How to build a dog house with your own hands


Many apartment dwellers, especially children, dream of a puppy. And how to make a house for the dog with your own hands so that it would be beautiful and practical?

Or is it better to buy it in finished form? For the construction of homes do not need to have special skills.

Device canine seats

Before building a convenient place (image number 1) you need to imagine it first. You can sew the dog house out of scrap materials. To do this, you need to draw several options, then choose the best one and start making it. For a small dog it is better to sew a room out of foam rubber and fabrics of different color.

House drawing may include:

  • entrance and window
  • entrance and window openings on the sides,
  • entrance, openings in the walls and attic window.

Image 1. House of foam rubber for a small dog.

The latter option allows you to observe the life of a dog. In such a house there is a lot of light, and this circumstance has a positive effect later on the character of an adult pet.

To make any of the houses you need to prepare:

  • patterns of parts
  • foam rubber
  • upholstery fabric
  • cotton wool or other filler,
  • sewing thread
  • needle
  • scissors,
  • thimble,
  • zippers.

Lightning will continue to be needed to replace the filler. The fabric should be durable, but always natural. It is better not to use synthetic material, replace it with cotton. If the dog rubs its wool on synthetics, it can often get quite noticeable electric shocks.

After all, wool is electrified. House doggy not love. The outer side of the dwelling can be made of the material you like. But do not use velvet or satin. These fabrics very quickly lose their attractiveness as a result of wear.

Image 2. Pattern house of foam rubber.

The house is made in the following order:

  • Need to take patterns (image number 2),
  • cut the prepared canvas into blanks,
  • to assemble the side walls of the house,
  • flash details
  • sew locks,
  • to put foam pieces in the cavities,
  • zip up
  • sew on the bottom
  • place the house in the apartment.

For the construction of the product, you can use wire, pieces of wood. They make a frame on which they put on soft walls and a roof. It is possible to connect parts using velcro for this purpose. In such a structure, the worn part is easily and quickly changed. Assembly takes about 5 minutes. Such a product is easy to wash. This will help in maintaining perfect cleanliness in the dog’s house, and therefore in the whole apartment.

How to sew a similar product? In determining its size, you need to focus on the growth of an adult dog. Puppy grows very quickly.

Making another home

We figured out how to make a soft and warm permanent home for your pet. But sometimes there are cases when housing needs some short time.

Then make a lounger for the dog with their own hands. There are a lot of methods for its manufacture. You can make from an empty box, suitcase, other materials and things. Here are some ways:

First, the bottom of the lounger is done. Foam rubber is used as a filler. The arcs are bent from the wire (2 pieces). They will be installed on the diagonal of the product. The length of the wire should be sufficient for the height of the house to be greater than the height of the dog.

The wire is attached to the lounger and covered with matter. The result was a comfortable dog house with your own hands in the form of a tent. Just do not forget to cut a hole in it to enter. For strength edge can be trimmed with tape.

House for dogs with their own hands can be done in another way.

To do this, prepare:

  • foam mats or sponge mat,
  • pencil,
  • foam mats (5 pieces),
  • pillowcases with zipper (5-6 pieces),
  • velcro for compound
  • scissors,
  • threads and needles.

First, measurements are taken from the dog. She should stand and turn completely freely in her home. Walls, floor and ceiling are made of foam mats.

Each of them fits in a pillowcase and zips up. Details every 12-15 cm are connected with velcro. At the entrance hangs a curtain. It is made of fabric with colors close to the base material. That's the whole master class. Inside the new house you can put a dog toy.

An old T-shirt and a pair of wire hangers are also suitable for home dwelling. The latter straighten and connect crosswise. A pillow is put on a piece of cardboard.

Hanging wires are folded and fastened to the base with thin wire or adhesive tape. T-shirt is stretched to the resulting frame. The house is ready. You can settle a dog or a cat in it.

If there is a cage at hand that is intended for carrying animals, it remains only to sew a cover on it.

For work you will need:

  • 4 pieces of fabric on the wall,
  • 1 - to the ceiling
  • some material on the back
  • scissors,
  • needles and thread
  • trim band,
  • Buttons (2 pcs.).

The bottom and side walls are stitched and turned out. To decorate and camouflage the seams can be sewn braid. The cover is put on the cage. The house is ready.

Conclusion on the topic

Small-sized dogs in the house are looking for secluded corners. They can take their place in the chair and chair, on the couch and bed.

It is better to make your pet a comfortable and cozy house.

To do this, use the old suitcases, boxes. The main thing is that the size of the dog and the beds must match each other. But the latter is not a house. For a dog suitable housing made of the wardrobe or nightstand. To do this, just remove the wall and put the litter inside. It can be made of foam rubber or filled with padding polyester. And such a structure, as in the image number 4, you can put in a room or take out into the yard.

