Belkando dog food: reviews and review of the composition


The German company for the production of dry and wet food for pets Belcando has long established itself in the global market. The balanced Belkando dog food, belonging to the super premium class, supplies the animal's body with all the necessary elements from natural, high-quality raw materials. Today, more and more owners of four-legged pets prefer this brand, trusting German quality.

The composition of the feed Belkando

The undeniable advantage of Belkando feed is a high protein content of animal origin - more than 80%. Due to this, the food is perfectly digested and absorbed, and the animal's body is saturated.

German dog food Belcando belongs to the super premium class, available in dry and wet versions.

In the composition you can find not only poultry meat, but also veal, lamb, pork and fish (all meat components in a dry form).

IMPORTANT. All feed ingredients are produced exclusively on local German farms, with strict controls in accordance with European regulations. A high-tech gentle processing allows you to save all the nutritional properties of the products used.

Sources of carbohydrates in diets are rice, oat seeds, and oatmeal. The liver of a bird supplies not only protein, but also folic acid, iron, magnesium and phosphorus to the animal. Flax seed contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids and soluble fiber, which improves digestion. In addition, the recipe of the feed included a large number of herbs and plants: nettle, chamomile, fennel, cumin, yarrow, blackberry leaves, yucca extract and others.

The coat of a dog that feeds on Belkando’s food is strong, healthy and shiny.

Another component of Belkando's nutrition is brewer's yeast, which not only normalizes metabolic processes and activity of the gastrointestinal tract, but also improves the condition of the pet's skin and coat.

The production of food does not apply all sorts of soy products and by-products, artificial preservatives, dyes, flavors and GMOs that negatively affect the digestive system of the dog and the body as a whole.

Vitamin E and rosemary oil are essential antioxidants. In addition, vitamin E helps strengthen the body's defenses, and rosemary oil has a beneficial effect on the bones, joints and teeth of the animal. Another great antioxidant in nutrition is the grape seed extract, which is superior in its properties to vitamins C and E.

Pros and cons of Belcando feed

Belcando's super premium food is of high quality and has many undeniable advantages:

  • enough real meat
  • rich and balanced composition: there is a necessary vitamin-mineral complex and beneficial fatty acids,
  • an extensive line of feed, not putting the buyer in close framework,
  • absolutely transparent composition: all ingredients and their percentage are painted on the label,
  • reasonable price, below many feeds of a similar class.

Among the nutritional deficiencies, only a low prevalence can be distinguished, which makes it difficult to purchase. In small towns, you may have to order through the online store.

How is this feed better than others?

Manufacturers of dog food rarely specify the ratio of animal and vegetable protein in their diet. On the Belkando feed label, you can see a clear indication of the percentage of animal protein - about 80%.

There are no preservatives or artificial flavors in the Belcando feed.

In such feeds as Bosch, Yozer, Arden Grange, one can only guess about the amount of animal protein, which is much more beneficial than vegetable.

Belkando does not contain artificial antioxidants and preservatives. Extracts of natural origin with a high content of tocopherol are used as an antioxidant. For example, in dog food Fitmin, preservatives and antioxidants of dubious origin are used, since the manufacturer does not specify these components.

Another advantage of Belkando feed is the presence of a complex of medicinal herbs in the formulation, which is not to be found in many well-advertised brands. So, in the super premium feeds Barking Heads, Almo Nature, Yozer and Eukanuba there are no similar phytocomponents for dogs.

IMPORTANT. At first glance, healing herbs may seem useless weeds. However, in fact, they have a powerful healing effect: nettle and blackberry leaves cleanse the blood and remove toxic substances, cumin fights against bloating, and chamomile has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Reviews of veterinarians about food for dogs Belcando

Julia, veterinarian, 36 years old. The peculiarity of the German Belcando dog food is that it not only contains high-quality ingredients, but also carefully metered with their proportions. It takes into account not only the protein level, but also the amino acid complex. Belcando has a percentage of real meat as a main component of the predator's diet for healthy living. In the feed there is no place for all kinds of artificial preservatives and synthetic additives, as well as soy, which can not be digested by the body. The food is very good, its composition is balanced, there are all substances necessary for the body of a dog. Therefore, I recommend this feed for daily food.

