Maine Coon - the smartest and biggest cat in the world among domestic breeds


Cat lovers are always very interested in which of them is the smartest, the most beautiful, the most dexterous, the largest, and so on. This interest is based not only on elementary curiosity. Secretly, they all believe that this is their cat the most, the most, the most ...

Today we will talk about big cats. For a long time, the myth of the existence of the most expensive and the largest cat, the Usher breed, was maintained. However, such a breed does not exist, and large representatives of the savannah breed were called Asher.

What are the biggest cats? Maine Coon breed is well known to specialists and cat lovers. She appeared more than 100 years ago. It was at this time that the largest cats appeared. Maine Coon breed created a sensation among fans and connoisseurs of these domestic animals.

For a long time, a raccoon-like cat lived on farms in Maine. Her “duties” included rodent control. This animal was first shown at an exhibition in the late nineteenth century. Since that time, the history of the breed is counted. The farther past of this animal is shrouded in mystery. It is believed that these cats came to America on ships with the first settlers from Europe. Their further history can be considered a legend. According to one of the versions that have come down to us, cats crossed with a trot, and on the other with a raccoon. To the "benefit" of these versions speaks only the external similarity with them. The largest cats (breed Maine Coon) are distinguished by magnificent tassels on the ears, like a lynx, and fluffy and wide tails, and the color repeats the raccoon fur coat. These original versions have no basis, due to the specific differences and the impossibility of their crossing.

Over time, the Maine-Coon breed fell in love with American farmers. The cat fully met the requirements of the owners - she was intelligent, she knew how to take care of her own food, and had excellent health.

About the size and weight of the Maine Coon is often told fables. We want to give you real information about the real size of animals. The largest cats (Maine Coon breed) weigh (for cats) not more than 10 kg, some sterilized specimens reach 13 kg, cats can weigh up to 6 kg, there are individuals that reach 8 kg.

The largest breed of domestic cats - Maine Coons - animals are surprisingly kind and gentle, they are curious and trusting, like children. This is a born companion cat. Many of them do not like to sit in the arms of their owner (however, it is rather difficult to arrange such a giant comfortably in their arms), but they will gladly take a seat next to you on the couch during the evening watching a movie.

For a long time it was believed that the largest cats are the savanna breed (previously issued as an Asher). The goal of the founder of the breed breeder from Pennsylvania Judy Frank was to breed a pet, which would combine in itself a docile character and an exotic appearance. Parents of the first kitten became a domestic Siamese cat and Serval - a predator living in the savannah.

Savannah is the largest breed. A domestic cat weighing twelve or fourteen kilograms and having a height of about 50 cm at the withers, commands respect. This is an intellectual cat. She is very resourceful and individual. Behavior is more like a dog. With pleasure she walks on a leash along the street, likes to swim, is easy to train. Lives well with other pets.

Today you know a little more about what the biggest cats are. Breed savanna and Maine Coon sure you are interested.

Breed description

Maine Coons - large cats with a good character, powerful muscles and excellent endurance. The first exhibition, at which the breed was presented, was held in New York in May 1895. After a short take-off, the breed was supplanted by the Persians. Only in the middle of the 20th century, Maine Coons again became popular all over the world.

Body Features

Despite the huge size, these cats are very graceful and beautifully folded. The large head is on a powerful, muscular neck of medium length. Limbs cats have an average length. Buns of wool on their paws serve not only to protect against the cold, but also do not allow cats to fall when moving through the snow.

Breed Maine Coon was bred for survival in the harsh local conditions due to mating, which explains the features of the appearance of cats. They have long been tamed by man. On numerous photos you can see these handsome men, distinguished by their long thick hair, which is a feature of the Maine Coon cat.

This feature was bred by long-haired individuals. Coat of raccoon cats consists of three layers. At first, all kittens are endowed with thick undercoat and longer axial hair. Growing up, cats acquire a third surface layer of wool, called protective. Holding the snow, the protective layer does not wet the undercoat and protects against cold. With the onset of cold weather, wool begins to grow more intensively in the abdomen, neck and hind legs, forming "pants."

The photo shows that Maine Coon cats have a large, massive head with sharp features. The nose is of medium length with a long, expressive mustache. Cheekbones high. Powerful chin makes a square face. The eyes are large, slightly oblique, set far enough apart. If they are wide open, they appear round. The eyes may be green, amber, golden or yellow.

