Description of breed Maine Coon


Serious appearance and character of the Maine Coon immediately adjusts to a respectful and even a little cautious attitude towards him. Gigantic sizes, heavy claws, trotting brushes on the ears, an animal look and the harsh expression of "faces" - all this causes suspicion that the nature of these cats to match the appearance - wild and unkind, and with such a predator you have to keep your ears open. But when communicating with any representative of this breed, all fears are dispelled - under the imposing appearance of a giant forest hunter angelic disposition and a kind soul are hidden. This expressive contrast of appearance and character makes American raccoon cats even more attractive.

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This is what the existing standards of the breed say about the character of the Maine Coon:

  • TICA: “The character must be balanced, the disqualification will cause any signs of distinct changes. The animal may be afraid of the exhibition, trying to run away or complain, but not viciously threaten. ”
  • FIFE: "Maine Coon - a natural breed with a friendly character."
  • CFA: "The cat has a beautiful even temper, it gets on well in any environment."

Thus, the Maine Coon is a balanced, friendly and livable animal. This cat is a dream for someone who wants to actively communicate with your pet.

Maine Coon, man and other animals

It is often said about kunas that they are the most atypical representatives of the feline, referring primarily to the particular behavior. The nature of Maine Coon surprises connoisseurs of feline whims - these giant cats are not selfish and not closed, love for loneliness is clearly not the main feature of their nature, and they walk reluctantly themselves, preferring pleasant company.

The Maine Coons are very sociable and person-oriented, and they do not avoid the societies of other animals. Usually, the Maine Coons choose the main owner of their small home pride - they can be anyone, not just the “official” head of the family. Sometimes the pet is most strongly attached to one of the older children - the one who feeds him and takes part in games.

Kun and other pets

The solid size of the Maine Coon allows him to stand with dignity both in front of the tribesmen and in the eternal rivals of cats - dogs. Thanks to his benevolence and contact, the kun easily captures the location of other pets and involves them in his activities and fun. The fact is that the Maine Coons, like some wild cats, prefer to live in groups, so extending the pride for them is a natural thing. A kuna-father of a family is never isolated from a cat with kittens - it helps to raise the offspring and takes care of the mother with the babies.

Of course, birds, fish and rodents should not be introduced to Maine Coon just in case - small inhabitants of the house will most likely be perceived by the good-natured giant not as comrades, but as prey. Kuns are an aboriginal breed, which appeared due to the mouse abilities of its first representatives, so their love for hunting is fixed at their genetic level.

Maine coon and man

Cats of this breed will be constantly close to the person, if he wants to - the kun will not be imposed, and he himself does not like familiar treatment. If the household is not against it, Maine-coon will gladly settle down nearby - in an armchair, on a sofa, on a carpet, on a table at the computer. The pet will meet the owner after work, communicate with him in his special language, resembling a bird's trill, butt his head, inviting him to scratch behind the ear.

True, on the master's lap Maine coon will not sit - the size does not allow. Representatives of this breed hardly endure even a short separation from a person, therefore it is not recommended to leave Coons alone.

Maine-coons kindly treat children and patiently endure the encroachments of the little ones to play with them - it was not for nothing that they were called cats-nannies. Even if the child, while playing, involuntarily hurts the animal or brings inconvenience, the kun will never let go of the claws - he will simply walk away and hide. Therefore, animals of this breed is the best choice for families with children.

What is our life? A game!

Coons are calm and balanced cats, but their temperament cannot be called phlegmatic. In no way do they belong to the class of sofa inhabitants and eternal dormice. Animals of this breed must constantly move, play, communicate - they have a sanguine nature. An important feature of the Maine Coon's character is a constant desire to do something.

Game accessories

A special complex for the Maine-Coon, including the ladders, the scratching posts, the tunnels, the houses, the stove benches, the hammocks, the shelves, is not a luxury, but a necessity. Otherwise, the irrepressible activity of the pet, especially the young one, will be aimed at curtains, sofas and cabinets, which is fraught with considerable damage if taken into account the dimensions of the kuna.

But Maine Coon is not enough to entertain himself - he needs live communication, so every day you need to play with your pet for at least half an hour.

Kuna willingly play anything - they catch a mouse, they bring aport, they play a ball, they hide in bags and boxes. They are difficult to tolerate the lack of living space because of their considerable size - the Maine Coons like to stretch freely at full length, but they also know how to curl up.

Walks in the open air

Maine-coons love to walk in the fresh air, and, unlike most cats, they feel good in harness. Of course, you should not stress your pet by walking him on a busy street, but he will like the promenade in a quiet public garden. An animal that is on the street must be vaccinated, after each walk the pet's coat must be carefully inspected - the fluffy Maine Coon fur coat may attract the ubiquitous fleas.

