The most dangerous dogs in the world


In this article we will talk about potentially (!) Dangerous breeds of dogs. The fact is that experienced dog experts are 100% sure that in cases of seemingly unjustified aggression of an animal, not the dog is to blame, but its owner.

Anyone who wants to make a four-legged friend should be aware of three qualities that distinguish security dogs from the simple evil ones:

  • breed,
  • training,
  • the ability to behave decently in a society not only people but also other animals.

It is enough for the owner to miss one of these qualities, and instead of a faithful and loyal guard, he will receive a potentially dangerous animal.

A well-trained dog is the greatest joy. Such animals play with children and never harm them, even by chance. They are full members of the family, and their loss is a real tragedy for their owners.

10 most dangerous dogs

There are some breeds of dogs in the world, at which breeding breeders set a definite goal - to get a rather aggressive animal with pronounced fighting qualities as a result of their experiments. If such a dog is not trained, it can cause many troubles. So, we will discuss today the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world.

Husky (10th place)

Many of our compatriots learned about these beautiful domesticated wolves with expressive blue eyes after watching a touching film about the loyalty and loyalty of these animals.

The Husky team in 1925 saved an entire city, in time delivering the most valuable serum from diphtheria from Nenana to Nome. But the most interesting thing is that these dogs are not aggressive, but people who have not worked with huskies are very afraid of them. Most likely, this fear is associated with their similarity with wolves. As you know, human fear wakes the beast, even in the most peaceful dog.

Rottweiler (9th place)

Probably, with the light hand of journalists, this four-legged strongman was in the rating "The most dangerous breeds of dogs." He will never harm a man without a cause.

A strong, handsome, muscular handsome man can serve in the police and army, guard vast territories and carry heavy loads. He is so devoted to his master that, without hesitation for a second, he will rush into battle with a lion, if his pet or his family is in danger. This brave man is not always very serious, quite often he becomes touching and sweet. Despite the fact that many believe that they are the most dangerous dogs, representatives of this breed often take care of and care for other animals.

Unfortunately, the power and strength, absolute obedience often make the Rottweiler a powerful weapon in the hands of criminals.

German boxer (8th place)

Many people who want to have a pet are often asked: “What are the most dangerous dogs?” You always want to answer this question: “Ill-bred, those who did not get to the owner, whom they deserve”.

The ancestors of the German boxers hunted boars and bears, participated in fights with bulls. Their jaws are arranged in such a way that they can cling to the victim and hang on it as long as necessary. If a boxer sees in you a danger to his master, he will certainly rush. The task of the owner is to learn to understand the mood of his friend, in time to explain to him that everything is in order, and there is no need to worry. Probably because of this, many believe that boxers are the most dangerous dogs.

Pierro de Presa Canario (7th place)

Many experienced dog breeders believe that this is the most dangerous dog for humans. Why? We will try to explain. The ancestors of these animals were human assistants in slaughtering livestock. In addition, they successfully hunted big game. The word "Presa" in Spanish means "to press, press." From this it can be understood what they did with their victims. At one time, a law was passed in the Canary Islands, allowing only these butchers to keep these animals. And they should be kept on a permanent leash.

When the dog fights came to Canary Islands, the owners of these dogs decided to make money on their pets, and as a result they turned into uncompromising and tough fighters who were not afraid of any rival.

These dogs are selflessly devoted to their owner, but they usually don’t "want" to meet other people. Therefore, strangers impose their friendship is not recommended. In our opinion, these animals could well lead the list of "The most dangerous dog in the world."

Doberman (6th place)

Graceful, tall, such a dog aristocrats. How can you say about them that they are the most dangerous dogs? But as you know, appearance is deceptive. This breed is very appreciated by the police and the military for their amazing scent and speed of reaction.

Doberman can not be taken by surprise, he is always on the lookout and ready to defend the owner. The character of this dog is unique. He needs to be trained in a special way, focusing not only on his physical development, but also on his intellectual one.

A properly trained dog is balanced, but it is advisable not to test his patience. Doberman's jaws close to death. This is probably why, in special publications for dog breeders, in the headings “The Most Dangerous Dogs of the World,” Doberman photos are more common.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog (5th place)

Sometimes this breed of dog is called Alabai, and in Turkmenistan - a wolfhound. This is a natural breed. These fearless, strong and rather aggressive dogs became during natural selection. They were used to protect livestock from predators. In difficult weather conditions, their character tempered.

