Sapsan train speed - how fast is it lucky?


Domestic railways between St. Petersburg and Moscow run new high-speed electric trains. The speed of the train "Sapsan" is relatively high. This feature makes it possible to overcome long distances in much shorter terms. Gradually, their work starts in new directions. Production was engaged in the German company Siemens.

Interesting Facts

45 minutes before the train departs, the landing begins. After locking the doors, the automation checks the performance of the entire system. Only after that the movement begins. Sapsan is the first Russian train, where the possibility of smoking is completely excluded. Today you can watch a whole series of several animated films "Sapsanchik and Friends". The train also has a Twitter account and an online blog.

Machinery drivers "Sapsanov"

The drivers of trains of this class are charged with responsibility comparable to the work of real pilots. Their responsibilities include the solution of numerous problems of a fairly high level of complexity. Speed ​​characteristics are comparable to the modes of operation of airliners during takeoff. Only the best candidates are selected for the post of the driver of such a train. The management of "Sapsan" allowed specialists who have received special training. All machinist skills should be worked out to perfection.

Wi-Fi in Sapsan

Since 2012, attempts have been made to equip the train with technical support to facilitate the availability of wireless Internet access. Routers are installed in each Sapsan car. Business class passengers can use the Internet absolutely free. Citizens traveling in economy mode have to pay for access.

Bistro car

The speed of the train "Sapsan", as well as streamlined shape - not all that makes it unusual. Each passenger can use a comfortable bistro car. Here you can not just eat, and even order a full meal. Drinks, hot meals, and snacks are available for passengers to choose from.

Small animals transportation

The speed of the train "Sapsan" is quite high, but this does not affect the ability to equip facilities for the transport of animals. Transportation is allowed in cages, baskets or boxes not exceeding 180 cm when summing up the length, width and height. It is necessary to have documents from the veterinarian. Registration will cost 400 rubles. This is a fixed mandatory fee for issuing an e-ticket or travel document.

Carry-on baggage

Passengers have the ability to carry hand baggage for one ticket. The weight of the load should not exceed 36 kilograms, and the sum of all measurements - 180 cm. Above the established standard, you can carry fishing rods, cameras, binoculars, handbags, briefcases, umbrellas and other small things that are no more than a meter in size when measuring overall dimensions.

Large machinery can not be loaded as a hand baggage. Other things, explosive, flammable, poisonous, flammable, fetid substances are not accepted for transportation. Firearms must be in a holster, case or cover separately from the cartridges in a discharged state. Only after all the above rules have been complied with, passengers can use the Sapsan high-speed train for the carriage of small-sized cargo (the speed it can develop is indicated above).

Group travel

There is a group fare for schoolchildren from 10 to 18 years old, consisting of at least 10 people traveling by a single date, on the same route, on the same train. Registration takes place by prior request. There is a group fare for travel of at least 10 children under 10 years old, traveling in the same train, with a single date, on the same route. Issued by prior arrangement too.


The possibilities of using the railway as an option of movement are rapidly developing. One example of this is the magnificent machines developed by the German manufacturer Siemens. Each passenger will surely be pleased with the comfortable conditions of movement and the high speed of the Sapsan train. The developers have offered a solution to almost all possible problems that arise in the process of overcoming distances, and combined them in one design solution. The new high-speed trains offered to the citizens of Russia leave the best impressions of the trip.

Where did the name come from?

There is on earth a quick and amazing bird - the peregrine falcon. When he hunts, can reach speeds of up to 300 km / h. The route of the train "Sapsan" Moscow - St. Petersburg - Moscow launched in 2009. The length of the train is 250 m, it has 10 cars (1 first class, 1 business, 7 economy cars and a bistro car). The technology of its creation and assembly is similar to aviation, so it weighs much less than the ordinary trains to which we are accustomed. As for the cost, eight Russian Railways trains were purchased for 276 million euros.

What is the speed of the train "Sapsan": technical characteristics

There are only seats in the train, there are toilets in each car, the air is well conditioned, and in the transport itself the temperature is more than comfortable, up to +22 degrees. The aisles between the seats are quite wide, so no one will push the passengers who sit on the edge. And most importantly for a great trip - the cabin is incredibly quiet due to noise insulation. The train goes very smoothly: you have to look out the window to make sure that you are driving.

In general, the maximum speed of the Sapsan train is 400 km / hour, but on railways and during the carriage of passengers in Russia is limited to 250 km / hour. On the Okulovka - Malaya Vishera run, the highest speed can reach 240 km / h. On the way Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod, the speed drops to 160 km / hour. Speed ​​data are reflected on the electronic scoreboard, which is located in each car. The average speed of the train "Sapsan" Moscow - Petersburg - 200 km / h. Every day, the composition makes about 5-6 flights in one direction and the same - in the other. On holidays, open up additional flights in order to have time to transport everyone.

How many hours on the road?

The distance between Moscow and St. Petersburg, the train passes at the moment for 3 hours and 40 minutes, depending on the number and frequency of stops. To Nizhny Novgorod, the composition goes 3 hours 55 minutes.

