Bravekto for dogs


Capsules are intended for oral administration and chewing. They have a round shape, a smooth surface, a light yellow-brown shade with small dark patches. There is no specific smell and taste.

The drug Bravekto is available in several dosages of 112.5, 200, 500, 1000, 1400 mg.

  • Frullaner - active substance, calculated in dosage,
  • Flavor for dogs - 20%,
  • Sucrose - 7%,
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate - 2%,
  • Magnesium stearate - 0.75%,
  • Pamoata monohydrate disodium - 2%,
  • Aspartame - 0.25%
  • Glycerin - 7.5%
  • Stabilized oil of soy origin - 12.3%,
  • Polyethylene glycol - 18.5%,
  • Corn starch - 16.06%.

Indications for use and mechanism of action

The drug Bravekto belongs to the group of insecticide acaricidal drugs of systemic action.

It is a preventive and therapeutic agent against ectoparasites. The active substance of fluralaner blocks ectoparasite receptors, as a result of which insects receive general paralysis and die.

Components of the drug penetrate into the blood vessels and the first ectoparasites die 8 hours after consuming the pill.

He is appointed by a veterinarian when making a diagnosis of afanipterosis (affection of an animal by fleas and ticks), preventing allergic irritation from the bites of parasitic insects.

Chewable tablets can be used in combination treatment with antiseptic collars and drops.

It is a preventive and therapeutic agent against ectoparasites.

Dosage and instructions for use

The drug Bravekto is attractive to the smell and taste for pets, so there are no problems with dogs taking it. It is given orally while eating 1 tablet of the dosage corresponding to the weight of the animal. Repeated procedure, if necessary, is carried out only after 4 months.

The dosage of the drug is calculated individually, depending on the weight of the animal:

  • 2-4.5 kg - 112.5 mg,
  • 4.6-10 kg - 250 mg,
  • 10.1-20 kg - 500 mg,
  • 20.1 - 40 kg - 1000 mg,
  • 40.1 - 56 kg - 1400 mg,
  • 56.1 and above - individual selection from two tablets at the rate of 25-56 mg per 1 kg of weight.

The break of the drug is prohibited, since the capsule concentrates the active and auxiliary substances in different parts of the tablet.

The use of tablets is possible during pregnancy and lactation of the animal after consultation and examination at a veterinary clinic and with extreme caution.

Pill disruption prohibited

Contraindications for admission

Bravekto is forbidden to use with the following factors:

  • Individual allergic reaction on the components of the drug,
  • Dog or Cat Weight less than 2.0 kg,
  • Age less than 8 weeks,
  • Presence of disease, dysfunctions and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

If there are signs of exaggeration of the dosage, you should immediately consult a veterinary clinic for advice.

Storage conditions and shelf life

The drug Bravekto is stored in the manufacturer's packaging for 2 years from the date of manufacture. The storage place should be dry, protected from exposure to direct rays of ultraviolet radiation, temperature from 0 to 30 degrees, away from access for children and animals.

Upon expiration of the storage period, the medicine is disposed of in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Price and analogues

The cost depends on the dosage of the active substance.

Price per mg in rubles:

  • 112,5 – 1200,
  • 250 – 1300,
  • 500 – 1450,
  • 1000 – 1600,
  • 1400 – 1700.

Analogue preparations for ticks and fleas are:

  • Frontline Nexard - medicine with active substance afoxolaner. Available in tablet form, the effect is maintained for 4 weeks. The cost of 3 tablets will be 1500 rubles.
  • Simparika - active ingredient sarolaner. It is taken monthly during the period of ectoparasites activity. The cost of 3 tablets - 1200-1700 rubles.

Infection with fleas and ticks is an actual problem of dogs and their owners. The presence of parasitic insects will bring a lot of discomfort to the pet and can lead to sad consequences.

The attention of the owner, coupled with timely treatment will facilitate the well-being of the dog and save it from uninvited settlers.

Bravekto - composition

Dosage form: tablets for oral administration. Bravekto is produced in 5 dosages containing fluralaner as an active ingredient in 1 tablet, respectively: 112.5 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, or 1400 mg.
In appearance, the preparation is a pill from light brown to dark brown, rounded in shape with a smooth or slightly rough surface, and there may be blotches.
Bravekto is packaged on 1 tablet in the blisters from aluminum foil, placed by the piece in cardboard packs together with the application instruction.

