Cat Inspector Drops


Drops "Inspector" - is an effective tool in the fight against fleas and ticks, which can be used for cats. During the summer season it is very important to ensure the protection of your pet if he often walks outside. Otherwise, he will easily collect many parasites that can provoke various diseases. How to use drops "Inspector" for cats and when you should not use this tool - we will tell you about it in this article.

general information

The drug is produced in our country by the company "Ecoprom". Drops are intended for external use only and are sold as a solution. The appearance of the liquid is light yellow or colorless. The texture is oily. The release form is a pipette from 0.4 to 4 ml. Packaging - polymer blisters in boxes with instructions.

Store the drug is recommended in a dry dark place where there is no feed, food. The optimum storage temperature is between 0 and 30 degrees Celsius. After opening the package should be used immediately. Leave an open pipette can not be. The shelf life of the Inspector is 3 years from the date of issue.

What does the drug consist of?

Drops "Inspector" is an antiparasitic agent that helps against the following pests:

  1. Fleas.
  2. Nematodes.
  3. Voyoyedy.
  4. Sarcoptoid, demodectic, ixodic mites.

The composition of the medication includes the following components:

The active ingredients of the droplets are considered fipronil, as well as moxidectin. The first component blocks the action of GABA-dependent receptors on the body of pests. Moxidectin has a detrimental effect on nematodes and ectoparasites.

When fipronil gets on the skin, the substance quickly spreads over the cat's body and is fixed on the epidermis. Action time is quite long. Moxidectin is very rapidly absorbed and penetrates the circulatory system, tissues and organs and is subsequently excreted along with the feces.

Drops "Inspector" protect the cat from fleas for one and a half months after treatment. The substance will act against ticks for a month.

Therapeutic effect of the drug

Drops "Inspector" are made to protect your pet from all sorts of parasites. In addition, the tool perfectly copes with various worms (nematodes, worms, etc.).

The drug "Inspector" is often used to prevent the following diseases:

  1. Entomoz.
  2. Demodecosis.
  3. Acarosis
  4. Otodecosis.
  5. Sarcoptosis
  6. Nematodia gastrointestinal tract.
  7. Dirofilariasis

Harm of medication

The drug in question is moderately harmful to the animal. At observance of a dosage according to the instruction there are no skin frustration and other side effects. Drops do not cause disturbances in the immune system of the animal and do not harm the embryos at all.

This drug is very harmful for bees, rabbits, as well as fish and other aquatic inhabitants.

How to use drops

To properly use the considered drug, pay attention to the following recommendations:

  1. Drops need to be applied to clean and dry skin, on which there is no damage. Treat the animal should be pipette and drip into the place where the pet does not get the language. It can be a neck or withers.
  2. In order for the drops to begin their action, it is necessary to drip directly onto the skin and apply a dot to the point. To do this, push the wool.
  3. If the pet's dimensions are small, it is enough to carry out processing in one place. For large cats, you will need to drip in 3-4 places. The exact dosage is written in the instructions for use.
  4. After processing the pet can not bathe for 4-5 days.

Using these simple guidelines, you can easily process the animal and protect the pet from all sorts of parasites.

How often can I use the tool "Inspector"

You have already learned the basic rules for applying drops. But the instructions for use also determines the frequency of use of this drug against fleas, ticks, lashes.

In practice, one treatment is enough to protect your pet for up to one and a half months. Then you can re-process if parasites were seen.

The active effect of droplets manifests itself after a day. Therefore, before you let go of the cat on the street, carry out treatment a day before the intended range.

If you notice a tick on the cat's body, it is enough to put a drop on the parasite itself, and it will disappear within 20 minutes. Otherwise, remove the pest with tweezers.

Side effects

The drug "Inspector" has a number of side effects that are tolerated by cats quite well:

  1. Itching.
  2. Redness of the skin - passes by itself.
  3. Allergic reaction - it is necessary to bathe the animal and give it an antihistamine.
  4. Overdose may be depressed, hypersalivation, muscle tremors, vomiting. In this case, the drug should be immediately washed off.