The ears are very wide at the base, set close to each other at a distance not exceeding the width of the base of one ear. Highly set ears end with tassels similar to lynx. They are very mobile, in a split second cats can rotate them 90 degrees. Inside, each ear is well trimmed, which provides excellent protection from the cold.

Wide chest has a rectangular shape. The tail is the same length as the body. This makes it possible to use it when running as a steering wheel. Long hair covering the tail protects against severe frosts in winter.

Maine Coons retained the main features of their wild ancestors: form and graceful movements. They are the largest of the purebred cats. These are massive animals. They develop slowly and become mature by the age of 4-5, ready for mating.

How much do these giants weigh? Adult cats can reach a weight of 6-12 kg, cats are not so large, they weigh from 4 to 9 kg on average. A Maine Coon cat was registered with a maximum body length of 1.23 meters and a weight of 12 kg.

A Maine Coon kitten at the age of one week weighs from 200 to 260 grams, cats weigh less - from 180 to 230 grams. In six months, cats weigh from 3.9 to 6.0 kg, cats - from 3.2 to 4.5 kg. The weight of a one-year-old cat is about 5.7 - 9.0 kg, cats - 4.5 - 6.8 kg. The video shows Maine Coon kittens of different ages and adult cats, showing their size and how much they weigh.

No matter how much you look at Maine Coons, you never stop wondering how many colors there are. The colors of the breed are not recognized brown, chocolate and other lighter colors, as well as acromelanic. Maine Coon cat breed can be red, red, white, black and blue with any options of agouti and tabby.

Intellect and character

Maine Coon - the largest domestic cat in the world. He can be given only a positive characteristic. He attracts with his tender and gentle character. Those who dealt with raccoon cats celebrate the nobility, restraint, tact and strength of character, which comes from a sense of self-confidence of these animals. These giants with docile temperament are very different from other domestic cats, even in their voice they hear a distinct bright vibration. They rarely meow, giving only sometimes a gentle voice that does not harmonize with their size.

Maine Coons are freedom-loving and love to have a lot of living space in the house where they live. The echo of their wild nature is such a feature - they love to relax in the most strange poses and in unexpected places. Having taken a comfortable position not far from their host, they love to watch them. Maine Coons are patient, empathetic and affectionate with their owners. With strangers show loyalty and politeness, but do not like familiarity.

Possessing good memory and intelligence, Maine Coons are well trained in training, they memorize many phrases and intonations, they can understand their owner at first glance or gesture. Cats are very active and get along well with children and live peacefully with other pets. Relationship Maine Coons with other animals can be seen on numerous videos and photos posted on the Internet.

Care features

Since it is very important for Maine Coon to have sharp claws in the natural environment, they constantly sharpen them. Therefore, for the preservation of furniture and door jambs, you need to purchase a special device on which cats would sharpen their claws. It is necessary to monitor the length of the claws, especially the fifth claw, which is not reaching the ground, therefore it can grow back and even crash into the skin of the paw. Usually the cats gnaw off their claws themselves; if they are too long, you can help your pet and trim the claws with a nail cutter.

Although the raccoon cats have long thick hair, it is not confused like the Persians, but requires regular combing. It is enough to comb them 2-3 times a week, when they start to fade, you should brush more often. It is recommended to start combing with a large comb, removing neatly lumps of felted wool. Then you can comb more frequent comb. Most often, the wool falls around the abdomen, on the hind legs, chest and under the neck.

When caring for the eyes, care must be taken that there is no mucus in the corners. Wipe your eyes with a cotton swab dipped in tea or a weak solution of boric acid. Auricles should be pink and clean, contamination cleaned with cotton swabs. After cleaning the ears should be sprinkled with antiseptic powder.

It is important to properly feed the cat, nutrition should be balanced and diverse, which should contain the necessary amount of fat, protein, vitamin and minerals. The quality of food depends on the health of the cat.

A special feature of Maine Coons is a long pregnancy. It is best to admit to mating adult cats who have reached the age of 4-5 years. The rules of mate selection and breeding in raccoon cats do not differ from other breeds. For mating should select healthy individuals who do not have genetic diseases. During pregnancy and feeding in the cat menu should include more vitamin products with a high content of calcium.

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Norwegian Forest Cat

By asking the search engine what the biggest cat in the world is, a man in the street can see the description of a Norwegian Forest Cat. This animal possesses a wild look and a characteristic exterior that gives out the presence of wild ancestor genes in the pet's blood. Representatives of this breed are considered the first cats that have been domesticated by humans. They are distinguished by a wayward character and a developed intellect.

