Signs about tricolor cats


Since ancient times, cats were considered mysterious animals. Their grace, independence, and special beauty have long been subjects of mystical signs and omens. Cats are often associated with witchcraft and other esoteric currents. Many are interested in the tricolor cat in the house and the signs associated with this beast.

In another tricolor cat is called tortoiseshell. And such owners of unusual color conceal a lot of secrets and mysteries.

Special character

It is believed that the tricolor cats character, unlike others, often positive. They are friendly, peaceful and docile. They love themselves, but they are very attached to their master. Especially friendly are the carriers of black-red-white suit.

But such furry pets have their drawbacks. As a rule, tricolor cats are incredulous and careful with strangers. They are in a tense state, if the house has a large number of guests. Tortoiseshell cats react aggressively to strangers who are trying to contact them.

Another unpleasant fact is that cats with tricolor are not well accustomed to the tray. Often they choose their own place for the toilet, and retraining brings zero result.

Unique palette

Tricolor - not uncommon and there are several types of color.

  • Harlequin. In this case, the white color dominates and only on the back, head or tail are other shades present - black and reddish.
  • Calico or patchwork. The suit is characterized by the predominance of red-black color with white spots. It is noted that white markings have no clear boundaries.
  • Tortie It looks like fish scales. For this reason, tortias are sometimes called “scaly”.
  • Muted. It is characterized by a pale expression of red and gray shades on white wool.

Turtle-colored fluffy carriers are believed to have several unusual abilities that are associated with a particular shade. White (he is also the predominant) is identified with healing powers. Color means peace and harmony, adjusts thoughts in a positive way. White shade is also associated with purity. Black absorbs all the negative. It protects from dark magic and cleans energy. Black color helps to reveal magical and extrasensory abilities. Redhead attracts money and happiness. It symbolizes prosperity and prosperity.

Thus, the tortoiseshell cat is not just a beautiful animal, but also a symbol of happiness, prosperity and protector from dark forces.

Belonging to breed

Tricolor is often found in the purebred representatives of the cat family. But there are purebred tricolor cats and they have enough breeds. These include:

  • Maine Coon ,
  • Turkish van,
  • Neva Masquerade Cat,
  • Persian cat ,
  • Japanese bobtail,
  • Kurilian bobtail,
  • manx
  • american shorthair cat
  • british shorthair cat
  • exotic cat.

The official name of the tricolor is tortoise with white. Such cats may have a tabby pattern on their paws.

It is important! Due to the genetic peculiarity, most often the tortoise color occurs only in female individuals. Cats with such a suit are extremely rare.

A lot of things about cats will be associated with the appearance of the animal. It is believed that the tricolor pet attracts good luck and money to the house. The carriers of the three shades are defenders from evil spirits.

Tricolor cats have a special meaning in wedding signs. The sneezed animal predicts a happy family life to the bride, trying on a wedding dress. The unexpected guest of a turtle color predicts fast wedding in the house to which he came. The wedding will take place and the young man, if he drinks the last glass of alcohol (stack), and at the table will be a three-colored cat. Then he or another family member should give the pet a bowl of milk. A treat is given with the words "you have milk, and [the name of a man] is a faithful wife, a kind hostess."

Another sign directly connects luck with the owner of the turtle suit. Fortune is a rather capricious entity, as well as a cat. To attract good luck in the house, the owner must achieve a loyal position of the cat with the tricolor. In some cases, you will have to compete for good luck, since cats, by their nature, are rather independent personalities. You should not offend a pet - fortune turns away from those who even accidentally upset the cat. Luck can be gone forever.

A good sign is the presence of a three-colored cat on board a ship or even a boat. Fishermen and seafarers willingly take such pets with them, considering that they protect the ship from the storm. In fact, some breeds that are allowed tricolor, have increased sensitivity to weather conditions and such cats know in advance about the approaching bad weather. Their abrupt change of behavior makes the crew aware of the approaching storm.