Bravecto instructions for use

(manufacturer: Intervet Production SA /
"Intervet Production SA", France)

I. General information
1. Trade name of the drug: Bravecto (Bravecto). International non-proprietary name: fluralaner.
2. Dosage form: tablets for oral administration. Bravekto is produced in 5 dosages containing fluralaner as an active ingredient in 1 tablet, respectively: 112.5 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, or 1400 mg.
In appearance, the preparation is a pill from light brown to dark brown, rounded in shape with a smooth or slightly rough surface, and there may be blotches.
3. Bravekto is packaged on 1 tablet in blisters of aluminum foil, placed individually in cardboard packs together with instructions for use.
4. Store Bravekto in the sealed packaging of the manufacturer, separately from food and feed, in a dry place protected from light, at a temperature from 0 ° C to 30 ° C. The shelf life of the drug under the storage conditions - 2 years from the date of production. Do not use Bravekto after the expiration date.
5. Bravekto should be kept out of the reach of children.
6. Unused drug is disposed of in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

Ii. Pharmacological properties
7. Bravecto refers to insectoacaricidal drugs of systemic action. Fluralaner - (4- [5- (3,5-dichlorophenyl) -5- (trifluoromethyl) -4H-isoxazol-3-yl] -2-methyl-N- [2-oxo-2- (2 2,2-trifluoro-ethylamine) isohazolina, is active in the fleas, is active in the flea world variabilis and Rhipicephalus sanguineus), parasitic on dogs. The mechanism of action of fluralaner consists in blocking GABA-dependent and glutamate-dependent arthropod receptors, hyper-stimulation of neurons, impaired transmission of nerve impulses, which leads to paralysis and death of ectoparasites. After oral administration of the drug, fluralaner is easily absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and reaches systemic blood flow, the maximum concentration in the blood plasma is reached within 1 day, bioavailability is 20-27%, and feed intake accelerates absorption. Fluralanermedum is withdrawn, mostly in unchanged form with feces (

90% of the dose) and partially with the urine, the half-life is 12 days. The drug begins to act 4 hours after application and causes the death of fleas 8 hours after attachment to the host organism, ticks - after 12 hours, preventing re-infestation of dogs with ectoparasites. The death of fleas occurs before the laying of eggs, which prevents the contamination of the premises with eggs and larvae. According to the degree of impact on the body, Bravecto refers to substances “low hazardous” (4th hazard class according to GOST 12.1.007-76), in recommended doses it does not have embryotoxic, teratogenic, mutagenic action.

Iii. Application procedure
8. Bravekto is prescribed to dogs for the treatment and prevention of afanipterosis, in the complex therapy of flea-induced allergic dermatitis, as well as acarosis, caused by ixodic ticks.
9. Contraindications for use are individual intolerance to the components of the drug. The drug should not be used for puppies younger than 8 weeks of age and / or dogs weighing less than 2 kg.
10. Bravekto is administered to dogs individually orally during or shortly before / after feeding in a therapeutic dose of 25-56 mg of fluralaner per 1 kg of animal weight. Bravekto has an attractive aroma and taste and, as a rule, is readily eaten by dogs, otherwise, the drug is forcibly injected directly into the mouth or fed with food. Breaking tablets is not allowed. You should make sure that the dog has completely swallowed the required dose of the drug. Doses of the drug, depending on the weight of the animal and the type of tablet used, are presented in the table:
dogs (kg)
The dose of the active substance (mg / tablet) and the number of tablets

Choose a combination of two tablets at the rate of 25-56 mg of fluralaner per 1 kg of animal weight

When using the drug for dogs weighing more than 56 kg, a combination of tablets is used at the rate of 25-56 mg of fluralaner per 1 kg of animal weight. The use of the drug is allowed during the period of lactation. Repeated treatment, if necessary, carried out after 12 weeks.
11. Symptoms of overdose have not been identified.
12. Peculiarities of the action with the first use of the drug and with its cancellation not identified.
13. It is necessary to avoid violations of the regimen of use of the drug, as this may lead to a decrease in its effectiveness. In case of skipping the next treatment, the use of the drug is resumed at the same dose according to the same scheme.
14. Side effects and complications in the use of the drug in accordance with the instructions, as a rule, are not observed. In rare cases, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite and drooling are possible. If vomiting in a dog has occurred within the first two hours after taking Bravekto, it is recommended to make sure that vomiting has stopped and give the drug again in the same dose.
15. With the simultaneous use of Bravecto with antihelminthics, antibiotics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and glucocorticosteroids, undesirable reactions and a decrease in the effectiveness of the drug have not been identified.
16. Bravekto is not intended for use by productive animals.

