Kinds of dog feeders for dogs


For those who keep the dog, but often linger at work or have to spend a long time not at home, an ingenious invention was invented - an auto-feed. It will allow you to take care of the pet's health, to give it the required amount of feed at a clearly defined time, and the dog will not be hungry, but it will not overeatNamely, these problems are faced by the owners, who leave a supply of food in a bowl, leaving for the whole day. Today, auto feeders have appeared so much that everyone will be able to choose the ideal model for their pet, depending on its size and the required functionality. But what are the main factors to consider when choosing?

How does the auto feeder work?

Food in the automatic feeder is usually stored in a container: it can have different sizes, and for each breed you need to choose a specific automatic feeder. Some devices operate on the principle of a water cooler, feeding a portion of food to a bowl, others are divided into segments that gradually open, and still others are just bowls with a lid. The choice of a particular model depends on the breed and the needs of the pet, as well as on how long the owner does not stay at home. Auto feeders can just program: You can adjust the amount of feed and the time of its issuance, and put some sound signal, or record the voice of the host.

Automatic feeders battery operated, and the price of the device is higher, the more functions it is able to perform. However, the absolute majority of feeders are calculated to supply not only dry food, but also wet food, as well as medicines or vitamins necessary for the pet. It is important to understand that the automatic feeder is not only a convenience for the owner, but also a guarantee of the health of the dog. The quality of food is also important for its well-being: it is better to choose products from proven reliable manufacturers, such as Royal Canin, whose product range is available here The dog food of this company is the result of constant research and improvement of the formulation to obtain the ideal taste and nutritional value of the product. This takes into account the characteristics of each breed and pet's age, so the choice of products is the broadest: feeds are presented separately for puppies of different ages, adult, lactating dogs, and each of them can be found for a particular breed, of which there are a few dozen. The manufacturer also takes into account the weight of the dog, the food is presented in a dry and wet form - the product range is impressive, allowing you to organize a balanced and almost personalized food for your pet.

What to consider when choosing a feeder?

When choosing an auto feeder, you should consider the following main factors:

  • pet size, because buying a huge feeder for a small Spitz is impractical,
  • the number of meals per day
  • the average size of the portion, which depends on the size, breed and period of the dog’s life,
  • how long the pet stays alone and needs to be provided with food using an automatic feeder.

At the moment there are several types of feeders, which are arranged differently. Depending on the needs of the pet and the owner should choose the best option in each case.

Types of automatic feeders

The main options for feeders are as follows:

  • programmable. This is the most technologically advanced and functional, but at the same time the most expensive option. The dispenser can store up to 2.5 liters of feed, and You can adjust the number of servings, and the frequency of serving food in a bowl. Such a feeding trough, due to its peculiarities, is suitable for dogs of any breed and will be useful to those owners who have to leave their pet alone for a comparatively long time - there will be enough food left for them. Some models of such devices can be equipped with a screen for more convenient use, and when feeding, a beep or the recorded voice of the host may be triggered. Among the drawbacks of the feeder, it is worth noting the high price and bulkiness, if the device is designed for a large amount of feed,
  • segment feed feeder. A rather interesting variant, which in appearance resembles an ordinary bowl, but at the same time it is divided into several segments. Each of these segments accommodates one portion of food, and both dry and wet food can be placed in it. The bowl is closed with a lid, in which there is only one hole, equal in size and shape to a segment. When a certain period of time has passed and the host has set it up, the lid shifts opening a new segment of the food bowl. Usually, in this trough 4-6 segmentsbut maybe more. The device does not take up much space, the food in it remains always fresh, but if circumstances force you to leave the house for more than two days, then such a feeding trough is unlikely to work,
  • flap feeder - a great option for a large dogfor which the previous method is unacceptable. This version of the feeder is designed for single feed dogs, for example, at lunch, when everything is at work, and no one is at home. The volume of the dispenser, as a rule, is about 0.5 kg, any food can be placed in it, and at the specified time the lid of the feeder overturns. Thus, the food is always covered, it does not deflate, it does not become polluted, but the features of the device make it necessary to fill the feeder again after each meal. If you need to provide two servings of food for a large dog, then you can purchase two such feeders,
  • the easiest and cheapest version of the feeder - container bowlnot equipped with any automatic means. This feeder works in this way: when the food in the bowl ends, a new batch is poured from the dispenser. The obvious downside is that a dog with a good appetite can eat more than necessary, and if this happens regularly, it is not far from obesity. Such a feeder is only suitable for rare use, when food should be left to a pet in reserve, and a standard bowl does not allow this.

