What does a domestic ocelot cat look like?


Do not contain ocelot, if the house has small children. The ideal option would be a private house where you can equip a special aviary for an animal. It is desirable that there are trees in the aviary, as ocelots love to climb and jump on them.

Ocelots very quickly get used to the tray, as long as it is always clean. He can also be taught to walk on a harness. And how to teach a regular kitty to the tray read here.

What does the ocelot eat?

Since the ocelot is considered a predatory cat, it needs proper nutrition. You can feed it with rodents, chicken, rabbits, fish, sometimes you can give a raw egg and cat food, but only very high quality. Despite the fact that the ocelot is a predator, in no case can it be fed with pork. Otherwise, the animal may be seriously ill. Also, when feeding the ocelot, we should not forget about the vitamins that are necessary for it. And from what to build the diet of an ordinary cat, you can read here.

Predator behavior

Ocelots are very intelligent and clever animals who love to play. Unlike cats, they like to swim, run with the ball, rather than resemble dogs, but they certainly have feline grace. It should be said that it is only necessary to play with the ocelot with toys, without using a hand for this, otherwise he will later perceive her as a toy, which is very dangerous.

Description of the appearance of the cat ocelot

The representative of the cat family, similar to the miniature version of the leopard, is notable:

  • golden brown wool
  • thick fur, resembling velvet,
  • a combination of black spots, stripes and sockets,
  • black rounded ears with large white spots on the back side,
  • light tint of the chin and abdomen,
  • long tail, ringed around the perimeter and crowned with a black tip,
  • large and high legs, forming a graceful tread,
  • powerful and elongated neck
  • mandatory black stripes on the forehead and cheeks,
  • big and expressive eyes of brown color,
  • dimensions that are as much as 1.5m in length and 15kg in weight (with females a third smaller than males in all respects).

Habitat cat

Ocelots inhabit Latin American countries and are sometimes found in the southern states of the United States (Arizona, Texas).

Wild cats and cats prefer the tropics and subtropics, which allow them to hide in the forests and thickets, and try to avoid open places. The heat and humidity of the tropical climate made up ocelots of skillful swimmers, tree top peaks and skillful climbers.

A variety of natural conditions, changing around the perimeter of the range, determine the variability within the species.

Lifestyle and nutrition

They are single animals occupying an area of ​​about 30 km2. At the same time, females get 2 times smaller spaces intersecting with male possessions.

Predatory cats are carnivorous and prefer to stay awake at night.

Predatory animal prefers nocturnal lifestyle

Among the distinctive features of wild cats are:

  1. The activity period takes half a day. This time allows the animal to overcome distances over 11km.
  2. Good developed feelings. Sensitive hearing and keen eyesight are the main assistants in the dark.
  3. Lack of chewing teeth. Spotted cats are not able to chew food, so they tear it into pieces, swallowed whole.
  4. Food rodents and small animals. Sometimes the prey is larger (young deer, monkeys), but in general the diet is based on:
    • mice
    • birds,
    • crabs,
    • snakes
    • rabbits,
    • fish
    • lizards.
  5. Hunting tactics. After long-term surveillance of the victim in the bush or in the branches of a tree, the ocelot kills it using one lethal bite.
Ocelot kills the victim using a deadly bite

Character and habits

Despite the solitary lifestyle, some representatives converge in pairs, living together for many years. Such partners communicate with each other with the help of a soft meow. But animals in search, prefer loud cries that attract the opposite sex.

Characteristic features and habits of the animal include:

  1. Ardent protection of the territory. Labels are left around the perimeter, and only females are allowed inside during mating.
  2. High affection to mother. Animals spend a long time together.
  3. Developed intelligence. Cats easily remember simple commands.


The mating period of the ocelots is absent, allowing mating at any time. A pregnant cat retires into a hollow of a tree, a cave or a twig's nest, preferring the most dense and difficult to reach forest. Such conditions provide protection from uninvited guests, allowing you to safely carry offspring.

After 75-85 days, kittens are born (1-2 cubs, in rare cases - 4). Helpless babies are blind, have thin fur and rely entirely on the mother in the first months of life.

Breastfeeding lasts 3-9 months. Growing up is accompanied by normalization of vision and wool. The mother teaches the young the basics of hunting and releases them at about 2 years of age.

Mother releases cubs at the age of two

The possibility of content at home

Beautiful animals have learned to tame. For the cultivation of a socialized ocelot is required to separate it from the mother at an early age. A blind kitten is fed and trained to live alongside the person.

Ocelot is not suitable housing conditions. For a rolling beast requires a large private house.

For a comfortable living wild cat should:

  1. To purchase large and spacious aviaryoccupying at least 15m2. To recreate the usual conditions inside the necessary logs, a tank with water, trees and a house for the rest.
  2. Make a diet of meat, fish and offal. Fasting days are useful to an animal. Unfinished food is cleaned immediately after the meal.
  3. Arrange tray. Please note that the ocelots behind them do not rake.
  4. Do not forget about the game and education. The active cat is friendly, in many respects it resembles a dog and quickly remembers the “aport” command.
  5. Do not start other pets. New animals cause aggression. However, if there is already a cat or a dog in the house, and a tiny exotic kitten has just appeared, then the baby will find a common language with them.

How and where to get a kitten

You can buy kittens in special home-type kennels. The owners of such an institution are required to provide supporting documentation and explain all the nuances of the content of the beast.

Do not stare at lower prices, buying animals from the hands, even if they look good. The content of such animals is not rarely in the context of the legislation. When registering a crime, the cat will be withdrawn without compensation.

In conclusion, I note that with the proper maintenance and care, the lifespan of an ocelot increases by 2 times and reaches 20 years.