Patagonian Mara: Bunny or Gilt?


Is it good to be both a hare and a guinea pig? It is worth asking about this in the animal mara that lives in Patagonia.

The appearance of mara is different from its fellows in the order - these mammals are not entirely like any of the relatives. And yet, scientists attribute the Mar to the order of rodents, the pig family. There are very many varieties of mar, the most common are the Chakoan mara and Patagonian mara. What does this strange creature look like? Consider it closer ...

Mara (Dolichotis patagonica)

The appearance of the animal named mara

The average body size of adults is about 70 - 75 centimeters in length. Mara weighs from 9 to 16 kilograms. The coat of the animal is thick, but short. The fur is colored brown with a reddish tint, the sides of the hair cover has a rich reddish tint, and the abdominal part is slightly whitish.

It looks like a mara - a small animal with long ears, like a rabbit. The muzzle resembles a guinea pig, which is why this animal was counted among the pig family.

Maras are semi-experimental animals. Why? In fact, they do not have hoofs like horses, but one of the fingers on the limbs has a hoof claw.

Mara's muzzle is very similar to guinea pigs.

Mara's lifestyle

These mammals of the order of rodents can be met both in small groups (from two to four individuals) and in rather large herds numbering 40 mar.

The territory of their habitat includes arid areas in which there is no diverse plant food, but this does not frighten Mar, they easily endure such inconvenience and are very unpretentious in food.

In the daytime, these hare-like creatures can be found basking in the sun. Maras are moving on the earth in jerky movements. The greatest activity falls on the daylight hours. At night, the mares prefer to spend time in their burrows.

Mara is an animal with a “fine mental organization,” she may die of unexpected fright! In general, this is a very shy and cautious animal. It is worth noting that this mammal of the rodent squad is very good and can run fast. What sometimes saves his life in case of danger.

Mary basking in the sunny meadow

What makes up animal mara's diet

These rodents are herbivorous animals. The main food for them is grass. Drinking is not so important for them, because the body is able to preserve moisture reserves for a long time and use it economically. Interestingly, the teeth-incisors in these animals continue to grow throughout life, which is why the animals are constantly forced to sharpen them about the stems of trees.

How does the breeding of maras

Maras are real family animals. A pair, formed once, does not part all life. Sometimes the male chooses his girlfriend, who is not yet ripe for breeding and waits until she is ready to start a family and the birth of babies, after which she creates a strong pair with her.

A pregnant female carries babies for about 70 days. Usually, in the family, two to five babies are born in Mar, who are quite developed when they are born and are capable of independent movement.

The first three months, babies eat only mother's milk. The young still long time with their parents, in this form, most often, the mares and live: the father, mother and their children.

Baby maras have been eating mother's milk for a long time.