On the street they usually build a wooden box. Boards are soaked in antiseptics. Inside the walls can be veneered with plywood. Its thickness is not less than 5 mm. Fit and lining. The booth frame is made of 40x50 mm bars. Floor of the floorboard. On the roof is tile, slate, wood.

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What are the houses for dogs

People who have large apartments, install large dog houses, in which there is not only furniture, but also air conditioning. In such houses there are often gardens and lawns, and sometimes you can even watch the pool. Of course, such options are possible only in large apartments, where it is allocated for pets whole room.

In usual average apartments the bed for a dog is the optimal solution. The beds are made in the form of booths, minks or cradles, they are very warm and soft. For a dwarf dog, a couch with a roof and walls is ideal. Such a house will give protection and care to small pets, they really need it. The asylum is able to satisfy the needs of both the pet and its owner. The house should be reliable and convenient.

Requirements that dog houses must meet

If the owner decided to buy or make a dog house with his own hands, he should know a number of requirements related to the product. The house for the dog must match its breed and size. The dog will not feel comfortable in a small and cramped house. Also need to consider posesin which pet prefers to sleep.

If the pet likes to sleep up, then triangular and the oval shape of the house is perfect and will save space, because it can be put in the corner of the room. The house is rectangular in shape suitable for dogs sleeping on their backs, on their sides and whose legs are stretched in a dream.

An important factor is also how shaggy the animal is. This is very important, because if the dog is shaggy, then in the summer in the house, which is completely closed to the dog, it will be hot. The way out of this situation is to buy or make a house with your own hands, in which the roof will be removable. In the summer, the dog will live on a stool which will have only sides, and in the winter in a full house with a roof.

The materials from which the base for the house will be made may be different:

The base, no matter what material it is made of, should always be sheathed with soft material - this will allow the dog to create comfortable living conditions.

What must be considered when creating a dog house

To create a comfortable environment in which the dog will feel good, and so that the house can be easily removed during its manufacture or selection, you need to take into account several nuances. Houses that have covers removed the most convenient, as covers can be wash if necessary. It is better to choose material for covers from natural materials to exclude an allergy in an animal. Summer house can be made of flax or cotton, but the winter house is better to do from wool.

Small dogs can hardly stand draft and cold. This must be taken into account when creating or choosing a house. The house is better to install at a certain height from the floor. This can be done using a stand or small legs built into the house.

The litter plays a very important role in the future home, often the owners buy or make their own mattresses. The mattress should be removable cover, foam filler is suitable for filler. There are also special dog mattresses stuffed with buckwheat The advantage of this filler is that the fleas do not grow in it.

How to make a house with their own hands

In the shops there are many different houses for dogs, however, it is much more pleasant to create a home with your own hands and put your love and tenderness into it. The easiest way to create a house from a suitcase. It is recommended to make the legs so that the house from the suitcase is stable. For this purpose, suitable old legs from the cabinet or new, purchased specifically for the future of the home. The next step is sewing in a pillow, which you can buy or do it yourself. The pillow will serve as a kind of mattress for the dog. Perfectly suited pillow from sintepon, which has a rough finishing fabric.

Naturally, you can create your own hands and the same houses that are sold in stores. When there is a question of choosing the material to create a house, you need to take into account a number of nuances. The bases for the future dwelling can be made of different materials. Polyurethane foam is the best option. This material perfectly repeats and remembers the contours of the canine body. The material is suitable in a house for puppies, in the house and for adult dogs. Thick bedding should be covered with a thick cloth. If the house is made for a puppy, it is worth remembering how quickly dogs grow, it is recommended to create a house for growth.

The frame of the structure must be made reliable and stable, especially if there are children in the house who like to use the dog house as a playground or chair. If the frame is made weak, the child can, by breaking it, injure the dog.

Technology to create a house for the dog with their own hands

So, the stages of creating a dog house with their own hands:

  1. With a dog is necessary take measurements. Thus, the length, width and height of the structure is determined. Do not forget that in the case of a puppy, the house must be done for growth.
  2. Foam is suitable for bedding, however, it must be sheathed, the fabric must be dense to protect the litter from the teeth.
  3. Before plating polyurethane foam, which will be used as a base, it is necessary to wrap it with oilcloth. As you know, it perfectly protects against moisture, it will extend the life of the base.
  4. Removable covers are easy do it yourself. To do this, stickies are attached to old pillowcases or some other fabric.
  5. It is necessary to finish the walls, roof and floor with a cloth. The design must be put together.
  6. The entrance to the new dwelling can be beaten by hanging a curtain. To quickly become accustomed to a pet to their new housing, many put inside favorite toys or treats.

Many people like the house, like a tent. Not only for dogs fit tent houses, but also for cats. An example of the creation of their own hands, half-open lodge.

