The most famous and popular breeds of cats with photos


Experts allocate more than 100 different breeds of cats. The Association of Cat Lovers (CFA), based on data on the number of registrations of pedigree pets, forms a list of the most popular breeds of cats, in which there are animals bred not only abroad, but also in Russia, as well as native pedigreed cats.

Russian blue, Burmese, Norwegian forest, Devon Rex, Siamese, Oriental, Sphinx, Abyssinian, Scottish Fold, American Shorthair, British, Ragdoll, Maine Coon, Persian, Exot are most popular with foreign and Russian breeders.

The breed is aboriginal, introduced by the Arkhangelsk sailors to the UK in the 19th century. Today, these cats are popular not only in their historic homeland, but also in the United States of America, Europe.

The description of this breed is as follows:

  • long muscular limbs with round legs,
  • elongated muzzle
  • large almond eyes, painted in an emerald hue,
  • large ears,
  • short wool with a silky undercoat.

For representatives of this breed, only blue coat color is allowed. Despite the fact that the Russian blue cat has a rather heavy skeleton, it moves almost silently. The nature of cats appeasable. As a host, they choose one of their family members for themselves, but they are friendly to other household members.

Burmese cat, or sacred burma, is popular abroad. In Russia, this breed is not so common. These semilong-haired cats attract breeders with their unusual appearance. A distinctive feature of these pets is their point color, which is characterized by the presence of snow-white "gloves" on their paws.

Sacred Burma is also popular due to its friendly character. Unfounded aggression and revenge are alien to them. These pets treat all family members equally well and calmly react to strangers. It is enough to take care of their long hair, since it does not go astray in mats.

The breed is popular in Europe, and especially in its homeland, in Norway. Norwegian forest cats are not yet common in Russia and the USA. These semilong-haired pets are aboriginal breed. Their distinctive feature is the thick fur collar that adorns the neck. Among other breeds, they are distinguished by slightly pointed ears, like a lynx.

Despite the fact that these cats are quite large, in weight they reach about 5-7 kg.

Norwegian forests are distinguished by an outstanding mind. They get along with households, including small children, and get along with other pets.

Devon Rex is one of the youngest cat breeds that are popular in European countries and the USA. They stand out for their extraordinary appearance. The pets have a rather dense constitution, thin limbs and short curly hair. Often, vibrissae they are wavy. Wool cover can be painted in any shade.

Naughty and agile Devon Rex quickly becomes attached to its owner and loves to spend time with him. These cats suffer loneliness and separation from the owner. With other pets they quickly find a common language, they love to play with children.

This breed got its name in honor of the city of Siam (modern Thailand), which is its historic homeland. These ancient breed pets are equally popular both in Russia and abroad. Cats with high limbs, graceful physique and almond-shaped blue eyes have a short coat of color-color point.

Siamese cats are persistent and sociable. They like to be in the center of attention and spend time with family members. Pets quickly get used to new conditions and to all family members. For strangers are wary, but unreasonable aggression never show.

Breeding these cats are actively engaged in the United States, where they are popular to this day. This breed was obtained by chance. Breeders planned to restore the number of Siamese cats, which sharply declined after the Second World War, and crossed them with other breed pets. In one of the litters and kittens appeared with large ears and a solid coat color, which are allocated in a separate breed.

Visually Orientals look like Siamese cats. They have the same long, graceful constitution, almond-shaped eyes and short coat of wool. Their distinctive feature is a variety of colors, so that they became popular among breeders.

Cats won the love of not only European, but also Russian breeders, who bred a separate species of this breed, called Peterbald. Don Sphynx is popular in Russia, and Canadian is the most common abroad.

These hairless cats are medium sized. They have a skin with folds, very warm to the touch. They have large ears, expressive rounded eyes and an elongated whip-like tail.

The character of the Sphynx is docile. They like to communicate with the owner, play with children. Pets are quick-witted, and if desired they can be taught to various teams.

These pets have a long body, a wedge-shaped head and large ears. Their distinctive feature is the short wool of an unusual color. Regardless of the color of the coat, there is a ticking on it, which is the presence of dark areas at the tips of the hairs.

Abyssinians are notable for their mobility and playfulness. They are very affectionate and charming. By household attached quickly and love to spend time with them. They like to play with other pets, do not show unreasonable aggression towards strangers.

Lop-eared Scots are popular both in Russia and abroad. These are medium-sized cats with short limbs, round eyes and a small muzzle. Their main feature are ears, curved forward and down. Their coat is short and long, and colors can be varied.

Lop-eared Scottish cats are notable for their curiosity, ingenuity and devotion to their owners. Cats moderately playful and non-aggressive. They equally well get on with all pets.

American shorthair cats are especially popular in their homeland. The photo shows the obvious similarity of this breed animal with mongrel cats, and this similarity is often used by unscrupulous breeders.

American cats have a muscular physique, a large head with developed cheeks. The coat is thick and short. Coat color may be different.

Representatives of this breed are ideal for keeping in large families, because they love to play with children and are friendly to other pets.

These short-haired cats won the love of breeders in Russia and European countries. They have a powerful physique, a broad chest, short hair and large round eyes. Color is different.

These pets are distinguished by their independent character and outstanding mind. They easily endure loneliness, do not like to sit in the hands of their owners, and patiently treat children. In this case, the cat owner quickly become attached and prefer to spend time in the company of people.

Cats of this breed are one of the largest breed cats, popular in the United States and some European countries. Fluffy pets have strong bones, long thick hair and deep-set eyes, painted in rich blue color.

Their distinguishing feature is that they can not land on their feet when falling. Because of this, they were called ragdoll (ragdoll), which means "rag doll".

Pets of this breed are distinguished by restraint and poise. They are moderately active and prefer to spend most of their time in the host’s society. They get along well with other animals that live with them under the same roof, and treat small children calmly.

This is another popular worldwide and one of the largest breeds of cats. In weight, these pets reach about 9 kg. Their bodies are muscular, their heads are massive, their hair is long, and their ears are large, with tassels on their tips.

Despite the formidable look, the Maine Coons are very friendly and affectionate pets. At the same time, cats do not require increased attention, but patiently wait for the owner to want to communicate with them. With other animals in the house, they quickly find a common language and get along with young children.

A few years ago, these pets were considered the most popular breed cats in the world, but today they are second on the list. Persian cats have a massive head, large eyes, small ears and an upturned nose. Their coat is long, requiring special care.

Persian cats are balanced and calm. They do not like active games and spend most of their time lying on the couch. Representatives of this breed patiently treat small children, do not show unreasonable aggression.

The breed is the most popular in the world. She was bred by breeders as a result of crossing Pets and American breed pets. Visually, exotics look like Persians, but their coat is short and easy to care for.

Such cats are especially popular in Japan. They have a docile, friendly character. These gentle pets like to communicate with households, quickly get used to new conditions.

They are suitable for keeping in large families and in the homes of single elderly people.

And a little about the secrets.

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Shorthair cats: photos and description of the breed

Shorthair cats are the most ancient breeds of pets, therefore their number is much more than long-haired. Many breeds of existing short-haired beauties were known in the Middle Ages. Each of them is distinguished by its character and temper; only the length of wool unites them all.

Abyssinian cat

A long elongated neck, a powerful chin, large ears with a tassel, and the expressive eyes of an Abyssinian cat make her look very restrained and belligerent. The exact origin of this breed is not known, but there is a perception that it originates from the time of Ancient Egypt. Representatives of the Abyssinian have exceptional colors - from wild red to blue. These cats are famous for their rare intelligence and rare obstinacy. But more often in everyday life, they manifest themselves as cute and friendly creatures, very active and mobile, with distinctive curiosity. It is easy enough to care for her, as she is very neat and obedient. The cost of Abyssinian kittens ranges from 200 to 400 dollars.

Australian Mist or Australian Smoky

An Australian mist or smoky cat came to Europe from Australia in the 80s of the last century. Small in size, with soft wool, have an unusual smoky spotted color of different shades: from brown to caramel. Differs quite friendly, playful and docile nature, so it is perfect for living in the largest family. Easily finds contact with children, is safe in communication with strangers, but is not afraid of loneliness either. It does not require frequent walks, because of this it can be in a closed room for a long time. You can take it with you on a trip. The disadvantages include a dislike for swimming and a fairly rare distribution on the planet. The price for an Australian kitten starts from $ 700 US.

American hair cat

A typical American cat, the breed of which was bred quite randomly from ordinary mongrel cats, has a soft, fluffy coat that looks like a barbed wire. In addition, the color of this breed can be very diverse. By nature, these are quite peaceful and playful creatures throughout their lives, who show interest in everything they see around. A family with children is a great place to live for an American wire-haired one, as it very calmly applies to all children's quirks. You can buy a kitten of this breed for $ 800 - $ 1600.

American shorthair cat

The American Shorthair cat belongs to long-lived cats. Most often they live to be 15-20 years old. Friendly and flexible cats. Being lazy enough, most of all they like to rest and eat, which often leads to obesity. In order to avoid this disease, the owners must accustom their pets to physical education classes from childhood. At the same time, they will in no way tolerate a single mouse in their territory. American Shorthair kittens are relatively inexpensive - only $ 150 - $ 450.

American Bobtail

Breed of breed kartotserstnogo American bobtail has its history since the existence of the Indian wigwam. And at first it was more tamed lynx than a cat. Therefore, in this breed so many lynx. The American Bobtail differs from other breeds, first of all, by a small tail, which is half the length of the usual one.
sociable pet, which will find a common language with all family members at once, with other pets, and will be very pleased with the presence of guests. Loneliness is contraindicated in this cat. In addition, the American bobtail helps to treat depression, but in return it will require no less affection and attention. The cost of American Bobtail starts at $ 500.

Anatolian cat

The second name of the Anatolian cat is Turkish Shorthair. This breed was formed naturally on the shores of the Turkish Lake Van, so it is very similar to a wild cat. Virtually no one heard the Anatolian meow, but instead of cat sounds, it emits something like a bird's “chirping”. For this feature, they also have the third name - "tweeting cat." Anatolian cats are very intelligent, have refined manners, intelligent, tactful. And at the same time, they like to play active games. For an Anatolian kitten, breeders ask for about $ 350 US.

Asian tabby

Asian tabby belongs to the Asian group of cat breeds. As a rule, these cats are of medium size and have a beautiful, toned body, short and smooth hair. A distinctive feature of this breed is the mandatory "necklace" on the neck, clearly defined contours of the eyes, nose, mouth. The tip of the tail is always the darkest color. The character of tabby is not very different from other cats, it is also appeasable, gentle and friendly, loves to play active games, communicate with people and other pets. The price of such a beauty starts from 1000 dollars.