Peter, the vet, 60 years. Belkando feed belongs to the super premium class, and this already says a lot. It contains enough meat needed for a carnivorous dog. In the rations for large dogs it is more, for small ones - correspondingly less. Another important aspect of this food is the absence of questionable by-products, synthetic flavors and flavor enhancers that can severely undermine the pet's health. The ingredients of the feed are of high quality, so you can safely feed your pet rations Belkando.

Reviews dog breeders on feed Belkando for dogs

Alexandra. With the purchase of a golden retriever puppy, there was a problem in the selection of food, because this breed is very fastidious in eating and often suffers from food intolerance. Since it was impossible to feed with natural food due to the lack of free time for cooking, our experiments with food began. After testing the next feed, our baby began to lose wool, frequent gas formation appeared, the weight stood still, while the puppy was very often and many times empty. After reading on one of the forums about the German feed Belkando and analyzing its composition, I decided to buy it. The first feeding was unsuccessful - the puppy refused to eat, but now he tasted the food and eats it with pleasure. The loss of hair has stopped, the baby has noticeably gained weight, his mood is excellent and playful. In the toilet goes regularly once a day. I want to note that the puppy is quickly saturated, which makes this food very economical. This feed did not let us down, so feel free to recommend it.

Michael. I have two alabay (bitch and male) and since childhood they eat Belkando food. For all the time there have never been problems, the food is very good. Once, because of the lack of this feed on sale, Royal Canin had to be bought, after which strange stains appeared on the coat of the dog, and after a week he refused to eat it at all. I want to give advice to those who complain about Belkando: introduce a new feed gradually, in small portions, first mixing with the old feed, and everything will be fine. Because this food is really high quality and time-tested.

Average feed cost Belcando

Reviews of the German food Belcando are mostly positive, in rare cases there are stories about the incompatibility of food with the body of the pet. The food has a carefully selected composition and is quite reasonable, which meets the criterion of "price-quality". The average cost of a small kilogram package is from 600 to 730 rubles, and the buyer will pay from 5580 to 7150 rubles for a large 15 kg bag.

We offer to watch a video review of dry and wet feed Belcando. Enjoy your viewing!

Belcando dog food review

Among the ready-made meals, super premium dog food is a good choice, and Belkando food belongs to this class. Moreover, it is considered holistic. This means that it uses good quality ingredients, a well balanced amount of nutrients, and there are no dyes or flavor enhancers. But about this in the next paragraph, and now we also note that Belcando food is produced in Germany.

Other super premiums:

Composition of Belcando dog food

The first thing to note about the composition of Belkando feed is transparency (not many manufacturers specify this much). Although in the first place of the composition of rice (a source of carbohydrates), meat is already in the second and third places, the total percentage of which is 27.5% (in different variants this indicator may differ slightly). Further, the composition is still a lot of ingredients, among which are even medicinal herbs.

The protein content is 23%, while it is clearly indicated that 75% is of animal origin. Very rarely, manufacturers specify what the ratio of animal protein to vegetable in their feed. Among other things, among the additives we see a lot of vitamins and minerals, while all the additives are also being refined. Look, for example, the composition of the Oscar feed for dogs (economy class) - at least the ingredients, while all is encrypted with general concepts.

Pros and cons of feed Belkando

To the advantages of feed we credit:

  • real meat in sufficient quantities
  • rich composition (many vitamins, minerals, etc.),
  • completely transparent composition, everything is painted in detail,
  • low cost (lower than many analogues).

Among the disadvantages of feed:

  • not too common, in small cities will have to order via the Internet.