A tricolor cat promises good luck in a career, giving birth to black and red kittens. One must be given, and the other must be taken. A good sign is the black kitten, whose mother has three shades. He has healing power, is able to protect the house from evil spirits and eliminate all negativity in the house.

Tricolor mascot

Tortoiseshell cats have always had a special meaning in the culture of different nations. Cats themselves were considered sacred animals, and a special color only added mystics and symbolism.

In Japan, a cat with a tricolor is a symbol of wealth and money pulling. The Japanese have the famous figure "Maneki Neko", which translates as "calling cat." She depicts a white cat with reddish-black specks holding a coin in its paw. The cat is always with a raised foot, which symbolizes the call of something. The right foot beckons luck and money, the left attracts customers. There are several legends explaining the emergence of the Maneki Neko talisman.

In Slavic mythology, three colors possessed a cat-bayun - a character with a magical voice and superhuman strength. His stories he lulled the careless travelers, and then ate, because the creature was a cannibal. Other sources say that the cat-bayun protected the dwellings at the request of people and watched the children. His voice had not only a sleeping effect, but also had healing properties. Caught in captivity, the cat told stories and, thereby, healed the listener from all diseases. Slavic mythology also indicates that the creature was a conductor between the worlds and lived in a dead forest.

In the US, turtle-colored pets are called “cash.” But on the territory of England tricolor cats bring happiness, protect the family from trouble, create comfort and harmony in the house.

In Muslim culture, it is not customary to have statues and other figurines of cats. They get live cats with three colors and believe that they protect the home from fire.

Nickname for a color miracle

To understand what to call a tricolor cat, you need to take a few points into account. Owners of this color most quickly get used to the short nicknames. The best option would be a name of 2-3 syllables. It is advisable that it contain a hissing sound.

Finding a male kitten with this color is very difficult. Therefore, such a cat is considered a great success. By their nature, they are gentle and tender, which means that the nickname should correspond to his habits.

The name for a three-colored cat should also reflect its essence and character. Females are generally peaceful and friendly.

Multicolored cat in dreams

There are different interpretations for what the tricolor cat dreams of. In general terms, a colored animal in a dream is a happy sign. But it all depends on the dream itself, in which a fluffy cat appeared.

A cat with a tricolor in the house promises joy, celebration and good news. She can predict a meeting with friends or an unexpected visit of guests. For a single man, this is also a sign of an upcoming meeting with a beautiful lady.

If a cat of several shades is lying on the carpet or furniture, sleep means comfort and harmony in the house. For those who are experiencing a financial crisis, such a dream suggests a quick prosperity and an improvement in their financial situation. A reclining cat promises a lonely girl happiness and meeting with her friends. But at the same time the beast points to a short love story.

A dream in which a tricolor cat is present in the home of a lover or a spouse does not bode well for a woman. In this case, we can expect disagreement, quarrel or even treason.

Interesting Facts

Only cats are tricolor. This color is transmitted through the female line. Males of this suit are rare (about 1 cat per 3 thousand cats) and are sterile.

If it is not possible to purchase a cat with three colors at once, you can have several pets of black, white and red color. Each color has a specific meaning and function.

A well-known fact is that cats are associated with housebirds. Cats from ancient times were considered guides and a link between man and the other world. Many argue that the brownies love cats and can even move into them (if the pet is completely black). However, before you start a furry animal, you need to find out the color of the brownie's hair and then choose a cat with the same fur. Mismatch of colors can lead to insult of the spirit and rejection of the new household. An exception is the tortoise cat, since it already has several colors at once and cannot, thus, annoy the brownie.

Turtle cats are not only beautiful, but also mysterious. They are symbols and talismans, bringing happiness, luck and money. In tricolor cats in the house will take and superstitions quite a lot. And they all have a positive meaning.

The appearance of such a guest is usually very lucky. Often, they immediately try to take in the house. Such a beast attracts fortune in the dwelling. Mystical and independent nature was the reason for the appearance of many beliefs. Of particular interest is the tricolor cat in the house and signs with her.

