Veterinary medicine

The use of "Fungina" in the treatment of skin diseases in dogs


Solution for external use from light yellow to light brown in color, with a slight specific smell.

Excipients: propolis, glycerin, isopropyl alcohol, dimethyl sulfoxide, polyethylene glycol.

Packaged in 10, 15, 30 ml in glass vials, sealed with rubber stoppers with reinforced aluminum caps, 10, 30 ml in polyethylene vials packed in cardboard boxes and 20, 30, 40 and 50 ml in polymeric vials with mechanical spray heads, packed in cartons.

Each bottle is labeled with the organization, its address and trademark, name, dosage form, method of use and amount of the drug in the bottle, name and content of the active substance, batch number, date of manufacture, shelf life, storage conditions, designations STO, State registration numbers, information on conformity assessment, the inscription "For animals" and provide instructions for use.

Registration certificate № PVR-2-4.0 / 00456 of 09/30/05

Pharmacological (biological) properties and effects

Antifungal medication. Clotrimazole, which is part of Fungin, has a pronounced fungicidal action against pathogens of trichophytosis and microsporia of dogs and cats. The mechanism of action is to reduce the synthesis of ergosterol, which is an integral part of the cell membrane of the microbial wall, which leads to a change in its structure and properties and further death.

The auxiliary components of the solution increase the fungicidal activity of clotrimazole, contribute to the reduction of inflammatory processes in the skin and the healing of damaged tissues.

Fungin according to the degree of impact on the body belongs to low-hazard substances (4th hazard class according to GOST 12.1.007-76), in recommended doses it does not have skin-irritating, resorptive-toxic and sensitizing effects. Eye contact causes mild irritation.

Application procedure

Fungin is applied to the skin with a cotton swab-gauze swab at the rate of 0.2-0.3 ml per 1 kg of animal mass, gently rubbing the affected areas from the periphery to the center with up to 1 cm of healthy skin bordering. Treatments are carried out 1 time per day for 10–15 days before clinical recovery, which is confirmed by microscopic examination of skin scrapings.

To prevent fungin from licking, animals don a muzzle, a collar or close their jaws with a loop of tape, which is removed 15-20 minutes after treatment.

In case of severe disease, the animals are additionally prescribed specific and symptomatic therapy in accordance with the instructions (instructions) for use.

Special instructions and measures for personal prevention

Rubber gloves should be worn when working with Fungin.

During work is not allowed to drink, smoke, eat.

If the drug gets on the skin and mucous membranes, it is necessary to wash it off immediately with warm water and soap.

Do not iron and allow the animal to small children within 24 hours after treatment with the preparation.

At the end of the work hands should be thoroughly washed with warm water and soap, wash and dry the gloves.

Empty vials from the medicinal product is prohibited to use for domestic purposes, they are disposed of with household waste.

General characteristics of the drug Fungin

“Fungin” is a solution of light yellow (or light brown) color, it has a faint characteristic smell. The active active ingredient "Fungin" - clotrimazole. The composition also includes excipients:

  • propolis,
  • sulfur,
  • polyethylene glycol,
  • glycerol,
  • dimethyl sulfoxide,
  • isopropyl alcohol.

Fungin has antifungal effect. The active substance of this drug affects pathogens that cause trichophytosis and microsporia in dogs and cats. It reduces the synthetic formation of ergosterol, which is involved in the formation of the membrane of a pathogenic cell. As a result, the cellular structure changes, and the cell itself dies.

Important. Auxiliary substances that are part of "Fungin", stimulate the fungicidal effect of the drug. They also reduce inflammation and heal wounds in the affected skin. Sulfur has a negative effect on the fungus, and propolis has a bactericidal effect.

Instructions for use Fungina

The procedure for using the drug is as follows:

  • the solution is dosed at 0.2-0.3 milliliter per kilogram of dog's weight,
  • a piece of cotton or folded gauze is impregnated with a calculated volume of Fungin,
  • apply the solution to the affected skin,
  • rub without pressure from the edge to the center, grabbing about 1 cm of adjacent healthy skin fragments.
Instructions for use Fungina

The procedure is repeated once a day for a period of one and a half to two weeks, until complete recovery. This is confirmed in the veterinary laboratory after examining scrapings from treated skin.

If the disease is neglected or severe, then the animal is also given other drugs with a specific therapeutic effect, guided by the instructions of these drugs.

Precautionary measures

The drug is classified as low hazard (hazard class 4 according to GOST). At observance of the recommended dosage there are no negative effects: skin irritating, toxic and sensitizing.

When processing "Funginom" owners are advised to observe the following precautions:

  • wear rubber gloves
  • do not drink, do not eat, do not smoke,
  • after completion of the procedure, wash your hands with warm water, having previously washed,
  • Wash and dry used gloves
  • not to touch the animal and not to let it to the children during the day after application of the drug,
  • Do not bathe the animal for the next day,
  • empty containers from the “Fungin” cannot be used for commercial purposes, they must be thrown away.

After contact with eyes or skin, a slight burning sensation occurs. It is recommended that you immediately wash it with warm water and soap.

Important. The animal will try to lick the applied "Fungin." To prevent poisoning, a cat or dog is put on a collar or muzzle. You can remove half an hour after the procedure.

Contraindications and side effects fungin

You can not use "Fungin" in the treatment of:

  • animals with infectious infections
  • dogs and cats in the stage of recovery from various diseases,
  • lactating, pregnant animals,
  • young animals up to 4 weeks of life.

If you do not exceed the recommended dosage, then there are no side effects or complications when using the drug. An individual negative reaction may be profuse salivation and indigestion.

