Signs, tips, or how to understand that a cat is pregnant


Cat in the house. Immediately before the eyes there is a sweet picture: a cat playing with children, a lot of medals and cups from the exhibition, where your favorite has visited, the admiration of friends, girlfriends and neighbors. But not everything is as easy and fun as it seems. You need to take care of the cat: bathe, comb it, etc. At the exhibition, too, just do not go: paperwork, carrying, again bathing, combing, etc. But this is all nonsense, a matter of one week or even a day. I repeat, all this is nothing compared to the pregnancy of your pet.

Novice cat owners immediately ask a question like "how to know that a cat is pregnant." Many novices, when the "Doomsday" comes, get lost and sometimes their cats simply do not survive during the childbirth due to the carelessness and disorder of their owners. Only some particularly caring owners who take their pet every two weeks to a veterinarian, who can easily determine a cat's pregnancy, ask for help from a specialist. But this does not mean that to determine pregnancy, you need to carry it all the time to the veterinarian.

You can find out if a cat is pregnant by analyzing its behavior and taking a close look at it - after all, pregnancy is visible from the first days. Although, having said "from the first days", I probably exaggerated. The minimum through which, after fertilization, pregnancy can be detected - on the 20th day. But this can only be done by an experienced veterinarian. And we, mere mortals who do not have a veterinary education, can see a cat's pregnancy as much as 10 days later. But you can wait a bit, is not it? But often, when we type on the Internet the request "how to find out that the cat is pregnant," the search engine gives out something that cannot be at all. And advice to newcomers has to ask veterinarians or cat-burners who have been burned through by life. And for those who want to find out how the cat is pregnant, and also how to determine that the mustache is striped in an interesting position, I will try to present here the main signs, especially for newcomers to the cat business. There are a lot of these signs, but, in my opinion, the most noticeable are only six.

How to find out that the cat is pregnant?

The first sign of pregnancy is the absence of the next period of estrus. The cat behaves calmly, does not howl, does not roll on the floor, does not crawl behind the owner. In general, it behaves as usual when the above should do.

The second sign - a sharp decrease, and then a gradual increase in appetite. By the end of pregnancy, the cat will have a lot to eat.

The third sign is nipple swelling. Swipe the cat's skin just below the ribs and under the fingers feel two rows of small tubercles. Over time, they become more and turn pink. If you notice this, it means that the cat is already the third or fourth week of pregnancy.

From the fifth week on the cat, the belly begins to grow, especially if she wears three kittens. This is hard to miss. But if you let that moment out of sight, then the next sign should dispel your doubts.

The fourth sign - vomiting in the morning. This is due to hormonal changes and stretching of the uterus. It's not scary at all, by the end of pregnancy everything will pass.

The fifth sign is increased drowsiness. The cat will sleep most of the day. Even if you release the pet outside, then during pregnancy it will become a homebody.

The sixth sign - the cat begins to search and build a nest for himself. Here you can help her. Put a big box in a dark and quiet place, put some cloth and paper in there, put a cat in the box and move away from there. If she likes the nest made by you, she will shift everything there in her own way. If you don’t like it - don’t worry when the cat “wants” to give birth (you will know about it by its disturbed behavior and continuous walking after you), you can always put it in this box. In the meantime, just in case, close all cabinets, pack empty boxes and leave your box in full view.

In addition to messing with the nest, you need to take care of the nutrition of the cat. Therefore, the owners often ask veterinarians not only how to find out that the cat is pregnant, but also about what the diet of the future tailed mom should be. Products in different sources indicate different, but the meaning is the same - you need to feed your cat with high-calorie food. If you prefer ready-made feeds, then give her kittens-rich calorie feed. If the cat eats natural food, it is recommended to feed her with liver, fresh fish, you can give her the meat of fatty herring, mackerel, sardines, salmon or trout. Feed or natural food should be fed to the cat three to four times a day.

And do not forget to support the cat morally - during pregnancy it, like people, has a hard time. During childbirth, your moral support will also become physical. But more about that another time.

