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Alabai are considered to be loyal and very friendly dogs, they are good as a watchman or friend. Dogs have a calm, fearless temper, and large size gives them an awesome look. All these qualities make dogs excellent guards of the local area or site. Due to the dense wool and undercoat, alabai are well tolerated by heat and cold, which allows them to live on the street without any problems.

Dogs of this breed is not recommended to keep in the apartment, they feel best on the street. The booth and aviary for alabay - the best option for a comfortable life of the dog.

Characteristics of the doghouse

Alabai are sensitive to various changes in the situation, so the booth for them should be as comfortable and safe as possible. When building a booth, consider not only its size, but also the materials and roof structure.

Usually, the alabays remain outdoors all year round, as their wool allows them to tolerate even severe frosts. For year-round living is best wooden construction. The material retains heat well in winter and cool in summer.

Regardless of the type of material of the walls and roof, the booth must be insulated. It is best to use for this purpose environmentally friendly materials, such as sawdust. Mineral wool and polystyrene are also suitable as insulation. But remember that the mineral wool needs protection from moisture, and the foam can be laid in buildings remote from sources of ignition. In addition, mineral wool, when ingested by a dog (when ingested), affects the respiratory tract and the gastrointestinal tract. When laying the material, carefully isolate it so that the dog cannot reach it.

If you live in a cold region, in winter, the booth must be warmed with an additional covering with hay and snow. To do this, the kennel is surrounded with bales of straw (or other similar material, for example, sawdust) and covered with loose snow or cubes of solid crust. So that the snow does not sweep inside the booth, it is necessary to provide for a veil or door that the dog will not be able to tear and through which he will easily pass inside.

Humidity level

In order for Alabai not to catch a cold or to get infected through the ground, the booth is raised above the ground. When self-assembling a booth for alabay, check the floor overlap for cracks. Even high-quality insulation will not save from cracks and drafts.

Roof structure

The dog's booth is constantly clogged with wool, supplies and waste products. In order to avoid the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, the booth is cleaned once in 1-1.5 weeks. For easy cleaning, it is optimal to arrange a removable roof in the dwelling.

The life style of alabay obliges it to use the roof of the booth as a place for observation and rest, therefore the design of the roof should be flat with a slight slope to the rear partition.

Alabai are watchdogs, so they just need to have an open view of the whole yard. It is best to have a booth on the hill. If there is no elevation at the site, a small mound can be made, which will allow the dog to follow the site freely.

The design and size of the booth

Roof-turrets and dvukhskatnye designs are not suitable for Alabai. They can not lie down and watch the world around them.

Do not do too much bias, the dog should be comfortable constantly lying on the booth. It is better to equip the slope at the rear wall. If the booth is at a small elevation, dig a small trench for the outflow of water from the dwelling alabay.

Removable roof will allow cleaning the booth and monitor the dog during illness. If you have a bitch, then this design will be convenient during the delivery of the dog or during the feeding of puppies.

Soft roofing materials such as roofing felt, shingles or non-slip rubber are optimal for roof covering. The material should dampen the sounds of rain so that the dog is comfortable inside in any weather. In addition, on the soft upholstery alabayu easier to climb and move around.

Flat roof booths are performed in two different ways:

  • single partition construction
  • booth with a vestibule and a place to sleep.

Both designs can be warmed, so that they are warm in winter. However, a booth with a vestibule (an example is shown in the photo) is more convenient for year-round living.

In a kennel with two sections, the vestibule acts as an air cushion. It protects the place to sleep from drafts, precipitation and wind. The slightest breath of wind, dust and dirt will remain in the first compartment. In addition, the bulk of the dirt from the paws and hair of the dog will remain in the vestibule. In the winter in a kennel with two branches will be much warmer, and in the spring drier. If you take alabaya for the winter in the house, then the booth with one section will do. You can equip an additional shed with a stove bench so that in the summer the dog will have a place to rest in the shade.

It is very important to choose the size of the dog box. A cramped house, in which alabai barely fits, cannot be called comfortable. However, too large booths are not very practical. Heat from the body of the dog and from the insulation will not be enough to maintain a comfortable temperature in the frost.

If you are planning to buy a booth, choose a design for a large dog. These houses are made specifically for large breeds. Many offices and companies are engaged in the manufacture of dog booths for individual measurements. If you plan to build housing for the dog yourself, use the following calculations for the design:

  • the height of the box inside should consist of the growth of the dog and 5-6 spare centimeters,
  • the width is made equal to the length from the tip of the nose to the tail of the dog + 7-10 cm,
  • the manhole for a booth is slightly smaller than the size of the dog at the withers, and the width is made according to the size of the chest + 5-10 cm.

