8 best puppy foods


Food Proplan for dogs of small breeds - premium food at an affordable price. Veterinarians recommend buying four-legged pets with dry food of higher categories - holistic and super premium class, but Pro Plan products from the Purin company will be suitable for a short period of time.

The manufacturer offers complete feed and several food lines for puppies, adult and elderly dogs of small breeds. Nutrition Review The plan will help you understand which feed to choose, what tastes a popular product for four-legged pets has. It is useful to know what the optimal portion of pellets per day is for inactive dogs and energetic animals.


Power Proplan has positive characteristics:

  • contains the main nutritional components that support the health of bones and joints in mobile dogs,
  • feeds are enriched with B vitamins,
  • many rulers do not contain cereals and gluten, which often provokes allergic reactions,
  • it contains rice that has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and the whole body,
  • as part of the feed there are beneficial trace elements, fiber,
  • good ratio of fats and proteins
  • many lines contain the OPTIDIGEST and OPTIHEALT complexes with prebiotics and substances that improve the condition of the four-legged pet,
  • good digestibility of feed,
  • the manufacturer offers not only granulated feed, but also canned food, as well as pucha,
  • acceptable cost of all types of food,
  • Proplan brand for dogs of small, large and medium breeds is easy to find in online stores, veterinary pharmacies. Any pet store will offer the owners of four-legged pets most of the Pro Plan feed lines,
  • the complex of vitamins of group B has a positive effect on the work of the nervous system
  • the right balance of nutrients explains the optimal energy value and acceptable feed consumption for a dog for one day,
  • there are lines for animals with sensitive digestion, adult and elderly dogs, puppies,
  • several flavors: lamb, fish, chicken, salmon,
  • the manufacturer offers granular food packaging of different weights: 0.7, 3 and 7 kg.

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It is worth remembering: the proplan brand is a premium class food, which explains the rather long list of negative characteristics. Among the feeds of the middle price category, Pro Plan occupies high positions in terms of quality, but at the first opportunity you need to transfer a four-legged pet to high-quality super premium or holistic food.

The main disadvantages of the Proplan brand:

  • premium class category
  • the presence in the composition of flavors, food additives,
  • meat ingredients replace natural meat, which can adversely affect the work of the digestive system and the whole body,
  • high percentage of corn,
  • there are no berries, fruits, medicinal herbs, seaweed, vegetables, as in the original feeds of Origen, Akana, Brit, Eukanuba,
  • As part of the food plan, there are many ingredients for dogs that are not found in elite high-quality feeds. There are no special benefits for components: dry chicken protein, corn, recycled skin and poultry bones, offal,
  • low percentage of proteins.

Food Proplan for dogs contains components of various kinds. Among them - a lot of nutrients, without which the correct development of the body is impossible. Unfortunately, in most varieties there are ingredients that do not carry nutritional value or have a lower quality than the elite forage brands Monge, Akana, Grandorf, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Brit.

The main components of the granulated food plan:

  • dry protein from poultry meat,
  • chicory root,
  • dry beet pulp,
  • valuable fish oil,
  • complex of vitamins of group B,
  • rice,
  • ash,
  • vitamins A, C, E,
  • manganese, iron, zinc, copper, iodine, selenium,
  • egg powder,
  • useful Omega - 6 and 3 fatty acids,
  • prebiotics
  • corn,
  • animal fat,
  • wheat,
  • flavoring food additive,
  • processed meat, bone and turkey skin,
  • corn gluten,
  • crude fiber.

For dogs of small and dwarf breeds, the Proplan brand offers several types of products:

  • Pro Plan Adult Small & Mini Sensitive Didestion. Catering Proplan for small dogs with sensitive skin.
  • Pro Plan is a variation of Adult Small & Mini. Food for adult dogs.
  • Pro Plan category Pappy small. Granulated food for puppies of small breeds.
  • Pro Plan dry food, food for adult dogs with sensitive digestion.
  • Purina Pro Plan DUO DELICE. A unique combination of soft and crunchy pieces.

How much food to give dogs of small breeds

On each pack of granulated food, the Proplan has a table in which the owners will find the optimal rate for their pet. For puppies, not only weight is indicated, but also age (in weeks). Be sure to pay attention to the column "Dog Activity": the more energy the animal spends, the larger the portion for one time.

The manufacturer has taken care to feed the needs of calm, low-active breeds (Pekingese, Maltese, Shih Tzu) and mobile animals (Parson Russell and Jack Russell Terrier, Siba Inu, Italian Greyhound, Alaskan Cli Kai, Yorkshire Terrier).

