Why does the cat Imunofan?


Like humans, pets often have problems with immunity. They are equally affected by pathogens, infections and viral ailments.

In this sense, Imunofan for cats, according to veterinarians, is the most effective drug that helps to survive the cold season without problems and is easier to recover from a cold.

Dosage and method of use

Produced medication in the form of a solution for injection. Packed in glass ampoules of 1 milligram. The active substance of Imunofan is an artificially synthesized hexapeptide in a 0.005 percent solution.

Any side effects are unlikely if used for the purpose of the veterinarian and do not exceed the recommended dose.

Adult cats are given the drug once. Injections are made under the skin or intramuscularly. The maximum allowed volume per day is 1 ampoule.

Kittens are prescribed by Imunofan exclusively by a doctor, based on his test results. Unreasonable use of an immunostimulant can harm an unformed animal body.

The drug is administered to an animal every other day:

  • with viral infections and defeat by the digestive tract microorganisms, 1 milligram per day (general course - 2-3 injections),
  • ARVI - 3-4 injections according to the above scheme,
  • distemper - 5-6 injections.

It is allowed to use Imunofan as a solvent liquid for other injectables.

How does the medicine work?

Imunofan can provide substantial assistance in:

  • seasonal weakening of the immune defenses
  • stress development
  • treatment of various pathologies.

The use of Imunofan together with vaccines strengthens and continues their action and reduces the side effects of the latter.

The effect of the agent manifests itself over time. So:

  • after 2-3 hours, toxins begin to be removed,
  • after 2 days the immunity is noticeably enhanced, which is manifested in easing the symptoms of infectious diseases,
  • after 7 days, the damaged protective functions are completely restored.

Over the next 4 months, the effect persists.

Among other things Imunofan:

  • beneficial effect on the liver cells and contributes to their regeneration,
  • protects the body from the occurrence of tumors,
  • eliminates inflammatory processes,
  • eliminates intoxication resulting from antibiotic treatment.

When Imunofan apply

As a prophylactic, the drug is injected into cats before a situation is conducive to the development of stress:

  • a trip
  • visiting veterinary hospital,
  • haircut
  • relocation, etc.

Basically, however, such a measure is necessary if the animal is extremely hard going through such events. Imunofan will help ease the condition of the cat and during repairs in the apartment.

It is also useful to use the medicine after a sudden emotional shake. There will be enough just one injection to reduce the risk of stress in an animal.

With the onset of autumn, the use of medication allows you to better protect your pet from the adverse factors associated with the cold season.

As an auxiliary, this remedy is prescribed for the treatment of catarrhal pathologies of both viral and bacteriological nature. In addition, it is advisable to use Imunofan along with medicines that promote the removal of toxins from the convalescent animal.

During laboratory studies, no side effects were found. Nevertheless, it should not be used in conjunction with other drugs that have an immunostimulating effect.

How does Imunofan?

Imunofan contributes to the restoration of congenital and acquired defects of humoral and cellular immunity, thus providing an immunoregulatory effect. This tool leads to an increase in the body's resistance to bacteria and viruses.

In addition, it effectively protects liver cells (hepatoprotective property), has anti-inflammatory effect and promotes active detoxification of the body. Increases natural defense against neoplasms (antitumor activity).

When conducting routine vaccination of cats, Immunofan has a positive effect on the production of a sufficient titer of specific antibodies and prolongs the period of their circulation in the bloodstream.

How fast does Imunofana begin?

The drug begins to act within 2-3 hours after administration, and the result from its use can last up to 4 months.

Imunofan is characterized by 3 periods of action:

  1. Fast phase
    It begins in 2-3 hours after the administration of the drug and lasts up to 2-3 days. During this period, the detoxification effect comes to the fore - the antioxidant defense of the body increases, the level of cholesterol in the blood decreases, and the production of mediators of inflammatory reactions decreases. In diseases of the liver Imunofan prevents the death of liver cells, normalizes the level of bilirubin and transaminase in the blood.
  2. Middle phase
    The beginning falls on 2-3 days after the injection, the stage lasts up to 7-10 days. This period is characterized by an increase in defense reactions and the neutralization of intracellular bacteria and viruses. It is possible exacerbation of existing chronic foci of infection.
  3. Slow phase.
    Develops at 7-10 days after drug administration and lasts up to 4 months inclusive. It is at this stage that the cellular and humoral immunity is restored, and the synthesis of specific antibodies is increased.

When do Imunofan be used?

This drug is used for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes. Imunofan has a positive effect on the recovery of the cat's body after suffering a severe viral or bacterial disease.

With the preventive purpose Imunofan apply to cats on the eve of stressful situations. For example, if there is a long transportation of an animal to another city. In some cases, even with short trips to the veterinarian, it is necessary to administer the drug (the cat's individual reaction to a change of scenery).

