5 months. First, wear a collar or harness for a while. After some time, you can try to take a puppy on a leash.

It is normal that at first the small dog will react with fear and do not forcefully drag it, let it calm down and try again the next day.

After several such daily approaches, you will admire your proudly walking comrade in a dressed leash.

For the owner of a mini dog, grooming is more like a pleasant pastime than complex chores.

A little different care for a puppy Chihuahua with long hair and short.

The beauty and maintenance of the decorative dog requires careful regular hygiene procedures.

The frequency of washing wool once every 3-4 months using only special shampoos for dogs.

Long-haired should be dried after bathing with a hairdryer and every day comb with a comb with long teeth. It also removes the dog's fur a little on its paws, giving a neat look.

A smooth-haired chihuahua must be periodically scratched with a brush of natural material.

Remove the claws so that they do not have such a length that contributes to the deformation of the shape of the paw.

Take care not to injure your paw. Keep just in case a number of antiseptics.

Proper care of a chihuahua also implies regular checking of the ears, so that ticks do not start, you should clean your ears of dust, dirt, and sulfur.

Use this special liquid, buying in products for animals.

Inspect the dog's teeth systematically, as there is a large possibility of tartar.

Brush with a soft bristle brush once or twice a week. You can use either tooth powder without additives, or baby toothpaste. If you still find a stone, it is better to immediately contact a veterinarian.

Be sure to make the necessary vaccination, before inoculation anthelmintic drugs are taken.

Natural feeding

Regular meals from the owner's table are most often completely undesirable for the dog, and sometimes simply unsafe.

Foods can either be too poor in nutrient content, or have too much salt, sugar, fat, and so on.

Perhaps you would prefer the option of feeding your pet with ready-made feed, then food should be supplied only from reliable manufacturers. But the content of the four-legged pet is quite real, preparing meals at home.

Despite the fact that the dog is a carnivorous animal, of course, it is not worth feeding it with meat alone.. Since her body needs the entire vitamin - mineral complex.

After all, even her distant great-grandfather - the wolf ate, in order to obtain all the necessary nutritional components, herbivorous animals as a whole. But good nutrition without this important product also can not be.

You can feed beef, horse meat without any veins, films, fat, chicken without skin, sea fish (only its fillet).

Very much like by-products to the baby, but often they cannot be given, maximum - weekly.

Offer everything only in boiled form, because in cheese there is a risk of infection by the larvae of parasites and, besides, it is poorly absorbed.

But for feeding chihuahua pork is not recommended, because there is a risk of toxoplasmosis or Auesca's disease.

Fish can be offered no more than one or two times a week without bones, exclude pollock.

Dairy products

Be sure to add to the dog's diet low-fat cottage cheese, homemade cheese, kefir, yogurt, ryazhenku good quality, without preservatives.

These products are perfectly digested, contain the necessary calcium, potassium, iodine.

Milk is not recommended as there are no enzymes in the body of adult dogs for its digestion, it may be an upset stomach and intestines.

Porridge, eggs, vegetables and fruits

  • It is good to feed the puppy with porridge, sometimes macaroni. It is only necessary to cook the cereals and pasta very much.
  • Raw eggs should not be given to the dog, offer only boiled or cook omelets, it is permissible only once a week.
  • It is acceptable to feed potatoes, it is better in uniform. Other vegetables are preferably stewed, grated and grated before adding a little sour cream or vegetable oil.
  • Fruits can be fed any fresh.
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Which is better to buy food, how to choose clothes for a chihuahua, and also how to choose diapers, if you decide to teach the dog to the tray. All this will tell you the author of this video.

History reference

There is speculation that this breed originated in the time of the Mayan tribe. At that time, she had a sacred title like the cats of Egypt. Chihuahua dog breed was revered by Aztec priests in the VIII century in Mexico. They were considered to be guides of souls to the afterlife, therefore, when the owner died, his four-sided little friend was in for a sad fate - he was buried nearby.