Maine Coonies like in the country - there you can find the use of hunting abilities of American farm cats. Of course, the Maine Coon’s freestyle dacha life should be constantly monitored by the owners - a spacious enclosure with grass lawns and a mandatory climbing tree can be arranged for the pet.

Respectful intellectuals

“I'm not vindictive - I'm just angry, and my memory is good,” is a humorous statement, unfortunately, applicable to many cats. Cat's vindictiveness has long become the talk of the town - everyone knows the story or the other about the damaged shoes of an uncaring guest or the torn curtains of the hostess who has scolded her pet.

By Maine Coon is a bad property of nature has nothing to do. Even if you scold a naughty pet (certainly for the cause, and not because of a bad mood), he will not be offended and will not secretly lose the owner’s favorite chair. On the contrary, he will understand that he was wrong, and will return to a good mood - the Coons are gentle and easy-going.


Speaking about the nature of the Maine Coon, it is impossible not to mention the intelligence of representatives of this breed - many of their actions are conscious. For example, a Maine Coon can learn to open a room door by pressing the handle, it is easy to accustom him to the toilet. Coons have an excellent memory - animals memorize the words and intonations of the host and react to them accordingly, therefore, if desired, they can be taught commands and tricks.

Coons are very inquisitive animals, they have a lively tenacious mind and developed observation. They are interested in everything in the world - one can often see a Maine Coon standing on its hind legs and watching what is happening outside the window, or contemplating a computer monitor or a television screen. Everything that moves, flashes, makes sounds is the subject of vigilant interest of cats of this breed.

Special habits of unusual cats

The nature of the Maine Coon is distinguished by qualities not found in cats of other breeds. For example, coons are very interested in water, while many of their cat-like tribesmen carefully ignore everything wet and damp. Maine-coons at a watering place like to rake water with their paws, spray themselves and everything around and only then drink. Sometimes they rinse pieces of food in bowls of water, picking up meat with claws. Some representatives of this breed love to swim in the full sense of the word, climbing into a container with water, others know how to drink tap water.

Felinologists explain such an atypical attitude of cats to water by the fact that in the natural habitat of Maine Coons are surrounded by reservoirs - streams, small lakes, small rivers, and the climate of Maine itself can hardly be called mild. The ancestors of the present Coons, in order to purify the drinking water from garbage, pawed the leaves floating on the surface of a pond or stream.

Additional use of paws

The desire of the Maine-Coon to work with its paws does not only apply to bowls of water - the pets are also actively digging and burying cat litter, scattering it around the tray. Paws for Kuna - is not only a means of transportation. Large raccoon cats prefer to eat, picking food from a bowl with their paw and hooking it with a claw, so often the place of a Maine Coon meal needs cleaning. They are not prone to kitchen theft - if the cat climbs on the table, then only to watch from the height of the surroundings.

Nevertheless, the kun will not refuse to acquire all that is interesting and attractive, which, in his opinion, is bad - most often it is cloth, toys, balls, small objects that you can hunt. The pet usually hides its trophies in a secluded place - the Maine Coon owners often found such “treasure caves” in the houses that make up the complexes for cats.

Communication with the hosts

Maine-coons gently treat their household, but are completely indifferent to the guests. Only after some time, having become accustomed to a new person, the kun will give him signs of attention. From kisaniy and tiskaniy random, in his opinion, people, Maine Coon with dignity will move away. This testifies to the intelligibility in communication characteristic of representatives of this breed.

The Maine Coon has an unusual style of communication with people - they rarely meow, and the purr that they publish reminds melodious bird chirping.

Choosing a Maine Coon as a companion, a cat lover should know that an unusual pet will appear in his house, not quite conforming to traditional ideas about what a cat should be. He will not be immersed in his own world of an introvert, rarely condescending to the owner - on the contrary, Coons need live communication. They can give a lot to a person who is nearby, but they themselves also need attention in return. The character of the Maine Coon is as unique as its appearance. Cats of this breed will not assert themselves, hissing and releasing claws - they are patient and supportive of people.

The origin and description of the breed

Maine Coon in translation is the Manx raccoon, the first word is derived from the name of the northern state of Maine, where these cats first appeared, and the second word is associated with the typical external similarities of this cat and raccoon.

Farmers widely used the hunting skills and natural instincts of these animals.

There is an opinion that dog habits are inherent in representatives of this breed. The first known Maine Coon was a cat named Captain Djenskwho spoke at the Boston and New York exhibitions in 1861. After that, the breed became very popular all over the planet; today in Russia, the Maine Coons are becoming more and more widespread. Despite the high price, many people turn up and love them.

History reference

The origin and description of the Maine Coon is associated with the navigator Charles Kuhn, who traveled on a ship with his pets - representatives of long-haired breeds. Traveling through the lands of New England, his cats and cats mated with the locals, which led to the appearance in their litter of unusual fluffy and large kittens. This story made the Maine Coon known as “Kuna's cats,” because they were nicknamed by the long-time inhabitants of these places.

