Teaching baby toy terrier to the toilet


Keeping a dog in a city apartment is always fraught with some inconvenience. And not in the last place among them - the dog's toilet. Recently, however, more and more dog owners are solving this problem by teaching their pets to do their “business” at home in a special dog tray. Someone will find this a bit strange, someone is even very comfortable, and someone hears such a thing for the first time and wonders how to train an adult dog to the tray?

Schooling to the tray has a lot of advantages. Firstly, there is no need to get up on an early winter morning, dress yourself and put on a pet only to go outside for five minutes. Secondly, the dog, accustomed to the tray, can be safely left alone at home for the whole day, and immediately there is no need to rush home after a working day in order to quickly walk the pet. The solution to this important problem will make a friend even those people who previously could not afford it because of the inconvenient work schedule. And, thirdly, not in every yard, especially in large metropolitan areas, there is a special place where you can easily walk a dog - all free places have long been occupied by motorists for parking for their “iron horses”.

How to teach a dog to the tray? First of all, you must purchase the toilet itself in the pet store. When choosing it, be guided by the size of the dog (if you have a puppy - be guided by the size of an already adult dog). Too small tray does not fit, dogs do not like to relieve the need in "cramped" conditions. Also, the tray should be without high sides, and its grille should stand tight and level, as if it were free to “hang out”, it could scare the pet. Attention! Cat tray for these purposes in all respects is not suitable! Although sometimes it happens that the owners manage to teach the dog to use the cat tray, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Trays are of two types - for diapers (with a clamp) and for use without it (with a lattice). If you are not at home for a long time, or someone from the family is allergic, then choose the diaper option, as it absorbs not only the liquid, but also the smell, preventing it from spreading around the room. The grille (rubber or plastic) option is more economical, as it does not require regular purchase of absorbent mats. Urine will drain under the grille into special grooves and paws of the dog will always be dry. If you have a dog, then you should choose a toilet with a column, as nature will take its toll, and the boy will need to “lift up a paw”. And if he does not have such an opportunity in his closet, he will do it on the walls and corners of the room.

So, with the purchase of the tray decided, perhaps even already purchased it, it remains to teach the dog to use it. It's not so difficult, the main thing is to know how. To accustom the dog to the tray can be at almost any age, you only need to be patient and not force things. For an adult dog, it will take at least two weeks to train, and it will take at least a month to fully consolidate this skill.

The easiest way to start training a dog to the tray is to use special diapers for the toilet. They are sold in pet stores, most of them additionally contain special attractive impregnation. So, how to teach a dog to a diaper? First of all, it is necessary to remove from the rooms all coverings that absorb moisture well - carpets, rugs and carpets, as dogs often choose them as a toilet. Lay the diaper should be in the place where later will stand tray. The choice of this place should be approached responsibly. It is important that this place was not “on the aisle”, so that no one would disturb the dog during its “business”. Make sure that she always has access to the room where the tray is. If it is a bathroom or toilet, the door to them should always be kept ajar.

To facilitate the task of training the dog to the toilet, you can purchase a special attractive spray at the pet store, for example, “Dog Trainer”, “My Place? Yes! ”Or any other of their counterparts. These products contain a special smell that helps the dog to understand much more quickly what the owner wants from it. This spray should be regularly processed absorbent diaper (and then the tray) for two to three weeks, to complete the consolidation of the necessary skill in the dog. In addition to attracting the spray, you may need a spray anti-badin and a special cleaning agent. Antigadin is a deterrent, its use will help wean the animal to defend the need in the wrong place, without resorting to violence. Means for cleaning up animals are designed to destroy urine traces, feces and "tags." Unlike conventional floor cleaning products, which do not so much remove the smell of the “tag” as they temporarily mask it, they dissolve traces of urine and feces completely. If the dog has done the “tricks” in the wrong place, then, first of all, it should be cleaned and washed with special means, and then sprinkle this place with antigadin spray. It is necessary to repeat the treatment regularly, until the dog develops a persistent skill to avoid this place.

To speed up the development of the skill, many breeders recommend to protect the dog in one room during the training period, not allowing it to move freely around the apartment in order to avoid “accidents”. Most importantly, as with any training, do not forget about the active reward for any correct action - that is, for using the tray. This may be a treat, favorite toy or your caress. As soon as the dog has done its business in the right place - immediately praise it and let it walk around the apartment - this will also be a great encouragement to it. Gradually allow her to spend more time outside her room, but watch where and what she does. If she went to the toilet where it should be - immediately praise. If you notice that the dog "sat down" not where it should be - act immediately. Clap your hands loudly to distract her, then immediately take her (or carry her on hands) to a diaper. Do not scold the dog for the "handful" in the wrong place. Especially if you found it already "in fact." In this case, the dog will not understand why you are scolding her, and your learning process will go much slower.

