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Many people compare Farmin and Monge dry dog ​​food to each other because they produce both in Italy, by one company, even the rulers have much in common. But of particular popularity among the rest of the series in Farmin was a grainless line. Also in the Farmina feed for dogs, hypoallergenic options are provided, for older dogs, for large and miniature breeds.

Types of food Farmina (Farmina) for dogs

The main plants for the production of therapeutic and dry food Farmin for dogs are located in Italy, Serbia and North America. Food belongs to the super premium class, although there are options for premium feed. The main feature of the feed is the presence of probiotics, vitamins, fatty acids, medicinal herbs as part of almost every feed. Also, the manufacturer uses only natural products, a minimum of cereal, and does not add to the food by-products.

Food produced in the form of dry croquettes, wet canned food cannot be found in stores. Farmin is packed in cardboard packaging of 200 and 800 g, 2.5 kg, 12 and 20 kg. The basis of almost any feeding option is:

  • poultry, lamb or lamb,
  • fish meat
  • potato,
  • fish fat,
  • eggs,
  • yeast,
  • peas,
  • fish fat,
  • amino acids
  • vitamin complexes.

It is important that the additional components of nutrition are fructosaccharides, fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, beets and fiber. Therefore, in addition to saturation with nutritional components, the dog will recover.

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Disadvantages of Farmina feed

There are a number of cons Farmin feed for dogs that can not be ignored:

  • high enough price
  • the use of chemicals and low-quality products in the line of economy and premium class,
  • small selection of therapeutic and dietary feed.

Do not forget that some of the special nutritional ingredients, like flax extract, berries and medicinal herbs, can cause allergies in ornamental species.

What feed to choose your pet?

Farmina dog food (Farmina) is divided not only by breed and size of animal, but also by class. Therefore, for the buyer is available super premium line, premium and economical version. Also, economy food is divided into subgroups: mix, edalt, energy, although you should not buy such food at all. Since there is almost no meat, a lot of cereals and by-products.

Ecopet Natural

Ecopet Natural refers to the premium diet, although the composition of the feed a lot of meat, rice and vegetables.

The line is divided into only four options:

  • for puppies,
  • for an adult dog,
  • for all breeds with fish,
  • for all breeds with meat.

In this case, only tastes differ, of which no more than two are also offered for each subtype.

The Farmina Cibau line of dry dog ​​food is considered to be super premium, including ten varieties with different flavors, which are designed for:

  • puppies (there is a separate division by breed and age, this is indicated on the package),
  • adult dogs, which are also divided by breed and age,
  • for dogs with sensitive digestion.

For each variant there are about three subtypes of food with different taste. The main feature of the line Cibau - availability of a full complex of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This allows the dog to develop normally, eliminates the development of certain diseases.

Remember that in the Cibau lineup there is no wheat and millet, so allergies are excluded even from the smallest puppies or miniature breeds.

Natural & Delicious

Particularly noteworthy is the dry food from the Natural & Delicious line, which belongs to grainless food and holistics.

Tastes in the line is not much:

  • chicken meat and pomegranate, calculated feed for puppies of various breeds,
  • orange fish for adult pets of various breeds,
  • boar meat with apples - universal food,
  • Lamb and blueberry meat - a universal line for an adult dog.

It is important that there is a grainless feed from this line, which is designed for older dogs. The basis of this food - pomegranate and chicken.

Farmina offers a separate series of holists with pumpkin, it is combined with various meats, fruits. The composition also has animal protein and fiber. Nutrition is calculated on adult dogs, especially active and those who are exposed to greater physical exertion.

A separate line of dry food is Vet Life, which includes almost two dozen medicinal and hypoallergenic feeds.

The most popular among them are:

  • Growth canine is suitable for puppies with developmental and immune system problems,
  • Joint canine is used to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system,
  • Gastrointestinal is suitable for digestive problems,
  • Struvite Management - for the prevention of kidney disease,
  • Cardiac - for the treatment of heart failure,
  • Ultrahypo is used for acute allergies,
  • Neutered 1-10kg will suit castrated dogs up to 10 kg.

Consider that, judging by the reviews of veterinarians, the most recommended are the grainless and therapeutic line. Although you can use them after consulting a doctor.

Reviews for Farmina dog food (Farmina)

Kostya: Farmina is not a very popular food in the CIS countries, we were convinced of this personally. Although we have been feeding them for two years now and have not noticed anything bad. If you take a super premium food, then the choice of options, of course, is not great. But in croquet there is a lot of meat, no chemicals, and the dog is quite happy. The price is quite affordable. I would advise at least to try.

Darina: I bought for my spitz only feed from the veterinary line, when there were problems with allergies and digestion. We ate it for about three months, everything went without consequences. At the same time, they did not additionally take vitamins and did not give medicines. Therefore, I think that food is good. At the expense of the main line I will not say for sure, but the economy in all companies is bad.

Dima: We like very much that croquettes of different sizes are made in food, this is very useful for decorative rocks. Also noted would be a diverse composition, a large indicator of meat and healthy supplements. They say that medicinal herbs can be allergic, but we have not experienced this. On the contrary, the puppy feels fine, active, does not suffer from indigestion (and this often happens when feeding with dry food).

The price of Farmina (Farmina) food for dogs is quite reasonable, especially in the economy line, but it’s worthwhile to focus on the super premium class:

  • 800 g from 368 rubles (180 UAH),
  • 2.5 kg - 890 rubles (440 UAH),
  • 7 kg - 3500 rubles (1750 UAH),
  • 12 kg - from 2470 rubles in Moscow (1230 UAH in Kiev).


The Italian company Farmina produces excellent products for balanced nutrition of four-legged pets. It is made from European raw materials.

The main component of the diet is animal protein, which is found in large quantities in chicken, lamb, fish and eggs. The feed contains a large amount of chicken and fish oil, which saturates the body of animals with useful amino acids, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Simple and complex carbohydrates are indispensable for healthy balanced nutrition of dogs.

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They charge pets with energy, normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, nourish the microflora. Farmin’s feed uses sugar beets and peas, which are sources of fiber. Also in products are actively used fruchosaccharides.

If the dog has diarrhea, then immediately read the instructions for use Vetom 1.1, and proceed to treatment. Read about the most beautiful names for cats:, now your outlook for names is greater.


Low-grain and grain feed from the Italian manufacturer are very popular. They prevent obesity, and are indicated for diabetes. Almost one hundred percent of the grainless fodder consists of animal products. The remaining ingredients are fruits and vegetables, special vitamin and mineral supplements.

For puppies of large medium and small breeds are intended dry feed with chicken and pomegranate. As for products for adult dogs, here are the following tastes:

  • Fish and orange
  • Lamb with blueberries
  • Apples with wild boar meat.

Farmin's feed with a high content of natural meat ingredients is ideal for a growing young body. They are made on the basis of meat of lamb, fish, chicken and turkey. But 20% of the fodder is fruits and vegetables.

They do not contain dyes and preservatives, as well as possible allergens. The addition of flavor enhancers, hormones and genetically modified products is excluded - only natural and useful raw materials. Nutrients are great for the daily basic nutrition of dogs of all ages and breeds.

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties and are well absorbed in the body.

They are contained in fish oil, which forms the basis of super premium class feeds from Farmin’s company. Rice and corn are products that give extra energy to four-legged pets.

Farmin’s premium feed lineup also uses natural ingredients and prebioticsthat improve bowel function. Artificial colors and preservatives in this product are absent. Feed pellets are designed to fit the size of the animal.

Economy feed Farmin for dogs are the best combination of quality and cost. Such food contains the following products:

  • Meat meal is a source of animal protein. It is perfectly absorbed and has a positive effect on digestion,
  • Chicken fat is a source of energy and a natural flavor enhancer,
  • Minerals and vitamins help maintain metabolic processes in the dog's body,
  • Wheat flour and corn are sources of carbohydrates.

When buying travmatin for dogs, do not forget to consult a veterinarian. They will tell you about all the beneficial properties of Hills feed.

Well, the best antiviral agent for cats is undoubtedly this drug.

Can't be called economy class products suitable for everyday feeding of representatives of the animal world. But they can be combined with natural food.

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“The breed is Japanese hin. For two months now I have been feeding my pet with Farmin's seedless feed with chicken and pomegranate. I must say that already from the first days of consumption the dog confided to such a diet and began to eat it with great pleasure. Digestive problems have not yet been. If you consider that walking dogs no more than twice a day, the chair is excellent. But the state of wool has improved significantly from the daily consumption of this premium class feed. At first I wanted to pick something from the line of economical feeds, but decided not to save on my pet. I think that for the time being we will buy feed of Farmin, who is now very pleased. ”


“Not so long ago I got a Labrador puppy. A familiar vet immediately advised me to buy Farmin's super premium food for him. I read the composition - it seemed that the manufacturer had gone too far with the amount of proteins. But it turned out that doubts were in vain. The puppy feels great and develops normally (as the vet said at the last inspection). My little Labrador is playful, cheerful and quite active. There are no problems with digestion. So far, she decided not to change the diet of her pet and continue to use Farmin feed. Finding it in our wilderness is not very easy, so you have to order via the Internet. ”

The concept of the manufacturer FARMINA

The brand line is based on the latest research by nutritionists and scientists. It also includes Farmin's cat food. All products of the manufacturer are designed in such a way as to cover the most important components for the body of pets. The composition of the feed includes only natural ingredients, vitamin complexes, minerals and other ingredients designed to have a positive impact on the health of domestic animals.

The manufacturer FARMINA uses topical technologies that allow to extend the "lifespan" of vitamins and other substances. The company also ensures that all important components of the feed are easily absorbed by the body of cats and dogs. The company philosophy is based on the love of pets.

The founders of the brand urge to feed their pets only high-quality and safe for health feed of the highest quality.

Features of the production process

In the production process, twin-screw extruders are used to achieve high-quality gelatinization of starch. As a result, the denaturation of nutrients is reduced and the usefulness of the feedstock is preserved to the maximum. In contrast to the use of a single-screw feed production system, they are easily digestible.

In the factories of FARMINA, the system of vacuum injection of components into the granules and the Just in Time production technology are also used. The final product preserves vitamins, minerals and other important ingredients for a long period of time.

All production stages are strictly controlled - from the moment of receipt of raw materials to the production of finished feed. It should be noted that the raw materials are of Italian origin and are always checked for compliance with modern standards. The use of advanced technologies allows you to save natural raw materials and protect all components from industrial stress.

What products does the FARMINA brand offer?

FARMINA food for dogs and cats is about taking care of pets every day. Its development is carried out under the supervision of veterinarians. This allows you to make the products of the brand as much as possible adapted for feeding pets. Feed constantly undergo special testing. To satisfy the taste preferences of various animals, the manufacturer offers a wide range of products of various types:

  1. Dry feed. This is a series of grainless and low grain feeds. The category includes products as a super premium class, as well as premium and economy. Buyers also have the opportunity to purchase a line of veterinary diet products.
  2. Vitamins and supplements. Products are manufactured to meet the physiological needs of pets for vitamins, as well as amino acids and other important substances. The line of vitamin supplements allows you to enrich the diet of animals with antioxidants and prebiotics of natural origin.
  3. Wet feed. This line provides complete nutrition for pets. Products include both meat and vegetables. Feed does not contain dyes or preservatives.

What are the advantages of FARMINA products?

One of the advantages of Farmin’s feed for dogs and cats is the low glycemic index. This factor is especially important if pet owners want to avoid obesity of their pets. The manufacturer offers products for all kinds of breeds. The menu is varied and includes food for:

  • kittens, pregnant women, and also lactating cats,
  • puppies of small, large medium breeds,
  • adult dogs,
  • for adult cats and more.

The manufacturer also offers a special line, which is intended for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. Choosing Farmin's food for dogs and cats, you can minimize the likelihood of developing diabetes in an animal. Products are 70% made up of components of animal origin (chicken, lamb, fish and eggs). The remaining 30% fully cover vegetables and fruits.

FARMINA cat and dog food is a line of products that allow you to provide your pet with all the necessary nutrients for normal functioning without much hassle. This solution is for those who choose a healthy and active lifestyle for their pets. Due to the large variety of products, each customer can choose exactly the line of feed that matches the habits, age and health of his pet.

Assortment of dog food

The company approached the creation of a large selection of rations as responsibly: all classes of food are available to the buyer - starting with the economy, and ending with a holistic feed of the highest quality.

The line segment economy is called Fun Dog, and is represented by only three varieties: Mix, Adult and Energy. We will not consider this food in detail, as the manufacturer does not hide that there are many cereals in this feed, and, in fact, not much meat - therefore it is affordable.

Analysis of the composition of feed Farmina

For the study, we chose the feed N & D Fish with Orange Adult - complete nutrition for adult dogs of all breeds. The division in size of rocks occurs only in size croquettes - there are three varieties - small, medium and large. It provides convenience for the dog.

So, the composition of the feed shown on the pack:

  1. Fresh herring - 26%,
  2. Dehydrated herring in the amount of 25%,
  3. Potatoes (without specifying the percentage)
  4. Fish oil as a source of lipids,
  5. Dried whole eggs,
  6. Dried pea fiber.

As is usually the case, the first 5-6 components tell us what, in general, feed consists of. Here we see very worthy components.

Further, the composition indicates dried alfalfa and carrot, then inulin and other prebiotics, dried orange in the amount of 0.5%, dehydrated apples, pomegranate and spinach. Потом указано содержание подорожника в 0.3%, высушенные смородина и черника, соль, высушенные пивные дрожжи, корень куркумы (0.2%), хондроитин с глюкозамином, и последним нутриентом указан экстракт календулы.

Отдельно расписано содержание витаминов и микроэлементов, но мы не будем его приводить полностью. Достаточно сказать, что это внушительный список, способный удовлетворить самых требовательных хозяев, и обеспечить их питомцев всем необходимым. This is one of the factors why reviews of Farmin's dog food are almost always filled with positive emotions from breeders.

  • Crude protein 37.00% - very good, high
  • Crude fat and oils 18.00% - sufficient lipid content
  • Raw fiber 2.60% - normal
  • Crude ash 7.80% - slightly below the average
  • Omega-6 3.00% - Excellent Content
  • Omega-3 1.20% - excellent content

What can I say, the composition - above all praise. If we take into account all the contents, then a dog that feeds on such food will receive all the necessary substances in full in order to live a long and healthy life.

As a source of proteins, we see herring, both fresh and dehydrated. In principle, this is a good component, the only point is the percentage. When processing, fresh herring will give up water, and its percentage in the finished feed will decrease significantly, but this is so - a remark rather than a defect. Another source of protein - whole dried eggs - an excellent nutrient, carrying a lot of useful. Pea fibers also serve as a source of protein, but of vegetable origin is also a useful product.

The source of lipids is fish oil. This is a wonderful, useful component that can not only provide the body with fats, but also give the dog polyunsaturated acids, so necessary for the skin and coat. Unambiguous plus feed for this component!

The carbohydrate content is not indicated, however, it can be understood from the composition that their source is potatoes. Recently, it has become fashionable to replace cereal components in feeds with potatoes. However, there is no consensus on how useful this is. It is known that this is harmless and provides the body with the necessary level of carbohydrates.

Additional components

Carrots with alfalfa - excellent sources of plant fiber, necessary for normal digestion. The prebiotics in the composition guarantee a healthy microflora in the intestines of your pet. Orange, pomegranate, apples - all these fruits are an ideal source of vitamins and plant fibers, as well as a source of antioxidants that slow down aging and body wear. Plantain is a source of fiber, and blueberries and currants are excellent antibacterial ingredients. In addition, these berries help cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. Brewer's yeast is designed to keep pet's skin and hair in good condition, and turmeric to resist inflammation. Chondroitin and glucosamine support the joints, and help the dog stay active longer. Calendula extract promotes normal digestion.

All these additional components deserve praise, and feed with their content, in the opinion of our site, can be safely recommended to all animals as a permanent food.

Farmin Feed Reviews

Despite the fact that the feed appeared on our market relatively recently, you can find a sufficient number of reviews about it in the network. In general, they are almost all positive, and this is understandable - the quality of the feed is quite high. But there are also those who are obviously not satisfied with the food. Let's look at the reviews about Farmin's dog food:

Diana, the mistress of the Labrador:

“We buy Farmina feed for our Basel for a very long time. The first pack was given to us by a breeder with a puppy, and since then we have not changed the diet. What I want to say: the food is quite expensive, but it's worth it! The dog is healthy, fun, playful and active! Wool shines and everything else is also in order! I am very, very pleased! ”

Sergey Ivanovich, the owner of the Spitz:

“We fed our dog Akana, but decided to look for food a little cheaper. The main criterion was quality - I didn’t want to stuff Baksyk anyhow. The vet advised to look in the direction of Pharmina. We took a small pack for testing, and now we are constantly buying N & D with chicken and pomegranate. The dog likes it - and what else do you need? ”

Victoria, breeder Staffords:

“My dogs are large and active, and therefore they need to eat well. I was advised to feed Farmin for dogs, and I bought a sample. Two dogs ate with pleasure, and one of them was fine, the second had frustration. But the doctor calmed us down - this is just an individual reaction of the body. Pharmina was picked up for sensitive digestion, and everything returned to normal. The feed is good, really, very expensive! ”

As for the reviews of veterinarians about Farmin's feed, they all basically describe veterinary diets. These foods are highly valued by the doctor - they really help with various diseases. But it is worth remembering that it’s not worthwhile to give windsies without permission - without control from the doctor, this can lead to trouble.

Price for farmina feed

As for the price of this food, then the average values ​​were as follows:

Farmina N & D Adult grainless with chicken and pomegranate:

  • 0.8 kg - from 780 rubles,
  • 2.5 kg. - from 1470 rub.,
  • 7 kg. - from 3420 rub.,
  • 12 kg. - from 4800 rubles. (this packaging is rarely found in retail chains).

Farmina N & D Adult with pumpkin, chicken and pomegranate:

  • 0.8 kg - from 680 rubles,
  • 2.5 kg. - from 1330 rub.,
  • 7 kg. - from 3120 rub.,
  • 12 kg. - from 4260 rubles.

As we can see, Farmin's food for dogs is very expensive, but given its composition and nutritional value, this is quite an adequate cost for high-quality dog ​​food. We tend to recommend these foods to feed any pet's pet - your dog will be glad!

history of the company

Appeared food for dogs Farmina more recently. But already managed to win the trust and love of consumers. After all, the products of this company are suitable for all breeds and all age categories. The history of the enterprise producing this product began in 1965. The founder is Francesco Russo. At first, feed was produced only for farm animals. Later, cooperation with the British company Farmina Pet Foods was achieved. Began to study the prospects for the development of the dog food market.

To maintain quality at a high level, the company established its own laboratory. Specialists of the veterinary university were invited to cooperate. This gave a positive result. Today, the company produces the best dog food, which is known worldwide. Currently, factories are located in three countries: Brazil, Italy and Serbia. All of them specialize in the release of Farmin.

Variety of feed

Developers care about their customers. Therefore, trying to take into account all the categories. The range is very wide. All diets are characterized by full value and balance, fully comply with the physiological needs of pets.

On the shelves of pet stores you can find Farmina dog food, which lead an active lifestyle, constantly participate in exhibitions, are trained. There are options for medium, large and small breeds. There are mixtures for pregnant and lactating individuals. The division passes and by age. The company produces food for puppies, adolescents, adults and older dogs.

There are in the line and special diet kits that are designed to suit a particular disease. So the owner can purchase food for dogs that suffer:

  1. Kidney disease.
  2. Chronic liver failure.
  3. Urolithiasis.
  4. Chronic heart failure.
  5. Hypersensitivity of the digestive tract.
  6. Prone to allergic reactions.

There is also a low-grain feed, as well as Farmin's grainless dry food for dogs, which are 70% of animal products. The remaining 30% are fruits, vegetables, and special supplements.

For those who choose cheaper types of feed, the company produces a series of Fun Dog. This line is classified as an economy. About 25% of the diet is chicken flour. Corn and wheat flour are contained in a volume of 10%. Chicken fat, fish meal and sodium chloride are also included.

The composition of the rations balanced. The recipe depends on the product category. For example, dry food for adults contains fish, chicken, eggs, lamb meat, chicken and fish oils, oats, corn, sugar beets, and pea fibers. Rich mixtures of vitamins B, E, A and C. Farmina contains a sufficient amount of macro-and micronutrients.

For puppies, the manufacturer has developed mixes with chicken and pomegranate. Babies can eat such a diet from the age of 3 weeks. Super premium food contains lamb, chicken and fish. In addition, the diet is rich in Omega fatty acids, fish oil. These components have a positive effect on the condition of the skin, make the wool more elastic and moist.

Considering the reviews of Farmina dog food, it should be noted that many consumers choose this brand for the fact that the products do not contain artificial preservatives, GMOs, animal waste, hormones and antibiotics.

Pros and cons Farmina

By purchasing Farmina feed, consumers leave positive feedback on the forums for the most part. And this is not surprising.

True, and its shortcomings are also inherent.

Of the positive features should be noted:

  • Freshness made kits.
  • The assortment is diverse, made up taking into account the age, breed of the dog, its health and taste preferences.
  • By production innovative technologies are used. This allows you to preserve the beneficial properties of the product, to improve the quality.
  • The composition is dominated by natural meat.
  • Products is common. It is represented in many pet stores. It is also possible to order from the Internet. At the same time, the delivery of dog food is made at a convenient place and time for the recipient.
  • The diet of Farmin provides a balanced diet for homemade females.

Considering the negative reviews of feed for Farmin's dogs, it is worth noting only the high cost of the product. It is impossible not to specify the opinion of experts. Professional vets speak well about the products of the brand. However, warned that there are in the line and a mixture of economy class, which are undesirable as the main power.

Cost depends on a number of factors, for example, on the type of mixture, weight.

800 grams of dry food costs the buyer 500-800 rubles. But the price for dog food 2.5 kilograms reaches 1,450 rubles. For a seven kilogram package you will have to pay from 3,500 to 4,400 rubles. The manufacturer has packaging weighing 12 kilograms. Their cost varies between 4000-6500 rubles.

Thus, the rations of the Farmin brand deserve special attention. They are characterized by high quality, completely natural composition, therapeutic and prophylactic properties. Consumers praise the brand’s products. Good reviews of veterinarians about Farmin's dog food also confirm that the product is really high-quality and is suitable for absolutely all animals. Check out the article on hypoallergenic dog food of various breeds.