If you have taken a puppy, then the above parameters should not be taken into account. In such a case, it is optimal to use the standard dimensions:

  • length - 13-135 cm,
  • width - 100 cm
  • height is 85-90 cm,
  • entrance - 50-55 in height and 35 in width.

If you plan to build an open-air cage around the booth or fence for walking, decide on the material and height of the fence. The length of the fence must be at least two meters. To the dog did not dig, dig a fence to a depth of 50-70 cm. Optimally do not fence, and a full enclosure in which Alabai can safely run.

Those who plan to build an aviary for alabaya with their own hands, and do not know how to make the right design, it is better to use the recommended size of an aviary for alabay. The optimal area of ​​the enclosure for a large dog is 10 square meters, height - 2.5-3 meters.

Drawing and materials

It is more convenient to assemble, if all materials and tools are purchased in advance. To calculate the amount of building material on the structure, build a schematic drawing or take a ready-made diagram.

To build a standard kennel for alabay you will need:

  • timber 10 by 10 cm, 4 by 4 and 10 by 5 cm,
  • planking for plating
  • chipboard sheets,
  • 2-3 cm thick floor boards
  • insulation (sawdust, mineral wool, etc.),
  • rolled roofing material
  • OSB-plate and other chip materials,
  • glassine,
  • sand,
  • antiseptic treatment for wooden structures,
  • metal brackets,
  • fasteners.

Before assembling the booth, carefully sanded wooden structures. Impregnate with antiseptic only outside the booth, the dog's scent is stronger than human. Therefore, a strong smell of impregnation may not like the dog.

Assembly stages

After processing the material and preparing the tools, you can proceed to assembly. Construction of the booth includes the following steps:

  • Training. Inspection of soil and terrain, measurements and so on.
  • Fitting. It is necessary to expand all parts of the booth after the cut and estimate whether they are suitable for each other.
  • Bond first parts. Assembly start from the bottom. To do this, use the bar 4 to 4 cm. From it collect a rectangular structure, which is wrapped outside the clapboard.
  • Warming the floor. The collected bottom is laid with a “cake” of glassine and polystyrene. From above lay one more layer of glass door and fasten all with building brackets. Above the insulation and waterproofing stuffed flooring.
  • Assembling frames. For the frame use a thick bar of 10 to 10 cm. Two bars are made in the height of the booth, and the other two are larger by 7-10 cm. Tall racks are tied vertically onto the floor panel, and small racks are fixed to the back wall. Drop in height will create a slope of the roof. At the same stage, fix the frame to enter.
  • Build walls. Outside, the finished structure is upholstered with boards. And they immediately warm the walls, for this the glassine is attached to the inside of the walls with a stapler, then the inside of the booth is trimmed with insulation and closed with another layer of glassine. The whole “cake” of insulation is covered with plywood or chipboard and hammered.

When the booth is ready - you can make an aviary for alabaya. Remember that it is better to build a place for a dog from transparent material, for example, from a chain-link. In such an aviary dog ​​will be comfortable and not boring. Alabai will have a free overview of the yard and the surrounding area.

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Ilya, hello!
At the Niva Club are you? ))

Healthy aviary turned out! Only why from the chain-link? Rabbit alabay not hold. Grow up - dismiss her paw like a knitted sweater)))

I made it out of my professional pipe.

Hello! Yes, at the Niva Club I. Why out of a chain-link? So far enough. Not even once, did he gnaw)))

By the way the feeder - chic! Take note.
And then use the purchase. She loosens over time.

Hello! Yes, at the Niva Club I. Why out of a chain-link? So far enough. Not even once, did he gnaw)))

By the way, and you don't let the dog leave to walk freely around the yard? What did such a big aviary do?

He freely walks, on the territory of 40 acres

my rabbits climbed)
and the aluminum ladder climbed onto the roof of the house)

I'm still afraid of heights)))
And how did you take it off the roof?

dad slate and shot through the attic)

that in the middle of the street an abandoned child must be protected uvolokut

To rest, it is necessary to cross over the chain-link, as all entrances to my territory are always locked. And if the thieves decide to fly over the chain-link, then nothing would have stopped them. Even if the aviary would have been in another place. And in fact, the aviary is located on the most successful place, so that the dog sees the territory, and not anywhere in the garden)))

The neighbors have two people live for five years, do not run anywhere, sales if the gate is open. They lie near the gate and look at the passers-by. Not at all aggressive, the main thing for them is not to climb into the territory without owners.

