French Shepherd Beauceron


After seeing this large and beautiful dog, many people think that they met a wolf in the shoes of a Rottweiler. Often representatives of this breed are mistaken for a cross between Doberman and Rottweiler. In fact, this is not very common today smooth coat French Shepherd Beauceron.

If you like strong, large working dogs, looking for a real guard and a shepherd, then you should definitely pay attention to this handsome man. Coal-black wool shining in the sun, intelligent and serious dark eyes, well-developed muscles - all this gives the animal an impressive and stern look.

External signs

The French Shepherd Dog Beauceron is a harmoniously built, powerful and muscular dog, which has tremendous physical strength and excellent health. The height of males at withers is up to 70 cm, bitches a little smaller - up to 68 cm. Weight, as a rule, does not exceed 50 kg. The length of the body (in accordance with the standard) should be slightly greater than the height of the animal at the withers.

Slightly elongated, well-defined, with a flattened skull. The eyes are dark, round shape. Look straight, open. Ears high, drooping, but not adjacent to the head. After cupping look like standing.

The French Shepherd Beauceron has a muscular and sturdy body that does not look heavy. The chest is wide and rather deep. The back is straight and the waist is wide. The tail is moderately fluffy, lowered down, the end is slightly bent.

On the trunk the coat is very thick. It fits snugly to the body, shorter and smoother on the head. On the stomach and thighs small hair. Soft, thin, but thick and short undercoat sable color. Wool must be combed at least 2 times a month.

As a rule, it is two-color. The breed of the French shepherd dog Beauceron most often has a black and tan color, with red socks on its paws. The carrion is located on the eyebrows, on the throat, under the tail, on the sides of the muzzle. Not so common harlequin color - black, red, gray. Black and gray spots are in equal proportion. Carrion are located in the same way as in two-colored individuals.

French Shepherd Beauceron - Character

This is a dog, self-confident, having an open and friendly disposition. She is inquisitive, extremely intelligent, unpretentious, has an excellent memory. The owners are captivated by her open and sincere gaze, devoid of anger, anxiety and fear.

This French shepherd combines courage and unquestioning obedience. A distinctive feature of these dogs is their late maturation. Beauceron can be called an adult only at two, and often at three years.

Training and education

The education and training of this dog is on the shoulder to a very strong-willed and psychologically strong person, therefore, experts often do not recommend starting such a dog to beginners.

The French Shepherd Dog builds its relationship on the principle of the pack, therefore, the main task of the owner is to become a leader for his pet.

Mostly training takes place in the form of a game. The dog needs encouragement, but it is better to refuse coercion (especially with the use of physical force). The trainer's main weapon in working with this dog is consistency, perseverance, determination.

Beauceron is a working dog. She is always happy to do what the master needs. Their early socialization is important, especially if the animal will live in urban conditions.

Content care

Beauceron does not require special conditions of detention, it is easy to take root in the apartment, and in the house. Remember, under no circumstances should this dog be put on a chain! Otherwise you may get an unguided and dangerous animal.

These animals need long walks with physical exertion. If Beauceron is only a companion, then he should come up with physical activity.

Breed differs excellent health. But the owner must be very careful with his friend. In strong and enduring dogs, it can be very difficult to notice the onset of even very serious diseases.

Briard - French Shepherd

This ancient shepherd's and guard dog is named after the province of Brie. Its history goes back centuries. It has long been used in the French army, in the police, in rescue teams. Officially, the breed is recognized in 1920 in the United States.

We raise a puppy

So, you decided to get a dog. How to do it so that in the future you will not be disappointed in your choice? French Shepherd puppies are so adorable that the owners have long treated them like plush toys, not noticing that their little bear has turned into a large bear, which very successfully manipulates the whole family. It is important not to miss the favorable period when behavioral responses are formed.

Do not trust the education of service dogs for children. Sheepdog must have a reputable owner, whom she will respect and strive to earn his praise.

A French shepherd in adolescence will be unnoticeable for you to study your psyche. As soon as she manages to find vulnerabilities, she will definitely try to take advantage of your weakness in order to climb a step higher up the hierarchy of the family (the pack).

Breed origin

It was not yet possible to reveal the origins of this ancient rock. It is believed that the ancestors of the sheep dogs were peat dogs. A different look at the animal suggests the presence of wolf blood. The final decision can take genetics.

Beauceron's homeland is France. Large dogs are referred to as forest beast hunters:

Later, the dogs began to guard the herds of peasants. Brave Beauceron not only controlled a large flock, but also protected the sheep from the attacks of predators. If, in addition to Beauceron, another shepherd dog served, then the functions were distributed. Beauceron fell to the share of protection.

Important: When the number of livestock decreased, the dogs “went to the service” to the police. They were used as guards and companions.

