Instructions for use Ligfol for cats


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The complex preparation, which consists of humic substances obtained by the hydrolysis of natural (wood) lignin, sodium decapitate phosphate, sodium chloride and demineralized water. It is a clear sterile liquid from brown to dark brown. Available in glass bottles of 1 and 100 ml.


Adaptogen stress corrector, a drug with antitumor properties and improves regeneration processes. The basis of valeopositive effects of Ligfola are immuno-antioxidant mechanisms, namely the normalization of disorders in the system of lipid peroxidation-antioxidant protection of the body (POL-AOD) and activation of the immune system. Ligfol increases the body's resistance to adverse effects, contributes to the preservation of the health and productivity of animals. It is possible to use the drug before vaccination to increase the body's response by enhancing the immune system. It has an impact on regeneration processes. It has antitumor activity. Effective in combination with cytostatics and radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer. It is not toxic.


Treatment of neoplastic diseases of various etiologies in domestic animals. In order to improve the results of surgical treatment of tumoral diseases of dogs and cats. Increasing the overall resistance of the organism to adverse effects (weaning, rearrangements, transportation, vaccination, etc.) and the prevention of the negative effects of the stress response in domestic and farm animals. Increase of productivity, growth rate of young stock, poultry egg production, reproductive ability and quality of offspring of farm animals. Stimulation of regenerative processes for wounds, injuries, burns, etc.


For the purpose of antitumor therapy: intramuscularly for dogs and cats - 0.1 ml / kg of animal weight. The course of treatment is 6-8 injections. Depending on the type of tumor, the severity of the disease and the condition of the animal, it is used 1 time per day after 2 days on the 3rd. If necessary, the treatment is repeated after 7-10 days to obtain a sustainable positive effect.

In order to increase resistance: intramuscularly to young animals, sheep, poultry, dogs and cats - 0.1 ml / kg of animal weight, to cows and horses - 5 ml per head, to adult pigs - 3 ml per head. For prophylactic purposes, it is administered 3-5 days before the expected adverse effects on animals (weaning, regrouping, transportation, vaccination, etc.) - once intramuscularly in the above dosages. Perhaps repeated courses if necessary in 7-10 days.

In the treatment of various diseases in weakened animals, they are used in combination with the means of specific therapy and, if necessary, are re-injected after 2, 5, 10, 20 days.

In order to increase the regenerative processes: local irrigation of the affected areas with Ligfol in pure form or 50% concentration up to 4 times a day as needed. The course of treatment: to a steady improvement in the healing process. Intramuscular: in the above dosage scheme.


Injection of the drug can be painful. The animal may be anxious for 5-10 minutes after the introduction of Ligfol, but this does not require any special events.



Products from animals and birds after the use of the drug can be used without restrictions.


In a dry, dark place at a temperature of from 10 to 25 ° C. Shelf life - 2 years.


LLC "LIGFARM", Russia, 103051,. Moscow, Petrovsky Boulevard, 15, bldg. 2.

The composition of the drug

The main component in the composition of the drug is humic substances derived from hydrolytic lygin. They are the strongest natural immunostimulant and powerful antioxidants. The remaining components in the preparation are auxiliary, and the therapeutic effect is achieved due to the main active component Ligfola.

Indications for use in cats Ligfol

The widespread use of the drug Ligfol for cats and dogs is associated with its high efficiency. Most often, Ligfol is used in the treatment of oncological diseases and conditions bordering with them.when it is necessary to stop the tumor process and prevent the development of cancer. The anticancer effect of the drug is especially strong, so it is imperative that you give Ligfol to a cat for oncology. The drug is antitumor, as it stops the division of cancer cells, prevents the appearance of metastases and reduces the effects of intoxication after chemotherapy.

