The rarest breeds of dogs


According to the International Cynological Association, today there are over four hundred dog breeds. However, very little is known about some of them, and it is difficult not only to meet their representatives, but even it is not always possible to find information. Naturally, rare breeds of dogs attract the attention of people who want to have unusual animals in their pets. But it is worth remembering that future owners may face a number of difficulties - ranging from the high cost of puppies, to the lack of recognition at the international level. But, if the dog really liked it, then no difficulties can stand in the way of the fulfillment of the dream, especially, the four-legged friends of this are worth it!

Known, but not recognized

According to the FCI (International Canine Federation), there are more than 340 recognized breeds in the world, and 40 are not recognized. Moreover, the list of unrecognized breeds includes rare and fairly well-known breeds.

Generally, not recognized are local breeds bred in any country, popular in it, but not common or even unknown in other regions.

In Russia, these are Moscow watchdogs, Moscow divers, East-European shepherds, Russian hunting spaniels. In the USA - naked terrier, pit bull terrier, Eskimo spitz. In the Czech Republic - Prague krysarny bred for the destruction of rodents to help cats. In the UK - Lancashire healer.

In Spain - Alano. In African countries - boerboel, whose appearance resembles both a bulldog and a mastiff. In New Guinea - singing dog.

Some breeds were entered in the FCI register, but have not yet received worldwide recognition, including because of the small population. They are English Shepherd, English Raccoon Hound, Blue Lacy, Basque Sheepdog, Bulldog Kampeiro, Bulgarian Barrack, Buryat-Mongolian Wolfhound, Greek Shepherd Dog, Gampra, Nenets Laika, Pugl, Russian Colored Bologna, Phunsan, Czech Shepherd Cattle, Shepherd Mans

Spanish Alano

Recognized breed

What is the rarest breed of dog? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, if only because it is possible that selection work is being done somewhere now and a new, unusual type of dog has been bred, a rare species that has not yet had its own name and has not received worldwide recognition.

But this material presents the rarest breeds of dogs, already known and recognized. Some of them are very rare indeed, and it is very difficult to find their photos in dog atlas.

Russian toy terrier is a rare breed of dog. There are two types of this breed - sleek and long-haired. The breed was bred in Moscow in the middle of the last century, based on English toy-terriers, decorative dogs, whose livestock in Russia dropped sharply after 1917. The Russian toy terrier is a very mobile and active dog with a loud and sonorous barking. This is a funny creature that fully justifies its name. Toy is a toy. Its size is 25-30 cm, weight 1-3 kg.

Russian toy terrier

Tibetan Mastiff - it is believed that these mastiffs can be seen only in the monasteries of Tibet, although sometimes they are found in other parts of the world. These are quite large and very expensive dogs, which reliably protect the life and life of monks, protect them from the encroachments of strangers for the time being for meditations and prayers. The height of the dog 60-80 cm, weight about 80 kg. Fortunately for humans, these dogs have a calm and non-aggressive nature.

Looking at the photo, it is difficult to call the Tibetan Mastiffs our smaller brothers.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is also very large, but is slightly inferior in height and weight to the Tibetan Mastiff. The growth of mastino napolitano from 60 to 77 cm, weight 50-70 kg.

The breed is very old, bred in the south of the Apennine Peninsula in ancient times. Their ancestors participated in the persecution of wild animals in the stadiums of ancient Rome. Therefore, modern mastiffs have an aggressive and rebellious character. In the house they consider themselves to be equal members of the family.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Leonberger is another big dog belonging to the category “the rarest breed of dog in the world”. The breed was bred in Germany in the middle of the 19th century in the city of Leonberg. The mayor of the city, Heinrich Essing, set a goal to breed a breed that looked like a lion in size and appearance. After all, the city was named after this predator. St. Bernards and Newfoundlands were brought to her breeding, the result was a large dog with a height of 65 to 80 cm, and weighing between 60-80 kg. Despite the formidable look and temper of Leonberger, like that of St. Bernards, these are calm, friendly, obedient dogs with well-developed intellect.