On the eve of the season of respiratory viral infections, its use is shown to increase the body's resistance to the action of various viruses and bacteria.

Together with routine vaccinations, the use of Imunofan is advisable to enhance the production of specific antibodies in order to form and increase the duration of active, stressed immunity.

For therapeutic purposes, the drug is used as an additional tool in the complex treatment of viral and bacterial intestinal and respiratory infectious diseases, as well as intoxication of the body.

Release form and recommended dose

Imunofan is available in 1 ml ampoules for intramuscular or subcutaneous administration. Aqueous 0.005% solution is stored at a temperature of from 2 to 10 ° C, in a dry, dark place and out of reach of children and animals, in factory packaging. It should not be shared with food or feed.

For prophylactic purposes, prior to transportation or change of living conditions, the drug is administered in a dosage of 1 ml once for 1-2 days before an upcoming event.

For the prevention of infectious viral and bacterial diseases Imunofan is administered in a dosage of 1 ml 1 time per quarter.

When conducting vaccination of cats, this tool is used in parallel. If the vaccine is dry, then Imunofan can even be used as a solvent. The recommended dosage is 1 ml once.

For effective treatment of respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases, the drug is used in the same amount, but 3-4 times with an interval of a day.

When choosing a drug for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases of your pet, you should always consult with your veterinarian. In the absence of such an opportunity, it is necessary to follow the instructions for use carefully and in no case exceed the recommended dose and dose rate.

Imunofan is not recommended for use in combination with other immunostimulants or immunomodulators.

Instructions for use of the drug Immunofan for cats

The developers of the drug laid the basis for the drug triple formula:

  1. Correction of the immune system.
  2. Restoring the balance of the oxidative-antioxidant reaction of the body is the key to longevity of both animals and humans.
  3. Increase drug absorption. This is important for drug therapy of any order.

Therefore, Immunofan for cats can be both a therapeutic drug and prophylactic, helping to resist the body with bacterial and viral infections.

It is recommended to use Immunofan:

  • In the epidemic period,
  • In viral diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • In combination with other drugs for the treatment of diseases of viral and bacterial etiology,
  • With respiratory diseases,
  • For the relief of intrauterine infections,
  • Under stress in an animal.

On sale Immunofan found in the form of spray candles. But in veterinary medicine its injection form is used. And if for other animals, ampoules and vials of 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml and even 50 ml each are produced, then for cats it is recommended to buy only small 1 ml ampoules.

The introduction of the solution "Imunofana" you need to make the cat subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

For various diseases - their treatment regimens:

  • Rinotracheitis: once, every other day, up to 4 times,
  • Viral enteritis: shots are done every other day up to 3 times,
  • Infections of the gastrointestinal tract: injections are done every other day up to 3 times,
  • Distemper: shots are done every other day up to 6 times,
  • Stress prevention: once for 12-18 hours before transportation.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of this drug:

  • Complete absorption from the injection site,
  • Rapid destruction to natural amino acids,
  • The first therapeutic effects develop quickly - 2-3 hours after the injection,
  • Prolonged therapeutic effect - up to 4 months.

  • The effects of the drug are poorly understood,
  • The drug has not passed in two decades of clinical trials,
  • The injection itself is painful for the animal,
  • High price,
  • Low efficiency

Reviews on Immunofan for cats

Igor: “Our cat in the country caught a viral infection from which we pulled it out with droppers.” Thank God, all the measures taken happened on time and we saved the cat. For rehabilitation, we were advised to pierce Immunofan with it. The cat recovered completely.

But I will not lie - it happened from the drug or by itself is not clear. It seems to me that this drug is a placebo. A placebo for people, and the animals will not work. "

Anna: “We had a very cold winter and the British cat had a cold. He has a runny nose. It turns out that even animals are diagnosed with acute respiratory infections. In addition to other drugs, Immunofan was prescribed by the doctor according to the scheme 1 ampoule once every two days for 10 days. I injected insulin syringes, as the doctor warned that the injections were painful. It is difficult to say what exactly helped - the rest of the drugs or this. Wow effect is not observed.

Yuliya: “Our Matryoshka fell ill with demodex. We injected antiparasitic drug and twice a week Immunofan. They say that demodex is in all animals and all people. But for those whose immunity is weakened, Demodex becomes a problem. The doll was cured in three months, I think that the drug helped us. ”

Read about other drugs:

Studying the site of the manufacturer Immunofana, LLC NPP Bionox, which is located in Moscow,, we noticed that since the creation of Immunofan (and this was more than two decades ago), Bionox did not create any more drugs.

Everyone can draw their own conclusions from this information, but for a pharmaceutical giant only an immunomodulator seems to be small.

Cost of packing funds from 5 ampoules:

  • in Ukraine - 360 hryvnia,
  • in Russia - 315 rubles.