In addition to oncology, indications for use in cats Ligfol are:

  • extensive tissue damage, including burns and frostbite - the drug stimulates the regeneration process, reduces the risk of infection of wounds due to increased immunity and struggles with the effects of stress, which occurred due to pain at the time of injury,
  • recovery period after operations, including castration and sterilization - the composition allows to reduce the negative effects of blood loss and the use of anesthesia, as well as accelerate the recovery of the animal and prevent the occurrence of pronounced postoperative pain,
  • complex therapy of viral infections - Ligfol increases immunity and reduces intoxication, which allows it to be used even in severe diseases and in poor animal condition. The sooner the therapy is started, the higher the likelihood that the cat will fully recover.
  • strengthening the body before vaccination - the tool allows the animal to develop a stronger immunity.
  • strong stress - the composition acts as a powerful sedative that helps cats adapt to new life conditions more easily and survive stressful situations without harm to health. Because of this, if the animal is planned to lead somewhere for a long time or to transfer to a new owner, the use of Ligfol is necessary.

Self-treatment of a cat with Ligfol is not desirable. It is best if the medicinal product is prescribed by a veterinarian after the pet is examined. When the dosage and duration of use are respected, the drug is completely safe and the cat only benefits.

Side Effects of Ligfola

In most cases, the composition is tolerated by cats very easily and does not cause unpleasant side effects. Rarely a short-term increase in body temperature of the animal.

Due to the fact that in many cats the introduction of Ligfola causes acute pain, it is often administered with anesthetic composition. Pain from the injection can persist for a maximum of 15 minutes.

How to apply Ligfol

The drug is prescribed as the main drug or a component of complex therapy. The method of use of the drug for the cat, as well as for the dog, is determined by the veterinarian. In order to achieve a positive result, it is important to strictly follow all the recommendations of the veterinarian and adhere to the scheme of administration of the drug, just following the dose. In cancer, the treatment of a cat is completely determined by a specialist. According to the general instructions Ligfol use in such cases:

  • preparation of an animal for mating,
  • pancreas problems
  • liver pathology.

Intramuscularly medication is administered: 0.1 ml / 1 kg of animal weight. Also in this dosage is used Ligfol in cats that have precancerous diseases. Injections put every 2 days on the third. The course consists of 6-8 injections of the drug, depending on the state of the cat and the reasons for using the medicinal composition.

If the cat has open wounds, then the method of using Ligfola is different. It is used not for injections, but for treating the affected areas. For compresses, the drug is mixed 1: 1 with distilled water or water for injection. The compress is applied to the affected tissues 4 times a day until they are completely healed.

When preparing the cat for surgery, Ligfol in the dosage that the veterinarian determines is administered 5 days before the intervention and immediately after it. The third injection is placed 24 hours after the second. The purpose of this drug is to get the opportunity to avoid most of the complications after surgery.

When an animal suffers from cancer, in which there are metastases, therapy is only supportive. After an intensive course of treatment developed by an expert individually for a particular animal, Ligfol is used for life. It is administered 2 times a month at regular intervals..

If the cat has the first symptoms of the development of infectious diseases, then 2 Ligfol injections will be enough to stop them, which will be made at intervals of 24 hours.

When preparing a cat for vaccination, or if a stressful situation is expected, Ligfol is administered once.

When applying the means in the form of injections, if there is no certainty that intramuscular injection will help, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian. Because of the pain of the injection, the cat does not always allow it to be made to its owner.

Drug Compatibility

Ligfol during the treatment of cats can be well combined with other drugs. In one syringe to combine the composition with other drugs, if it is not authorized by the veterinarian, should not be. When there are doubts whether it is possible to apply these or other means at the same time, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian.

Ligfol is a unique medicine that allows prolonging the life of seriously ill cats, as well as curing many pathologies and speeding up the recovery of a pet.

Release form and composition of the drug ligfol

The composition of the solution for injection includes humic substances that help stimulate the immune system and provide an antioxidant protective function of the animal.

Packed ligfol sterile glass ampoules and bottles of 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 250, 500 ml

Sodium chloride, demineralized water and sodium pyrophosphate act as auxiliary components.