The history of this breed is covered with secrets and riddles. About her almost nothing is known since the XVI century. It is believed that the dog was on the verge of extinction, but it was destined to survive. A little later, American travelers began to take her to different countries. Thus, the small charming creatures left the Mexican state of Chihuahua and "departed" around the world.

External data

This miniature dog is not only different in its size. She has an unusual apple-shaped head, disproportionately large ears, huge eyes. The length of the body does not exceed 23 cm, and weight - from 500 g to 2.5 kg.

Rock formation

The description of the chihuahua would be incomplete if we had not said that the breeders were constantly working to enhance the charm of these crumbs. For this, they crossed the Chihuahua with other dwarf breeds. Short-haired kids "intermarried" with toy terriers and pinschers, long-haired kids with papinions and spitz-dogs. Thanks to such connections in one litter puppies can vary considerably in size, color, length of coat. It is noteworthy that a smooth-haired mom can have puppies with puffy eyes on their neck, legs, ears, and tail.

Chihuahuas, whose photos are often published by various publications on dog breeding, have a wide variety of coat colors: red, white, black, brown, black and white, etc. But the rarest, and therefore the most expensive, is silver-gray, with a bluish tint . Breeders fail to graft it, because the gene responsible for this color can cause serious animal health problems. The price of a puppy with such a unique color starts at $ 10,000.

Chihuahua Content

First of all, you should take care of a warm and cozy cottage for your pet. It should stand in a secluded place, away from drafts. Do not teach a puppy to sleep in your bed. In addition to the fact that it is not recommended for educational purposes, you can just accidentally injure him at night.

If you put the dog on the sofa, do not leave it unattended. When you depart from it, lower it to the floor.

How to care for chihuahua

Gentle and fragile representatives of this breed require a very sensitive attitude. Such a dog is not recommended to start in families where there are small children. In the game, a child may inadvertently cripple a small four-legged friend. To do this, it is enough to accidentally push it from the sofa even onto a soft carpet: these dogs have very thin and fragile bones.

Chihuahua's weakest point is a thin neck. Therefore, forever abandon the idea to purchase a collar. This little one is much more suitable leash, which is mounted on the body.

How to care for a chihuahua in cold weather? Dogs of this breed must be protected from drafts and cold. They freeze very quickly, they begin to tremble with their whole body, and after a while they develop colds, even pneumonia. Therefore, on frosty days it is better to refrain from walking, and at an air temperature of +1 degree you should already wear a warm suit on your pet.

Strong heat can also harm these crumbs. The problem is that they love to bask in the sun, but do not know how to control the time spent in this way. Therefore, they often overheat and even get a heat stroke.

Answering a question about how to care for a chihuahua, one can not help but mention some features of feeding these babies. An adult dog consumes only a few tablespoons of food per day, so every owner is able to provide it with quality products.

The diet of the animal must contain meat and offal, cereals and vegetables in the following proportions: 30% + 40% + 30%. In addition, there must be mineral and vitamin supplements, dairy products (cottage cheese, kefir).

It is necessary to completely eliminate fried, salty, spicy foods. In addition, any sweets are contraindicated to your pet. Nuts are capable of disrupting bone metabolism.

Completely exclude any bones (especially tubular).

Teeth care

The owners of these babies ask: "How to care for a chihuahua, in particular, for their teeth?" The peculiarity of this breed is that its representatives do not always have baby teeth in a natural way. In this regard, you have to make a visit to the dentist. Because if you do not remove puppy teeth, your pet will spoil the bite.

Common diseases and their symptoms

Despite its seeming fragility, the Chihuahua is an ancient and sturdy breed. Her representatives with proper care rarely suffer from serious chronic diseases. How to care for a chihuahua so that your pet grows healthy and strong? What diseases are most common in these babies?

These are hypoglycemia, hydrocephalus, demodicosis, epilepsy, rheumatism, dislocation of the patella, diseases of the teeth and gums. What changes in the condition of the dog should you pay attention not to miss the onset of a serious illness? These are the following signs:

  • lack of appetite for more than a day,
  • diarrhea,
  • temperature rise,
  • cough,
  • vomiting
  • thirst.