The tablet from ticks Bravekto for dogs: the principle of action

An antiparasitic drug with the trade name Bravecto® (Bravecto) is tablet form of the drug for oral administration. New drug in the veterinary market referred to as insecticoacaricidal agents of systemic action. Depending on the weight of the dog pills are available in five dosages. They have a different size and percentage of fluralaner as an active substance.

The mechanism of action of the drug on the animal's body is that fluralaner binds to the blood plasma and blocks the GABA-dependent and glutamate-dependent receptors of ectoparasites. By its action, it causes hyper excitation of bloodsucking parasite neurons, disrupting the transmission of nerve impulses. As a result of violations caused by fluralaner, paralysis occurs in fleas and ticks, leading to their death.


Absorption of the active substance by the digestive tract is very high. Fluralaner penetrates the systemic circulation and reaches a critical mass in the blood plasma during the day with bioavailability up to 20-27%. Feeding a pet before giving a pill enhances the absorbability of the drug components.

The insecticoacaricidal concentration of the active substance in the blood plasma lasts up to 85 days. All this time, it has a devastating effect on ectoparasites. The drug is removed from the dog's body very slowly.. Up to 90% of the accepted dose as a result of metabolism is excreted with fecal masses, the remaining insignificant part is during urination.

Action Bravekto aimed at the destruction of parasites. Complete death of fleas is observed, 8 hours after taking the drug, ticks - 12. The drug helps to prevent secondary infestation of the animal for up to 12 weeks. Fleas die before laying eggs, which is a preventive measure to clean the room where dogs are kept from secondary damage by parasites due to the lack of clutches and the development of larvae.

Mode of application

In addition to the main action of the drug, aimed at the destruction of ectoparasites, Bravekto use in complex therapy in treating allergic dermatitis caused by insect bites in dogs. Chewable tablets are given to dogs orally, immediately at or after meals.because food contributes to the full absorption of the active substance.

Chewable tablets have an attractive smell and taste for dogs.. Animals, as a rule, are happy to eat a remedy against ectoparasites. In case of refusal of the drug, dogs are given a pill. Then make sure that the pet has completely swallowed the required dose. How to force a dog to enter a pill is described in the video below.

Table 1. The dosage of the drug Bravekto

Indications for use

This is the name of the drug intended for the treatment and prevention of infection of cats with fleas and certain types of parasitic ixodid ticks. Among other things, the tool is often used for the treatment of demodicosis (a disease that causes the so-called "subcutaneous mite").

It differs from numerous analogues by its long duration and almost complete safety for the organism of the animal itself.

The main indications for the use of drugs are quite extensive:

  • Prevention and treatment of flea infestations.
  • Prevention and treatment of tick-borne invasions.
  • As an element of composite therapy in the treatment of dermatitis and eczematous skin lesions caused by the action of ectoparasites.

As in the case of dogs, these drops are almost the only effective remedy for the prevention of blood parasitic diseases.

Against fleas, they begin to act after about 12 hours, but a pronounced effect against ticks occurs in about two days.

Note that in recent years Bravecto veterinarians are used more and more. The reason is that until recently, fipronil-based preparations were the main anti-flea drugs.

For a long time, it was quite enough for a complete victory over the parasites, but recently the veterinarians and owners are increasingly faced with the "strains" of fleas, which are resistant to this substance. Simply put, if fipronil acts on them, it is extremely weak. But the main component of the tool described by us with parasites copes confidently (at least for now).

Bravecto tablets

So pills. This is a very convenient dosage form, which dog breeders readily use ... And only they, as the Bravekto chewable tablets for cats do not exist. Anyway, bye. And we would strongly not recommend using the "dog" drug for feeding to cats: the concentration of active substances in it is calculated taking into account the organisms of the dog, and not the cats. It is so easy to poison a pet, or make it disabled by “killing” an animal’s liver.

Bravecto drops

It drops - the most "cat" option. Moreover, they are produced immediately in three variants, depending on the species and weight of the animal being treated. These drops are packaged in polyethylene dosing pipettes in three versions, differing in volume:

  • For the smallest cats - 0.4 ml.
  • For medium varieties, drops are packaged in 0.89 ml.
  • Pipettes for large cats contain 1.79 ml of medication.

