What game complex for a cat to choose?


The sharpening of claws is the long-lasting instinct of all cats. Therefore, weaning them from this is not possible, and not necessary. In order for the furniture, walls, personal belongings in the house not to be damaged, it is necessary to purchase a special fixture - a scraper, and best of all a large cat play complex During the sharpening of claws, the animal gets rid of dead parts, marks the territory, kneads, and displays its hunting instincts.

If your cat does not go out into the street or you have several of them, then it is advisable to buy a playground where the pet can not only sharpen claws, but also show physical activity, play and relax in numerous playgrounds, a hammock or a house. Adult cats especially need active games to keep their muscles toned, as well as for good endocrine and cardiovascular work. Multi-level adaptations allow full and harmonious development not only for kittens, but also for adult cats.

To buy a kogtetochku or game town, you need immediately after you brought home a pet. At an early age, animals quickly become accustomed to its proper use. It is equally important to choose a quality accessory. It is good that now there is a large assortment of various cat and game complexes for sale.

Options for the placement of parts can be very diverse. Unexpected combinations of a large number of kogtetochek-columns, tunnels, hammocks, stove benches, areas for rest and sleep, ladders, toys teasing, houses, etc. Of all this, consists of a game town for a cat. The more complex the design, the more interesting the pet is in it. The main thing that the design was strong and stable. For the manufacture of various materials can be used: sisal, leather, artificial and natural fur, carpet, velor, etc.

The most famous products that make cat complexes are HARTZ, Pet Salon, Trixie, Ferplast, FOX, Nature, and so on. Design and color shades can be very different. Therefore, you can easily choose an accessory for a cat that will fit perfectly into the interior of the room and transform it.

How to choose the format of the game complex?

Even dwelling in luxurious homes surrounded by care and attention, cats yearn for wildlife. Such anguish can manifest itself in different pets in different ways. However, in most cases, the owner may observe in the cat a manifestation of deviant behavior, depression, lethargy or apathy.

To avoid this, it is worth picking a quality game complex for a cat that will interest your pet and become for him a kind of wilderness area in which you can play enough, sharpen claws, climb slides and not restrain your energetic temper.

Today, stores have a fairly wide selection of products and owners can buy inexpensive game complexes for cats that are made of environmentally friendly and durable materials. The format of the gaming complex may be different. But the most popular products are:

  • modular suspended game complexes,
  • covered houses,
  • tower houses
  • tunnels
  • rope bridges
  • ramps,
  • complexes in the form of "trees"
  • corner structures, etc.

Choosing the format of the complex it is important to adhere to the following rules:

  1. The complex must be safe, so first of all you need to pay attention to its stability and reliability of fasteners. From the idea to buy a game set for a cat at a low price is to be abandoned if the product visually looks flimsy and short-lived.
  2. Next, you should assess the quality of the materials used by manufacturers in assembling the framework of the house. Preference should be given to goods from natural, non-toxic materials that have adequate strength and durability.
  3. The quality of upholstery materials also matters. Optimal are hard, dense fabrics that are easily washable and do not collect a lot of dust.

The consumer can buy a game complex for cats of various formats that best complement the interior of the room and satisfy the needs of the pet. A good complex is multifunctional and allows the pet to develop in a versatile and harmonious way. In the future, it can be supplemented with new elements and nodes.

Do all cats need gaming complexes?

Each animal has a unique temperament. Some cats love to lie in the sun for hours, while others do not imagine their life without physical activity and adventure. However, the calm disposition of the pet should not mislead the owner - all cats, without exception, should give out their energy. Otherwise, a sedentary lifestyle will entail serious psychological and physical consequences, among them:

  • amyotrophy,
  • aggression,
  • joint problems
  • obesity,
  • metabolic disorders, etc.

Making sure that the complex for the cat is a necessity rather than a luxury item, the pet owner can proceed to the selection of the accessory. In this matter, he should pay attention to the nature of the pet. For example, a laser pointer for cats will have the liking of active and playful animals. And the idea to buy a laser toy for cats with a phlegmatic temperament should be abandoned. Such animals need protected indoor playgrounds - it can be a cat tunnel in which the pet will feel safe. The age and size of the cat are also important - the complex must correspond to the size and mobility of the animal.

Review of popular toys and simulators for cats

In addition to traditional modular systems, manufacturers supply various interactive simulators and functional toys. Among them there is a laser pointer for the cat, which allows the pet to enjoy a virtual hunt for "game." With the help of a laser pointer, the owner will be able to entertain his cat, without being distracted from watching a movie or relaxing on the sofa. This accessory will not only help maintain the cat's muscle tone, but also allow it to throw out all the energy and leave alone furniture, carpets and curtains that were previously used as surfaces for games.

Some brands offer owners to buy a running wheel for cats, which is also aimed at stimulating the physical activity of the pet. The wheel will relieve the pet of boredom and physical inactivity and will become for him a favorite accessory. The main advantage of the running wheel is that it takes up a minimum of space in the apartment, but at the same time allows the cat to run, play and train his acrobatic skills.

In recent years, the developers have come up with a completely new cat entertainment - movies for cats, which can be downloaded on a PC.

The films supplied to the domestic market by various manufacturers are a specially selected video series that attracts the pet's attention. By turning on the movie, the owner can leave the pet alone in front of the screen and not worry about the cat getting bored or tired while it is gone.

Despite the abundance of all sorts of toys, the optimal environment for the life of a cat is nature. Therefore, if possible, provide their pet access to the street, the owners decide to buy a hole for the cat at the door, thereby opening up new horizons for the animal. The basic door for cats is inexpensive, and you can buy it at any pet store. The door for the cat is made of various materials: plastic, wood, thick rubber, etc. By installing the door in the house, the owner will give his pet complete freedom of movement.

Independent production of a game complex

High-quality goods for animals, whether it be a cage for cats, a game house or a modular complex are expensive. To verify this, it is enough to visit the nearest pet shop and look at the price tags - the sum of some of them reach 10-15 thousand rubles. Therefore, economical owners decide to make a complex for cats with their own hands from scrap materials.

In addition to saving the budget, self-fabricated house makes it possible to perfectly choose the dimensions of the product in accordance with the availability of free space in the house. Also, the owner can choose the style and format of the game complex in accordance with the personal taste and individual needs of the pet. For the manufacture of complex carpentry tools and consumables are required.

Most often in the process of the wizard use the following elements:

  1. frame material (plastic, plywood, wooden bars),
  2. upholstery fabric (carpet, jeans, burlap),
  3. mounting hardware,
  4. glue,
  5. materials for scratching posts, toys, hammocks and other optional additions to the complex.

Before starting work, it is desirable to find a scheme for manufacturing the complex and, in accordance with its recommendations, prepare the blanks and assemble them. With the presence of enthusiasm and all the necessary tools, the owner of the cat will be able to assemble the original and beautiful game complex in just one day.

When self-fabricating a structure, it is important not to forget about the need for a broad base that guarantees the stability of the complex. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of durable and non-marking upholstery materials and safe mounting fittings.

By purchasing a small fluffy ball in the pet store, owners get a chance to get rid of stress and recharge energy in the company of graceful and funny cats for many years. After all, cats have long been known for their peace-loving and devoted character - they are able to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere in any home. To thank the cats for the love they give during their lives, the owners try to provide animals with good care, and express their appreciation, creating an optimal environment in the house.