Unique appearance dictates the following standards and description:

  • Body. A voluminous rectangular body with a developed and massive musculature, a large head and strong limbs, a wide chest cell and a very long tail.
  • Head. Large head with straight and sharp outlines, with a big nose and raised cheekbones.
  • Eyes. Almond-shaped eyes are widely spaced, their color is in harmony with the general shade of the animal.
  • Ears. The large, broad ears at the base are high and upright; they are pointed and end with tassels typical of maine coons, like lynx.
  • Chin. A strong and large chin is in line with the lips and nose.
  • Tail. The long and bushy tail should reach the shoulder, it is wide at the base and tapers slightly to the tip.
  • Paws. Chunky middle paws along the length, between the fingers there are small woolen tufts.
  • Color Nature rewarded the breed with the most varied shades of wool. They have Siamese, red, chocolate, white, peach and black colors.
  • Wool. The head and shoulders of the animal are covered with short hair, which is extended along the back, sides and belly. The top coat falls smoothly, it feels tough, has a thick and fluffy undercoat. On the neck may be a frill or collar.
  • The weight of a large female can reach 9-10 kg, the male - up to 11-12 kg, on average, the body weight of an animal is 7-8 kg. Kittens are born weighing up to 150 to 170 grams, for comparison, the weight of an ordinary baby is only 70-110 grams.
  • Age. Maine-coons live on average from 10 to 12 years, long-livers are noted by 15-16 years of life.

Photo Maine Coons

A huge adult cat in the arms of the boy. All the best signs are on the face: marble gray color, big head and paws, pointed ears with tassels, elongated body and long fluffy tail. Immediately obvious - they are real friends!

Red Maine Coon - is the splendor of color and texture of wool! Terrible look and typical royal posture - a manifestation of the breed and the internal qualities of the animal in all its glory. It is impossible to leave unnoticed the largest features - a massive nose, slanting eyes, high ears and wide cheekbones. Really beautiful and graceful representative of the family!

The color of this cat combines several shades of gray and white. She easily and with pleasure runs through the snow, in which the physiological structure of her paws helps her. Fluffy and thick wool is a great protection from wind and cold, at low temperatures the fluffy undercoat finishes and the animal becomes even more visually. Regal and intelligent cat!

The Maine-Coon is a peach-colored teenager, he has a playful and open look, is interested in what is happening, which is inherent in the representatives of this breed. From the video and photos of the Maine-Coon breed, you can see typical features - a powerful nose and wide-set eyes, a beautiful collar and healthy pink ears, as well as large paws with woolen tufts between the fingers. Cute, inquisitive and active pet!

Maine Coon Cat Character Description

Unique appearance accompanies no less interesting description of the nature and habits of these animals. That is why Maine Coons are special:

  • Sociability and interpersonal skills. Description of the nature of the breed, the Maine Coon begins with the fact that they hate loneliness. On the contrary, they should be in the center of attention and in the thick of all the events that take place in the house. Few cats sleep, love to contemplate from the outside, perfectly adapt to the rhythm of life of the owners - in general, over time they become equal members of the family.
  • Kindness and friendliness. Description Maine-coon cat can be described as absolutely not showing aggression. There is no such thing that during the game they started to claw and hiss, as often happens with other breeds. Their formidable appearance does not at all coincide with a kind and soft soul.
  • Mind and resourcefulness. The intelligence of the Maine Coon is at the highest level, cats can learn many teams and games, these are intelligent, logical, intelligent and resourceful animals. They can open the door with their paws, bring various objects, go to the toilet, catch toys, eat from their paws, stand on their hind limbs, and so on.
  • Playfulness and curiosity. Until old age, Maine Coon is all interesting, he leads an active life and remains a “child”, a bully and a shalunishka. Apparently the rest of these cats does not give the hunting instinct hidden in them.
  • Love and caress. There is no limit to the loving and tenderness of these pets, but this does not mean at all that they will sit on their hands. Maine-coons show their love in the following way: they rub at their feet, lie beside them, crouching, purring and poking their faces. Description of the favorite habit of Maine Coon of any age - is to sleep with the owner.
  • Activity and freedom. Walking for the Maine Coon is a necessary and important attribute of their life. They will walk in any weather, quickly get used to the collar and leash. Description on the street: behave calmly, will not run away and hide.
  • Openness and livability are the main signs of the Maine Coon breed. They can live in any family. If there are many children surrounded by Maine Coon, he will definitely choose a pet for himself. With small children, the cat is polite and tactful, it will never touch the baby. Если в доме есть другие питомцы, не важно, кошки, птицы, грызуны или собаки, мейн-кун станет им отличным товарищем и другом.
  • Опрятность и чистоплотность . При всей своей грациозности мейн-кун может быть неуклюжим – разбросать еду вокруг тарелки, пролить воду, опрокинуть что-то на пол. В отношении туалета и гигиены эти кошки предельно аккуратные и чистоплотные.