In order to purchase tickets, you can contact the ticket office of the railway station, but a more convenient option would be to buy them online. You can, while sitting at home in a chair, buy a ticket and not drive around the city, spending extra time on the queue. You can also check the ticket price on the Russian Railways website. To date, the price varies from 2,406 to 3,600 rubles for a trip in economy class. If you want to go in a business car, you will have to pay from 4,750 to 6,680 thousand rubles. In addition, there are low, auction ticket prices, which you can find out by visiting the official website.

What services does the Sapsan train provide?

  • Wi-Fi: in business class it is completely free, and in economy you have to pay for it. You can pay it right on the way (by credit card, with a mobile or special card, which is sold at the conductors of the bistro car).
  • A bathroom, there are 13 of them in total. Where they are located can be seen in the wagon diagram.
  • Sockets. In the business car they are built under each seat, in the economy - two sockets for all.
  • In the business class, the ticket price includes: a fresh press, a hygienic set, a hot lunch, one portion of alcohol, tea, coffee, various drinks in free access, children - toys, coloring, board games,
  • In economy class cars there are no such services.

Incidents during the operation of transport

Everyone knows that the high-speed train “Sapsan”, whose speed is quite high, does not exceed its more than 240-250 km / h due to the lack of ideal conditions for compliance with all speed limits. In this regard, during the operation of the train there were a number of incidents that are associated with hitting people crossing the road. The reason is the lack of convenient passages through the border of the October Railway, which leads to settlements. This is due to the number of trains, as well as their noiselessness, which does not allow to determine the distance correctly. Due to the fact that the speed of the Sapsan train is high, the causes of accidents can be summarized. It:

  • High speed.
  • Noiselessness
  • Strong air flow.
  • The lack of transitions.
  • There is no light and sound warning.
  • Timetable.
  • Violation of the rules of the transition paths.

According to official data, more than 20 people died in the first year of commissioning of the high-speed train. Despite the fact that in 2010-2011, security measures were taken (fences along the railway line were constructed, a moving train was equipped with an alarm system, guards were kept on duty at the crossings), the number of incursions against people still remains high.

The work of machinists

The machinists of this class have a huge responsibility, which can be equated to the working conditions of the pilots. Their responsibilities include many tasks of a high level of complexity that require careful attention and diligence. The speed characteristics of this type of transport can be compared with the mode of operation of the aircraft at the time of takeoff. Only the most deserving candidates who have undergone full training and examination are selected for the position of driver of this vehicle. The speed of the train "Sapsan" Moscow - St. Petersburg allows you to quickly and comfortably arrive at your destination, without any delays in transit. All the skills and abilities of train drivers are worked out to automatism and flawlessness, since the driver is responsible for the lives of passengers who are being taken and those who are near the moving train.

Train speed

The maximum declared speed of the train is 300 km / h. Naturally, the train does not travel at that speed. The sapsan develops a maximum speed in the short section between Okulovka and the bridge over the Msta River (Malaya Vishera), it is 250 km / h. Most of the way, the locomotive moves at a speed of about 200 km / h.

Interesting fact.

The Bird Peregrine Falcon is the fastest of the birds. Being in a diving flight, it develops a maximum speed of 300 km / h; however, in a horizontal flight, the peregrine falcon is inferior to many - only 100 km / h. The record for speed of horizontal flight - swift (about high-speed swift train).

The high-speed train Sapsan is not even included in the top ten fastest trains in the world, but in spite of this, the peregrine falcon more than twice as fast as regular trains. The speed of a regular train is limited to 60 km / h, and accelerated trains move no more than 140 km / h.

The fastest train

The speed record was set in 2003 and amounted to 581 km / h. Japanese trains Shinkansen magnetic cushion. On conventional railways, these trains move at speeds of up to 300 km / h.

To accelerate to the desired speed is half the battle, because you have to somehow stop. The train Sapsan uses regenerative braking - a type of braking, when the electricity generated by the generator is transmitted back to the network (analogous to engine braking). This type of braking helps reduce energy costs.

Travel time

St. Petersburg - Moscow (650 km) 3 hours 40 minutes

St. Petersburg - Chudovo (118 km) 50 minutes

St. Petersburg - Okulovka (249 km) 1 hour 23 minutes

Chudovo - Vyshny Volochyok (246 km) 1 hour 26 minutes

Chudovo - Tver (356 km) 2 hours 11 minutes

Bologoye - Moscow (331 km) 2 hours

Tver - Moscow (167 km) 1 hour 10 minutes

Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod (442 km) 3 hours 30 minutes


When creating train parts and decoration elements, special extra-strength materials that are resistant to high temperatures are used. For example, Sapsan windows are equipped with special glass that prevents the appearance of dangerous fragments in case of damage. The state of functioning systems is constantly monitored by real-time service services. The interior design was designed with the safety of passengers in order to achieve a high level of cabin ergonomics.