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Dog Nicknames

Nicknames for girls' dogs can be difficult to pick up, because the owner does not know what to focus on: breed, color, habits or personal hobbies. But dog handlers and veterinarians recommend considering the reaction of pets to a nickname. Because they do not recommend funny and insulting nicknames for hunting and German shepherds, and for Yorkshire terriers are too long and aggressive. Continue reading →

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A pug is a small mischievous dog with a funny appearance and a long history. Once these dogs were companions of the Chinese emperors, a little later - the talisman of the Dutch kingdom. Today, a dog with an inquisitive serious face has millions of fans all over the world. Breed created to be a friend of man and love him with all my heart. Continue reading →

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French Bulldog

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Chihuahua is a unique companion dog, which is distinguished by its compact size and long lifespan. This is the smallest breed of dogs, which, due to its miniature character, is incredibly popular all over the world. There is no need for a lot of space to keep dogs, it is convenient to travel with them and can be worn in handbags. Continue reading →

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Breed dogs from the movie "Mask"

The dog from the movie “Mask” is a Jack Russell Terrier, and his name was Milo. Later, the dog was filmed in the continuation of the adventures of the Mask - "The Son of the Mask". With regards to breed: these are compact dogs that appeared several centuries ago in England. The main character traits are friendliness, activity, cheerfulness, which we all saw in the film.

Delving into the history of the breed, we note that these are hunting dogs and beautiful decorative pets. The main shade is white with a splash of various colors. Height does not exceed 30 cm, and weight - 5 kg.

Jack Russell Terrier has charm, attention to the owner, activity, desire to make new friends and explore the world around. The complete absence of aggression and fast learner made the dog one of the most popular in the world. But in the CIS countries the dog became the favorite of many families after the film “Mask”.

Here's what you need to remember about Mask's friend, if you decide to get one for yourself:

  • he is very emotional, and every manifestation of feelings is accompanied by loud barking,
  • he will have to play a lot with him, but he easily gets on with children and other pets,
  • despite its compact size, Jack Russell Terrier different persistence and fearlessness,
  • When using them as hunters of small game and birds, let your dog make his own decisions.

Price puppy from the movie "Mask"

The average price of Jack Russell Terrier puppies is 15-30 thousand rubles, or about 10 thousand hryvnia. Buying from professional breeders, the amount sometimes increases to 50 thousand rubles (about 20 thousand hryvnias), and sometimes is at the level of 10 thousand rubles. Much depends on the pedigree, the availability of vaccinations and the condition of the puppy.

Therefore, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • brilliant clean eyes
  • beautiful and silky wool,
  • cheerfulness and liveliness of the dog,
  • good appetite,
  • mobility,
  • availability of vaccinations.

It is better to buy a dog from exhibition parents, although it will cost a little more, but it can guarantee that you will grow the same agile and active dog as in the movie with Jim Carrey.


The breed of dog from “Mask” has an interesting history. Initially, it was bred for the purpose of hunting fox and badger by combining such breeds as Parson Russell, Dachshund and Welshkorg. As a result of crossbreeding, the breed of dog Milo from “Mask” was obtained. Authorship belongs to the English priest - Jack Russell.

The breed of dog from the “Mask” has a narrow brisket, which is very convenient for hunting in burrows, where the terrier must climb and pull out the beast. Short, sturdy legs and a slightly elongated body clearly indicate a relationship with the dachshund. Jack Russell Terrier growth has modest parameters: an adult dog barely reaches a height of 25-30 centimeters. The breed of dog from the movie “Mask” weighs no more than five to six kilograms. If a pet is purchased for an exhibition, the tail is usually cropped. However, at home content the owners prefer to avoid such an execution.

The breed of dog from the "Mask" has a spotty color, which combines white, brown, red or black. Smooth hard wool coat makes it very convenient to keep a pet in the apartment. This breed is neat: just one combing of wool in the morning is enough to avoid undesirable molting.

Leading cynologists of professional clubs for a long period of time did not recognize the Jack Russell Terrier. The breed of dog Milo from “Mask” was not registered even by the owner, who preferred to work on perfecting terriers only for his own pleasure, using them for hunting. Only in two thousand the first year of Jack Russell received their recognition, and also got a passport of conformity.

The breed of dog from the movie “Mask” is characterized by a cheerful disposition and high activity. Unusual ingenuity and mobility is characteristic of these four-legged friends, not only on the screen in the image of Milo, but also in real life. These dogs will not let you get bored, therefore, inactive, phlegmatic, irritable and very busy people will get a lot of trouble, and therefore are not recommended. It should also be added that this breed is distinguished by a special devotion, the same as that of the eponymous hero of the film “Hachiko”.

Who is recommended

For a full life, the dog needs constant communication, outdoor games, walks. Otherwise she will begin to yearn. Large families with children will fully appreciate the nature and mobility of such a pet. The breed of the dog from the film “Mask” is especially recommended for hyperactive children: when dealing with Jack Russell, the child’s psyche is balanced, and the dog becomes his best friend and companion in games.

Of course, this active four-friend will be appreciated by fishermen and travelers. This cheerful and unflinching companion will not cause problems in feeding and care. Terriers remarkably deal with both foxes on the hunt and domestic rodents. In this matter, the breed of dog from the “Mask” is a real champion.

