Healthy pet - happy owner


With the advent of a pet in the house, whether it be a kitten or a puppy, additional cares are noticeably added. And the question of how to feed a pet becomes very relevant.

One of the excellent solutions to this problem is the Belgian feed "Grandorf". In this case, the manufacturer took care of cats and dogs.

Cat Food "Grandorf"

Dry food "Grandorf" for cats contains in its composition only useful and necessary for the animal body substances. 70% of it consists of meat, the remaining 30% are fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, brewer's yeast, taurine and other components.

In addition, there are certain types of cat food "Grandorf". They are distinguished by a specially formulated composition for small kittens (with lamb and rice), cats that are indoors all the time (with turkey and lamb), sterilized animals (with rice and turkey), and also for pets with a sensitive digestive system (with fish ).

Food "Grandorf", due to its balanced composition, brings significant benefits to the animal's body:

  • supports the healthy intestinal microflora, improves digestion and metabolism
  • caring for the oral cavity
  • prevents teeth problems,
  • heals the skin of the animal and wool,
  • strengthens joints
  • improves eyesight
  • supports the cardiovascular system,
  • reduces the possibility of urolithiasis,
  • improves immunity.

Reviews of cat food "Grandorf"

What do buyers say about such a product for animals as the feed "Grandorf"? Feedback in most cases positive. Cat lovers like the natural composition of food, a large amount of meat in it and the complete absence of soy. In addition, this food is ideal for pets prone to allergies.

As for the minuses, they are not so significant. Basically, the owners of animals believe that the feed pellets are a bit small. But for cats it most likely does not matter. And the second minus is the price of food. Indeed, it is much higher than other popular manufacturers in Russia. The reason for this is obvious - the company "Grandorf" prioritizes the quality of the feed with the maximum amount of meat in the composition, not replacing it with cheaper soy or corn starch.

Dog Food "Grandorf"

Dry Food "Grandorf" for dogs consists of easily digestible natural ingredients. The percentage of meat in it is within 60%, and the remaining 40% is rice, herbs and greens, brewer's yeast, vitamins and other components. The food does not contain any preservatives, allergens, by-products, dyes, flavors, as well as sugar and salt.

There are different types of food "Grandorf" for dogs, so it is not difficult to find the ideal option for a puppy or elderly dog, a pregnant or lactating animal, as well as with any characteristics of the pet's organism (illness, digestion problems, susceptibility to allergies, etc.) d.).

Reviews about dog food from the company "Grandorf"

What impression about yourself did the Grandorf food leave the buyers? Reviews of veterinarians and simply owners of dogs are absolutely the same - this food is the ideal option for any breed, age and state of health of the pet.

Pets are happy to eat Gradorf food, while they have any problems with digestion and improve the quality of the chair. In addition, the animal becomes active, its coat is soft and shiny.

But, despite all the positive reviews, there are cases when this food did not fit the puppy or already adult dog. As a result, digestive problems were observed in the form of an increase in the amount of stool. Experienced dog breeders say that this process is normal when changing the type of food and you just need to endure it. Those who took advantage of this advice noticed normalization of the chair during the first two weeks. The rest decided to "not experimenting" with their pet and continued the search for the ideal feed for him.

Our feed

Holistic food, up to 65% of meat in the composition,
minimum of ingredients and healthy live probiotics

Holistic food, up to 70% of meat in the composition,
with natural and hypoallergenic

Our principles

We pay special attention to the ingredients in our feeds, using only fresh and dehydrated meat, without meat meal and by-products, only hypoallergenic ingredients that do not cause food intolerance or allergies.

However, what we do not use in feed is sometimes even more important.

Every ingredient counts

Turkey meat

Dietary meat contains all the necessary amino acids, rich in vitamins B6, B2, B12 and minerals.

Excellent dietary source of fiber, improves digestion, has a low glycemic index.

Stimulates the liver, restores cells and tissues, improves eyesight and skin, restores the nervous system.

Rich in protein and amino acids. Contains vitamins A, E, K, vitamins of group B and minerals.

Rabbit meat

Dietary meat rich in protein and vitamins. Contains more than 19 amino acids, including all essential.

Dietary croup, stimulates the activity of the pancreas and intestines, is rich in vitamins.

Natural antioxidant, a powerful bactericidal agent, improves eyesight, renews retinal cells.

Antarctic Krill

Rich in protein, Omega-3, good for the heart, brain, nervous system and joints.