The first information about dogs appeared in manuscripts dating back to 1578. In 1809, they were already actively used for sheep grazing along with the Bririans. Only 2-3 dogs could manage a herd of about 300 heads. In 1863, an exhibition was held in Paris, where Beauceron was first shown. The breed was represented by 13 working dogs, which were used for grazing sheep. Already in 1896, the standards of these dogs were bred, and in 1911 the first club was created, which made it possible to preserve the distinguishing features of these magnificent sheepdogs.

Beauceron governs a flock of sheep

The name of the breed is associated with the province of Bos in France

At the same time, it could be heard here echoes of color features. Dark Shepherd dogs had characteristic tan markings, incl. and on the paws. In honor of the "red stockings" (bass rouge), shepherd dogs were called Beauceron.

Description of Beauceron breed

The shepherd's dog was lucky in that it almost did not change with time. Initially, Beauceron was a bit, and the man did not try to interfere in the natural processes of the formation of the breed. Later, the work of the club kept the standards, rigidly withdrawing from breeding unsuitable dogs. In total, in France and abroad, there are about 7,000 Beauceron.

Bosses are large dogs, but do not look overweight. The size of the dog at the withers reaches 65-70 cm, and females 61- 68 cm. Higher or smaller dogs are rejected. Sheep-dog weight is 40-50 kg. The muscular body is covered with hard wool. The length of the body is slightly longer than the height at the withers. The head is proportional to the body. Ears usually cropped.

The appearance of the dog breed Beauceron

Wool and color

Shepherd's coat is smooth, tight to the body. Its length is 3-4 cm. The hind legs and tail are longer. The undercoat is soft gray, but not visible through dense guard hairs. Shepherd dogs color is black with red markings and red stockings. It is possible to determine the breed by tan, which are located:

  • over eyes
  • on the sides of the muzzle,
  • on the chest
  • under the neck,
  • under the tail
  • lower third of paws, slightly higher on the inside.

Another acceptable color is harlequin. It is a combination of blue, gray, black. Carbs are distributed over the body as well as the previous color.

French Shepherd Dog Beauceron - Harlequin Color

Beauceron's head is embossed with a pronounced occipital protuberance and an outlined median line. Skull and muzzle of the same length. If you look from the side, they are in parallel planes. Muzzle elongated, but not pointed, proportional to width (not narrow). Nose black, regular shape, not forked. Ears standing with a small canopy, do not fit snugly to the skull. Cropped - vertically. The size of the ear is half the length of the head. The breed of dogs Beauceron dark lips and scissors bite. Dark brown eyes should be in black dogs, in harlequins - light ones are permissible.

Beauceron with cropped ears

The dog Beauceron straight muscular back with short loin, croup sloping. The massive neck passes into a well-marked withers. A powerful broad chest has a good length, exceeding the height at the withers. The tail of the shepherd dog is straight, low - to the hock joints. When excited, the dog raises him to the level of his back.

Front legs straight, shoulders developed, strong. The hind limbs are developed, the hips are muscular. Hock joints are a quarter of the height of the withers. Feature of Beauceron - dewclaws on the hind limbs, which are not taken to be removed. The paw pads are dark. The fingers are tight, the color of the claws should be black.

The dog moves wide trot. Movement should be light and sweeping.

The nature of the Beauceron retained primitive features. Despite the apparent similarity with the Germans, they can always be distinguished by their behavior. Beauceron has the courage and fearlessness, but is independent and self-sufficient. The German Shepherd has more obedience and devotion. The French Shepherd Dog strives to dominate both among dogs and over other animals. This imposes certain requirements on her education.

Beauceron can have a person with experience who, on the one hand, will not allow an animal to take him upwards, on the other - will not punish or beat a dog. Beauceron self-esteem is strongly developed. Sheepdogs develop late: their maturity comes to 3 years. An error in training will lead to uncontrollable behavior.

With the right approach, the smooth-haired French shepherd grows into a unique dog.

High intelligence, fearlessness, loyalty - features allowing Beauceron to be an indispensable guard. The dog will not show causeless aggression, incl. to outsiders. However, she is always on guard and observes the behavior of a stranger.

Beauceron is capricious, therefore a strict approach to raising a puppy is necessary

Characteristics of the breed in relation to children and pets

Despite the fact that the dog is ready to sacrifice its life, protecting the owner and his family, the French Shepherd Dog has its own “fad”. She cares about their borders. The child must be taught to respect the dog, it is impossible:

  • to drive her off the litter,
  • annoy her, tugging or pinching,
  • climb into her bowl.

This Beauceron attitude will not tolerate. And the point here is not in aggressiveness, but in self-esteem and domination.

Pets are not the object of a hunt for a shepherd dog, however, like a shepherd's dog, she will control them and “dictate their will”.

Beauceron security qualities

Working in France as a shepherd’s dog, Beauceron not only managed hundreds of heads, but also defended the flock from wolf attacks. A large, muscular dog fearlessly rushed to the forest predator. Later, the shepherds worked with the police and postmen, defended their owners from unkind people, protected the property of the owners.