Signs of pregnancy

How to find out that a cat is pregnant, signs after conception? Such questions cause the owner of a fluffy pet is not an idle interest. The definition of an interesting position will allow the animal to be protected from injuries, translate into special food for pregnant cats, in time to prepare for the appearance of offspring.

The characteristic symptoms indicating successful fertilization can be noticed not earlier than the 21st day after the planned mating. Until this period, neither external signs nor changes in behavior, indicating pregnancy, are observed. Three to four weeks after mating, many owners begin to notice increased appetite. A cat requires more feed than usual, which is related to the needs of developing embryos. Sometimes the appetite increases by 2 times compared with the normal state.

Most often, the owners of fluffy beauties after mating are interested when the cat has a stomach during pregnancy. After all, this feature is associated with successful fertilization. By about the 5th week, the female's abdomen is noticeably rounded. Especially well seen changing forms in short-haired breeds. If the cat is the owner of a long and fluffy fur coat, then it is more difficult to see a growing belly. In this case, palpation helps to determine the presence of fruits in the womb.

Experienced breeders can probe the developing fetuses through the abdominal wall. However, this should be done carefully, as it is possible to harm not only the expectant mother (to cause an abortion), but also the offspring. In the absence of proper experience, palpation of the abdomen is better to entrust competent veterinary specialist.

Owners with experience know how to find out if a cat is pregnant due to the state of the mammary glands. When using this method of diagnosis will help such a nuance: in the normal state, the color of the nipples blends with the skin color of the animal. After fertilization, the cat's body begins preparations for feeding offspring with mother's milk. Approximately in 3 - 4 weeks after mating, nipples increase, they change color, become pink-red. Often there is a change in the color of only individual nipples. When inspecting the mammary glands should consider the breed and age of the nursery.

Especially noticeable color changes in primipara female. How to understand that a cat is pregnant for the first time by the color of the nipples? For this you need to know what color they were before mating. If the pet has its first pregnancy, the pigmentation of the nipples is intense. In the later stages and shortly before birth, colostrum is excreted in the mammary glands.

In addition to external signs, the behavior of the future mother changes. Pregnant pet requires increased attention, it becomes more affectionate. At the same time, when living in the same house of other animals, especially cats, the female in the early stages of pregnancy may show aggression towards them.

One of the indicators that a cat is expecting offspring is an increased need for sleep and rest. The animal more often than usual, sleeps, lies for a long time, moves less. Drowsiness due to hormonal changes in the body of the future mother.

The owner also notices that the cat does not come to have sex. The cessation of estrus is not always an indicator that the mating of an animal was successful. However, the owner can take it into service, especially if there are other signs of conception.

How to determine the pregnancy of a cat at home? Such a question is often puzzled by the owners of fluffy beauties to prepare for childbirth in advance. In the later stages of pregnancy, the animal begins to build a nest. This process can begin as early as the 6th-7th week, but it becomes obvious two to three weeks before the birth. The cat begins to actively look for a place for future kittens, hiding in dark, secluded places: in cabinets, boxes, behind the battery, under the bathroom. Instinctively, the expectant mother is looking for a safe and secluded place for posterity.

Diagnosis of "interesting" position

Despite the numerous signs of pregnancy, there is no reliable way to understand that a cat is pregnant after mating. In the early stages, it is impossible even for veterinary specialists to determine whether the pet is in an interesting position. Diagnostics can be started no earlier than the 20th day after the animal is mated. To this end, the pet should be taken to a veterinary clinic for ultrasound. Before the procedure, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian on how to prepare the animal for manipulation.

Ultrasound of the uterus will show not only the fact of pregnancy, but also allows you to determine the number of developing fetuses, to identify pathology. The study is quick, completely painless and safe for both the expectant mother and offspring. After the diagnosis, the veterinary specialist will give the necessary recommendations for the care of animals in a particular case. That ultrasound will give 100% confidence in pregnancy, will allow you to determine a more accurate timing and number of kittens.

Many owners want to learn how to determine pregnancy in the early stages of a cat with a test. This is, of course, not about tests for pregnant women. There is a special test designed to determine the pregnancy of cats and dogs. Its action is based on the definition of relaxin. This hormone is produced by the body of a pregnant female during the formation of the placenta. However, with his help, conception cannot be diagnosed 100%. Often, a cat's ovarian cyst gives a false positive result. Therefore, the 100% method of determining pregnancy in cats is an ultrasound scan of the uterus.