Feed belkando for dogs reviews

Reviews Belkando Dog Food, writes Elena. We have been eating this food for a long time, silk wool, digestion is in order, the general condition is excellent. They chose Belkando because one of the best in terms of price-quality ratio. In general, if you are looking for a good alternative to expensive feed, I recommend to look at Belkando.

Feedback on feed Belkando for dogs, writes Olga from St. Petersburg. Good day! We’ve been feeding our Golden Retriever Belkando since puppyhood, he came up and didn’t even try other brands. At first they thought to feed Dog Chow, but the breeder explained that premium food was not as good as everyone praised, and that it was important to look at the composition of the food. She fed her pupils exactly Belkando, and recommended him to us.

Arriving home with a puppy immediately went to the Internet and began to study the compositions and reviews, it turned out, the breeder told the truth. About Belkando responded well, so with confidence and bought it. It was not in stores then, ordered on the Internet (delivery of large packaging is free). In general, the food is very good, we were approached and I hope you will fit 🙂

Review of feed for dogs Belkando, writes Ksenia. Hello! My soba has been eating Belcando with lamb and rice for over a year, before that I sat on Eukanuba. Soba looks good, does not harm, eats with pleasure (and sometimes refused from Eukanoba, therefore she changed food). I also take her canned food, she adores them altogether!

Belcando Aft Conclusion

On the forums about Belkando feed for dogs, the reviews are mostly positive, although some owners write that their pets did not fit. However, given the fairly good composition, as well as its transparency, the site "Dai Lapu" concludes that this food is quite suitable for the role of the main food for your dog.

Price Belkando feed for dogs

  • Dry food for dogs Belkando 1 kg - from 570 to 620 rubles.
  • Belkando dry food for dogs 5 kg - about 2,600 rubles.
  • Dry food for dogs Belcando 15 kg - from 5530 to 6820 rubles.

About company

One of its representatives is the Belkando dog food, which has earned its reputation not because of massive advertising at exhibitions or TV, but due to feedback from dog owners and kennel owners. Now it is one of the recognizable brands that has managed to gain the trust of many dog ​​owners and in recent years has only strengthened its position in the Russian zoo market. In addition, this brand has long been known in Europe and is a worthy competition to many high-quality food for pets.

Under the brand name Belcando, the German company Bewital petfood GmbH & Co. releases its dog food. KG, founded in 1963. In its food portfolio for dogs, there are also brands Bewi Dog and Dogland, which are also quite popular in Russia, judging by the number of reviews about them. The plant, which produces Belkando feed, is located in Germany, the packaging and packaging of products is carried out in the same place. According to the manufacturer, all products for the manufacture of food for dogs are purchased from farms located nearby, and delivered to the factory fresh. All ingredients are pre-tested in their own laboratory of the plant. All these factors, of course, are reflected in the quality of Belkando dog food, and reviews of grateful consumers can be considered the most important proof of that.


All products of this brand are divided into three categories. Two of them are dry food, and the third consists of wet and canned rations.

Belcando classic - This is a classic line of feed, which differ in two main criteria - the age and size of the pet. It is rather unusual, but the producer Belkando introduced an additional age gradation in puppy food - up to 4 months and after - and, leaving reviews, breeders often mark this as a plus of this brand.

Also, they did not leave aside dogs requiring special diets. In this category, there are formulas for sensitive digestion with lamb meat, for animals with overweight, as well as with high and high energy value (Active and Power). The latest menus are recommended for riding and search and rescue dogs, including hunting pets or participating in various competitions, during periods of heavy physical exertion.

Grain free

Grain Free (GF) - this category is a Belkando grainless dry food for dogs, which came to taste for many four-fingered, therefore, the reviews about it are mostly positive. Amaranth, potatoes, peas and various vegetables are used to replace the grain in the formulas. Amaranth is a plant that contains a large amount of lysine-rich protein in its grains, and there is also no gluten that often causes allergies in animals.