You won't notice how the dog grows up ...

Last year I had an alabay injured bitch, lived for 3 months, about 6-7 months old, about two weeks later, as she recovered, she jumped, but 1.8 meters. I could not take it, but I jumped 1.5 in the garden. And behind my coal so that the dog did not run the improvised fence was out of pallets, so it climbed over them like on a staircase until the sheet of OSB from above was fastened. Although only I could have been so bouncy. Aviary 👍.

Nitsche not scatter. I have a chain-link around the perimeter of the entire plot and nothing happened in 5 years. Runs a bear and did not break anything. It all depends on education.

My acquaintances also have a one and a half year old alabay cable, and for 1.5m a rabbi. Nothing broke and did not stretch. And never even jumped

after half a year when the figs grow up you go there it will be his territory

I just wonder how many alabayev owners are there. I don't know so much about them. Where I go, where not)))

Grid alabai not for long. Will grow tears. This is verified.

The fence must of course be strengthened in half a year!
While the puppy is cool and the dog will grow up angry!

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Everything is done beautifully, but this beauty will break apart in a year.

The grid the chain-link will approach so far small. Do something that is more serious. The chain-link will grow a grid once bears to pieces

Tremendous and angry Alabai touched)))

A good aviary, but about the chain-link I will support the others and add from my own, I have a Caucasian, a girl, she smashed a rait during the night to pieces, the cat suffered. You will have more “calf”, I think, and it’s good if nobody gets hurt.

Good valer and beautiful dog! I also have a white girl, 1 year already. I am not very sure about the chain-link, my rabbi in the yard is already pulling out when she jumps on it, and the enclosure made 3 m by 5 m from a 1.5 cm pipe, 1.2 mm thick.

the grid is not an option, I have the same under 90 weight will take 5 seconds

the door will knock out.
A friend of the average Asian managed to knock out the profile sheet.
It's tanks weighing under 80kg.

That's about that, but about the door, I'm definitely not worried))

maybe not correctly expressed, heck embarrasses me.

That's about that, but about the door, I'm definitely not worried))

Is the door inwards open?

Naturally. I'm still not a sofa dog breeder)))

I have a Stafford puppy rabbit at one time, the net is not an option. The error may be too expensive, will go schen.

Something like this) We started at 1.6 years old with the 13th rubber.

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When time is short. This is more I need to lash. I try to run more without a balloon)))

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A friend has alabai. Grid puffin tears at times. While the little one may not break, but the dog's eyesight deteriorates because of the mesh. Cook the armature vertically instead of the mesh. Now reliable, not tearing).

Learn from mistakes)))

A friend has alabai. Grid puffin tears at times. While the little one may not break, but the dog's eyesight deteriorates because of the mesh. Cook the armature vertically instead of the mesh. Now reliable, not tearing).

Is it true that the dog's vision from the mesh deteriorates?

Is it true that the dog's vision from the mesh deteriorates?

True or not, I will not argue. So told me one person who is breeding dogs.

Everything's OK. He also wanted to make his own trough, but he changed his mind in time. For dogs of large breeds, personal contact with the host is very important when feeding. Ie he went to the aviary with food, went to the bowls, while the dog, as usual, wags its tail and is next dancing for joy. He poured food, on command, the puppy approached, stroked it and allowed to start the meal. Try to pick up food from the dog so that it does not snapped in the future. And so it turns out as a kormeshka of tigers in a zoo, threw and ran away))) Asians are serious dogs, if you miss the education, the business will not be.

That's right. I also wrote that for convenience. It may turn out that someone will have to instruct to do this. It is made not to communicate with the dog through the cage, but for all sorts of moments. Moreover, I did it, enjoying work)))

Everything's OK. He also wanted to make his own trough, but he changed his mind in time. For dogs of large breeds, personal contact with the host is very important when feeding. Ie he went to the aviary with food, went to the bowls, while the dog, as usual, wags its tail and is next dancing for joy. He poured food, on command, the puppy approached, stroked it and allowed to start the meal. Try to pick up food from the dog so that it does not snapped in the future. And so it turns out as a kormeshka of tigers in a zoo, threw and ran away))) Asians are serious dogs, if you miss the education, the business will not be.

Yes, I also do that with my pesel. First I ask if he will eat) When the barks in response, I begin to pour. Until I say "Can" is not starting. Well, at the time of the meal I can go and dig deeper in the bowl) Although he treats meat much more zealously than porridge))

What kind of beast?