If you have noticed these or any other signs of disease in your pet, you must urgently show him to the veterinarian who will prescribe the necessary treatment.

Chihuahua Health

All animals that live with a person in the house must be vaccinated. This also applies to Chihuahua. Even if you do not plan to communicate with other animals, your pet should receive all the necessary vaccinations. Namely from:

  • rabies,
  • hepatitis viral,
  • parvovirus enteritis,
  • adenoviral infections
  • parainfluenza and leptospirosis,
  • the plague of carnivores.

The first time a baby is vaccinated on the 28th day of life. A week before the vaccination, he should receive an antihelminthic suspension. This may be Drontal Junior. As a rule, chihuahua puppies are acquired at the age of two months, therefore the first vaccination mark should already be in the passport.

At eight weeks you need to visit the clinic again with your Chihuahua. Inoculations of DHPPI + Lepto and its repetition (revaccination) in 10-11 weeks should be done with exact observance of terms. Do not forget to carry out prevention from worms before the procedure.

Chihuahua puppies suffer from rabies vaccination very hard, so it is better to do it when your pet is one year old. But remember that during this period it is necessary in every way to protect the baby from contact with unvaccinated animals.

The third vaccination is done in 11 months. After it, the dog must be vaccinated annually at the same time.

Chihuahua owners need to remember that after each vaccination it is necessary to observe the regime for 10 days. At this time, the dog should not be taken outside, to protect it from hypothermia.

Puppy care and first training

Before you bring your puppy home, close all dangerous gaps. For example, under cabinets or sofas. If you live in an apartment, then pay attention to the security of the balcony. These dogs are very curious. Accordingly, they will climb wherever they want. And getting under low furniture, a puppy can hurt his back. According to the standard, a curved or sagged back is considered a defect.

You also need to remove all things in the house that can damage the dog or which the dog itself can damage. Wires, shoes, clothes, jars of chemicals, trash. Pay special attention to unstable objects. Irreparable things can happen if they fall on a puppy. According to the standard, a Chihuahua has a feature - a non-growing spring. It must be protected from damage.

The standard of this breed is also due to the small height and weight. Therefore, you should be extremely careful when moving around the house - you can accidentally step on or sit on the baby.

Place to sleep

Prepare in advance a place for the puppy, where he can relax from the hustle and bustle. For this purpose, suitable houses or beds, which you can purchase at any pet store.

Chihuahua considers himself the mistress of the entire apartment, so buy several lounges at once. Especially if you have a big house. Remember, the sun loungers should not be located near the heaters or in the draft. They also do not need to be placed on the aisle.

First days

Chihuahua has a mentally stable character. Dogs of this breed will not go into hysterics if they do not like something. Rather, the opposite - will try to please his master. Caring for and raising a puppy is very easy.

Raising a puppy starts from the first moment. As soon as you bring the chihuahua home, immediately show her her main lounger, saying “place”.

Dogs of this breed love to relax on upholstered furniture, such as sofas or chairs. That is why we need sun beds. Chihuahuas cannot be on high surfaces, as they risk falling, which can end badly for such small dogs. By accustoming you to a place, you not only prevent possible troubles, but also go through the basics of upbringing with the puppy.

The second important point in the education of the dog is accustoming to the nickname and the command "to me." Call the puppy with this command before each feeding or water treatment. Gradually, the Chihuahua will understand what to do. After all, this is a very attentive dog with a good reaction.

Chihuahua has a very touchy character, so you do not need to shout at her, and even more so to beat, if she does something wrong. Punishment is not the best way to get obedience from the dog. It is better to teach her to the commands "fu" and "can not."

For a chihuahua to have something to do, especially in your absence, purchase several toys for her. They will also help the puppy during the change of teeth. You can read more about this in the article “Chihuahua teeth change and care”.