But! Drops differ not only in volume, but also in the content of active ingredient! Because of this, we would not recommend using the “small” version for processing large cats (and vice versa)!

The three options described above contain, respectively, 112, 250 and 500 mg of the active compound. In appearance, the medicine is a practically transparent solution with a slight yellowish tinge. Means possesses quite specific, characteristic smell.

As we said above, the tool is packaged in disposable pipettes-dispensers. It should be noted that each dispenser is intended for only one application. You cannot store the opened pipette for future use!

Dispensers are screwed with screw plastic caps that break when opened. Pipettes are stacked in packs of thick cardboard, there is also laid printed instructions for use.

Separately, we emphasize that on each pipette and on each package the production date and production batch number must be printed. If this information is washed away, erased, or damaged in any other way, the use of medication is unacceptable.

Bravekto - the drug is not the cheapest ... and this means that it is often forged. It is for this reason that we would recommend buying a product only in good veterinary pharmacies. In addition, we advise you to pay special attention to the quality of the packaging, printing, etc. If the paint on the boxes and pipettes is blurred, it looks like something “wrong”, it is better not to use the medicine.

In this article, we discuss the composition of a drop, as the manufacturer does not produce the chewable tablets Bravecto for cats yet. They include the following components:

  • The main active ingredient is fluralaner.
  • Volatile solvents, preservatives and stabilizers are used as the base. It is difficult to say more precisely about this, since the manufacturer himself does not cover exact characteristics.

In principle, drug analogues exist, and they are quite numerous. The only problem is that fluralaner in their composition is rarely used, and therefore it is not necessary to speak about exact “analogy”. Here is a list of essential drugs with a similar principle of action:

  • Front line They use the closest analogue of the active ingredient Bravekto, that is, afoxolaner.
  • A remote analogue can be considered Effithix.

The principle of the drug

The medicine is a systemic type of insecticoacaricidal agent. As we have already written, the main active ingredient is fluralaner. This compound belongs to the isoxazoline group. Affects all types of fleas and parasitic ixodid ticks found in cats.

It is effective against both adult individuals (imago) and larvae (larva) of parasites. The effect of the drug is maintained for 12 weeks (three months) after a single treatment.

But still I would like to note that, on the basis of information obtained during a long practice, veterinarians consider these figures somewhat overestimated. Thus, a good effect against fleas persists for about 11 weeks, and against ticks, the drug does not last longer than eight weeks.

Directly, the mechanism of drug action is quite standard for drugs of this type: it simply blocks the transmission of impulses from nerve endings to muscles. This quickly leads to over-stimulation of the parasite's nervous system, and then to its complete paralysis and subsequent death.

As for the danger for the cat itself, then everything is in order: the medicine belongs to the fourth class of danger, i.e. It is practically safe for warm-blooded animals. The manufacturer reports that the tool does not have a mutagenic action and does not interfere with the normal development of fetuses in the body of a pregnant female.

Important! But all of the above applies only to those cases where the tool is used in the correct, well-chosen doses! What happens with a tenfold overdose is a difficult question, and it is better not to test it in practice!

Proper storage of the drug

Like any other flea drip, Bravecto will only act correctly if it is properly stored. Simply put, if the product is overheated or “underheated”, its effectiveness may significantly deteriorate. Storage conditions should be as follows:

  • The place should be chosen so that in any case direct sunlight does not fall on the medicine.
  • In addition, the product must be carefully isolated from pets and children.
  • The air temperature should not be below 2 ° Celsius, but it cannot be allowed to continue too long to exceed 27 ° Celsius.
  • In no case should freeze antiparasitic drops be allowed.

Instructions for use

Of course, there is a very detailed and high-quality instructions for use in each package with the preparation, but still some points written in "dry" clerical language may not be completely understood by inexperienced breeders. We will try to highlight many moments easier.

So, the first moment. We have already written about the fact that, in practice, the period of effective action of the drug is less than that specified in the official instructions. But you should not immediately curse the manufacturer: in conditions close to ideal, these periods are more or less accurate. But in practice, there are usually no such conditions.