This segment presents another, a special diet that does not contain cereals - Belcando Mix it. This is a kind of additive in dog food that adherents of “naturalka” will appreciate, it is used as an addition to raw, frozen or canned meat.

Wet diet

Wet diet - this segment includes pouches (bags) of 125 gr each. with five different tastes and Belkando dog food in the form of canned food in cans of 400 and 800 gr., also offering five tastes to choose from. The manufacturer claims that the meat and meat components used in the manufacture of these diets are of the best quality and belong to the category of products suitable for human consumption. Wet food Belcando can be given not only to adult dogs, but also puppies. In addition, it is a great way to please pets to fussy and gourmet, as evidenced by the many reviews of pet owners who are picky about their food.

Curious detail: On the Belcando site in English there is a detached canning group for dogs called Single Protein. These formulations consist of only one source of protein, and are designed for pets with food allergies. There are 6 food options to choose from: beef, chicken, horsemeat, kangaroo, salmon and lamb.

On the website of the Russian distributor of this category is not at all, there is only one position in this line - this is Belanto Single Protein dog food with kangaroo meat.

Evaluation and analysis of the composition

First of all, it should be noted that the rations of the Belcando brand contain unique ProVital and ProAgil complexes. These supplements are designed to strengthen and stimulate immunity - ProVital (present in diets for puppies, aging dogs and pet mini-breeds), ProAgil is designed to support joints and strengthen ligaments, this complex is contained in puppy diets, elderly pets and in Active and Power.

For familiarization and analysis, the Belkando dry food for dogs of small and medium breeds Finest Croc was chosen. It is positioned as food for very fastidious pets with normal activity. He has one very curious property: if you add warm water to the feed, the granules will be covered with a fragrant and delicious sauce. Apparently, this trick is designed to make food more attractive for a pet gourmet.

Consider the guaranteed content of essential nutrients:

При этом производитель заверяет, источником протеина на 85% является животный белок, причем в пропорции 75% — птица и 10% — рыба, а оставшиеся 15% от общего количества принадлежат растительным белкам.

Отметим, что при таком балансе количество углеводов будет составлять около 30%, что без преувеличений — весьма достойная цифра, и такой показатель встречается нечасто даже в категории супер-премиум питания. Этот факт можно отнести к плюсам данного корма.

Также следует отметить довольно большое содержание жиров в данном корме для собак Belcando, и этот факт часто вызывает противоречивые отзывы среди владельцев собак.

The list of ingredients in the ration of Finest Croc is quite extensive and is about 30 points, of which 9 positions are occupied by various types of herbs. For this reason, we will only list the first components that are the basis of this recipe:

  • Fresh poultry meat - 30%,
  • Rice -17%,
  • Oats seeds (perhaps there is an inaccuracy of translation, in the original - oatmeal),
  • Dried poultry protein of low ash content - 12%,
  • Dried duck protein - 10%,
  • Herring flour - 5% (in English version - “Fish meal from sea fish” - flour from sea fish),
  • Hydrolyzed poultry liver - 5%,
  • Next comes poultry fat, vegetable oils (palm, coconut) stand behind it.
  • Next is grape seed flour - 2.5%, then dry brewer's yeast - 2.5%.

The manufacturer tells us rather detailed figures about the quantity of each component in the recipe, this approach is not often found and is characteristic of high-quality feed.

There are several sources of animal protein here, fresh poultry is on the first place, on the one hand, it is a worthy component, but the fact that there is no exact indication of the source of raw materials (which bird) slightly under-estimates its quality. In addition, 30% of fresh meat consists of 70% of water and in the process of cooking it will turn into 9-10% of dry product and will definitely go from the first place to lower positions.

After the cereal there are 4 more components rich in animal protein. Both fish meal and duck protein are good protein-rich ingredients that are easily digested and welcome in feed. Additionally, the composition of the Belkando dog food includes a dried egg and hydrolyzed liver. Eggs are a valuable protein product, and the liver here, apparently, is very small and it is used as a natural taste enhancer.