It is available in tinted glass bottles of 100, 250 and 500 ml. There is also the packaging of the drug in polymer capsules of 1 and 5 ml. They are sold in quantities of 4 pieces.

Indications for use and mechanism of action

The main purpose of the drug is its effectiveness in the fight against cancer.

Also prescribed ligfol:

  • with extensive damage to tissue fibers, for example, burns and frostbite. The substance helps to stimulate the regeneration process, prevents the infection of wounds and relieves stress,
  • during the postoperative period, including castration and sterilization of cats. The drug allows the animal to recover from blood loss and transferred anesthesia, including warns pronounced postoperative pain,
  • in the complex of therapeutic treatment of viral diseases. The active active ingredient of the drug increases immunity and reduces the level of intoxication of severe forms of the disease. The earlier you start using the medicine, the more likely it is that the animal will fully recover from a serious illness,
  • to strengthen the pet's body before routine vaccination,
  • to deal with the strong stress of the cat. Ligfol has a powerful sedative effect, allowing the animal to adapt to new conditions and survive stress without damage to health.
The drug is effective in combating hepatitis, enteritis, contributes to the recovery after surgery, injuries, wounds

Instructions for use

The introduction of fluid occurs intramuscularly at the rate of 0.1 ml of the drug per 1 kg of live weight of the animal (dog or cat). The minimum course of treatment is 6-8 procedures. In this case, the injection is done once every 24 hours with a break of two days. Then another 5 injections with an interval of 7 days. It is suitable for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and pancreas.

Ligfol used in the form of intramuscular injections.

For the treatment of wounds, it is recommended to make compresses from the solution for injections and the drug Ligfol in the ratio of one to one. The procedure is repeated at least four times a day.

The therapeutic course of treatment of oncological pathologies accompanied by metastases requires constant use of the drug twice a month. With the manifestation of the primary symptoms of viral infections, two shots will help get rid of the disease as quickly as possible. In this case, the interval between the injections should be 24 hours.

Contraindications for admission

Testing the solution showed that ligfol has no contraindications. The only thing is a specific allergic reaction to its individual components.

It is recommended to adhere to the instructions for use, otherwise the effectiveness may decrease

In this case, it is recommended to exclude the use and seek help from a specialist.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Store the drug is recommended in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight.

The temperature in the room should be in the range of 15-25 degrees Celsius above zero.

The shelf life of pharmaceuticals for cats is 2 years from the date of its production.

It is recommended to adhere to the instructions for use, otherwise the effectiveness may decrease

After opening it should be used within 24 hours. After this time, the composition is disposed of in accordance with current legislation.

Price and analogues

The estimated cost of the drug is 165 rubles per 1 ml, while about 100 ml will have to pay about 1600 rubles.

To date, the drug has no analogues.

But in order to achieve a good result, it is important to consult with a veterinarian the day before. He will prescribe the scheme of administration of the drug and its dosage. After all, the medication is prescribed depending on the diagnosis and its severity.

The main features of the drug

Based on the instructions for use, we can conclude that the drug is suitable for many pets. It is allowed to give medicine to birds, dogs, cats and fur animals. The composition contains a humic substance. This element is extracted due to the effect of water on the cell wall of the plant. Thanks to ten-water sodium pyrophosphate, sodium chloride and demineralized water, the drug product positive effect on the adaptation of the animal to the external environment.

Produced in the form of a black liquid that is odorless. Sold in a glass ampoule or bottle. With the help of the drug Ligfol for cats, instructions for use of which should be read, you can improve immunity. Due to the fact that the substance is long removed from the body, its effect is enhanced.

Ligfol helps animals adapt to stress factor. Increases resistance to the negative effects of these factors. Improves performance, neutralizes free radicals and activates the immune system. Eliminates a variety of malicious infections and viruses. Eliminates the symptoms:

  • proliferative mastopathy,
  • fibrosarcoma,
  • breast tumors,
  • venereal sarcoma.