Irish Wolfhound is another very ancient and large breed, bred in Ireland in deep antiquity. The breed is considered hunting, but for a long time it was used to protect the sheep from wolves. The export of dogs of this breed abroad was prohibited, but after reducing the number of predators, there was no need for a large number of wolfhounds. The name wolf breed received in the 15th century, until then the dogs were called hunting. Despite the high growth up to 80 cm in males, and up to 70 cm in females, the weight of the Irish wolfhound is small - 40-60 kg. These are lean and active dogs. As for character, experts say that at home they are like sheep, and when hunting they are like lions.

Irish Wolfhound

Slovak chuvach - breed, obtained in Czechoslovakia for the protection of livestock. The first representatives of the breed were represented in the 17th century, but after the Second World War there were very few of them left in the country. Thanks to dog handler Antonin Grudo, the breed was restored and officially registered in 1964.

These dogs are predominantly white in color, growing from 60 to 70 cm, weighing from 31 to 45 kg. At home, they are used as rescuers and guards. Chuvach gets on well in a family, is a reliable friend and a shepherd.

Slovak chuvach

The Bergamo Shepherd, or Bergamo, hails from the Italian province of Bergamo. This is a very shaggy dog ​​of medium height - from 55 to 60 cm at the withers, and weighing from 25 to 40 kg, the dogs seem heavier due to the massive coat. Breed differs obedience, friendliness, good qualities of a shepherd. This dog does not need permanent teams, acts independently, according to the situation.

In the photo bergamasko.

The Hungarian Sheepdog, or Komondor - the history of the breed has been lost in the centuries, and now it is only known that it was bred as a shepherd's dog. And indeed - her long hair allows the dog to easily disguise in a sheep flock. True, its size is larger than that of its artiodactyls. The growth of shepherd dogs from 70 to 85 cm, weight 50-60 kg, wool coat gives massiveness to dogs.

It is noteworthy that komondor wool, soft and wavy in childhood, becomes curly with age, and in adulthood, it itself weaves into cords. In the adult shepherd's coat, the coat weighs 6–7 kg and has about 2000 cords. During shedding, the wool falls out of the bulbs, but remains in the cords until the end of life, if the dog is not cared for and not combed out.

These are calm, flexible dogs with well-developed intelligence. Quickly gets used to people, it can be tolerated even to wolves, if they do not show aggression, and are not the first to attack people and domestic animals. Photos of the Hungarian Komondor

The best of the best

And now we will present to your attention 10 of the rarest breeds of dogs. The top 10 most rare dog breeds include the following breeds:

1st place ranking belongs to the Tibetan mastiff. The description and brief information about this dog has already been given in this article. To this we can add that this is the most expensive breed in the world. In Russia, as well as in the CIS countries, the price for them varies from 3 to 12 thousand dollars. And puppies brought directly from Tibet cost many times more. Therefore, mastiffs are the same indicators of the status of the owners, as expensive cars, yachts and mansions. For example, a puppy of the Tibetan mastiff at the age of 11 months, who was born in one of the nurseries in the Tibetan monastery, was sold for one and a half million dollars.

Tibetan mastiff

2nd place is occupied by Lyon Bichon, or the lion dog, which appeared in France in the second half of the 16th century, and was a privilege of the nobility. Despite the terrible name, the dogs of this breed are not large, its height is 25-32 cm, weight is 5-6 kg.

The similarity with a lion gave her a haircut under the lion, or a poodle. The breed was very popular in the past, it, along with the owners, was loved to depict in his paintings by famous European artists, but gradually its number declined. And in 1960 Lyon Bichon hit the Guinness Book of Records as a very rare breed.

The lion dog has a kind, courageous and cheerful character, with high intelligence. In the photo is a white Leon Bichon.

At the 3rd place - Pharaoh's dog. The history of the breed has 5 thousand years. It is believed that it is her image that exists in the tombs of ancient Egypt, but DNA analysis suggests that dogs of this breed have nothing to do with ancient Egyptian hunting dogs. Therefore, accurate data on the origin of the breed does not exist. In Russia, this is a very rare breed, it is mainly suitable for keeping in the house, because it does not have a thick woolen cover, but is playful, intelligent, docile, loyal to the owners.