Before using the tool is recommended to consult a doctor about the appropriateness. Perhaps the veterinarian will select an analogue that will be no less effective and will suit your cat.

When you can not use the drug

The Inspector is not suitable for all domestic cats, and contraindications are displayed in the following list:

  1. Drops can not be used for kittens under the age of 7 weeks.
  2. If the pet is sick or recently recovered, the female is weakened after giving birth or you give her Lacton.
  3. If the cat is prone to allergies, consult your veterinarian about the use of drops.
  4. Possible individual intolerance to the components of the drug.
  5. Do not drip the ear into the ear during perforation of the membrane.
  6. If the weight of the cat is less than 1 kg, the use of medicine is prohibited.
  7. You can not handle nursing cats.

Now you know how to use Inspector drops to treat a cat against fleas and various parasites. As the experience of people who have already used the tool for their pets, in general, the reviews are positive, and the duration of the drug against fleas is indeed a month and a half.

But there were also isolated cases when the remedy in question turned out to be powerless.

Many pet owners point out the ease of use of drops, affordable price and universal action. The disadvantages of the drug should include a rather unpleasant smell and not very convenient packaging. Additionally, we note that with this drug you can process not only your cat, but also a dog.

Overview, drug description

Inspector Total K for cats (Inspector TOTAL K) is an innovative combined antiparasitic vet preparation against ecto-endoparasites. Designed for external use only. It has a broad, combined, prolonged action. Kills 95-98% of parasites, insecticidal effect lasts up to two months.

The cat inspector comes in the form of drops on the withers. The solution has no odor, sediment, colorless or light yellow color. Used for the treatment, prevention of entomoses, helminth infections in cats of various breeds, age groups.

Inspector Total K - antiparasitic drug for cats

It is permissible to treat kittens from seven to eight weeks of age. Sold without a prescription. You can buy in pet stores, veterinary pharmacies, clinics in your city. The preparation is packaged in polymer hermetic dropper bottles of 0.4, 0.8 ml. Packed in polymer blisters, cardboard boxes of 1-4 pcs. On pipettes applied volume, batch number, date of issue. The box has detailed instructions for use.

Active ingredients: 1 ml of the solution contains 100 mg of fipronil, 10 mg of moxodectin. Excipients: polyethylene glycol, diethylene glycol monoethyl ether, butylhydroxytoluene.

The cat inspector is classified as moderately hazardous. Before use, we recommend that you consult with a veterinarian, carefully read the summary to the drug. Does not have an embryotoxic, teratogenic, sensitizing, hepatotoxic effect. At observance of a dosage does not provoke collateral symptoms. The inspector is toxic to aquarium fish, rabbits, bees.

Store veterinary preparation should be in a dry, dark, cool place away from food, children, at a temperature of 0-30 degrees, relative humidity not more than 55-60% in original packaging. From the moment of release the expiration date is three years.

Pharmacodynamics, properties

Inspector Total K for cats, thanks to a balanced unique new formula, is effective against 14 different types of parasites. They refer to the category of combined anti-parasitic veterinary preparations of prolonged action.

Fipronil is a substance of the phenylpyrazoles group. It has a pronounced prolonged (long) insect-acaricidal effect. It blocks the transmission of nerve impulses of arthropod insects, causes their paralysis, instantaneous death. Kills sarcoptoid, demodecous, scabby mites at all stages of their development (mature, larval forms). Effective against fleas, lashing (lice), mosquitoes, gadflies.

A flea infected cat is very itchy

After application, fipronil is practically not absorbed in the code, being evenly distributed over the body surface of animals. Retained in the surface structures of the dermis. on wools. From the body of cats almost unchanged is excreted with feces (feces).

Moxidectin is a semisynthetic compound of the macrocyclic lactone group (milbemycin). Rapidly absorbed in the digestive tract, With the bloodstream penetrates the places of maximum localization of internal parasitic worms. It has a stimulating effect on the release of gamma-aminobutyric acid. It binds to postsynaptic receptors, disrupts muscle innervation, which leads to paralysis, death of external parasites, nematodes, cestodes, hookworm.