This clever girl among the lovers of canine sport enjoys wide popularity. Jack Russell is remarkably amenable to learning, is not afraid of the public and behaves with incredible dignity.

Born Hunters

Today, this breed is extremely common in the UK. It is used as a hunting and farm dog. There are varieties with hard and smooth coat. Most liked this breed riding hunters. Despite the fact that Jack Russell Terriers are often taken to hunt for a badger, the captured animal is released, because in the UK this animal is protected. Terriers like to hunt hares or water rats. In a country like France, these dogs successfully find wild game in large thickets of bushes. The Jack Russell Terrier does an excellent job of finding a deer track, and since these dogs are not as noisy as larger hounds, the hunter can easily get close to the beast. These dogs are of great help when they are boiled.

Thus, the Jack Russell Terrier is a versatile, gifted hunter of modest growth. His courage, endurance, activity and courage are valued not only in the hunt, but also in the family circle, where this smart friend will not let anyone get bored.

What breed of dog starred in the movie "Mask" with Jim Carrey

The breed of dog from the movie "Mask" refers to the hunting burrows. She comes from England. The inventor and the first owner was a priest named Jack Russell (hence the name of the dog).

Milo's dog in the movie Mask played Jack Russell Terrier.

Jack Russell Terrier has an irrepressible temper. The dog was taken out by deliberately crossing for catching badgers and foxes. In 1819, the pastor turned out to be a bitch from a terrier clan. She had a coarse coat, an interesting white color with red spots on the ears, tail and near the eyes.

Nimble female liked the owner, and he began crossing experiments. Bringing offspring from dachshunds, bigley, greyhounds, Russell received puppies with improved hearing, scent, different growth and speed qualities.

In the end, the priest satisfied the result in the form of a squat and long-legged offspring. For a long time no one registered them. After the death of the owner, Jack Russell Terrier and Parcel Russell Terrier took shape.

Jack Russell Terrier has become a real boon for hunters. After the film, the interest was shown by the general public.

A brief description of the breed of dog from the movie "Mask"

As seen by Milo from Mask, the Jack Russell Terrier has a modest height of about 30 cm. The weight of such a dog rarely exceeds 5-6 kg. The legs are strong, short, the chest is narrow, the body is slightly elongated, the coat is smooth. Sometimes the tail is stopped for individuals, which is becoming less and less common lately.

Jack Russell loves outdoor games, running, long walks.

It is convenient to keep the breed in terms of apartments and houses. Its representatives are clean, practically do not fade and do not require complex care. Jack Russell loves outdoor games, running, long walks, loves communication with children and adults. Aggression is not peculiar, which makes it easy to take such a dog, even in travel.

Canine experts note the friendliness of these dogs, unpretentiousness in food, excellent ability to train. It is easy to direct temper, wit and energy in the right direction - stubbornness in front of the owner is not peculiar. Fearless protector before other dogs. In private homes easily dealt with rodents, pests, recalling the ability to hunt. Well manifest themselves at exhibitions - are not afraid of the public, behave confidently.

Breed dogs from the movie mask and price

Джек рассел терьер из фильма «Маска» с Джимом Керри – востребованная порода. В специализированных питомниках цена такого щенка составляет 15-30 тысяч рублей. Клубные заводчики предлагают нужные документы, прививки по договоренности.

Средняя стоимость щенка джек рассела — 15-30 тысяч рублей.

Important. У частных заводчиков стоимость может быть около 10 тысяч рублей и даже ниже.However, in such cases, pure blood and good health cannot be guaranteed without expert judgment.

Interesting facts about the dog from the "Mask"

Here are some interesting facts about the movie and this dog:

  • Pastor Russell considered terriers to be dogs not for shows and exhibitions, but for work. In addition, he categorically refused to mix his bitches with bulldogs in order to avoid aggressive offspring. With this approach, and managed to get a friendly disposition and high stamina Jack Russell Terrier.
  • The passport of compliance with the standards appeared in the breed only in 2001.
  • The dog who played Milo in "Mask" was the favorite of the entire film crew. In the sequel, “Son of the Mask” played another, but no less talented Jack Russell Terrier.
  • Jim Carrey got himself a Jack Russell Terrier after filming in Mask, impressed with his tail partner.

We offer to watch a small excerpt from the movie Mask, where the Jack Russell Terrier breed dog is removed. Enjoy your viewing!

Price breed dogs from the movie "Mask"

On average, the price of puppies of Jack Russell Terrier breed ranges from 15,000 to 30,000 rubles, this is about the conditions of purchase in a specialized kennel. Of course, you can find a puppy for 10 thousand or even cheaper, but buying a baby in your arms without any document can not be sure that he will grow the same as in the movie Mask.

Video: Jim Carrey's Dog from The Mask

In the video below, the Jack Russell Terrier breed dog, named after Milo from The Mask, performs various commands. As you can see, this breed is really very clever and by applying some efforts of such a pet you can teach the teams. How to train a dog to teams read and look in the "dog training" section.

Interesting facts about the dog from the "Mask"

  • What was the name of the dog in the movie Mask? - his name was Milo.
  • What is the name of the breed of dog from the movie Mask? - she is called Jack russell terrier.
  • How much is a dog from the movie Mask? - A puppy costs from 15 to 25 thousand rubles.
  • The original film The Mask was released in 1994.
  • The Jack Russell Terrier breed was also filmed in Son of the Mask.

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