Pharaoh's dog is valued highly enough, puppies cost 6-7 thousand dollars. The size of the dog is medium - growth from 53 to 63, weight from 18 to 30 kilogram. Color - black, white, fawn, red-brown.

Pharaoh Hound

4th place in the rating belongs to affenpiners. This is a decorative breed from Germany, a dwarf type of pincher with a height of only 25-30 cm, and weighing about 5 kilograms.

Like all decorative dogs, affenpinscher has a calm and friendly character. His muzzle looks like a monkey, so she was given this name. In German, the word affe means monkey.

The dog was bred in the middle of the 17th century, to help cats in the fight against numerous rodents that caused serious damage to citizens. These are good rat-catchers, sensitive watchmen with a loud voice. Affenpinchers treat people with great friendliness and devotion. Purebred puppy is worth around 4 thousand dollars.


5th place is occupied by Thai ridgeback. Breed, bred in Thailand as a hunting dog in antiquity. The size of the dog is average, height at withers 50-60 cm, weight 28-30 kg.

The name of the breed received for the characteristic ridge - ridge - on the back. The coat of which grows in the opposite direction in relation to the rest of the wool does not come out on the sides of the ridge.

The hair on the body is short, without the specific smell of the four types of color - fawn, brown, black or blue.

Character independent, tactful, calm. This is a clean animal that can be kept in the house. Ridgebacks are distinguished by a well-developed mind and even a kind of cunning; they need to pay more attention, take them for long walks, give adequate intellectual and physical load. There is a Thai ridgeback puppy from 800 to 4000 dollars.

Thai Ridgeback

6th place in the dwarf Pomeranian spitz, bred in Germany in the Middle Ages. This is a fun and cute living toy of red, brown, gray, black, two-color or white. Growth in 20-23 cm, weighing 3 kg.

The Pomeranian Spitz has a cheerful character, it is a clever and devoted animal that feels the mood of the owner. It is worth a puppy Spitz within 700-3800 dollars.

Pomeranian spitz

At the 7th place Akita-Inu is a service dog from Japan. FCI officially recognized the breed in 1999, but in reality the breed originated a long time ago, as a hunting one. Earlier, actinatu had the name “bear hunter. The dog has a medium size - height 60-67 cm, weight within 35 kg.

Character balanced, loyal. The famous dog named Hachiko, who for 9 years was waiting for the deceased owner at the station, belonged to this breed. There is a puppy of breed 1-4 thousand dollars. By the way, such a dog is from Putin and it was this breed that was shot in Hachiko.

Japanese Akita Inu

8th place in the Chinese breed Chongqing. The breed was very popular in China in ancient times, but is now considered endangered. This breed was not bred for it specifically for any purpose, it was derived by nature itself, therefore the character of its representatives is independent, strong-willed, independent. But, recognizing the owner, the dog becomes a very good guard and bodyguard. According to reviews of breeders, Chongqing are calm dogs, with a unique sense - they quickly determine the purpose for which a person came to the house. Without the permission of the owner, they will never let someone else into the house, even if they have already seen him before.

Externally, Chongqing are similar to the English Bulldogs, they have a height of 35-50 cm, weight 15-25 kg. It is worth the dog within 4000 dollars.

Chongqing breed

9th place in the Norfolk Terrier. This is a burrowing hunting dog from England. These are the smallest of terriers, their height is 25-27 cm, weight is 5 kg. These are good hunters on small rodents, funny, courageous and sensitive dogs. Devoted to the owners, especially love to play with children. Color brown shades, gray or black. Puppies cost 1-2% of thousands of dollars.

Norfolk Terrier

The 10th place is occupied by the Persian greyhound - Saluki. One of the most ancient breeds, the description of which was made in ancient Egypt. Saluki is a large but elegant hunting dog with a height of 50-70 cm, and weighing within 30 kg.