After using the Inspector, the acaricidal effect lasts for about a month, the insecticidal effect lasts six to seven weeks. Processing animals can be carried out every 30-40 days. With a strong infection with fleas and other ectoparasites once a month, after receiving consultation with a veterinarian.

Indications for use

Inspector for cats in drops used for the purposes of prevention, in the treatment of:

  • nematodoses,
  • cestodosis
  • toxosaridosis,
  • notohedrosis
  • toksokaroza,
  • uncinaria,
  • hookworm,
  • mixed worm infestations,
  • demodicosis,
  • otodektoz (ear mite),
  • sarcoptosis.

Specialists of veterinary medicine recommend using Total K Inspector for prophylactic treatments of cats in regions unfavorable for dirofilariasis. The active components of the veterinary preparation do not destroy the sexually mature parasites present in the body of the cat, but they significantly reduce the number of microfilariae circulating in the bloodstream, therefore the Inspector can be used by the infested animals.

Anti-parasitic agent is applied by drip (Spot-on) on dry, intact epidermis.

Important! On the skin should not be expressions, rashes, ulcers, bleeding wounds. The inspector is applied only on dry skin. Before treatment, it is worth redeeming the cat with antiparasitic shampoo three to four days before the upcoming procedure.

The inspector in the treatment of entomoses, for preventive purposes, apply one-time. Cutting the tip of the pipette, pushing the wool. The tool is applied according to the annotations in the area of ​​the scapula (on the withers), behind the ears, at the base of the neck, to other places inaccessible for licking. After treatment, you should not bathe fluffy for three to five days.

Dosage is calculated by weight of animals. For cats with a body weight of 1 to 4 kg - 0.4 ml (nominal volume of the pipette). For larger individuals weighing more than four, five kilograms - 0.8 ml.

Drops Inspector applied to the withers, between the shoulder blades on the dry, intact dermis

If the weight of a fluffy pet is more than 8 kg, the dosage of veterinary preparation is calculated as follows: 0.1 ml per kg of weight. For convenience, use dropper pipettes of various sizes.

From ectoparasites of cats during the period of their activity they are treated by the Inspector once every 4-7 weeks. With severe infection - every month throughout the year.

Noticing on the body of a pet sucked Ixodes tick, drip 1-2 drops on a bloodsucker. After 10-15 minutes, the dangerous parasite should spontaneously fall off. If this does not happen, remove it gently with tweezers. Be sure to burn ticks!

When otodektoze pre-clean the ear canal from crusts, scabs, sulfur, dirt, sterile gauze-wadded disc dipped in a solution or warm boiled water. For each ear, use a separate swab. After treatment, two or three drops of the Inspector are instilled into one and the second auricle. The ear is folded in half, massaged for several seconds at the base. The treatment is carried out twice with an interval of five to eight days.

In advanced cases of otic scabies, otitis, complicated by minor bacterial infections, symptomatic complex drug therapy should be prescribed. Kittens are prescribed anti-inflammatory, antibacterial drugs, vitamins, immunomodulators.

At notoedrosis, “Inspector” is applied with a thin even layer to the affected areas of the body, after having cleaned them of scabs and crusts. At the same time it is important to capture a small area of ​​the healthy dermis. The treatment is carried out two or three times with an interval of 5-7 days.

The treatment regimen, duration, frequency of treatments depends on the form, stage of the disease, the age of the pet.

Contraindications and adverse symptoms

Inspector Total K, as already noted, does not provoke side effects. When hypersensitivity to the components of the antiparasitic agent in cats is noted:

  • depression,
  • skin rash, itching,
  • pallor of mucous membranes,
  • indigestion (nausea, frothy vomiting, diarrhea),
  • excessive drooling,
  • cramps, muscle spasms,
  • drowsiness, decreased appetite.

As a rule, these symptoms should go away in 24-48 hours. If this does not happen, the cat's condition worsens, contact the veterinarian immediately. Emergency assistance will be provided, detoxification therapy will be conducted, another anti-parasitic veterinary medication will be prescribed.

