Hemobalance for cats and dogs - instruction


In the article I will tell about the preparation for cats hemobalance and describe the mechanism of its action, complete instructions for use. Consider the indications for prescribing medication and dosage. I will describe the possible side effects, as well as the cost and analogs of the drug.

The composition of the drug hemobalance and release form

Hemobalance, intended for cats and other pets, comes in the form of a clear solution that has a bright amber color. The medicine is poured into sterile dark glass bottles with a capacity of 5, 10 and 100 ml, they are sealed with a rubber stopper and an aluminum cap.

Solution for injection hemobalance

For veterinary clinics, the solution is released in bottles of brown soft plastic, with a capacity of 500 ml.

The preparation contains the following components:

  • Nicotinamide - 100 mg,
  • glycine - 20 mg,
  • DL-methionine - 20 mg,
  • L-lysine hydrochloride - 20 mg,
  • ammonium iron citrate - 15 mg,
  • D-panthenol - 15 mg,
  • Riboflavin or vitamin B2 - 10 mg,
  • pyridoxine hydrochloride - 10 mg,
  • Inositol - 10 mg,
  • choline bitartrate or vitamin B12 - 10 mg,
  • cobalt sulfate - 240 mcg,
  • cyanocobalamin - 150 mcg,
  • copper sulfate - 70 mcg,
  • Biotin or Vitamin H - 10 µg.

Indications for use and mechanism of action

Means for cats hemobalance restores and normalizes the metabolic processes occurring in the body.

The components contained in the solution restore the liver, take an active part in the formation of blood cells, stimulate the immune system, increase the resistance of cats to stressful situations.

Injection solution with a capacity of 5 ml

Thanks to this tool, the blood formula is normalized, the viability of the fetuses in pregnant animals increases, and metabolism is accelerated.

Here are the main indications for the use of the solution:

  • stressful situations and increased physical exertion (exhibitions, travel, change of diet, etc.),
  • body recovery after the operation,
  • anemia and severe blood loss,
  • plague, pneumonia, leptospirosis, enteritis, hepatitis and other serious diseases - in this case it is used as an adjunct to the main treatment,
  • allergies of various etiologies,
  • poisoning
  • restoration of animals in a state of exhaustion,
  • skin diseases.

Hemobalance is prescribed to pregnant cats - it helps to eliminate the manifestations of toxicosis, has a beneficial effect on the development of embryos, prepares the cat for labor. Thanks to the medicine, the animal will recover more easily after childbirth.

Instructions for use

Hemobalance is used both for therapeutic purposes (twice a week), and as prophylaxis (once in 7 days). Duration of use - from 2 to 4 weeks. Cats and dogs solution is injected into a vein (when setting the dropper) or in the muscle of the thigh.

Hemobalance drug is injected into the thigh muscle.

Dosage depends on body weight. 0.25 ml is injected into small animals weighing up to 5 kg. Larger pets that weigh from 5 to 15 kg, put 0.5 ml. Animals weighing more than 15 kg, enter 1 ml.

Before exhibitions, relocation and other situations in which the pet will experience stress, the medication can be administered once or according to the scheme: for 8, 6, 4 and 1 day (one injection per day).

After the first application of the solution, you should carefully follow the cat, since in rare cases individual intolerance of the components develops. In this case, you should quickly show the animal to the veterinarian.

Storage rules

Hemobalance retains its properties for 18 months from the date of issue, after this period the packaging and contents are disposed of.

Hemobalance comes in the form of amber, clear liquid for injection.

Keep the solution warm (from 4 to 25 degrees) in a dark place, protected from children, pets, sunlight.

Price and analogues

Due to the unique and rich composition, hemobalance has no analogues. However, there is a drug with a similar mechanism of action - duphalight. It is used for diseases of the digestive system, during rehabilitation and to improve metabolism.

The cost of the drug hemobalance depends on the volume:

  • 5 ml - from 200 to 250 rub.,
  • 10 ml - from 350 to 400 rub.,
  • 100 ml - from 2200 to 2600 rub.,
  • 500 ml - from 7500 to 8500 rub.

Hemobalance is a very effective drug that improves the general condition of animals.

The drug is really unique and has no complete analogues in veterinary medicine.

Composition and release form

Hemobalance comes in the form of a clear solution with an amber color. The drug is packaged in glass or plastic bottles in different dosages:

Available hemobalance different capacity.

Each bottle is closed with a rubber stopper, sealed with an aluminum cap. The composition of hemobalance includes:

  • L-lysine hydrochloride,
  • DL-Methionine,
  • ammonium iron citrate,
  • glycine,
  • copper sulphates
  • cobalt sulfates
  • AT 2,
  • AT 4,
  • AT 6,
  • AT 8,
  • AT 12,
  • D-panthenol,
  • nicotinamide
  • biotin
  • sodium hydroxide,
  • sodium gluconate,
  • benzyl alcohol,
  • water.