The weight of males can reach 10 kg, and females –7 kg. These animals have a keen hunting instinct and even living in the same room with a man, they will strive to prove their independence and unbridled temperament.

Home serval

Passion for exotic animals has led to the fact that the breeders began to officially engage in the development of home servals. Unlike its wild descendant - the African Serval, the serval of a cat will have a long lifespan and mild disposition. In the wild, cats live only 10-12 years, and with proper care in captivity can live for about 20 years.

Home Serval has long legs, big ears and a miniature head. Lynx and caracal are considered his closest relatives, while the pet looks like a small copy of a cheetah - it is covered with characteristic spots and has a similar facial expression.

These animals can reach 60 centimeters at the withers and weigh up to 18 kilograms. At the moment, the serval cat price in rubles which is about 450 thousand, is a sign of the consistency and high status of the owner. However, acquiring such an animal is important to remember about the features of its socialization. It is not recommended to look for nurseries, where the cat's servals, whose price is quite high, are raised in questionable conditions. In this case, there is a high risk of acquiring an ordinary wild serval, which can be dangerous for the owner and his family.

Ashera does not exist! Asher is a grand scam!

Under cats, the Asher breeds sold Savannah F1 — DNA tests showed this. Yes, and hypoallergenic cats do not exist (as was stated by Asher).

Maine Coon is inferior in size to Savannah F1. Savannah weighs 10-15 kg on average, and Kuhn 8-10, 12 kg each weigh only very large lines of cats, and cats weigh an average of 8 kg.

The greater the number F, the more Savannah becomes like an ordinary cat.

Tiger. Desirable Ussuri. Can be domesticated.

Ligr - a cross between a lion and a tigress. Start this and no neighbors are not afraid.

According to the Guinness Book of Records for 2006

In general, from the domestic big cats, if you do not take an exclusive grown artificially, then Maine-Coon. For comparison, I give a picture

These cats reach a weight of 15 kg (non-obese and non-neutered)

BUT! It should be noted that this breed was bred artificially 100 years ago and the most enduring and large individuals were taken for breeding. More

Currently there is a controversial exclusive. If the Maine Coons are already breeding by themselves and exist as a breed, then Asher is a new breed that is artificially bred for home keeping. Her height in height reaches a meter, weight 15 kg. The controversial author is the English biotech company Lifestyle Pets.

It is better to see once

BUT! And there are pitfalls on the authenticity of this breed - a mixture of Serval and an Asian leopard cat, followed by mixing with a domestic cat. More details. Ashera is not capable of self-production and is sold for wild money of 30,000 bucks with various pluses and bonuses. In general, here is more detailed. The cat exists, but here's Asher, Savannah (a mixture of serval and Egyptian mau), Serval - it seems that in the pursuit of profit, fraudsters on the exclusive are confused. So when acquiring know.

Unique data Maine Coon

An adult Maine-Coon cat can reach a weight of 12 kilograms or more. But, despite such power, the animal's voice is very gentle and gentle, unlike any other. The head of the cat is slightly stretched, the ears are large and covered with down from the inside. On the tips of the ears are tassels, like a lynx - this is the “trademark” sign of the breed. The tail of the pussy is long and very fluffy.

The character of the Maine Coon is soft enough and calm. Grace and nobility are visible in every leisurely movement. The animal is so neat that even during the game it does not demolish and does not break household items (and this despite the impressive size). Such a kitten can be easily brought to families with children. The Maine Coons are excellent companions and love a variety of fun.

You should not be surprised if the cat prefers to sleep on the tiled floor with a warm and soft pillow. Due to the dense hair of your pet can be hot. Maine-coons are very fond of choosing to rest in a secluded and cool place.

The champion of this breed is the longest cat in the world, Suit from the state of Nevada. His length from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail was 123.2 cm. The record was officially registered, and the owner of the champion claims that Suit is a very kind and gentle cat.

Breed history

The charming Maine-coon pussies were bred by breeders about 230 years ago. The work was carried out in the cold American state of Maine, so thick and long hair is the merit of not only scientists, but also of natural weather conditions. Pussies turned out perfectly adapted to the harsh winters and easily endured frosts. Farmers preferred to take the most fluffy and strong kittens, born hunters. And it also helped to strengthen and improve the breed.