With domestic content, the dog is distrustful of strangers, but will never rush to a person without a reason or command. With proper education, the shepherd is devoted to the owner and willingly carries out his orders.

Longevity and health

The shepherd dog has good health, but it has weak spots. From the "breed" diseases can be identified:

  • hip dysplasia,
  • retinal atrophy,
  • predisposition to bloating.

It should be attentive to the feed and do not stuff the dog with food from the table. You should regularly show the sheepdog to the vet. As a rule, the dog is not inclined to hurt and with decent care looks great.

Beauceron lifetime 10-12 years

For well-being, the animal needs long-lasting intense loads. Cross-country running is good. Proper attitude to the shepherd, taking into account the peculiarities of its nature, will protect the psyche of the pet, which also affects the general condition.

Beauceron puppies

Beauceron is a dog of late development, therefore puppies should be acquired not younger than 5-8 months. There are not many breed dogs, therefore it is better to buy a sheepdog in a kennel. In this case, it will be possible to see the mother, assess her character and find out the age. If the bitch was knitted too early - up to 2 years, then it is better to abandon the puppy from this litter.

A puppy can cost up to 2000 dollars. A dog with breed defects, such as color, can be purchased much cheaper - from $ 300.

Puppy training

The dog reaches full maturity by the age of 3, therefore the puppy training is stretched for a long time. Beauceron is able to easily absorb new teams, but leadership skills can interfere with this. Even a small shepherd will try to defend its position, so the owner takes time and patience, you can not:

  • to trust education to strangers,
  • be cruel or beat the dog,
  • work with your pet in an irritated state.

Raising such a difficult animal requires the owner of certain knowledge and experience. It is very easy to get an angry, stubborn dog instead of a smart, obedient companion or guard.

Important: If you need the help of an instructor, you should get his instructions and follow them with the dog yourself. This is due to Boceron distrust of unauthorized persons.

From the moment the puppy appears in the house, it is necessary to gain his trust. It should be carefully trained in its main teams: “Phe”, “Sit”, “Ko me”, “Place” and encourage it for success. A talented dog is able to master a large number of teams, she loves to work and willingly performs her assigned tasks.

Beauceron easily learns and remembers commands

Description of breed French shepherd

The French shepherds did not choose shepherd dogs for their helpers. The dogs showed themselves very well in guarding and managing the herd.

For the first time the French shepherd was mentioned in 1863 at the Paris exhibition, and the name of the breed appeared a little later in Jean-Pierre Mengin's book about military dogs.

There are two variations of French shepherd dogs. Long-haired - Biar, smooth-haired - Beauceron.

The dog according to the description is large, but graceful and graceful. Height at withers is 60-70 centimeters, and weight is 42-49 kilograms. The coat is short, hard.

The color of the French Shepherd Dog is found in several variations:

  • black and tan
  • black and red with gray spots (harlequin).

Rules of the maintenance and care of the dog

Beauceron is an active dog, it is not desirable to keep her in a tiny city apartment, and a freedom-loving pet will have a private house to your taste. Walking is best combined with dog training and training.

Beauceron is recommended to walk twice a day, however, the dog will be better if it has the opportunity to go outside.

In food, beauceron is not picky, it is better to design a diet together with a veterinarian. Dry food "Purina" is suitable for a shepherd dog, and after making sure that the dog has enough vitamins, you need to alternate in the diet dry food, raw meat and vegetables. Exclude is only fatty meat, pork and lamb.

Nutrition puppies at the time of growth should be given special attention. Dairy products, raw meat and feed with a high content of calcium and protein will help your puppy to grow up healthy and strong.

In haircut, Beauceron, unlike Biar, does not need. Shorthair shepherd sheds not much, twice a year. It is recommended to comb once a week. The long-haired biar needs constant care for its wool.

It is desirable to wash Beauceron and Biar no more than twice a month with special shampoos for dogs.

On the chain can not be planted. Spacious aviary is allowable, but the dog loves freedom, so that an excessively calm lifestyle will lead him to aggression or apathy.

Speaking of character, it is worth noting the love of freedom, leadership ability and pride of the dog. The dog treats children well, however, one should not abuse his kindness, he does not tolerate humiliation and rudeness.

It gets along with other pets if they grew up together, and the Frenchman has the primacy.

The breed was created to protect the sheep and maintain the shape of the herd on grazing. Over time, the role of the shepherd was less in demand and the French Shepherd Dog was recognized as an excellent guard.

The defender will fearlessly rush on the one who represents a threat to his master, and he treats strangers with caution and watches every movement.

The minus of the breed is in pet waywardness. Показывая свои лидерские качества, собака может находиться в вечном конфликте с животными и людьми. Необходимо со щенячьего возраста показать овчарке, кто в доме хозяин.

Пес очень силен и предан, так что сомнений в способности защитить хозяина не представляется.

