Master nipple drinker chickens


Wet chicken is an unpleasant sight, a wet chicken is dangerous, it can die. Drinking bowl for chickens with their own hands - the only option to keep dry litter in the hen house. Drinking bowl will allow, always and plenty to provide the bird with fresh clean water.

What should be drinking bowl for chickens

Each chicken drinks 2 times more water than it eats. Chicken need 0.5 liters of water per day. At the same time the bird tries to dominate. She climbs her feet in a bowl of food, in a bowl of water. As a result, the feed is trampled down, and dirt and bedding floats in the water. At the poultry farms provided nipple drinkers, and the worse the summer hens? Let's try to introduce them to hygiene, replacing the usual basins for drinkers for chickens.

The main condition is that you can only dip your nose or catch droplets in your own chicken heater. This condition corresponds to:

  • siphon,
  • nipple,
  • vacuum,
  • cup drinkers.

Adaptations do not allow chickens to walk on water, and dirt is brought only by noses. What to do with this chicken! We'll have to wash more capacity. There are certain requirements for drinkers for chickens:

  1. It is necessary to provide automatic water supply so that the drinking bowl will be filled during the day. Well, if the device is attached to the wall or raised to the stand.
  2. The device should be lightweight and durable, so that in the event of a fall does not injure the bird. Reliable fastening will prevent turning and pouring water.
  3. Material for manufacturing - food plastic, internal painting. Sharp edges should not be.
  4. The tank should be well washed from the sediment at the bottom.

How to make a vacuum drinker yourself

1-can, 2- liquid, 3 - a cup, 4 - creation of a gap.

There are a lot of devices on the basis of glass jars of different capacities. A throat-turned-down vessel is used, from which water flows as the bowl in which it is immersed is emptied. When the level in the cup has gone down, an air bubble enters the bottle, which allows a certain amount of water to flow out. Even a child can make such a drinker. Drinking bowl for chickens with their own hands, whose photo in front of you, does not require an explanation of how to make it.

However, the chicken, a curious bird, restless, loves to occupy high places. Therefore, not one tuft of peas will perch on the bank, they will arrange fights with no rules on it, and soon the bank will lie on its side, well, if it is whole. We'll have to find a more sustainable design drinking bowls for chickens with their own hands.

When using plastic drinkers, it is important that the edge of the bowl is rimmed or has a protective bezel of their rubber on it. Chickens can scratch the sharp edge, then begin to peck.

Everywhere in the household used bottles from under the water. It is not difficult to find them, in each compound several such products stand in a secluded corner of the storeroom. The dishes are light, transparent and easy to work out.

Let's make a drinking bowl for chickens from plastic bottles. An ordinary plastic basin with high sides is taken. They will be just at the level of the chicken neck. In the bottle at the level of 15 cm from the bottom, a hole is made, and, when filled, they are lowered into a basin. The water will flow out, fill the gap between the container and the walls of the dishes and will stay just above the level of the hole.

The water was drunk, the level in the basin went down, the hole in the wall of the bottle was exposed. By the way boules-boules the air enters the bottle, the pressure of the air bubble changes and the water fills the basin. A five-liter bottle is enough for 10 chickens per day.

The best device for drinking two bottles from an auto-drinker will be a device with the production of which can be found on the video:

Who does not have the opportunity to see, we describe the device. We take 2 bottles from under the water of different sizes. It is possible 8 and 5 liters, it is possible 5 and 3. They should have traffic jams. A large bottle is cut off as a water saucer with a height of more than 15 cm, but for the bird to be comfortable to drink. We turn over the second bottle and in any way insert the plugs into one another. A hole is drilled on the body of the small bottle below the edges of the bowl.

The bottle is poured with water, the cork together with the cup is wound on top. The hole adheres to the finger, and the container is installed in derzhak on the wall. The hole opens, the bowl fills with water, and a vacuum is created at the top. Drinking bowl for chickens from plastic bottles is ready. Suspension should be done at the bottom, fix the bottle with a clamp from above.

How to make a drinker for chickens from the sewer pipe can be seen in the figure. This is an open type drinking bowl, and in order for the chickens not to bathe, it should be located at the level of the back. Holes are cut in the pipe, like troughs, with jumpers. The material is easily cut with a hot knife. Along the edges, install tees with plugs - additional elements, buy with a pipe. Water pipe can be connected to the pipe and poured through the tap. Drainage with a damper is used to clean the trough.

