Feed for Yorkshire Terriers


You made a friend - sweet york, hairy pleases you with playfulness, obedience and curiosity. It is funny to collect his tails on his head and comb his shiny fur, which is the result of a balanced diet.

Consider what to feed the Yorkshire terrier at home, so that it burns with health?

Five basic prohibitions

  1. Get off the table. Even if from under him look mournfully begging eyes. Report to all family members, warn guests. First, discipline above all, begging is stopped at the root. Sad little face must know: they will eat her in the allotted corner. Secondly, chocolate, sausage, chicken skin will disarm the delicate ventricle of the crumb.
  2. Giving bones. Fish and bird bones lead to intestinal perforation. You can those that are larger - to scratch their teeth and play.
  3. Insist on the consumption of food. Do not want - do not. A fasting day does not mean poor health or health problems.
  4. Overfeed. The kid does not know how to stop in time: glut leads to obesity of the body, its internal organs and damages the musculoskeletal system. If the palpation feels ribs, the weight of the dog is all right.
  5. Be zealous with vitamins. Nutritional supplements should be, but be aware of the measure, especially if you feed specialized foods, where they already appear.

General feeding tips

When purchasing a puppy york or mini york, ask about his feed from the breeder, because a sharp change in feeding will hurt. Meet him as a child: he is still weak and completely dependent on you. Begin gradually feeding low-fat meat, boiled fish fillets, cottage cheese, vegetables.

Feeding natural food means a varied, carefully selected menu, and not scraps from the host's plates.

Three parts are animal products, one part is vegetable.

Feed the Yorkshire Terrier to 2-3 hours before walking or half an hour after. Daily rate directly depends on physical activity per day. If there was a load - the portion increases, if the pet is lazy - decreases. Watch the final behavior: if the bowl is eagerly licking, your yorik is hungry, and if he goes to go about his business - full.

Puppies of Yorkshire terriers are fed up to six months 4 times during the day, up to one and a half years - 3 times.

The frequency of feeding an adult dog - 2 times a day, morning and evening, preferably at the same time. Pregnant or lactating bitch increase the number of meals.

Serve dishes a little warmer than room temperature. Be sure to remove the leftovers 20 minutes after the meal, wash the bowl. Ensure the constant presence of fresh drinking water.

For every pound of weight, one tablespoon of food is calculated. For example, if a mini-york weighs 1.5 kg, it relies on 3 tablespoons of provisions.

Possible options for the diet:

  • homemade natural products
  • soft canned food
  • dry feed.

Feeding natural food

A balanced diet is one that contains a large proportion of protein and equal proportions of carbohydrates and fiber. We will understand how and what better to feed the Yorkshire terrier.

  • Meat products should not contain fatty layers. Raw beef, chicken, visited the freezer (for the death of parasites). Feed allowed heart, lungs, udder. Serve in the evening in crushed form.
  • The fish must be boiled and carefully removed the bones, and some species (pollock, blue whiting) do not allow the gland to digest, choose other variations of the sea dinner.
  • Yolk no more than 2 times a week. Protein provokes allergies, renal failure.
  • Groats: buckwheat, rice, pshenka.
  • Vegetables raw or boiled: pumpkin, zucchini, carrots, beets.
  • Fruits: bananas, watermelons, pears, apples.
  • Sour milk: low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, ryazhenka, katyk.
  • Olive or flaxseed oil saturates dishes with amino acids, helps the absorption of nutrients. Enough little spoons.
  • Occasionally indulge with dried fruit for the purchase of trace elements, improvement of the gastrointestinal tract.

Natural food for York involves feeding vitamins and minerals for the full development of the four-legged companion. Provide an additional source of calcium, phytin, glycerophosphate, give bone meal.

It is important not to overdo it, an overdose of vitamins and minerals will make the bones of the young individual fragile. The excess from the adult dog is washed out with urine.

Dry food for the Yorkshire Terrier

Intense rhythm of modern times sometimes does not allow preparing a pet separately. Then comes to the rescue purchased dry food in packages. It is convenient to use, saves time, hygienic and balanced.

Owners of the Yorkshire Terrier breed are strongly advised to ignore dry economy feed.

Do not buy for cheap: under the bright commercials hide unscrupulous manufacturers who can use the raw materials of sick or dead cattle. The result will be the saturation of empty low-quality food, antibiotics, pesticides, flavor enhancers.