How to teach a dog to the tray after the diaper? After you have purchased the tray, wash it thoroughly to wash off the pungent smell of the new plastic and put it in its chosen place. Diaper, to which the dog is accustomed (best of all, already once used by it) put on top. The dog will quickly understand what is required of it. Since the dog tray has no sides and is practically at the floor level, it is not difficult for it to climb into it. If you decide to continue to use the tray without a diaper, then do not remove it abruptly. As the pet gets used to the new toilet, gradually reduce the size of the diaper used - first by half, then by the same. The dog will see a diaper, which is used to, but now it will not close the lattice of the toilet, and gradually the dog will get used to walking on a clean lattice.

Never scold a dog if it has done business near the tray, and not in it. Punishment can fix her negative feelings towards the toilet as a whole, and then you have to start all over again. If this is repeated regularly, then move the tray so that it does not have room for “maneuver” next to it.

So, now you know how to teach a dog to the tray, and as you can see, it is not so difficult. Have a little patience, and everything will work out for you!

What is necessary

While the puppy is not accustomed to going to the toilet, from its side errors in the form of a puddle, a handful are possible.

Punishments such as poking your nose in emptying, rude treatment are unacceptable.

The sooner you start to teach your puppy to the tray, the faster he will learn to go to the toilet at home, facilitating personal care.

The education of the terrier is not a difficult process, as these dogs lend themselves well to the training goes to the tray.

To teach is easier if she already has the skills. The dog can be accustomed to the former owner, who was born and grew up, if it worked.

For the first time, a puppy may not remember that it is accustomed because of the stress suffered (separation from the mother, changes in the familiar environment).

One should be sensitive and patient with the animal, and he will soon remember what he was trained for.

If toychik is untrained to the toilet, you just need to give more time and everything will be fine.

This small toilet can serve:

  • sawing with absorbent outer layer and a waterproof bottom,
  • newsprint,
  • dog toilet, for dogs with columns and low sides.
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Ways to train to the tray

Owners of dogs are interested in how to teach a toy terrier to go to the right place at the right time. Three methods are used for training.

First method

We use if there is an opportunity to give the puppy a separate room or an aviary. Absorbent films or paper cover the entire floor of the room where the toy will live.

Every day they remove some of the matted paper or film until the last one remains. The puppy will be emptied on this diaper.

The advantages of the method are that the pet gets used to its toilet without undue stress. For schooling it takes 2-4 weeks for the terrier to learn how to go about their business on a certain film.

Second method

A way suitable for dogs that move freely throughout the house. This requires the special attention of the owners.

As soon as the puppy begins to sniff anxiously and wants to sit in an unapproved place, it should be transferred to the tray.

When the dog does what it moved to the tray, you should praise, caress, treat your favorite delicacy.

The method requires more time than the first one, and if you do not keep track of the toychik, he goes about his business on a carpet or carpet, as he likes to walk on a warm and soft one.

You can not beat a small pet. He will be afraid of the owner, and still ignore the command.

Third method

Create a toilet for a puppy on the place he likes, where you can lay a diaper or put a tray.

Stages of puppy training to the tray

That terrier puppies go about their business when they wake up. After sleep, they pee, and after feeding they usually poop.

When the dog wakes up, it should be taken in his arms and carried to the tray or to the film. With the words "toilet" you need to put it on the potty.

Gradually, the word will become a command, a reflex is formed. If toychik resists, it is necessary to plant him again, repeating the word "toilet".

The procedure should be performed without coarseness and noise. It is necessary to plant the animal as many times as necessary. It is necessary for the dog to understand what is demanded of it.

You should not hold the terrier on the tray by force with his hands, he will want to run away and will resist.

As soon as the little one finishes his job, he needs to give him something delicious right at the tray.

Training that terrier will help after several attempts to teach him to the toilet. The dog will be happy and without the vagaries of walking to the tray, waiting for a reward in the form of a tidbit.

The difficulties associated with using the tray

After the puppy has grown up a bit and he should go to the dog toilet, and he got used to the diapers, you need to lay the film on the tray.

At first, the dog will walk on the diaper, not noticing small elevations. Then mesh tab tray wrapped in a diaper.

