Detailed instructions for use of the drug Pratel for dogs


What is the purpose of prescribing the drug "Praet" for dogs? Instructions and indications for use of this tool will be listed below. You will also learn about the price of this medication, its properties and contraindications.

Composition and form

The drug "Pratel" for dogs, instructions for use of which is contained in a cardboard bundle, is available in the form of tablets of a round shape, light yellow color, with a cross-shaped risk on one side and with beveled edges.

The active substances of this medication are praziquantel and pyrantel.

Properties of the veterinary drug

What is the drug Pratel (for dogs)? Instructions for use, reviews report that it is a combined anthelmintic agent. It has a wide range of cestocidal and nematocidal action on all phases of the development of tape and round worms, which are parasitic not only in dogs, but also in cats.

The principle of action of the active components that make up the drug is based on the process of inhibition of fumarate reductase, as well as a violation of energy metabolism and persistent depolarization of the helminth cellular muscles. This effect causes paralysis, the subsequent death of the parasite and its elimination from the gastrointestinal tract of the animal.

Drug features

Why is the drug Pratel so effective for dogs? Instructions, reviews claim that it is obliged for its properties to the basic substances that are part of it.

Praziquantel adversely affects tapeworms, including cestodes. First, it promotes muscle stimulation, leading to spastic paralysis, followed by vacuolization of the helminth cell membranes, and then allows the intestinal enzymes to negatively affect the parasite.

When taken orally, praziquantel is absorbed fairly rapidly in the intestine. It is well distributed in all tissues and organs. This substance is removed in metabolized form with urine.

What role does pyrantel play in the Pratel for dogs? The manual states that this component is active against nematodes (gastrointestinal). It is a neuromuscular ganglioblokator, causing spastic paralysis of the muscle tissue of roundworms, as well as persistent depolarization.

Partially Pyrantel Embonat is absorbed in the intestinal tract, and excreted along with feces for two days.

According to the degree of impact on a living organism, the Pratel drug belongs to low-hazard drugs (4th class of danger). If it is used strictly according to the purpose of the veterinarian, it does not have a teratogenic, embryotoxic and sensitizing effect. According to reviews of experts, this medicine is quite well tolerated by different animals.

What is the drug prescribed "Pratel" for dogs? The instruction states that this remedy is necessary for the treatment and prevention of helminthiasis in animals (nematodoses: toxascaris, toxocariasis, ankylostoma, uncinosa, and cestodoses: echinococcosis, teniasis, dipilidiosis, mesocestitis,).

Bans on use

The considered remedy is not recommended when the animal is hypersensitive to the components of the drug, including a history of it. Also, it is forbidden to use it in the first half of pregnancy of dogs, severely exhausted and recovering animals suffering from infectious diseases.

Do not take tablets "Pratel" with pronounced violations of the kidneys and liver, as well as puppies up to 6 weeks of age.

Medication "Pratel" for dogs: instructions for use

The price of this tool is about 270-450 rubles. It should be used only if indicated, after consulting a veterinarian.

Tablets are given to dogs once, crushed together with food. Also, the medicine can be administered to the animal forcibly (put on the root of the tongue).

The dosage of this drug depends on the weight of the dog:

  • up to 2 kg of weight - 0.25 tablets,
  • 2-5 kg ​​of weight - 0.5 tablets,
  • 5-10 kg of weight - 1 pc.,
  • 10-20 kg of weight - 2 pcs.,
  • 20-30 kg of weight - 3 pcs.,
  • 30-40 kg of weight - 4 pcs.,
  • 40-50 kg of weight - 5 pcs.

Assign this tool to puppies only from the 6th week of life. It should be noted that before deworming use of laxatives or follow a hungry diet is not required.

For the purpose of treatment, this medication is given to animals once, and with prophylactic, once a quarter. Also, the drug can be prescribed before vaccination and 4 weeks before mating (in therapeutic dosage).

Pregnant females "Pratel" give only the last third of the pregnancy, and lactating - 3 weeks after birth and only under the supervision of a veterinarian.

When you skip the next deworming it should be carried out as quickly as possible in the same dose.

Collateral actions

What negative reactions can Pracel medication cause to dogs? Instructions for use states that when using this tool in the recommended dosages and indications no side effects and complications are observed.

If the animal is hypersensitive to medication substances, an allergic reaction may develop.

Personal preventive measures

During the work with the considered means it is necessary to follow the general safety regulations, and also personal hygiene. During the treatment of the animal with pills (laying in the mouth or mixing with food) it is forbidden to smoke, eat food and water. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.

Special precautions when destroying spoiled drug is not required.

What do animal owners say about the Pratel medication? They argue that it is a very effective anthelmintic agent that can be used not only to treat an animal, but also to prevent it.

Also, the advantages of this medicine include its availability, reasonable price and safety for a person.

Release form and composition of the drug pratel

Anthelmintic drug Pratel is available in tablets. Each has 144 mg of pyrantel, as well as 50 mg of praziquantel.