Indications for use Imunofana

Since the drug is based on synthetic hexapeptide, its effectiveness is especially pronounced when used in the following areas:

  • increasing the body resistance of cats to various infections
  • creation of effective antitumor protection in the initial stage,
  • to restore immunity after suffering or congenital diseases.

The effect of the drug Imunofan stimulates the pet's body to fight against various intoxications, inflammatory processes. Provides protection of the cat's liver, removes radionuclides in case of chemical or radiation damage, improves immunity.

A medicinal preparation is prescribed to animals after examination by a specialist, who decides whether Imunofan can be used in cats in any particular case. Most often this happens during the vaccination period, with intestinal, respiratory, various infectious diseases. It is also used for stress in dogs and cats.

Features of use and dosage

For each animal, the veterinarian prescribes individual treatment, which is based on its general condition and the degree of development of the disease. The instructions indicate approximate doses of the drug, calculated from the general indicators. On average, if the weight of the animal is less than 100 kg, the amount of Imunofan for injection will be 1 ml. Put a shot in the withers or intramuscularly. In order to eliminate the negative effects of vaccination in cats, Imunofan in ampoules is used as a solution for dry preparations.

For the prevention of diseases of the reproductive organs of cats it is necessary to inject Imunofan 1 time per quarter. To reduce the impact of the upcoming stressful situation, such as moving, you need to give the cat an injection 12-18 hours before.

With standard treatment, Imunofan is given every 24 hours. The following data is indicated on how to prick Imunofan:

  • distemper carnivorous - from 5 to 6,
  • gastrointestinal infections, viral enteritis - 1 or 2 shots,
  • adenoviral, rhinotracheal infections - from 3 to 4,
  • with diseases of the reproductive organs of cats - 3.

Often, a bird caught by a cat in the country can serve as a source of various diseases. Injections are performed on cats subcutaneously or intramuscularly, in accordance with the conditions of treatment and dosage prescribed by the veterinarian. In terms of indicators, drip injection of Imunofan into the conjunctiva of the eye, the thin connective membrane, is allowed. Used for the treatment of diseases and analogues Imunofana - anaferon, immunal, wobenzym, arbidol.

The advantage of the drug is expressed in the fact that it is first used only after a pet is examined by a specialist, as well as other immunostimulants, often in complex treatment. But then, the owners of animals successfully use Imunofan on their own, for the prevention of diseases and increasing the resistance of the organism of cats in stressful situations.

In various forms of lichen in cats, Imunofan is used together with antifungal agents as an immunostimulant. The drug is also used to fight tumors in animals of various etymologies at an early stage.

Treatment of viral rhinotracheitis in cats is fraught with considerable difficulties. Not only is the pet itself difficult to survive this difficult moment, but the owners have to devote a large amount of time to their ill friends. To avoid the development of this serious disease, in order to improve immunity, according to the testimony, it is worth giving Imunofan to the animal. And in the presence of the disease, the drug can be used as a febrifuge. This will be the best choice in this situation.

If Imunofan is used during pregnancy, the cat's overall condition will significantly improve, and the percentage of miscarriages will significantly decrease. Newborn kittens will be more viable, active and hardy. Imunofan dosage for kittens should be determined by a veterinarian, since babies have not yet formed an immune system..

There are no contraindications to the use of Imunofan, there is no reduction in individual body functions or other side effects. It is only necessary to strictly monitor the observance of time staging cats injections. You can not miss another injection, because in this case, all the treatment will need to start over.

Preventive value Imunofana

One-time use of the drug for the prevention of infectious diseases. It is also used to improve immunity in cats that go outside before the onset of the cold season. When using Imunofan together with vaccines, the safe period is significantly prolonged, and the likelihood of negative side effects also decreases.

Imunofan is considered a low-hazard substance. With strict adherence to the recommended doses, it does not have an irritating or toxic effect. Reviews of pet owners say that its correct use alleviated the suffering of cats and significantly reduced the period of illness.

Imunofan storage rules

Open ampoules with a solution can not be stored, you must immediately use for its intended purpose. The best way to preserve the drug is to place its packages in the common chamber of the refrigerator with a temperature of +2 to +10 ° C. При соблюдении данного температурного режима Имунофан будет годен на протяжении трех лет со дня выпуска. Цены на Имунофан в аптеках немного разнятся. Они зависят прежде всего от производителя и концентрации лечебного средства.However, to buy this drug to save the lives of their pets under the force of every citizen of our country.

Dosage form and features

Imunofan is produced in 3 dosage forms:

  • injection,
  • nasal spray,
  • rectal suppositories.

For cats, an immunomodulator is used only as an injection solution. Externally, it is a clear liquid, without color and smell. It is packaged in 1 ml ampoules of clear glass. The carton pack contains 5 such ampoules.