"Inspector Total K" is not used for sick, exhausted, weakened animals, pregnant females in the first trimester, feeding cats. It is strictly not recommended to carry out treatment-and-prophylactic treatments to kittens that are not two months old.

Inspector - drops save from fleas, ticks and other nastiness

Beautiful well-groomed cat - the decoration of every home. She wants to stroke, pick up and just admire. And only the owners of the animal know what it costs them. In the warm season cats can not be kept indoors. They run along the grass, check all the places near the house and contact with other animals. However, such curiosity often ends unpleasantly. Fleas, ticks and other filth appear in the wool. It is possible to protect a pet with the help of drops, which do not require special expenses, and processing does not take much time. Products of domestic production "Inspector" is designed specifically for fleas and ticks for cats.

Composition and action

Insecticide based drops. It consists of 2 active ingredients: moxidectin and fipronil. The average price is about 300 rubles. These are low-hazard substances that, while respecting the correct dosage, do not cause adverse effects. For insects, this is a deadly tandem. Both substances act on the nervous system, block impulses, immobilize and lead to death. They complement each other's actions, and accelerate the process of destruction.

An inspector is a flea and tick droplet that acts externally. The tool does not penetrate into the blood of cats and does not spread throughout the body. The effect is achieved due to localization in the sebaceous glands and wool. Due to this, the protective layer is always renewed and does not lose its properties within 1 month. It is used both for the destruction of existing parasites, and for prevention.

Processing Technique

The procedure itself does not take much time. For cats it is enough to drop in one place - between the shoulder blades or on the withers. There, where the animal does not reach the tongue. Drops are sold in containers with the desired dosage and pipette. You just need to remove the protective cap and squeeze the tool. Wool moves away, and the composition is applied to the skin. At the same time it is necessary to ensure that the substance does not fall into the eyes, mouth. You also need to worry about the safety of your skin - rubber gloves are required. In case of accidental contact, rinse with running water.

In the summer, when the risk of infection is too high, the procedure is carried out 1 time per month. The dosage should not be exceeded, even if it seemed that the remedy did not work. The next treatment should be carried out after the expiration. It is impossible to apply in parallel several means, with the content of insecticides. This can cause a health complication. The inspector protects against fleas even if there is close contact with an infected animal. The insect can get over the wool, but it can not settle.

В течение 3 часов, кошку нельзя гладить, выпускать на улицу, если там идет дождь и подпускать к другим животным. Купать можно не ранее, чем через 4 дня. Желательно, без применения шампуня.

Противопоказания к применению

Inspector - flea drops, which are intended for the treatment of adult animals. You can not use kittens under the age of 7 months. In addition, you should pay attention to the physical condition of the animal. It is forbidden to treat pregnant cats, sick and weakened after the disease. Nursing females, too, should be protected in another way. From ticks treated, if the animal is often in nature. He likes to walk in the grass or climb trees.


Drops The flea and tick inspector is a new generation drug. The composition of less aggressive substances and not as dangerous as it was a few years ago. With proper application of negative points should not be. They are highly effective in the destruction of parasites and prevention. Death of fleas and ticks occurs 2 hours after treatment. Since the larvae of parasites do not live in the hair, re-infection can occur if it hits a new generation. However, in this case, the infection occurs almost instantly. In females, the development of eggs after fertilization slows down, and she does not have time to give birth to a new generation.

The action lasts 1 month. This is quite a long time. And summer will have to be processed only 3 times. With the onset of cold, the parasites disappear or become less active. A flea inspector is also an economical tool. One pack contains 4 ampoules. And the cost does not hit the family budget.


  1. When compared with other anti-insect agents, the most effective drops are. In addition, the processing lasts only a few minutes and does not require much effort.
  2. The animal does not need to torment numerous bathing and combing. Cats by nature do not like water. Although the owners may argue otherwise.
  3. Buying expensive collars makes no sense. Since the inspector achieves the same result at a lower price. In addition, this accessory is dangerous for cats. When traveling through the trees, thickets and grass, the cat can catch. And after a while, suffocation will occur.
  4. Folk remedies are out of competition, as they only deter pests and are more suitable for the purpose of prevention.
  5. Spray has a similar effect. However, its effect is somewhat weaker. And it is necessary to process all animal at once. Keeping the cat from licking the wool is difficult.
  6. Safe for humans. When processing it is enough just to wear gloves. No masks or dressings are needed. How this is done when working with aerosols.