Wool without undercoat, smooth, silky, white, cream, red, tan with black color. Saluki - calm dogs that do not raise barking unnecessarily. Run fast - speed reaches 70 km / h. Houses are gentle and devoted animals. The cost of puppies is 800-2500 dollars.


Katalburun refers to hunting breeds. Dogs are predominantly common in Turkey, as there they are used for their intended purpose and it is here that they were bred. A characteristic feature of the appearance is a split nose, so she got its name. Representatives are massive and stocky. Outside of their homeland, they are little known and almost never occur. The price of puppies starts from 1600 dollars.

Chinook appeared at the beginning of the last century. The homeland of the breed is the United States of America, New Hampshire. She bred as a sled dog with the best qualities for this business. It is a strong, powerful, hardy dog, skillfully adapting to various weather conditions. After the death of the founder of the breed, A. Valden, the Chinook began to fade, and by the 1980s only 11 individuals were left. Active work is under way to restore the population. The price for puppies is from 25 thousand rubles.

Moody appeared as an offshoot of mongrel shepherd mixtures with breeds like cougars and bullets in Hungary. They are used as shepherds. They were taken out at the end of the 19th century. Moody has become very useful in agriculture. With their help, hunted, herded cattle, guarded the territory. Now their population rarely falls, due to which in the past the popular dog has expanded the list of the rarest breeds of dogs. You can find them mainly in Hungary. The cost of puppies is 700 dollars.

Thai Ridgeback

Thai Ridgeback is found mainly in Thailand. History is silent as this breed appeared. Thais attribute these dogs to the workers, as they become good watchmen and hunters. Representatives have a short coat and a noble profile. The muscles are developed above average, which allows them to be used for prolonged physical exertion. Ridgebacks develop high speed, which is useful during hunting. The price is about 60 thousand rubles.

Azawak is a breed with an ancient history. It originated in Africa, in the territory of the modern state of Niger. Due to its remoteness from the civilized world, this breed has been lagging behind the unknown all this time. They were used as escorts during long desert crossings. Now these dogs can be found in Europe, where they fell in the middle of the 70s of the last century. The body is very lean and dry, and the muzzle is long and elongated. The price of puppies is about 10 000 rubles.


Staybehaun were withdrawn in the Netherlands in the 19th century. This is a hunting dog, which appeared due to the crossing of the then popular German or French spaniels together with the Drenthe kuropatochnogo breed. A strong desire to hunt is manifested not only during the game in the forest, but also when meeting with rats. They serve as rodent exterminators and watchmen. The rarity is due to the limited breeding sites, as they are found mainly in the Netherlands.

Norwegian Lundehund

Norwegian Lundehund is also known by another name - hunting husky. A distinctive feature of the representatives is the presence of the sixth toe on the paws. This helps them to confidently climb over rocks and other difficult surfaces. Dogs are very flexible and hardy. They have an average size. They have a balanced and calm disposition. To people, they do not show aggression. Now the population size drops significantly. There are representatives of the breed in Norway. The price of puppies is about 25 thousand rubles.

White Tibetan Mastiff

White Tibetan mastiff is a long-haired large breed. Они белые и это не по той причине, что они альбиносы. В области головы у них образуется своеобразная грива. Более длинная шерсть находится также и в области таза. Вес взрослой собаки достигает около 70 кг. Характер очень спокойный и уравновешенный. Социализация представителей породы проходит достаточно сложно, так как ее используют для сторожевых целей. Мастифы подозрительны и недоверчивы.The cost of puppies comes to a million dollars.

Caroline dog

Karolinskaya dog, which can still be called American dingo, only looks like its untamed counterparts. Dogs are not adapted to the cold, can not be long in the wind. Short hair and relatively small size do not provide adaptability to cold weather. Their strength is the good tolerance of drought. It is not known how the breed occurred. At the moment there are only a few hundred representatives of the breed.