Стоимость щенка биара и босерона

Prices for biars and Beauceron are stable, but it’s not worthwhile to put on cheapness. In the kennel prices for puppies of the French shepherd range from 30 to 50 thousand rubles. The price depends on the purity of the dog's blood, the possibility of its further breeding and the "star" of the parents.

The kennel where you can buy a French Shepherd is called "Kantrifolk."

Breeding characteristics

Cultivation of Beauceron and Biar - a responsible process. Purebred puppies should exclude white spots in color, bright eyes are acceptable for any variations of coat color, except for harlequins.

Keeping and raising a French shepherd is not easy, but one can be proud of the result of good training. Excellent guard, proud, but loyal friend - the main characteristics of the pet come from France. Only love and affection can show this dog that aggression is unacceptable.

Characteristics of the American Akita breed

Beauceron or the French smooth-haired shepherd is a large breed of dog, originally from the province of Boss, France. It has a calm, balanced character and great performance. This is a great shepherd, caretaker, family pet.

The first written mention of this ancient French breed was made in 1587. Unlike many other breeds, Beauceron almost did not change its appearance until today. He had a smooth scalp, a stiff, short coat of black and fawn color and cropped ears (this technique prevented injuries in the event of a fight with predators). The reddish-brown markings on their legs formed spots in the form of stockings, thanks to which the dog received the nickname “red stocking. The main feature of the breed are double dewclaws on the hind legs.

The first Beauceron named Berger de la Chapel was registered in the stud book of the Kennel Society of France in 1893. Beauceron was bred to help shepherds, to guard the houses and graze livestock. But French breeders have always considered Beauceron a universal breed, and for many years used it to work in the French army and police. During the war, dogs of this breed were signalers, searched for mines, guarded warehouses and positions.

Interesting: this is a rather rare breed, and even now the population is about 7 thousand individuals around the world. Therefore, each is controlled by a community of fans of the Beauceron breed to maintain pure blood. In the French breeding books, less than 80,000 individuals are registered for the entire period since the recognition of the breed more than a hundred years ago.

In 1911, in France, the Beauceron lovers Club Les Amis du Beauceron was founded, which eventually released a breed magazine. The first issue of the magazine "Red Stockings" was released in June 1933. The club holds exhibitions, competitions and strictly controls the breeding quality of this breed in France.

Beauceron (French Shepherd Dog): Breed Description and ICF Standard (FCI)

Country of origin: France.

Application: Shepherd, watchdog.

FCI Classification: Group 1. Watchdog and chasing dogs (with the exception of Swiss herding dogs), Section 1. Sheep-dogs, With working trials.

General appearance: a large, strong, muscular, but not bulky dog ​​with a beautiful and proportional physique.

  • The length of the body from the shoulder to the ischial tuber is slightly greater than the height at the withers.
  • Head long: 2/5 height at withers.
  • The height and width of the head is slightly less than half the length.
  • Skull and muzzle of the same length.

In the photo Beauceron in the side stand on the grass

Behavior / Temperament: Calm, bold, confident breed with a balanced character. Looking straight, without shyness or anxiety.

Head: proportional to the body, well-shaped, with clear harmonious lines. Viewed from the side, the upper lines of the skull and the muzzle are approximately in the same plane.

Skull: flat or slightly rounded. Occipital lump visible.

Stop (transition from the forehead to the face): poorly marked.

Nose: The nose is proportional to the size of the muzzle, well developed, without cracks and furrows, black.

Muzzle: not narrow and not sharp.

Lips: tight, strongly pigmented. Upper lip completely covers the bottom. In the corners of the lips is a small "pocket".

Jaws / Teeth: Strong, regular scissor bite, upper row of teeth overlapping lower.

Eyes: round, dark brown color, light shades are not allowed, even with a pale yellow color, set directly. In individuals with the color "harlequin" eyes of different colors are allowed.

Ears: set high.

  • The cropped ears (if allowed in your country) stand straight, without tilting towards the center or to the side, slightly pointing forward.
  • Uncropped ears hang down a bit, should not be pressed to the cheekbones. Ear flap without folds and folds, short. The length of the uncropped ear is half the length of the head. In a correctly set ear, the middle line coincides with an imaginary line running from the edges of the neck.

Neck: muscular, long, harmoniously turning into shoulder blades.

Loin: short, wide, muscular.

Croup: slightly tilted.

Withers: Well pronounced.

Chest: deep, long. The lower line of the chest is lowered below the elbow, the girth of the chest exceeds the height at the withers by more than one-fifth.

Tail: not docked, lowered low, reaches hock joints and forms a slight J-bend. While moving or in a state of excitement, the tail rises, continuing the topline.

Were limbs: when viewed from the front and side straight, smooth.

Shoulders: sloping, moderately long.

Feet: Large, round, compact. The pads are firm and elastic.

Claws are always black.