Symptoms of overdose - irritation of the skin, drooling. If the animal appears these signs in relation to substances that are part of "Fungin", it is recommended:

  • stop the procedure
  • wipe off the applied agent with a cotton swab,
  • Rinse skin with water.

See instructions for use from the manufacturer below, the pictures are clickable.

Reviews of the drug Fungin

Victoria. Our 6-month-old Miniature Schnauzer has a disease. A rash appeared on the skin, hair began to fall out. The vet prescribed "Fungin." We were warned that it was necessary to put on a collar so that the puppy would not lick the medicine. After a week and a half, the skin returned to normal, and tests confirmed that he was healthy.

Paul. We live outside the city, and stray animals sometimes run to us. Our guard dog got irritation on the skin, it became apathetic, lost its appetite. The doctor prescribed "Fungin." The medication worked, and the rash was gone.

Pharmacological properties

Spray "Fungin" for dogs and cats has a wide spectrum of action. This is due to the components included in its composition. Spray helps to cope with various types of fungi and helps restore hair and skin. Each of the components present in the composition has certain properties:

  • Terbinafin - effectively fights against fungi, blocking the enzymes necessary for their development and life. The absence of this enzyme leads to the death of pathogenic microorganisms. Terbinafine almost does not penetrate into the blood, but still accumulates in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands.
  • Tiabendazole - this substance has a powerful antifungal effect. It disrupts metabolic processes in fungi and adversely affects their reproductive ability, because of which they can not reproduce.
  • Metronidazole - this component of spray "Fungin Forte" has an antibacterial effect. The substance effectively fights even with the simplest microorganisms.

  • Dexamethasone - refers to the group of synthetic glucocorticosteroids. It has an extensive spectrum of action. Able to inhibit inflammation. It has antiallergic, immunosuppressive and anti-toxic effects.
  • Lidocaine - reduces pain symptom, contributes to the restoration of hair and wound healing. It activates the regenerative processes in the body.

Indications for use

According to the instructions, spray "Fungin" for cats and dogs is effective for the following diseases:

  • trichophytosis
  • seborrheic dermatitis,
  • ringworm,
  • fungal eczema,
  • other fungal diseases of the skin.

It is possible to apply means only after statement of the diagnosis. If there is evidence of a fungal infection, you should contact your veterinarian. Self-medication can lead to dangerous consequences. In addition, it should be understood that fungal diseases are transmitted to humans.

Spray "Fungin": instructions for use

Applying a veterinary agent, you must strictly follow the instructions. It indicates the order of action:

  1. The first thing to do is to ensure maximum access to the affected area. If necessary, cut off the interfering wool.
  2. Then you need to spray the spray on the area of ​​localization of the fungus.
  3. When applying the drug should be taken and healthy skin around the infected area (about one centimeter from the edge). This will prevent the fungus from spreading further.
  4. Light movements of the medication rubbed into the skin.
  5. The treatment is carried out twice a day until the complete disappearance of the symptoms of the disease. You should know that the course should not exceed 15 days.

After the end of therapy, it is necessary to contact a veterinarian and pass repeated tests to confirm the absence of fungi. In severe disease, spray "Fungin Forte" is used in combination with other drugs that can only be prescribed by a specialist.

Side effects

The instructions for use indicate that the drug is well tolerated by animals and does not cause side effects. In the event of allergic reactions, the following symptoms may appear: itching, skin rash, vomiting, nausea, indigestion.

The owner should closely monitor the pet during the first use of the drug. When these symptoms are detected, the product is washed off with water and detergent (shampoo, soap), and then it is referred to the veterinarian. In this situation, it is possible to prescribe antiallergic drugs.

Storage rules

The manufacturer does not have special requirements for the storage of spray. For this it is enough to follow a few simple rules. Storage should not be available for children and animals. In addition, it can not be located near feed and food. The room temperature should be between 0 and 25 ˚C. After opening the bottle, the agent is stored for no more than 30 days.

Spray "Fungin Forte" can be purchased at any veterinary pharmacy. The cost of the drug varies from 250 to 350 rubles and depends on the place of purchase.

Release form and composition of the drug fungin

The drug is produced in the form of a solution for outdoor use. It has an inexpressive peculiar smell. Differs in a yellowish or light brown shade.

The additional components are propolis, isopropyl alcohol, dimethyl sulfoxide, dimethyl formamide and polyethylene glycol.

Solution for external use from light yellow to light brown color, with a slight specific odor

Package solution in polymeric and glass bottles with a capacity from 10 to 50 ml. Closed with aluminum caps or mechanical spray heads. There is a drug in the form of a spray with a capacity of 30 ml. In each cardboard box with the drug is the instructions for use. On the container with pharmaceutical products, it is mandatory to indicate the name of the drug, the series, capacity, active substances, date of manufacture and shelf life.

Contraindications for admission

It is forbidden to use the drug:

  • animals suffering from infectious etiology,
  • cats and dogs in the rehabilitation period after complex diseases and operations,
  • puppies and kittens under the age of one month old,
  • the cat during pregnancy and feeding the young.
Before use, read the instructions in detail.

Storage conditions and shelf life

From the moment of production, the shelf life of pharmaceutical products is two years, subject to proper storage. For this purpose, it is recommended to keep the medicine in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight, with a temperature in the range of 1-25 degrees Celsius above zero. It is important to exclude children and animals from accessing the drug. Undesirable neighborhood with food and pet food.

Price and analogues

The cost per bottle of 30 ml is 230 rubles.

Among the analogs, only fungosterin can be distinguished.

Fungin - a drug that is used to treat skin diseases of cats and dogs.

The only thing is the occurrence of a specific allergic reaction to the individual components of the drug. In this case, it is recommended to stop using the medication and consult a specialist.