The best dry food for York will be premium food with a high percentage of meat composition, the daily requirement of essential trace elements and vitamins.
Among the brands recommended by dog ​​handlers, it is worth noting “Royal Canin”, “Hills”, “Proplan”, “Mera Dog”. The range offers species for small breeds at certain periods of life: youth, old age, lactation.

If you have to change the brand, consult a dog handler, he will give recommendations to avoid an allergic reaction, help you choose the right diet.

Than Can't Feed Yorkies

The list of products described below is strictly prohibited for fragile organisms of Yorkies:

  • Sweets. Sugar, cake, cakes beat on the liver, provokes the release of pus from the eyes.
  • Salt. Amplifiers taste, seasonings lead to deterioration of smell.
  • Lamb too fat for weak liver.
  • Pork is a common cause of plague infection.
  • Milk in its usual form is poorly tolerated by adult Yorkies.
  • Oatmeal and pearl barley: cereals can cause allergies.
  • Smoked meat is a source of cholesterol.
  • Cabbage and beans cause bloating.
  • Mushrooms
  • Grapes
  • Citrus
  • Bakery products

Remember: mixed feeding is not recommended.

It is advisable to adhere to one type of diet - either professional dry food, or natural food. Horse racing in this regard can lead to a pet's illness.

We are responsible for those who have tamed. Take your ward's food seriously. The better to feed the Yorkshire terrier at home, you will always prompt a competent veterinarian or dog handler.

What you need to know about dry food?

Those who opted for specialized ready-made feed, you must follow a few simple but very important recommendations. First of all, you need to pay attention to match the age of the animal. It is forbidden to offer puppies food intended for adult dogs. When choosing, you should consider not only the age, but also the energy costs of your pet. It is advisable to purchase products from one company, since experts do not advise mixing feeds of different brands.

Among other things, it is imperative to comply with recommended feeding rates. Also, you can not mix natural and industrial food. Some inexperienced owners mistakenly think that canned food is nothing more than a meat additive that can be mixed with various cereals. In fact, it is strictly prohibited.

Overview of popular brands

Of course, every owner wants to choose the best feed for the Yorkshire terrier. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of similar products, designed to meet the characteristics of the breed.

Hills, developed for dogs of small breeds, are especially popular. It contains all the vital vitamins and trace elements. The main component of this feed is chicken, rice and fats.

Acana products contain an insignificant amount of carbohydrates, a lot of fat and protein. Therefore, such feed is ideal for the Yorkies. Unlike other analogues, it contains no rye, corn, or wheat. Therefore, it does not cause indigestion and other problems with the digestive system.

Perfectly balanced Pro Plan food, designed for small breed dogs, is based on salmon or chicken meat. As an additional component, it contains digest, corn gluten, as well as vitamins E and C. Regular consumption of this food helps to strengthen York's immunity.

Natural Products for Yorkers

If the owner intends to feed his tiny pet with natural products, then the diet should contain all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the combination of protein, carbohydrate and fatty foods.

As with other predatory animals, yes, yes, these lovely ones are also predators, meat should be the basis of the diet. It is given raw, pre-scalded with boiling water. Among the most desirable types of meat include veal, beef, chicken breast. 25% of the diet should take boiled grits - buckwheat and rice. York should be given 1 yolk of boiled hard boiled eggs - chicken or quail. How many times a day? Better to answer by week. About 2-3 times a week.

It is worth noting that fermented milk products must be present in the diet of the Yorkshire terrier. This may be low-fat kefirchik, cottage cheese with the addition of calcium, fermented baked milk, yogurt without additives. Although the dogs themselves mostly eat it, but such selectivity of pets is usually not very disturbing to the owners, as they are happy to eat vegetable and fruit dishes. And the dogs like them both raw and boiled.

Veterinarians are also advised to treat a dog with fish and seafood at least once a week. Yorks do not give up shrimp, squid, which are sources of minerals and iodine. There are proportions that you should stick to so that the dog gets everything you need:

  • 1/2 - animal protein,
  • 1/4 - fruit and vegetable food,
  • 1/4 - cereals.

Prepare the above ingredients separately from each other, and then mix. The list of foods allowed for feeding Yorkshire terriers includes the following:

  • Meat products and offal: meat of calves, beef, chicken fillet, chicken hearts and liver, beef heart and liver.
  • Porridge - from rice, buckwheat, wheat, millet. It is possible to prepare combined dishes.
  • Fresh and boiled vegetables - cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, spinach leaves, pumpkin slices, zucchini, beets.
  • Fresh herbs - parsley, onion, dill.
  • From fruit yorkam can give some bananas, apples, melons, watermelon, persimmon.
  • From the fish in the diet can include flounder, tuna, herring.