And if pregnancy is false?

Often, the owners become eyewitnesses to this situation, when there are numerous signs of pregnancy, but after the allotted period of time, the birth act does not occur. Veterinarians call such a pathology a false pregnancy. This is a systemic disease affecting the animal's hormonal and psychoemotional system. In this case, an unfertilized cat experiences all the signs. Causes of false pregnancy are as follows:

  • mating with a defective male (unproductive, neutered),
  • hormonal disorders in cats,
  • stress, emotional stress of the animal,
  • false pregnancy can occur when living next door to a pregnant female.

An unfertilized cat sleeps a lot, feeds heavily, becomes affectionate, its behavior is no different from how pregnant cats behave. After 1.5 - 2 months after mating, the female begins to build a nest, it can even carry various objects in her teeth.

A veterinarian can diagnose a false pregnancy on the basis of a uterus ultrasound. The examination reveals that there are no fetuses in the womb, and the external manifestations of pregnancy and behavioral patterns are associated with the development of pathology. Treatment depends on the causes that led to this condition. Hormonal drugs are often used in the treatment of the disease.

In order to exclude a false pregnancy, establish the very fact of an interesting situation, diagnose the condition of the expectant mother, veterinary specialists recommend an ultrasound scan of the animal. This should be done in 3 - 4 weeks after the planned mating.

How to determine the pregnancy of a cat is important to know every owner of a fluffy beauty. Timely diagnosis will allow to exclude such a pathology as a false pregnancy, as well as help determine the number of fetuses, identify deviations in the natural course of pregnancy. Knowing that the mating was successful, conception occurred, the owner can promptly adjust the conditions of maintenance and feeding of the future mother, prepare for childbirth.

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Often, signs of sexual activity are observed before. In the absence of control over sexual behavior, pregnancy can occur even in a nursing cat.

Pregnancy in a cat - time and symptoms

Like a man, a pet must reach puberty before you get offspring. It is for this reason that until the pet reaches six months old, there is no need to worry about the appearance of cubs. Signal cat's readiness for pregnancy will be the first estrus. In addition, the pet owner must understand and other features of pregnancy in cats.

  • Leaking cats can be observed at regular intervals several times a year. It all depends on whether the cat got pregnant after the first heat or not.
  • Upon the onset of estrus, the duration of which varies from 3 to 7 days, the behavior of the animal changes dramatically. Even the calmest pet starts to meow, crawl around on the floor, rub on the feet of the owners and other pets living in the apartment, and roll from back to belly.
  • The behavior of the home pet can turn into untypical antics - it begins to pursue all moving objects, hitting their heads from all over the maha and falling on their backs and making so loud sounds that they can be heard in neighboring apartments.
  • The first few days in the behavior of the cat can be observed inadequacy, manifested in the refusal of eating a constant meow in the call, the cat which at the first meeting, she will definitely chase away.
  • After the first estrus, the chances of pregnancy, even when mated, are so minimal that it does not make sense to wait for the offspring.
  • If after the first estrus the animal did not have a pregnancy, then peace and tranquility set in for several weeks. Then everything repeats again.

Sterilization of cats possible only after 3-4 chutes and, if possible, at least after one birth. In turn, if sterilization is not carried out, then the animal will be capable of breeding throughout life, and each time it will be necessary to check again and again whether the cat is pregnant.

How to understand that a cat is pregnant?

Mating animals not in all cases leads to pregnancy females, so when the heat is over, the pet owner will have to figure out how to find out if the cat is pregnant? Moreover, if it is an early period, then it is much more difficult to determine the pregnancy than if it is 3 weeks, but some signs do exist.