It is necessary to give preference to materials from dense fabric, for example, microfiber or tapestry. The pattern should be applied to the millimeter paper and cut symmetrically mirror. If the dog is small, the bottom is equal to half a meter in diameter will be enough.

Rear seams and undercuts need to be sewn by hand. In the "roof" of foam rubber you need to put a bottom pattern, after which you need to connect and sew all the details. It is necessary to carve out two pieces of tapestry and one-color fabric: for the outer and inner upholstery, they must be mirror-symmetrical. You must leave a pass of one or two centimeters, after which you need to scribble the grooves. The seams are made one centimeter from the edges.

Cover must be put on the foam frame and carefully straighten all the details. The seam should be located on the outside of the roof. Details of the fabric must be combined with foam elements to avoid distortions, and fix them manually. At the bottom of the foam rubber need to impose a round tapestry detail and stitch off.

At the very end, the recess will be convex, it can be fixed: its level out. The bottom that is inside is not recommended to sew. Better just to fill it between the rest of the details. This will greatly facilitate the care of dog housing. If the foam is too thick, then in the course of work you need to adjust the pattern, increasing the allowances, however, you can not allow the foam to be visible, because it is very fond of nibbling dogs. This design will be the ideal options for shorthair and small dogs. If necessary, you can warm it with the help of sintepon or faux fur.

What to consider

First, decide on the place of residence of your crumbs. Good lighting, preferably street, there should be no drafts.

From this point the dog should see you, but you shouldn’t disturb her with frequent passes and shuffling past. Sometimes it is worth considering the option of a portable home.

Secondly, select or buy material from which you'll be tinkering.

If you have an extra piece of curtains, which is combined with upholstered furniture or the basic tone of the room - it will be fine.

Foam, wooden boards or plywood, dense frame boxes also come in handy.

An old pillow, blanket or small scraps of fabric can become a soft filler.

Thirdly, determine the shape and size. Toy Terrier is a miniature dog but active. It all depends on your imagination, abilities and materials.

How to choose the shape of the future home

Look around the surrounding area. Most often, clear rectangles and squares prevail in houses. The following forms of housing for small dogs can be a supplement:

  • bench with sides of any geometric bottom shape for the terrier, where the width and length is not less than 50 cm,
  • in the form of a cradle for the child. The height of such a product must be at least 40 cm,
  • triangular pyramid with one missing face or hole. This design should be at least 60 cm high,
  • like an open suitcase, where there is one high wall or lid,
  • wicker basket or cage in combination with soft fillers.

To make the house itself, we will sew, glue or knock down. Future parts of the house will first be drawn on a frame (cardboard, plywood, etc.).

Make a selected fabric 2-3 cm more and divide into external and internal parts.

This is necessary for the subsequent placement of the filler inside and the connection of the resulting canvases.

Better on the inner parts of the fabric to make an indent from the main size of the frame 2 cm, and external 3 cm so that the resulting seam was not outside, but inside.

There are different ways to combine materials:

  • sewing,
  • construction stapler with brackets,
  • metal rods between which the fabric is stretched,
  • gluing wooden elements.
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What is needed for assembly

Material. Welcome reliability and softness. Do not take that terrier to the basis of carpet. Let the texture be pleasant to the touch.

Give preference to natural rather than synthetic. Skin use is not recommended.

Filler, for example, foam rubber, down, natural felt, synthetic winterizer, jacket lining, etc. A thing filled with your smell will attract the attention of your pet.

Oilcloth. The house will last a long time if you insure yourself against unpleasant surprises if the baby does not have time to reach the toilet.

Instruments. Their choice depends on the materials and methods of assembly.

Instructions for making

In fact, without great expense we will make a house of such quality that is not sold in stores.

You can adjust your budget by the cost of matter. The process takes no more than one day.

For the bottom we will use part of the cardboard box of the washing machine, cut out a rectangle 50 by 60 cm. We will make the same rectangle from an old jacket on a padding polyester.

On the back side we draw and cut two rectangles. One size is 53 by 63 cm for the outside, the second 52 by 62 cm for the inside.

Cut the oilcloth 50 by 60 cm. We will place it immediately below the top layer.

We fold the parts like a sandwich: outer fabric - oilcloth - sintepon - cardboard rectangle - inner fabric. We sew. If desired, insert the zipper.

You can sew either manually with ordinary ties or on a sewing machine.

Making the back wall. Cut a 50 by 50 cm square out of a cardboard box. Draw a square in the form of an arc or a semicircle. Синтепон от старой куртки делаем такой же. С тканью поступаем также как описано выше.

Складываем и сшиваем части: внешняя ткань – синтепон – картонная фигура – внутренняя ткань. Zipper for the back is not needed.

Sew the bottom width of 50 cm with a rear wall width of 50 cm.

