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This unique disc - an exquisite gift and an invaluable source of information - will be of interest not only to wildlife lovers, but also to professional hunters. The disc is also intended for schoolchildren studying nature, for teachers - as a textbook on biology and everyone who is interested in the world of wildlife. . Further

The encyclopedia includes two famous works of the XIX century:

* M. A. Menzbir. “Hunting and game birds of European Russia and the Caucasus” (not reprinted unique edition). The book mentions over 130 species of birds, but the descriptions of different species differ significantly in their completeness. The descriptions of the hunting and game birds themselves are especially fully compiled, whereas for the birds that are being hunted, so to speak, along the way, only their distribution and flight times in different places of Russia are indicated.

* Alfred Brem. A series of animal life. “Birds” (volumes IV, V, and VI)

The text was prepared on the best translation of “The Life of Animals”, which was published in St. Petersburg under the editorship of the Master of Zoology K. K. St. Iler with the participation of Professor DI Kaygorodov. The author’s narrative style, an internationally recognized classic of naturalistic literature, has been preserved. Reproduced illustrations created by German artists and engravers of the XIX century specifically for the books of A. Brem.

* In the encyclopedia of 530 illustrations, about 900 articles

* In a separate folder, all the illustrations from the book by M. A. Menzbir are given in printing quality (size up to 3800 dots). . Further

Ornithologists have about 8,600 species of birds. Many of them are inhabitants of Russian forests, mountains, sea and river coasts. The world of birds is extremely diverse, relatively poorly understood, fraught with a lot of mysterious. It is not surprising that it attracts the attention of not only specialists, but also amateurs, for whom bird watching is a sincere passion. For them, this mini-encyclopedia will be an excellent pocket guide. It presents 272 species of birds, either permanently living on the territory of Russia, or arriving to our country to breed chicks. In a brief but succinct notes about the behavior, nutrition and reproduction of each species, a brief background information about the maximum length, weight, wingspan is given. For lovers, this book will serve as a compact guide, which will expand the understanding of the avifauna of Russia. . Further

A beautifully illustrated encyclopedia tells about all the groups of birds found on the territory of Russia. The publication contains descriptions of more than seven hundred species of birds. An idea of ​​each can be made thanks to the magnificent color drawings. Additional information is provided by geographical maps indicating the wintering and nesting sites. Easily written texts make the book interesting for a wide range of readers. This book is not a solid academic publication intended for specialists, and this is a feature of the book. Any person who does not have professional knowledge of ornithology will be able to get acquainted with the birds of Russia with its help. . Further

Little Swan

These are very rare birds from the Red Book of Russia. The little swan lives only on the territory of our country, it is one of the rarest birds in the world. It settles on the islands Kolguev, Vaigach, in the tundra, as well as on Novaya Zemlya. The bird has a wingspan of up to 195 cm. The amazing feature of the small swan is the black beak, as well as the white plumage. Birds feed on plants, eat grass, berries, and potato tubers. But sometimes they can catch small fish.

In 3 years, swans form pairs that exist all their lives. They build nests in spring on dry small elevations, while some nests that remain after a pair can be used by other swans for several years.

Black stork

This is a very rare bird listed in the Red Books of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. He lives in the forests of the Far East and the Urals. Most of the birds live in the Primorsky Territory of our country. Since this is a very secretive rare bird, it will not reach to any other region from here or not, it is not known for sure - their way of life has been studied very poorly. Black stork prefers to settle near lakes and marshes on the plains. Birds eat fish, catching it in reservoirs, and during the wintering period they can also eat small rodents.

Surprisingly, they choose their lifelong partner. Begin to multiply in three years. Nests are built on rocks or tops of old trees, away from people. Storks feed their young 5 times a day. Chicks in the third month fly away from their nests.


This is a small duck, characterized by a characteristic orange color. She lives in the East Asian region, mainly in the Sakhalin region, on the Amur River, etc.

Mandarin chooses mountain streams to live, because they hold well on the water and float. Unlike other types of duck mandarin ducks do not like to dive and do it only if injured.