It is useful to know the average consumption rate of pellets per day for different lines. The food is quite nutritious: on the day small breed dogs need from 40 to 205 g of granulated food.

With a normal level of activity, dwarf dogs (weight from 1 to 1.5 kg) will require from 40 to 110 g of food per day, active pets from this category will have from 45 to 130 g of granules. With a weight of a dog from 5 to 10 kg, you will need from 110 to 180 g, if the pet of medium activity - from 130 to 205 g of granulated food at high energy consumption.

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Price where to buy

Food Plan for dogs is sold in veterinary pharmacies, pet stores, online shopping sites. The cost depends on the weight and product line.

Popular dry food costs:

  • 700 g - about 400 rubles,
  • 3 kg - about 1,300 rubles,
  • 7 kg - about 2400 rubles.

Reviews of veterinarians and dog owners

Of the inexpensive food feed Proplan has many positive ratings. In the absence of allergic reactions, the body of four-legged pets responds well to granular food and other Pro Plan food types. Despite the category of "premium class" the presence of some low-grade additives and components, many owners choose this particular product of the average price category. Most of the lines for small dogs are always in pet stores and vetaptekah, when ordering online packages of 3 and 7 kg can be a good save.

If it is not possible to purchase super premium food and elite category food, then many choose the Proplan brand from the Purin company as a temporary type of food. Veterinarians are advised to check where the dry food is produced, to purchase a product made in European countries or the USA to ensure the high quality of the pellets.

Video - review and characterization of dry food for dogs of small and dwarf breeds Proplan from the company of Purine:

Best Holistic Puppy Food

  • good natural composition,
  • balanced diet
  • hypoallergenic.
  • not suitable for all animals (many note flatulence and diarrhea),
  • not always there in ordinary pet stores.

  • good natural composition,
  • grainless,
  • economical use
  • does not cause allergies.
  • high price,
  • supply disruptions
  • difficult to find large bags, mostly on sale small.

  • perfect value for money
  • does not cause allergies.
  • simpler composition than other holistic feeds.

The best feed for puppies of small breeds

  • very attractive taste,
  • good natural composition,
  • grainless,
  • good value for money.

  • balanced diet
  • fine granules
  • good value for money.
  • in the composition of animal protein hydrolysates,
  • contains a significant amount of high carbohydrate cereals.

The best feed for puppies of large breeds

  • natural balanced composition
  • strong large granules
  • good value for money.
  • uncomfortable packaging that cannot be closed.

  • good value for money
  • balanced composition.
  • composed of dried ingredients and meat meal,
  • 18 kg bags are sold only to kennels with a certificate.

What is the best puppy food?

To feed a puppy, it is better to choose not just premium food, but holistic food made from high-quality whole ingredients. Such brands as Orijen and Acana have long established themselves. These feeds are much more expensive than others, but they are of the best quality.

Of course, the choice of food should occur gradually, taking into account the financial capabilities and characteristics of the dog. It is better to choose food in accordance with the breed and size of the dog, such as Applaws for small or Brit Care for large and giant breeds. Small breeds have an increased metabolism, it is important for them to consume highly nutritious food that is well absorbed. Large necessarily need additional support for bones and joints for normal development. The size of the pellets for small and large dogs also plays a role.

With the introduction of a new product, it is imperative to monitor the state of the animal: what kind of stool, whether itchy ears, watery eyes, and skin and coat. If the puppy eats well, is active, and looks flawless - it means that this food suits him.

Types of food Purina Van for dogs

Food Purina One for dogs belongs to the economy class, designed only for decorative pets and is made by a French company, but in Italy. In total several types of feed are offered:

The company also released a line of 19 species that differ in taste, package size and purpose.

It is important that the price of feed Purin One is small enough when compared with peers, and the quality is high.

Food can be divided into four types:

  • adult pet
  • active animals
  • food sensitivity and allergies,
  • dogs with a big appetite.

Every dog ​​owner will be able to find puppy food with poor digestion or special needs, and there are also universal food. The food in packs from 1 to 10 kg is on sale. The composition of the food is developed carefully, taking into account the height, weight and health of the dog:

  • meat product
  • vegetables,
  • rice or millet porridge,
  • offal,
  • vitamins and minerals.

Note that in the wet canned food, small pieces are provided so that the dog can easily cut them, and the stomach is quickly assimilated and digested.. As for taste enhancers, they are kept in small quantities in order to develop an appetite in some fastidious dogs.

Cons of Purine Van Feed

There are several disadvantages, which can not be said:

  • presence of taste enhancers that may be addictive
  • a small proportion of meat relative to vegetables,
  • the presence of by-products as a partial substitute for meat.