Повадки и привычки мейн-куна

Description of the Maine-Coon is contrary to the external severity and danger of the animal, in reality it is a benevolent and playful cat, at the sight of which you want to smile. They get along well with children, play and guard them. Contraindications to the institution of Maine Coon can only be an allergic reaction to the animal's fur, as they are subject to molting almost throughout the year.

Pets of Maine Coon breed are not afraid of harsh winter conditions - this is designed for a special shape of the paw to walk in the snow, dense water-repellent wool and a huge fluffy tail, which you can hide and hide from the extreme cold.

Unlike other breeds, the Maine Coon cat breed description is related to the love of water and ponds. Maine-Coon will not refuse to swim and swim with the owner, ask to take a shower with you, will gladly climb into the bath and will not refuse to wash under the tap.

Conditions of detention

Representatives of the Maine Coon breed love open terrain and freedom; however, this does not prevent them from easily adapting and getting used to life in the conditions of a megacity. These are restless cats who need to run, jump and play, developing their body and strengthening their muscles. The largest cats on the planet give a lot of joy and love to their owners, especially to children, how old they would not be.

Maine Coon Care - Description:

  • Nutrition . A large pet likes to eat tight and tasty, so the bowl should be roomy and strong, made of glass, metal or ceramics, separately for food and water.
  • Home conditions. In the house of Maine Coon will always find a place for himself, he will never be intrusive and aggressive. You can purchase or independently make a bed for your pet, given his preferences and dimensions.
  • Walking A prerequisite for the preservation of health and longevity of an unusual pet. Under ideal conditions, walking with the Maine Coon is necessary every day, if it is impossible, then take a long time and several times a week.
  • Games . Maine-coons of all ages love toys, so it must be soft and safe items, without small details that an animal can tear off and swallow.
  • Restroom . The cat's tray should always be clean, the usual sand or specialized store composition can serve as a filler, in accordance with what the pet is used to. Please note that a large pet will require a spacious tray.
  • Bathing Pet needs to be bathed as needed, when the coat appears greasy and stick together. Big cats love water treatments, so you can water them from a scoop or wash them in the shower. Caution requires the ears of the animal, avoid contact with liquid. Washing the rich and long wool involves the use of special shampoos and gels.
  • Trimming claws. This procedure should be repeated every 2-3 weeks, using special manicure teeth. Get a claw tie for Maine-Coon - the pet will be immensely grateful to you.
  • Eye and ear hygiene. Description of hygienic measures: as the eyes become dirty, they should be cleaned and disinfected using cotton pads and special eye solutions. Animal ears should be checked no less than once a week. Contamination from the ears gently removed with a cotton swab.
  • Combing The long and thick wool has a silky structure, which greatly facilitates the process of combing and grooming the animal. Pieces accumulate under the armpits and on the stomach, if it is impossible to comb them, then it is better to cut them to the base with scissors. It is necessary to comb out Maine Coon regularly - 2-3 times a week, ideally - every day. To do this, purchase a metal comb with rubberized teeth for long hair and a special brush trimming for thick undercoat. In terms of combing Maine Coons are quite patient and calm animals.
  • Teeth cleaning . Weekly oral hygiene will be an excellent prevention of diseases of the teeth and gums of the animal.
  • Vaccinations. From the age of 2 months, the kittens, which have got stronger, begin to make planned vaccinations; Periodically carry Maine Coon for preventive examination of the vet. And with the appearance of painful symptoms, urgent specialist assistance is needed.

Features of the breed and the maintenance of the Maine Coon - this is an increased demand for environmental cleanliness and personal hygiene, as well as the quality of food, not without reason they are called "royal cats"!

Maine coon cat food

To feed a Maine-Coon cat, you need high-quality, balanced, high-protein and nutritious food. Dry food must be combined with canned. Better not to take grain-based feed for Maine Coons, high-calorie carbohydrate food can provoke diabetes and obesity. The first ingredient of a special feed for a giant cat is meat.

Description of nutrition on a natural basis - up to 70% of the diet should be meat and meat products, it is recommended to supplement the menu with eggs, porridge, vegetables, dairy and dairy products, be sure to accompany nutrition with vitamin and mineral supplements. Feeding bowls should be made of glass or stainless steel, plastic is highly undesirable.

Maine Coon: Health and Disease

This breed of cats is distinguished by health and stamina, well adapted to physical exertion and difficult climate.

On average, their lifespan is 12-15 years.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCMP) is the most serious health hazard of Maine Coon. This pathology is associated with the heart, it progresses rapidly and occurs in older children.