In addition, the drug is effective for the treatment of hepatitis and enteritis. Restores the body after a serious injury, surgery. Promotes rapid healing of wounds. Reduces anxiety in case of transportation and sterilization.

It is recommended to give the drug before going to the vet.

Dosage of medicinal product

In order to increase the body's resistance to stress, it is necessary to make one injection intramuscularly the day before the event. The drug Ligorol for cats whose weight is less than 9 kg is calculated on 0.9 ml per 1 kg of weight. A young animal weighing up to 9 kg - 0.6 per 1 kg of weight, large horned - 4.5 ml per 1 animal. Pig - 2.5 ml per 1 animal. For the treatment of tumors - 0.1 ml per 2 kg of weight.

Suitable Ligorol for dogs that have wounds and abrasions. In this case, you need to make lotion three times a day. It should be understood that the drug can harm the animal if there are serious diseases or cancer. In addition to the correct dosage, the overall condition of the body is also important.

Recommendations of veterinarians

If you disrupt the treatment regimen, the drug will not be effective. It is important not to miss a day, the dosage is not recommended to increase or decrease without the testimony of a specialist. The drug can be combined with any medication. Eating animal meat is allowed only when a week has passed since the last injection.

If the liquid gets into the eyes or on the body during the administration of the medicinal product, immediately rinse the area with water. In case of contact with the mouth, it is important to immediately rinse the mouth and immediately seek medical attention.


Contraindications are serious diseases of internal organs. As medical practice shows, such cases have not been identified. Ветеринары утверждают, что после уколов иногда наблюдается жар, но есть нормальная реакция организма на вещество.

Незначительные болевые ощущения присутствуют сразу после введения лекарства. Запрещено давать препарат перед наркозом, поскольку действие наркоза будет значительно ослаблено.

Отзывы о средстве

Когда забрали щенка от матери, он постоянно лежал и был как тряпка вялый. После приема лекарства этого буквально сразу начал бегать довольный. Still, a very good and necessary drug for animals.

We decided not to risk it, so we ourselves did not give medicine to the cat. We went to the vet, it turned out that she had stomach problems. The doctor said that it is better not to give any medications. I think it's better to go to the doctor right away. When Kuze's health was restored, they gave Ligfol. After she gave birth, recovered faster than usual.

Most recently, my wife and I moved to live in another city. Of course, they took their pet with them. He was kind of anxious and sad almost constantly lying. When we bought Ligfol for dogs, the instruction was in the box. We knew the weight of the pet, calculated the correct dose and gave it to him. On the third day, he began to run and play with us. Satisfied with the result.

Composition and release form

The main components of the drug are humic substances derived from wood hydrolysis lignin. That it stimulates the immune system, provides antioxidant protection of the cat's body. Auxiliary components include sodium chloride, demineralized water, and ten-sodium sodium pyrophosphate.

Ligfol is a powerful last generation immunomodulator.

Ligfol is a dark brown injection liquid with a slight, specific odor. Available in the form of dark glass bottles of 100, 250 and 500 ml. More often on sale it is possible to meet the packaged on 4 pieces. in plastic packaging glass ampoules with a capacity of 1 and 5 ml.

Indications for appointment

Usually the drug is used in oncology in cats. It slows down the growth of the tumor, interferes with the growth of metastases, eliminates the toxic effects of chemotherapy. Used for the regeneration of damaged tissues (injuries, burns, wounds), restores the body after surgery. It is prescribed in the treatment of viral diseases (enteritis, leukemia, hepatitis and other liver diseases) and before routine vaccination.

In addition, Ligfol has proven itself as an effective adaptogen and an excellent sedative. It helps the animal to quickly deal with the effects of stress.

To stressful situations include:

  • long transportation,
  • castration or sterilization
  • change of owner
  • moving to a new place.

At observance of the correct dosage and scheme of use, the drug is absolutely safe for the animal.

Ligfol is used in oncology, stress, infectious diseases.