On the photo forked boseron forked fingers

HINDQUARTERS: Straight when viewed from the side and behind.

Thighs: broad, muscular.

Hock: Strong, not too close to the ground, approximately ¼ from the height at the withers. Form an open corner with a shin.

Hocks: vertical, slightly set back, behind the point of the ischial tubercle.

Paws: large, round, compact. The pads are firm and elastic. The claws are black.

Double dewclaws are a feature of the Beauceron breed. Dewclaws are noticeably separated, located close to the paws, with black claws.

Movement: flexible, free. Beauceron rearranges the limbs at the level of one line. It is characterized by a wide trot with long sweeping movements.

Coat: the hair on the head is smooth, on the body is short, thick, strong, tight, 3–4 cm long. The undercoat is short, thin, thick, soft, preferably mouse gray. Tight fit to the skin, invisible through the guard hair.

Photo beauceron close up

Height at withers: Males - 65 to 70 cm, females - 61 to 68 cm.

Weight: about 50 kg.

Disadvantages: any deviation from the above is considered a disadvantage, the degree of which is determined by how much it differs from the standard.

  • Aggression, cowardice
  • Size beyond the agreed standard
  • Light bones
  • Very bright eyes, eyes of different colors (with the exception of harlequins)
  • The presence of grooves and cracks on the lobe of the nose, the nose is not black, with non-pigmented areas
  • Undershot or overshot loss of contact, the absence of three or more teeth (the first premolars are not counted)
  • Erect uncropped ears
  • Rear limbs excessively turned out
  • Regular dewclaws, lack of dewclaws on the hind limbs
  • Shortened tail or wrapped above the back
  • Coat: coat color and texture are different from those specified in the standard. Complete absence of podalin. Shaggy wool. A pronounced, noticeable white spot on the chest. In dogs with harlequin color: one side is overly colored gray and black, the other side is gray, completely gray head (no black color)

PS: Male animals should have two normally developed testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Beauceron color

  • Barush - black with fawn, has "red stockings"
  • The black
  • Pale red
  • Harlequin - bluish-motley with tan
  • Gray
  • Pale black
  • Black and gray are presented in equal proportions, the spots are clearly distributed, sometimes dominated by black. The burrs are the same as black and fawn. The presence of pale spots on the chest is allowed.

Placing fawn marks on the surface of the case:

  • Stains over eyes
  • On the sides of the muzzle - gradually decreasing to the cheekbones, not below the level of the ear
  • On the chest, preferably the presence of two spots
  • Under the neck
  • Under the tail
  • Bottom on the legs (approximately in the lower third), on the inside of the legs may be slightly higher.

Beauceron character

By the nature of Beauceron intelligent, loyal, sensitive breed with a huge loving heart. Perfectly focused on the owner, he instantly catches any change in his mood, with the right upbringing, understands the owner without words. He is infinitely loyal to all members of the family in which he lives, although natural independence makes him rather restrained in the expression of feelings. Despite this, a bold, hardy and strong breed will protect you from enemies even at the cost of your own life.

Security qualities are characteristic of Beaucers, they feel the territory perfectly, but they are not meant for living on a chain. They must move freely, exploring the territory.

The French Shepherd is wary of strangers, but never shows an unreasonable aggression. With the guests, he behaves with restraint, as the true caretaker will watch closely until they leave the owner's house.

Photo Beauceron with a dedicated character

Beauceron puppies need early socialization and proper upbringing. Unlike other breeds, they mature for a long time and become psychologically formed individuals only by 2.5-3.5 years. But for many years remain active and energetic animals.

Beauceron gives in to training well, learns quickly, and is therefore suitable for any kind of cynological sport. It shows excellent results in agility, obedience, freestyle, flyball, skijoring, ZKS (protective and guard duty) and OKD (general course of training). Given the late maturation, gradually learn new commands and do not be upset if he does not succeed. In the education of Beauceron must adhere to the sequence and not in a hurry. A natural leader, he will with enviable persistence work out new teams, strive for interesting goals, because he cannot live without work and movement.

Among the Beauceron there are too active and calm, docile individuals. The owner is obliged to patiently train all teams and tasks, despite the nature and temperament of the pet. The main thing is never shout or beat the dog. Beauceron is a very smart breed, it always strives for leadership and will do its best to show excellent results, but it will not tolerate ill-treatment.

Another nuance, if you show up weakness in upbringing, Beauceron, as a true dominant of nature, will immediately feel this, and try to command you.

Beauceron loves the children of the owner, treats them patiently, but considering the size of the pet, do not leave too young children alone with the dog. Your task is to teach children to respect the puppy and its territory, not to take away toys, not to chase them away from the lounger. Teach the little ones to treat the pet like a family member, from the first days of its appearance in your home.

It gets along well with other pets, especially if it grows with them. Males of Beauceron tend to show leadership, because they have innate superiority over other animals.