Making conclusions from all this, it is easy to understand that feeders with segments are not very suitable for large dogs - for them it is better to choose the option with a hinged lid or a programmable feeder with a fairly large container. For dogs of medium and small breeds, in principle, all of the listed types of feeders are suitable, only their volume is better to choose according to the pet's needs.

Types of feeders for four-legged friends

The simplest option for an automatic dog feeder is a bowl, to which is attached a container for storing food. As the space becomes free, the food will be filled in a bowl. That is, the faster a dog eats from a bowl of food, the faster it will receive a new batch.

This type of construction is the simplest and most inexpensive, but also very uncomfortable. The thing is that the animal can eat until the feed is completely finished. This can lead to a deterioration in the health of the dog, so you need to control how much the animal will eat.

Automatic feeders of this type can be two-container. In one compartment you can pour dry food, and the second is filled with canned food.

A good option, but more expensive, will be an automatic dog feeder with a timer, in this case, the feed will sleep in a bowl only after a certain period of time.. It is very convenient. Automatic electronic feeders for dogs can be equipped with a display, which shows all the information about the time of serving food for the animal. With the help of the screen, you can set the mode at your discretion.

Some feeders are very convenient, they are equipped with a mass of additional functions. For example, the auto device may emit a kind of signal when feeding. As a result, the dog will learn to come to the trough at a certain time. For large animals, you can purchase a dog feeder on a stand. This is ideal for large dogs, as it allows them to eat without tilting their heads. Additional features in automatic feeders can be very much. However, the breeder must understand that all these options significantly increase the cost of construction. Therefore, before making the final choice, it is worthwhile to think carefully about what will really benefit.

Automatic dog feeders can vary significantly in container volume. If the dog is large, you can buy for it a large design on a stand with a capacity of up to 10 liters. For small four-legged friends, a container of 1-2 liters will be enough. Some electronic feeders make it possible to produce food not only in time, but also to control the dosage. Such models are the most expensive.

How Feeders Work

Auto feeders are those devices that make life easier for a person and make his four-legged friend full and happy. Some options are equipped not only with a compartment for food, but also for liquids, and even drugs. Thus, one manger performs several functions at once, which allow the owner not to worry about his animal while he is away.

Most often, the automatic feeders are equipped with a special sensor that monitors the amount of feed in the bowl. But in this case, the dog may receive too much food. This is dangerous for some animals that do not know how to control the amount of food consumed and are prone to overeating. For this reason, it is advisable to purchase a feeder with a timer that will work a couple of times a day and give the dog the right amount of food. The host can adjust the norm independently, depending on the size and breed of the animal.

A feature of this design is that food does not deteriorate during storage. Experienced breeders know that even dry food cannot be stored without packaging, as it dries quickly. In the case of the automatic feeder, the food for the four-legged friend will always be fresh, so the dog will eat with pleasure.

It should be noted electronic options that emit a sound when a new batch. Some automatic feeders make it possible to record the voice command of the host. Thus, the animal will not feel lonely if the person is not around for a long time.

Rules for the selection of dog feeders for dogs

The most important criterion in this case is a financial issue. First you need to think about how many people are willing to spend on such a device. Having decided on the amount, you can go to the size of the automatic type feeder. It all depends on the size of the pet. As mentioned above, especially large dogs will be comfortable to eat from a bowl on a stand.

If we are talking about a small dog, then it is not possible to purchase a complete kit for it, but a separate feed dispenser, which is installed in a standard sized bowl. As a result, the dog will be able to receive food at a time when she wants. Unlike large dogs, small dogs are not so voracious and, as a rule, do not lean on food until they feel bad.

Any type of automatic dog feeder can be purchased at a specialty store. Nowadays, the cost of such devices is quite high, and additional options increase the price even more. For this reason, many dog ​​owners are trying to design an automatic feeder with their own hands. This is a pretty good option for creative people who know how to work with their hands.

How to accustom an animal to an auto feeder?

Owners of dogs that already use similar constructions claim that there are no difficulties in this. The animal immediately gets used to the novelty, as it gives out a good and tasty food.

If we are talking about auto feeders with sound effects, then the learning process may take some time. However, after a certain period of time, the dog will necessarily understand that this or that signal is a reason to approach the bowl. The conditioned reflex will manifest itself, and the animal will definitely get used to the new feeding trough. This happens especially fast in puppies.

How to make an automatic type feeder with your own hands?

If there is such a situation when a person needs to leave for just a couple of days, and there is no one to look after the dog, you should get a device for automatically feeding food to the animal. Such a device can be purchased at the pet store or make an automatic dog feeder with your own hands. The latter option is much cheaper.