Another disease caused by genes, manifested from the age of six months - is spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). The disease affects the spinal cord of the animal, the main symptoms manifested in violations of the muscular work of the limbs.

The feline breed Maine Coon often suffers from polycystic kidney disease and osteoarthritis, both diseases are genetic in nature.

Let's sum up

From the above description, it follows that the undeniable fact is that Maine Coon is a special cat for special owners. Everything in them is harmonious and beautiful - from the appearance and structure to the character and disposition of the animal. Life with such a pet in the house will definitely be interesting, bright and active!

The origin of the breed

Homeland cats - the northwestern state of the United States of America, which is called Maine. It is from the name of the homeland that the Maine Coon cat breed originated. The origin of the Maine Coon breed has long been proven, but despite this, there are several interesting legends.

According to one legend, a Maine-coon cat is an animal from crossing a female raccoon and a cat. In support of this theory, the external features of the cat are given, namely, the tail, the color of which is very similar to a raccoon.

According to the second legend, the Maine Coon kittens appeared as a result of crossing the North American lynx with an ordinary cat. This theory is confirmed by the tassels on the ears of cats of this breed, which are believed to have got them from the lynx-mother.

Those who study the origins of these cats claim that there are no secrets in their history. Breed appeared as a result of natural evolution.

Maine-coon wool is the result of adaptation to the harsh snowy winters, as well as their voluminous fluffy tails, with which they wrapped themselves in particularly cold winter nights.

Previously, cats of these breeds were excellent hunters. Now they no longer have to show their hunting talents, but they have had a significant impact on their unique affectionate character and some of its features. Now these big cats are quite common and loved not only in the United States, but throughout the world.

Breed description

Maine Coon kittens, as well as an adult cat of this breed - one of the most extraordinary individuals of its kind. His numerous colors, thick fluffy wool, unusually thick tail, charming attractive face and large size - the differences that distinguish a Maine Coon cat from many other animals of the cat family.

It will be interesting:

Breed standard (appearance)

To understand more clearly what a Maine-coon cat looks like, consider the description of the breed (characteristic of the breed).

  • Head elongated, not wide, like other cats. A curved profile, a massive skull, high cheekbones and large, triangular, high-set ears with tassels on the tips are those features of the head that indicate the presence of the Maine Coon.
  • Eyes have an oval shape, they are widely spaced. Eye color should be in harmony with the color of the cat.
  • Neck average.
  • Body may be large or very large, because of which this cat is the largest of its “brothers”. His body is muscular, rather long and wide.
  • Limbs they are not proportionate to the body, they are also big, muscular. Between the fingers of their paws they must have tufts of wool.
  • Tail fluffy and big. The length of the tail can reach at least the shoulders of the cat.
  • Wool the Maine Coon cat is fluffy and very thick. In the region of the head and neck, the coat is of medium length. But with a long "mane", and "pants" and the stomach is decorated with a long thick undercoat.
  • Color may be different (black, white, red ...).
  • Weight adult cats can reach up to 15 kilograms, and the giants' lifespans range from 15 to 20 years.

The nature and characteristics of the Maine Coon

The external signs of these cats clearly distinguish them from others, which is a fundamental argument for acquiring a kitten of this particular breed.

Maine Coon is not only a very beautiful animal, striking with its large muscular body (the photo with a man clearly shows the state of the cat), elegant appearance and very expressive eyes, but also an animal that has got a special character. You can learn a lot about his character from the owners of this cat, whose reviews "speak for themselves."

It is the reviews of the owners that reinforce the desire to get into the house of the same wonderful pet. What is so different this big cat from others.

The funny habits of these big cats are what touches and makes their owners laugh, as their great weight makes their games very humorous. These cats are always ready to help, no matter what you do. Curious and lovely, they do not at all correspond to their large size.

Many believe that the Maine Coons can offend, but it is not. These cats never let out their claws unnecessarily, they are friendly, affectionate and very gentle.

How old do they grow?

The organism is finally formed approximately 3-5 years of age.

Moving and very playful Maine Coons will never let you be bored, amenable to education.

These cats love the space at a height, so try to provide them with this comfort in the apartment (house), acquiring the likeness of a tree (by making it yourself). When buying (producing) such a tree, do not forget to take into account the weight of the animal, the design must be stable and functional (place for rest, for climbing and turning claws).

Adult cats of the Maine-Coon breed are rather lazy, they are observers whose curiosity has no limits. Sometimes it seems that they know about everything that is "going on" in the house, much more than you do.

Maine Coon is educated and has a dignity. They will never encroach on someone else's bowl and will not pull food from the table, they will not beg.

Another interesting feature of this cat is its unusual "conversation". Yes, you heard right, these cats do not meow, they make sounds similar to humans. Their “speeches” have a lot of expressive intonations.