As it is known, alabai are simply magnificent watchmen. Therefore, in a private house, you just can not do without such a strong and brave guard. The brightest trait alabaya - its impressive size. Of course, the market for pet products is now so large that it is easy to buy a suitable kennel. But it’s much more pleasant to take care of yourself so that your pet and helper lives comfortably.

To do this, you need to know what exactly the booth will have for alabay sizes. It’s not difficult to make it with your own hands. To do this, absolutely no special skills are needed. It is enough to be able to hold a hammer. And of course, know the required size of the booth for alabaya. The drawing of such a structure also does not pose any difficulty. Anyone can do it himself.

Important Requirements

First you need to choose the right place for the location of the dog house. The size of the booth for alabay is quite large, so that if the area you have is not too large, problems can arise with the installation of canine shelter.

It is necessary to have a house in such a way that in the summer it does not get direct sunlight. Otherwise, your shaggy friend will be very hot. But it is also not recommended to move the house deep into the shadow.

The best place for a kennel is on a small hill, in the shade of one or two trees. In no case should not place the booth in the valley. Both in summer and in winter water will be collected there. Your pet will start to suffer from dampness and may even get sick.

Dimensions of the kennel

To ensure maximum comfort to your pet, you need to choose the right size of the booth for alabay. If you do not guess a little, the home will be inconvenient and the dog may not like it; it will refuse to enter it. Согласитесь, будет очень обидно: столько сил и энергии потрачено, а ему не нравится.

Если в вашем доме растет щенок, то довольно трудно предугадать, каких именно размеров он достигнет. Поэтому вам придется выбрать один из двух вариантов:

  • measure pet sizes and build a new kennel each year
  • Build a standard box designed for large breed dogs and wait for the baby to grow up.

If you decide to stay at the second option, the size of the booth for alabay will be something like this:

  • length - 1250–1300 mm,
  • width - 1050–1100 mm,
  • height - 900–950 mm.

If the resulting house for your pet is still too big, you can additionally warm it from the inside. So the area of ​​the kennel will be a little smaller, and the animal in it will be much warmer.

We take measurements with alabay

If you decide to build a house of exactly the size you need for your dog, your pet will have to be measured. You need to take only three measurements:

  • the chest half-grip is weak,
  • length of the body from tail to nose,
  • height from the floor to the highest point of the withers.

That's all. The comfortable size of the doghouse for alabay can be calculated as follows:

  • the depth and width of the dog house is equal to the length of the body + 70-100 mm,
  • the height of the kennel - the height of the pet + 60–70 mm.

In order for an animal to freely enter and exit the house, it needs a comfortable manhole:

  • manhole width - half-grip (girth, divided in half) the dog's chest + 100 mm,
  • Manhole height - animal height or 50–70 mm lower.

Here is our booth for alabaya. Dimensions and design drawings, as you can see, are quite simple.

Materials and tools

Before proceeding directly to the manufacture, you need to prepare the tools and select the material for construction.

  • long line or level
  • simple pencil marker
  • hand saw or jigsaw,
  • drill or screwdriver set,
  • wood screws (many)
  • metal corners,
  • timber frame,
  • plywood or wall board,
  • insulation,
  • paint brushes.

Of course, the best material for making a doghouse is wood. To extend the service life, the boards are treated with special impregnations that protect the wood from rotting and various insects. It is possible to paint the finished product only from the outside, from the inside it is not worth doing.

The roof is best to build removable. So it will be possible to periodically air the dwelling and clean it. So that the house is warm in winter and cool in summer, it is well warmed with mineral wool or foam. The roof is covered with pieces of roofing material, shingles or other roofing materials.

Building a house for the dog: stages

Showing imagination, you can draw a huge number of models and variants of a dog's home. It depends only on you what kind of a kennel will be for alabaya. We have already determined the dimensions, now we are going to draw up a construction plan:

  1. We make the drawing. If you do not know exactly how to do this, you can find a drawing of a similar structure on the Internet and redo it to fit your size.
  2. Cut into bars of appropriate sizes.
  3. Using self-tapping screws, we assemble the walls of a future structure: the back, front and two side.
  4. We sheathe all internal parts with plywood and fasten them together with self-tapping screws and metal corners.
  5. From the bars of the desired size, we assemble the floor frame and sew it with boards. We make sure that there are no gaps between them.
  6. We make the frame of the roof (ceiling), we sheathe it with plywood from the inside.
  7. We warm the roof with a thick layer of mineral wool.
  8. We insulate the floor and wall panels with foam plastic of the required thickness.
  9. We sheathe the structure with clapboard, plywood and other material, we “sew up” the roof.
  10. Fasten the roof to the back or side wall of the booth on door hinges. Thus it turns out folding roof. This allows the kennel to be aired and cleaned.