But there are still ways to extend the real effectiveness of the drug:

  • Firstly, we would not recommend washing the animal for the first three weeks after application (even if it is written in the instructions for three days).
  • Secondly, the less often a cat walks outside in the rain or other precipitations, the longer the medicine will last on its wool.

So it's pretty simple. If the cat doesn’t get wet again, it will be protected from fleas and ticks for a longer period of time.

Proper application

Apply the drug can only be completely dry and intact skin. The presence of scratches, abrasions and foci of inflammation on it is unacceptable.

Before use, the pipette is removed from the package and held vertically. After that, you can open the cap. It is recommended to open it in a clockwise direction, but in fact there is no difference: its attachments in any case break when opened, so that you can unscrew the “plug” counterclockwise.

It is impossible to tear off the cap for the correct application of the preparation. The medicine will drip from under it, providing the required dosage. A sign indicating the opening of the package is a clearly audible click. For the application of the drug we recommend using disposable medical gloves.

Before using a drop, you need to spread the fingers on the base of the cat's skull with your fingers so that the skin is clearly visible. It is necessary, gently pressing on the dispenser, to achieve a slow and uniform distribution of the drug on the surface of the pet's skin.

If the cat weighs more than 6.3 kg, we advise you to apply the product at several points so that the medicine has time to evenly distribute and does not flow to where the animal can lick it (which can lead to very unpleasant consequences).

As we already mentioned, the dosage depends on the weight and breed of the animal. For convenience of calculation, we present the dosing data in the form of a table.

As it is easy to see, the dosing of the drug is very simple: depending on the mass, the contents of the entire pipette are applied to the withers of the animal. I would like to note that it is impossible to “stretch” the contents of the dispenser for several applications, or “pour over” the cat with several pipettes, since in the first case the efficiency deteriorates, and in the second one can simply poison the pet.

Side effects of medication

As a rule, with normal use of the drug in strict accordance with its instructions for use, side effects either do not develop at all, or are extremely rare. Another thing - a situation where the owner for some reason made an overdose or used the drug for those animals, which it is not recommended.

In addition, a particularly nimble pet can lick the agent from its coat. In such cases, the “side effects” of the following types may develop:

  • The cat becomes lethargic, apathetic, tries to spend more time, beating in the most quiet and remote corner of the house.
  • It is very likely the development of abundant salivation. The saliva is frothy and flaky.
  • In an animal, thirst and, accordingly, the daily volume of urine are noticeably increased.
  • When overdose, some cats become nervous, irritable, the animal “turns” all the time around the house, or goes from corner to corner.


All contraindications are fairly standard for this type of drug.

Here is a list of them:

  • You can not handle pets under the age of at least 11 weeks.
  • It is not recommended to carry out the treatment of emaciated, exhausted pets, including animals that have recently had a serious illness. Similarly, it is not advised to use the agent for treating cats with abnormally high body mass (i.e., obesity). In all these cases, you must first bring the physical condition of the animal to normal levels (fatten or put on a diet).

  • The manufacturer expressly prohibits treatment of pets suffering from inflammatory skin diseases. Again, the use of Bravekto is permitted in the combined treatment of flea dermatitis, but even in this case, there should not be foci of inflammation, wounds, scratches, etc. at the places where the drops are applied.

As for the treatment of pregnant and lactating cats, the situation is twofold. On the one hand, official instructions allow this, but experienced veterinarians do not advise doing this. In any case, you definitely should not handle pets in the first half of pregnancy and in the first month after the birth of kittens. At this time, you should use something safer (a decoction of wormwood or its oil, or eucalyptus tincture).

Benefits of using Bravecto for dogs

The active component of the tablet (Fluralaner) begins to act within 2 hours after ingestion of the animal. In addition to the elimination of the current flea invasion, Bravekto for dogs (price: 1100-1500 rubles) fights with ticks. The manufacturer produces a drug with a pre-calculated dosage (for small and large breeds), but it is better to visit the vet before the reception.

Other benefits of the drug:

  • The first pill can be given at any time of the year, not only in the spring-summer season,
  • prophylactic treatment can continue all year round without interruption (provided that the dog does not have individual intolerance),
  • just one tablet will protect a flea and tick animal for as long as 12 weeks,
  • to provide year-round protection for a pet, only 4 tablets will be enough,
  • dogs really like the taste of the medicine, so there are no problems with the use.

However, despite all the advantages, the drug has many disadvantages and side effects. Therefore, before giving a pill to an animal, it is necessary to consult with a veterinarian.