From greater evils choose the lesser! All insecticidal products are dangerous. One way or another, affect the well-being of the animal. However, in the case of drops, this is the exception rather than the rule. Only the most sensitive pets have side effects.

Do not kill the larvae. The disadvantage is also relative. Because the larvae live separately from fleas. At hit on the processed wool, perish. To avoid this, it is necessary to carry out pest control throughout the house and especially pay attention to the cat's sleeping place.

When processing several animals at the same time, it is necessary to exclude mutual contact. You can do this too. Place them in different rooms until the drug is absorbed. It will take a maximum of 60 minutes.

The inspector is ideal for protecting your pet all year round.

general characteristics

Drops "Inspector" is a colorless liquid with a light oily structure. The capacity in which they are implemented, at the same time is a pipette, providing ease of operation and ease of application.

The preparation contains the following components:

  1. Fipronil is the main active ingredient, it is a known variety of insecticides. This component was chosen for a reason, as it retained all the positive aspects of the permethrin group of substances, but it is much safer for cats due to the low level of toxicity. The content in the composition is about 10%.
  2. Moxidectin It is another substance of the insecticidal type, which is absorbed into the skin and enters the bloodstream, after which it has a destructive effect on the parasites. This component, as well as fipronil, was chosen for the reason that it is safe for cats, which usually do not tolerate permethrin and its analogues. The content in the composition is about 2.5%.
  3. Isopropanol is one of the simplest alcoholic compounds, serves as an auxiliary component.
  4. Dimethyl sulfoxide is a substance-solvent, which is part of many medicines intended for both people and animals.
  5. Polyethylene glycol - this is one of the polymers responsible for the particular structure of the drug, is included in the composition in a minimum quantity.

Forms of release and indications

The complex antiparasitic agent in the form of droplets "Inspector" has various forms of release:

  1. Dropsintended for pets whose weight is less than 4 kg. This option is also suitable for kittens if they have already reached the age indicated in the instructions for the preparation.
  2. Dropsintended for pets whose weight is more than 4 kg. Designed for larger animals. Pipettes of this drug have a modified dosage, calculated on a given body weight.
  3. The rest of the assortment of drops designed to handle dogs exclusively. It is strictly forbidden to use these options for the treatment of cats, because they may contain components that are dangerous for this type of animal, and also have dosages that are designed for pets with a much more significant body weight.

The drug "Inspector" in some cases can be used as a prophylactic agent, but some situations are a direct indication for its use:

  1. The pet's recent contact with other animals that have become infected with some kind of parasite.
  2. Visiting potentially dangerous places where the cat may become infected with parasitic insects.
  3. The appointment of a specialist for the destruction of existing internal or external parasites.
  4. Independent detection of insects in an animal.
  5. Treatment of a number of diseases, including chronic, for example, notohedrosis. For such purposes, the Inspector can only be used after prior consultation and obtaining the appropriate permission from a specialist.

Instructions for use

The drug "Inspector", due to its composition, is a mortal threat to parasites of various types, but it is safe for warm-blooded creatures if used in accordance with all the rules.

It is recommended to process a pet only in accordance with the following algorithm:

  1. Initially, you must carefully read the instructions., which is attached to the tool, and make sure there are no direct contraindications or other factors that may be prohibiting the use of the "Inspector".
  2. Check the animal for open wounds or strong scratching.on which it is not allowed to put drops. In case of their absence, you can proceed to the next item.
  3. In accordance with the instructions for use, put a drop on the area of ​​the body, to which the cat will not be able to reach and lick the substance. It is best to work with withers, the area between the shoulder blades, but the wool in these areas should be completely dry during the procedure.
  4. When handling kittens or small cats, put "Inspector" can only be in one place. If the pet is large enough, but several places are selected along the spine. In most cases, this recommendation applies only to large breeds of dogs, since cats rarely reach sizes so that the treatment of withers alone is not enough.
  5. During the application of drops It is necessary to push the wool to the sides with your hands, especially if the cat belongs to the long-haired breed. Such a measure will allow the tool to quickly reach the skin and begin to act.
  6. After processing it will take another 4-5 days to abandon any water procedures, as well as minimize contact with the animal's hair.

