Veterinary medicine

Instructions for use Mastiet Forte: treatment of mastitis in cows


Short description: This medicine contains antibacterial agents (oxytetracycline, neomycin, bacitracin) and corticosteroid - prednisone. It is intended for the treatment of mastitis in cows in any form and stage of the disease. The antibiotics that make up this drug have a detrimental effect on almost all pathogens that can cause mastitis. Prednisolone reduces inflammation to the maximum, reduces swelling of the udder. After injection into the parenchyma of the udder, the drug is stored in its tissues in therapeutic concentrations for 12 hours. The use of Mastiet Forte allows you to restore the milk production of animals in a short time. Also, this drug is used for cats and dogs to treat skin infections and otitis.

For whom: mainly used for cows, but for a number of indications is used for dogs and cats.

Vacation form: The drug is available in 8 g in plastic syringes dispensers, the tips of which are equipped with special protective caps. The package contains 20 syringes and special cleaning wipes.

Dosage: In order to treat mastitis, the contents of one syringe must be inserted into the diseased quarter of the udder of the cow. If necessary, the injection can be repeated 2-3 times with an interval of 12 -24 hours. Milk or other secretions from the affected parts of the udder must be milked and disposed of before injection. A cow's nipple should be thoroughly cleaned with a cleaning cloth before administering the medicine, then remove the protective cap from the dosing syringe and insert its tip into the nipple canal. The contents of the syringe must be squeezed out very carefully. After removing the tip, it is recommended to squeeze the tip of the nipple of the cow with your fingers and gently massage it (for better distribution of the medicine).

For the treatment of otitis, dogs or cats are treated with this medicine on the inner surfaces of the ears 1-3 times a day. Also, this remedy is applied by application to the affected areas of the skin 2 times a day.

Limitations: during treatment, one should not allow the introduction of a regular dose of the drug to avoid the emergence of resistance of pathogenic microorganisms to the antibiotics contained in the drug. If you detect allergic reactions in animals to the components of the drug, the use of this tool should be discontinued and replaced with another drug.

What is part of the drug?

The drug is actively used in veterinary medicine. Instructions for use "Mastitis Forte" contains a description of the composition, where the following components are listed:

  • Oxytetracycline - 200 mg.
  • Neomycin - 250 mg.
  • Bacitracin - 2000 mg.
  • Prevnisolone - 10 mg.

Auxiliary substances are paraffin oil and magnesium.

Drug release form

The drug is packaged in plastic syringes dispensers. Each of them contains 8 g of substance. Means is sterile suspension of yellow-orange color.

One pack contains 20 syringes, as well as 20 wipes for cleansing. Marking means spelled out in Russian and contains all the necessary information: name and purpose, list of active ingredients, date of manufacture and shelf life of the drug, storage conditions, etc.

Pharmacological properties

The main goal of the drug is the treatment of mastitis in cows that are actively milked. Instructions for use "Mastiet Forte" states that the complex of antibiotics that are included in the composition, has a synergistic effect directly on Strept.uberis, S.oureus, Klebsiella spp and other pathogens of the disease.

Drug with a syringe-dispenser, designed for one use, injected into milk tanks. It then enters the udder parenchyma. Do not fear that potent antibiotics will enter the blood of an animal. The fact is that the absorption of substances from the mammary glands remains minimal.

Such substances as oxytetracycline and neomycin are similar in many respects, which significantly enhances their complex effects. They penetrate into the bacterial cell, where they begin to slow down the process of synthesizing proteins on the harmful cells of the ribosomes.

In the manual "Mastiet Forte" for cows indicated another important substance - bacitracin. Getting into the cells of the pathogen, it creates a connection with the receptors of its inner surface and blocks the production of peptidoglycan. It is a biopolymer and the main element of the bacterial cell wall. Stopping the synthesis of this substance ensures the subsequent death of the pathogen.

The next component of "Mastiet Forte" - Prevnisolone. This is a corticosteroid, due to the action of which the inflammatory process in the tissues of the udder is eliminated and its edema is removed.

The drug is one of the low-risk compounds, because its removal through milk is completely safe.

Application features

Instructions for use "Mastiet Forte" indicates that the drug is most often used in clinical and subclinical mastitis in cows.

The dose placed in the syringe is injected intracisternally into the affected part of the udder. Repeat the procedure every 12 hours.

Use passes according to the following algorithm:

  • A quarter of the contaminated udder is completely free of milk.
  • Disinfect the nipple surface to eliminate the risk of infection.
  • Release the syringe tip from the cap, then guide it into the milk canal and squeeze a suspension equal to one dose to the affected quarter.
  • Remove the empty container, hold the upper part of the nipple and knead the infected area with a massaging motion.

Perhaps the use of "Mastiet Forte" for cats. The instructions say that it can be used to treat otitis media in these animals. It is necessary to apply means, processing internal walls of an auricle once a day before full recovery. If the disease is chronic, the dosage increases.

To eliminate skin infections with the help of "Mastiet Forte", it is necessary to apply the agent to the infected areas. The procedure is repeated with a frequency of 2 times a day, imposing applications.

Use of milk and animal meat during treatment

Milk from healthy parts of the udder should not be used for food during the use of the drug. This can be done only after 96 hours after completion of treatment. Before feeding the animals, it must be thermally treated.

Slaughter of cows for the subsequent use of their meat is possible only after 1-4 days after the end of treatment.

Dosage form and constituents

"Mastiet Forte" is produced in the form of a yellow suspension and is packaged in single-dose syringes dispensed in 8 grams each. Fully packaging of the drug consists of 20 plastic syringes dispensers and instructions for use. In a single dose there are the following active ingredients:

  • Oxytetracycline - 200 mg,
  • Neomycin - 250 mg,
  • bacitracin - 2000 IU,
  • Prednisolone - 10 mg.

Suspension "Mastiet Forte" involves intracisternal administration of medication directly into the affected part of the udder of the animal.

Veterinary medicine "Mastiet Forte". Instructions for use

Initially, the drug began to be produced for the treatment of mastitis in cattle. "Mastiet forte" for cows is used as follows: it is introduced directly into the part of the udder that is affected by mastitis, and only after milking. The daily dose for cattle is 8 grams, which corresponds to 1 syringe dispenser. If it is not possible to achieve a positive result with a single dose, repeated injection is allowed, but not earlier than after 24 hours.

Antibiotic "Mastiet Forte" describes the application instructions as a means to treat other diseases of domestic animals. For various skin infections, veterinarians prescribe the application of the affected areas at least twice a day.

"Mastiet Forte" for cats recommended for use in the treatment of otitis. For this suspension wipe the surface of the ear of the animal once a day. It is allowed to increase the number of treatments if the disease has become chronic.

Also used "Mastiet Forte" for dogs in the treatment of similar diseases.

The active ingredients of the drug are effective in the treatment of balanoposthitis. In this case, the drug is administered in a single dose in the preputial sac. For quick distribution of the medication, it is recommended to gently massage the injection site.