Toys must be made of latex or rubber, without metal or plastic parts. Never pull a toy from a pet's mouth - you can ruin its bite. According to the standard, the chihuahua should have either a scissor bite or a straight bite.

Schooling for cleanliness

Proper maintenance of a puppy also includes training him to the toilet. Необученный или неосвоившийся в новой обстановке малыш первое время оставляет в неожиданных местах лужи и кучки.

Подробнее узнать о том, что делать в таких случаях, читайте в статье «Как приучить чихуахуа к туалету».

Прогулки на свежем воздухе

Воспитание питомца продолжается не только дома, но и на улице. К прогулкам нужно приготовиться заранее, а именно приучить чихуахуа к поводку или шлейке. According to the standard, this dog has a small size, so in the campaign it can be trapped in the form of big dogs or cats. The leash and the command "next" can save the baby's life.

To walk a dog you need three to four times a day. Places for walking choose quiet and calm, away from heavy traffic and walking places of large dogs.

Chihuahua has a hardy temperament. She will not be afraid of snow or rain, and will gladly share with you all the hikes. But to force the dog for a long time and a lot to run on. If you see that your pet is tired, take him in your arms and give time to rest. Learn how to raise a decorative dog. You need to do this with two hands - with your left, take it under your chest, right under your tail. If the weather is bad, it is better to stay at home.

You can take a few pieces of food with you for a walk to encourage your pet to do the right things. This is one of the fundamental methods of education.

Wool care

According to the standard, Chihuahuas are of two types:

It is very easy to care for any woolen cover. Dogs with a short coat should be combed once or twice a week with a suitable comb. Choose a medium hard tool. This brush is easily replaced by a massage mitten.

If your pet has a long coat, it should be combed every other day using a comb with sparse, rounded tips. During seasonal moulting, it is best to use a special brush-binder.

During grooming, puppy rearing continues: you teach your pet to stand as long as necessary.

Other care

Caring is necessary and for the rest of the body of the dog. After changing teeth, brush them daily with a special brush using dog paste.

Once a month, trim your pet's claws.

Keep the ears clean - wipe them with a cotton swab as they get dirty.

Chihuahua eyes should be washed twice a week with chamomile solution.

Bathe your dog three times a year using shampoos recommended by a veterinarian. After the walk, you can wipe the paws with a damp cloth. If the chihuahua is very dirty or it is waiting for the exhibition, you can use dry shampoos.

Necessary diet

In order for the puppy to develop in accordance with the requirements of the standard, it is necessary to pay careful attention to its diet. Chihuahua feeding is divided into two types: feeding with dry food and feeding with natural products.

If you decide to feed the dog with ready-made food, then choose brands of premium or super premium classes for decorative breeds. They are perfectly balanced vitamins, mineral supplements and biologically active substances.

If you chose natural foods for your puppy, remember that you must give him meat, boiled fish, eggs, cereals, fruits, vegetables, greens, dairy products. You can not give your pet sweet, salty, fried, fatty. Do not forget to add vitamin and mineral supplements to your diet.

Education during feeding is to teach a puppy to eat at the right place at the right time.

Chihuahua is one of those dog breeds that feels great at home. She can stay alone for a long time. Therefore, if you work or study, quietly leave the dog at home.

Do not forget to take care of the safety of your pet. While you're not around, the chihuahua's curiosity can lead her anywhere. according to the standard, she has not overgrown spring, which should be protected from injury. Therefore, it is best to buy a large and convenient aviary and put there a house, a tray, bowls with food and water, as well as toys. In such a comfortable place, the baby will have a great time waiting for the owner without harming herself.

Pet has grown

Adults Chihuahuas do not require special care and are also unpretentious in maintenance, as in puppy age. The size of the dog remains the same, which means that it is not necessary to change the beds. She is accustomed to the toilet. Continue to care for the woolen coat and the rest of the dog's body.

The feeding ration volume is reduced from three to four times for a puppy to twice a day for an adult dog. Dry feed pick up for chihuahua age. If you are a supporter of natural products, consult your veterinarian for advice. He will tell you exactly what mineral supplements and vitamins your pet needs at its age.