The drug is a 0.005% solution of an immunofan - synthetic hexapeptide. This substance has a complex chemical formula, and it is based on a natural immunity hormone called timopoietin, which is produced by the fork gland. The drug also contains auxiliary components:

The immunomodulator should be stored at a temperature of 2 to 10˚C, so it is best to place the ampoules in a refrigerator. If extraneous impurities have appeared in the solution or the liquid has become turbid, the medicine cannot be used to treat animals. You can throw away empty ampoules with sales junk. Special precautions are not necessary.

Pharmacological properties

Feature of the drug is a wide range of actions. When released into the bloodstream, the active substance begins to “work” in 2-3 hours. The effect of the immunostimulating agent lasts from several weeks to several months, depending on the general state of health of the pet, the existing disease and other factors.

Imunofan has the following effect on the animal's body:

  • corrects the immune system,
  • helps to restore and enhance cellular immunity,
  • removes toxic substances from the body,
  • improves liver function and helps to restore the cells of this organ
  • eliminates inflammatory processes,
  • normalizes the course of redox reactions,
  • promotes an increase in the body to various factors of exposure,
  • promotes the circulation of specific antibodies that destroy bacteria and viruses.

Note! In the early stages of the drug is able to provide antitumor protection. It enhances the action of anti-cancer drugs, but it can be used in oncology only after consulting a doctor.

When vaccination Imunofan allows you to improve the formation of immunity against the introduced viruses and avoid complications. In this case, the drug is considered harmless to animals and can be used with almost no restrictions. Does not have a negative impact on the development of embryos, does not cause mutations. In addition, it does not cause allergic reactions and does not contribute to an increase in hypersensitivity.

Dosage and regimens

According to the instructions for use, injections Imunofan cats do subcutaneously or intramuscularly. A single dose of the drug, regardless of age and breed is 1 ml (1 ampoule). Dosage regimens may vary depending on the pathology:

  1. With parainfluenza, adenovirus infection and other respiratory viral diseases, injections are made once a day for 3-4 days.
  2. If the medicine is used to treat the pathologies of the digestive system, it is also administered once a day. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times.
  3. In case of plague, injections are made once a day and repeated up to 5-6 times.
  4. In infectious diseases, the drug is injected once a day for 5 days.
  5. To improve the reproductive system and get healthy offspring, the medication is injected for 3 days once a day. In the same way, an immunomodulator is used for kittens to stimulate growth and weight gain.
  6. To prevent the development of gynecological pathologies, injections are given once 3-4 times a year.
  7. If the drug is used as an anti-stress agent, an injection is made once 12-18 hours before the event, which provokes stress in the animal (transportation, a trip to the veterinarian, etc.).

The drug can be combined with drugs for symptomatic treatment. Before use it is necessary to consult with the veterinarian.

Contraindications and side effects

Imunofan has no contraindications. It can be used for cats of different breeds and ages. Allowed for pregnant and lactating females, as well as newborn kittens and old animals that have various chronic diseases.

It does not cause side effects even with overdose. In most cases, it is well tolerated by animals, but it is not worthwhile to abuse the immunomodulator, since it can weaken the immune system. With constant use, the animal's immune system atrophies, that is, it stops working. Without maintenance therapy, she cannot stand alone against viruses and bacteria and provide the body with the necessary protection.

Note! Imunofan cannot be combined with other immunomodulators and biostimulants.

Owner reviews

Diana, the mistress of a 10-year-old cat:

“When our already elderly cat caught infection, Imunofan was used in combination with other drugs. I cannot say that the recovery of Murka is due to the merit of this medicinal product, since other medicines were also used, but after 2 days the cat became much better. ”

Artem, the owner of the Persian cat:

“A runny nose appeared in our cat. At first, they did not attach any importance, but when the pet stopped breathing with its nose, they went to the hospital. The veterinarian after the inspection made an injection of Imunofan and an antibiotic. The next day, another injection of the immunomodulator was given. Kotu has become better, he has an appetite, he has become more active, but after a few days the cold has returned, therefore I doubt the effectiveness of the drug. ”

Veterinarian reviews

Tatyana, a veterinarian with 13 years of experience:

“The manufacturer’s website describes in detail all the advantages of the drug and, in particular, its high efficiency. Personally, I doubt the action of Imunofan and other similar drugs, so I never use them in my practice. To strengthen the immunity, it is important to ensure proper nutrition, timely vaccination and, in general, monitor the health of the pet. ”

Alexey, a veterinarian with 7 years of experience:

“Imunofan is a modern and effective immunostimulator. Repeatedly used it in infectious diseases, for small kittens and in other situations. This, of course, is not a panacea, but in most cases a good support for the body of the animal. I want to note that the medicine has a different effect on pets, but usually the results of the treatment are much better. ”