The secret of uniqueness

What is so unusual in a “multi-colored” cat and why does she deserve such a reverent attitude on the part of the people? Suffice it to recall that a cat of one or another color has its own abilities. So:

  1. Black - protects from dark forces, cleans energy, helps to uncover unusual abilities.
  2. White - a famous healer and healer, helps to establish peace, directs thoughts towards the positive.
  3. Red - a symbol of material wealth and spiritual happiness.

As you can see, each kitty helps a person in his particular area. But if in the color of one animal there are three colors at once, then you can make a rather interesting conclusion. One tricolor cat perfectly replaces three pets at once and easily provides all of the above factors.

Tricolor cat - a rarity

The three-colored cat is not such a rarity. But the real find can be considered a tricolor cat. According to statistics, such occurs one in three thousand individuals, and even less. Tellingly, the tricolor male is barren. Scientists explain this as a genetic anomaly, since this coat color is transmitted along the female line.

If a tricolor cat settled in the house, the owners can count on the fact that in any case Fortune will be on their side. Those lucky few who brought such an animal say that they suddenly had additional sources of income, improved their personal lives, circumstances in most cases were in their favor, and those who tried to harm them immediately received their negative. The tricolor cat became for the family a real protective talisman.

The birth of a three-colored kitten is associated with a genetic abnormality. Many tend to see this as a miracle and attribute mystic power to such animals.

It is quite difficult to predict whether a three-colored cat will be in the offspring. Currently, breeders have not been able to achieve one hundred percent guarantee. However, tricolor cats (there is no such breed in its pure form), cats are much less likely to appear among representatives of various breeds. For example, among the Persian and domestic shorthair cats, as well as breeds from the Isle of Man.

Because of the special coat color, tricolor cats are also called tortoiseshell.

Jake from the UK - one of the most famous tricolor cats

One of the most famous tortoiseshell cats is Jake. Its owner, Richard Smith, did not immediately understand what kind of treasure he owned. He was just planning to have a cat. After inspection in a veterinary clinic, it turned out that this is not a cat, but really a cat. And at the time of purchase of this unique kitten, Richard's little son chose. The family treats Jake as an ordinary cat that is healthy and active and leads a normal animal life. All the rest are confident that the Smiths are really lucky and can cite a lot of examples from their lives.

Maneki-neko in Japan - a symbol of wealth

The tricolor cat causes special respect among the inhabitants of Japan. Returning from the country of the Rising Sun, tourists bring figures of white cats with two-colored spots - maneki-neko. Kota with a raised foot, as a rule, put at the entrance to the home. The cat's foot is attached to the body and moves with the help of a spring.

Maneki-neko moves his paw and so “lures” into the house good luck and prosperity.

Maneki-neko - real talismans, bringing good luck, prosperity and love

Maneki-neko are presented in a wide variety: some kittens-talismans attract guests - they put them in restaurants to increase the number of customers, others hold a golden or pink pearl in their hands - such talismans are able to generate additional sources of income and provide a constant flow of money, there are maneki - the ones who give their owner the greatest wealth - excellent health and always excellent well-being.

Japanese merchants believe that if the cat in the shop holds the left paw twice on the ear, the person who buys a large batch of goods will soon cross the threshold. If this happens on the eve of an important transaction, the business will go smoothly and will bring a good profit. But Japanese sailors believe that tricolor cats are able to protect against bad weather during swimming, so they take these animals with them and consider them as protectors from evil spirits.

Raised up foot Maneki-neko symbol of attracting financial success

By the way, to warn about the possible monetary losses of the cat and in a dream. If you see a angry three-colored cat that claws the threshold of your house, refrain from major purchases or financial investments and do not lend money to anyone for the next week. If you saw in a dream an evil black cat, the question concerns not prosperity, but energy. A black cat warns that you have detractors and you need to take care of the energy protection of the family. For example, purchase or make yourself a protective talisman. But first, of course, it is necessary to carry out energy cleaning of the house with the help of a regular wax candle (light it while standing on the threshold of the dwelling), bypassing all the rooms clockwise.