Nippelny drinking bowl

Examples of automatic feeding, saving and hygiene are nipple drinkers for chickens. Water can be in various containers, including a bucket, the main is the dropper, working on the chicken team. Therefore, the simplest nipple system is a hanging bucket with nipples protruding from the bottom. The device can operate from a storage tank or be flow through.

It will take a little skill in plumbing and patience. But the drinking bowl will be no worse than those used in poultry farms. From materials and tools you need to prepare:

  1. Nipples, 3600 are needed for young animals and chickens, and 1800 for adult chickens, this indicator shows the service sector.
  2. Plastic pipe square or round, but with internal grooves and a wall thickness of 22 mm.
  3. End caps, with an adapter for connecting to the trunk.
  4. Flexible hose for liner.
  5. Clamps for canopy pipe.
  6. 9 mm drill bit and 1/8 inch tapping tap.

It does not matter which pipes are installed on the drinking trough, the process of installation is carried out in sequence:

  • pipe marking,
  • holes are drilled from the groove side
  • thread is cut,
  • screwed nipples
  • the ends are closed,
  • drip catchers are installed,
  • the structure is attached to the wall,
  • water is supplied.

We will build an automatic drinking bowl for chickens with our own hands according to the drawing:

You need to get nipples, but it is better to immediately take the European, they are more reliable. It is simple to buy a plastic pipe and assembly equipment. The pipe is muffled from the ends, marked up under the nipples. They should be located after 30 cm. It remains to drill holes, cut the threads and screw in the nipples with sealing tape or tow. Check the tightness of the connections and supply water from the tank through the embedded hose.

A drip tray can serve as saucers made from bottoms of plastic bottles. These light cups, if the nipple is passed through, will leave a dry litter. As can be seen from the diagram, the nipple should be under the water mirror.

The system requires additional automation if the pipe nipple watering flow. The installation should include a pressure regulator. But the water will not stagnant, fresh.

There is no possibility to describe all the designs of auto drinkers for chickens, invented by craftsmen. Only you decide, in relation to the arrangement of the chicken coop, which drinking bowl is better.

Solution to the problem

The problem of water supply in a vessel is that the birds often overturn it. Many are trying to find a way out to serve wide dishes with water. In this case, it will quickly become polluted, because birds like to wash their paws and bathe, microbes are infused into it. In winter, the water completely freezes. To prevent this from happening, you can use nipple devices for chickens, which can be made independently.

Layers drink water

Such a drinking bowl for chickens is very popular among farmers due to its simple and affordable design. To make it used materials at hand, and it has many advantages. The use of such a device will prevent the pollution and waste of excess water, because it is always isolated.

Such a chicken drinker can be used both in the yard and in the house. Its design allows you to continuously submit a normalized amount of water in small forms, from which birds drink.

Nipple version

Tools and materials

To make such a drinker, you will need:

  • pipe length of 1 meter. It should have internal grooves and be square in shape (22x22 mm.),
  • marker,
  • drill with 9 mm drill
  • pipe plug,
  • nipples 3600 and 1800 (the first is used for drinking troughs for young, and the second is suitable for adult birds),
  • roulette,
  • microparticle droplet catcher,
  • hose,
  • water tank.

Drinking Tube

Step-by-step instruction

  1. First you need to outline the places where you need to drill. Between them, you need to set a distance of 30 cm. Usually 3 nipples are placed on a meter pipe. They must be made on the side of the pipe, on which there are grooves. This will protect the structure from leaking.
  2. 9 mm holes are drilled. Nipples are inserted into the drill points obtained. For better fixation, you can use Teflon tape.
  3. At one end of the pipe plugs are installed.
  4. In the lower part of the tank is cut a hole for the pipe. It is better to take a tank with a lid, so that it is more convenient to replenish stocks. By inserting a pipe, there may be extra space that can be covered with tape.
  5. Using nipple inserts of format 3600, you need to install drift eliminators, and by 1800 - small cups.

Handling process

The finished design for chickens can be extended using a longer hose. It depends on the number of livestock. It is better to keep the tank in the shed so that the water keeps the steel temperature.

This option is made easier because it requires less materials. It is more convenient for a small number of chickens, because it has only one nipple.