Good to know:

How to care

Keep these cats is not difficult, since even their thick hair does not require special care. The care and maintenance of these “lynx-raccoons” is very simple.

Their silk hair is not tangled, so combing it is not difficult. Scrubbing wool should be practiced at least once a week (quite enough). Do not forget about his gorgeous tail, which also requires some attention.

Love your pet, watch him as you are, not forgetting your ears, claws, timely bathing and combing, then she will live with you a long and happy life.

You can feed Maine Coon like other purebred cats. What to feed, you decide, but do not forget about the basic requirements: the food must be balanced, contain vitamins and be complete.

Diet when using dry food super premium class - 50 grams of feed for every 3 kg of cat weight.

Read about feeds:

Video on the topic you can look here (and the photo below):

Photos of Maine Coon cats

Photos of the Maine Coon, presented below, will give you an idea of ​​some of their colors.

In addition to standard monochromatic colors, the photos of which are shown above (white, red, black), the Maine Coons may also have such colors as:

Marble, shades of which can be in various combinations (2 colors).

Tortoiseshell, as well as marble color, can be in different color combinations (three colors).

Blue - a rather rare color and very unusual, as the blue cat is very beautiful. See the photo.

On average, the price of a Maine Coon kitten is from 20,000 to 80,000 rubles (5,000-35,000 hryvnia).

Where to buy a Maine Coon kitten?

How much is a Maine Coon kitten, you can answer the breeders or those who are engaged in this breed more professionally (nurseries). To answer how to determine the cost to which you need to navigate when choosing a kitten, you need to decide on its color from photographs and pedigree.

Where to buy such a kitten? Of course not in the market, if you want to get a purebred pet. For example, you can contact one of the nurseries.

Breed standard - appearance

The breed of these cats is rightly called one of the largest in the world, and the average weight of males can reach 7-12 kg. The average cat of this breed weighs 5-6 pounds. An adult cat can weigh up to 15 kg. Interestingly, the Maine Coon breed today ranks 3rd in terms of popularity worldwide.

Cats of this breed are distinguished not only by their strong and muscular body, but also by their slightly angular and even square head shape. The big ears of these cats are set wide apart, and also have small “tassels” on the tips.

Nature rewarded Maine Coon with green or amber eyes. The paws of these cats are quite strong. This breed also has a silky and shiny wool, which has a natural non-uniform length. Coloring Maine Coon wool can be varied.

So, there are cats with many different shades, except for the following colors:

  • Abyssinian
  • purple,
  • siamese
  • chocolate
  • brown color.

Felinologists recognize that cats can have white designs on their bodies. So, there is a white coat on the abdomen, on the legs, on the chest and on the ears.

Character of Maine Coon cats

Meynkun is not only a very beautiful animal, striking with its large muscular body (the photo with a man clearly shows the state of the cat), elegant appearance and very expressive eyes, but also an animal that has a special character.

The external signs of these cats clearly distinguish them from others, which is a fundamental argument for acquiring a kitten of this particular breed. You can learn a lot about his character from the owners of this cat, whose reviews "speak for themselves."

It is the reviews of the owners that reinforce the desire to get into the house of the same wonderful pet. What is so different this big cat from others. The funny habits of these big cats are what touches and makes their owners laugh, as their great weight makes their games very humorous.

These cats are always ready to help, no matter what you do. Curious and lovely, they do not at all correspond to their large size. Many believe that the Maine Coons can offend, but it is not. These cats never let out their claws unnecessarily, they are friendly, affectionate and very gentle.

Pros and cons of breed

The advantages and advantages of the Maine Coon

  1. This breed of cats is not for nothing called the "gentle giants" - almost all Maine Coons differ surprisingly friendly temper.
  2. No specific maine coons suffer. With proper care and the normal health of nature, your pet will live for many years.
  3. Maine Coons are very attached to the owners. They love affection and constantly express their love for you.
  4. Maine-coons look just gorgeous. Imagine how you will show off to your friends a huge cat, which thanks to its fluffy wool looks even more!
  5. In nature, the Maine Coons live in the north, so they are not afraid of the cold.

Disadvantages and disadvantages of the Maine Coon

  • Maine Coon, in an amicable way, needs a special diet. Dry and wet food for this breed is different from those for durgy cats. They cost a lot, and the appetite of the Maine Coon will be envied even by a hefty mechanic who has worked three shifts at the plant. Simply put, keeping Maine Coons is not so cheap.
  • The excrement of the Maine Coon has a specific strong odor - the tray after the cat should be immediately removed.
  • Maine-coons grow up more slowly than other cats in terms of mental development - up to about three years. At the same time one-year-old kitten can weigh under ten kilograms. Given its activity, it is easy to imagine what kind of destruction this cute cat can cause in the house.
  • If you go to the country in the summer and take a cat with you, it is worthwhile to limit his walking without a harness. В природе мейн-куны охотятся в основном на птиц, и взрослый мейн-кун за лето способен разорить все птичьи гнёзда в радиусе пары километров от вашего дома. Охотничий инстинкт у этих кошек очень силён.
  • Мейн-куны из-за очень тёплой шерсти плохо переносят жару.
  • If other cats or small dogs live in your home, the Maine Coon is likely to behave towards them as a leader. And he intends to reinforce his intentions with great physical strength and impressive size - about four times larger than a regular domestic cat.