Externally, the tablets are light yellow, round, they have slightly beveled edges, having on one side of the risk of criss-cross. They are packaged in blisters for a dozen tablets. The medicine, as well as instructions, are put into cartons of 1, 3 or 10 blisters.

Anthelmintic drug Pratel is available in tablets

Indications for use and mechanism of action

Praziquantel paralyzes the tapeworm, regardless of the stage of development, killing it, and then helps to remove the parasite from the gastrointestinal tract.

Pyrantel destroys the cellular membranes of roundworms, preventing the reproduction of parasites and killing them. Displays them with feces in a day or two.

Pratelo can be treated and preventive maintenance dogs of any size and age, with the exception of the earliest.

The indications are treatment and also a warning:

  • nematodoses,
  • cestodosis
  • mixed invasions.

They also give the animal a therapeutic dose a couple of weeks before vaccination, and also 14-28 days before mating.

Pratel can be given to an animal before vaccination and viscous

Dosage and instructions

The drug is used for prophylaxis once a quarter, and for treatment - only as directed by the veterinarian, once. Feed the animal medicine in shredded form, mixed into a small amount of feed.

You can also give the animal force, putting medicine on the root of the tongue. You can also grind the pill and mix it with a small amount of water, then mix it through a syringe. Feed more tightly can be an hour after taking the drug.

Animals, weighing less than two kg, give a quarter tablet. Weighing 2-5 kg ​​- half a tablet. Weighing 5-10 kg - one whole pill. Then for every ten kilograms add a pill to calculate the dosage.

In severe infection with worms, you can repeat the reception a week later to kill the young of the parasites hatched from the eggs.

If there is more than one animal at home, they should all be treated simultaneously.

If there is more than one animal at home, they should all be treated simultaneously.

Puppies can take prat from six weeks old. And pregnant females can take it only after 2/3 of the pregnancy. Lactating - only under the guidance of a veterinarian, not earlier than 21 days after birth.

If you skip the time of the next reception, it should be done as quickly as possible, observing the same dosage.

Cats dosage is the same as dogs. Unless in exceptional cases, a kitten can be given a quarter of a tablet already from one month of age. A lactating cat after fourteen days, you can give the drug, but also only under the guidance of an experienced veterinarian.

Kittens can be given a quarter of the tablet from the age of one month

Side effects

If the drug is used in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the veterinarian, there should be no complications.

Overdose can cause:

  • vomiting
  • salivation,
  • diarrhea,
  • temporary strong decrease in appetite,
  • general depression.

All these symptoms disappear in a day. Otherwise, you will need the help of a specialist.

A puppy up to three months from the drug may have diarrhea.


You can not give pratel animal under the following factors:

  • allergy / individual sensitivity to components,
  • first half of pregnancy, her last terms,
  • lactation,
  • excessive exhaustion,
  • infectious diseases, recovery after them,
  • postoperative rehabilitation,
  • liver / kidney dysfunction,
  • less than six weeks old
  • the use of other means of worms.

Price and analogues

You can buy a pack of gadgets with a dozen tablets in Russia for 400 rubles, and the Ukrainian price of the drug is about 800 hryvnias. Analogues - Prazitsid and Dirofen.

Pratel is a good medicine. But even he has contraindications, and with an overdose, side effects are also possible.

The form of release and the action Pratel

Packed in 10 tablets in foil blisters. In a pack of cardboard can fit from 1 blister to 10.

Mixed anthelmintic agent. It has an extensive range of antiparasitic effects on all periods of the formation of various round and tapeworms, which parasitize all types of cats and dogs. Among these worms are Toxocara cati, Uncinaria
stenocephala, Ancylostoma tubaeforme, Dipylidium caninum, Echinococcus, Dipylidium, Taenia spp., Mesocestoides spp and others.

The process of influence of the active parts of Pratel entering into the structure is based on the containment of fumarate reductase, a clear violation in the muscle fibers of the parasite, the pathology of energy metabolism. This causes worms in paralysis of the whole body and death. The withdrawal occurs through the gastrointestinal tract.

Praziquantel affects tape forms - cestodes. Initially, it generates muscular irritation, which leads to a convulsive paralysis of all muscles. This fact leads to cellular dystrophy of the membranes of the parasite, which gives the intestinal enzymes a chance to influence the helminth, causing its death.

When a substance is introduced into an animal, praziquantel is rapidly absorbed in the large intestine and dispersed in nearby organs and tissues. The removal of matter from the body of dogs and cats occurs with urine in a metabolized form,

The second constituent substance Pyrantel has activity in gastrointestinal parasites. It is considered to be a neuromuscular ganglioblocker, which causes sustained depolarization and convulsive paralysis of round-shaped helminth muscles. Pyrantel Embonat is not completely absorbed in the intestinal tract. Its output is made from the body with feces for one or two days.

The pratel by the level of influence on the body of an animal is referred to as practically safe preparations (according to GOST 12.1.007-76 has 4 class). The implementation of the reception in the dosages described by the doctor does not manifest a disastrous effect. The drug is well perceived by cats and dogs, regardless of breed.