We make a visor. On the back side we draw two rectangles. One is 33 cm wide, 103 cm long for the outer side, the second 31 cm by 101 cm for the inner side.

We fill the filler from sintepon 30 to 100 cm. We cut everything out, fold and sew the parts: outer fabric — synthetic winterizer — inner fabric. If you wish, we also make lightning here.

We make the finished sheathed rectangle with a bridge and sew 30 cm edges to the previously prepared bottom and back wall designs.

You can decorate the house with ribbons or ruffles, insert a cut and sheathed piece of terry towel as a litter.

Attach a decorative bone to the top of the house in the tone of the bedding or embroider the dog's nickname. A house with your own hands for that terrier is ready!

Photo Gallery

To make your baby feel comfortable, she definitely needs her own space. To do this, make a cozy home for your animal so that your pet can sleep in it or simply hide during the game. In the photos below, we picked up several options for houses.

If you have a desire to make a home for your pet yourself, and you do not know how to do it, watch this video. It will tell you in detail and most importantly show how to do it.

Required materials for dog house

When choosing materials for construction, preference should be given to natural origin.

For the construction of a street booth it is possible to use the following types:

  • wood (boards, boards or logs),
  • plywood,
  • brick.

When using fiberboard, particleboard and plywood, it must be remembered that the material should not be treated with chemical compounds.

For roofing, outdoor box boxes, you can use tiles, slate, linoleum, polycarbonate.

Foam sheets are suitable for insulation. Mineral wool is not recommended, as particles can get on the skin and mucous membranes of the animal, cause severe irritation.

Every pet, even if it lives in an apartment, should have a cozy place.

For the construction of small apartment options for dogs of medium and decorative breeds it is possible to use materials:

It is better to make the base of the structure from sheets of foam plastic, plastic or PVC. This will give the structure stability.

Regardless of what type of housing is made for the pet, it must be upholstered with soft cloth. It is advisable to use natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen or wool. It is possible to use a combination with a low percentage of synthetic fibers.

How to make a house with your own hands

Light, but very comfortable and soft foam rubber is a practical option for small dogs. Such options do not take up much space, are very aesthetic and perfectly complement the interior of any apartment. Moreover, such simple designs perfectly retain heat and perfectly protect miniature dogs from possible drafts.

Necessary materials

To make a cozy nest for a four-legged friend, you need simple, accessible to everyone materials:

  • foam with a thickness of 3 to 8 mm,
  • thick fabric for the manufacture of covers (upholstery)
  • 6 zippers for the manufacture of covers,
  • adhesive tape for connecting parts
  • thick paper for drawing patterns,
  • chalk or pencil to transfer the pattern to the fabric,
  • scissors,
  • stationery knife,
  • safety pins for splitting fabric and patterns
  • meter,
  • threads and needles.
Dimensions for the house

If it is possible to use a sewing machine, the manufacturing process will be carried out much faster. But you can sew parts manually.

For long-haired breeds, it is desirable to choose a material from a soft, but not very fleecy fabric. This will simplify the process of cleaning the fabric from wool.

Taking measurements

Before you start making patterns, you need to take measurements of the dog to determine the size of the future home.

To determine the optimal length of the structure, it is necessary to add the length of the body (from the base of the collar to the base of the tail) and the height at the withers (from the highest point between the shoulder blades to the lowest point of the front limb).

The height of the wall is determined by the indicator of the height at the withers of the animal increased by one and a half times. The width should be slightly greater than the length of the body of the animal. This is necessary so that the animal can unfold freely in the home and not hurt the inside of the walls.

The size of the inlet can be of any shape and size.

Pattern details

After removing all measurements from the pet, you should begin to create a pattern for the details and then transfer the drawing to fabric and foam rubber using pins and chalk.

The thicker the foam, the more allowances. Each fabric part is prepared in duplicate, for subsequent stitching and manufacture of the cover.


Mounting sequence

For stability, as a floor (floor) for a pet's home, you can use any more dense material. But in this case, it is useful to sew a separate mattress with a removable cover, like the rest of the house. This will simplify the process of cleaning the house from wool and dirt.

Connection of parts

Dog house design ideas

Currently, there are many options for the manufacture of booths, stove benches and apartment houses for dogs. Here are some of them.

Wooden house

Plywood. Light and simple in design.

Plywood house

The original house of furniture

House of furniture

Foam and plush for small dogs. For small breeds and puppies, such as: Chihuahua, Toy Terrier, Dachshund, York, and others, small options of foam rubber will do.

From foam rubber

Most of the existing options for dogs can be made independently. The cozy nest made by the owner’s hands will surely please the pet.

Dog house is a special place.

When building a house you need to take into account the conditions of detention, the size of the dog, pedigree features and its preferences.