Food for small pets is recommended to cut into small slices, it should be freshly prepared. Give it better in the form of heat. With natural nutrition, a four-legged friend should receive an additional feed containing vitamins and trace elements.

What should not be in the York diet

In fact, very many of the products are absolutely not suitable for feeding dogs, including Yorkshire terriers. Some of them are frankly harmful, others are not absorbed by a dog’s body at all, others are akin to poison that kills a pet slowly but surely. So, what little york should never eat?

  • Dishes to the dog should be prepared without salt, pepper, oriental spices, sugar and various kinds of seasonings.
  • Fish should be marine, but not freshwater.
  • It excludes fatty meats, especially lamb, beef and pork belly.
  • Sausages and smoked meats, beloved by all four-legged pets, are extremely harmful for Yorkies.
  • Among vegetables, it is undesirable for dogs to give turnips, among fruits - citruses.
  • Any sweet food is also strictly prohibited.
  • Pasta, bread and other pastries made from wheat flour should not be given to York.
  • Protein eggs in the raw stomach of the dog is not digested.
  • Milk in an adult pet can cause diarrhea,
  • Meat, mushroom broths are hard food for the dog.

You can not give york bones, especially for tubular and other bones with cavities (more about what bones can be given to the dog).

Ready meals for Yorkshire terriers

Despite the fact that dry food has firmly entered the lives of dog breeders and the rations of their pets, there is no consensus on feeding them to the Yorkshire terriers. Many veterinarians categorically do not recommend feeding the puppy of the Yorkshire terrier only by drying. But the owners found a way out in this situation, alternating dry granules with canned food.

Choose high-quality food - premium or super-premium. Given the size of the Yorkies, this should be a diet for small breeds. Among the popular brands that are most often chosen by owners of Yorkshire terriers, the following can be noted:

  • Royal Canin - in the lineup of these French feeds you can find two rations suitable for Yorkies - Mini Edelt 27 for small breeds and Mini Sensible for small dogs with problematic digestion.
  • Orient is a Canadian product whose manufacturers care not only about the benefits, but also about the taste of the diet.
  • Measure Dog - a number of antioxidants that contain dogs from adverse external conditions are part of the US feed.
  • Akana - feed from Canada, which is distinguished by high quality.

The advantages of feed are obvious - they are designed to meet the needs of certain breeds, they are the most balanced various ingredients and the calculation of portions utterly simplified. What can not be said about natural products.

What to feed the Yorkshire terrier at home, the owner chooses, however, it is necessary to focus on the needs and taste preferences of the four-legged friend.

Principles of proper feeding

The main principle that should be followed when feeding York is to give him only high-quality products for food. Another rule is not to overdo it with the amount of food and know how many times a day you need to feed the dog. Adult Yorkshire terriers almost never weigh more than three kilograms. This means that the daily volume of food is calculated by the formula of 20 grams per kilogram.

The daily amount of food for York is calculated by the formula: 20 grams per kilogram.

Refrain from giving the animal food that remained on your table after the meal. It can be salty, spicy, oily, that is, one that is contraindicated in York.

What can you feed York

The feed will go expensive premium or super premium class, which are made specifically for this breed. From natural products, boiled beef is best suited as a base.

IMPORTANT: Do not add salt to feed.

A small amount of boiled offal, a little boiled buckwheat or rice, boiled finely chopped vegetables, although some varieties can be given even raw. Eggs and dairy products are well accepted by the stomach of York. Products only exceptional freshness, washed, processed, finely chopped.

Food York in 1-2 months

Recommendations for feeding puppies under the age of 1.5 months do not exist, because during this period yorks are not weaned from their mother’s milk and real dog breeders do not sell animals of this age.

From 1-1.5 months, York begins to convert to an adult diet, which includes boiled offal and meat, vegetables, cereals.

York is suitable for 1.5 months: boiled offal and meat, finely chopped boiled vegetables, some boiled cereals. In this period of life, it is important to connect sea boiled fish. At this stage, you must decide what you will feed the puppy.

Experts note that if the owner decided to use poop in the future, now is the time to gradually transfer the puppy to him. But most of the food should be dairy products. Nutrition fractional, six times a day.