Natural antioxidant, antiseptic, improves the urogenital system, cleans the liver and kidneys.

Regulates metabolism, gently affects intestinal peristalsis, is rich in vitamin A and group B


All products of the Grandorf trademark are divided into four categories. Three of them are dry rations, and the fourth line consists of wet and canned menus for dogs.

The category of live probiotic formulas is a menu called 4 meat & brown rice. It includes two feed positions: for mini breeds and for all breeds. The composition of these feeds Grandorf for dogs is almost identical, the main difference lies in the size of the granules. Both formulas are designed for adult pets (older than a year), and the formula is based on four types of meat: turkey, lamb, duck and rabbit in combination with brown rice.

The second line is low-grain nutritional formulas for dogs. It includes six types of food divided by age and pet size. The menu for the little ones (puppies from 3 weeks) is also suitable for pregnant and lactating females. Five of the six recipes are positioned as a lamb with rice, but according to the composition it would be more accurate to say: turkey lamb and rice. There is also a diet with white fish (cod and herring) and rice, which is suitable for all breeds of dogs.

Bezzernovye diets - this is the third line of dog food Grandorf, which includes sweet potatoes instead of cereals. It is represented by only two types of recipes (with a duck, and with a rabbit) for pets older than one year without any breed restrictions.

Wet rations represent the latest food segment of this brand. It includes canned food in banks of 150 and 400 grams. with four different flavors for adult animals, and one species - with chicken and rice - for puppies. The manufacturer claims that canned Grandorf contain 80% of meat and meat ingredients in the composition. Wet food can be given as a separate food, and alternate with dry food. Among other things, this is a great opportunity to feed a picky or picky pet, as evidenced by the reviews about wet food for dogs Grandorf from the owners of gourmet dogs.

Evaluation and analysis of the composition

First of all, it is worth noting that all the rations of the company Grandorf are positioned as a hypoallergenic diet, and all the ingredients, according to the manufacturer, belong to the holistic class. Also in these diets do not contain soy, GMO products, artificial additives. There is only white and brown rice from grain components, and the presence of wheat or corn in Grandorfd food for dogs is excluded, according to veterinarians, it is they who most often cause food intolerance and provoke allergic reactions in animals.

In addition, the manufacturer claims that their dry food is 60% high-quality meat, which is striking if you take the food packaging in your hands.

We suggest that we ourselves be convinced or can refute all the above points, having considered in more detail all the features of the Grandorf diet. To do this, take the feed "duck with sweet potatoes", which is designated as grainless food for adult animals, including those prone to allergies. Its guaranteed nutrients are as follows:

  • Proteins - 26% - average,
  • Fats - 16% - a normal figure for dogs with moderate activity,
  • Cellulose - 3.5% - the minimum acceptable level
  • Ash content - 7.5% - average
  • Humidity - 9% - within normal limits,

In general, no critical deviations in the balance are observed; according to a rough estimate, the amount of carbohydrates is about 38%, which cannot be noted as a plus. However, we will not make hasty conclusions, because carbohydrates are of different origin, and here, according to the name of the recipe, their source is sweet potato (sweet potato). Note that the indicator of fiber is not good - 3.5% is rather “satisfactory”.

The percentages of fats and proteins are sufficient for feeding dogs with little activity, that is, living in an apartment with walking 2-3 times a day, and are able to fully satisfy their nutrient needs. For pets experiencing increased physical exertion, service dogs or regularly participating in hunting, as well as various competitions, this diet is not entirely suitable for proteins / fats, or you need to significantly increase the portion of feeding.

The entire list of ingredients occupies only 16 positions, which is not so much when compared with some holistic feeds of other brands. The list of basic ingredients is as follows:

  • Dehydrated duck meat,
  • Dehydrated turkey meat,
  • Sweet potato,
  • Fresh duck meat,
  • Turkey fat

The first five components look quite decent, four of them are of animal origin, which is very important when feeding dogs, plus in the third place is the sweet potato - a low-glycemic carbohydrate and a source of fiber.

Then dried spinach and chicory extract follow, followed by carob flour and dried apple. Then, dried arctic krill, flax seeds, a complex of chondroprotectors and antioxidants are indicated. The last line in the composition informs the buyer that natural preservatives (vitamins C and E) have been used to preserve the feed.