Maine Coon Care

When the baby Maine Coon appears in the house, the owner has a lot of cares about the arrangement of the pet corner.

The animal will need:

  1. Bed - it can be purchased at the pet store, given that for an older pet you will need a spacious bed of at least 90x60x20 cm. Since cats are very individual, the owner can try to build a bed independently of fabric, foam rubber, padding polyester, cotton wool.
  2. Toilet tray - better if it is quite spacious. However, for a kitten you need to pick up a tray with relatively low sides.
  3. Filler - it is advisable to find out from the seller of the kitten which filler was used in the nursery So it will be easier for an animal to get used to the toilet in a new place.
  4. Kogtetochka - for the Maine Coon is required, the size is commensurate with their dimensions.
  5. Toys - only safe balls, mice, soft. But toys should not have parts that easily come off during the game - buttons, beads, feathers and others.
  6. Bowls - they should be roomy in size. Preference is better to make in favor of glass, steel or ceramic bowls - they are the safest in terms of hygiene.

Maine-coons must necessarily breathe fresh air, so the best option for walking an animal in the territory of a private or suburban area. In the fenced area, these cats behave calmly, taking air baths, they, as a rule, do not tend to leave the yard in search of adventure.

If Maine-coon lives in an apartment, then the owner may think about a safe area for walking the animal on a harness. However, visiting the street is possible only when the cat received all vaccinations without exception.

Feeding Maine Coons can be both natural and industrial. Industrial ready-made feed should be selected in accordance with the age and weight parameters of the animal. At the same time, it is advisable to give preference to extra-premium feed for large breeds of cats (they include at least 50% meat).

Natural nutrition is by no means food from the table. At the heart of the cat's diet should be present primarily meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit, beef), its Maine Coons should receive daily. Meat can be boiled before serving to the animal, and it can be subjected to freezing for 5-7 days.

Pretreatment (cooking-freezing) is required to prevent the animal from being infected with parasites. Mandatory for cats and vegetables (zucchini, carrots, broccoli, beets, pumpkin), greens (parsley, lettuce, dill). Before eating, vegetables can be boiled or left raw, ground before serving.

Vegetables are usually mixed with minced meat. In addition to vegetables, you can add bran to the meat. Fish for the cat is chosen frozen sea, it is given no more than 2 times a week, raw or boiled. Fresh kislya chicken (or quail) boiled egg yolk are also helpful for cats.

Cereals (rice, buckwheat) and medium-fat dairy products (kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese) can be alternated with vegetables and bran as a supplement to meat, fish or poultry. However, you should not give them to the Maine Coons every day - this is fraught with obesity, so a two-time regiment of porridge will be enough.

To the natural diet it is necessary to add vitamin and mineral complexes, prescribed by a veterinarian. In addition to food for the Maine Coon, water is also important - boiled or filtered. In this case, the owner must change the water every day 1-2 times.

Maine Coons Health and Diseases

Maine-coons live for about 12-15 years, and a considerable gap in life expectancy depends on the nutrition of the animal and the quality of care for it. These healthy people do not often suffer from ailments, but they are characterized by a number of serious diseases, which include: hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, dysplasia of the hip joints and spinal muscular atrophy.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the most common heart disease in a cat. It leads to a significant thickening (hypertrophy) of the heart muscle. The presence of this disease can be determined using an echocardiogram.

Do not trust those breeders who claim that their pets are not susceptible to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This disease can occur in any pet. Before viscous, it is necessary to conduct an examination to avoid the appearance of kittens from sick parents.

The researchers were able to establish that hypertrophic cardiomyopathy develops as a result of a genetic mutation. Do not buy Maine Coon kittens from those breeders who have not conducted an appropriate examination of the animal. Always require medical records, including the results of medical examinations of the parents of the kitten being purchased.

Hip dysplasia also has a hereditary factor. A sick animal experiences pain, which often leads to lameness. Animals with hip dysplasia can move slowly, such a cat is also unlikely to jump. In the acute phase of the disease there is a decrease in weight.

As a rule, in such cases, medical treatment or surgery helps. Since the hip dysplasia is also hereditary, an X-ray examination of the animal is necessary before viscous. This will help eliminate the possibility of this disease in the offspring.