Dosing regimen and regimen

Ligfol introduced intramuscularly, at the rate of 0.1 ml / kg cat weight. In this dosage, the agent is recommended for the treatment of cancer diseases. The course of treatment will be at least 6-8 injections. Injections are done 1 time per day, two days later on the third. Further, 5 more such procedures are performed, after seven days on the eighth. The same scheme is provided for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas.

With open wounds and burns, the skin of the cat is treated with compresses prepared from Ligfol and injection solution in proportions of 1: 1. Conduct such a procedure at least 4 times a day.

Ligfol introduced intramuscularly, with burns used in the form of compresses.

To prepare the animal for surgery, an injection of the drug is applied, made 5 days before the surgery. Immediately after the procedure, a second injection is made, and exactly a day later - the third. This will help the pet to avoid postoperative complications.

Therapy of cancer, accompanied by metastases, requires lifelong use of the drug, at least 1-2 times a month. With the first signs of viral infections, two intramuscular injections of Ligfol, administered at intervals of 24 hours, will help. In complex therapy, injections can be applied up to 30 days, with a five-day interval between them. It is used once before vaccination and in stressful situations.

Side effects and contraindications

The drug is very well tolerated by animals and, as a rule, does not cause side effects. In rare cases, the temperature may rise sharply after the first injection in a cat. But this condition quickly passes and does not require discontinuation of the drug.

Important. Ligfol injection is extremely painful. Therefore, to eliminate stress, the drug is recommended to be combined with an anesthetic.

In other cases, the medicine can be used independently. Discomfort and pain in the cat are already 10-15 minutes after the injection.

In rare cases, after the first Ligfool injection in a cat, the temperature may rise sharply.

Contraindications include only individual intolerance or an allergic reaction to the constituent components of the drug. But there were no such cases.

Storage conditions and price

Ligfol is stored in a dry and dark place at t from +10 to + 25С. Shelf life is 2 years. After opening the vial, the drug must be used within 24 hours.

The cost of the drug (pack of 4 ampoules of 1 ml) is about 600 rubles. A bottle of 100 ml will cost 1800 -1900 rubles. You can buy Ligfol in veterinary pharmacies, clinics or via the Internet.

Ligfol for cats: reviews

Cat owners speak differently about the drug. But for most pets, it helps to cope with the illness.

Alina. Two years ago, my cat became very sick. That only I did not use, but only Ligfol helped my pet. I pricked it strictly according to the scheme. My cat lived another 2 months. If it were not for the drug, then he would have had a few days to live.

Irina. My cat was 16 years old. She was dying, not eating, not drinking. All the veterinarians to whom I referred, advised to put her to sleep. But I could not go for it. One of the doctors recommended injection Ligfola. Cat has become much easier. She is still alive.

Most cats Ligfol helped to overcome the disease.

Veterinarian reviews

Elena Ivanovna. Heard a lot about drug Ligfol. In her practice she used it several times. In my opinion, it acts only if it is applied for life, without interruption. After cessation of therapy, the animal's condition worsens.

Anna Petrovna. For the treatment of cats with cancer I often prescribed Ligfol. Therapy was carried out according to the scheme, and the results were not forced to wait. Animals became easier, improved quality of life. Stopped tumor growth and metastasis.


My cat had very poor renal rates. We including registered ligfol. I did not immediately buy it. The cat seems to be recovering. Then I connected ligfol, began to make injections. At first I did not pay attention, but then I noticed that with each injection he began to pass abruptly. We made 5 shots, they began to refuse the kidneys. The deterioration progressed rapidly, we did not make injections, but it was too late. The cat died. I clearly see that this is because of this drug. With bad kidneys, it can not be prescribed. He does not help at all. I used to prick his dog for breast cancer after surgery. The result is zero. But it costs well.

Hello! My cat has undergone 3 oncology operations. Did not go, almost did not eat. I was told that she had metastases and she did not live more than a month. I began to prick LIGFOL according to the scheme. Stabbed for a long time. That was 5 years ago. The cat is alive. She is 17 years old.