The instruction on Bravekto for dogs explains the pharmacokinetics of Fluralaner in statistical terms, which allows veterinarians to select additional treatment (if required). Despite the fact that the manufacturer does not prohibit giving the dog, which adopted Bravekto, additional anthelmintic agents, it is better to consult with a specialist.

Fluralaner is very rapidly absorbed into the blood. Maximum concentrations of the active ingredient Bravekto are observed 24 hours after administration. The average half-life of a pesticide is 14-15 days.

Attention! Bioavailability Bravekto significantly reduced if you give the drug on an empty stomach.

After the half-life of Fluralaner, the concentration in the subcutaneous tissue does not change for about 60 days, after which it begins to be eliminated from the body for 14 days. The highest concentrations of pesticide are found not only in the subcutaneous fat, but also in the liver, kidneys, and muscle fibers of the animal. Almost 100% of the active ingredient Bravecto binds to blood proteins, which means that drugs with similar pharmacokinetics should be discarded.

Removal of the drug occurs in the form of an unchanged initial molecule, mainly with feces (90% of the injected dose). Less than 10% is excreted in the urine, which indicates the effect of the pesticide on the kidneys.

Myths about the drug and their debunking

The manufacturer does not hide the fact that the main active component of Bravekto is a pesticide that kills fleas and ticks, accumulating in the tissues of the animal. Naturally, many owners are concerned that in the blood of their pet will always be a small dose of a toxic drug. It is around Bravekto that many years of controversy are being conducted on the Internet. In contrast to the effectiveness and sustainability of maintaining a high concentration of the active substance, numerous negative reviews are put. The pill for ticks for dogs Bravekto supposedly can cause serious harm even after one use. There are so many upset owners, whose pets have received serious complications after taking the pill, that they create their own groups in social networks. And in 2015, an online petition for the removal of Bravecto from production was even created. In response to such massive actions, the American Veterinary Association conducted an independent study of the drug and confirmed the safety of the drug.

To reassure consumers, the manufacturer has compiled a list of the most common myths and debunked them.

Myth number 1: Bravekto provokes very serious problems with the health of the animal, including blindness, cancer, liver failure.

Fact: Clinical studies and analysis of veterinarian reports do not demonstrate a causal link between Bravecto and the pathologies listed above. Indeed, some animals develop side effects or individual intolerance. But the percentage of such dogs is extremely small (about 5%), and the side effects themselves (usually gastrointestinal disorders) can be quickly eliminated even without going to the vet.

Myth number 2: Side effects from Bravecto can appear after several years of regular use.

Fact: Individual intolerance appears immediately after taking the first pill. Allergies can not be acquired and appear a few years after regular use of tablets by animals. However, the responsible producer, in order to ensure the safety of dogs that regularly take the drug, thoroughly investigates each complaint received. In most cases, "deferred" side effects develop as a result of combining Bravecto with other drugs. The development of unpleasant symptoms due to improperly selected dosage is also possible. The fact is that a dog, like a person, can actively gain and lose weight. Therefore, before each use of Bravekto, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian or weigh an animal.

Myth number 3: Every year the number of animals affected by the Bravecto reception is increasing exponentially.

Fact: This myth has not even been debunked by the manufacturer itself, but by the European Medicines Agency and the American Agency for Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Products. Based on reports from veterinarians, it was concluded that the incidence of adverse side effects is classified as “rare.” This means that only 5% of animals can actually suffer from taking Bravekto. However, most side effects will not cause irreversible harm to the health of the pet.

As for the increase in the number of affected animals, it is really true. But such negative dynamics is not associated with a deterioration in the quality of the drug, but with an increase in sales. In 2016, over 30 million doses of Bravecto were sold worldwide, up from 13 million in 2014. This positive sales trend reflects the confidence of both pet owners and veterinarians. Of course, the absolute number of dogs with side effects has also increased. But the relative figure has not changed. The number of victims still includes only 5% of animals.

Drops for external use

Bravekto for dogs also comes in the form of a solution for external use. Transparent oily solution is usually packaged in disposable pipettes, which are provided with screw caps. The manufacturer produces droplet variations for dogs of different weight categories:

  • 2 - 4.5 kg - 0.4 ml,
  • 10-20 kg - 0.89 ml,
  • 20-30 kg - 1.79 ml,
  • 30-40 kg - 3.57 ml,
  • 40-50 kg -5 ml.