Indications for use "hemobalance"

Hemobalance for cats is used for the treatment and prevention:

  • hypovitaminosis,
  • microelementosis,
  • anemia,
  • bleeding and blood loss,
  • infectious diseases
  • liver diseases
  • allergic manifestations
  • hypofunction of the ovaries.

Also, the drug is prescribed for the introduction of cats, weakened after stress or long-term treatment for health promotion.

More precisely, the veterinarian and the instructions for use will help to suggest in which cases the drug is used.

Hemobalance dosage for cats

When used for therapeutic purposes, hemobalance for cats is prescribed two to three times a week in a course of 2-4 weeks. With prophylactic use, it is enough once a week for the same duration of the course.

The dosage depends on the weight of the cat. With a weight of up to 5 kg a single dose of the drug should not exceed 0.25 ml. If the animal weighs more than 5 kg, the dose is increased to 0.5 ml.

If the condition of the animal does not improve within a week after taking the hemobalance, it is necessary to immediately consult a veterinarian for consultation.

Side effects and contraindications

Hemobalance can be used to treat cats at any age. Side effects from its intake can be observed mainly in animals prone to allergic reactions, as well as with hypersensitivity to the components of the tool.

In the event of any side effects, it is necessary to urgently cancel the reception of funds and visit the veterinarian.

Reviews about the drug, what cat owners say about it

Many cat owners say that hemobalance is an effective drug.

The benefits of the drug for cats can be judged by the reviews of the owners.

Dmitriy: “I am breeding cats, so I often come across different veterinary drugs. Hemobalance is used quite often, as the drug is effective and its effect is noticeable almost immediately. Usually I drive it to animals before vaccination, then cats can more easily tolerate it and stay awake and active. It is said that side effects from it can occur, but only in cats that are prone to allergies. but did not come across this. The only negative for me is to put injections, because with intramuscular injection the injections are very painful. ”

Alice: “There are no words to describe my love for this drug. Not only does it have a complete vitamin complex for my pets, but also amino acids and trace elements. Once a year I pierce cats Hemobalance for the general strengthening of immunity. Immediately note the improvement in the state of wool and skin. Hair becomes thicker and silky. If there are wounds on the body or scratches, they quickly tighten. I strongly advise you to apply for the restoration of cats after pregnancy, immediately and weight gain and tummy tightens. Dosage is better to check with the vet to avoid side effects. "

Hemobalance is a powerful vitamin complex, which can be used both in the treatment of cats and for prevention. It improves the general condition of the animal, strengthens its immunity and contributes to the rapid healing of various injuries and postoperative sutures. Use the tool is recommended only after consulting a veterinarian.

Features of the drug Hemobalance

The veterinary multivitamin complex Hemobalance (Haemobalans) has a wide range of applications for the treatment and prevention of various diseases in farm animals and birds, as well as pets, including dogs and cats.

The drug is universal: it can be used without age restrictions, enter into the scheme of complex therapy of a large number of diseases, beneficially affect all tissues and systems of the body. Produces hemobalance Australian pharmacological company Nature Vet.

Hemobalance - a unique multivitamin complex for pets

Composition and effectiveness

Hemobalance contains a large number of valuable active compounds - primarily vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. The complex effect of this unique formula consists of the properties of each of its main components:

  • riboflavin (vitamin b2) - Vitamin health and beauty, especially important for young animals, stimulates metabolism, accelerates the development and improves the immune system,
  • choline (vitamin b4) regulates fat balance, resists the deposition of lipids in the tissues of the liver,
  • pyridoxine (vitamin b6) normalizes muscle activity and the condition of the skin, debugs the work of the nervous system - acts as an antidepressant,
  • biotin (vitamin b7) - the most important catalyst for many metabolic processes, accelerates the growth of young,
  • inositol (vitamin b8) promotes the elimination of bad cholesterol, lipid metabolism and improvement of the state of wool,
  • cyanocobalamin (vitamin b12) - the only cobalt-containing vitamin, it is involved in the production of antibodies and red blood cells, vital for the nervous system,
  • Nicotinamide (vitamin PP) contributes to the normalization of metabolism, digestive processes, skin condition,
  • Cobalt sulfate is involved in the synthesis of thyroid hormones and hemoglobin, removes excess fluid from the body,
  • glycine (amino acetic acid) regulates the metabolism and psycho-emotional state of the body,
  • the amino acid L-lysine hydrochloride supervises the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, the maturation of red blood cells, improves reproductive function,
  • the amino acid DL methionine is actively involved in the complex synthesis of proteins, enzymes and hormones, supports the normal functioning of the liver and kidneys.