Wedding omens with tricolor cats

There is such a sign: if a tricolor cat has strayed into the house, there will be a wedding soon. Quite a famous omen, distributed not only to tricolor cats, but also to all other members of the family - the pet is washing its face with its paw and so invites guests into the house, lying down in your direction, it means that there will be a new thing soon. A particularly happy sign is considered if a three-colored cat sneezes while sitting next to the bride, who at the same time puts on her outfit. Thus, the furry animal predicts a happy family life for the girl.

If the cat is not far from the bride, especially at the moment when she puts on the outfit, this promises the girl happiness in love

If a man drinks a last glass of alcohol from a bottle during a festive meal and a tricolor cat sits under the table, he will certainly marry by the end of this year. After that, he or someone from the household had to pour a cat into a bowl of milk with the words: “You need milk, and (the name of the man) is a good wife, a kind hostess”.

Stepping over the threshold of your home for the first time, the tricolor cat "invites" prosperity into the house.

If a tricolor cat has strayed into your house, start it first in the dwelling, just as they do, allowing the kitten to enter the new house or apartment first. Good luck in business can be attracted if your cat has red and black kittens. First you need to give, and the second to keep. A black kitten, born of a tricolor cat, is able to heal the owners of the house from diseases, clean the house from the negative and drive away evil spirits.

Cat - a helper Brownie

In Russia there was such a belief: the cat is the helper of the spirit of the house of the Brownie. It was considered most favorable for a family to have a cat or a cat with a coat that matches the hair color of the owner of the house itself. Otherwise, the Brownie may dislike the animal and cause minor troubles in the house. Именно поэтому трёхцветная кошка и считается счастливой — на её шерсти сразу три цвета, и у Домового нет повода, чтобы не принять в помощники такое животное. К слову, если кошку вам дарят или же вы её покупаете, дарителю или продавцу в ответ нужно обязательно что-то передать.

В знак обмена при получении кошки в былые времена передавали куриное яйцо.

Кот издревле считался помощником Домового, который в курсе всех дел духа дома. Household should be respected and that, and another

The tip of the tail of the tricolor cat has a special healing power. Attach it to the place where the wart has formed and read the plot three times: “The cat's tail will be taken by the wart, the wart will come off of me (your name). The cat will wash, the wart will be cleared, the wart will disappear. Let it be so". After that, on the tip of the cat's tail, you need to sprinkle running water from the fingers of your right hand (hold the hand to the open tap with water and type some water in your palm). Shake the remnants of water near the kitchen stove with the words: “To you, Brownie, in charge of all affairs, I inform you, as a sign of respect. On health. For prosperity. Let it be so".

The most famous helper of the Brownie is Cote-Bayun, a magical animal, on whose back two spots of different colors will certainly be present. Bayun not only cared for all households to rest at night and none of the evil spirits dared to disturb them, but especially preserved the children's sleep. Putting the baby or older children in the crib, the parents asked Bayun for protection while the child was sleeping. Cote-Bayun with multicolored wool had the ability to tell fairy tales in which a special meaning was made, knew how to “speak like a person” and was able to “avert the eyes” of enemies, in a word, induce trouble. In addition, he possessed the gift of foresight and was able to see what was happening a thousand versts from the place where he was.

Cat Bayun - a fabulous creature with great occult power

Thus, tricolor cats are revered in many cultural traditions in the East and in the West. Whatever the signs of tricolor cats, they all agree on one thing - these unique animals bring wealth and luck, health and desire fulfillment.

Why tricolor cat brings happiness?

"Happy" cats are usually painted in three contrasting colors: white, black and red. White color - It is a symbol of pristine purity, freshness and peace, black wool always considered a talisman that can exorcise evil forces and fight evil spirits, ginger colour brings joy, financial well-being, contributes to the recovery of sick people.

When these three powerful colors come together in one animal, the strength of each increases many times over. That is why tricolor cats are credited with magical abilities and appreciate them highly.