Walk your pet two or three times a day. The older a chihuahua, the less physical stress it needs. With age, try to carry a pet on walks. Always look at the weather, do not drag the dog outside in the rain or severe frost. It is very difficult for dogs of this breed to keep warm due to their small size.

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Brief description of the breed

This breed is one of the smallest, the average weight of an adult dog is only 1-2 kg. Height - depending on the type, ranges from 15 to 25 cm.

Chihuahuas differ from other breeds of lapdogs in the shape and size of the head - it has the shape of an apple, with a well-marked transition from the forehead to the muzzle. The head is disproportionately large relative to the body. The color has a wide variety of shades, but it must be in the same color scheme as the shade of the eyes, and the nose. The rarest shade is considered to be a silver color with a gray tint, which justifies their high price.


There are several varieties of these miniature dogs:

  1. Smooth-haired - have a short, tight-fitting coat, smooth and shiny,
  2. Longhair - characterized by the presence of undercoat, straight or slightly wavy hair, have a suspension on the tail and a collar around the neck.

Owners of long hair have a more accommodating and balanced character.

The nature and characteristics of education

Smart, independent chihuahua dogs are easy to train. Even if the hostess has no experience, love and constant simple training allow you to achieve from the pet of obedience and compliance with the rules established in the house.

This is important so that the dog does not become dominant and does not become evil and intolerable, which can give a lot of inconvenience.

Representatives of the Chihuahua breed are not too trusting of strangers, they do not like noisy children's games - they can be very nervous and calm them down will not be easy.

Chihuahua dogs need early socialization:

  • You need to start raising a puppy in 2.5 months,
  • Do not allow him to be alone for long
  • Spending time in games, be sure to take out for walks,
  • Meet different people
  • Allow to communicate with dogs of the same breed, and other non-aggressive animals,
  • Teach the basic commands: "You can not!" Or "Fu", "To me!", "Place!".

In the company of familiar people puppies show their cheerful disposition. Usually they are not cowardly and very inquisitive, but if the hostess is busy, they can watch her actions for a long time, and not be confused under her feet.

Care and hygiene

Short-haired dogs of the Chihuahua breed shed very little, and their long-haired fellows - several times in one season. Usually, to prevent wool from falling on furniture and clothing, the dog is combed out using special brushes or massage gloves. To always have a beautiful appearance, it is necessary to properly care for her at home. For combing it is recommended to use a steel comb.

Bathe more often 3 times a year, the dog is not worth it, unless the pet is not very dirty during a walk. For washing you need to use a special mild animal shampoo, which will not dry the skin much. Cotton swabs are well suited to prevent water from getting into your ears. It is necessary to clean the ears with a cotton pad that is wetted with care fluid. Eyes should be periodically inspected and once a week to clean up the accumulated secretions, pre-soak them with warm water, then simply clean with a damp cloth.

Claws must be clipped with a claw, as they grow.

If the dog is rarely walked outside, and she does not have time to grind off her claws while walking, then shears them 1-2 times a month.

Diet and nutrition types

According to experts, the dog should receive 50-75 g of food per kilogram of weight, but if the dog is very active or its age is up to 8 months, then the amount of food can be increased.

For a 2 kg dog, the daily ration should be 150 g. Divide it into 2 doses - in the morning and evening, and during the day you can treat your pet with a special delicacy, for example, a bone of pressed veins.

Feeding natural food

The basis of the diet of chihuahuas should be protein products, the rest - vegetable food. During lactation, you must add foods that contain calcium. Before puberty, feed must be nutritious and contain many calories, and after 10 months. - such a diet will be dangerous, and can lead to obesity. After 8 years, when the dog is aging, nutrition must be changed to low-calorie.