Hemobalance has a high concentration of beneficial substances in its composition

Release form

Hemobalance is produced in the form of a sterile clear solution of a dark yellow color, used most often for injections and sometimes for watering. Glass or plastic bottles in which the drug is poured can be of various sizes:

  • 5 milliliters,
  • 10 milliliters
  • 100 milliliters
  • 500 milliliters.

The largest containers are usually purchased either at veterinary clinics or for the treatment of large farm animals. For cats, it makes sense to buy small bottles, since the drug consumption per treatment course is small, and it is not possible to store printed packaging for a long time.

Each medicine bottle is reliably sealed with a rubber stopper and sealed with an aluminum cap on top of it. It is necessary to pay attention to the safety of tightness when buying a medicine.

Hemobalance is available in bottles of different sizes.

Storage conditions

The conditions in which hemobalance is to be stored are not particularly different from the requirements put forward for the storage of other medicines. For vials with hemobalance should choose a dry and dark, isolated from feed and food place - it is better that it had no access in children and animals. Acceptable temperature conditions - from 4 to 25 degrees Celsius. Hemobalance cannot be frozen.

If the original packaging has not been opened, the period of safe storage of the drug is one and a half years from the date of manufacture indicated on the package. From the moment you start using Hemobalance, its shelf life is reduced to a month. After this time, both the bottle and its contents must be disposed of.

The safety of the package upon purchase must be respected.

When purchasing a blood balance in a pharmacy, pay attention to the safety, completeness and proper labeling of the bottles and carton packs themselves. It is important that the solution is a homogeneous transparent liquid - clear, without foreign inclusions and sediment. It is strongly not recommended to buy the drug from the hands.

How does the cat's body

The course of injections of Hemobalance restores the deficiency of active substances that are part of the preparation in the animal's body and uses its own mechanisms of self-regulation - for this purpose it can be recommended as an immunomodulator.

The name of the drug itself suggests that Hemobalance improves blood formation and the blood formula itself, and this is vital for activating all, without exception, metabolic processes and the normal functioning of body systems.

If the drug has been prescribed and applied correctly, then the improvement in the animal’s condition usually becomes noticeable after one or two injections of hemobalance.

Application of hemobalance in cats

Cats are prescribed the drug in the form of injections, intramuscular or intravenous. But if for the intramuscular injections the hemobalance is used in its pure form, then for intravenous infusions it is diluted with solutions of salts or electrolytes.

In those rare cases where it is not possible to give an injection for some reason, the doctor may recommend an oral use of the drug in usual doses. Although this use of hemobalance is less effective and sometimes provokes digestive disorders.

Dosages and treatment regimens

The method of application of the hemobalance, its dose and treatment regimen is prescribed by the instruction, but they can be adjusted by the doctor depending on the reason for the appointment and the characteristics of the animal.

Standard single dose for injection is calculated based on the weight of the cat, the duration of the course is determined by the purpose of use.

Table: optimal therapeutic regimens for hemobalance

In some cases, when long-term recovery of a weakened animal is required or its disease is neglected, chronic, the course may be extended to three or even four weeks, and after a two-week break it may be reappointed. For the prevention of various ailments the same single dose is administered once a week, and the duration of the course is determined individually.

A small bottle of hemobalance is usually enough for a course of treatment.

Hemobalance can be prescribed and once - if you need to quickly remove the effects of stress or stimulate the pet's immune system, for example, on the eve of the exhibition, where there will be many animals and the likelihood of accidental infection will increase.

If after a week of regular use of the Hemobalance according to the scheme recommended by the doctor, there is no noticeable improvement in the condition of the animal, it is necessary to stop taking the drug and contact the clinic for another appointment. Similarly, you should not continue to use the hemobalance if you notice any unwanted reactions from your pet.

The main disadvantage of the Hemobalance drug is its high price - for example, the smallest, five-milliliter bottle costs about 250 rubles. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to replace this tool with a cheaper analogue - Hemobalance is unique in its composition and spectrum of therapeutic action, it does not exist in full.

How to make an injection yourself

Intravenous injections should not be attempted by yourself, even if a special catheter is inserted into the vein - it is better to entrust this responsible procedure to a specialist.

Use insulin syringes with fine needles for injections.

But intramuscular injections can and should learn to put every cat owner, because this simple skill in an emergency situation can save your pet's life. How to make a cat intramuscular injection? For beginners, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with step-by-step instructions:

  1. If you do not have enough experience, then for the first time ask someone for help - you will need to securely fix the animal at the time of administration of the drug.
  2. To begin, prepare the drug - preheat the vial with hemobalance to body temperature.
  3. Remove the top aluminum cap from the vial, do not need to uncork the rubber stopper - pierce it with the needle of the syringe and thus collect the required amount of money.
  4. The introduction of hemobalance can be painful, so for the injection it is better to choose an insulin syringe, the needle of which is the thinnest.
  5. Together with an assistant or independently fix the cat - if there is no certainty that the pet will sit still, you can swaddle her, freeing that part of the thigh where you will put the injection.
  6. It is possible to make intramuscular infusions in the cat's shoulder, but this is less convenient option.
  7. Caress the animal and try to relax it as much as possible - the muscle into which you will give an injection should be softened, not tense.
  8. Carefully feel the thigh and select the place where the muscle is the thickest - here you will enter Hemo balance.
  9. Шприц с препаратом нужно держать под углом в 45 градусов к телу и следить за тем, чтобы игла не упёрлась в кость либо не проколола мышцу насквозь.
  10. Вводить витаминный раствор следует максимально медленно — разовая дозировка невелика и укол не займёт много времени.
  11. After completing the procedure, gently but carefully massage the injection site so that no seals form there.
  12. Once again, caress your pet and treat him with something delicious - it will distract from unpleasant memories.

It is important to choose the right places for intramuscular injection.

Can I use to treat kittens, pregnant cats

ATeterinarians often prescribe hemobalance to cats during pregnancy. This helps to normalize the condition of the animal, eliminate toxicosis, and also has a beneficial effect on the development of embryos - their vitality is strengthened. Cats that have been treated with hemobalance give birth more easily and are more likely to recover after giving birth.

For small kittens, with their rapid metabolism, hemobalance can be a real salvation, especially in the first days of life. Multivitamin complex shows excellent results when used for weak or premature litters. In such cases, the drug is often used orally, but if possible, it is better to give the kids injections - they are much more effective.

Hemobalance is effective for both pregnant cats and kittens.

Interaction with other drugs

In complex drug therapy, hemobalance is well combined with concurrent use with other drugs. The only exceptions are those that contain iron — they cannot be used at the same time as Hemobalance, since exceeding the normal concentration of this trace element in the blood can become dangerous for the cat.

It should not be mixed in one syringe. Hemobalance with other solutions for injection - enter these drugs separately.

Possible side effects and contraindications

Veterinary drug Hemobalance has almost no contraindications, but it does not follow from this that it can be used on its own - to appoint a pet in any cases and arbitrary doses. Like other drugs, hemobalance is applied only as prescribed by a doctor and on the basis of the individual condition of the animal.

The main contraindication may be intolerance or hypersensitivity of your pet to any of the components of hemobalance. After all, the formula of this drug consists of very active and effective substances, and if used improperly, their effect on the cat's body can bring not harm, but harm.

Hemobalance - a unique drug that has no analogues and almost does not give contraindications

In order to timely eliminate the likelihood of allergic reactions to hemobalance, veterinarians recommend conducting a simple preliminary test. With a sterile needle from a syringe, you need to make a small scratch on the inside of the cat's thigh and rub a few drops of the drug into this place. If in half an hour or an hour the skin in this area does not inflame, the hemobalance can be used without fear.

Should be prepared for the fact that the oral administration of the product may cause side effects in the form of such failures of the digestive system:

These symptoms usually quickly pass by themselves and do not pose a significant danger to the animal.

Owner reviews

As for hemobalance (by the way, a very good drug!), I recently pierced my course. Based on the dosage offered by the instruction. Cats up to 5 kg - 0.25 ml. Made 6 injections every day in the evenings. Pricked with an insulin syringe. His needle is short and thin. Everywhere they write that the injection of hemobalance is painful, but my head did not even lift ... sometimes I put a sleepy

Irina Snusmumrik

Great drug. contraindications zero, and the result is cool. His pricked to get in shape to the exhibitions


Caution only colitis, clearly in the muscle, observe the dose, very painful. I did not have this, but often at the injection site painful thickening and very rarely abscesses occur. Better intravenous.


Previously, I did not use this drug. But in the veterinary clinic, when they did not have the necessary medication for me, they advised me to try Gemobalance. The composition of “Hemobalance” interested me. It has essential amino acids, which, with the right balance in the body, create conditions for good absorption of incoming substances.


Hemobalance did not help us - again hemoglobin decreased.


Veterinarian reviews

Hemobalance is injected intramuscularly, intravenously, watering is possible. With the preventive purpose is used once a week, with medical treatment - twice a week. Course duration is 2–4 weeks. Small pets are used 2–3 times a week: For dogs and cats weighing up to 5 kg - 0, 25 ml, over 5 kg - 0.5 ml.

Olga Vladimirovna Dubrovina

You can give with food - only watching for digestion - if vomiting starts or diarrhea - such reaction can be - then stop giving to drink and still have to beat! All appointments and especially the replacement of the method of administration of the drug should be discussed with your doctor is important for the treatment and prognosis of recovery!


Hemobalance drug has proven itself as an effective therapeutic and prophylactic agent for domestic animals. Cats that have undergone a course of injecting hemobalance become healthier, more energetic and more active, live longer, kittens grow and develop better, their appearance and quality of wool improve.