Components under number 8 - is bird fat, it is easily digested and is often found in diets for animals. But the quality of this ingredient is questionable, because the vague wording does not make it possible to understand what species of birds were used.

Also in the dry food for dogs Belkando under No. 9 in the composition included palm and coconut oil. Rare components in animal nutrition, especially coconut oil. Its difference from most vegetable fats is easy digestion and contributes to the normalization of metabolism. Palm oil, on the contrary, is considered a cheap ingredient and can be called undesirable in animal diets. It is for this reason that some reviews of Belcanto dog food are negative.

The main sources of carbohydrates here are rice and oats. They are easier to digest than many other grains, but the dog does not have much benefit from rice. Oats are a source of fiber. Both ingredients are low allergenic and are welcome in the menu for dogs with different digestion.

The remaining components of the feed

Belkando dry dog ​​food is a rather unique product because its recipes contain ingredients that are not found in most other brands. These include grape seeds and chia seeds, as well as carob pods. As well as a whole list of medicinal herbs: nettle, fennel, cumin, chamomile, nettle leaves, blackberries, yarrow. The more familiar components include Schidiger's Yucca, beet pulp, and dry brewer's yeast. Of course, the contribution of these additives is quite small, but the most interesting of them, let's still consider:

  • Grapeseed Cake - remains after the production of juice or wine. The bones are rich in vitamin E, which in turn is a natural antioxidant. Also contains a lot of fiber.
  • Chia seeds - a very fashionable product among vegetarians, because it is extremely rich in protein, calcium, fatty acids and fibers. It is considered a good substitute for cereals, however, it costs much more. In this case, this additive is present rather as a fashion trend and there is little benefit from it.
  • Carob or Tsaregrad pod - As a dietary supplement, beans of this plant are used. They are rich in pectin and lignin, which have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora, plus compensate for the lack of dietary fiber, are also used as thickeners.
  • Phytocomposition of different herbs makes dry Belcando dog food look like a holistic class food. Many of these medicinal plants are used in herbal medicine, they help strengthen the immune system, contain antioxidants (slowing down aging), as well as substances that improve metabolism.

In this video, the veterinarian of the company distributor of dog food Belcando tells about the characteristics of the food and its composition:

Advantages and disadvantages

  1. The presence of fresh meat and large amounts of animal protein,
  2. Low carbohydrate percentage
  3. Instead of cheap cereals (corn, wheat) used hypoallergenic cereals,
  4. The complex of useful additives and herbs,

  • Doubtful source of fat.

Feed Reviews

In the open spaces of Runet, there were many who wanted to share their impressions of the Belkando dog food and leave feedback about this. Opinions, as expected, are different, but more of them are still positive:

Daria, the owner of a 2-year-old Labrador:

“My dog ​​eats Belcando from a young age, at first there was a childish version, now on an adult. Everything is in order, and ears, and condition and appetite. Once I decided to pamper him and bought a tin of canned food, so he dared from the bowl to the last. But the next day gave us a very enchanting diarrhea. More experiments I do not spend, I feed only dry food. Recommend!"

Lena, Samoyed Like:

“I was advised to use these feeds at the pet store, when I once again tried to find something good for my allergies. So, the dog stopped combing its ears after a couple of weeks, and after a month and a half I forgot all about it. Almost 4 months have passed since Milka eats him, now I can definitely say that the food came up to us, we will continue to feed them further. ”

Opinion of veterinarians

Reviews of veterinarians about the Belkando dry food for dogs, in general, lie in the fact that these are super-premium quality diets that are well balanced and correspond in all respects to the class in which they are declared. But professionals emphasize a slightly overestimated level of fat, relatively common norms, which can manifest overweight if the dog leads a low-active lifestyle.