In two months the products remain the same, the number of feedings is reduced to four. The owner should monitor the puppy's weight, as obesity will negatively affect the joints.

Puppy diet in 3-4 months

If you have already managed to fully or partially transfer your pet to dry food, use only brands designed specifically for Yorkshire terrier puppies. Feed the baby should be three basins a day, without leaving food in a bowl in order to avoid overeating.

In the fourth month, dairy products are excluded from the diet of little York. Breeders recommend once a week to give your puppy a raw egg. Also, if desired, you can give honey - two or three times a week at the tip of a teaspoon.

Natural Food for Adult Yorkies

To feed the Yorkshire terrier with natural food is more troublesome, but more beneficial for the dog. Among the advantages of this method: food is less harmful, the ability to diversify the pet's “table”, better absorption and lack of chemistry. The owner himself must decide how to feed, building on their capabilities.

Взрослому йорку мясо, овощи и крупу дают только в отварном виде.

Вот основные правила кормления натуральной пищей:

  • Овощи желательно давать вареные. Это могут быть морковь, капуста и репа. Сырой лучше всего давать мелко натертую морковь, но при этом обязательно добавив немного растительного масла. Используйте также и овощные смеси, заправленные маслом. Картофель воспрещен.
  • Greens should be given in small quantities, as an additive to the main product. This may be lettuce, spinach, green onions.
  • Meat only boiled: turkey, chicken, beef.
  • From cereals it is recommended to limit rice and buckwheat.
  • Low-fat cottage cheese is given to York only mixed with kefir, otherwise the dog may not swallow and choke.
  • Of the fruits, bananas, melons and apples are preferable.
  • Sea boiled fish should be present in the diet, but not more than once a week.

PAY ATTENTION: With a natural diet, your pet will need mineral supplements and vitamins.

Dry food for yorks

The better - dry food or natural food - feed York, depends on many factors. Such qualities as the possibility of long-term storage, availability in the trade network, ease of use, the ability to take with you to any place speak in favor of the dry. It is also worth noting that vitamins and nutritional supplements are already present in industrial feed.

The photo shows Royal Canin specialized feed for Yorkshire terriers.

Here are some popular feeds designed specifically for the Yorkshire Terrier breed:

  • Royal Canin, France. Two types of feed are available: «Yorkshire Adult for dogs older than 10 months and Yorkshire 29 Junior for puppies. Among the features - the presence of chicken fat, which contains a useful polyunsaturated omega-3 acid. Average price and full availability.
  • Purina Pro Plan, USA. Popular food created for the smallest dog breeds. Feature - proprietary technology, thanks to which it became possible to preserve the taste and nutritional value. Medium price category, full availability.
  • Orijen, Canada. Without cereals, with a full range of vitamins and minerals. It is stated that food consists only of those ingredients that York would eat in natural conditions. Also present is the herb alfalfa, which vets call very useful for dogs. One of the most expensive feed available. Pretty easy to purchase.

Canned food for York

Dog breeders and veterinarians say that the question of what to feed: dry food and canned food may not stand in principle, as they should be used in combination. In canned food more liquid than in a simple dry food, it has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract of the dog. Eating it is also easier.

Vitamins and mineral complex is already in the composition of canned food, so you will not have to buy these supplements separately. They also include lean meat. Of the minuses - in contrast to the granular dry food, open canned food can not be stored for a long time.

Vitamins and nutritional supplements

Calcium gluconate is used as a mineral supplement. But it is important to follow the instructions to avoid overdosing. It is customary to give vitamin D2 on an oil basis, one drop every other day. But it is best to choose a ready-made complex of additives, based on the choice of the owner of the diet.

What can not feed the Yorkshire terrier

York may overeat a little, but if he has no appetite, it is not recommended to force him to feed him.

IMPORTANT: Fish and meat should only be cooked, never raw.

White bread, potatoes, cakes and pastries, as well as just sugar can cause your pet serious harm. The same applies to bacon, pasta, bones (except for safe from the pet shop). Remember that sea fish cannot replace meat, these products must be combined, and freshwater fish should not be given to Yorkies.

Spices can, firstly, harm the dog's digestive tract, and secondly, spoil his sense of smell. And, of course, no alcohol.

We offer to look at detailed instructions for preparing a natural diet from the breeder of Yorkshire terriers.

Dog experts insist that choosing a way of feeding for a Yorkshire terrier once: dry food or natural food, you should constantly stick to the intended course and not mix these types of diets.