The French Shepherd needs regular, long walks with elements of dog training. A city apartment will be suitable for maintenance, but given the size and active character of Beauceron, he will feel better in a country house with a spacious yard.

Beauceron care

Beauceron care is simple, but necessary. Short-haired breed, sheds. Shedding seasonal spring-autumn. When kept indoors with dry, warm air, molting can last year round. Having noticed bald patches, profuse hair loss, dandruff, reddening of the skin, the wool became dull and brittle, change the detergents and revise the Beauceron diet.

In the photo Beauceron after swimming

Combing Beauceron wool 1-2 times a week with a brush of natural bristle or a rubber glove. Combing improves blood circulation and removes dead hair and dust.

Bathing as needed or before the show shampoo for short-haired breeds of dogs with air conditioning. Frequent washing washes away the protective fatty film from the hair and dries the skin. Since professional shampoos are highly concentrated, dilute 1: 1 shampoo with water before bathing, then use a moisturizing balm-conditioner. In the cold season, you can use dry shampoo, or wipe Beauceron's wool with a damp towel. To add shine, wipe the wool with a piece of automotive suede.

In the summer, Beauceron gladly bathes in open waters. After such water procedures, be sure to rinse the dog's coat with warm clean water to wash off the remnants of river plankton.

Eyes regularly inspect. Beauceron healthy eyes are clean, shiny, without tear paths or abundant souring. Small gray lumps in the corners of the eyes in the morning are permissible, because the breed is active, and the eyes are thus cleared of accumulated dust. Lumps are easy to clean with a soft cloth dipped in warm water or chamomile broth.

Having noticed tears, excessive acidification of the eyes, eyelid swelling, redness, be sure to reconsider the dog's diet, some foods can cause an allergic reaction. If eye condition does not improve, consult a specialist.

Ears inspect 1 time per week. The inside of the sink is a pleasant pink color, without excess sulfur and an unpleasant smell. Carefully remove accumulated sulfur and dust with a damp cotton pad dipped in warm water.

Having noticed redness, rash, dirty plaque, unpleasant smell from the ear or liquid, the dog often shakes his head and rubs his ears on the floor, immediately seek help from a veterinarian.

To brush your teeth 2–3 times a week with a special toothpaste using a finger nozzle or a toothbrush. Be sure to include solid foods and fresh tomatoes in the diet to prevent tartar.

Paws after a walk wipe with a damp cloth or rinse under a shower. After walking in the woods or the park, examine the paw pads for injuries and cracks. Treat wounds with antiseptic. During the winter period, rinse the paws especially thoroughly in order to wash off the residue of the reagent and do not allow the pet to lick the snow. To prevent cracks, rub vegetable oil into the paw pads, and include it in the diet (1 tsp. Day).

Claws cut with a clipper 1 time per month. Smooth sharp ends with a nail file.

Ticks and fleas in beauceron

Do not forget to regularly treat the French Shepherd with ectoparasite products. Fleas cause itching and anxiety, cause an allergic reaction and can cause the appearance of worms if the dog swallows them during biting.

Ixodic mites are carriers of the deadly disease piroplasmosis (babesiosis).

After nature walks, in the forest, in the park, always inspect Beauceron for the presence of parasites. If you find a tick, wear rubber gloves and use tweezers to twist it out of your skin in a circular motion. Inspect the bite site, there should not be particles, treat the wound with an antiseptic. The next few days, watch the health of Beauceron. If it is active, eats with appetite, you are lucky, the tick was not infectious.

In the photo kids Beauceron

Having noticed the following symptoms, immediately show the shepherd dog to the veterinarian, unfortunately, many pets paid with health and life after being bitten by an Ixodes tick.

Symptoms of piroplasmosis (babesiosis):

  • High body temperature (39-42 degrees)
  • Refusal to eat, drink
  • Lethargy, apathy
  • Red - brown urine
  • The dog can not stand on its hind legs.

A vigilant owner is obliged to adhere to the processing schedule of ectoparasites, since it is impossible to save Beauceron from meeting with Ixodes If during the period of their activity (the beginning of spring - the end of summer) it is impossible to avoid walking in the forest, park, on waste grounds, periodically inspect the skin for the presence of parasites.

There are many tools for fleas and ticks for dogs, each has a different period of action and method of application. Consult with a veterinarian, he will help you choose the appropriate tool for your pet, given its weight, age and health.

Flea and tick remedies:

  • Drops on withers (valid for 3 weeks, applied to the area between the shoulder blades close to the neck). Apply 48 hours after bathing, give a chance to develop skin fat and do not bathe for 10 days after application.
  • Spray (used before walking, to treat things with fleas and to treat the dog bed)
  • Pills (given only after consulting a veterinarian)
  • Collar (valid for 6 months with constant wear, it is recommended not to wet)

Beauceron food

Beauceron nutrition is of two types:

  • Ready feed
  • Natural food

When choosing a puppy, be sure to consult with the breeder from whom you take the baby about nutrition. A responsible person will always help with advice and explain the rules of maintenance and principles of healthy nutrition for a Beauceron breed dog. Ему подойдет готовый корм премиум класса или натуральное питание. Главное, не смешивайте два типа питания в одно кормление, дабы избежать проблем с ЖКТ собаки.