After reviewing photographs of rare breeds of dogs with names, it can be concluded that the parameters of the animal itself have little effect on its prevalence. After all, there are a variety of types of dogs. Not all of them are distributed in our country, and if you can meet them, they are not always bred in nurseries. Popularity becomes mainly compact animals and large are less and less. Lovers of rare breeds contribute to the breeding of their pets.

Tibetan mastiff

Several centuries ago, these calm and strong animals were widespread not only in their homeland (in China), but also in other countries. Today it is a rare dog. There are only a few white Tibetan mastiffs in the world. The price of such a "baby" can exceed $ 1 million. Agree, she may well claim to be the "most rare and expensive breed of dogs."

The character of the mastiff is balanced, sometimes it seems stubborn. In relation to strangers, the dog is restrained, but sometimes it is aggressive if it feels threatened by its owner. This is the perfect watchman - at night it becomes more vigilant. A loud and strong voice can frighten even a very brave person. Training should begin as early as possible. You can not keep in the apartment - need space and exercise.

This is a large animal with a powerful physique. The movements are elastic and light. Height not less than 66 cm, and this hero weighs not less than 80 kg.

The dog is originally from China. Figures of these animals were found in the ancient tombs of this country. Such a dog could have only noblemen. During the Chinese revolution, most of these animals were destroyed along with their owners. Today, dogs that look very similar to American pit bull terriers are counted in units.

Animals of medium size, with a strong build. For inexperienced or insecure owners such a dog is not suitable. It has a powerful natural instinct. This is a natural breed of dogs, people did not participate in its development. Fortunately, breeding experiments have bypassed it. The rarest breeds of dogs, especially watchdogs, or rather, their individual members, which include Chuntsin, are very cold towards strangers. Can show aggression.

Height - 36-51 cm, weight does not exceed 25 kg.

The next to represent the rare dogs of the world will be a chinook (riding breed). She created an American breeder and scientist Arthur Walden. He dreamed of getting a strong and durable dog that would adapt well to various conditions. Chinook had all these qualities. However, after the death of Valden, the breed was almost lost.

In 1981, a group of enthusiastic dog handlers set about restoring it. Nevertheless, today these animals can be safely classified as “rare breeds”. Chinook dogs have no more than 500 individuals.

Among the guard, guard and service four-legged human friends, rare breeds are more common. Dogs, called Mudi, in the world there are very few. Despite the fact that they are excellent companions, active and easily trained animals, they have not gained much popularity. The dog has a compact physique, but it does not look fragile.

Rare breeds of dogs, photos of which can be seen in dog reference books and encyclopedias, are worthy of the attention of specialists. Perhaps there is still an opportunity to save some rare species that are on the verge of extinction.

Water Spaniel (Irish)

If you are considering a dog reference book, under the heading "Rare Dog Breeds" a photo of this animal will surely attract your attention.

The oldest, largest and rarest breed among spaniels. These dogs are characterized by angular forms, powerful constitution, tall stature. And another feature of these animals can not go unnoticed - a long tail, resembling a rat. It has almost no hair, and therefore creates a sharp contrast with the body covered with curly hair. Probably, such an exotic species did not allow this breed to get due popularity, which is why the water spaniel, if not the rarest dog in the world, is one of them.

Afghan Greyhound

This is a very ancient breed, information about which is found even in papyrus manuscripts. The peoples of the East treat these animals with sacred reverence. In Afghanistan, this dog is the country's wealth.

Afghan hounds have a robust body. They move smoothly and gracefully. They always feel some kind of wariness, readiness for a lightning jump.

Afghans are great hunters. Catching up with their prey, these dogs develop speeds of up to 50 km / h.

Bergamo Sheepdog

Rare breeds of dogs are often striking in their appearance. No exception and this unusual shepherd.

It belongs to the ancient shepherd's species, which were bred in Italy, in the province of Bergamo. Most of all, they were common in the Italian Alps. Sheep breeding is well developed in these places, and the herding skills of this breed are very much in demand.

The body of the Bergamo shepherd is covered with wool, which rolls into "flat cakes" over time. Animals are firmly folded, possess both docile and decisive character.

