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Characteristics in the ranking

The entire fortified and mineral complex, which the pet system needs, is contained in high-class feed. If the animal eats regular food or other feed, it needs an additional source of vitamins. At certain periods of life, pets also need a maintenance complex. For example, during the cold season, during pregnancy and lactation, after an illness or when an animal is prone to diseases.

Since dogs, like people, get the necessary elements from plant and animal food, their nutritional needs are comparable to human food needs. Among the numerous assortment of vitamins, several types are distinguished: some are aimed at strengthening the growing body of puppies or, on the contrary, for aging dogs, at supporting lactating and pregnant bitches, others are for wool, joints, bones, immunity.

Picking up for the pet vitamins, we must not forget about what breed the animal belongs to: small or large. This is an important factor. In small breeds of dogs, the metabolism is faster, so they need vitamin support more often. Dogs or puppies must receive vitamin D for bones, A for mucous membranes, E for offspring reproduction. Additionally puppies need B-group vitamins.

Large breeds are characterized by intensive development. Musculature begins to grow rapidly at the age of six months. Vitamin D is especially important during this period to speed up bone growth. To avoid problems with blood formation and the nervous system, vitamins of group B are needed. In addition, ascorbing is necessary for the general metabolism of large breed dogs.

What should be considered when choosing a vitamin complex, consider below:

  1. Brand It is necessary to purchase products of well-known manufacturers. Veterinarians recommend to give preference to foreign brands.
  2. Composition. The drug must contain all the necessary mineral complex, suitable for the age, breed and health of your pet.
  3. Price. With regards to vitamins for dogs, the popular saying “price determines quality” will be true. Remember that one expensive drug will be more effective than 10 cheap.
  4. Vitamins must be original and made from technological raw materials.
  5. Vitamins should not contain dyes and preservatives.

It should be understood that vitamins are developed to ensure a balanced nutrition of the animal, and not for the treatment of diseases. Buying vitamins for dogs, it is worth taking into account the above criteria. Our rating represents the best vitamins in two categories: for large and small breeds.

3 Unitabs Brevers Complex with Q10

Unitabs is used as a vitamin complex to normalize the metabolism. The biological properties of the drug are quite extensive, due to the composition. Vitamins have a beneficial effect on hair growth, preventing hair loss, renew cells, improve blood circulation, promote skin elasticity, synthesize keratin.

Basically Unitabs Brevers Complex is used to improve the condition of the hair and skin of dogs. Zinc helps active hair growth, Selenium prevents their loss. Vitamins E and A make the skin smooth and healthy. Brewer's yeast reduces molting, gives wool shine and silkiness. Copper gives it brightness. Vitamin C plays the role of an antioxidant. Coenzyme Q10 enhances immunity, supports the cardiovascular system, strengthens the gums and teeth.

2 Wolmar Pro Bio Ca Ca Mini Boys

Wolmar Pro Bio - the best vitamins with high digestibility. This is a multifunctional vitamin remedy for small dogs. Everything an animal needs in order to properly grow and develop: amino acids, a complex of vitamins and fat-soluble calcium, can be found in Wolmar. The preparation is developed by the Swiss experts and conforms to the international quality standards.

Prebiotics contribute to the normalization of the microflora of the digestive tract, thereby preventing "appetite distortion." Vitamins reduce the malignant effects of viruses and bacteria on the body, creating suitable conditions for the growth of the animal. Dogs willingly eat pills. Users note the efficiency of packaging, the normalization of metabolism in their pets. Vitamins have the effect of prolonged action, which additionally guarantees the most positive result.

1 8 In 1 Excel Daily Multi-Vitamin

Small dogs are particularly active compared to large breeds. Therefore, they also need a balanced diet. Veterinarians recommend vitamin-mineral complex as an effective way to provide a pet with all the necessary elements. Excel Daily contains wheat germ flour and fish meal, skimmed milk powder, B vitamins and glycerin in the structure. In vitamins there are no preservatives and all sorts of dyes.

Consumption of tablets is quite economical. Only half a tablet for pets weighing up to 4 kg. If the animal survived the disease, the dose can be increased. Reviews characterize the Excel 8 In 1 complex only on the positive side. Celebrate chic effect after application. Dogs are happy to use vitamins, compared with other similar means.

The best vitamins for large breed dogs

The large weight of large dogs has a direct impact on the skeletal system and joints. Therefore, it is important that the vitamins contain elements that support healthy bones and joints.

"Biorhythm" is shown to apply to dogs with a mass of more than 30 kg. Especially for strengthening the musculoskeletal system, the complex "Biorhythm" contains collagen hydrolyzate. Other elements included in the structure of the drug satisfy the daily rate of vitamins and trace elements of an adult dog. A special feature of "Biorhythm" is a specially prepared formula "Morning" and "Evening". Their composition provides the pet with all the necessary elements for waking during the day and helps in the organization of proper nutrition, on the principle of joint or separate use of substances.

The morning dose of the drug increases vitality, nourishes with energy, strengthens the immune and nervous systems, improves the digestion of food, helps the heart and hematopoietic system, improves the condition of the teeth and bones. Evening dose helps cleanse the blood of the liver, kidneys, enriches cells with oxygen, accelerates the growth of hair, ensures the repair of organs and tissues, as well as the proper absorption of nutrients. Biorhythm is a multifunctional wellness kit of new generation vitamins.

4 8 In 1 Excel Brewer’s Yeast

Excel vitamins are developed by veterinarians specifically to improve the animal's coat and skin. They contain the richest complex of useful elements, such as: biotin, zinc, copper, vitamins of group B, fish oil, garlic, omega-3, yeast. Thanks to them, Excel Brewer’s Yeast helps to normalize metabolic processes, stabilize the functioning of internal organs, and helps the body’s defense system to resist diseases.

Vitamins are recommended to give to pets after the postponed illness. They have a positive effect on the general condition of the body and strengthen the immune system. Buyers love these vitamins for their effectiveness and economical consumption. In 2 weeks of use, pet owners noticed the result: rapid hair growth and improved skin condition. Excel 8 In 1 does not contain dyes and preservatives, they have a pleasant taste for animals.

2 Beaphar Top 10 Multi Vitamin Tabs

The Beaphar Vitamin Complex effectively takes care of your pet's health. Fish products and minerals included in its composition, as well as vitamins A, D, E and B, provide vitality, increase immunity, ensure a balanced metabolism of fats, strengthen muscles. Biotin has a positive effect on the condition of nails, skin and wool. L-carnitine strengthens the heart.

The tool contains all the useful elements that are beneficial to the health of the pet. Phosphorus in the composition forms beautiful healthy teeth and strong skeleton. The animal is saturated with vivacity and vitality. The drug is able to improve the metabolic processes, make the pet more resilient, increase the body's resistance to various diseases.

1 Wolmar Pro Bio Booster Ca

When a dog begins to eat grass, sand and other unusual "foods", this indicates a lack of vitamins. Buyers noticed that after taking Wolmar Pro Bio, the need for "dubious" food disappeared. The composition of the drug includes amino acids and trace elements for the full life of the pet. Calcium and phosphorus in large quantities are known to be especially necessary for large breeds of dogs. This is due to a strong load on the musculoskeletal system.

Wolmar is an excellent means of strengthening the immune system, preventing the pathology of cartilage and bone tissue, preventing the development of infections. Drug consumption is very economical. 10 kg of weight requires only 1 tablet. Vitamins contain calcium, which is responsible for dog bones, yeast, which is a source of B vitamins, biotin, which provides thick hair, and prebiotics for normalizing the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Recommendations for choosing a vitamin for pet

Let's figure out how to choose vitamins for the dog correctly:

  1. Features of feeding the animal. If the animal eats natural food, then it needs vitamins and minerals. In normal food, less beneficial ingredients. When feeding dry food its composition is taken into account. In some types of vitamins and minerals are added, this should be considered when calculating the daily dosage.
  2. Pet age features. For each age, the amount of vitamins and minerals individually, manufacturers take into account. In most lines you can find vitamins for puppies, for adults and for older dogs.
  3. Features of hormonal changes in different periods: vitamins for pregnant and lactating bitches, for sterilized and neutered animals.
  4. General health. Almost all manufacturers offer complexes for animals with diseased joints, to maintain immunity and prevent urolithiasis, restore hair and skin.
  5. Breed activity On sale you can find separate narrow-profile complexes for active dogs or animals with obesity.
  6. Before buying, consult a specialistwho will examine the dog and prescribe the most suitable vitamin and mineral complexes for your animal.
  7. The composition of the product. Some manufacturers offer vitamins with insufficiently rich composition. The product belongs to food additives and with beriberi will not solve the problems with the lack of useful components. On the other hand, a healthy animal dietary supplement will only benefit. Pay attention to the presence of dyes, preservatives. Any chemistry is dangerous for dogs prone to allergies.
  8. Taste preferences pet. Some dogs are happy to eat vitamin treats with the taste of meat or chicken. Others take new dainties with caution. They are more suitable vitamins without a sharp taste and smell, which are easier to disguise in food.
  9. Form of production: tableted, granulated, in powder, suspension, cracker, or injection form.

Rating of vitamin complexes for dogs from various manufacturers

We analyzed reviews of vitamins for dogs and offer a rating of manufacturers whose products are popular not only among ordinary dog ​​breeders, but also among veterinarians. The rating of the best manufacturers is based on the growth of consumer preferences and recommendations of specialists.

Date updated rating - February 2018.

Tablet form

Tablets are the most common forms. Manufacturers make vitamins in the traditionally round shape or in the form of hearts, stones, pads. Tablets in the form of crackers are well combined with dry food. To make the vitamins cause an appetite in an animal, manufacturers add flavorings to the tablets: beef, lamb, poultry. The varied shape and color is rather intended to attract the attention of animal owners. Tablets for puppies and adult dogs vary in texture and size, so they are suitable for animals at any age.

Among the tablet forms are vitamins for dogs:

  • Omega Neo (Astrapharm),
  • Geriati Vet Dog Large Breed (vetExpert),
  • Shed Defense Max (Nutri Wit),
  • Phytomines (Veda),
  • Phytocorrector (Titbit).

Powder Additive

Fortified powder supplements are convenient as an additive in animal feed. Small granules are easily mixed with porridge or soup. Powders do not have a sharp smell and taste. The downside is that it is difficult to add powder to dry food, it is suitable only for animals on natural or moist food.

Among famous brands, the best reviews were:

  • Vitamin Cal (Beafar),
  • Irish Cal (Beafar),
  • Seaweed Powder (Trixie),
  • Canipulver (canina),
  • Welpenkalk (Kanina).

Suspensions or elixirs

Vitamins in the form of a suspension or elixir are considered universal. Liquid means is easily added to natural or wet food, to dry food, water, or directly to the mouth of an animal. Orally be administered using a syringe without a needle or spoon. Vitamins are produced on the basis of natural oils: vegetable, olive, sesame. Flavoring agents may be present.

Among the popular liquid vitamin complexes stand out:

  • Laveta Super (Beafar),
  • Stride Plus (TRM),
  • Hokamix (Skin & Shine),
  • Vittri (Agrovetzashchita),
  • Tetravit (Nitroform).

Vitaminized treats

Treats are available in the form of pads with fortified paste inside the crackers, pits. As part of a small amount of vitamins, as they relate to food additives. Used to encourage the animal during training or walking. They have an attractive flavor and taste for animals: lamb, beef, chicken, turkey.

Among the popular fortified baits stand out:

  • NutriPockets (Gimdog),
  • Sport Snacks (Gimdog),
  • Mini-Schoko Dog (Trixie),
  • Premio Fishies (Trixie),
  • Minis (8 in 1).

Vitamins in the form of an injection are intended for impaired animals after surgery or an illness. It is known that the absorption of useful components, administered intramuscularly, is faster. And, on the contrary, getting into the stomach of a weakened animal, most of the beneficial vitamins and minerals are not absorbed. Minus in a painful procedure that is performed by a specialist.

Among the well-known distinguished vitamin injections for dogs:

  • Bactoneotim ADV (Veda),
  • Gamavit (Micro Plus),

Narrow-profile vitamins with various purposes: physiological, age-related features

The main thing to consider when choosing vitamins is their purpose. Gradation of the physiological characteristics of the dog, its age is taken into account by all manufacturers. It is no secret that the daily amount of multivitamins for a nursing female or puppy differs from the dosage for a healthy and active dog.

Multivitamin Complexes

Universal complex of vitamins is designed for a healthy animal at different ages. Available in all forms.

  • beriberi prophylaxis,
  • maintaining the body of the animal in good shape.

Standardly, the complex includes vitamins B, C, D, E, calcium, potassium and zinc. When choosing to pay attention to the ash content in the composition. An excessive amount of this element provokes the formation of kidney stones in the dog. The best dog vitamins contain moderate amounts of ash, preservatives and flavorings.

Types of general-purpose vitamins, popular with breeders and veterinarians:

  • Neo-vitamin complex with biotin (Astrapharm),
  • Multi-Vit (Nutri Vet),
  • Vetaminex (Vet Expert),
  • Biorhythm (Veda),
  • Radostin (Agrovetzashchita).

Complexes for the restoration of immunity

Vitamins to maintain immunity enhance the protective functions of the body, contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes. The preparations are intended for weak animals, after suffering a viral or bacterial disease. Significantly reduce the time of recovery after surgery. Vitamin complexes are prescribed only by a specialist. As a part of vitamin complexes, amino acids and minerals. Some manufacturers add prebiotics to improve digestion. A month before using the drug, the dog is gelled.

Among the most popular brands are:

  • Vitamin Cal (Beafar),
  • Dog Immun Protec (Canina),
  • Diet Balance (Titbit),
  • Veto Mune (Vet Expert),
  • Immune Health (Nutri Vet).

Vitamins for aging dogs

Vitamins for dogs in old age are designed to maintain healthy joints and ligaments of the animal, strengthen bones, teeth and coat. Older animals need double the rate of vitamins and minerals, since the natural digestibility of beneficial elements is reduced.

Standardly, the complex for elderly animals includes: poly substances, minerals, omega 3 and 6 acids, pro- and prebiotics.

Among the popular demand are:

  • Doggy’s Senior (Beafar),
  • Geriati Vet Dog Large Breed,
  • Phytomines for aging dogs (Veda),
  • Farmavit NEO (Astrapharm),
  • Bones Multivitamin (Agrovetzashchita).

Vitamins for nursing and pregnant dogs

Pregnant and lactating dogs lose a large amount of nutrients. Большая часть употребляемых витаминов и минералов уходит на питание щенков. Известно, что нехватка полезных веществ в организме матери приводит к патологиям внутриутробного развития у щенков. А во время лактации нехватка кальция и протеинов скажется не только на здоровье щенков, но и матери. Лактирующие собаки нередко теряют шерсть, зубы, у них падает иммунитет, кости становятся хрупкими.

Исправить ситуацию и поддержать организм животного помогают специализированные витамины:

  • Irish Cal (Беафар),
  • Фармавит NEO (Астрафарм),
  • Косточка с морской капустой (Агроветзащита),
  • Excel (8 в 1).

Витамины для щенков

A growing complex of multivitamins and micro and macronutrients is necessary for a puppy's growing body. The usual complex for an adult animal can harm a puppy, since a lack of calcium and iron will lead to the development of rickets and anemia. The second important point relates to fortified "snacks." The size of the pads for puppies is smaller, and the biscuits and crackers in the form of pits have a softer texture.

Among popular vitamins for puppies are popular:

  • Doggy’s Junior (Beafar),
  • Biorhythm (Veda),
  • V25 (Kanin),
  • Puppy-Vite (Nutri Vet),
  • Omega Neo (Astrapharm).

Vitamins to improve the state of wool

Vitamin complexes with taurine, biotin, fatty acids, macro-and microelements contribute to the restoration of the skin, growth and nutrition of animal hair. Vitamins are assigned to fluffy breeds or dogs before exhibitions. Complexes significantly reduce the period of molting, which please the owners of fluffy animals. The dog's coat is restored after taking the complex, it acquires shine and silkiness.

Among the most popular brands are:

  • Nutri Pockets Shiny (Gimper),
  • Biotin forte (Canina),
  • Phytocorrector with brewer's yeast (Titbit),
  • VetoSkin (VetExpert),
  • Phytomines (Veda).

Reviews of vitamins dog amateurs and breeders

Natalia: My Maltese lapdog has soft and long hair. Previously, in spring and autumn, the dog lost its appearance, the fur fell out, and scaly patches appeared on the skin. The vet recommended vitamins for fluffy animals. The choice fell on Biotin forte from Kanin. The difference felt immediately. Shedding stopped, wool got shine, no longer tangled. My Malti looks like from the picture.

Olga: Pleases domestic producer Agrovetzashchita. For the second year now I have been giving my collie the liquid Vittri complex. The preparation consists of three main vitamins: B, D and E. I mix drops with any food, I like to eat an animal. For weakened animals, the manufacturer offers fortified solutions for injections.

Sergei: My Rottweiler Jack is a very picky animal. With age, the dog has problems with joints. Paws hurt, especially after a long lying in one place. Doctors insisted on taking any vitamins for aging dogs. Chose Doggy’s Senior from Beaphar. The dog became more active, and the mood was clearly improved, appetite appeared. We again walk for a long time on the street and make long journeys through the forest.

Helena: As a pug breeder, I recommend Kanin's vitamins to everyone. High quality, natural composition and convenient form in the form of tablets. I prefer the Dog Immun Protec complex to maintain immunity. Dogs are less susceptible to viral and bacterial diseases, they feel good, the condition of the hair and teeth is normal.

Reviews from experts: veterinarians and dog handlers

Anatoly: Do not give animals vitamins without prior inspection. Excess nutrients only harm the dog's body and lead to hypervitaminosis. Most often, an acute disorder causes an excess of D and A groups, and they are contained in almost all the complexes. For a healthy animal, I recommend the gentle fortified pads from Trixie or Minis 8 in 1. But to give strictly according to the instructions, a few things a day.

Alexandra: Vitamin complexes I recommend giving the animal no more than twice a year. I like the natural composition of the American manufacturer Nutri Vet and Canina German. High quality and balanced composition suitable for dogs at any age. When choosing it is necessary to take into account the narrow profile of the complex and select additives individually for your pet.

Reviews of vitamins for dogs are positive, provided that the complex is appointed by a specialist. Negative moments are associated with the unsuccessful experience of dog breeders who did not listen to the recommendations and all the time fed the dog with vitamins. Only proven manufacturers that offer high-quality vitamins and nutritional supplements for dogs are included in the list of our rankings.

The best vitamins for the skin and coat of dogs

  • natural product,
  • well digested
  • has an attractive taste,
  • high efficiency,
  • combined with other vitamin complexes
  • convenient dosage for small and large breeds,
  • perfect value for money.

The best vitamins for bones and cartilage

  • natural product,
  • well digested
  • has no side effects
  • convenient to dose and give even small puppies.
  • relative high cost,
  • There are reviews of the negative effect of the drug on the stomach and liver.

The best vitamins for dogs heart

  • natural composition,
  • convenient to dose and give the animal.
  • high price,
  • rarely found in stores,
  • low content of vitamins, applicable only as a supporting agent.

The best vitamins for the teeth and bones of dogs

  • perfectly assimilated
  • quick effect
  • natural ingredients.
  • high price,
  • hard to find in stores
  • often - the lack of instructions in Russian,
  • does not contain phosphorus and vitamins, you need to combine with other additives.

What are the best dog vitamins?

With an increased need of the body for vitamins (weakened dogs, young and old, pregnant and lactating, with heavy physical exertion and stress), as well as with natural feeding, it is additionally necessary to give multivitamin complexes. The selection of the best vitamins depends on age (young / adult / elderly) and dog breed. So, for puppies and young dogs up to one year, the Kanweet Junior vitamins are suitable, for adult dogs of any breeds Beafar Top 10, for the elderly - Excel Multi Vitamin Senior 8in1, for small dogs it is better to give Unitabs DailyComplex.

Vitamin supplements of specific action, such as Canina Herz-Vital and Calcium Citrate, Gelakan, should be prescribed individually by a veterinarian, if there is a deficiency in certain substances and related diseases.

During periods of seasonal molting, it is better to give the dog Brewers a three-month course.

Vitamins for dogs which company choose

The leading brands in the ranking of dog breeders include:

Manufacturer of the Czech Republic - Biofaktory. Now the company has come under the management of an international holding company with the Dutch address Nutreco B.V., so the familiar name Biofaktory disappears from the labels.

Products from Germany from the company Canina Farma Gmbh attracts natural composition and an extensive range.

The American brand with a well-established reputation and clear marketing policy is part of the Spectrum Brands concern. We receive the products of the European division from Germany 8in1 Pet Products GmbH.

The brand from Germany produces only natural vitamins. The range is small.

Inexpensive vitamins from the Netherlands from the company "Nederma" occupy a niche of everyday products of the average level.

The Dutch brand with a broad European geography focuses on the average price category and the mass buyer.

Vitamins among animal lovers are called very different products. It would be more correct after all - dietary supplements. They differ in feedstock, composition, form of supply and purpose.

How to understand that a pet needs vitamins

The dog's body daily needs nutrients for full growth and development. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins are essential for a pet's health.

In most cases, when feeding with high-quality professional food, the body gets everything you need. A different situation arises when pets are fed from the human table. Such food is usually monotonous and lacks the necessary amount of useful elements. Such a deficiency is manifested in the behavior of the animal and affects its appearance. There are special vitamin supplements for different categories of dogs.

Most accurately help pick up a vitamin drug vet

Determine the lack of vitamins by the following features:

  • during physical activity the dog quickly gets tired,
  • taste changes (pet has a desire to gnaw stones, plaster, whitewash, bricks, rubber soles and insoles of shoes, dog excrement, wool, everything in the search for what to nibble)
  • wool looks dull, dry, ruffled, loss of whole shreds is observed,
  • tearing increases
  • with prolonged significant lack of calcium and vitamin D, the shape of the limbs changes (they become X or O shaped).

For dogs of small breeds

Vitamin-mineral complexes for this group have a high calcium content to strengthen the teeth and bones. The composition of such drugs, as a rule, does not include fish oil, which leads to an increase in the fat layer, because small dogs are prone to obesity.

The best vitamin complexes for this group of dogs: * 8 In 1 Excel Daily Multi-Vitamin (highly effective), * Wolmar Pro Bio Booster Ca Mini (well digested), * Unitabs Brevers Complex with Q10 (have a wide spectrum of action).

Restorative Vitamins

Represent a set of elements for seasonal use. They serve to maintain the immunity of the pet, reduce the risk of infectious diseases, strengthen the entire body. Helping to be healthy and active.

Available in standard daily dosage for different breeds and ages. They have pleasant tastes and aromas for four-legged friends, which is an excellent useful delicacy for pets. The following drugs have proven themselves well:

  • Beaphar Top 10,
  • Polidex Recovit Strengthened Complex Minerals and Vitamins,
  • Polidex Immunity Up for Immunity,
  • Anivital CaniImmun for Stimulating Immunity in Dogs.

For wool

In order for the animal's hair to be shiny, silky and shiny, it is necessary to periodically include in the diet additional food in the form of vitamins and microelements, while the best means to date are:

  • Excel Brewer’s Yeast 8in1,
  • Hokamix Skin & Shine,
  • Canvin Biotin.

For animals 7+

7+ is a special category of dogs.

To provide your elderly pet with high-quality old age, it is necessary to supplement the diet with good vitamin complexes. The best means are:

  • Excel Multi Vitamin Senior 8 in1,
  • Beaphar Doggy’s Senior are vitamins for older dogs.

Vitamins with calcium

To prolong the health of the musculoskeletal system and teeth, it is advisable to supplement nutrition with vitamins with calcium. The following calcium preparations have proven themselves well:

  • Canina Calcina Calcium Cinrat,
  • Canina Calcium Citrat,
  • Canvit AK,
  • Phyto Kaltsevit.

In the article I talked about vitamin preparations for dogs. She led a review of the best vitamin complexes for different animals. Listed vitamin complexes for puppies, small and large breeds, pregnant and elderly pets.


Swiss vitamins have authority among professional breeders. There are options for dogs of different sizes. A series with a focus on the full absorption of calcium and stabilization of digestive processes in puppies after the suckling period and lactating bitches.


  • A wide composition with the addition of probiotics in the form of enzymatic extracts of Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis, which is very important for this group of animals,
  • Calcium and phosphorus minerals necessary for bone formation and lactation are provided.
  • A set of vitamins standard: A, D, E plus vitamin B12,
  • The peculiarity of this formula is the emphasis on amino acids, there are 10 of them.


  • High price,
  • Not everywhere is on sale.

Excel 8 in 1 Multivitamins for Puppies

A full-fledged brewer's yeast-based combination covers the needs of a growing puppy body. It is recommended when unbalanced feeding "naturalkoy."


  • A wide composition of 11 vitamins and 10 minerals,
  • Fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins are given in the correct ratio,
  • Group B is represented in full standard composition,
  • The basic minerals calcium and phosphorus are supplemented with rare trace elements.


  • Antioxidants are poorly represented,
  • One packaging option,
  • The price is somewhat too high for a product of fortified yeast.

Canvit junior

Well balanced and wide complex, and the composition is painted thoroughly. Two packaging options. All features of the age period are provided.


  • The addition of the probiotic culture Enterococcus faecium,
  • Minerals are given in highly chelated form,
  • A valuable feature of the formula is the presence of Omega-3 and Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids in the form of salmon fat and antioxidants,
  • High concentration
  • The price matches the quality.


Vitamin and mineral complexes for adult dogs

Fully original brand product that has no analogues in our market. Recommended for any type of feeding. Created solely on the basis of healing herbs. It normalizes metabolism and has a beneficial effect on the skin and coat.


  • Without inclusions of synthesized vitamins,
  • Natural origin of raw materials,
  • Phytocomplex wide composition of 30 plant sources,
  • Acts efficiently and versatile
  • Suitable for allergy prone dogs.


  • High price,
  • Not everywhere is on sale.

Beaphar Duo Active

An interesting presentation of this vitamin complex in the form of a paste. Two-tone yellow-brown soft substance is saturated with a set of vitamins and minerals.


  • Natural base from vegetable oils and animal fats,
  • L-carnitine and Omega-6,
  • The specificity of the composition due to the presence of polysaccharides, which have a positive effect on the intestinal microflora,
  • Pasta is delicious, dogs like it.


  • Low concentration of active substances
  • High consumption leads to an increase in cost.


An effective complex for active dogs, athletes, hunters and security guards. It is safe to recommend bitches for the period of recovery after lactation, as well as formed juniors.


  • High concentration of components
  • The formula is rich in vitamins with an emphasis on group B,
  • Amino acid supplements in the form of milk protein casein,
  • Essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids from salmon oil and sunflower oil,
  • High level of trace elements, including selenium antioxidant,
  • The presence of biotin, zinc, niacin contributes to a good appearance of wool.


Anivital caniage

German-made additive is based on a skillful combination of herbal ingredients. The focus of the composition - maintaining the work of the cardiovascular system, vision and the integrated fight against free radicals.


  • The formula involves strong antioxidants: grape seed extract, carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, alpha-tocopherol,
  • Omega-3,
  • High content of additional animal protein,
  • Nutrients mutually reinforce each other,
  • Technological concentrated raw materials
  • You can give constantly
  • Slows down aging.


  • High price,
  • Not everywhere is on sale.

VIYO Reinforces Dog Senior

A series of complex supplements from Belgium is aimed at the probiotic effect - the normalization of the digestive system. This ensures active life at any age, facilitates the aging process. When unbalanced diet can be given a long course. The composition is very extensive, not limited to probiotics.


  • A complete set of valuable nutrients in an optimal ratio for older dogs,
  • The effect is enhanced by the action of inulin and polysaccharides,
  • The recipe is enriched with Omega-3 and Omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids from meat protein,
  • A convenient form of serving - portioned bags of powder for dilution with water and get a fresh drink.


  • High price,
  • Not everywhere is on sale.


A good standard recipe based on fortified brewer's yeast. Suitable for everyday feeding to dogs with unbalanced diet.


  • A wide range of vitamins,
  • Wheat Germ Flour Additive and Safflower Oil,
  • Maintain the balance of the elderly body
  • Democratic price.


  • Minimum antioxidants
  • Specific active substances do not include
  • When feeding high-quality ready-made food does not make sense.

Vitamins for wool

Supplements of this group help to solve narrower problems in dogs. The composition is dominated by specific active substances of animal and vegetable origin, bee products, algae. In most cases, such supplements are given to dogs not constantly, but by the course and only when expressed need.

Canina petvital derm caps

Encapsulated oil composition of energetic action. There is a modification of the additive in drops of Petvital Derm Liquid. The components of the oil have a wide range of positive effects on the body, which is reflected in the healing of the skin and coat of dogs.


  • Natural basis: enotery vegetable oil and fish oil,
  • The unique combination of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 acids,
  • Vegetable tocopherols and retinoids of evening primrose oil,
  • Provitamin, biotin and zinc,
  • You can give and cats.


  • High price,
  • Capsules are not always eaten by dogs with food, they have to incise.

Hokamix Skin & Shine

Uniquely "working" additive in the form of a concentrated vegetable oil. In addition to improving the appearance of wool has a general healing effect.


  • Completely natural - from different types of nuts,
  • The most complete and valuable combination of Omega fatty acids,
  • Gives a pretty quick effect.
  • Relieves irritation and dry skin,
  • Eliminates off-season molting.


  • High price,
  • Not all dogs like the smell of oil, it has to be masked by food.


The supplement of the expanded composition, in which biotin is the leader - vitamin H. Provides an excellent appearance of wool after a course of 4 weeks.


  • The biotin content is excellent,
  • Action enhanced by the presence of niacin,
  • The amino acid methionine, which promotes the synthesis of sulfur-containing substances,
  • Негативного влияния на белый окрас не оказывает,
  • Приемлемая цена.


  • Длительный прием не рекомендуется.

Canina Petvital GAG

Добавка демонстрирует нестандартный фирменный подход к проблеме. The formula is impressive and effective, subject to prolonged use.


  • The original wide compound in the chondroprotectors group,
  • The combination of flour of mollusks, algae, gelatin and sodium hyaluronate,
  • The composition is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids, 6,
  • Vitamin matrix and antioxidant selenium,
  • Good balance and concentration.



Chondroprotector proven composition with progressive additions to restore joint mobility. There is a lightweight traditional version of CANVIT CHONDRO with a gradation in dog weight.


  • Glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM in high concentration and the right ratio,
  • The composition is supplemented with hyaluronic acid,
  • Affordable course price.


TRM Stride

Chondroprotector from Ireland is presented in two options, there is an improved formula. The form of the additive is liquid.


  • High saturation
  • The traditional triad is glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate and methylsulfanylmethane from raw materials of maximum purification,
  • Manganese additive,
  • Hyaluronic acid in the Stride PLUS version.


  • High price,
  • Not everywhere is on sale.

What vitamins for dogs to buy

Veterinarians and professional dog breeders advise:

1. Read the composition. It makes sense to buy vitamins with a high content of nutrients, despite their cost. You will get a guaranteed visible and faster effect.

2. Which brand is better? Preferred foreign brands that give a concentrated product: Canina, Canvit, Hokamix, Wolmar.

3. Look for original formulas from high-tech raw materials: Hokamix, Anivital, Viyo.

4. The cost of vitamins for dogs. It is directly dependent on quality. The rule works: the higher the quality, the higher the price.

5. Medium-priced vitamins are only suitable for daily support of homemade feed balance: 8 in 1, Sanal, Beaphar, Polidex.

6. Where to buy vitamins? Better in online stores. More selection and delivery from authorized dealers.