The price of dry food Belkando for fastidious dogs Finest Croc:

  • 1 kg - 605 p.,
  • 4 kg - 2100 r.,
  • 12.5 - 5550 r.

Adult Dinner adult dog food from a distributor will cost:

  • 1 kg - 477 r.,
  • 5 kg - 2207 r.,
  • 15 kg - 5527 r.

For Belcando's grainless (GF) dog food with a lamb, the price will be slightly higher:

  • 1 kg - 624 r.,
  • 4 kg - 2213 r.,
  • 12.5 kg - 6051r.

In conclusion, we can say that in terms of price-quality, Belkando’s feed can wipe out many dog ​​food products. This is definitely a super premium recipe, you can even put it - "with an application for a holistic." Our resource recommends it for the role of a daily ration for your pet.

Product Description, Composition

Belcando dog food is produced in Germany. He perfectly proved in the Russian market. Many owners of four-legged pets for many years use these feeds, both dry and canned.

This beautifully balanced product provides animals with all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. Any German Belcando dog food is based on natural raw materials of the highest quality.

Products used in production are grown on German farms. They undergo soft and gentle processing. In this way, nutrients remain in the maximum amount.

Another advantage of these feeds is the absence in their composition of soy components and by-products, preservatives and flavors, as well as genetically modified products. Necessary antioxidants in Belcando feeds are rosemary oil and vitamin E.

The undeniable advantage of the feed of this brand is its content of more than 80% of animal protein, thanks to which the food is perfectly digested and absorbed.

Belcando dry food for dogs: types

Like many other products of super premium class, this famous dry food from German manufacturers has several types that are recommended for dogs of different breeds, age, and propensity for certain diseases.

For example, puppies fit two types of feed. One is more universal, they can be fed by representatives of any breed. It is perfectly balanced, rich in minerals and vitamins, which are necessary for the proper development of a baby’s fragile body, helps to transfer a puppy from his mother’s milk to dry food without serious consequences.

Another type of dry food is intended for puppies of large breeds that require a high content of meat (more than 70%) for a rapidly growing organism of the animal.

Belcando food for active dogs with a high content of protein, easily digestible fats and amino acids is very popular. In addition, it contains another important ingredient - yucca extract, which will help get rid of unpleasant odors, and grape seeds, which protect the body from inflammation.

For particularly active animals, German manufacturers have released a special feed High Energy. It contains a high content of meat and flaxseeds. They are a source of omega-3 acids.

Manufacturers also took care of older dogs suffering from diseases of the digestive system or obesity. This feed is easily digested. It contains lamb, oats and rice. These products do not cause irritation and allergies.

Belcando dog food contains flaxseeds, linoleic acid, yeast, lecithin. These components help to improve the quality of the appearance of wool and skin health.

Such feeds provide the animal with all the nutrients the body needs, and take care of your pet for many years.

Hypoallergenic feed

Belcando food deserves special attention. There is no wheat, rye, dairy products, eggs. The main source of carbohydrates in this product is amaranth - a culture with a high protein content. It consists of many medicinal herbs that support immunity and normalize metabolism.

You probably wondered how much Belcando dog food cost? Packaging weighing one kilogram costs from 250 to 300 rubles. For large dogs it is more profitable to purchase a large package. A package weighing 15 kg will cost you from 3,000 to 3,200 rubles. Average packaging (5 kg) costs from 1250 to 1400 rubles.

Types of food Belkando (Belcando) for dogs

Belcando food has been produced by Germany for several decades, but so far only fresh ingredients are used. It is noteworthy that the main components are grown on farms in the same country, and steam or special furnaces are used for processing. Therefore, vegetables, fish and meat retain their beneficial qualities.

Buy food can be in the form:

  • dry food on 1, 5, 15 kg,
  • wet canned 300 and 800 g

The basis of Belkando feed is:

  • dry poultry, fish and lamb,
  • rice,
  • oatmeal,
  • offal in the form of a liver,
  • flax extract,
  • healing herbs,
  • Brewer's yeast,
  • antioxidants
  • vitamins.