What to expect from a cat?

In every nation, in every profession and simply in every home, they regard the concept of happiness in their own way. For each person, it is their own, so it will take a lot about what a cat with three colors brings to people.

In Japanese culture, hospitality is very much appreciated. The inhabitants of this country believe that the greeting of every person who entered the house brings prosperity and well-being to the family. Guests are tried to be met by all the rules, but the most interesting custom is that that the superstitious Japanese at the entrance to the house put a small figure of a three-colored cat with a raised foot.

If the cat is raised in greeting right footthen they put it in private houses to attract good luck and money if leftthen the figure is placed at the entrance to restaurants, shops, cafes and other public institutions to attract noble customers.

Muslims do not put artificial catsthey prefer to start living and take care of their pets. They are confident that with their presence tricolor cats can protect the house from accidental fire.

In England, these animals give birth so that the house becomes cozy and warm, harmony reigns and every family member feels protected and sheltered from storms and anxieties.

Which cat will bring more good to the house?

When there is a question about choosing a domestic cat, her fur is crucial. According to national signs, redhead a beast brings wealth to a house white - family well-being, harmony between spouses, black - protects the family hearth from all ills. If all these benefits are equal for you, then, of course, it is best to start three animals at once, or one tricolor kitten.

Signs about cats

  • Curled up - cold is approaching,
  • The tail spread out - soon a strong snowstorm,
  • Strayed - to good. In order for the omen to work, put 3 white coins on the road and leave it there. This serves as a kind of ransom for the happiness and well-being that has come to your home with a new pet,
  • A single woman has got a cat - it will be difficult to get married, and if they succeed, the marriage will be fragile.

If you love cats, then all the signs and superstitions about these gentle friends will not be of great importance. You can believe in good, good and positive and associate this faith with the color of your pet, and then luck and success will always prevail in your life.

Does a three-colored cat really bring happiness to your home?

Many believe that if you get a three-colored cat, then it can bring happiness to the home and all its owners. The colors of her wool each have their own meaning: white symbolizes freshness, peace and pristine nature, black is known as a charm capable of driving out evil spirit and evil, red hair is considered a source of joy, well-being in finance and helps to heal from diseases.

When one animal is painted simultaneously in these three colors, it is considered that the strength of each one is enhanced many times. Therefore, such animals are highly valued and considered a magical symbol.

What to expect from a three-colored cat?

In every nation, family and profession, judgments about happiness are different. Because there are many will tricolor pets.

In Japan, a huge role is given to welcoming guests. Each guest, stepped on the threshold, take with all the honors. It is believed that guests will bring good luck and well-being into the accommodation. The most important custom in Japanese families is the placement of the statuette in the form of a three-colored cat with a raised paw on the threshold of the house.

If the figurine depicts a cat, raising up the right paw, such a figure is placed in the house to attract luck and finances. In the case of a raised left foot, the statuette is placed in restaurants and bars so that it attracts noble visitors.

Muslims are not taken to place in the monastery fake cats, but it is customary to start these. In Muslim culture, it is customary to think that a tricolor cat living in the monastery is able to protect a home from fire.

The British acquire purring pets to ensure that harmony, comfort and warmth always reign in the dwelling.

What color will bring well-being to the house?

If in your house there was a question about the choice of a fluffy pet, it is worth considering that the color of her wool has a big role. If you believe the signs: red brings financial well-being, white - harmony in relationships, and black will be able to protect the family hearth and protect against various evils. For those to whom all these benefits are equal, it is better to have three cats at once, or to get a tricolor kitten.

Like tricolor cats

The distinctive quality of cats with three colors of wool is that they have a surprisingly friendly and pliable disposition. They are also called tortoiseshell. The most gentle and friendly are animals with black, red and white color at the same time. Such animals are proud, but at the same time playful and good-natured. It is believed that the owners of such amazing animals can only be those people who are able to really appreciate the beautiful.