Spinal muscular atrophy is also a common disease in Maine Coons. It is caused by the death of spinal cord neurons, which ensure the activity of skeletal muscles and limbs. Ultimately, the disease leads to muscle weakness and dystrophy.

Sick cats move poorly and very slowly and are not capable of jumping. Now the only way to diagnose this disease at an early stage is a special DNA test.

Video about breed Maine Coon

  • In February 2016, the felinological organization CFA announced the ranking of the most popular breeds in the world. Maine Coon went to bronze - an honorable third place. These powerful beauties gave way only to the Persians (2nd place) and exotic cats (respectively 1st place).
  • In the Guinness Book of Records, Maine Coon, nicknamed Stewie (Nevada), was marked in 2010 by a cat with the longest body length - 123.19 cm. The cat, unfortunately, died 3 years after his oncology triumph.
  • The weight of Maine coon kittens at birth is 120-170 g, whereas the weight of other breeds of kittens is usually 70-120 g.

Conclusion about the breed

Despite the truly gigantic size, the Maine Coons are very calm and cheerful creatures. They are not indifferent to the outside world, and are not averse to playing with the owner even in adulthood. The Maine Coons are very people oriented. They can even be taught to walk on a leash. Therefore, the breed is often recommended to people who wanted to have a dog, but could not do it.

The relationship between man and Maine-Coon can be called "friendly." It is unlikely that you will wait for such a cat to sit on your lap and begin to purr. Perhaps this is for the better, given the size of the animal. But, on the other hand, the Maine Coons have absolutely no respect for the “personal space” of a person. They will not walk next to you "in the leg", but simply get underfoot, like other cats.

Maine Coon is different from other representatives of the feline world that loves water. Many owners say that their cats constantly sit in the bathroom, especially when someone has a shower. Maine-coons like to swim and can watch for hours how water drips from the tap. Only we must bear in mind that they will dry for a very long time after bathing.

The care of the Maine Coon is not different from the care of all long-haired cats. The main thing - every few days carefully comb them. The calm character allows the Maine Coon to get along well with other cats, although they are often afraid of them (usually because of the size). And for a man, a Maine-Coon cat is an excellent companion who “befriends” with his master and does not cause any particular hassle.
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Breed Reviews

Peacefully coexist with cats of other breeds and dogs. By their nature, they are completely non-reflective, they do not provoke a quarrel, and in the event of a conflict seek to leave the “danger zone”. If you want to have a Maine Coon, know that he needs a large living space.

In a small apartment, these giants quickly start to get bored. They are unlikely to suit those who come home only to sleep, but the content of two individuals at once can correct the situation. Currently it is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

So, in 2011, its representatives took the third place in the CFA ranking after Persian and exotic cats. The American state of Maine in 1985 was officially declared the “Maine Coon State”. This "state" even has its own coin, issued in 1993. Its face value is 25 cents, it was made of copper-nickel alloy with the addition of silver and gold.

Maine Coon Prices

Today, the price of mens cats depends on many factors. However, the main is the origin of kittens. It is believed that these cats are very expensive, but the pricing policy in the case of this breed is quite justified. These cats have a number of positive qualities that distinguish them from other cats, for which they are so expensive and appreciated.

These qualities include:

  1. Maine cats have an unusually large size,
  2. they are easy to teach teams
  3. Maine Coons are extremely positive
  4. These cats are very neat and tidy.

Of course, these are just a few qualities for which Maine Coons are so valued. It should be remembered that in the case of buying a cat of this breed can not go on about the low price. It is best to give preference to buying a kitten from the nursery, which has all the necessary documents for breeding and selling kittens.

Kittens that have a “pure” pedigree are considered expensive (this means that their ancestors must be pure Maine Coons for at least 4 previous generations). Also, the pricing policy depends on the class of the kitten, that is, on the availability of titles for the dad-cat and mom-cat.

There is still a huge amount of nuances that must be carefully studied before acquiring a future pet of the whole family in order not to get disappointed for many years. Basically, the cost of mens cats today can range from 300 to 1500 dollars, but the upper limit of the price is practically non-existent.

Our advice

Before bringing a cat of this breed into the house, it is necessary to determine whether there is enough space in the apartment for such a big cat and whether there are enough opportunities for its maintenance. Do not buy such an elite cat from unknown breeders or with hands. It is better to contact well-established Maine Coon nurseries.

Choosing a kitten, pay attention to its content (cleanliness of the aviary and feeding places, feeding ration, toys for the game). Self-respecting breeders will show everything without hiding, give advice not only when buying, but also in the future, they will offer their services for medical supervision.

When choosing a kitten, start the inspection with the ears. The tassels on them should be long, and the longer, the better, the legs - powerful and strong, the chin - large, massive. Decide what kind of character your pet will have and talk about it with the nursery staff. Kittens are taken from the nursery at the age of three months with a full card of the necessary vaccinations.