It is very important that by-products, chemicals and dyes are not used in the Belkando dog food, which saves animals from allergies, digestive disorders and does not cause addiction.

Nutritional benefits

Belcando (Belkando) dry dog ​​food has several advantages that make it worth buying:

  • a large amount of meat, from 40%,
  • availability of essential mineral, vitamin complexes, prebiotics and amino acids,
  • the presence of several lines,
  • a full description of the composition on the packaging, which is often not seen in other companies,
  • Reasonable price, at the level of feed premium nutrition.

Belcando Feed Disadvantages

Belkando has almost no power minuses, except for some:

  • difficult to find in stores, often have to order on the Internet,
  • not too diverse composition.

By the way, due to the presence in the composition of herbs, vegetables and extracts of some plants, it is better consult with a physician before feeding. Since these products often cause allergies, they are not always suitable for sensitive digestion..

What feed to choose for your pet?

In feed Belkando for dogs there are several lines: for large and small breeds, for older dogs, with allergies, the presence of certain diseases. The manufacturer also provided a series of feeding for dogs with obesity, high activity.

By the way, almost all Belkando feeds are rich in protein, plant protein, and cereals and fruits act as a supplement. You can choose between chicken, lamb, duck, beef.

For adult dogs

The series for adult animals still has a division into breeds, according to certain features, by way of life.

There are several lines:

  • Finest Grain-Free - food for small and medium breeds, has a hypo-allergenic composition,
  • Grain-Free and Adult Dinner is suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion and allergies, there are almost no cereals in the composition,
  • Adult Light is designed for overweight pets, the base of the feed is skim meat, cereals are almost absent,
  • Adult Aktiv suitable active dogs of large breeds, as part of a lot of protein and protein. Especially recommended food guard and hunting dogs.

For puppies

Belkando dry food for puppies has a balanced composition, contains many vitamins, is absorbed faster, is in the form of wet canned food.

  1. Pappy is designed for all breeds, it is considered a universal diet, quite dietary.
  2. Junior - universal food for puppies of different breeds, but with a tendency to allergies and dermatitis.
  3. Junior Maxi is suitable for puppies of large and giant breeds, it is distinguished by a high protein content, but without heavy carbohydrates.

It is important that in the line for puppies used croquettes and pellets of small size. This simplifies chewing, helps to unlearn mother feeding.

Health food

Belcando dog food is available in several options:

  • for older dogs after 7 years of life (Finest-Lite), nutrition keeps us in shape, nourishes the body with nutrients,
  • food for allergies and obesity (SENSETIV and OVERWEIGHT),
  • for sensitive digestion (Belkando Light) consists only of fat-free meat and rice, even puppies will do.

It is important that according to reviews of veterinarians, Belkando's medical food for dogs can be given even in the absence of digestive diseases or obesity, but for prevention.

It will be useful:

Belkando Meal Cost

The price of dry food Belkando for dogs is at an average level, so many prefer it to Monju or Origen.

The average cost will be:

  • 800 g canned food - 280 rubles (160 UAH),
  • 1 kg of dry food - from 420 rubles (210 UAH),
  • 5 kg - from 2050 rubles (1000 UAH),
  • 15 kg - 4900 rubles in Moscow (1450 UAH in Kiev).

Belcando (dog food) - reviews

According to many owners, this type of feed has a positive effect on animal health. Owners of dogs of different breeds note that after eating Belcando food, wool is significantly improved during the month. It becomes shiny, smooth, dandruff disappears. There is an improvement in bowel function.

The owners note that they are pleased with the presence in the sale of a large line of food with different tastes, including for animals fastidious in feeding. For owners of large animals, it is important that Belcando food for dogs of their breeds is very useful because it strengthens muscles and tissues.