Thanks to this packaging, it is easy to dose the drug. It is enough to know the weight of the pet and pick up a pipette of appropriate capacity. By the way, the price of Bravekto drops depends on the amount of packaging. One pipette costs from 1,100 to 1,500 rubles, but this medicinal form of the drug is not very popular in Russia, so pharmacies are often not available.

The active ingredient in droplets is also fluralaner. The drug provides effective protection for the animal from external parasites, since the active substance is accumulated in the coat and epidermis. The drug penetrates the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body, and therefore acts throughout the body, and not just at the place of application of the drops. Since the fluralaner is slowly excreted from the body, the drug has a long lasting effect.

When and how to apply

Bravekto drops for dogs are used to kill ticks, fleas and other parasites, as well as to prevent their appearance. Drug solution is applied by droplet. Having picked up a pipette of a suitable volume, you need to unscrew the cap, then apply the solution to the pet's epidermis. It is important that the drops fall on the skin. In this regard, the wool necessarily hand pushing to the side. If the dog is large, apply the solution in several places, but so that it could not lick it.

Note! The drug is allowed to be applied only to dry and undamaged skin.

If the medication is used for therapeutic purposes, a single treatment is enough to get rid of parasites. With prophylaxis, Bravekto can protect an animal for up to 12 weeks, but sometimes treatment needs to be done more often. Combining the drug with other antiparasitic agents is not worth it.

Limitations and possible side effects

In general, the medication is considered safe. The instructions for use indicate that Bravekto drops can be used even for pregnant and offspring dogs. Do not use the medication in the following cases:

  • if the puppy is under 8 weeks old
  • with a weight of less than 1.2 kg,
  • при непереносимости компонентов.

После обработки животное нельзя купать несколько дней, а также допускать пребывание в водоемах. Обычно лекарственное средство не вызывает побочных действий, но в редких случаях могут наблюдаться кожные реакции (покраснения, зуд, высыпания) или выпадение шерсти в месте нанесения. In case of negative reactions of the body to the applied solution of the pet, it is necessary to bathe, using shampoo.

Reviews of veterinarians and pet owners about pills and drops

It is quite normal that the responsible owner, before giving a new medicine to his animal, studies in detail reviews on the Internet. But keep in mind that social networks can show a distorted picture. You should always consult a veterinarian to get the most comprehensive assessment of your pet's health.

Artem Pavluchenko, Vet-info specialist:

“I have been recommending to my customers Bravecto for more than one year. Side effects have been, but not severe. In my practice there were no deaths provoked by taking the pill. I don't understand where mass hysteria in social networks came from. In any case, I regularly study specialized medical publications, communicate with European colleagues and I can say for sure that the drug does not provoke massive side effects. ”

Anna Ustyugova, veterinarian:

“In my practice, severe side effects were observed only in those dogs to whom the owners themselves chose a dosage or gave a double dose“ in reserve. ” I recommend Bravekto to those owners whose animals spend the summer season in nature. Better protection against flea ticks is not found! But if the dog is a small breed and is almost always in the apartment, then I prescribe drops on the withers. Still, Bravecto is toxic, and it should be used reasonably. ”

Galina, 23 years old:

"I am disappointed! The price of tablets from ticks for dogs Bravekto almost 1500 rubles, but did not notice the effect. The first 2-3 weeks, it seems, the tablet acted, at least, the dog did not scratch. But then I noticed a tick behind his ear! True, the parasite did not attach, but simply hung on the wool. ”

Christina and Michael:

“We breed sheepdogs, so Bravekto is on the list of mandatory drugs. Over the 2 years of use, no side effects were observed in more than 15 dogs. ”

Antonina, mistress of the spitz:

“A couple of times they used Bravecto tablets. In general, we were satisfied, but I don’t want to waste the animal from the inside, so the last time I bought drops with the same name. Ticks clung, but they fell off after a couple of hours, so I have no doubt about the effectiveness of the tool. The action of the drug was enough for almost the whole summer. Yes, costs are expensive, but the result fully pays for the money spent. ”

Valentina, veterinarian with 12 years of experience:

“Bravecto tablets quickly gained popularity because of ease of use and safety, but drops in our clinic are usually absent. The fact is that now pharmacies are full of drops from other manufacturers at a lower price, but with the same efficiency. ”