Security measures

Despite the fact that the “Inspector” is considered a relatively safe drug, do not forget that it consists of insecticides, which are still able to cause harm if improper or careless storage and use of drops.

In order to avoid possible negative consequences, it is recommended to adhere to the following safety rules:

  1. To process the cat Only in a well-ventilated or well-equipped room with a high-quality ventilation system, the procedure in the kitchen is not allowed.
  2. During the application of drops on wool hands should be protected by disposable rubber gloves, it is recommended to wear a respiratory mask to protect the respiratory tract from strong odor.
  3. During the procedure It is forbidden to eat any food or drink, as well as smoke, as this creates the risk of the substance entering the digestive system and subsequent poisoning.
  4. After completing the procedure Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap and warm water.
  5. For 3-4 days after treatment exclude pet contact with children. During the same period it is not allowed to iron or otherwise touch the treated places on the cat's body.
  6. Do not subject your pet to water procedures for 4-5 days., and also make sure that the cat never gets wet randomly.
  7. Keep cat in quarantine for a week, completely eliminating contact with other animals that can lick drops from her fur.
  8. When processing make sure that the drops do not accidentally fall on the mucous membranes of the cat or person performing the procedure.
  9. In case of accidental contact with skin or mucous membranes, this place will need to be flushed with a large volume of clean water.
  10. Do not use drops more than once a month.because it can cause an overdose.
  11. Storage drops must be carried out in a dark and cool place.which is inaccessible to small children and pets.

Drug prices

You can purchase Inspector drops at any point that sells veterinary drugs, or by ordering online.

The cost of the drug depends on two main factors:

  1. Number of pipettespackaged.
  2. Place of purchase, because when ordering via the Internet, the cost of providing services for the delivery of the purchase is usually added to the price.

In most cases, the droplet is realized by one pipette, enclosed in a blister. Approximate prices for them are:

  1. About 300-320 rubles for the drug, designed for cats weighing 4 kg or more.
  2. About 260-280 rubles for the drug for kittens and pets whose weight is less than 4 kg.

Helena: “For the first time,“ Inspector ”helped us when we had to take out worms from kittens and treat an adult cat as a preventive measure. I was very afraid to use the drops, but the vet confirmed that the kittens had already reached the age at which treatment could be carried out.

Since then, this tool is always available in the first-aid kit in case it is suddenly needed, as well as for preventive treatments during trips to the cottage.

Among the advantages I can highlight the relatively low price compared to many analogues, the possibility of the destruction of various parasites and the complete absence of side effects or negative consequences. No significant deficiencies were found when I used them, the tool effectively and completely justified itself. ”

Inna: “I used the“ Inspector ”before vaccinations, as the vet had ordered. It was not without adventures, because, despite all the precautions described in the instructions, the cat managed to lick the treated place.

My girlfriend warned about the reaction, her cats licked each other, and then they were very sick for a very long time, but we got off only with increased salivation, apparently, the amount of substance in the mouth was much less. The previous cat was given pills that were mixed into the food, and there was usually no problem. I thought it would be even easier with drops, but it turned out the opposite. ”

Galina: “Recently, my cat had such a problem as leeches - parasites, which I knew nothing about before. For the first time I paid attention to his condition when I began to detect strange areas on the body, where it was as if someone had cut off the wool.

Immediately went to a veterinary clinic, where a specialist advised a drop of "Inspector." The treatment for the lashing was long, it lasted for almost 3.5 weeks, the wounds healed for a long time, but in the end we got rid of these parasites, and thanks to the preparation used, the fleas also stopped bothering immediately. I will note a very pungent smell, which is peculiar to the “Inspector,” I really didn’t like it, so I recommend to carry out the treatment in a respiratory mask. ”