These cats, as a rule, independently choose the place where the tray will be. To accustom a version of these animals to a tray, in that place where you would like to place it extremely difficult. In any case, you will have to accept the place of choice of the toilet, since the characteristic animal will still act in its own way and will go to the toilet to the place chosen by it.

Breeds of tricolor cats and their varieties

Colors in three colors may be different, but the most important of them are:

  • Calico - red-black with white spots. In color is not visible admixture of smoky and silver color.
  • Harlequin - white cats with rare spots of other colors, with a total area of ​​not more than 1/6 of the body.

If we talk about the rocks, then there is no certain. Multi-colored cats can be born to any of the feline breeds. Such a color is a genetic anomaly, as scientific facts say, this anomaly is characteristic of out-of-breeds of cat representatives.

The most valuable are cats with the color "Kaliko". Why is that? Because her color has a certain energy, and symbolism, which evolved over the centuries. And do not believe in such signs, the past century is simply impossible.

Cats of the British breed can not be born with a three-colored coat, as they are characterized only smoky, which as a result of mixing can give different shades.

In Persians it is possible the birth of three-colored kittens, if for mating take a black-and-white male and a red or red-white female.

Cat - the assistant to the brownie

In Russia, it was believed that the cat is an assistant to the owner of the house - the Brownie. The belief was that the cat should have the same coat color as the hair color of its owner. Otherwise, the Brownie may not take the animal to the court and in retaliation begin to dirty.

Therefore, it is considered to be a cat with three colors of wool - happy. After all, a multi-colored cat can't help but please Domovy - he has no reason to not accept a pet.

If a cat was presented to you, then it is necessary to give the donor something in return in gratitude for happiness.

Since ancient times, cats are peculiar doctors, they are able to cure many diseases. The tip of the tail has a special power in the animal.

Wedding signs and tricolor cats

Since ancient times, there is a sign: if a cat with a tricolor color has come stray, it means that a wedding will happen in the dwelling soon. An interesting fact in the belief is that in the case when a cat sneezes nearby with the bride, who is wearing her wedding dress at this moment, this foreshadows the bride a happy married life.

There was also a foreshadowing in Russia: if a young man eats the last glass from a bottle during any celebration, and at this time a cat with a tricolor color is under the table, he will definitely get married this year.

Many homemade purr lovers start in the apartments of bald, black, smoky, striped and other cats. If a monochromatic cat lives in your house, this is not a reason for frustration and urgent search for a three-color cat. Each brings happiness, joy, well-being, peace and harmony to the house. Therefore, in any case, love your furry pets, take care of them and enjoy the time you spend together. It is important to remember that each person is responsible for those whom he tamed.

Alternative choice

If you can not get a cat tricolor, you can stay on a two-colored or tortoise animal. They, of course, are not so "happy", but they also have a glad advantage over monophonic ones.

Two-colored cats (with a contrasting combination of two colors: for example, white and black, red and white, gray and white, etc.) are good and faithful friends. They catch mice and play tirelessly, which especially inspires the kids. In addition, two-tone kitty helps to gain common sense, wisdom and understanding of the deep essence.

Tortoiseshell pussies (with color mixing) are best suited for women, because they help to reveal the natural femininity, as well as such talents as clairvoyance or healing. Tortoiseshell pet is a protector for the whole family. He has such a strong energy that it easily covers the needs of all households.

In ancient Egypt, the cat was considered a sacred animal,

In ancient Egypt, the cat was considered a sacred animal,

The cat is a mysterious and mystical creature. Therefore,

The cat is a mysterious and mystical creature. Therefore,

Music from video: Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound! VKONT Group

Music from video: Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound! VKONT Group

Cats have always been the most mysterious animals.

Cats have always been the most mysterious animals.

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Folk omens about cats If at home a black cat (cats

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Key beliefs

All national signs say that the three-colored cat guarantees its owners a stable growth of wealth and a life devoid of serious troubles and trials. Multi-colored pussy at a random meeting on the street gives fantastic luck. And if she mysteriously nailed to the house, then a new acquaintance, both romantic and business, will surely grow into a long and successful relationship.