Products that are not recommended for Chihuahua breed dogs:

  • Nuts - can lead to the formation of stones
  • Beans, peas or soybeans - cause increased flatulence in the intestines,
  • Any sweets - the risk of diabetes or obesity,
  • Smoked meats and fried meat - disrupt the work of the kidneys and cause increased pressure,
  • Milk - can lead to intestinal upset, since after 3 months the puppy's body stops digesting it,
  • Sweet pepper - can cause gastritis,
  • Onions and garlic are contraindicated in dogs due to the risk of anemia and loss of smell.

Chihuahua dry food

Royal Canin developed dry food specifically for Chihuahuas - separately for puppies up to 8 months and dogs older than 8 months.

Such feeds are of high quality and palatability, and are also able to fill the needs of the dog in the necessary nutrients.

More information about the feed Royal Canin for Chihuahua - their description, composition and daily diet, you can read on the official website.

Read the reviews of the owners of this feed can be here.

When purchasing a Chihuahua puppy, the owner assumes responsibility for the life and health of his pet, therefore vaccination is one of the methods to make his life safe. Before the first vaccination, you must follow simple rules:

  • The puppy must be completely healthy: not to be lethargic, with a normal temperature, without indigestion,
  • Be sure to undergo deworming, it will help avoid unpleasant consequences,
  • Do not take the puppy for a walk and avoid contact with outdoor shoes,
  • Observe the correct diet,
  • The gap between the next vaccination should be 3-4 weeks.

Experienced owners can self-vaccinate a pet at home. With proper care for a Chihuahua at home, paying enough attention to the pet, love and care, in return you can get a lot of positive, devotion and happiness.

Breed appearance

Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog in the world. The length of its body does not exceed 23 cm by standard, its weight is no more than 2.5 kg, and the chihuahua is 15-23 cm tall. You can easily recognize a dog by several signs - an apple-shaped head, huge eyes and disproportionately large Chihuahua ears.

Pet color can be absolutely diverse. The most common color is white. The rarest is blue. There are also black, gray, chocolate, brown, red and sable colors.

The man tried to improve the breed, so he tried to cross short-haired chihuahuas with pinschers and toy terriers, and long-haired ones with spitz-dogs and papinions. Because there were various types of Chihuahuas.

Breed advantages

Cute chihuahuas just can not like it. Among the advantages of their breed:

  • Miniature. The owner can carry a dog in his bag, besides, the rate of food per day is much less compared with other breeds.
  • Malleable character. Such pets can not walk in bad weather, but instead accustom to the home tray.
  • Good health. Despite their external fragility, these dogs have a good immune system. On average, they live at least 16-19 years.
  • Easy to care. Chihuahuas will not cause much trouble - caring for her can be entrusted even to a child of school age.

Breed minuses

Before you start a chihuahua at home, you should also familiarize yourself with the minuses of the breed:

  • Difficult temper. These charming creatures are very jealous. They can not find a common language with other dogs and cats. In addition, the pet is very attached to the owner and requires constant care and attention from him.
  • Intolerance to loneliness. Chihuahuas cannot be left alone for long. This dog of sadness can lose appetite and get sick. Or maybe the opposite - barking for hours and spoiling the owner's things.
  • Difficulties in training. The Chihuahua dog is very clever, but reluctantly performs the commands of the person. It is not easy to teach her to the home tray, and even harder to learn to obey the commands to "sit", "lie" and so on.
  • Fragility. These babies are very vulnerable because of their size. Even a fall from a small height threatens injuries and fractures. The owner himself can injure the dog with careless handling. Therefore, it is not recommended to teach the Chihuahua to sleep in the master's bed. And it is also not advised to acquire a dog if there is a very small child in the house.

Features of Chihuahua Care

Veterinarians advise buying chihuahuas at the age of three months. Thus, it can be socialized safely.

Before you take care of a chihuahua, pay attention - from the first days this dog needs to be timely and properly fed, to provide it with entertainment, to walk.

And also worth considering:

  • It is better not to buy a chihuahua collar, as it has a very fragile and thin neck. It is better to choose a leash that is mounted on the torso.
  • If the temperature outside is less than 1 degree of heat, you should wear warm clothes on your pet.
  • In cold and frosty weather, such a dog is better not to walk, otherwise it can get sick.
  • In the hot season, make sure that the Chihuahua is not long in the sun, otherwise the animal may get a heat stroke.