It is important to remember that the pet should always have enough drink so as not to complicate digestion and maintain normal well-being.

What feed to choose your pet?

In total, there are four categories of types of food from Purine, so choose them wisely and taking into account the characteristics of the animal.

Suitable for a dog from one year of life, for further development and strengthening of immunity. A positive effect on the formation of the skeleton, gives energy. The feed contains chicken, potatoes, beans, beef, peas.

Remember that dry food is sold in the form of pillows or small-sized croquettes. They are soft, but over time they may grow stale, and such a product is better not to give the dog.

This type of food is suitable for very active animals older than one year. The feed is designed to feed the dog. up to three times a day, supporting their immunity, strength. The composition is designed so that the components are quickly absorbed, and natural protein has a positive effect on the strengthening of muscles and bones. The main components are beef, potatoes, carrots, duck, beans.

  1. For pets with a big appetite

Food suitable for dogs with a big appetite age from one year. The peculiarity of nutrition is that it is low-calorie, but nutritious. Because pets are prone to obesity, will receive the desired dose without harm to health. The main components are turkey, chicken, peas, rice, tomato sauce.

  1. For sensitive and sick dogs

Pets prone to diarrhea, indigestion or pancreatitis are difficult to digest food, but this line will suit them even in the year of their life. The main component of nutrition is salmon and rice, which are rich in omega-3 and omega-6, and they speed up the digestion and assimilation of other foods. Also included are probiotics, minerals and vegetables.

Do not forget that with prolonged indigestion or diarrhea, even on a diet, you need to contact a veterinarian.

Reviews of Purina Van Feed (Purina One) for dogs

Dima: Finally, there was a food that is able to quench my appetite Tima without harm to health. Very pleased with the ratio of price and quality, no complaints. Conveniently and the fact that there is a package from 1 to 10 kg, different versions of taste. We use the series for dogs with a good appetite, although sometimes I additionally give ready-made meat and rice.

Marina: And we use a ruler for sensitive stomachs. This food is suitable not only for those dogs who have diarrhea, but simply with a weak stomach, like my Julia. I like the puppy to taste, I do not give additional vitamins. Although the water drinks a lot, but this is due to the fact that the feed is dry. We think to try canned or slices in jelly.

Arthur: Tried different foods, even elite. But they differ only in the proportion of meat, nothing more. Everywhere there are preservatives and vegetables. At Purine Van, at least the price is normal and to taste the dog did not feel much difference between the elite and the housekeeper. Therefore, the last three months, we feed only Purina. We stopped at the series for active dogs, which is enough for us twice a day.

The price for food is affordable, but depends on the type of food and the amount of packaging:

  • wet pouches 100 g - 70 rubles (30 UAH),
  • dry food 600 g - 250 rubles (60 UAH),
  • dry food 1 kg - 350 rubles (90 UAH),
  • dry food 1.5 kg - from 400 rubles in Moscow (100 hryvnia in Kiev).

Note that packs of 3, 7 or 10 kg are extremely rare in stores.

A few words about the company

For many decades, Purina has been the leader in the pet food market. Already managed to gain some popularity and trust. Therefore, some owners who think about which dry dog ​​food is better choose Purina. The company produces rations for adults and juniors. All products contain the necessary nutritional and beneficial elements.

The widest assortment is an indisputable plus of Purin. For over 80 years, the company has been developing and manufacturing feeds for four-paws. At the same time, he is constantly working to improve the technology and composition of his products. This allows the company to maintain a high level image. Also read the article about Holistic dog food.

What types of feed does Purina produce?

A caring owner in the line of this brand will easily select the most suitable feed for your pet.

Manufacturer Purina for dogs produces different sets, while taking into account the age of the animal and the state of his health.

There is granulated, dry food, wet, in the form of canned food and pate, as well as universal. Releases the organization and hypoallergenic mixtures.

The firm produces Purine feed for dogs of five brands:

  1. Dog Chow. This is a premium series. Includes dry food and canned food. It can be used both for very young individuals and for mature dogs. Perfect for animals that are prone to allergies. The main feature is the heterogeneity of the granules. Thanks to the successful combination of large and small croquettes, the pet is forced to chew food, not just swallow. It is good for digestion and cleans the teeth. Chicken meat and rice are used for production.
  2. One. Purina Van feed is intended for small breed dogs. This includes dry varieties and canned goods. Both species are perfectly digested and have good taste.
  3. Darling. These are economy class feeds with the lowest cost. The food is designed for adult dogs. It is a full-featured.
  4. Veterinary diets. This is a medical series, including canned purine for dogs and diet food. For example, for puppies and adults who suffer from food intolerance, the line offers HA Veterinary diets. To maintain kidney function, you should choose food marked NF. При проблемах с опорно-двигательным аппаратом больше подойдет питание JM Veterinary diets. При дерматитах неплохо помогает DRM.
  5. Pro Plan. Признан одним из самых популярных. В этой серии выделяется ряд позиций. Например, сухой корм Adult Medium для пород среднего размера. Он изготовлен на основе мяса курицы и риса. Also for medium dogs, the company produces Medium Sensitive. This food is made from salmon and rice. For large individuals designed Adult Large with chicken and rice. The combination of nutrients prevents animal obesity. For decorative pets are developedAdult Small and Small & Mini Sensitive. The latter is suitable for four foots with sensitive digestive system.