На босерон окрас баруш

Количество кормлений щенка босерона :

  • 1-3 месяца – 5-6 раз в день
  • 3-6 месяца – 4 раза
  • 6-10 месяцев – переводом на 3-разовое питание
  • from 10 months old and adult 2 times a day

When feeding ready-made premium class feeds, follow the portions according to the package directions based on the age and weight of the puppy. Provide constant access to clean water. Do not feed between feedings.

When feeding with natural products, you will have to carefully prepare your puppy's diet, be sure to consult your veterinarian about vitamins. Feed Beauceron for 20 minutes after walking, provide constant access to water. The portion should be eaten within 15-20 minutes, if the dog refuses to eat, we hide the food until the next feeding.

  • Meat lean (rabbit, beef, chicken, turkey). Raw, if confident in quality or scalded with boiling water
  • Cereals (rice, buckwheat)
  • Seasonal vegetables and fruits (apples, zucchini, cucumber, pepper)
  • 1 l. vegetable oil per day (olive, sea buckthorn, linseed and other, you can add to the batch)
  • Dairy products (low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, natural yogurt)
  • Sea fish without bones
  • Offal
  • Necks (chicken, turkey)
  • Sea kale

  • Fatty Meat (Pork)
  • Raisins, grapes
  • Legumes
  • Bakery products
  • Sweets
  • Chocolate
  • River fish
  • Tubular bones of birds
  • Citruses
  • Onion garlic
  • Avocado
  • Macadamia nut

History of origin

At the beginning of the 18th century, sheep breeding was spread on the territory of France and huge herds were grazing on the meadows. But even with a couple of hundreds of animals could cope two Beauceron. They were not only good managers, but fearless defenders of sheep from predators. They moved easily with herds of 60-80 km during the day.

In 1863, the first Parisian exhibition was held, with 13 shepherd dogs participating in it, later becoming Beauceron. The breed received its name from the geographical name - “Bos”, it is one of the regions of France. But at that time these dogs were "workhorses" and could not interest the participants of the event.

In 1896, the standard was approved in the village of Willet - the shepherd's dog with long hair was named Briard, the smooth-haired one - Beauceron. This event was the beginning of the creation of the Beauceron Lovers Club, which at the beginning of the 20th century not only did not popularize the breed, but also cared about maintaining performance.

But cattle breeding has become less sought-after industry, the number of livestock has decreased, the need for herding dogs has also decreased. Representatives of the Beauceron breed began to be used as guards and personal defenders.

During the Second World War, these dogs became postmen (they relayed messages), sappers (they discovered mines), and also searched for saboteurs. After the war, the breed became more popular, they began to be actively used as companions, guards, working dogs, and, naturally, shepherds, although much less frequently.

At the beginning of the 21st century, representatives of the breed came to the territory of various European states - Holland, Germany, Belgium, etc. But overseas states did not show proper interest in Beauceron. For the first time the American club of this breed appeared only in 2003.

External description of the Beauceron breed

At the end of the 19th century, Beauceron, they are Berger de Beauce and Bas-Rouge, were described as dogs of the same type with hard, short hair, smooth coat in the head area and necessarily cropped ears.

Representatives of the breed were distinguished by brownish-red markings, which were particularly well pronounced on all the extremities of the animal, for which dogs began to be called bass-rouge, that is, “red stockings”. The Beauceron color was black and tan, less common were individuals with gray, black and red hair.

The breed of dogs Beauceron photo

Since then, the appearance of dogs has not changed much. These are large, powerful dogs, equipped with good muscles, but without gravity. Growth males varies between 65-70 cm, and females are slightly smaller - 61-68 cm. Beauceron proportionally and harmoniously folded. Body length is slightly longer than height at withers.

For Beauceron characterized by such features of appearance:

  • Head the dog has a chiseled shape with clear lines. If you look at the profile, it is noticeable that the skull and muzzle are parallel.
  • Nose ends with a developed lobe, which has a black color, there is no cleft.
  • Lips tight to the jaw, have black pigmentation. The jaws of Beauceron are strong, the teeth are white. Bite on the type of "scissors".
  • Eyes slightly oval-shaped, dark brown iris, no lighter than a dark walnut, even in dogs with a light color. Heterochromia is allowed in dogs with the harlequin color (eyes of different colors).
  • Ears have a high setting, hang in their natural state or are in a half-standing position, they are not pressed against the head. According to the standard, their length should be equal to half of the head.
  • Neck equipped with developed muscles, has a smooth transition to withers. The line of the back is straight, the loins are broad, muscular. The croup has a somewhat oblique shape. The sternum of the dogs is powerful, wide, of good depth and length.
  • Tail Begononam not stopped, is low, in a calm state hangs down when the dog moves - raised to the top line.
  • Limbs straight lines, located with a small plumb. The forearm and thighs have pronounced muscles. Paws front and rear - collected, with black claws and hard, elastic pads. Representatives of the breed have dewclaws that have been left in their original form since the time of cattle grazing. They are full thumbs with claws.