Tablets pale yellow color, convex shape. On one of the sides have a drawn risk for the convenience of dividing tablets.

1 tablet contains pyrantel embonate in the amount of 144 mg, prazinquantel - 50 mg.

Auxiliary elements of the drug: microcrystalline cellulose, sodium saccharin, corn starch, povidone, silicon dioxide, croscarmellose sodium.

Instructions for use Pratela for dogs

The purpose of the pratel is for dogs and cats that suffer from the appearance of round and tapeworm helminths. It is also recommended to carry out prophylactic administration of the drug, so that in the future there is no infection with parasites.

The drug is used once, individually. The tablet is allowed to crumble and mix with food or a favorite animal treat, it is also possible to introduce the drug in a forced form, placing the tablet on the base of the tongue.

The application is carried out in a specific dosage:

Animal body weight: Portion of tablets (number of tablets):

up to 2 kg 1/4 pill

2-5 kg ​​1/2 tablets

5-10 kg 1 tablet

10-20 kg 2 tablets

20-30 kg 3 tablets

30-40 kg 4 tablets

40-50 kg 5 tablets

In advance hunger strike and the use of laxative drugs before conducting deworming is not necessary.

With therapeutic purpose, Pratel is prescribed to dogs once, in order to prevent the appearance of helminths - 1 time in 4 months in the same dose as for therapeutic purposes.

For pregnant dogs, the drug is prescribed in the final third of the pregnancy. Nursing females are prescribed in the following recommendations: 20 days after the birth of puppies, the reception is conducted under the supervision of a veterinary doctor.

Distinctive features of the effects of therapeutic substances in its initial application have been identified.

If there was a skip intake of one of the dosages for the purpose of prevention, it is necessary to take the dosage as soon as possible in the same dosage as before.

Anthelmintic therapy of puppies with the help of Pratel begin to perform after a month from birth.

Instructions for use Pratela for cats

Cats are injected in the same way as dogs: on the base of the tongue, in a compulsory form, or poured into a favorite cat treat. Laxatives and taking on an empty stomach is not required.

Cats prescribed dosage of 1/2 tablet. It will be enough for cubs for the expressed effect and 1/4.

Antihelminthization of small kittens is performed starting one month after birth. In order to prevent worms, reception from parasites is recommended to be carried out quarterly. Feline pills give one-time tablets in the required dosage.

General information about the drug

With worm infestations, it is important to quickly and efficiently cleanse the animal's body of parasites, in order to avoid severe intoxication. Repeated use of tablets and suspensions increases the load on the liver, kidneys, and digestive tract. For this reason, veterinarians are advised to give drugs to the pet, acting after the first use.

Pratel tablets are an effective remedy for worms in Slovak-made dogs. The well-known pharmaceutical company Lek Pharmaceuticals offers a product based on two active substances: pyrantel and praziquantel.

The drug is prescribed not only to combat parasitic infections, but also for prophylactic degelmentization. It is important to give a dog an antihelminthic drug every 3 months to avoid the development of round and tapeworms in the body. Before vaccination, it is important to get rid of worms 2 weeks before vaccination. In the presence of parasites in the body, the introduction of a vaccine creates an additional burden, severe complications are possible, including the death of a pet.

Pratel is a safe and effective means for the destruction of nematodes and cestodes at different stages of development. Reviews of veterinarians and dog owners in most cases confirm a positive result of use against the background of a low percentage of adverse reactions.

Release form, composition

Pratel is a combined agent with two active ingredients. The optimal combination of active ingredients gives a pronounced anthelmintic effect.

The tablets are light yellow in color, the shape is round, there are 10 of them in the blister. The content of praziquantel in one unit is 50 mg, pyrantel embonate is 144 mg.

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Important nuances:

  • Praziquantel acts on tapeworms, causing paralysis and death of parasites,
  • Pyrantel is effective against nematodes - gastrointestinal worms. Neuromuscular ganglioblokator disrupts the muscles of the worms, facilitates the removal of parasites from the intestine.


Important nuances:

  • for effective impact on nematodes and cestodes there is enough single use of the drug Pratel,
  • side effects are rare,
  • the drug is allowed to use puppies from 6 months of age,
  • short list of restrictions
  • there are practically no side effects during degelmentization.

Action on the dog's body

После применения активные вещества быстро всасываются, губительно влияют на личинки и взрослые особи круглых и ленточных червей. Under the influence of pyrantel and praziquantel, paralysis occurs, the muscle complex of the parasites is blocked, which speeds up the death and the introduction of worms from an infected animal. The remnants of the drug are excreted in the urine and feces.

How to calculate the dosage

In the annotation to the drug Pratel indicated the weight of a pet and the optimal number of tablets. For accurate use, prevention of overdose or insufficient efficacy of the drug, the pet is weighed before starting degelmentization.

The dependence of the weight of the dog and the number of pills: