Rating super-premium class feed for cats 2018


Characteristics in the ranking

The right diet is the secret of the health and long life of your beloved cat. However, to find the same perfectly balanced food without preservatives and harmful additives is very difficult. Indeed, despite the abundance of brands, only some products are really able to give our pets what they need. They are not sold in convenience stores, they are not advertised on TV, but all competent breeders and caring experienced owners know and appreciate them. Such feeds are known as super-premium feed.

Although they are somewhat inferior to holistics in nutritional value, the percentage of meat and additional vitamins, most super-premium quality cats are well enough for most people. At the same time there are representatives of this class, as a rule, much cheaper. Such feed can be called a good value for money. Knowledgeable cat owners prefer them and consider them a much more profitable solution than premium and economy class feeds. Consider the characteristics of super-premium rations:

  1. High content of meat and fish. Unlike most budget options, this type of food contains at least 40 percent of real meat, and not just by-products and processed meat products such as feathers, beaks, hooves, veins, and similar useless parts that are often used in cheap food.
  2. Minimal content or the complete absence of corn, corn gluten and other cereals. Corn in any form is not digested in cats and is used by producers only to increase the volume of feed and reduce its cost. It does not bring any benefit and may even cause allergies. Therefore, in the best feed it is not at all or it is indicated at the very end, which implies that its content is small. The remaining grains are not so harmful. In particular, rice may be contained in dietary feed, but should not be the main ingredient.
  3. Lack of dyes, flavors, GMOs. Such substances can cause irreparable harm to the health of the cat and therefore they are not used in really high-quality food.
  4. Detailing composition. Super premium rations, both dry and wet, are characterized by a detailed indication of all components of the product. That is, the manufacturer does not simply indicate the bird or fish in the composition, but specifies its appearance and how much of it is included in the feed, for example, turkey fillet, as well as the exact percentage of ingredients. This is a guarantee of high quality and helps to choose food, based on the needs of your cat.
  5. Enough vitamins and microelements. The thought-over vitamin complex allows to avoid problems with health.
  6. Efficiency. The cat eats faster with rich super-premium nutrition, therefore its consumption is relatively small.

In the distribution of ranking places, we took into account:

  • Real composition
  • Reviews of owners and breeders,
  • Recommendations of veterinarians.

The best wet super premium cat food

It's no secret that a good super premium premium wet food can be a great alternative to homemade food. Canned food ready to eat, placed in an individual package in a dose, calculated on a single use or a couple of days. Ready-made cat food is very practical and frees the owners from cooking and the constant search for natural products that can be given to a pet and which he will not refuse to eat.

Wet food is versatile and suitable for any average cat. Moreover, for very small kittens and old cats, they are preferable to dry food, as they are easier to digest and cannot be choked with soft canned food. Canned food is ideal for the first feeding, as well as recommended for cats who reluctantly drink water.

5 Brit Care

The top five are opened by relatively inexpensive and very popular Czech food, the budget line of which is often compared to Royal Canin. It is important not to confuse Brit Care with regular Brit. After all, the hero of our rating, unlike the cheaper version, contains 40 percent of fish or 45 chicken meat, depending on taste, as well as rice and water. Such a composition makes canned food really a good choice for its price. Of course, due to the high content of rice, wet food can hardly be called very nutritious, but it contains only 1 percent of fat, which makes cats with sensitive digestion and overweight.

The brand has been known for far from the first year and has earned the confidence of many with stable quality of feed, adequate price and a good choice of packaging format and flavors compared with analogues. Buyers often leave this feed laudatory reviews, and veterinarians recommend it in case of intolerance to other canned food.

4 Monge Cat Natural

The Cat Natural range of Italian manufacturer Monge is among the most natural wet cat food. Made from fresh Thai seafood and fish fillets with a little rice, canned food is popular with cats and does not cause allergies, due to the simple composition without artificial flavors and other unnecessary additives. This feed is positioned as a delicacy and additional food, so it can be combined with other series of this manufacturer or other basic feeds, preferably with a low content of vegetables and herbs, since Cat Natural itself is quite meat.

According to reviews of many regular customers, this representative of the super-premium class is distinguished by an optimal consistency in pieces and an excellent smell that attracts cats. The only disadvantage is a slightly inflated price, considering that there is only 80 grams of canned food in a jar.

3 Almo Nature Daily Menu

The top three best closes the elite grainless food, striking the imagination of extraordinary diversity, thanks to which it is easy to pamper the cat every day with a new taste. After all, the full-moisture feed of Almo Nature is represented not only by the most varied fish tastes, but also by canned food with chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, duck, and so on. But the breadth of choice does not end there either. The product is produced in different consistencies: tender pate, juicy slices or soufflé. Packing formats also vary and include pouches, lamister, metal cans, cardboard boxes and even blocks with a pair of standard jars.

Unlike a number of analogues, many canned Daily Menu are made without the use of cereal, but not all. At the same time, the content of meat in different tastes is different and only part of the wet food under the common name really belongs to the super premium class, so it is recommended to check the composition before buying.

2 Animonda Vom Feinsten

The legendary Animonda, which regularly hits the tops of wet food ratings, is much more uniform and stable in terms of quality. Although the release form is limited to lamininists and only occasionally by spiders, it is difficult to blame the food for monotony. After all, it is represented by several dozens of combinations of ingredients loved by most cats, including chicken, pork, salmon, and such hypo-allergenic dietary components as turkey, beef, and shrimp. Also a noticeable advantage was the generosity of special subspecies of food, designed specifically for kittens from 4 weeks old, sterilized and elderly cats. All of them belong to the grainless category.

Moreover, any kind of Vom Feinsten contains more than 59 percent of meat, and some even 65. At the same time, wet food is produced in laminators of 100 grams, due to which the price-volume ratio is slightly more profitable than some competitors, and the lamister format makes it possible not to spend money on a bowl.

The undisputed leader is a relatively few, but very high-quality series of grainless wet fodder that broke into the Russian market several years ago. The business card of canned food has become a good choice of tastes with fish and seafood, which Thailand is so rich with. Even the most fastidious cats willingly eat canned food with salmon, shrimp, crab, tuna or lobster. After all, they only contain fish fillets, seafood, broth, some egg powder and vitamin E, being, in fact, fish in their own juice without any extra components that all pets like without exception. Also, the manufacturer has added a taste line with lamb, chicken and cheese fodder.

All reviews confirm the complete compliance of the feed with the title of super-premium class leader. Buyers note the natural smell and appearance, compact soft pieces, which the kitten can cope with, practical form in the form of 80 gram cans.

The best dry super premium cat food

Dry food - the most popular and numerous type of food for cats. They conquered many cat owners with their practicality and efficiency. The cat eats a little less dry food than a wet one. At the same time for its dosage does not need a spoon, and the bowl can be washed every couple of days, and not after each feeding, which is very convenient.

A dry super premium class diet often compares favorably with canned foods of the same level, and even more so from more affordable options due to a balanced composition, which may include not only meat and rice or some basic vegetable, but also incredibly useful plant sources of vitamins. . A special place among them is occupied by seaweed, rich in vitamins, macro and microelements, as well as herbs and wild berries.

5 Farmina N & D Low-Grain Feline Chicken & Pomegranate Neutered (1.5 kg)

The fifth line of the rating went to one of the most famous feed. Strong and more versatile rivals, as well as a small content of the controversial component - an orange, prevented him from rising higher. Citrus fruits, as a rule, do not enjoy the love of cats, and in large quantities are even harmful to the stomach. Therefore, this food is not recommended for particularly sensitive animals, but it is well suited to most sterilized cats. After all, the rest of the composition is very good. Farmina contains more than 45 percent of meat and fish, nutritious fish oil, and also oats, alfalfa, calendula extract, spinach, and even a couple of berries that are good for digestion.

Many cats are happy to eat this wet food and, according to reviews, feel great. Buyers also note a convenient fastener and a variety of package weights. The best is 1.5 kilograms worth just over a thousand rubles, but there are also forms from 300 grams to 10 kilograms.

4 Gina Cat 33 Denmark (1 kg)

The Danish dry food with a simple short name has many advantages, among which is incredibly attractive, given the class, the price of a package weighing 1 kilogram. Of course, the most inexpensive representative of the category cannot boast of an abundance of useful plant components, but, unlike many analogues, it is devoid of controversial substances that can cause allergies and other problems. Most of the food is taken by chicken and lamb, supplemented with fillets of marine fish, rice, barley, rice and other neutral ingredients. Fish oil and brewer's yeast is a real fount of feline vitamins. Probiotics improve digestion.

Thus, this low-cost food is rich in nutrients, which makes even quite active cats that require enhanced nutrition. At the same time, the owners note the keen interest of pets to this feed, the improvement of the state of wool and greater mobility.

3 Arden Grange Adult Cat Grain Free Light (2 kg)

Bezzernovoy, but it is not too fat, this dry food in modifications of 2 or 8 kilograms will be an excellent solution for cats that are prone to full breeds, as well as for those who need to lose a little bit. Produced in a country where almost everyone has a cat, Arden Grange is distinguished by a carefully thought-out composition rich in proteins, due to the content of more than 70 percent of meat and meat ingredients. Therefore, the pet will be full of strength, full and at the same time will not grow fat. This feed contains malt extract, peas, rosemary, brewer's yeast and cranberry extract - important herbal ingredients. Prebiotics restore and maintain the intestinal microflora of the cat.

Many breeders recommend Arden Grange as a good diet food, including for show animals that need to look their best and, according to reviews, such a diet is indeed one of the best. It does not cause allergies and significantly improves the condition and appearance of the cat.

2 Bosch SANABELLE Grande (2 kg)

Finding suitable dry food for Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cats and other large representatives of the feline genus is not a simple task. Fortunately, the advanced German brand has created a unique feed for the largest domestic cats. The first notable difference in Bosch, many consider the granules, large enough so that the cat did not even try to swallow them uncompressed, but at the same time compact, so that the cat was comfortable with them. The food meets the needs of big cats not only in size of the granules, but also in content. The composition includes New Zealand green-toothed spur and mussel flour, components rich in vitamins and microelements that prevent the frequent problem of large animals - diseases of the joints.

A dry diet with more than 40 percent of the meat is supplemented with blueberries, cranberries, flaxseed, yeast and other sources of vitamins that cats like. The company also produces super premium feed for medium and small cats.

1 Meowing Heads Purring with Salmon and Chicken (1.5 kg)

The best dry food category becomes a nutritional formula from the famous creator of rations for dogs Barking Heads, because of which in some stores this food is listed not under his own name, but under the name of the series for dogs that appeared first. Despite this, Meowing Heads meets the highest demands of even the most demanding cats and their owners and contains such useful ingredients as seaweed and dried cranberries. Being on a level above most of the analogs of this class, Meowing Heads of Murlyka with salmon is positioned not only as a super premium, but also as a holistic, which is quite reasonable, because the food contains more than 70 percent of fish and meat.

With a high percentage of protein, vitamins and nutrients, food is sold at a fairly average price, which is good news for the owners. In their responses, they often note an improvement in the state of wool and the general health of cats, as well as an excellent appetite and energy.