This bold animal is a very formidable opponent, who is able to develop a tremendous speed at short distances. Alabai is very hardy, he can save his energy.

Too loyal individuals are not allowed to breed. An animal that cannot repulse its opponent cannot be called a wolfhound. And it is believed that wolfhounds are the most dangerous dogs.

American bandog

The name of the breed literally translates as "chain dog." By crossing, they got an excellent watchdog breed, capable not only to protect the territory and the house, but also to be a bodyguard.

The first modern American bandogi were bred in the 70s by the vet Swinford.

One of the strongest dogs in the world with a very developed musculature is Cane Corso, and it is also the oldest breed of the Molossian group, the ancestors of which experts consider combat dogs used in the arenas of Ancient Rome.

Morphological generalities of this breed emphasize that it was derived for protection and protection. A powerful, hardy Cane Corso with proper care and education grows up excellent guards and protectors.

Bull terrier

A dog from the group of terriers has a strong build, very agile and easy to run, despite the massive musculature.

Bull terriers easily adapt to new conditions of life, are sociable and do not like to be alone. By their nature, they are not aggressive, but they have a very developed strong hunting instinct. This may be a danger to other smaller animals.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The very name of the breed itself suggests that it was bred in South Africa for hunting. In the 30s it was believed that the ridgeback during the hunt of the owner is able to drive away the lions from the prey.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback needs positive training, because if they are mistreated, their pets may develop aggressiveness, and even with a relatively calm character, they do not meet strangers too friendly.

Fila Brasileiro (4th place)

When you look at the photos of the most dangerous dogs, it’s hard to believe that such cute cheeks, hanging skin folds, big ears can be a danger to humans. It seems that this dog is kind, calm and even a little lazy. For their home phil can be kind, and affectionate, but not for outsiders.

This dog does not tolerate strangers at all. In response to the stranger's attempt to speak with her, and the more so to touch, she can growl. And if the brave man didn’t understand the warning, there would be a quick throw, and as a result - (at best) moderate damage to the person who wants to talk. Brasileiro instinctively attacks the most important points of the human body, so the owner of such a dog must strictly stop all attempts by outsiders to get to know his pet. In addition, it is necessary to know that some Phyls will not even begin to growl at a warning, they will simply rush to the attack.

He desperately protects the house of his master, and his impressive size leaves no doubt that he will succeed with ease.

In some countries, you can become the master of Brazilian only if you have permission issued by a court decision. It is hard to find a better guard, but we strongly recommend that before buying a puppy it is good to think that the future owner will have enough character to keep his pet in his hands.

Dalmatian (3rd place)

Someone may be surprised, but a white dog with black specks is depicted in the paintings of the ancient Greeks, which were found during excavations. It seems that this funny beauty mistakenly got into the "company" to the most dangerous dogs. However, this is not an accident. Dalmatian requires special attention in matters of education.

These dogs become cute and independent only after stubborn and lengthy training with professional trainers, beginners in this business with these dogs can not cope. Owners of these animals need to remember that Dalmatians are hunting, not decorative dogs. Any seemingly innocent provocations on the part of a person can result in serious injuries, which happens quite often.

He is hardy and strong, is an excellent hunter, so it can be dangerous for those who are not familiar to him.

Chow Chow (2 place)

One of the most beautiful dogs known to man since ancient times. The history of the breed is almost 2000 years old. There is a version that this is one of the first breeds that came from a wolf.

The breed received its current name only a hundred years ago (formerly it was called the Tibetan mastiff, Tatar dog, barbaric dog).

Purebred chows were bred in Buddhist monasteries, and the breed was "classified". In Europe, they learned about it in 1785. Since 1830, English breeders have been engaged in improving the breed. Despite the appearance of a teddy bear, this dog has a difficult character. However, an adult animal of this breed does not apply to dogs that should be trusted unconditionally, especially when it comes to strangers and children. They are very irritable and even their right to food can be proved aggressively. In addition, they are naturally good defenders and will never allow strangers to approach their masters or enter their territory.

American Pit Bull Terrier (1 seat)

The ancestor of this dog is the Staffordshid terrier. Outwardly, he looks like a real fighter - a strong, powerful dog with well-developed muscles, a large and rough muzzle, strong jaws.