Rules for arranging a good kennel

The sizes suggested above may change several times as the dog grows. This usually happens when a booth is built for a puppy. There are several rules, the observance of which allows you to make the kennel as comfortable as possible:

  • nothing should interfere with the animal, it must be comfortable to lie or stand in the booth,
  • the hole must be of a comfortable size, otherwise alabai may be injured,
  • the building must be well insulated,
  • the walls and roof should not leak or blow,
  • An interesting option is the booth, the roof structure of which provides for a small attic, there you can keep different dog stuff in the winter period: toys, unwanted bowls, etc., besides, the attic is an additional air cushion, the booth will be even warmer
  • to build a kennel is best of wood - this is the most environmentally friendly material,
  • it is better to check the dimensions and drawings several times, it’s better that the dog’s house will be a little more spacious than close.

How to equip Laz

However, in order to correctly calculate the size of the booth for alabay, it is very important to properly equip the entrance to the dog's dwelling. Laz is best positioned slightly away from the center of the structure, so the dog will be more comfortable. In inclement weather, she can hide behind a solid wall and, curled up, wait out the weather.

Quite often you can find recommendations for the construction of a two-room kennel. One part of such a booth is a vestibule, and the other is a sleeping area. Such housing is good only in the case when your pet does not have additional functions of a guard. Often, especially vigilant watchmen, even in the most severe frosts, refuse to leave their post and go to the sleeping compartment of the kennel. After all, there can not see the entire protected area.

There is another subtlety. Before entering the kennel would be nice to build a small threshold. Only 10–15 cm in height is enough, and the entrance to the booth will be reliably protected from wind and snow.

Determine the type of roof

Another important moment in the construction of dog housing - the choice of the type of roof. It can be both single and gable.

The type of roof chosen is absolutely independent of the size of the booth for alabay you have calculated. It is noticed that the dogs themselves are more fond of lean-to roofs. If it is strong enough, the animal can use it as an additional platform for rest and observation. Located far above the ground, it is an excellent observation point and allows you to control a much larger area. Alabai love this very much.

There is one more argument. As you understand, in the winter in the booth there is no heating. Therefore, the smaller the internal volume of the kennel, the easier it is for the dog to warm it with its heat. The gable roof adds to the booth internal volume. If the height of the structure is sufficient for the convenience of alabaya, then this additional volume is absolutely useless. Therefore, if you really want to build a gable roof for aesthetic reasons, it is advisable to make an additional flat ceiling. So alabayu will be warm, and the booth will look perfect.

Requirements for the aviary for alabaya

Square. Alabai are big, powerful dogs, so they will definitely be cramped in a small aviary. Moreover, it is necessary to place a booth in it, make a place for meals and leave room for free movement. Given all this, the size of the aviary for alabay should be at least 10 sq.m. A large area is welcome, but in no case should it be reduced.

If it is built for several inhabitants, then it is necessary to add 5 square meters each. meters for each pet. The females will need more space, since their content implies the appearance of offspring, which also dwells for some time with their mother.

Height. Alabayev has a strong breeding instinct, which allows males to fly over three-meter fences in search of a “bride”. Therefore, the fence should be as high as possible.

This feature causes the ban to install the booth near the fences. Alabai, climbing onto the roof of the booth, can easily jump over any fence.

Floor. As for the flooring for the aviary, it should be done combined. Concrete is not recommended, as it is cold and can lead to various pet diseases. It is best to partially asphalt the area.

The rest of the floor is made of coniferous boards. The tree is able to maintain a good climate - do not overheat in the sun and do not freeze through in the cold. Of course, cleaning wood flooring is more difficult. Naturally, the pet must be walked, otherwise the floor in the aviary will very quickly become unusable.

The simplest and most economical option is to enclose a land plot without building a floor or ceiling. But alabai and noble men of diggers, so you need to be prepared for the fact that the dog will dig the ground under the walls. And, besides, in rainy weather, the pet will have to be constantly in the booth.

Roof. Therefore, it is still worth thinking about the comfort of your pet and make him a roof. It can be from a professional flooring, a flexible tile, an ondulin or a metal tile.