The quantity and percentages of all ingredients are not indicated, therefore, we cannot judge the truthfulness of the statement about the presence of 60% meat. Believe it or not, these words will have to be decided by the owner of the dog at their own discretion, but we consider this aspect a minus feed.

All sources of animal proteins are among the first components of the recipe, there are three of them: dehydrated duck and turkey, as well as fresh duck. Dried Antarctic krill brings in its small contribution here, but given that it is in a far tenth place, its role will be quite insignificant in the overall picture. All of these ingredients are high quality, high protein foods. They, of course, can only be welcomed into the pet menu and noted as a plus of this diet.

There is only one component in this category - turkey fat. It is not often found in the formulas of ready-made animal feeds, it nourishes the body with omega-6 and vitamins D and E. It can be considered a high-quality and useful component.

Carbohydrates and Fiber

Their role here is mainly assigned to sweet potatoes, in much smaller quantities it is also dried spinach, apples and even carob flour. The presence of these components is very commendable, because they have a very beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract, contributing to healthy digestion and metabolism. They are also complex carbohydrates, in contrast to cereals, which unscrupulous producers generously “flavor” their food.

The remaining components of the feed

The list of additional products is not very large, however, it is worth mentioning the useful properties of some of them:

  • Chicory extract is a valuable source of inulin, which is a prebiotic and has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora, preventing dysbacteriosis. Also, the root of this plant contains vitamins of group B, C and E, has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect.
  • Flax seeds are a rich source of Omega-3, it is the record among plants in the content of these polyunsaturated acids. The use of this substance is difficult to overestimate - healthy skin, thick and shiny hair, prevention of vascular diseases and inflammatory processes of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. Only there is one caveat - the dog's body can not fully absorb the Omega acids of plant origin. In place of this ingredient, fish oil would look much better as the most optimal source of these substances.
  • Chondroitin, glucosamine and MSM in the complex provide support to the joints and ligaments, contribute to the strengthening of cartilage tissue and are additives for the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Antarctic krill is a unique and even exotic supplement to dog food. It is a crustacean similar to small shrimp and contains a lot of Omega-3 acids in an easily digestible form for animals.

Advantages and disadvantages of feed

Having a very impressive composition, this product, under the watchful eye of our resource, showed a couple of shortcomings, namely:

  • Percentages of main ingredients not listed
  • The amount of fiber is not enough

  • High quality protein sources,
  • Lack of cereals,
  • Natural and healthy supplements,
  • The presence of herbs and fruits

Grandorf Feed Reviews

Consumers of industrial diets have already had considerable experience in the use of Grandorf dog food, so reviews about it are common on the Internet. The overall picture of the opinions of the owners looms in positive colors, but stumble upon the negative characteristics of this brand is also not difficult.

Yuri, owner of two taxes:

“I fed them my dogs when they were still puppies. At first, one had an allergy - the entire stomach was red, in rashes, plus added problems with the ears. I changed the food for him, then the second started having problems - at first dandruff appeared, then the wool fell down, the chair went bad, it got to the point that he would have healed as much as a decent elephant would have been ashamed of. Grandorf categorically did not suit us, then I put them in order for a long time. ”

Daria, toyinka Businka:

“My baby Busya, being a puppy, was prone to food intolerance, then serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract began. The number of feeds that we have already tried for three years to try - just over a dozen. After the next throwings and comparisons of compositions, I decided to buy her Grandorf, plus a friend of dog advised him to me. The result now suits me, my sensitive baby is much better, now she has become fun and active. I recommend that we have a diet of 4 meats with probiotics. ”

Opinion of veterinarians

In general, reviews of veterinarians about the Grandorf feed for dogs boil down to the fact that these are high-quality rations of a holistic class, corresponding in terms of vitamin-mineral balance and in composition to all the requirements for feeding this segment. But professionals point out that the performance of fats and proteins is slightly underestimated, with respect to generally accepted norms, which can affect pets with high energy costs, and provoke a loss of muscle mass.

The price of feed "Duck with sweet potatoes":

3 kg - from 1500 r.

12 kg - from 5000 r.

"4 types of meat with rice" price will be slightly higher:

3 kg - from 1600 p.

12 kg - from 5300 p.

In conclusion, we add that our resource has remained of high opinion about Grandorf feeds. Value for money and product quality leaves only a positive impression, because in the segment of holistic feed the cost of some diets is much higher than that of this brand. We believe that this food can be recommended for the role of everyday food for your pet.