Dogs move gently, easily. The Beceron step is a wide trot, movements are sweeping, energetic.

  • Woollycover in the area of ​​the head is different from the rest, it is short, hard, hairs are thick. On the hips and on the inside of the tail, the coat is somewhat longer. The undercoat is dense, dense, perfect color - gray. It is not visible under the guard hair.

Beauceron Colors

There are several colors in dogs of this breed:

  • Black and tan, red stockings. Black thick, rich, red squirrel. The basements are located in the eyebrows, on the sides of the muzzle, in the chest, in the lower part of the neck, under the tail, on the limbs.
  • Harlequin color (blue with spots and burns): the coat is gray-black with tan shades of a reddish tint, the spots have a uniform distribution over the body, often the dominant color is black. The tan is no different from black individuals. The standard allowed white spot small size in the chest.

Breed of the breed is: height above or below the norm, light eyes or disagreement (except harlequins), rigidly erect ears, excessive inversion of the hind limbs, nose cleft, color that is not suitable for standards, etc.

The nature of the breed

Despite their rural origins, the Beaucers have a noble, aristocratic look. They are characterized by calm and boundless devotion to family members. But alertness to strangers is always present. They are distinguished by high intelligence, endurance, athletic build and courage. These are very efficient dogs capable of guarding their family day and night.

Like other service breeds, the French Shepherd requires a confident owner with experience in dog training. If you teach calmly and demandingly, then Beauceron quickly learn the material and try to please the owner with success. It is important to bear in mind that the Beauceron once lived in flocks, and their leadership qualities are clearly expressed. Therefore, it is important for the owner to take the role of leader and to keep this position all the time.

The mind and independent character do not allow these dogs to endure cruel treatment and injustice; therefore, training should take place without fuss, consistently, without physical punishment. An inexperienced owner, having shown a cruel attitude towards the pet, can cause the righteous anger of the animal.

Thanks to the pronounced guard qualities, Beauceron will never trust strangers, so it would be better if the dog is socialized to be the owner.

The love of these dogs for their family has no boundaries, meeting at the door, they can jump at full speed on their hands. Given their size, this is quite a piquant situation. With children, Beauceron can get along, but they don’t have any particular accuracy and trepidation, therefore it is not recommended to leave a pet with a small child alone. Its size can harm the baby.

It is desirable that the puppy and the child grow up together, then they will better understand each other. But, acquiring a dog, it is better to make sure that her parents treat children well.

Care and maintenance of Beauceron

Dogs are quite unpretentious. They are recommended to comb at least 1 time per week, for these purposes a massage brush for short hair will be suitable. This manipulation will remove dead skin flakes, dead hair, and also have a positive effect on blood circulation in the skin. In addition, the pet will enjoy this manipulation.

When choosing Beauceron for living in apartment conditions, it is worth considering that, like most herding dogs, their wool has a pronounced sheep smell. Therefore, it is better to keep the dog in the aviary. Although the dog himself feels good and in a small apartment.

A dog that has such a sports constitution needs daily long runs with active jogging and games. Favorite lesson - cross-country running.

If you want to sedately walk with a beautiful dog on a harness, then Beauceron, despite its spectacular appearance, is not suitable for this. Every day he must get rid of excess energy, training the body and pacifying the spirit. Only in this way can he be an exemplary pet at home.

Dogs can participate in almost all sports, but agility is most suitable for them - overcoming obstacles accompanied by the owner.

How to feed a French Shepherd

Beaucerons are absolutely not picky about food. They can be fed with natural food or ready-made rations. In the first case, the basis of the menu should be lean meat (except for pork and lamb). You can give fish - sea boneless, pre-boiled, porridge, cooked in water or broth, vegetables - raw or boiled.

If the owner chooses feeding industrial feed, you should choose a quality product. In puppy age, it is important that the pet gets enough calcium.

Photo Beauceron

How much is a puppy

Beauceron is a rare, unique breed, so the price of puppies is not low. Outside kennels Beauceron puppy can be purchased for 10,000-200,000 rubles. A pet from the nursery will cost about 30,000 rubles, a dog for future breeding - approximately 40,000. And the future champion and successor of the breed (show-class puppy) - no less than 50,000 rubles.

Beauceron - dogs with a serious appearance and with no less serious character. They can not be a toy of children, require a firm hand and compulsory education. Choosing such a friend, you need to take all this into account. With proper education, he will become an excellent guard.