  1. It is necessary to pay attention to the habits of the animal after mating. If estrus does not stop in the next 24 hours, the cat did not become pregnant. If the discharge has stopped, then, most likely, in the near future we should wait for the offspring.
  2. Almost all cats during pregnancy turn into affectionate and tame animalsrubbing about their masters.
  3. In determining the piquant state of the animal should not blindly rely on the behavior of a pet. But if cardinal changes in the behavior of the animal are noticed, then it is worth thinking about it and turning to the veterinarian.
  4. More precisely, to determine the pregnancy in cats will be possible within 4 weeks after mating. During this period, you can feel certain seals in the lower abdomen of the animal. To do this, press in the lower part of the abdominal region with the fingertips. It is important to do this with the utmost tenderness so that there is no miscarriage.
  5. With the onset of 3 weeks after mating, there are clear signs of pregnancy: the nipples swell, which acquire a pronounced pink hue, and the mammary gland of the animal is also affected.
  6. At the same time of pregnancy changing eating habits pet: in most cases, this is manifested by increased appetite. Помимо этого, ранее любимые продукты не будут восприниматься кошкой, а те, которые не нравились ей, станут лакомством.
  7. Вовремя 3-5 недели начинает быстро увеличиваться и округляться живот, а аппетит растёт буквально по часам.
  8. С наступлением 6 недели беременности в животе начнут прощупываться сформированные котята. Putting the palm on the belly of the animal, you can feel the round lumps placed on both sides of the middle of the abdomen.
  9. By 7-8 weeks the movement of the kittens inside the mother’s abdomen begins. You can also feel the head and torso of cubs and feel the beating of small hearts.
  10. A week before the birth will happen again dramatic changes in animal behavior. The cat will begin to scour the apartment in search of a secluded place in which you can make a cozy nest. Moreover, if you do not take care of a comfortable shelter, then the home favorite will present a surprise in the closet or on the owners' bed.
  11. 2-3 days before the kittens appear, the cat's nipples increase dramatically in size, and colostrum begins to stand out.
  12. Approximately 10–12 hours before birth, the cat will hide in a prepared shelter. At the same time it is very important that no one disturbed her, as the stage of preparation for the appearance of kittens occurs. In such a situation, even the most inattentive owners will realize that their cat is pregnant.

Check pregnancy early, perhaps only using ultrasound, and even then it will show the result at 2 weeks after conception of the offspring. At the same time, this is the most optimal time for going to the vet after the first changes in the behavior of your pet were noticed. In addition, a medical examination will help to find out how many cubs a cat will have. It is very important to understand that if the pregnancy is proceeding normally, then in the later stages it is not recommended to contact a veterinarian.

Features care for pregnant cats

A pregnant cat, like a man, requires to caress and close attention. Therefore, there are several recommendations for the care of animals in a piquant position.

  • A special diet that plays almost the most important role in the care of pregnant animals.
  • Drug medications that are strictly prohibited for use in cats waiting to replenish.
  • No street - an animal waiting for kittens should be kept indoors so that there is no secondary pregnancy, which often happens in cats from different partners.
  • Limited contact of your pet with other animals living in the apartment.
  • A secluded, secluded place - during pregnancy your pet will be in constant search where to retire for rest.
  • Help, in hygiene, which is due to the fast-growing belly of the animal, not giving, the cat to wash properly.
  • Do not allow the cat to climb cabinets and other high surfaces, as she may lead kittens in the most unexpected place.
  • Limit your favorite care and attention, she loves it.

Closer to the time of the appearance of offspring, ask about the phone number of the nearest veterinary clinic, whose doctors will be able to arrive on time to help the animal, if needed.

Changes in the behavior of a pregnant cat

In the first week, when the beloved pet becomes pregnant, there can be no significant changes in its habits, but the activity is slightly reduced and the animal often pulls into sleep. In this case, the animal with the hunt comes in contact with its owners, asks itself to caress and gets into the arms. There may be an increase in appetite - the animal constantly asks for food, and it does so with great perseverance. At weeks 5–7, the imperceptible movement of kittens in the mother’s stomach begins.

A couple of days before the kittens appear takes special care and attentiveness, starting to lick the owners or other denizens of the apartment in every way showing the experience for them. Naturally, such changes are not inherent in all cats, which is primarily due to the individual characteristics of the animal. On the day when childbirth comes, the pet's pet becomes restless, not finding a place for itself.