They were used in dog fights, where they certainly won a victory over the most courageous animals. For this, they got the nickname "killer dogs". The terrier's reaction and the power of the bulldog made him versatile for fighting.

If you decide to have a pit bull, remember that this is a very serious dog that requires certain skills in training.

This breed has long earned ill fame. In the 80s, pit bulls began to lose the trust of “dog lovers”. Strong and brave animals have become a symbol of crime. If they are not trained properly, they can attack people. In Ontario, Florida, Canada and other countries, acquiring such a dog, you are breaking the law. According to experts, the American Pit Bull Terrier is the most dangerous dog in the world.

Draw conclusions

The most dangerous breeds of dogs - the result of human activity. There are dogs that are endowed with a snooty nature. They can pounce on anyone they meet. It is unpleasant when a small dog does it, but if a 60-pound dog behaves this way, everything becomes much more serious and, unfortunately, can end in someone's injury. We are sure that any dog, regardless of temperament, size or character, should undergo a course of training aimed at obedience. This will help prevent many misfortunes.

Undressed dog is unpredictable. Any breed whose function is protection can be dangerous. If a dog for no apparent reason rushes on people on the street, it means that he is not raised. Such an animal will ruin the life of its owner and bring trouble to other people.

Forms of rabies

Rabies can occur in two forms - violent and quiet. The main difference is the first symptoms of the disease. Recognize them and properly classify, as a rule, not immediately. Usually, changes in dog behavior occur several days after being infected with a virus, but sometimes signs appear only after a few months. Any deviation of the dog's behavior from the normal mode is the first signal for the examination.

In addition to the main forms of rabies, there is a separate type of disease - an atypical form. In this case, it is very difficult to recognize the infection. The first signs of the disease are more like intestinal upset, poisoning or gastritis. The dog starts vomiting, diarrhea, fever.

Symptoms of Wild Rabies

The rampant form of rabies manifests itself in three stages. The first symptom that needs attention is the unwillingness to communicate with any living creatures and the lack of interest in them. The dog begins to avoid any contact with the outside world, hides in secluded places, does not respond to the nickname and refuses food. But during contact with the owner, the animal may whine and show excessive affection.

The desire for solitude is gradually replaced by aggression. This is the second stage of the violent form of rabies. The dog begins to get annoyed at the surrounding objects, maliciously behaves in relation to the owner and is nervous for no particular reason. At such moments, animals tend to start biting. Moreover, the grasping reflex in them arises not only in relation to people or animals, but also inanimate objects.

The third stage of violent form of rabies is especially dangerous. By this time, the dog develops paralysis of the larynx. To the general aggressiveness hoarse barking is added. In this case, the dog begins to constantly howl and rush to everything that surrounds it.

Silent form of rabies

With a quiet form of rabies at the initial stage of the disease, the dog does not show aggression or other changes in behavior. The main symptoms that can determine the disease relate to the physical condition of the animal. First of all, excessive salivation appears, the dog cannot exercise swallowing reflexes, which makes it difficult not only to eat, but also water.

The main changes in the dog's behavior are tired appearance, drowsiness, an uncertain walk. With the development of the disease, paralysis of the limbs, jaws and larynx occurs. In addition, the animal is afraid of being alone, constantly demands attention and puts on the owner.


Some dog breeds are especially dangerous when infected with rabies. First of all, these are Dolmatians and Bull Terriers. It is impossible to cure them, and during the time of illness they manifest a special form of aggression.

You can become infected with rabies from a sick dog not only through a bite, but also if its saliva gets into the slightest scratches or abrasions. Not only every owner of a four-legged pet should remember this, but also those who do not miss the opportunity to stroke or play with a friendly animal.

Dogo Argentino

Officially, while the only breed, whose birthplace is Argentina, because of what they are often called dogo Argentino.

It was bred in the 20s of the last century, and ten breeds were involved in the breeding work.

The Dogo Argentino is a purely hunting dog, capable of poisoning quite large predators, but there have been cases and its victories in battles with purely fighting breeds.

The faithful dog bred in South Africa is considered an excellent guard. The breed is not yet recognized by the International Canine Federation.