Breed food

If you are thinking about how to feed a Chihuahua, you should know that it is necessary to include in its diet:

  • Protein of animal origin - that is, meat products.
  • Vegetable protein - vegetables, fruits and cereals.
  • Vitamins, minerals and fats.

You can give your dog premium industrial feed with the addition of beneficial trace elements.

And most importantly - a chihuahua can not be fed spicy and fatty foods - it will harm the baby's body.

In addition, food should not be too cold or too hot.

1. Pet's teeth.

Often, representatives of this breed do not have milk teeth themselves. Therefore, the young dog should be attributed to the veterinarian. If you ignore the problem, the pet may deteriorate bite.

Remember that dogs have a tendency to the occurrence of tartar, because you should brush your pet's teeth every week with a special toothbrush and toothpaste. And also it is possible to use fragrant gnaw-toys for cleaning teeth.

There are six types of chihuahuas:

Smooth-haired dog enough to comb a couple of times a week. However, long-haired Chihuahua requires more careful care. It needs to be brushed every other day.

In order to well comb the hairs from a Chihuahua coat, you should buy a wooden brush or a wooden comb. If you have a long-haired chihuahua, pay special attention to the "collar" and "pants".

Water procedures need to arrange your pet 3-4 times a year. You should not take a bath more often, as regular washing will spoil the structure of the wool.

These babies claws grow quickly, so you need to cut them once a week - it is desirable that a specialist did it. As an alternative - you can buy a pet clipper. If you miss the chihuahua manicure, your nails will hurt the pug while walking.

5. Ears and eyes.

Regularly check the ears of your dog, remove the slightest contamination with a damp cotton swab or cotton pad. It happens that the ears of the animal exude an unpleasant smell - in this case, contact the veterinarian, as this may be a sign of the disease.

Eyes should be wiped with wet cotton several times a week.

8. Training.

Difficult teams of representatives of this breed do not teach. But you can bring up a good manners in the pet. For example, wean chihuahua to go to the toilet in the corners. But you need to start from the first days of the appearance of the house. If the dog did something wrong, show your displeasure with a strict tone.

To get the dog accustomed to the tray, first protect it in an open-air cage with this object, and later install the tray where you plan to use the toilet for your pet.

Typical Chihuahua Diseases

To know how to care for chihuahua, you need to consider that this breed has a predisposition to such diseases:

  • Rheumatism,
  • Demodecosis,
  • Knee dislocation
  • Hydrocephalus,
  • Epilepsy,
  • Diseases of the mouth.

If a dog develops one of these diseases, alarming symptoms appear. They need to pay attention:

  • Cough,
  • Loss of appetite,
  • Temperature rise,
  • Thirst,
  • Vomiting
  • Диарея.

Если вы заметили один из симптомов, срочно обращайтесь к ветеринару.

В каких случаях чихуахуа нужен ветеринар

Если животное выглядит здоровым и ведет себя соответствующим образом, поводов для обращения к доктору нет. But if there were bald patches, symptoms of disease, watery eyes, mouth, or chihuahua ears, they emit an unpleasant odor - write the pet to the veterinarian.

Also, special medical control over the dog is needed during its pregnancy. It lasts on average no more than 60 days.

Contractions pregnant dog endures hard, their duration depends on how many puppies the female bears. In order not to harm the puppies or the mother, it is better to entrust the chihuahua to the veterinarian.

Owner reviews

According to the owners of Chihuahua, the appearance of such a dog in the house is akin to the birth of a small child. This breed must be carefully and regularly looked after, constantly pay attention, feed well and closely monitor its health. But all this is worth the return that owners of small pets receive. They are funny, funny and clever. You will not get bored with them.

In general, a chihuahua, according to numerous reviews, is a kind and grateful animal. And if you give this dog your attention, she will thank the owner with her love and devotion.