If the tray has the ability to fix the film, the film can be supported on it.

To accustom to the tray, if the puppy does not manage to fall into it, it is possible as follows, in the center of the tray a small diaper is laid.

You can lay a large diaper under the tray. The diaper is periodically changed, until the puppy learns the skills to walk properly in need.

It must be remembered that the baby that can take the carpet for a large and soft diaper, and where its toilet is, it is better to remove the rugs, or pre-treat them with a special substance so that the dog does not empty them.

Tricks to teach a dog to the toilet

Do not scold the dog if it is in the tray.

Noticing a handful or puddle on the floor, in a harsh voice, express dissatisfaction, then take the puppy and bring it to a diaper or tray.

Follow the pet and at night. That terriers are very sleepy and can sleep on the floor right on the floor when they are sleeping.

You need to pick up a puppy, making restless movements and not guided where the toilet, and carried to the tray.

Gradually, with the formation of the habit of going to the toilet, cutting pots in the apartment, wean from the treats after the toilet.

For best results, keep to the rules.:

  • feed the dog on schedule: in the morning and in the evening,
  • each time to praise for correct hits and to express dissatisfaction in the opposite case,
  • boys put a special tray with a column,
  • even if the little toy boy successfully goes to the toilet at home, it is necessary to walk it.
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If you bought a puppy, a pocket dog, you just need to teach him to defend the need in the right place, and not throughout the apartment. In this video you will see practical advice from an experienced dog breeder on how to teach your baby to the tray.

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Teaching baby toy terrier to the toilet: 1 comment

Hello! Tell me how to teach a very active puppy toya. A diaper or something else that makes no sense. It will all be on the ceiling, besides, he is gnawing at everything, the diaper is tearing, a cloth under the toilet flies all over the house. Trying to get used to the tray and on a rag is useless, poops wherever he wants to sit down on the soft. Palace twisted right away, but he first fell on the linoleum and now he chose a road mat. Accordingly, it is removed.

Types of home toilets for dogs

There is a wide range of canine toilets for the apartment. From the variety of models presented in the market I can single out the following:

Suitable for small puppies who are not yet accustomed to walk on the diaper, as well as if the dog for some reason did not fit the filler. I like the convenience of using a diaper: you just need to replace the used one with a new one.

Diaper with a clamp

Toilet column

It is a pallet with a grill that prevents wet feet, and with a small column in the middle. Designed specifically for cables, because they need to quench their instincts, marking the territory.

Toilet - pillar

With lawn grass

Designed for dogs accustomed to natural conditions. It includes several levels: the lower one collects liquid, the middle one is a grate and the upper one is a rug with an artificial lawn.

Toilet with grass

It differs from previous models in that it does not have a top grid. Usually, a filler that retains moisture and odor is poured into the tray, or is covered with an absorbent diaper.

I also met angular options, it is convenient to use them in small rooms.

Tray for dogs

How to effectively teach a puppy to go to the toilet

I will give a few key actions that need to be performed to teach a dog to walk in a tray or on a diaper, in a special place:

  • Select the place where the pet tray will be located by putting a diaper or cloth with the smell of urine or a special spray.
  • To pick up a tray in accordance with the size of the dog.
  • At the time of schooling, it is desirable to remove all carpets and other outdoor textiles.
  • Undesirable for diversion of need areas in the house can be treated with a liquid with a deterrent effect, also vinegar will be suitable for this purpose.
  • Having noticed the pet in need of a wrong place, it is necessary to move it to the tray.
  • Be sure to praise and encourage your four-legged friend for success.
  • If necessary, limit the space in which the dog can move, by means of an aviary or a separate room.
  • Keep the place clean and fresh.

How to teach your baby to walk on the diaper

The process of teaching a pet to a diaper is not particularly different from what I described earlier. It is worth noting that the diaper has several advantages over other options: they are inexpensive, they are easily replaced, and also eliminate the need to constantly wash the tray.

There are two types of this device:

  • disposables that are thrown away after each urination,
  • reusable, which can be washed and used again.

Then, if necessary, you can move the diaper to the right place, while this process should be gradual - the daily movement should not be more than 10 centimeters. The number of bedding is also reduced, and by the end of schooling one diaper should remain.

It is very important to make the process as pleasant as possible for the dog.

What to do if schooling methods do not help.