The outstanding qualities of Maine Coon wool during all these years cause genuine admiration of cat owners. There is a theory that long and strong hair turned out when crossing Angora and Norwegian wild cats living in the northern forests. According to legend, the Angora cats were once brought to the North American continent by foreign sailors. They were taken to swimming for outstanding hunting qualities.

Two interesting versions are connected with the name of the Maine-Coon family:

  1. The word "Coon" translates as "raccoon." Such a prefix was given to the newly appeared feline breed for its resemblance to a raccoon: long hair and a big bushy tail.
  2. The second version is a legend about the English captain Kuhn. He brought on his ship long-haired cats, from which then the American kittens appeared kittens. This new offspring was more adapted to the conditions of the north and quickly spread throughout the country.

The first exhibitions of the Maine Coon are dated to the 60s of the XIX century, but the breed became famous 30 years later at the main cat show in New York. Then the best cat was recognized representative of the Maine Coon. После этой победы порода была включена в официальный регистр американской ассоциации любителей кошек. В России мейн-кунов завезли из Дании около 20 лет назад.

Уникальные данные леопардовых кошек

Внешне представители породы Ашера действительно напоминают леопардов. У них длинное и грациозное тело, вытянутые лапы и шея, уникальный окрас. Шерсть у животного короткая и не требует особого ухода. Взрослый представитель породы может достигать 80 см в высоту и массы в 15 килограмм. Such a miracle is worth almost 22 thousand American dollars - this is also a kind of record.

The external similarity with the predatory beast did not affect the character of the pet. Ushers are friendly and agreeable, love their masters very loyally and tenderly. Behind the aristocratic and even slightly arrogant appearance lies a vulnerable and sensitive creature. Care and maintenance of a kitten does not cause unnecessary trouble to the owners. Ushera unpretentious food, eat ordinary cat food.

For people who are allergic to pet hair, hypoallergenic members of the breed are bred. The secret is in the absence of a specific protein that is formed in the cells of the epidermis and falls on the coat. While such a kitten is a huge rarity, hypoallergenic individuals started breeding just three years ago.

Ligr - the king of the cat family

In talking about the largest and most impressive representatives of the cat family, one cannot avoid such a unique animal as ligers. It is difficult to call him a pet, but he is not a wild beast either. This is an artificially bred hybrid - a child of a tigress and a lion. As a result of crossing two predators, a huge animal was born with a large lion body and tiger stripes on the skin. Officially recorded weight record for this beast is 798 kilograms.

Unique features of ligers

Powerful and beautiful ligers in length reach three meters and can weigh more than 300 kilograms. These animals exist only in captivity, in the wild the birth of such a hybrid is impossible. In the aviary, the tigress and the lion live together, but the appearance of the cub is possible only in two cases out of a hundred. A significant drawback of such a genetic experiment is the inability of the male to reproduce.

The skin of the ligger has a light color. The stripes are not as sharp as those of tigers, but are visible well and appear slightly blurred. Gorgeous lion's mane is not inherited ligrams. Even males are deprived of this luxury. You can see the live animal at the zoo in Miami. There the liger lives in a convenient aviary, swims and plays with pleasure.

The largest of the living representatives of this breed - ligra named Hercules. It has a height of 4 meters and weighs 400 kilograms. Hercules was born in 2002 and was raised by Professor Bhagavan Entle. The world-famous scientist devoted his whole life to working with endangered animal species and gladly raised Hercules.

The appetite for a giant cat is exactly the size. Even sticking to a strict diet, the liger consumes 9 pounds of meat daily. Nature has not cheated the beast with health and strength. If necessary, Hercules develops a speed of 80 km / h, although with his lifestyle it is not at all necessary.

Who is the world's largest?

If we consider the size of a cat in terms of its weight, then the largest are not Maine Coons and not even Asherah. A real ginger cat named Khimmi is considered a true heavyweight, whose weight has exceeded the mark of 21 kilograms, and the “waist girth” is 84 centimeters. According to the owners, the animal is absolutely healthy, just very lazy.

Such achievements have ceased to make the Guinness Book of Records. The organization committee considered that cat owners could harm the health of pets in pursuit of sensational weight. It is authentically known that the champion in weight, Himmi, could not even walk on his own and died rather quickly.

Any owner of fluffy purrs will say that the breed, size and cost of the pet go to the background. The main thing is the sincere love and tenderness that is given to a cat by a person.