An interesting feature of the birds is also the fact that they love to sit on the rocky ledges and branches of trees, despite the fact that the other ducks are resting while in the water.

In our country, they are dying out because of the raccoon dogs, often ruining their ducks, and also because of hunting, although today it is completely prohibited.

Shoulder Eagle

These rare birds are rarely found outside the borders of Russia, they fly out only occasionally for wintering. The shoulderless eagle is one of the heaviest and largest species of eagles, whose weight can reach nine kilograms. In our country, it lives on the shores of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, as well as on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

It got its name for an amazing color: the covering wings of the middle bird are white. The bird is a predator that feeds on fish, mainly salmon. In addition, the eagle can catch a fox, a hare, a seal, occasionally feeding on carrion. Birds settle on the coasts of the seas, while nests are settled on the tops of trees and in river valleys.

Steppe Kestrel

These rare birds were included in the Red Book of our country. The Steppe Kestrel lives in southwest Russia, as well as in southern Siberia. It is a predator that feeds on insects, from time to time scorpions also enter its diet. Birds hunt in flocks on open steppe areas.

From time to time in spring, the kestrel can hunt small rodents. In the 1st or 2nd year of life, the birds form pairs that raise offspring for one season, then they change partners. He arranges nests on the slopes of hills, in the recesses of the rocks. Such a nest is a small depression, while the female does not use any materials to strengthen it, it simply digs a hole. After 28 days, the chicks hatch, and after another same period of time they fly away from the nest.

Crane bellow

These rare birds are the smallest species of cranes. Birds live in six regions of the world, including Russia. We mainly settle on the Black Sea coast. They live in open areas, which also distinguishes them from other species of cranes that inhabit the marshland. Belles form a couple for life, while if a couple do not appear in a couple, it disintegrates.

Right on the ground, belladies make a nest. To do this, they dig a hole, and then strengthen it with twigs. After 29 days the chicks hatch.

Pink Pelican

These rare birds inhabit the Volga delta, on the islands of the Azov Sea. The pink pelican was listed in the Red Book as a threatened species.

This is a fairly large water bird, popularly known as the woman-bird. She eats fish, catching her with the help of her beak. Pelicans do not know how to dive and only immerse their beak in the river, catching their own food.

The main reason for the disappearance of pink pelicans in our country is the use of pesticides - they are contaminated water and soil. In addition, the area of ​​settlement of birds is reduced, since a person actively drains reservoirs, and without them the life of pelicans is impossible.

White seagull

White gulls are rare birds (photos can be viewed in this article), which are listed in the Red Book of our country. They live mainly in the Arctic, on Victoria Island, and one nest was found on the shore of Novaya Zemlya. The bird is threatened with extinction. It is very difficult to track their population, since they often migrate and are few. White gulls are nomadic birds. In autumn, they sometimes migrate to the south, although they prefer to stay in the same areas of the North for the winter.

Pairs they form only for one season in the spring. For nesting, they settle in entire colonies. Male and female incubate eggs for a month in turn. The chicks are covered with fluff during the first year, only to its completion they begin to appear plumage.

Red-legged ibis

Such rare birds, photos of which are presented in this article, live in the Far East. This species was included in the Red Book of our country as being threatened with extinction. The population of the red-footed ibis was numerous in the 19th century, after which the species began to decline rapidly.

In Japan, this species was declared extinct, in our country a couple of ibises were last seen in 1990. Therefore, it is not known for certain whether this bird currently lives in Russia. But scientists are trying to find the remnants of the population, in addition, to organize reserves.

About the book "Birds of Russia. Identifier"

Wildlife lovers are offered a new, unusual field guide to birds. The guide includes all the most common and some rare species of birds in Russia, which you can meet in the park or in the woods, on the streets of the city and in the garden, on fishing and even during the lunch break. The book contains many tips: - what features of the bird to pay attention in the first place, - on what grounds to distinguish one species from another, - where and when you can expect to meet with one or another bird. Such a convenient form of presenting information will allow you quickly (until the bird has flown away) to orient yourself, to understand what to look at, and it is easy to identify even the species that you first met. Successful observations!

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