There are several reasons why a pet refuses to use a home toilet. Чтобы понять, как решить проблему с приучением, необходимо понаблюдать и выявить их:

  • Неудобный для использования: неподходящий наполнитель, неустойчивое положение лотка, неподходящий размер. Например, хозяева маленьких собак порой покупают лотки со слишком высокими бортиками, или бывает наоборот, что питомец справляет нужду мимо своего туалета. I recommend to watch what scares the pet and try to create suitable conditions for it.
  • The construction itself does not suit the dog: the dog may need a column, or the animal is accustomed to walk to write and cod into the street, therefore it needs grass that is familiar to it.
  • Also, some owners notice that their pets are trying to attract their attention with similar behavior. I advise you to spend more time with your pet, play with her and show your love.

There is nothing difficult in teaching a pet to the house: the main thing is to show patience and understanding. Following the advice given by me in this article can significantly speed up the process. In addition, careful observation of the behavior of the animal will bring the owner closer to his pet.

Choosing a tray for dogs

Since it is easiest to accustom the dog to the tray in the apartment in the very first days, it is better to purchase the necessary equipment in advance. The most common mistake is to purchase a toilet designed for cats. The fact is that dogs do not need to bury their excrement, and a deep box with a filler can be perceived as a sleeping place. The usual flat box with low sides is best suited. In specialized stores you can buy more advanced models that will greatly facilitate the process of schooling.

Artificial Grass Trays

This option is great for training adult dogs to the tray. Unlike puppies, adults already clearly understand that grass is the place that is intended for natural needs.

If the pet does not perceive artificial grass, then for a start, you can buy a meter of natural rolled lawn grass in the garden store. Natural fragrance will attract the animal.

Also in the veterinary store you can buy a special spray with a special smell, which marks the artificial grass as a toilet.

Pallet with a column

For males it is worth buying a flat platform with a column in the middle. In order for the dog to understand that, unlike other vertical elements of furniture and decor in an apartment, only one column can be “marked”, it is necessary to take a toilet for a street walk. After the pet is peeing on the "special" column, it must be returned to the apartment. In the next few days it is better not to wash the column. Own smell will be the best signal for the dog.

Flat toilet with grill.

This option is suitable for bitches of small breeds. At the beginning of the schooling process, you can put a piece of natural rolled lawn, but gradually the animal will learn to go to the toilet directly on the grate.

It is also worth paying attention to the optimal location of the tray. Dogs are not as neat as cats, but at the same time they are unlikely to want to celebrate the need of nature right near the bedding or a bowl of food. You should not close the tray in the bathroom either, because the animal should have access to the toilet at any time (and it is unlikely to keep the doors in such an intimate area constantly open). The best option would be a corridor or loggia.

Tip! If the area of ​​the apartment does not allow spreading the litter and toilet in different rooms, then you can equip the booth. The animal will calmly relieve the need for a nearby pallet.

Basic rules for teaching a dog to the toilet

Since to accustom the dog to the tray at home in one day does not work, then for the first time you need to stock up on special veterinary diapers. Do not worry about the fact that the animal splits and does not want to relearn later - puppies do not like to be emptied "for themselves." It is also worth daily to follow certain rules.

  • To teach a puppy to a specific schedule.

If you arrange feeding at certain intervals, you can roughly understand when the animal wants to go to the toilet. Small puppies are best placed on the tray 15-20 minutes after eating, and adults - “on demand”.

  • Do not forget the praise.

As soon as the animal comes to the tray (even with the help of the owner), it is necessary to give a treat, a toy or to express approval with its behavior. Pet must understand what is expected of him.

  • Follow the pet's behavior.

At the beginning of the schooling process, you will most likely have to independently carry the animal to the tray. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the behavior of the pet. The time to go to the toilet comes as soon as the dog starts sniffing the corners and legs of the furniture, circling restlessly around the room.

How to behave if the dog does not walk on the tray?

It is necessary to prepare for the fact that the process of schooling will be delayed for several weeks. Naturally for such a long time can happen confusion. It is strictly forbidden to beat the animal or "poke its nose" for a bowel movement outside the tray. The pet will develop a fear of the process itself, and instead of going to a special place, the next time the dog will look for a closed corner. All that is required of the owner: carefully remove traces of urine and feces using a special enzymatic cleaner.

Tip! Due to the fact that dogs love to go to the toilet where they already smell of urine (especially dogs), you can wipe a puddle made in the wrong place with a special diaper and put the cloth in the tray. It is likely that the next time the scent of the dog "will lead" to the right place for stool.

To teach the dog to the tray, you must be patient, detergents and diapers. Consistency and praise will help teach the animal to defecate in the right place.