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Caring and experienced owners, who are accustomed to regale their pet with exceptionally high-quality food, have long known how good Purina Pro Plan dog food is.
High-quality products for animals produced by the American manufacturer, were created on the basis of studies of professional nutritionists and veterinarians, as well as taking into account the wishes of the owners and breeders of four-legged. This allowed to achieve a stunning effect in the combination of taste and benefit.
Wonderful feed Purina Proplan for dogs in St. Petersburg offers you an online store «».

Advantages of feed Purina Proplan.

What is still good Purina dog food?

First, it consists entirely of natural ingredients. These are poultry meat, beef, fish, cereals, which are enriched with trace elements and vitamins. They are maximally well absorbed by the pet's body, and contribute to improving its mood and appearance.

But the nutritional benefits of this food are not limited to one. Pro Plan dog food is also bought for convenience of storage and transportation (you can easily take it with you on a trip without worrying about the safety of the product).

Sublimation of the granules (removal of water from them) can significantly reduce the rate of feed consumption by animals. In addition, a special coating of granules perfectly cleans the teeth of a pet. Thus, the risk of the occurrence of tartar, which often leads to gingival suppuration and gingivitis, is significantly reduced.

As you can see, the advantages are obvious.

Why buy Purina Pro Plan for your dog from us.

Our online store has a huge selection (about a hundred items) of products manufactured by a famous American brand. You can buy Purine food for dogs of any breed, size, weight, age, lifestyle and temperament. Experienced company consultants will help you make the right choice.

In addition, always available food for animals that struggle with excess weight, have diseases of the genitourinary or digestive system, suffer from allergies.

The owners, who feed their dogs with feeds Purina, naturally care about the health of the tailed wards.

It is very easy to buy Purina Proplan dog food in St. Petersburg using the VIP-korma online store. At any time of the day, choose the product you like, leave a request and wait for the prompt response of professional consultants who will tell you about all the benefits of the products, answer your questions and explain the terms of payment and delivery.

Feed your four-legged friends simply, quickly and with taste!

Types of dog food Pro Plan

Forage Proplan for dogs produced by the company Purina, it belongs to the premium class and is available in different versions.

  • dry food - 0.7, 1.5, 3, 7, 10 and 14 kg,
  • wet food (canned foods, 400 g each).

Total line includes about 20 options of food, which are designed for adult pets or puppies, there is also a hypoallergenic diet. If dry food gives a boost of energy and supports immunity, then canned food will help to fight indigestion, make the wool silky.

Wet and dry food Propina from Purina is divided into several categories:

  • for puppies,
  • for small and medium dogs,
  • for big and fighting dogs,
  • for digestive problems, inflammations and for old dogs.

Few people know, but recently a new line of Pro Plan Duo Delice has appeared, which will suit every type of dog.

The main component of the feed is chicken or beef meat, from 15 to 70%. There are also other natural ingredients:

  • egg white,
  • corn,
  • cellulose,
  • beet juice
  • gluten,
  • fish fat,
  • minerals and vitamins.

Disadvantages of food plan

There are a number of disadvantages, due to which not all veterinarians recommend buying food for decorative dogs and puppies:

  • the presence of flavors and flavor enhancers,
  • the similarity of the composition in all lines of food,
  • a small proportion of meat.

It is important, and the fact that a small percentage of meat content indicates that nutrition cannot be attributed to the premium class, although the manufacturer himself gave precisely this definition of the line.

For large

For large breeds it is better to choose these types of food, such as:

  • PRO PLAN® Medium Adult Sensitive with salmon and rice

Suitable for pets aged three years. Belongs to hypoallergenic nutrition, suitable even for puppies with indigestion.

  • PRO PLAN® Large Puppy Robust with Chicken and Rice

Used as a diet food, sometimes for puppies from one year of life, but athletic physique. Packages of 3 and 7 kg.

  • PRO PLAN® OPTIBALANCE with chicken

Designed for mature dogs from three years of life, for fighting and large stature. The complex of food is balanced, there are vitamins, omega-3, chicken or beef, wheat, corn and antioxidants.

  • PRO PLAN® OPTIAGE with chicken

For pets from seven years of life of a large build. Nutrition stimulates development, mobility. Available in 1.5, 3 and 14 kg. Ingredients include beets, chicken, fish oil, butter, rice and animal fats.

  • PRO PLAN® OPTIDERMA with salmon

Suitable for athletic and giant pets from the age of five with skin problems and allergies. Packages of 3 and 14 kg are offered, including salmon, rice, corn, minerals and vitamins, soybean oil, fish oil.

  • PRO PLAN® OPTIDIGEST with lamb and rice

For large pets with an upset stomach, used when they reach the age of three years, food is considered dietary.

  • PRO PLAN® OPTIPOWER with chicken

Suitable for mobile and active pets, and those that are subject to constant loads. Food supports immunity, improves stamina, strengthens bones.

Note that the Large Puppy Robust minimally contains flavor enhancers, but can only be used after permission from the doctor.

For small dogs

For small pets:

  • PRO PLAN® Adult Small and Mini Digestive Comfort with Chicken

You can give from 8-12 months. The peculiarity of nutrition is low calorie, not more than 15%, because food is considered dietary. The composition also has corn, vegetables and wheat.

  • PRO PLAN® Small & Mini Sensitive with salmon

It has a diet composition, with 22% salmon, suitable for pets that are prone to corpulence.

  • PRO PLAN® OPTIAGE with chicken and rice

Suitable for dogs from nine years old, affects brain activity and mobility. Ingredients include chicken, rice, OPTIAGE complex and minerals,

  • PRO PLAN® OPTIDERMA with salmon

Designed for mature dogs with sensitive skin from the age of five years. Ingredients include salmon, corn, beets, soybean oil, vitamins, fish oil.