The "job" of these dogs is guarding the herd. They must ensure that the sheep do not disperse. Sometimes the nature of such animals is fierce, but the dog works quite smoothly with its shepherd owner and follows strict subordination.

In the category "Rare breeds of small dogs," I would like to tell you about the charming crumbs of the Bichon Frize breed.

The breed originated in the XIV century in the Mediterranean, on the island of Tenerife. Cute babes won the love of the Italian and French aristocracy. These dogs love people, infinitely tender with children. Quite friendly to other pets.

This baby is about 25 cm tall, and weighs just over three kilograms.

An ancient breed of indoor dogs originally from France. Its appearance belongs to the XVI century. In those days, these little dogs were the favorites of the court ladies. At the end of the last century, Levkhen are already very rare dogs. They even entered the Guinness Book of Records.

The breed was named because of the peculiar "hairstyle" of these dogs. Thanks to her, they look like little lions - with a tassel on the tail and a mane.

Levkhen is an indispensable companion, able to sit for hours on the hands of the owner, to whom he binds with all his soul. Such a dog weighs no more than three kilograms, and the height is appropriate (20 cm).


The name of the breed can be translated from German - "monkey pinscher." The dog was so named because of its similarity with the little monkey.

It is believed that her ancestors were the Brussels Griffons.

This funny dog ​​keeps with comic seriousness. She is very cheerful, devoted to her master, but rather stubborn. An excellent rat-catcher, a magnificent watchman, who, with his bark of his master, warns of impending danger.

Prague Ratter

An extremely rare miniature dog with perfect temperament. She is active and cheerful, infinitely devoted to her master.

The kryarik feels very comfortable in the city, in the apartment, although it is fun to frolic in nature.

These little dogs are smart, respond well to training. They can be taught to perform dizzying stunts.

Japanese miniature poodle

These dogs are so small that an adult animal can easily fit in a regular teacup, and the weight barely reaches one and a half kilograms!

In the capital of Japan, these kids are very fond of, although not everyone can afford such a friend, because a puppy costs $ 5,000.

Rare breeds of large dogs

Not all of these animals are well known in our country. Today we will try to fill this gap. Below we provide information on large dogs of rare breeds. Look at the photos - suddenly someone will find a friend, whom he dreamed of.

This is a national treasure of Japan. Quickly gained popularity in Europe and America. In its homeland is considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Dogo Argentino

An elegant representative from a group of mastiffs. "Argentines" are easy to train, have a lightning reaction. The animal is extremely sociable, very friendly towards children. The disadvantages include excessive touchiness of a four-legged friend. He is very offended by undeserved punishment.

Height - 68 cm, this handsome man weighs 55 kg.

Large Old English Sheepdogs with a very fluffy coat. The name of the breed means “short tail”. Stopping was carried out in England in the XVII century. Funny, but at that time there was a law, according to which working dogs, which had no tails, were not taxed, therefore prudent farmers resorted to this procedure. If the tail is not cut, it will be fluffy with a cute tassel at the end. However, many owners of these animals believe that their pets look more attractive without tails.

This is a real shepherd's dog, which even at the end of the XIX century took part in special competitions. Bobtails were given the task of choosing "their" sheep from the common flock, driving them to the aviary to overtake the flock sheep from one place to another, etc.

The nature of these animals is balanced, uncomplicated. They are very obedient. For many owners, it is important that, having such a "coat", the dog does not have a characteristic smell and does not shed.

Irish Wolfhound

The origin of this breed goes into deep antiquity. They were known in 300 BC. e. The "Irish" are listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest. These giants are great hunters. From ancient times they hunted deer and wolves. In hunting passion, such a dog is terrible. The rest of the time, he is calm and good-natured. Can show aggression only in case of a clear threat.

Height - 78.5 cm, and weight - 41 kg.

Samoyed dog

Ancient service breed. A medium sized animal, very hardy. For more than 3000 years, she was a companion of man, as well as a hunter and a shepherd. This dog was even trusted to nurse the children. Samoyeds are intelligent, sociable, balanced.

In Siberia, where this beauty came from, she helped people graze herds of deer, warmed in severe frosts.