What is special about Purina?

To understand whether the diet of this company deserves attention, it is necessary to examine its composition. It also makes sense to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the product. The overall impression will help add up and feedback from consumers.

According to the manufacturer, the composition of each diet includes only natural ingredients: meat, cereals, vitamins and minerals.

Thanks to what it helps to strengthen the pet's immune system, maintain muscle mass at the proper level, prolongs the life span.

The approximate composition of Purin is presented below:

  • Dry poultry protein, which is obtained from processed chicken waste.
  • Wheat.
  • Chicken, salmon or lamb meat. Its content is about 15%.
  • Corn.
  • Animal fat.
  • Cornmeal and gluten free.
  • Fish fat.
  • Mineral and vitamin supplements.
  • Beet.

Corn and wheat contribute to faster saturation. And also allow you to somewhat reduce the cost of goods. Beet helps normal digestion. Gluten and flour are used to increase energy value. Fish oil is an indispensable source of Omega. But it is worth noting that it is present in the composition and flavor additive.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many users are satisfied with the Purin firm’s collections. Although there are also negative statements. Therefore, in order to understand whether it is worth buying Purin dry dog ​​food, its characteristics should be considered. It is important to determine which positive and which negative sides are characteristic of such a diet.

Positive feedback on dog food suggests the presence of such advantages for brand products:

  1. Big variety. Makes it easy to find a kit for any dog. There is a classification by breed, age, health.
  2. There are therapeutic, dietary solutions.
  3. Formats and tastes are varied.
  4. There is an opportunity to pick up goods for the price. In principle, most options are affordable.
  5. The company has long existed on the market. Therefore, consumers are trusted with this brand.
  6. Packing is quite convenient. This is absolutely all users.
  7. In addition to dry food there is canned food and pouches.
  8. Availability. Food is sold in almost all pet stores. You can order via the Internet.

But there are negative reviews about dry dog ​​food, which indicate that it is still worth working on products. Cons of consumers include the following:

  • Often a wide range is confusing. Beginning breeders with an irresponsible approach can make the wrong choice. Therefore, before buying, you need to carefully examine the range.
  • Not all dogs are delighted with such food. Perhaps this is due to antipathy to a particular product. Therefore, it makes sense to try the feed of a different taste.
  • Some variants have an unappetizing smell.
  • The food still contains artificial ingredients. For example, flavor enhancers, flavors. Also under the protein and chicken lie offal.
  • The composition of the entire line is almost identical.

Reviews of customers and doctors

In principle, the reviews about the purine feed for dogs are not bad. Many prefer this particular brand. But the manufacturer is positioning its products as a super premium class. Consumers, however, classify it more in the premium category. And all because of the low content of natural meat. We recommend you to read the article about premium dog food.

Considering the reviews of veterinarians about feed for dogs Purina, it should be noted that all of them are mostly positive. Experts are well aware of the fact that there are rations with a therapeutic effect. They note a balanced composition. The correct ratio of proteins and fats allows you to maintain the muscle mass of the animal, its immunity is normal. But, despite the good reviews, yet doctors do not recommend using Purine feed as the main food. And the reason for this lies in the composition.

How much will a purchase cost?

The cost of purine feed varies widely. Therefore, a person with any income level will be able to choose the appropriate option. Price depends on the composition and quality. Impact and weight of the package. For example, 600 grams of dry product will cost 200 rubles. But Purin Van dog food weighing 1.5 kilograms will cost about 360 rubles. The price of a pouch is 30 rubles per 100 grams.

Thus, today Purin’s dog food is quite popular. Numerous assortment of products allows you to choose the option based on the taste preferences of the animal and the material state of its owner. There are dry, granular, medicinal and versatile blends. The manufacturer is constantly improving, trying to maintain the image at the proper level. However, the feed of this brand can not be called high quality. The percentage of natural meat in them is low. Therefore, experts do not recommend the use of such food as the main one.