How to determine pregnancy cat?

How to understand that a cat is pregnant at home? Answer: by observing and analyzing external signs. These manifestations include:

  • stopping heat during the new day after mating (one of the first signs of successful mating),
  • general calm cat
  • increased tenderness,
  • increased appetite,
  • From 3-4 weeks rounding of the abdomen is noticed (the abdomen grows with the body from the weight, the paws, the neck increase in size, one belly during pregnancy),
  • nipples - the moment of the beginning of growth of the abdomen swell, the nipples of the mammary glands become more red,
  • movements - from the 28-30th day, wavy movements in the stomach are felt under the palms attached to it - confirmation of the presence of the kittens by perturbations.

The listed symptoms (except for the movement of the fruit) has also a false pregnancy. Therefore, if after the discovery of all signs of a possible pregnancy, the potential movements of the kittens at the prescribed period were not noticed, you must show the cat to the vet!

How long can determine the pregnancy of a cat?

If independently, then not earlier than a month after fertilization (28-30 days), when the abdomen begins to increase, and all the "pregnant" signs appear most clearly - calm, increased appetite, swelling and redness of the nipples.

  • The earliest time when a veterinarian can determine a pregnancy is 20 days from the time of possible fertilization. At this time, you can already do ultrasound.
  • In 25 days You can do a blood test for relaxin (a unique hormone of pregnancy in dogs and cats), palpation at 25-28 days to determine the presence of fetuses in the uterus. X-ray pregnancy will show no earlier than 40 days.

The earliest signs of pregnancy - what to look for?

Any specific signs of pregnancy up to 1 month there is no pregnancy. There are symptoms that allow the owner to only suspect the appearance of kittens in the future (provided that the cat is successfully covered). You can understand that a cat is pregnant if she has:

  • abrupt change of active behavior to a more calm, docile,
  • excessive tenderness
  • increased appetite
  • periodic vomiting, nausea (should not affect the general condition of the animal),
  • discoloration of the nipples in the direction of a more saturated (especially characteristic of primiparous cats),
  • the cat is almost always sleeping.

On the basis of the listed signs, it is possible to suspect that the cat is in position. If over time the growth of the abdomen and the movement of the fetus is added here, there is no doubt that Murka will soon become a mother.

Is there a pregnancy test for cats?

In the format in which many owners imagine the very concept of a “pregnancy test,” when they hear this phrase, no. It is not possible to find out if the cat is pregnant in the early stages using a pregnancy test. Tests used by women for cats are not suitable for one simple reason - the control human hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which is determined there, is not produced in cats and dogs.

He simply does not. But it is produced hormone relaxin. On it from the 25th day of pregnancy determine the truth of the state. This is an express method for determining the placenta in the body by blood. Time of doing takes 10-20 minutes with the blood sampling process. This method is also used to separate a false pregnancy from a real one.

Why determine pregnancy cat in the early stages?

  • to have time to prepare for the process of the appearance of kittens in the family and
  • to carry out the termination of pregnancy in time by sterilization, when the offspring is undesirable.

If the pregnancy is desired, the owner surrounds the cat with care, timely changes the diet, provides proper care and living conditions in this state almost from the first weeks when the pregnancy is detected.

When a condition is undesirable or unexpected (sudden uncontrolled mating), the sooner it is detected, the safer the operation will be. In the later stages it is rare for a doctor to undertake such an operation. It is risky for the life of the cat itself.

Methods of determination in terms of veterinary clinics

Of course, veterinarians have a wider range of methods for determining pregnancy, on the reliable results of which they rely. These methods include:

  • external examination of the animal,
  • palpation (proper palpation) of the abdomen,
  • laboratory analyzes of biological fluids,
  • Ultrasound,
  • x-ray

External examination of the cat

The doctor conducts a detailed examination of the pregnant cat, notes those signs of pregnancy that become visible and with the naked eye by the 2nd month. Using inspection determine:

  • an increase in the abdomen, tremors inside the fruit,
  • swelling of the mammary glands, changing their nipples to a more intense,
  • calm, measured behavior of the cat, despite the fact that she is in a veterinary clinic, and a stranger (the veterinarian) is touching her.