The appearance of the Boerboel indicates its belonging to the genus of mastiffs. Recognizes only the owner, and when training it must be exhausted. Very hardy and strong dog with aggressive temperament. The last decades of frequent attacks on people burbuley.

Gul-dong from Pakistan is difficult to train and very aggressive. The Pakistani bulldog was bred as a fighting dog, but at the same time it can be excellent watchmen and guards.

Dogs are very energetic and require constant, professional work with them, so fans are not recommended to start a gul-dong.

A pretty-looking dog ranks second in the world in complexity of dog training, which is recognized by dog ​​handlers all over the world. Одна из древнейших пород появилась в Африке, и отлично приспособлена к охоте.

В конце XIX века первые экземпляры покинули Африку и их разведением занялись по всему миру.

Особенностью беседжи является то, что очень редко можно услышать ее лай, лишь в тех случаях, когда собака сильно взволнована.

St. Bernard from childhood must be taught to communicate with strangers and other dogs, because, growing up, they can show their aggressive nature.

But in general, it is a strong and fairly friendly breed, it communicates easily with children, but does not like small dogs. For this reason, the St. Bernard and fell into our list.

American Bulldog

The world learned about this breed at the end of the 19th century, when breeders bred it to protect farms and agricultural lands.

Relatively friendly dog, but shows stubbornness and superiority instinct. Therefore, it is necessary to teach them to strangers from an early age, and most importantly, to acquaint them with other representatives of the canine world.

German dog

Breed in the first place impresses with its gigantic size, and the biggest dog recorded by experts of this particular breed.

It was derived specifically for hunting, so over time formed a massive and strong morphological indicators. Breed of various colors and distributed today around the world. The big dog was honored to become a heraldic symbol of the American state of Pennsylvania.

Brazilian Fila

Looking at a pretty face with hanging cheeks and big ears, it is difficult to imagine that its owners can carry a danger to a person.

The excellent Phy guards do not hide their distrust of strangers, and even at exhibitions show aggression towards the judges and other participants of the event. But these cases do not serve as grounds for the disqualification of magnificent Brazilian films.

Canary Great Dane

Mastiffs derived on the islands have a formidable appearance and, as a result, are suspicious of strangers. Well adapted to security, and very tied to the place and owner.

They were bred as shepherds of the watchman, today Canary dogs are popular among dog breeders, and they are often turned on as pets that can perfectly protect the territory.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Recently, all sorts of media form public opinion about the danger and brutal aggression of the Staffordshire Terrier. Some radical leaders even propose to destroy this breed.

But again, the thing is not in temperament, but in the wrong education and conditions of detention. Stafy are very loyal, easy to make contact, and in moments of danger they are able to sacrificially and fearlessly protect their master.

Bred in Germany, the boxer has a relatively good-natured character, but he is on our list because of frequent attacks on people.

Of the features, we note that boxers are the most playful among fighting dogs. They become attached to the owner and easily pass various training courses.


Watchdog, beautifully folded and has impressive size, which can not but attract the attention of others.

Not a slope to aggression, but cases of attacks on a person are repeatedly recorded in history.

Today they have lost their professional guard skills, and only on the diamond mines of South Africa, the bullmastiffs are used as security guards.

The Dobermans stand out among their kinsmen for their devotion and intelligence. Aggressive nature manifests only in rare cases. The facts of the Doberman attacks are noted when the owner or his property was in danger.

Quite a strong look combined with aggression make representatives of this breed potentially dangerous to others, but with proper upbringing they grow into excellent guards.

One of the many breeds of working dogs got its name at the place of breeding in the city of Rottweil in the south-western part of Germany.

There are many legends associated with the Rottweilers, including the fact that they took an active part in the military conflict behind the colonies, which went down in history as the Seven Years War.

The hardy and muscular rottweilers are able-bodied, active and mobile. Faithful guards, they are quite aggressive.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog has a massive body and large, almost awesome size. Alabayev has a strong character that makes them great guards.

Improper education and training of this breed leads to uncontrollability and aggression, which manifests itself even to the owners. Canine experts recommend keeping them in spacious cages, rather than putting them on a chain.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The photo is a great shepherd, able to manage with huge herds. The Caucasian was bred in the Caucasus, and many experts believe that this breed is already more than two thousand years old.

It requires proper training, otherwise in the shepherd dog develops aggressiveness and hostile attitude towards others.