A door. On the front side of the aviary, there must be a full door, not a manhole. This is necessary not only for the dog, but also in order for the person to calmly enter. For the sake of safety, it must open inwards. It would be advisable to equip the entrance with strong valves made of metal or a large padlock.

Overview. The main function of the alabai is to protect the territory, which means that the aviary must be located where the dog can see the entire yard, or in the most vulnerable place for intruders to enter.

Material. Naturally, the choice of materials must take into account the physical data of the Central Asian shepherd dogs. Flimsy buildings can not stand up under the pressure of such a powerful beast. The supporting structure must be installed at least one third deep into the entire length and filled with concrete. The grid-chain-link, often used as an enclosure for the fence, will not work in this case - the alabai is often gnawed by it.

Aviary for alabaya do it yourself

Of course, turning to professionals, you can order absolutely any project of an open-air cage, right up to brick buildings. But here's a simpler option you can do on your own, given that, despite the endurance, the pet still needs protection from atmospheric agents.

Having no special construction skills and material means, it is possible to build a structure from a metal profile, by welding a galvanized welded mesh to it. Do not take a lot of time and money.

Photo aviary for Alabai

More difficult, costly, but also practical, is the installation of metal pipes (the digging must be accompanied by concreting). Lattices are welded to the base. In order for the aviary to last longer, it is necessary to prime all metal parts and enamel it. It is recommended to use the hot painting method.

It implies the mandatory installation of the door with reliable constipation. The floor is better to lay out of pre-polished boards. To increase the service life, it is desirable to treat the floor surface with special solutions that protect the material from rotting.

The roof is constructed using lightweight beams and covered with ondulin. So that the pet has protection from the wind, the enclosure walls (one or two) can be covered with polycarbonate. The front side must remain clear so that Alabai may fulfill his security duties.

To ensure shade and coolness in the summer heat, you can plant a climbing plant near one of the walls of the aviary. This is the most profitable option for keeping the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, without prejudice to the pet itself.

Performance of the booth and aviary

It is not enough just to build a structure, it is still necessary to properly care for it:

  1. Cleaning the aviary. Pet maintenance must be kept clean. It is impossible to overload the open-air cage and the adjacent space with unnecessary objects. Twice a day you need to sweep it. The excrement must be cleaned, for this purpose there must be a special paddle and container, which will also be emptied as it is filled. Remains of bones should also be removed from enclosures in a timely manner. It is necessary at least once during the warm season to wash the cage with water. To prevent the water from harvesting or rain in the aviary from stagnating, it is recommended to arrange ditches or trays along the aviary. They must have a mandatory slope, so that the water spontaneously drains into the sewer, or a special tank. From the necessary cleaning equipment you need to have: a few scoops of iron, a broom, boxes, wooden and iron shovel, several large buckets. See why dogs eat excrement.
  2. Disinfection. Mandatory event to be held monthly in summer, and once every three months in other periods. You can use a three percent solution of creolin or lysol. It is prepared by dissolving substances in warm water. For spraying on the surface it is most convenient to use a hydraulic control unit, distributing the liquid on the walls and the floor. Disinfection is carried out only after a thorough cleaning of the aviary, its cleansing from debris. It is possible to run a pet in an open-air cage only after complete drying of the treated surfaces. That wood served longer, it is not necessary to carry out wet cleaning often. After the event, the tree must dry out.

Do not allow the overgrowth of the enclosure with vegetation. Between the ornamental plant and the wall, the distance should be not less than 20 cm.

In winter, you need to regularly clean the roof, otherwise a layer of snow can just push it. And it is also recommended to clear the perimeter of the cage from snowdrifts, especially during periods of warming and possible melting of snow.

In the cold, you can take care of the pet and hang the entrance to the booth with a tarpaulin. This is especially important for whelping bitches. For the same purpose, the floor in the booth was covered with straw. It is necessary to change litter at least once every seven days.

When planting a Central Asian shepherd, it is worth considering that this is not a convivial creation and is not suitable for keeping in an aviary with other animals.

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Can you please tell me what dimensions the Aviary should have for the CAO, which is the best aviary (flooring, walls, indoor - outdoor,) what sizes should the booth in the aviary have, and is the fence high enough around the 2.5 meter section?

I am building a country house and while construction work is underway, I would like to immediately make an aviary for the CAO, I am familiar with the breed, but under conditions of detention in an apartment. And here on the free-run you need an open-air cage.

Does it make sense to build a hook for the chain in the ribbon foundation of the fence or will there be enough an open-air cage.