Feeling of the abdomen (palpation)

The cat is put on the viewing table on all fours, soothes by stroking, affectionate conversation. Some animal squats are allowed, but not allowed to lie down. The veterinarian applies his palms to his stomach on both sides, gently starting to probe along the line along the spine to the lumbar vertebrae. An experienced doctor can easily find the horns of the uterus, which have to the touch type of seals, the size of a little more than a walnut (after 21-25 days of the alleged pregnancy). If they brought a cat in the deep gestational age, the doctor clearly palpates the individual fruits.

It is forbidden to independently perform palpation, without having the proper experience with the skills! Any excessive pressure or unsuccessful pressure can lead to abortion, premature birth and death of kittens.

Lab tests

This method of research involved in veterinary laboratories. Veterinarian sends venous blood and urine collected through a catheter, or brought by the owner. How to determine the duration of pregnancy in cats according to the analyzes?

In the body, there is a mass of various transformations during pregnancy, which are informatively reflected in the indicators of urine and blood tests. Biochemical analysis will show the complete picture of the physiological state of the cat, including the "fertilized" position.

Cats do not produce pregnancy hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), like a woman. Such analysis in small animals is not carried out.

  • Feline placenta produces the hormone relaxin, it is he who is determined in the blood by special rapid tests.
  • This analysis is recommended to conduct no earlier than 25 days after the intended fertilization.
  • Since this period is the laying of the placenta, the hormone begins to be produced.
  • This test is also used to separate a false pregnancy from a true pregnancy (a false one proceeds without the production of a hormone in the blood).
  • The test result is usually ready in 10 minutes.
  • One caveat - an ovarian cyst can give a false result, so if doubts remain, it is better to add an ultrasound.

Laboratory studies of urine on the installation of pregnancy is not carried out. Fluctuations in the indicators are not specific and can be confused with the indicators in the period of occurrence of any pathologies. Also, the analysis is fraught with some difficulties of material sampling.

Ultrasound (ultrasound sonography)

It is considered one of the most informative methods by which you can determine the pregnancy of a cat. On the ground for potential contact with the ultrasonic sensor should be cut wool (on both sides of the white line of the abdomen).

Depending on the power of the device inside, you can see the kittens, register their heartbeat. 20 days after the intended mating, fruits can be detected, and after 28 - the presence of motor reflexes, possible malformations, their viability. Previously, ultrasound is meaningless.

Quite a harmful way to determine pregnancy in cats. Almost universally used before the advent of ultrasound. With the help of X-rays at the latest dates, you can see the exact number of kittens (count on skulls). The pregnancy itself cannot be determined by X-ray.

Up to 40 days, until the spine of the kittens appeared, the picture will show only the enlarged uterus, but not the reason for this increase. This means that it is impossible to distinguish uterine pathologies from normal pregnancy on an X-ray before the period of 1.5 months. Now this method of examination is used extremely rarely and only for special reasons, when the ultrasound does not provide the necessary information.

When you need to urgently turn to the vet

Any state of the cat, attracting the attention of the owner and seeming unusual, should serve as a reason for consultation or a visit to the veterinarian. Especially when one of the manifestations listed below is noted:

  1. The appearance of any unexplained protrusions between the nipples, which were not previously present. This is especially true of the place between the penultimate and the last pair.
  2. Isolation of genital blood clots or just blood.
  3. Excessive anxiety of the cat, when it seems that the animal does not find a place for itself: it will lie down, rise, try to lie down again, rise again.
  4. Appetite disappears completely, the pet refuses to drink, there is apathy, weakness, lack of initiative in relation to what is happening around.
  5. The stomach near the end of pregnancy acquires unusual, irregular shapes and outlines, becomes barrel-like solid, with a slight tapping with the fingers on the abdominal wall, a deaf sound is heard. Loop while swollen and strongly reddened.
  6. The contractions of training are either not present or they are very weak, and the uterus remains unchanged, taking into account the fact that disclosure should occur.
  7. Miscarriage happened, rapid delivery began, bleeding opened.
  8. The growth of the abdomen is noted without other signs of pregnancy and fetal movements.