German Shepherd

Another Shepherd, which is characterized by fearlessness and vigilance. Also German Shepherd Dogs are one of the smartest and most loyal animals.

And again, as in most cases, it requires proper upbringing, otherwise the aggressive nature is manifested, and it can attack a person and her relatives.

According to American dog handlers, the most dangerous dog. Pit bulls were bred to engage in harassment of large animals.

So far, the International Federation of Dog Handlers does not recognize the fighting pit bull, but they have proven themselves as a guard and loyal friend.

The belligerent appearance of the pitbull even in the photo causes awe. Requires minimal maintenance, but requires constant athletic load and communication with relatives.

Alaskan malamute

Alaskan Malamutes are very energetic dogs, and if their energy does not get a positive effect, it can easily turn into aggression! Do dogs have an emphasized need for prey hunting! Another important detail is that they are slow learners, which requires a lot of strength and patience in teaching them!

But if the dog is brought up correctly, then it can be the closest friend of the family and please the owners all his life.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies, like Alaskan Malamutes, were bred as working dogs, and for this reason they are not very sociable! But with the right approach and training, you can make them more friendly and calm! Poor socialization and training will undoubtedly turn them into aggressive and dangerous dogs!

As you may have understood, these dogs are a hybrid between gray wolves and dogs, and this makes them completely unpredictable! They have their own special disposition, wild and demanding! Many countries have already banned residents from having a wolf dog as a pet!

Fifth place - bull terrier

Bull Terriers got to the list of the most dangerous dogs due to their past. The breed was bred in the middle of the XIX century by crossing the English Bulldog, Dalmatian and White Terrier. As a result, dogs were born that were distinguished by a muscular strong body (height at withers - 40–55 cm), a powerful neck, an elongated head with jaws capable of competing with a steel trap. Bull terriers inherited the best character traits from their ancestors, but breeders wanted first of all to get an animal with a high level of pain threshold, ideal for fierce dogfights.

Today dog ​​handlers around the world are working to improve the breed, sterilizing vicious, aggressive individuals. Having almost lost the fighting instincts, the modern bull terriers have retained the extraordinary stamina, courage and activity inherent in the first representatives of the breed. White dogs with wide breasts are distinguished by high intelligence, energy, dedication and friendliness. They adore the host family, but are intolerant to strangers, aggressive towards other pets.

Fourth place - Caucasian Shepherd

The ancient breed of dogs, bred in the open spaces of the Caucasus, has one purpose - the protection of human habitation, the protection of sheep flocks from the attack of wild animals. Huge, strong shaggy dogs, whose height at withers reaches 75 cm, and body weight - 110 kg, are characterized by a well-developed reaction, suspicion, hostility towards strangers. Independent character manifests itself in puppy age. Independent Caucasians are not inclined to follow instructions unquestioningly. Getting into a new home, three-month babies often choose their own master. The task of the owner - time to discern the signs of dominance and show who is the leader of the pack.

Caucasian Shepherd is a dog for an experienced dog handler familiar with the nuances of the character of a four-legged pupil. Being ideal watchmen, representatives of breed are mistrustful to strangers. If the dog decides that his master is in danger, he attacks the alleged enemy without the owner’s command. Therefore, pet training should be based on three pillars - early socialization, excluding the manifestation of aggression, discipline and the absence of physical punishment.

Third place - rottweiler

In 74 BC. e. Roman troops crossing the Alps in order to conquer Europe led to the northern territories of powerful, resilient dogs. The task of the four-legged accompanying legionnaires was the protection of property. In addition, dogs, chained in armor, always led the way of the attacking warriors. The blood of those formidable animals who prefer death to retreat is poured in modern rottweilers bred at the end of the 18th century in Germany (the city of Rottweil). Representatives of the breed command respect for an independent temper, strong character, and fearlessness.

Large animals with strong bones, the height at the withers of which varies from 56 to 68 cm, and body weight - 42-50 kg, belong to the group of moloss. The Germans say: "Educating the Rottweiler is worthy of respect." Dogs have a high level of intelligence, tend to make their own decisions, therefore, the future owner must have experience in training. In inept hands, pets become aggressive dogs that can cause significant harm to humans. The compression strength of the Rottweiler jaws reaches 146 kg per cm2.