This dog loves to play, it needs serious physical exertion - the race for the "hare", luge. In addition, careful care requires its snow-white coat.

Height - 58 cm, weight - 27 kg.

Pharaoh Hound

This is probably the oldest breed. She is known to man for over 5000 years. Despite this, the breed standard was approved only in 1975. This is the "queen" of dogs, with a majestic and proud posture. At home, it is used as a hunter "by sight." She is also a great companion.

The dog is medium sized with well developed musculature. The head is wedge-shaped, with large erect ears. The neck is dry and powerful. Despite the fact that the Pharaoh's dog is the embodiment of elegance and grace, this does not mean its fragility. She is very hardy and physically strong. In motion, it looks amazing.

Czechoslovakian wolf dog

This is still a very young breed, but, nevertheless, wherever these dogs are exhibited, they always evoke general interest.

Despite the existing official name of the breed, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the United States it is called the Czechoslovakian vlchak.

Outwardly, these dogs are very similar to their close relatives - Carpathian wolves. Vlchaki do not bark, but they can howl at different voices.

These are tightly built animals, with a broad chest, long strong legs, straight back. They are great runners. Vlchaki able to run without rest for eight hours at a speed of 13 km / hour.

These are unsurpassed defenders. It is not easy to train them, you should start doing this as early as possible. Vlchak is clever, he understands everything at once, but to obey immediately he does not allow an independent character. It requires the authority of the leader, in the role of which the master must act.

A luxurious dog with a charming "smile" attracts all those who see him for the first time. The characteristic qualities of such a dog are intelligence, intelligence, and good learning.

Dogs have a strong body with well-developed muscles. They feel perfectly well what kind of person they are with - a stranger or yours, an enemy or a friend.

These dogs are from Mallorca. In ancient times, the breed has always participated in the bullfight. Their task was to protect the bullfighter, so they often had to fight with the bulls.

The guard qualities of these dogs are manifested in a very peculiar way - in the presence of the owner, they are peaceful and calm, but, left without him, they are able to give a decisive rebuff to any rival. Ca-de-bou knows the boundaries of the territory protected by them, and only rarely harass the intruder beyond its borders.

Dosa Inu (Korean Mastiff)

When you look at a photo of rare dogs, sometimes it takes your breath away from delight. For example, handsome Dosa Inu, bred in Korea relatively recently, just 150 years ago. At home, it is the most popular dog, but outside of its borders this breed is practically unaware.

Universal dog, a great watchman, an indispensable guard and (do not be surprised) caring dog-nurse. Despite her size, inspiring respect, she so carefully and gently protects children that it causes admiration.

Appearance of the giant, to put it mildly, is unusual (especially for Europeans). Many because of this, treat the dog with caution. Growth giant can exceed 75 cm. The huge head is covered with a large number of skin folds that go from the forehead. Ears are big, hanging. Dosa Inu limbs are not too long, but very strong.

Contrary to its formidable appearance, it is a friendly and good-natured animal with high intelligence.

Cow Phil de San Miguel

The Portuguese breed of dogs, rare even at home, although these dogs, similar to the round eared Kau, were found in the Azores in the 15th century. The shepherd's dog could have disappeared, but in 1981, dog handlers from Portugal attempted to revive the breed. A characteristic feature - round, similar to a bear, ears.

Another very rare dog that Jiri Rotter brought to Switzerland from Africa, where he often went on business. He named the breed Mr. Rotter in honor of the Hajo River, where he first saw these small dogs, covered with reddish-brown hair. "Avu" in the language of local tribes means "dog." So the name was formed - hacho-avu.

To Rotter’s surprise, the dog easily adapted to life in a city apartment. These animals are quiet, very clean. Need constant contact with the person. They turned out great pets. Now representatives of this breed practically do not meet. Only a few individuals live in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Today we presented you the rarest breed of dogs. Photos of some of them we have posted in our article. We hope that this information will be helpful. Perhaps someone will be able to choose a friend, because every four-legged pet needs the care and love of a person.