  • PRO PLAN® OPTIDIGEST with lamb

For small dogs from three years with digestive problems. Feature - probiotic, which affects the microflora. Also in the composition is lamb, rice, soy milk, corn, minerals. Available in packs of 0.7, 3 and 7 kg.

  • PRO PLAN® OPTIWEIGHT with chicken and rice

Designed for dogs from five years old, which are prone to obesity. This diet is low in protein and fat. Feature - is the maintenance of energy, muscle strength and integrity of the joints. It is also suitable for sterilized dogs.

Remember that dietary food intake in the diet should be slowly over 7-10 days, but not immediately. Otherwise, problems with appetite and stomach may appear.

For puppies

For young dogs, you can choose these lines from Purine:

  • PRO PLAN® Purina Small & Mini Puppy with Chicken

You can give from three months of life, in the composition there is chicken meat - 18%. Additional components: fish oil, vitamins, colostrum, fiber.

  • PRO PLAN® Medium Puppy Sensitive

Give a year of life. You can count on silky wool and the absence of allergies. Because it contains chicory, soy meat, rice, colostrum.

  • PRO PLAN® OPTISTART with chicken

Suitable for puppies of large and small breeds. It is rich in minerals, trace elements, colostrum, amino acids and chicken. Can be used from the age of two.

Reviews of dog food Pro Plan

Kseniya: I gave my dog ​​Medium Puppy Sensetive, because from birth he had problems with coat and skin rashes. I fed the baby from the third month of life for about six months. Despite the democratic price, the result was satisfied. Because my Peter grew up healthy and full of strength, very active. The main thing is to give plenty of water and, if necessary, to choose hypoallergenic canned food.

Darina: We have a horse Corso, and we immediately decided to feed him with the Proplan, because we heard a lot of good things. Yes, as part of a lot of flavors and animal fats, but the price is small and the dog has no health problems. We tried and canned and dry food, stopped at the last version. Although additionally we give vitamins and beef, because in the feed of meat is not more than 25%.

Pauline: My Dora (Japanese hin) started having problems with coat and stomach. At one point, the wool began to crawl, she felt sick and diarrhea began. The vet said nutritional problems and most likely poisoning. We advised the Small & Mini Sensitive Derma, because the food is hypoallergenic and almost non-nutritious, plus minerals and fiber in the composition. Two weeks later, Dora began to feel much better, diarrhea stopped, the baby became active and fun. Not less pleased and the cost of food!

The price of dry food Proplan will depend on the weight and composition:

  • Purina Pro Plan 0.7 g - about 341 rubles (120 UAH),
  • Purina Pro Plan 1.5 kg - about 636 rubles (315 UAH),
  • Purina Proplan 3 kg - about 1,157 rubles (575 UAH),
  • Purina Pro Plan 7 kg - about 2250 rubles (1100 UAH),
  • Purina Pro Plan 10 kg - about 3760 rubles (1600 UAH),
  • Purina Pro Plan 14 kg - about 4770 rubles in Moscow (1500 grivet in Kiev).

Pro Plan Large Puppy Athletic dry food for puppies of large breeds with an athletic physique (with chicken and rice)

The first year of your dog's life (or two years for large breed puppies) is crucial for their future health. To help strengthen puppies' natural defenses early in life, Purina veterinarians and nutritionists have developed feeds. Purina® PRO PLAN® PUPPY with complex OPTISTART®.

Pro Plan Large Puppy Robust dry food for puppies of large breeds (with chicken and rice)

The first year of your dog's life (or two years for large breed puppies) is crucial to his future health. To strengthen the natural protection of puppies at the beginning of life, veterinarians and nutritionists Purina developed feed Purina® PRO PLAN® PUPPY with complex OPTISTART®.

Pro Plan Medium Puppy Sensitive Medium-sized puppy dry food with sensitive skin (with salmon and rice)

Some puppies have a tendency to scratch and scratch their skin and they may have dandruff more often. Designed by veterinarians and nutritionists Purina® PRO PLAN® with complex OPTIDERMA®provides improved nutrition that supports the puppies' sensitive skin.

Pro Plan dog food, developed by Purina, is a complete nutrition that provides your pet with energy and vitamins. The recipe takes into account the characteristics of the needs of animals, so the composition includes all the necessary trace elements. A balanced diet helps to improve the health and improve the health of the dog.

Assortment of the Purina Pro Plan range

On the site "Ivanko Delivery" you can buy the most popular feed from the manufacturer. The range includes food for puppies and adult animals of small, medium, large and very large breeds.

The Purina Pro Plan dog food series includes specialty pet products with various problems. For example, food is produced with proteins from a minimal number of sources - this reduces the risk of disorders of the digestive system. Purina Pro Plan also has dog food with sensitive skin - they protect against allergic reactions and make the coat more beautiful. Specialized products for animals with obesity help to reduce weight without harm to health.

Features of Purina Pro Plan feed

  • Balanced recipe. Feed produced on the basis of meat, fish and other natural ingredients. The composition includes proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins. The recipe for each food is developed by experts, so all the components are well combined with each other and help the dogs stay healthy.
  • A large assortment. The manufacturer offers complete nutrition for animals of different ages and breeds.
  • High quality. Feed complies with safety requirements. All ingredients undergo a quality assessment before entering production.
  • Scientific approach. The company uses new technologies and works closely with veterinarians. This allows you to constantly improve the formulation of feed and adjust their composition, taking into account the research.

Our offer

In our online store, you can choose and buy dog ​​food "Pro Plan", which is suitable for your pet. To make it easier for you to make a choice, we have added detailed descriptions for each product. For more information, please contact our specialists by phone or online chat. We deliver products in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, as well as ship to other regions.