Arabian Mau

Elegant, graceful leggy beauty came to Europe from the Arabian Peninsula. She has big ears, and she loves to hunt. Can easily catch his prey. The cat has a special passion for food, so its owners need to be vigilant and not to allow the cat to overeat to avoid possible obesity. Also, this cat should often walk on the street, as the natural origin makes itself felt, and it needs to implement its hunting instincts from time to time. It is easy to communicate with people and other animals, but does not tolerate being a victim of bullying. Quite silent. In an unfamiliar environment with great interest is exploring the new space. For the Arabian Mau kitten, you will also have to pay at least $ 1000 US.

This cat is the largest and most expensive breed in the world. If you want to have such a pet, then you have to fork out around 20-30 thousand dollars. Named after the main goddess, the mother of all the gods of Western Semitic mythology. The unique Ashera is that its length from nose to tip of the tail is 1 meter, and it weighs an average of 15 kg. In addition, this cat is hypoallergenic, and is suitable for those who suffer from allergies and are accustomed to refusing themselves. This breed was bred in the 80s of the last century by felinologists from the United States as the embodiment of all cat-like qualities in one person, and at first had the name Savannah.

Despite its large size, this cat is quite docile and calm, has a soft character, is endowed with high intelligence. Always calmly walking on a leash, quite sociable, not only with people, but also with other animals.

Bengal cat

Порода бенгальской кошки относится к числу экзотических, но при этом её представители имеют небольшие размеры и достаточно безопасны в быту. Этот короткошерстный красавец с пятнистым или мраморным окрасом отличается нежностью и лаской, при этом не требуя к себе сложного ухода. Хозяева бенгальской кошки по праву гордятся своим домочадцем. Если с раннего детства приучать бенгальца к прогулкам на поводке, то всю жизнь он будет это делать без проблем. По своей природе, это достаточно подвижное и игривое домашнее животное, которое любит забираться наверх и играть в воде. If you do not have enough free time in everyday life, then this cat will suit you the most, as it can be alone for a long time. For a Bengal breed kitten, breeders pay from $ 200.

Bombay cat

For their appearance, a Bombay cat is rightly called a little black panther. Breeders spent about 23 years to create this breed. Bombayka has a gorgeous anti-black color, which gives its short coat an incredible shine. Newborn kittens always have blue eyes, which eventually turns gray and finally yellow.

The miniature black cougar has a gentle and friendly character, communicates with all family members with ease. But children should stay away from her, as she does not like excessive obsession. Bombay cat always has a great appetite. By her character, she reminds a dog a little: she is tied to one person, following him everywhere, can bring objects that you have thrown, actively plays outdoor games. You can buy such a true friend for $ 800.

Brazilian shorthair cat

A distinctive feature of the Brazilian Shorthair cat is the beautiful almond-shaped eyes with piercing eyes. They themselves, as a rule, small in size, can have a color of any color. This breed occurred naturally, and its beauty attracted the attention of breeders. Dear, good Brazilian women are very kind and firmly attached to their masters. They demand the same care in return, otherwise distrust and irritability appear in the behavior. These cats have a well-developed hunting instinct. They are clever, quick-witted, easily brought up, they prefer active games. And these kittens are quite inexpensive, in some regions they are asked only $ 45 for them.

British shorthair cat

For the first time officially the British Shorthair cat breed was recognized in England in 1898. These pets are tightly built, I have powerful paws, a thick tail, rounded at the end. They differ from other breeds by their characteristic plush wool, the color of which can be from tortoise to tabby color. Adults reach 10–12 kg. The British are quite independent and courageous cats, show dexterity and kindness, never bother their owners with excessive attention. But drafts, cold and dampness are contraindicated to them. Those wishing to purchase a Briton will have to pay from 100 to 700 dollars.

Burmese cat

Burmese cat, or Burmese - very beautiful cat. The peculiarity of this breed is the short shiny hair, tight to the body. The coat color can be of different colors (from chocolate to platinum), but the belly is always lighter than the back, and the transition from color to color is very smooth. Adult cats can weigh up to 5 kg, cats weigh up to only 3.5 kg. The cost of Burmese kittens starts at $ 550.

By nature, Burmese cats are very smart and strong, and can easily show their character. But, in general, they are quite sociable and loyal creatures, strongly attached to their master, like to be very close to him, sleep in the same bed, sit on their hands, and can even suddenly jump onto their shoulders. When they want to eat or play, they begin to dictate their rules.

Full names of this breed of the cat, which has English roots, sounds like a Burmese silver. Burmilla has very intelligent and expressive eyes, between which the letter "M" is visible. As a rule, the representatives of this breed are of medium size, have a strong muscular body and just beautiful wool, tight to the body. Coat color can be shaded (from brown to lilac), smoky (chocolate or black), solid (from cream to Bombay), tiger (mottled blue or mottled black). The Boormilla are quite active and curious creatures that often fall into various “stories”. Do not tolerate loneliness, good and gentle creation. The price of the breed starts from $ 400.

Like the burmilla, the burmoire cat breed was bred in the UK in the 1980s. Officially, the breed was recognized in 1990. The distinctive features of this breed are turned out and widely spaced ears, wedge-shaped muzzle with high cheekbones. She also has a not very short coat with a white undercoat, which gives the whole color some smokyness. Despite the rather sociable and friendly nature, it can easily be left alone for a long time. Always find a common language with other pets. Suitable for families who are rarely at home. Burmoir kittens can be purchased for $ 200- $ 450.

Vienna Woods is very similar to the American Shorthair cat breed, but because of the silver-chocolate color, the leading felinological associations of the USA did not recognize it as a variety. Thus, recently, breeders began to present this breed as a separate one. Silver-chocolate beauty appeared only in the 2000s, therefore it is a fairly young breed. By character, friendly enough, suitable for families with children. Since childhood, you need to teach your pet to outdoor games. This breed is very rare for sale, so in our region it is quite difficult to buy it.

Very beautiful uniform bright brown color - a distinctive feature of the havana. This cat seems to know about its attractiveness, so it always behaves quite gracefully and effectively, loves to show off in front of the owners and their guests. This breed appeared in the 1950s by crossing a Siamese and domestic black cat. On average, Havana lives 15 years. The most adult cats of this breed weigh 4.5 kg, cats - from 2.5 to 3.5 kg.

The clever and inquisitive chocolate beauty loves to explore the environment with her paws, from time to time attracting attention with a sweet meow. Playful and sociable, this cat will always meet your guests first. The rest of the time, Havana will always be somewhere nearby, tangling under your feet, because she always needs to know everything. And in the moments of your vacation, this hostess will easily squirt on your hands or even climb on the neck. Very attached to the family. Chocolate kittens, if desired, can be purchased for $ 300 - $ 1500.

German rex

German Rex cats, officially registered in 1983, are also called German Rex or Blue Tabby. This animal has a rather strong muscular body, very proportional, long and slender legs, a cuneiform face with full cheeks and a strong chin, large wide ears. Due to the absence of guard hairs, the German Rex's wool structure resembles that of a mole. It looks quite exotic animal. Color color may be different. In the cold season, the German Rex are not cold, they feel great in any temperature mode. They require constant communication with the owner. Smart and very curious. The price of a kitten breed German Rex ranges from $ 100 - $ 550 US.

The Devon Rex cat breed appeared in England in the 60s of the last century. These pets have a bright enough appearance that is impossible to forget: an elegant physique, very short, but wavy hair and large ears. Devon Rex have a great mind, so you can safely learn a variety of tricks, even the most difficult ones. They also remember their own nickname and the names of the owners. In addition, these dogs are very active and mischievous cats, they cannot live without constant activity and jumping. They explore every corner of their home or apartment. They will always check what you cook, how you relax, and will sleep with you. These cute kittens can be purchased for just $ 100, more adult individuals will cost a little more.

Domestic shorthair cat

Probably one of the most popular cats in the world is the domestic purebred cat. After all, their number is four times higher than all pedigreed cats. As a rule, domestic cats very rarely have long hair, mostly short-haired animals. Some representatives are very similar to their thoroughbred relatives. Domestic mongrel differ in good health and endurance, because in the survival of a significant role played by natural selection.

These cute creatures, although not relevant to purebred cats, but very clever. Character is formed in the habitat based on experience. If the domestic cat spent its first years of life in an atmosphere of warmth and care, then its owners will respond in the same way. Therefore, here we can safely say that we are raising the cat for ourselves. And while the owner plays with his pet, the domestic cat will be an active participant in these games.

Those who wish to have a domestic mongrel kitten at home do not have to have a lot of money, because these little lumps can get to you completely free of charge. Very often people offer to give such a kitten in good hands. Yes, and stray cats of this breed on the streets abound, but first it must be shown to the vet. You can also take a pet in a shelter for homeless animals.

European shorthair cat

European shorthair cat is also called Celtic. Her ancestors were domestic cats, so the European is very similar to them. It is very popular in European countries, especially Scandinavia. Differs in a variety of color, the color of the eyes is always combined with the color of wool. But most often - it is yellow, green or orange. You can also meet the snow-white representatives of this breed with blue eyes. Since the blood of a domestic cat flows in the genes of Europeans, it is very similar in character to its ancestor. Some representatives hunt and play all their life, while others lie down on your favorite couch. The cost of Europeans sometimes reaches $ 1000.

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau have a legendary history, since their ancestors were very revered during the times of ancient Egypt. Although the modern Mau, according to some sources, occurred after all in the USA. The Egyptian Mau is very similar to a Begnal cat, but it still has characteristics peculiar only to it. First, it is a unique color "scarab beetle". Secondly, only the Egyptian Mau can utter his “Mau” unsurpassedly. The Egyptian wool is very soft and silky. This is the only breed of cats that has a natural spotted color. Incredibly agile and energetic cat, which will not sit or lie on the couch for a minute. If from childhood not to engage in the irrepressible energy of kittens, then in adulthood she can turn into aggression. Therefore, it is very important to teach your pet to manage your emotions as early as possible. The cost of Europeans sometimes reaches $ 1000. In different regions of these kittens are sold at different prices, their cost varies from 100 to 900 dollars.

California Spangle (radiant)

California Californian cat is the birthplace of California. When she first meets her, her coat appears to be covered with silver glitters, although she looks like a little leopard. Spegland is very mobile and loves to hunt, with pleasure he plays outdoor games. Does not require a lot of care, peace-loving and good-natured, quite sociable and talkative with the owners. For such a silver handsome breeders sometimes give $ 4000, although if desired, you can find for $ 600.

Kanaani (Canaani)

The breed of Canaan cats is quite young and is experimental. The purpose of breeding such a breed was to get a domestic kitten that looks like a wild forest kitten. This name was given to a new breed in honor of the Israeli historic area of ​​Canaan, because for the first time Canaani appeared precisely in Jerusalem in the 90s of the last century. Purebred Canaan was first obtained in 2000, and since 2008 it is forbidden to cross this cat with other breeds.

Representatives of this breed can be quite large. Their weight can vary from 4 to 8 kg. A distinctive feature in the appearance of this breed is wool, it is tough and short. The color was transmitted genetically from the ancestors, so outwardly the canaani looks rather wild. The color of wool varies from beige to brown, dark spots, reminiscent of wild cats, must be present.

But the character of Canaan has inherited from the domestic cat: so soft about agreeable. Easily adapt to the new environment, unpretentious, not capricious. And at the same time - it is a very independent and freedom-loving cat, loves to walk in the fresh air.

It is necessary to get a leash for walks, otherwise a fearless and freedom-loving character can make an animal run away, and the owner will no longer find his pet. Do not forget to give canaanas affection and care, they love it very much. The rules for the care of this breed are very simple, and almost no different from the well-known. The cost of such a friend will cost you from 170 to 1200 dollars in foreign nurseries. In our region, you can try to find cheaper.

Chinese Li Hua Mao (Dragon Lee)

Chinese breed cat Li Hua Mao is one of the rare Oriental Shorthair breeds. She is so rare that they know little about her, even at home, and not every cattery has heard of such a cat. Literally from Chinese, the name of this breed translates as "fox flower cat." They appeared in China a long time ago, during the rule of the Tang dynasty. The breed was broadly reviewed in 2004 at the Peking exhibition. In 2010, Li Mao received official recognition. In appearance they are strong, graceful, medium sized cats. Almond-shaped eyes may have a yellow or green color. The coat is short, tough, elastic, tight to the body and has a glossy flex. Color can be only brown tabby. Among the characteristic signs are dark stripes on the back, necklace, contours of the eyes, on the forehead the letter “M”, rings on the tail.

By their nature, they are strong and independent natures, they love freedom, they are very active and inquisitive. Lee Mao has a well-developed hunter instinct, so with him you will never be bothered by rodents. They are very attached to their owner and get used to the house, so travels and new places are contraindicated for him, Li Mao is very poorly adapted. You can buy a kitten from Chinese breeders for $ 200. And also it is necessary to provide expenses on delivery.

  • Korat refers to Thai cat breeds that have many different traditions. It is believed that its silver color brings good luck to the owners. In Thailand, this cat is also called C-Savat. This pet grows small, the most adult cats reach about 4.5 kg of weight. Despite their small size, they are quite strong animals with silver-blue coat color and green eyes.

    In the character of the korats, energy, intelligence, gullibility and tenderness appear simultaneously. Easy to get along with other animals, including cats. Although they always feel superior to them. They love to be loved. And in order to avoid some problems in adulthood, it is recommended to teach Korats to certain everyday rules from an early age. Although they enjoy playing with children, they still don’t like loud noises due to a strongly developed sense of hearing. The price of korah kittens starts at $ 400.

    Cornish Rex

    This breed of cat was born on July 21, 1950. A simple domestic cat was born an unusual curly kitten with a red and white coat color. Unlike other breeds, Cornish Rex has a very soft and soft to the touch coat, although it looks like an astrakhan lamb. The waves of the wool lie flat and smooth, tight to the body. In addition, the bright signs of the breed are the egg-shaped head, large ears and a long Roman nose. Eye color is usually in harmony with the overall color. Thin graceful posture gives the animal a kind of aristocratic appearance.

    Having a peculiar appearance, Cornish Rex is endowed with exactly the same character. This is a very temperamental and intelligent cat that prefers to communicate with the owner more than to communicate with other animals. If you want to have a bright graceful cat, and are ready to give it all your love, then Cornish Rex is for you. The cost of Cornish Rex is relatively small - only $ 200 - $ 250 per kitten.

    Caumeni (white gem)

    Another breed of cats that appeared in Thailand is Caumeni. This extraordinary beauty snow-white animal combines a delightful appearance and the same stunning aristocratic nature. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they always have eyes of different colors. As a rule, one of them is blue, and the other is green or yellow. In addition, due to the peculiar combination of eye color, resembling the sparkle of a diamond, Caumeni is also called the Diamond Eye (from the English. - "The diamond eye"). Reasonably friendly and affectionate pets who love to spend time with the owner. Suffer greatly due to lack of attention. White, odd-eyed beauty, if desired, can be purchased for only $ 350 - $ 550.

    Laperm Shorthair

    This breed is only about 35 years old, it appeared in the United States in the early 80s with a very ordinary cat. The first baby was born completely naked, but as it grew, the kitten was covered with beautiful curly hair. Завитки шерсти взъерошены абсолютно беспорядочно, поэтому складывается впечатление некой хаотичности. Глаза у этой кошки немного раскосые и могут иметь абсолютно разный цвет. Коммуникабельности и нежности в отношениях с людьми и другими животными этому животному не занимать, так же, как и любознательности. Лаперм проявляет живой интерес ко всему, что видит вокруг. Каждое движение его хозяина отслеживается домашним любимцем.These kittens on the Internet are sold in the range of $ 200 - $ 500 US.

    Mandalay cat breed breeders bred as a result of crossing the Burmese cat and the usual home. The only difference between the ancestor and the mandalay is the absence of the specific point color in the latter. The color of wool can be only two types: coal black or rich dark brown. The eyes most often have an amber color. By character, they are good-natured and playful creatures, quite hardy, loyal and do not require special care. She will not be bored being alone for some time. Although requires a certain amount of attention from the hosts. Food and attention - this is probably all that is most needed to a charming mandalay. The cost of a kitten of this breed will cost you an average of $ 950.

    A distinctive feature of the Munchkin cat breed is short legs. All other parts of the body are absolutely no different from other cats. Also well-developed musculature, skeleton, head. Their wool is very soft, even plush. Munchkin color is quite diverse: from light monochromatic to dark spotted shades. These cats live on average up to 13 years. But since the breed is quite young, breeders continue to work on breeding more accurate characteristics of its standard. The Munchkins are very suitable for families with children, because throughout their life they are quite lively, friendly and playful creatures, with whom it is never boring. They show their curiosity by standing on their hind legs and looking at an interesting object. And the cost of such a pet is relatively small - from 40 to 200 US dollars.

    Mekong bobtail

    Looking at this handsome man, you immediately understand that the Mekong bobtail is a real aristocrat in the cat world. So much in him is felt the breed, elegance and grace, that, communicating with him, something else does not come to mind. And this breed from eastern Thailand came to us in the 60s of the nineteenth century, when two kittens were donated by the Thais of this Englishwoman whom they respect. Before this, representatives of the Mekong bobtail could in no way be taken out of the country. But for a long time in Europe, these kittens were considered a type of Thai breed, and only in 2003 this breed was officially recognized.

    Representatives of the Mekong bobtail are medium-sized, have a muscular, well-developed body, a wedge-shaped head, a Roman nose, and medium-sized ears. The eyes of the Mekong bobtail are always only bright blue. A distinctive feature of this breed is, of course, a short tail. Each kitten is unique. You will never find two identical tails among representatives of the Megong breed. The hair of these cats is smooth, soft, silky, no undercoat. Color is always a color-point of any shades, except white. The limbs and muzzle are darker than the whole body.

    By the nature of the Mekong bobtail very much like a dog. Almost all dog habits are peculiar to him: walks on a leash, learning the commands and in case of discontent do not scratch, but just bite. By nature very curious and devoted to the owner. In a pair of bobtails, the cat will always be the leader, and the cat has all the responsibilities for caring for the offspring. Buy in our region kitten Mekong bobtail can be for 70 - 80 dollars.

    But the breed of cats Manx tail is almost absent. No one knows for sure how this tailless cat appeared on the Isle of Man, but seafarers found it there in the XVI century. In Europe, this cat was already known in the nineteenth century. A distinctive feature of the breed is, of course, the almost complete absence of the tail. Manx, as a rule, of medium size, looks like a fluffy ball. The neck is short, the body is strong and muscular, the hind legs are longer than the front. To the touch resemble a plush toy, or a rabbit. There is no single color for this breed, they can be of any color.

    From the Manxes, excellent micelles are obtained, the hunting instinct is in their blood. He likes to look at the water (but not swim) and does not know how to climb trees. Quite friendly and patient cats, easy to get along with children. And if there are several babies in your family, then this cat is exactly for you. Kittens of this breed can be purchased for $ 400.

    Quite a young breed, which appeared only in 2000, is the cat breed Minskin. These kittens appeared as a result of crossing fluffy munchkins and bald sphinxes, so the Minsk women are very similar to their descendants' cats. They are usually short in stature, weighing only up to 3 kg, have short legs, a short neck, large ears and eyes that always seem alert. Cats of this breed have a stomach that is always bald, but other parts of the body are covered differently. But the wool in these places is always quite thin. Color color can also be different.

    Despite its small size, this pet will be a pretty nimble kitten who loves to climb to a height. They just need to move a lot to avoid obesity. They easily get along with people and other animals, even with dogs, and do not like to be alone for a long time. Breeders sell such kittens for $ 300 - $ 500 US.

    Oregon Rex

    Oregon Rex is a very rare breed of short-haired cat, and in its pure form such representatives are not found today. Breed existed about 30 years. As a result of the selection, the purebred representatives of the Oregon Rex disappeared, as their gene was recessive. Now all existing cats are a mixture with the British Cornish Rex, or Devon Rex.

    Oregon Rex has medium size, the total weight does not exceed 6 kg for the largest cats. From other Rex Oregon different wedge-shaped head, high cheekbones. The whiskers are always curly and short, and the ears have barely noticeable tassels. These cats have medium sized eyes, and their color is affected by the overall color. The body resembles a relationship with an ancestor of an American shorthair cat. Wool is curly, very soft, it feels like silk to the touch.

    Oregon Rexes show a gentle, and at the same time quite demanding. He likes active games, but tries to avoid strangers and situations, as the adaptation process takes a long time. Such a cat will become for the owner a true loyal friend. Will play with children and be friends with the dog. Do not mind sharing his bed with the owner. Smart and resourceful. You will not be able to purchase purebred Oregon today, but a cross between Devonian and Cornish Rex will cost from $ 300, depending on the pedigree and color.

    Oregon’s health is all right if he is properly cared for. Representatives of this breed live on average 12-15 years.

    Oriental Shorthair Cat

    Oriental short-haired cat, having an Oriental origin, belongs to rather rare breeds, which gives it a certain mysteriousness. In appearance it is also very difficult to find an Oriental cat-like breed. For the first time the public presented this breed at the cat show at the beginning of the last century. The cost of a kitten of this breed today starts at $ 300.

    Oriental cat has a very refined and graceful appearance. Beautiful rounded head, large expressive almond-shaped eyes give the general appearance of the cat some elegance and even aristocracy. Thanks to the long legs, it is a pretty athletic cat, strong and hardy. In communicating with people are very friendly, love to be in the center of attention. Their behavior is often very similar to coquetry.

    Ohoz Azules (blue eyed)

    Another young breed that appeared relatively recently (in the 1980s) is ojos azules, which is translated from Spanish as “blue-eyed”. Among other breeds, the presence of blue eyes is a rare occurrence, except for Siamese cats. As a rule, this eye color prevails only in newborn kittens, and with time the color necessarily changes. Whereas ozhoza azulesa eyes of heavenly color all his life. Otherwise, it is the average cat, which has the usual average size of all parts of the body. Wool is soft and silky, tight to the body, color can be of various shades, except Himalayan.

    Aggressive traits are completely absent in their character, are rather gentle and peaceful, can play with children and live peacefully with other animals. But what they do not like is intrusiveness. From her try to hide away. Others do not expect violent emotions either: excessive love and a cry are capable of driving the cat into a stupor. If you want to have such a charming blue-eyed at home, then you have to fork out up to $ 1,200. Although you can try to find a kitten and half cheaper.

    Cat breed Ocicat originated in 1964 and got its name from the addition of the words "ocelot", which means "South American wild cat, which has a characteristic spotted skin" and the word "cat". The cat's appearance is somewhat aggressive, at first it seems even wild, although there is no wild blood in its veins at all. This impression is due to the spotty color, which can be of different shades, and almond-shaped eyes. These are very strong and sturdy animals that can not even be said. Although the size and small, but adult cats weigh up to 7 kg.

    Timid representatives in this breed are quite rare, mostly communicative and living creatures. They will always spend their time in your company, and if guests come to you, they will be the first to run to meet them. The energy of these cats can be envied. They will never sit still, but will move in search of adventure, interesting things and cheerful company that will play with them. The price of a breed starts at $ 500.


    Pateretta was artificially bred in the United States and Russia, and belongs to the new monochrome cat breeds. It is an experimental breed whose goal was to create a beautiful domestic cat, similar to a wild panther, which will be endowed with a quiet, calm temperament. Panteretta has a strong athletic physique, very attentive to its environment.

    Outwardly, she is really very similar to a wild black cat: the same elongated body, the same grace, elongated back and pronounced shoulder blades. Wool is the pride of this breed. Thick, dense, soft, tight to the body, it makes this cat incredibly beautiful. Almond eyes can be bronze, yellow, gold or green. The character shows friendliness and affection, sociability, playfulness and mobility. It is not yet possible to get a panthette kitten today, the breed is in its infancy.

    Pixie-bob cat breed is quite rare, it is rarely even seen at exhibitions. The blood of wild forest and domestic purebred cats flows in her veins, therefore, there is a rather strong temperament. Due to its spotty color and rounded ears at the ends with tassels, it is often called the home trot. In general, the representatives of the pixie-bob breed are quite strong animals, with developed muscles, large paws. Short-haired pixie beans have a short, loose-fitting coat to the body. The eyes are almond-shaped, there are whiskers on the cheeks.

    But a wild appearance does not mean a wild character at all. This is an ordinary domestic calm cat, quite docile, loves communication and outdoor games. But with strangers, it can manifest its predatory character, moaning and looking with its “wild look”. The price of these kittens ranges from $ 300 to $ 1500.

    Russian blue cat

    The breed of the Russian blue cat was known as far back as the XVIII century in Great Britain. But according to a long-standing legend, she came to England only after her appearance in Arkhangelsk. And she owes her popularity on foggy Albion to Queen Victoria, who was very fond of blue. You can admire this cute creature, even looking at his photo. And communication with a live cat in general makes indelible impressions. A distinctive feature of the breed is wool. It feels very much like a teddy bear to the touch, and this is all due to the presence of the undercoat. In addition, wool has the ability to reflect light, so when viewed it can be seen that it is poured with silver. The eyes usually have light green or emerald shades. Russian blue cat has a rather calm and balanced character. She is intelligent, quiet, playful, quite closed. To become her friend, you still have to try. Will never interfere in your affairs. For Russian beauty breeders ask from $ 80 to $ 400.

    The real wild serval and the usual domestic cat became the parents of the savannah kitten. So in the middle of the last century, a new breed appeared, outwardly similar to a wild dangerous cat, but with a soft and gentle character. Wild ancestors endowed this breed with a noble posture, an elongated body, long legs and a large tail. In addition, the cat has a beautiful leopard coat color and unique eye shape.

    By nature, these are quite sociable pets, friendly and loyal, like dogs. Easily tolerate loneliness, and at the same time active, inquisitive and mobile. But the lack of attention will compensate for the establishment of "order" in your home. Of the games they prefer hunting, they love running and jumping. But, playing with it, you need to be careful, because the savanna can inadvertently scratch. For the first generation of kittens of this breed, those wishing to have to spend from $ 20,000, the following can cost much cheaper.

    Seychelles cat

    The homeland of the Seychelles cat is Great Britain, but it has absolutely no attention to the Seychelles. English breeders began to breed this breed back in the 70s and 80s of the last century, and it still remains unrecognized by the official organizations of felinologists. And in our region, it still remains a little-known breed. The first impression about this cat says that this is a real Englishwoman with her characteristic aristocratic "manners" and grace. The size of a Seychelles cat is small, it does not grow more than 4 kg. The body is elegant, muscular, the limbs are long, the head is of medium size, wedge-shaped. Eye color can only be blue according to the standard. The coat is short, smooth, tight to the body, silky. The Seychelles beds have a very long and beautiful tail, she likes to use it as a demonstrative object. Color differs from other breeds of oriental cats and can have three types of color point.

    Seychelles cats retain their activity throughout life. In life it is very cute and affectionate animals, they like to communicate and feel care and attention. They are delighted with a good company, and try to comment on everything that is happening around, although sometimes their voice has time to get bored. It is easy with them, and sometimes not so. Some selfishness does not make it possible to share the master's love with other animals. And if you don’t like to talk and listen much, then the Seychelles cat is definitely not for you. But with children converge well. Smart enough and inquisitive, have a good memory. Guests need to be careful that someone does not hurt her. One year old kitten can be purchased for 150 - 220 US dollars.

    This breed is among the rarest breeds of cats. A distinctive feature of the Serengeti is her love for communication. She can spend hours chatting with you about this and that. In the world there are only a few hundred representatives of the breed. Although this breed was bred in America, the cat itself is endowed with magnificent wild African grace and beauty. The first kitten was born as a result of crossing a Bengal cat with an Asian shorthair, which had a spotted coat color. The breed is quite young, so these kittens today are still few.

    A distinctive feature in the appearance of the cat are spots, they must have a rounded, slightly elongated shape. The most popular color of the breed is black with spots, and the main color is always a contrast to the spots. You can also find black or smoky cats, the spots on which have a ghostly shade. The eyes are usually copper colored, but may be lighter.

    From an early age to solid age, the Serengeti shows playfulness of its character. This is a very curious cat who is interested in everything around. If you do not leave her special entertainment, then she does not stop at nothing in your apartment. And in curiosity she always shows great obstinacy. People are very sociable. Meowing is their favorite activity.

    At any time of the day can issue their voices. The representative of the Serengeti breed also endowed with great courage, they will not be afraid of anything that will meet on their way. If, in addition to the serengeti, there are other animals in your house, the cats will still be the leader in this company. Pride and caress at the same time make their character quite controversial. If you decide to buy a serengeti kitten, you will have to pay about $ 500. But a domestic African kitten simply cannot cost less.

    Siamese cat

    It is impossible not to recognize the Siamese cat because of the characteristic color of this breed. Уникальность этой породы состоит ещё в том, что появилась она естественным образом много веков назад, и ни разу не была скрещена ни с какой другой породой. Родиной сиамской кошки является Таиланд, где она очень долгое время считалась священной. Её держали в королевской семье и использовали для проведения ритуалов, а вывоз представителей породы за границу был запрещён. Но история подтверждает тот факт, что однажды сиамские котята попали в Европу, а их популярность распространилась на весь мир.

    Siamese cats differ from other breeds in their almond shape and eye color, which must be bright blue. A distinctive feature of the breed is also the color of the limbs and the mask on the face. It is in these parts of the body that the temperature of the cat is lower than in other areas where the wool is much lighter.

    The character of a Siamese cat is truly royal. She is intelligent, inquisitive, playful, friendly, but in certain cases she is very unpredictable and jealous. Amenable to training and requires a lot of attention. The calm around is not for them. Especially they love to communicate with the owner, so if you do not like loud voices, then it is better to refuse the Siamese. This breed is better to choose for a large family, so it will not be able to bother someone alone, and will communicate with everyone in turn. If you have a dog, it all depends on her character in their further communication. But the most important thing in the character of a Siamese cat is communication with the owner, it is with him that the pet will reveal all its best qualities. And the cost of a Siamese kitten is not that big - only $ 100 - $ 300 per pet class.

    Although Singapore is considered to be a natural oriental breed, American breeders did make an effort to form it. Appearance and character of this cat are different from other breeds. Singapore is one of the smallest cat breeds in the world, the weight of an adult does not exceed 3 kg. The color of the animal can only be golden-cream color with dark brown ticking on the back and head. This is a rather graceful and playful cat with incredibly expressive eyes, causing admiration. The character is gullible, friendly, loyal to the owner. Singapore will run and jump all the time, showing absolutely no aggression. Loves people, children, other animals. Feeling good host mood, will never be imposed, if you are not in the spirit. Instead, try to find another job. These pets have enough energy to always be in good shape and not to complain about health. Singapore can be purchased for $ 250– $ 1,800.


    This breed of cats is the smallest in the world, it is also called a dwarf bobtail, or simply a “skiff”. Outwardly very similar to the Chinese Shorthair cats. Even mature cats have the appearance of small kittens, as if they never become adults. The heaviest representatives of this breed are never more than 2 kg. With such a small size, they have a rather strong muscular body, strong bones, a short tail - no more than 7 cm - often has a curved shape. They can easily climb on the highest pieces of furniture in the apartment. Scythian-tay-dona has very beautiful and expressive blue eyes. Coat color can be from white to beige shades, muzzle and limbs - always dark. The length of six can be both short and long, there is an undercoat.

    Bred this breed in Russia in the 80s of the last century. In the 90s she received official recognition. Scythian-tai-dong cats are notable for their devotion and friendliness, courage and playfulness. His activity is even more than necessary. Therefore, before you buy such a kitten, take care of special designs in the apartment, where he will be able to release the "steam". Otherwise, the course will go to curtains, carpets and your other items not intended for the game. Easily attached to all family members and require great attention to themselves. Often cunning, if they want to ask for their hands. Very fond of kisses. Their meowing seems more like a dog barking, and they are not afraid of anything. If you always have no time, then it is better not to have such a kid. And if you do decide, then prepare for its purchase about 700 dollars.

  • Scottish fold

    Lop-eared breed Scottish Fold appeared completely by accident in the middle of the last century, when an unusual kitty Suzy was born on one of the American farms with her ears down. Breeders then worked for a long time on breeding purity of the breed, and as a result, today it is very popular both in America and in Europe. Scottish folds are small pets with a well-developed round body shape. They have a round head, almost no neck, well developed jaws, a pronounced chin, a short and wide nose.

    Feature of the breed are, of course, ears, small, with rounded tips, looking down. Eye color is always the same color as wool. Wool is very soft, loosely attached to the body, color varies from white to chocolate and black. But most often these kittens look like teddy bears with gray fur. Scottish Folds - cute and meek creatures, friendly in communication with people and other animals, easily adapt to any environment. They love to play and get to know the world around. The cost of kittens of this breed starts from $ 50, and the price for some individuals with a pedigree can reach several thousand US dollars.

    The name of the snow-shu breed is translated from English as "snow slipper". Its uniqueness lies in the fact that you can never predict what color kitten will be born. But the main thing is that these kittens will always be “shod” in white shoes. Bred this breed in Philadelphia in the 60s of the last century. Having improved the breed standard, breeders nevertheless achieved that in 1974 a snow shu beat would be recognized as an official breed.

    As a rule, cats of snow-shu are of medium size, only sometimes cats reach a weight of 6 kg. On average, live 12 years. Wool color can be silpoint and bluepoint, and white socks are necessarily present. The body of the cat, like other parts of the body, is proportional and graceful. Outwardly, it resembles a Siamese cat, since it is genetically related. But everything, from their ancestors, they look different.

    Lovely and kind creatures, quickly become attached to the person, like active and playful games. Smart enough to be trained. With them it is never boring, and lying on the couch does not work. Staying alone these cats is contraindicated. They like it very much when there are children or other animals in the house. If inadvertently, snow-shu was left alone for some time, then be prepared to listen for a long time about how he felt bad without you. But thanks to a quiet voice, it will be pleasant to listen to pet complaints. Very playful and absolutely not vindictive. Unlike other cats, snow-shu loves to swim, it reminds Turkish baths. The cost for a kitten of this very rare breed varies from 200 to 1500 dollars.

    Sococ ancestors are wild forest cats of Africa, and this breed appeared quite by chance in a natural way. But fame gained relatively recently, in Europe, they learned about it only at the end of the last century. A medium sized cat has a strong, muscular and graceful body. Coat color brown spotted, the tip of the tail is always dark. The eyes are predominantly bright green almond-shaped. A characteristic feature of the breed is a dark "necklace" on the neck. Despite her friendliness, she can still show character. Of course, if the owners are absent, she will find an occupation for herself, but in the rest of the time she will need attention. It is recommended to plant this breed for choleric people and families with children, because the juice really loves fast rhythm, movement, play, but it will not allow itself to be a toy. Does not require special care. In different regions, Sokok kittens sell from $ 450 to $ 900.

    Thai cat

    This breed of cat looks very similar to the Siamese, and it also comes from Thailand. It is explained very simply: the Siamese cat is the ancestor of the Thai, since the latter was bred as a result of the selection of the first. As a result, the color, shape of the face and body were changed. But officially, the standard of the Thai breed was approved in Germany in the 90s of the last century. In our area, this breed is very popular, and in the country there are many nurseries that are engaged in its breeding.

    Unlike the Siamese cat, Thai has a more massive body, rounded ears, a more round face, its limbs are thicker and more massive. The weight of the Thai can reach 8 kg, but cats weigh much less. They live on average about 14 years, but there are cases of longevity when a Thai cat has lived for 28 years.

    The nature of the Thai breed is very independent, they have almost nothing to fear. A good memory allows you to long remember the insult, but will not take revenge. She just never becomes a friend of the offender. A very inquisitive nature, which will stop at nothing, just to find out what is happening. Not afraid of heights, fire and open doors. Therefore, you must first worry about the safety of the cat. In communication with the owners they like to talk, they know several different words, and the little ones like to make different faces. They can be taught a few tricks, but this should be done calmly, without undue perseverance, otherwise aggression will follow. Buy a Thai kitten can be from 90 to 300 US dollars.

    A tiger-colored cat was bred in the early 1990s in North America. And the name toyager received the name from the combination of the English words “toy” and “tiger”. Indeed, when you look at this striped kitten, it seems that there is a miniature tiger in front of you. The size of the representatives of this breed is large: the weight of an adult cat reaches 7.5 kg, the cats always weigh a couple of kilograms less. A muscular, strong body, high shoulders and a wide neck give the toyger a really wild grace.

    Today there are no exactly approved standards for this breed, as the breeders continue to work on breeding a toyger with a snow-silver color and slightly smaller ears. But of the variants of the breed that already exist in the world, it can be said with confidence that the main distinctive feature of this breed are clear stripes on the back, which must necessarily be a contrast to the main color. In addition, the color of wool comes in various shades of brown. Its wool is very soft and silky and beautifully shimmers in the light of the sun's rays. The coat has a gray undercoat.

    In our region, the toyger is not very popular, perhaps due to the fact that they look a little gloomy and unfriendly in appearance. But in fact, the tiger's look hides a very soft and friendly nature, a kind soul and a very sociable nature. Get along well with children and other pets. Mind and overall playfulness allow you to quickly teach home orders and learn various tricks. In general, these are fairly calm representatives of the cat family; they do not bother the owner with their behavior. If you relax, they will fall down next to you. Meow quietly and unobtrusively. The price of a home cub depends on various factors and varies between $ 900 and $ 2000.

  • Tonkin cat

    Breed Tonkin cat, or tokinesis, was officially recognized only in the middle of the last century, although in England she came much earlier. Canada is considered the birthplace of this breed, from where it came to Europe. The ancestors of tokinesis were representatives of the Siamese and Burman breed. Therefore, as a result, a Tonkin cat may have a natural mink, champagne, platinum and blue mink color. But the final color of the coat is set to only 1.5 years.

    The weight of adult Tonkin breed cats reaches 3–4 kg, and cats can weigh 5–6 kg. The musculature of tokinesis is developed and strong, they have a graceful neck and an even back. The coat is dense, well fitting to the body. Their eye color is predominantly aquamarine, but in some colors it may become purple. Live on average about 10 - 11 years.

    The Tonkin cat is an unusually gentle and affectionate creature. It seems that they combine everything only the best that can be in cats. If you are at home, this pet will always be near you. He will actively play with the children, make friends with the dog, meet and lead all your guests. Always actively communicate with their masters. For families with children, this is just the perfect cat. In addition, it absolutely does not require complex care. The price of a Tonkin cat starts at $ 300.

    Ural Rex

    Ural Rex is a rather unique breed of cats. First of all, it is a rare breed of curly cats, which occurred in natural conditions. Also, such cats can even keep allergies, because of the animals absolutely nowhere left six. In addition, unlike other Rex, the hair on the body of the Urals curl is completely different. The name of the breed comes from the area where the first kitten with such hair first appeared. It was a cat Vaska, and he was born in 1988.

    Ural cats grow on average up to 6 kg, have a developed muscular body, a wedge-shaped head and middle ears. The main difference of the breed is wool with spiral curls. They appear already at 3 - 4 months of age, while the rest of Rex curl at the age of 6 months. The color of the color can be very different, except for chocolate, the color of cinnamon, Abyssinian ticking.

    These kittens are distinguished by their friendliness and sociability. You never get bored with them. Get along well with children, and do not be offended by their tricks. Communication for the Ural Rex is the main component of life, it cannot be left alone. Therefore, at every opportunity, he tries to climb on your knees, into your bed, and will require to be ironed. He requires a lot of love and care. Very patient with strangers. Depending on the class and pedigree, such kittens will cost you between $ 230 and $ 800.

    Ussuri cat (Ussuri)

    If you want to be the owner of the rarest exotic breed of cats, the Ussuri cat is for you. Today the breed is experimental and requires additional financial investments for additional research and development. Ussuri is the birthplace of Amur, from where it came to Moscow in the early 90s. Experts have previously decided that this breed was the result of the crossing of wild and domestic cats. In appearance, the Ussuri cat resembles a wild cat, rather than a pet. A rather large muscular body, straight back, medium wide tail. Adult cats may have round cheeks. The ears are wide and open, as if the cat is listening to something all the time. But the main thing that attracts the Ussuri is a wild color, resembling a pattern on the wool of the Amur tiger. Wool is hard, dense, waterproof. “M” is clearly seen on the forehead, several necklaces are on the neck, and “buttons” in two rows are present on the stomach. Dark stripes can be depicted on a red, gray, red or beige background. Eye color can be any.

    By nature, these seals really match their appearance, and give the impression of some wild creatures. Independent and decisive cats will not be easy to live in an apartment. Such cats are better to start if you live in a private or country house. Of course, they do not show unreasonable aggression towards a person, but they like when they can be alone. The owner of such a cat can only act as a companion. To win the trust of Ussuri, you need to try again. If other animals will not occupy his personal space, then take off the Ussurian will get along. But rodents, birds and other small representatives of the animal world can easily get into the eye of his hunting instinct. You can buy a wild kitten for 700 - 800 US dollars.

    The foreign-white breed originated in England as a result of the interbreeding of a Siamese and a purely white domestic cat, so you can often hear what is called the white Siamese breed.

    Adult representatives of this breed grow no more than 3 - 5 kilograms. According to the structure of the body resemble Siamese ancestors, have a wedge-shaped head and long straight ears, the neck is long and elegant. Eyes slanted and almond-shaped, most often in blue or blue. The coat is tight to the body, dense and always white.

    By the nature of the foreign wives, the real owners. They would never share the owner with any other animals. All attention should be paid only to him, so you cannot leave such a cat alone for a long time. With children at the foreign website is also a difficult relationship. He does not tolerate being treated like a toy, so sharp claws may come back.

    In relation to themselves, they are rather delicate, they only allow themselves to be ironed in certain places, and then only by permission. If you still want to socialize your pet, then from early childhood you give him as much love as possible, let him get used to it. But the mental abilities of a foreign child can be envied. Easily accustomed to all household orders, and the world around is trying to explore without anyone's help. On average, for such a friend will have to pay about 140 dollars.

    Ceylon cat

    The homeland of this breed of cats is the island of Sri Lanka (Ceylon), from where she came to Italy. There, the Italian doctor Paolo Pelegatta began to breed this breed from the mid-80s. A Ceylon cat has a rather graceful and elegant posture, a medium-sized body and a round head. The coat is short and silky. Короткая и шелковистая шерсть плотно прилегает к телу, имеется подшерсток. Глаза миндалевидные, могут быть как зелёного, так янтарного цвета. Это домашний любимец наделён достаточно доверчивым и покладистым характером, к окружающим дружелюбна, ласкова, любит общаться, не боится быть одна в квартире, но также любит гулять на улице. Больших проблем с ней ни у кого не возникнет. Точная цена на цейлонскую кошку сегодня неизвестна.The world's only nursery is located in Italy, and only there you can buy kittens of this breed.

    If you can afford to have one of the most expensive cats in the world, then chausi is for you. This breed is in the TOP-5 of the most expensive cats. Their ancestors are reed cats and domestic cats. Officially, this breed was recognized in 2003. In America, the Chausi is a fairly famous cat, but in our country it is almost nonexistent. The body is long and elegant, beautiful diagonal eyes of amber color, the color can be only three colors: black, ticked silver or ticked tabby. The tip of the tail and tassels on the ears in any color - only black. The character combines both domestic and wild genes. This cat is the best pet for a big company. He loves to swim and climb trees, get up different "things" in your home. Very thrifty animal. Most of all loves games and live communication. The cost of Chawzi kittens starts from 1000 € ($ 1170).

    Chartreuse, or the Cartesian cat, came to Europe from Syria. At first, the Europeans didn’t pay proper attention to this breed until they realized that Chartreuse can perfectly catch rats. Thus, this animal gained its authority first in France and then in other European countries. The main difference of this breed is blue wool, soft and dense. The eyes are usually round, rich orange in color. This cat practically does not know how to meow, if necessary, only quietly purrs. Affection is shown only to the owners, but to strangers are absolutely indifferent. They are quite tolerant in communicating with people around, but you should not count on excessive communication with her. Easily adapt to any situation. And calmly endure loneliness. On average, for a Chartreuse kitten you need to give about $ 280.

    Aegean cat

    The breed of the Aegean cat seems to have been domesticated one of the first. These cats appeared a long time ago on the Cycladic islands of the Aegean Sea. It was there that many centuries ago and the locals tamed these wild cats. But outside of Greece, even today, it is not officially recognized, since its breeding began only recently, only at the end of the last century.

    Aegean cats have medium size, strong and elongated body, long limbs. Head slightly wedge-shaped, but with rounded edges. Slightly slanting and almond-shaped eyes can only be painted in shades of green. Moving ears are always straight and wide set.

    By nature, they are very lively and mobile animals. They will always find something for themselves in the house, just to not lie for hours on the couch. The wild past has left excellent hunting abilities in this breed, so such a friend can be safely taken for fishing. Aquarium in the same apartment with the Aegean cat is better not to keep.

    In general, these are quite sociable and friendly creatures. They easily get along with children and other cats and dogs in the house. You can get on right away with the whole family, but their hearts stick to only one of its members. At the same time, the Aegean cat has self-esteem and a desire for independence. Easily transfer several lonely hours in the apartment. Very simply agree to the generally accepted rules in the house, but are not going to give in to training. The price of the Aegean cat starts from 200 dollars.

    Exotic Shorthair Cat

    The first exotic shorthair cat was named Snoopy. He had oval features of the whole body and large, slightly sad eyes. All his descendants have this appearance, and the name Snoopy has become a household name. This breed was bred more than half a century ago by crossing Persian and American Shorthair cats. Representatives of this breed resemble tolpolapy teddy bears with a funny attractive face. Medium size, flat face, small ears, snub nose - these are the characteristic features of this breed. The color of the cat may be different. Life expectancy is up to 15 years. Exotics unusually quiet and calm pets that are absolutely devoid of aggression. They are good to start families with children and other animals. Such a fluffy in different regions costs from $ 100 to $ 800 US.

    Japanese bobtail

    Japanese bobtail in the land of the rising sun is considered an ideal cat. According to Japanese legends, evil spirits live in the cat's tail, and since the bobtail does not exceed 12 cm in length, for the Japanese, this cat is still the brightest. The size of the Japanese bobtail is average. The weight of an adult cat reaches a maximum of 5 kg. The main feature of this breed is a short tail, which can be straight, curled or in the form of a pom-pom. These cats are sociable enough, have a friendly pleasant character, are very intelligent and active. They love water and outdoor games, especially with jumps. The cost of the Japanese Bobtail kittens starts at $ 450.

    Semilong-haired cats

    The group of breeds of semi-long-haired cats differs more fluffy coating than the short-haired. A lot of wool cover is usually in the area of ​​the collar, sides, pants, tail. Their fur coats also have an undercoat that allows you to walk more even in the open air even during the cold season. Almost all the representatives of this group of breeds are very inquisitive and active, quick-witted and fearless. Consider them closer.

    Balinese cat

    The progenitors of the Balinese cat (Balinese or Balinese) are Siamese cats crossed with long-haired relatives. Therefore, balinez is different from Siamese long wool. Most often, these are medium-sized animals, whose life expectancy is from 9 to 15 years. The color and color of the eyes are very similar to their Siamese ancestors. They just adore all members of their family, follow their every step. If someone casually crouched, Balinese immediately be on his lap. He will also sleep with the owners, under their blanket and on their pillow. The stubbornness of this pet will always remind you of insufficient attention. In addition, these cats love to chat with both family members and their guests. The cost of a Balinese kitten starts from $ 200, but you can only buy it in special nurseries.

    York chocolate cat

    York chocolate cat breed, which bred more than 30 years ago, is one of the experimental ones. Homeland of this breed is North America, and there it is very popular today. Unfortunately, in our region it is a very rare and little-known breed. A distinctive feature of the York chocolate cat speaks for itself - it is chocolate coat color. Although purple and chocolate are also allowed in combination with white. The body is slender, elongated, strong, the shape of the head is triangular, large pointed ears and a long tail are also characteristics of the breed standard.

    York cat absolutely does not require special care and extra attention. Although she is always near the owner, this is absolutely enough for her. Obedient and discreet cat, he will always be friendly to every member of the family, but with guests - as lucky as anyone. He communicates with one with pleasure, and tries to bypass the others. If there are many outsiders in the house, then the “chocolate” cat will keep closer to the owner. These cats are not afraid to be alone, and will be able to find something for themselves. They also never show aggression to other animals, but begin to make friends with them actively. The only thing that needs to be done every week is to comb his fur. Then your long-haired "chocolate" will look great. Professional breeders in the United States sell kittens York chocolate cats in the range of 150 - 500 dollars. Kittens for inserts will cost significantly more. The cost must also be calculated delivery kitten.

    Kuril Bobtail

    The Kuril bobley is distinguished from other breeds by a shorter constitution with long legs, a short tail and a long woolen cover. With their tail, they are a bit like a Japanese bobtail. On the Kuril Islands, these animals are considered aborigines, but until the early 90s in Europe they knew nothing about this breed. Before you get yourself such a kitten, you need to know about the main signs of his character. Kuril Bobtails are rather gentle and calm cats, try to avoid loneliness, preferring large companies. So, if you have a big family, and there are many guests in the house, this breed is for you. In addition, other animals in the house will even more decorate the life of your new pet. And get ready for the fact that this kitten will follow you everywhere, not giving a pass. Kuril bobtail kittens are quite common for sale, and the price for it starts at about $ 100 US.

    Neva Masquerade Cat

    For the first time, the Neva Masquerade cat breed was presented at the exhibition in the 1980s, and already in the 90s, this cat breed was officially recognized by the leading cat associations and clubs. Characteristic features of the Neva Masquerade are expressive blue eyes and a peculiar color of color, which has only 5 shades: power point, force tebi point, red point, blue point, tortoise point. These pets are very fond of the company of people, they will be on your heels, and you will spend your free time with the Neva beauty on your hands. Also, the cat will be very pleased and numerous guests. Be prepared to devote a lot of time to your pet if you decide to start a Neva Masquerade. On average, for a kitten Neva Masquerade cats ask about $ 400.

    Norwegian Forest Cat

    The Norwegian Forest Cat is a rather large breed, its adult weight reaches 11 kg. But they do not grow quickly, maturity comes to them at the age of five. Most of all, this cat is admired by its long and thick coat, the color of which can be anything from monotonous to spotted colors. Her undercoat has different lengths in different places and has the ability to repel water. In the summer, the amount of wool on this cat is significantly reduced. The breed of the Norwegian Forest Cat boasts green, gold, copper eyes, and snow-white representatives - blue, and even a different color. Families with children can find a very good friend in this animal. This is a very friendly, cute and active cat, she will frolic and play not only with small children, but also with other pets. The price of the Norwegian forest beauty is quite acceptable. With the hands of these kittens sell for 30 - 50 dollars, and from a good nursery, you can pick up a kitten for $ 400.

    Ragdoll cats first appeared in the United States of America in the 60s of the last century. There it remains popular today, although very few people in the world know about it. It is still unknown who their ancestors are, but by outward signs it has similarities with the Persian cat, Burmese and white Angora breeds.

    These are rather large representatives of the cat family, the adults of which reach 10 kilograms. But despite their size, Ragdolls are very pleasant and friendly creatures, they have a developed mind, which allows them to be trained. And at the same time, attacks of laziness, which drag on for a long time, can attack them. If you are a phlegmatic person and never hurry anywhere, then you will be very interested in the company of ragdoll. Moreover, the name of the breed from English translates as "rag doll."

  • A bright distinctive feature of the appearance of regdolls are large, bright blue and very intelligent eyes. They just lure others to pay attention to this cat. Ragdolls are also distinguished from other breeds only by their white mustache. The fur has an average length, and to the touch it resembles a rabbit. The neck is necessarily wrapped with a woolen collar, and there are pants on the hind legs. Wool color can be only three colors: bicolor, glove color and color point. Shades of their "coat" range from cocoa chocolate to bluish. Black, red and gray are excluded from this breed.
  • Ragdolls have incredible adaptation to everything. They will quickly get used to new housing, to a new owner, and to new neighbors. The main condition for its existence is silence, and so that no one touches it. Although there is no, you can transfer, move, turn over Ragdoll, they don't care. They are lazy. He still will not run anywhere. His behavior is absolutely reminiscent of dolls. In addition, Ragdoll’s voice is very rare, and it’s quiet. So you absolutely will not interfere with this fluffy. And to make such a friend at home, you will need to pay from 100 to 1000 dollars, depending on the pedigree and class.

    Sacred burma

    The breed of Sacred Burma is a semi-long-haired cat with a color-point color, which occurred somewhere in Burma. The specificity of their color give white socks on their paws. But official sources claim that the Burmese cat appeared in France, where it came from Eastern countries in the position. Born kittens and are considered the first representatives of the breed. Officially, sacred Burma was recognized only in the 60s of the last century, but in our region it continues to be a little-known breed.

    The size of the representatives of this breed is medium, the body is elongated and dense. The tail is thin and long, very fluffy. The head is small, the ears are small, round eyes, as a rule, blue. Coat color has a light beige shade, there may be reddish and grayish markings of color-point. The feet of a Burmese cat will always have white gloves.

    The nature of these cats is very good. These are tender, sociable, inquisitive and active animals. Always remain faithful to man, and not to any place. Always find a common language with any member of the family, even with children and other animals. Very fond of holidays and large companies, in this case, all the attention will try to attract. A large mind allows them to discover a lot of interesting things: lockers, doors, press buttons. But by themselves they are very calm and balanced. To purchase such a pet, you will need to pay a rather large amount, because they cost a lot. The minimum cost for sacred burma kittens starts at $ 400 and can go up to $ 1200.

    Siberian cat

    The Siberian cat breed requires more detailed study than other breeds, if you decide to start such a cat. Siberians by their nature are distinguished by a rather large, strong and strong body, a wide bone and a long hair that has a good undercoat. The color of these cats can be completely different: from snow-white to rich black. Having a developed musculature, this animal is an excellent hunter, and is able to find lunch on its own. The character is also quite solid, typical of residents of the northern regions. He is absolutely not afraid of cold weather, and can walk for a long time in the open air in winter. In relations with the owners, the Siberian is not intrusive, he demands respect for himself. Shows his emotions loud meow. He likes to play with households, but he cannot stand in the role of a toy. On average, in the world Siberians sell for $ 700 - 900 US.

    The progenitor of the Somali cat was Abyssinian, but as a result of selection experiments, it differs from it in length of hair and in the variety of color. The first representatives of Somali appeared in North America in the 40s of the last century. The breed received official recognition only in 1972, when the Somali Fans Club began its activities in the United States. It differs from other long-haired breeds in Somali with a big bushy tail, which falls down nicely, with a bushy collar and panties. Also a distinctive feature in the appearance of this breed is the ticking present in the color, in which light and dark stripes alternate. Wool Somalis thick and silky, can have blue, brown, beige, silver shades.

    The size of a Somali cat is always average, its head is wedge-shaped and rounded. Large almond eyes can be amber and green shades. Since childhood, Somali cats have a playful character that does not calm down in adulthood. All their lives they are incredibly mobile and active, they can make an excellent company for children in their live games. In addition, these cats love to play with different toys, so make sure that he has his own, otherwise your small objects will be stolen and used for another purpose. If Somali settled in your house, then it is better to forget about other cats, because this cat is very jealous of the owner when he communicates with other animals. The price of Somalis starts at $ 300 and depends on gender and pedigree.

    Turkish Angora

    Presumably, the Turkish Angora cat was the first long-haired cat to come to Europe from an eastern country. But officially this breed was registered only in 1968 in the USA, but many North American feline associations still do not recognize the Angora as a separate breed. The pride of this breed is, of course, soft and silky wool, which seems to flicker in the rays of sunny color. As a rule, stupid cats have a monochromatic color, tortoiseshell, ashy or another shade. Шарму кошке придают также высоко посаженные уши, украшенные необычными хохолками на кончиках. Миндалевидные глаза могут быть голубыми, зелеными, золотистыми, янтарными или разноцветными. За белоснежного котёнка турецкой ангоры придётся отдать от $ 350 до $ 600.

    На протяжении всей жизни это весьма активные и игривые создания, которые будут ходить за вами повсюду, спать в вашей кровати, сидеть у вас на шее. Лучше всего эту красавицу заводить, когда в доме есть дети или другие животные, чтобы кошке не было скучно.


    Scottish Fold long-haired cat in English is called Highland Fold. This is a unique breed of cats, similar to a small fluffy ball, which has almost no ears visible. The coat of this cat is soft and silky, very pleasant to the touch. Due to the unusual shape of the ears (small curved forward and drooping), her head seems completely round. This breed was bred in the 1970s by crossing the Persians and the British. Like Scottish cats, Highland folds resemble dogs in character, just as loving, faithful, sociable, like to be in any company. With that, they are never imposed, but always patiently waiting for attention from their owner. The habits are quite aristocratic, easily learned to live by certain rules. You can buy a little highland fold fuzzy from 40 dollars.

    Javanese cat (Yavanez)

    Javanese cat is called a variety of domestic long-haired oriental cats. This breed was the result of selection of Siamese, Balinese and Shorthair colorpoint breeds. The first representatives of javaneza appeared in the early 1970s in North America. A few years later this breed was officially recognized by international cat organizations.

    A striking difference from the Balinese relatives in Javanese is the different colors of color. The color of wool can vary from color point to cinnamon. The tail of these cats is always fluffy and has a darker color than the fur on the body. The rest of these cats are very similar to the representatives of the Balinese breed. The eyes are always saturated blue.

    Yavanez very attached to his master, and then tries not to move away from him a single step. Whenever possible, he will sit in your arms, lie down with you to sleep, rub against your feet when you are busy in the kitchen. Everything and always should be under his control. In this Javanese cat shows incredible stubbornness. Since childhood, they show deep intelligence, dexterity and love for sport. His playfulness allows you to play games, climb trees and perform simple tricks. If you forget to leave him a toy, then at risk of returning to see the chaos in his apartment.

    For calm and pedantic people, it is better to abandon the Javanese cat immediately, let this breed give birth to choleric people, whose temperament is clearly suitable for holding such a cat. Being alone is very bad for Javanas, it will be better if he does not stay in the apartment himself. But in company with a friend, a Javanese cat will definitely not leave order in your house. The minimum cost of this breed is about 300 dollars, depending on various lotions it can reach up to 1500 dollars.

    Longhair cats

    The main advantage of these breeds is, of course, long wool. She is very beautiful, has different shades and requires some care for her. Without systematic combing is not enough. But you are awaited by a very beautiful gift - a soft and fluffy lump that will bring many joyful minutes. After all, such cats are very calm and patient, they like bathing and squeezing their owners.

    Burmilla Longhair

    In order to get a new breed of cats with a very large bushy tail, in the 80s of the last century, breeders crossed a Burmilla with a Persian cat, the color of which was the color of a chinchilla. Then the kittens appeared on the light at first sight fascinated those around them. From their parents they inherited only a few features in appearance. But the soft fur and big expressive eyes have remained today their true distinguishing feature. Despite the then universal love and admiration of breeders, this breed received official recognition only in 1999.

    Long-haired Burmilla cats seem big only because of their “fur coat”, in fact they are medium-sized. On average, the weight of their adults reaches from 3 to 5 kg. If the cat weighs more, then it is already overweight, and you need to fear for her health. As mentioned above, the distinctive feature in their appearance is a beautiful light fluffy wool, which beckons to touch and stroke the kitten. The main coat color can be silvery or golden shades, the tips of the hair are brown (sable), blue, chocolate, purple, red, cream. Eyes tend to have green eyes.

    By nature, the long-haired burmilla is absolutely not aggressive, not touchy, not capricious, but a very friendly and cute kitty. Due to his calm and balanced character, he has an incredible ability to love his master, respect all family members and give everyone his care and affection. Burmilla also gets along well with other animals, but is very jealous when the owner shows excessive attention to the potential competitor and her in front of her eyes. Good for families with children.

    In childhood, it is quite active, but over the years, the heat cools, and Burmilla prefers to behave more calmly. He likes to walk in the fresh air, the more the better. In the conditions of a city apartment it is necessary to walk. The cost of such a kitten starts from $ 500, and a representative of the breed with a pedigree and various regalia can cost as much as $ 1,000.

    Sometime one of the breeders in the 60s of the last century decided to conduct an experiment and cross the Persian and Siamese cats. As a result of long studies, a wonderful handsome man turned out, who was called a Himalayan cat. The length of the Persian cat's coat in combination with the color of the Siamese cat gave a completely unique result. All members of this breed are color-point. These cats have a rather strong, stocky body. Short limbs do not allow her to be an excellent jumper. But in the guise of a Himalayan cat, you can buy a quiet home friend who is less demanding to care than his Siamese brothers. The price of Himalayan kittens starts from $ 150.

    The first kitten of breed laperm was born in 1982 on an American farm. The baby was completely bald, but after a few months, small curls appeared on his body. Since that time, breeders actively engaged in the continuation of the breeding of this breed. And only in 1997 the breed was officially recognized. The size of the laperm is average cats, their maximum weight reaches 4 kg, and the maturation process takes about two years. Their build is strong and muscular. From birth, kittens either have no wool at all, or their coat is even. Only after a while the habitual curls of the parents are formed. The coat is soft and silky, its structure is directly dependent on the age and sex of the cat, but there are representatives with elastic hair. The most beautiful wool at laperov on the tail. The ears of this breed differ in size, they are large and slightly hanging. Wool color does not really matter and can be anything.

    Incredibly friendly cats, easily find a common language with both adults and children. Get on well with other pets. From early childhood, they show incredible curiosity to everything that surrounds them, they like to watch the fish in the aquarium and the image of the TV. Hard to endure loneliness. Remarkably plays with children in active games, but it is better if they do not offend your pet. By nature, lapermas are reticent, but their voice quickly cuts through if the cat feels discontent. In a small apartment it will be crowded, it is best to start such a breed in a private or country house. In addition, only at large, he can fully realize his hunting instinct. The cost of a kitten is quite high: from $ 500 to $ 4,500.

    Napoleon (changes)

    Cat breed Napoleon is among the miniature, and its name it received, you guessed it, in honor of the famous emperor. Strange, considering Bonaparte himself, didn’t like cats very much. But the small size of the animal forever tied him to the great commander and emperor. Breeding breed began in 1995. After long selection experiments, of which not all were successful, we finally managed to create a new breed, which is something in between a small Munchkin and shaggy Persians. Today it is officially recognized and one of the most expensive breeds in the world. The cost of a kitten ranges from 500 to 1000 dollars.

    Representatives of the Napoleon breed always have a small height, weight - no more than 3 kg, a round head, a flat face, small ears, an elongated body, large bones and massive paws, a broad back. Coat color can be different, different combinations of colors are allowed. By the size of their paws, breeders divide Napoleons into two types: classical and experimental. By nature, these are very cute creatures whose faces resemble their entire life. Napoleons always attract children to themselves. Representatives of this breed do not tolerate loneliness, so do not leave them alone at home. In communication, they are very sociable, trusting and friendly, they just get along with every member of the family and other animals, help to heal stress and headaches. A deep mind allows you to quickly learn all the home rules.

    Hearing the name of this breed, you involuntarily recall a medieval ballad, and it seems that the kittens of the Nibelungs came to us from those ancient times. But this has nothing to do with the real origin of the breed. For the first time, these beautiful fluffy creatures appeared in America in the 80s of the last century as a result of the crossing of the Russian blue cat and the long-haired domestic cats. Therefore, the Nibelung resembles Russian blue, only with long hair.

    Nibelungs are medium-sized cats with a strong and muscular body. They have long, rounded at the ends of the limbs and a long tail. Very expressive pads with a mustache, large, wide ears that lean forward slightly. Oval eyes can be rich green or dark yellow. The length of the coat is average, there is an undercoat. To the touch the cat is soft and silky. The color palette is limited to blue and light gray, which is poured in bright light.

    The Nibelungenes are by their nature sweet and kind creatures, they easily communicate with all members of the family, but are attached only to one person. These cats will never interfere with their owner and require additional attention. It is enough for them to be somewhere nearby. With rare guests, contact will not be quickly established. But if someone from friends or relatives comes to you often, the nibelung can make friends with him. In the case of frequent absence of the owner of the house, you must have another cat, with whom the nibelung will not be bored, because solitude is contraindicated to him. They also do not tolerate noisy and scandalous companies, with a great annoyance they can even scratch the offender. It is difficult to purchase a kitten of this breed, since there are not everywhere appropriate nurseries. The initial cost is $ 900, but then you need to wait. For the reservation will have to pay about 200 - 300.e.

    Persian cat

    No more fluffy and soft cat than the Persian. These shaggy lumps rightfully won the love of breeders around the world. They will keep you company under any circumstances and will be your faithful friend. The main feature of the breed is, of course, wool. But the snub nose and wide muscular paws also indicate the presence of Persian blood in their wearer. Depending on the color, all Persian cats are divided into many species, because their color can be anything from white and blue to bright red and black. The love and respect of the Persian directly depends on the attitude of the owner towards him. The more you love and pamper your pet, the more love and respect you will receive from the cat. But if you can not give him enough attention, you can experience a cat's superiority over yourself. But, in general, it is quite an active and living creature who loves active games with his master. A Persian kitten without pedigree can be purchased from 30 to 200 dollars, and the cost of cats of the show class starts at 400 dollars.


    As a result of breeding Ragdoll with different thoroughbred and yard cats, a new breed called ragaffin has appeared. Born kitten got a very charming appearance with a plump muzzle, silky hair and a cartoon look. It happened in the 70s of the last century in California.

    Representatives of this breed can be both medium and large sizes. The weight of adults sometimes reaches 10 kg, full maturity comes at 4 years of age. Ragajuffins have a strong muscular body, a wedge-shaped, slightly rounded head with straight ears, a broad neck. In general, they have a very fluffy look, and they want to stroke all the time. Walnut eyes are always different, but very bright and saturated colors. Color is allowed any color, except point. There may also be various stripes and blotches that create a general pattern. The color of the nose and paw pads may not match the overall coat color.

    The nature of ragamaffina will appeal to any owner. These are quite calm and docile cats, which are distinguished by affection and friendliness to others. Once in the hands of the owner, immediately begins to purr. Communicates well with children and other animals in the house. Will always be near you, studying the environment. The price of raphamaffin is about $ 900.

    Selkirk Rex

    The Selkirk Rex breed is the youngest of all the rexes and the longest-haired. Today it is still a very rare breed, since it appeared relatively recently in the world, in 1987. Homeland Selkirk Rex - the American city of Sheridan in Montana. In the blood of this curly cat joined Persian, Himalayan, British roots and the genes of an ordinary purebred cat. Representatives of this long-haired, curly breed have medium or large size, quite powerful bones and muscular body. The back is straight, large paws with powerful pads, a thick and bushy tail - these are distinctive features in the exterior of Selkirk-Rex. The heaviest cats reach 7 kg in adulthood, the cats are much smaller. Eye color can be of any color, like about coat color. Wool can be short and long, but necessarily curly, soft and dense. The structure of the hairs is chaotic, all curls are arranged in different directions, and the waves are absent. The appearance of the selkirka rhinestone speaks of belonging to the Rex.

    By the nature of the Selkirk-Rex excellent companions, playful and love human society. Everyone who has ever had a cat of this breed, note the delight of her character, because they never require special care for themselves, they simply live by the rules of the whole house. Selkirk-reks will be happy to communicate with each member of the family, crazy about children, and easily cope with the dogs, if it is mutual. Their temperament is calm enough: they will not lie on the couch for long, but they will not carry everything around either. Smart enough and smart. You can buy such a friend for just $ 200. But the most important thing to remember is that it is forbidden to cross these cats with other breeds for several years.

      Chantilly Tiffany

      If you have long dreamed of a fluffy cat, then it is worth considering the option of acquiring the Chantilly-Tiffany breed. This breed appeared in 1967 in New York. But for a long period the cat organizations did not recognize this breed as a separate one. But after long genetic investigations, the breeders were able to prove that this cat has nothing to do with any other breed.

      A feature of this breed is, of course, long silky wool, in which there is no undercoat. Therefore, do not be afraid of the appearance of mats. The body is thin, slim, widely spaced ears and a big bushy tail make the Chantilly Tiffany an incredibly beautiful cat. Initially, the standard of the breed recognized only chocolate brown color, but today the fur coats of these cats may have other colors. Oval eyes are painted in different shades of yellow.

      Very friendly and sociable kitty, easy to get along with other animals, even with dogs. She always has excellent relations with all members of the family, but chooses the owner among them herself. Next to this person, she is constantly and is, from time to time engaging with him in conversation. If your house remains empty for a while, then it’s better not to have such a cat. Otherwise, she will be very bored, which will adversely affect her health. But in the good company of Chantilly-Tiffany, it is easy to learn how to perform various tricks. Due to the rarity of the breed, the cost of such kittens starts from $ 500. In addition, you must include the cost of shipping a kitten from the nursery.

  • Hairless cats

    Cats belonging to this group are probably the most defenseless creatures. Indeed, due to the lack of wool cover, they are often cold and sick. Therefore, care for them requires great effort and attention. If we consider all the individual characteristics of these cats, then problems can be avoided.

    When you first look at this breed does not immediately come to mind that this is a cat. Bambino differs from other breeds in its rather original appearance, resembling a cartoon character that has nothing to do with a real creature. Но тем не менее, такая кошка имеет место быть среди нас. Предположительно, что первый котёнок этой породы, которого нашла пара из Арканзаса (США) и дала ему имя Бамбино, был результатом случайного скрещивания манчкина и канадского сфинкса. От первого родителя малыш унаследовал короткие конечности, а второй подарил ему свою бесшерстность. Родоначальник породы родился только в начале этого века, а в 2006 году бамбино была официально признанной породой.
    Bambino is one of the dwarf rocks, so its weight never exceeds 4 kg. Externally, the bambino, as already mentioned above, resembles ordinary sphinxes, but differs from them in its short legs and elongated body, like a dachshund. The eyes are large, round, may be green, gray, blue or yellow. Sometimes there are odd-eyed kittens. The tail of a bambino is long and straight and also resembles a dachshund's tail. The skin of the kitten is all wrinkled, soft and pleasant to the touch, the color can be of any color.
    Bambino cats are endowed with quite sociable, calm and gentle nature, active and playful in life. Favorite activity is playing with children, so make sure you have toys for the kitten so that your personal items do not go into their own category. In their free time, the representatives of this breed rush around the house, studying all the nooks and crannies of your home. Despite the short limbs, they tend to climb to different heights of your apartment. Bambimo have a very deep mind, so it’s easy to learn the basic rules of living in a house. Easy to get along in the same house with children, other animals, and even birds and rodents, e showing no aggression towards them. Always prefer to be in the company, with pleasure will go with you a trip and car trip. In our region you can find a bambino kitten worth from 1200 - 1300 US dollars. Although there are cases when for such a baby they gave 5,000 cu

    Don Sphynx

    In comparison with other cats, the Don Sphynx looks quite unusual. And this breed is not as popular as cats with wool. But every year more and more people prefer to start just such a kitten. Although basically this breed looks like bald, some of its representatives still have hair. Because of this, the breed is divided into three types: absolutely naked, velor (the presence on the body of a very soft gun) and brush (kittens from birth have a dense short hair, resembling a brush). The eyes of these cats can be oval and almond-shaped in any color. They are quite energetic, friendly and sociable animals, they easily adapt to new conditions and are rarely nervous. To the owner show only affection. Prefer active ball games. Don Sphynx kittens are sold by breeders from $ 150 to $ 500.

    Peterbald (Petersburg Sphynx)

    St. Petersburg is rightfully considered as the birthplace of Peterbald, and today it is one of the most popular breeds of cats. Work on the breeding of this breed began in 1994, and as a result of the selection of the Don Sphynx and the Oriental cat, several remarkable fragile kittens were born. Two years later, the breed was officially recognized, and she received the name in honor of her native city. The appearance of the St. Petersburg sphinx is quite elegant, as if it had just come down from the cover magazine. In size, these are medium cats with a straight elongated proportional body. They are always graceful and elegant. Slanted, almond-shaped eyes may have blue, green, yellow and blue colors. Among the distinguishing features of the breed - the almost complete absence of coat and a long bristly tail. The color of the Peterbald is almost never monotonous, there are always some spots on his body. The color may be different, but the most popular is considered cream and chocolate-purple. Although not all St. Petersburg sphinxes are born bald, some species of this breed are still covered with a little fluff.

    Peterbald is a very socialized and sociable cat. He would never calmly endure loneliness, it is simply contraindicated. This cute kitten will always be near you or other family members. People, in turn, respond to him in return. How can you not feed the most tender feelings for such a cutie. At the same time, the bad mood of a Peterbald can easily provoke a lunge in your direction, which indicates the manifestation of his strong character. The rest of the time, he curiously studies the world around him, conquering some peaks in your apartment. Petersburg sphinxes live no more than 15 years, and their cost ranges from 75 to 230 US dollars.

    Ukrainian Levkoy

    A very young cat breed, which appeared in 2004 thanks to the work of a feline Kiev resident, owes its name to a beautiful Ukrainian left-wing flower to which the ears of this lovely creature are very similar. But over a rather short period, these pets quickly gained popularity far beyond Ukraine. As a rule, these are absolutely hairless representatives of the cat family, although sometimes animals are found covered with a small fluff. Large almond-shaped eyes can have any color. The skin is pink, hot, has many folds. On average, a cat weighs about 5 kg. Ukrainian levkoi are quite sweet and tender, sociable and cheerful. They have intelligence and intelligence, they are easy to learn. Very patient and loyal to his master. On average, the cost of a kitten Ukrainian left begins at $ 250 US.


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