Important: By the way, well-thought-out Japanese have found a way to ensure their luck, even if it is impossible to start a tricolor in the house or at work. They recommend replacing it with special figurines that are named "kitten of happiness" or "money cat."

Fluffy three-colored flowers are especially favored by seafarers and fishermen. It is believed that such a pet protects the ship from disaster in the most severe storm. In fact, there is nothing fantastic in this sign. Just a three-haired cat anticipates in advance the change of weather and the approach of a hurricane, which allows sailors to take the necessary measures and reduce the danger to zero.

The three-colored cat, unlike its monochromatic girlfriends, gets along well with Brownie. This secret is easily explained by another popular omen. The fact is that the Brownie can sometimes not accept some animals. The result is that they are what is called "do not fall to the court."

In order to establish contact with Domovik, it is recommended to choose a cat whose wool is similar in color to the owner's hair. But here it is not always possible to guess. But a cat with three-colored wool easily "satisfies" all the requirements of the Brownie and immediately becomes its reliable assistant and ally.

Houses and on the street

What else promise national signs to owners of tricolor cats? And what will happen if you are lucky to meet a beautiful woman on the street?

If tricolor nailed to the threshold, immediately take it to yourself. And the more unmixed flowers in color, the better. For example, a four-color pussy will provide immediate favorable changes in deeds and love, and a seven-color pussy can be considered a gift from the Higher Forces. Any difficulties in life will seem like pleasant entertainment if this colorful happiness has settled in your house. Besides:

  • Tricolor cat protects the house from fire.
  • To see the tricolor before an important matter - to the continued success.
  • If the white-red-black pussy appeared on the threshold, wait for the profit and joyful event.
  • Sassy cat rubbed her legs on the street? Rejoice! You are marked by fate, and for some time circumstances will take shape in the most incredible way. But all changes will lead exclusively to good.
  • If the tricolor hissed, then you have obvious problems. Perhaps you were deprived of luck witchcraft?
  • If in one day in different places you met colorful cats, then good luck will remain with you for a long time.
  • Seeing a cat to your left is a good sign of luck.

Important: But be careful when the colored kitty ran across the road. If she has slipped "in the bosom" (for women to the right, for men - to the left), then there will be luck, if on the contrary - then she cannot count on Fortune.

Wedding Signs

Feature tricolor cats

Tricolor cats judge particular happiness for lonely people and those who intend to get married. There are even special wedding signs.

  • If a three-flower peeked into the house where the damsel lives on, then it's time to get ready for a meeting with the matchmakers and the wedding.
  • If her own cat sneezed at the moment when the girl tries on a dress or other wedding accessory, then married life will certainly be pleasant and happy.
  • If the girl has not yet met her betrothed, then this will happen in the very near future.
  • It is good to see a cat of three colors on the wedding day. She guarantees the life of the newlyweds to a debt that is happy and relatively comfortable.
  • For men, there is a sign. If a guy in a drunken feast sees a kitten about three flowers under the table, he will soon get married.

Important: In order for the omen to be fulfilled exactly, you must thank the pussy for the prophecy. Pour her milk, saying “You have milk, and I (tell me your name) are a good wife, kind hostess.”

За удачу придется бороться

И напоследок немного о характере котейки, на чьей спинке умещаются пятна сразу трех цветов. Несмотря на то, что трехцветные кошки довольно миролюбивы и общительны, временами они могут проявлять поразительное своенравие, упрямство и странную глупость. Трехцветные кошаки с большой подозрительностью относятся к посторонним. They can demonstrate their neglect and even undisguised aggression.

But this is not surprising. Mrs. Fortuna, namely, they embody these charming creatures in all their signs, the lady is very unpredictable and capricious. Sometimes she has to fight for her favor, and in other hands she is given with great reluctance. Therefore it is necessary to treat the three flowers with respect and caution. In no case do not offend the cat, otherwise you will lose your divine patronage and good luck through your own fault.