If the owner of the dog wants to save a lot, you can go the simplest way and make a plastic container that will add food as the volume in the bowl decreases. If you look, then this design is the simplest container for storing food, which is periodically poured in small quantities.

As a result, the dog will receive as much food as he wants, but the food will always be fresh.

As a container, you can use an ordinary plastic bottle, which, depending on the size of the dog, can be from 1 to 5 liters. In the lower part of the bottle, an incision is made through which the feed will be refilled, and then the container is turned over and fixed above the bowl. The entire structure can be attached to the wall so that the dog will not drag her into the room for joy.

This is the easiest and fastest way to make your own automatic dog feeder. It will take only 20 minutes, and the dog will be satisfied all the time when the owner is not at home. It is important to note that this design works exclusively with dry food. Canned meat will pass badly in the opening of the container and will become unusable at room temperature in just a few hours.

As for how to make the feeder more complex, then this will require a mechanism from the quartz watch. In this way, you can create a device with a timer, which will give the dog food on time. It will take much longer to work on such a construction, but the convenience of using it is incontestable.

If a person is going to leave his four-legged friend alone at home for a couple of days, he should take care that the dog does not starve all this time. For this, an automatic feeder ideally reaches. Do not forget that the animal needs water. If the design does not provide for automatic water supply, you can simply fill a large bowl. Additionally, you need to think about where the dog will go to the toilet during the absence of its owner at home. With small rocks in this regard is much easier, since they can be limited to the tray.

Additional features

Of course, it is important to take into account the size of the pet when choosing a feeder, but how to be if you have a puppy that after a couple of months blows out a huge dog 70 cm at the withers? Do you really have to buy a new feeder for each age period, is it so expensive? It is optimal to immediately acquire a large feeder, designed for an adult dog of a particular breed, and to buy more adapter: it is installed in a large feeder and helps to dose the feed correctly.

It is clear that it is undesirable to leave the dog for a long time alone, but there are situations when there is simply no other way out. In this case, it is better to pick up not the usual feeder, the supply of food in which lasts for 1-2 days, but devices designed for the absence of the host for several days.

If you are worried about how to become accustomed to a pet to this type of feeding, then the conditioned reflex is produced quite quickly: the feeding is usually accompanied by a certain sound signal, and very soon he will begin to associate the dog with another meal. The most advanced devices allow you to use your own instead of a standard sound signal. vote: you just need to make a recording, saying what you usually say when you call the dog to eat, and then even in the absence of the host, the dog will call for a familiar voice for dinner.

To interact with the trough was as simple as possible, you can opt for screen modelswhere information on setting the timer and portion volume will be displayed, but, naturally, this will increase the cost of the device.

Finally, it is worth noting that despite the existence of such convenient devices for feeding dogs, it is better not to leave one for long if you can have a pet.

Terms of use

Of course, the automatic feeder for dogs is not able to solve all the problems of the animal, arising from the lack of owners, especially its use is designed for certain conditions:

  • As the main element of the food with the help of an automatic feeder, only dry food is used, therefore, the animal should at least be accustomed to eat similar food,
  • The use of the feeder was initially focused on animals kept in an open-air cage, as the developers have not yet invented an automatic toilet for an automatic feeder. Исключением могут быть собаки мелких пород, живущие в доме, у которых есть возможность через автоматический тамбур выходить из помещения.
  • Eating dry food for several days can adversely affect the health of the dog, even if there is enough food and water in the aviary, so automatic feeders for dogs of large breeds can only be considered as a temporary measure.

If the dog is accustomed to overeat or cannot control the amount of food eaten, then only those models of feeders that are equipped with a built-in dispenser are suitable for automatic feeding, and these are usually the most expensive and complex devices.

In addition, the appearance and smell of plastic automatic feeder dog in the aviary must be taught within a few days to develop a certain culture of use. Often the dog, irritated by the sounds or the type of food in the bunker, manages to irrevocably break the electronic apparatus. Therefore, some owners prefer not to risk and equip in the aviary a separate compartment-case in which the automatic feeder is installed.

Catering dogs with automatic feeder has its own characteristics. If feeding cats, hamsters, fish, parrots does not have a psychological focus, then everything is much more difficult for dogs. The bowl and the identity of the person who gives the food are very important for the dog, from the point of view of psychology, who feeds, he is the owner in the house.

How does the automatic feeder

The basic idea inherent in the design of the feeder is to ensure that the weekly or three-day supply of food does not give the dog a single mass, but within a certain period, preferably after equal periods of time. Most models for automatic feeding according to the scheme of work can be divided into three categories:

  • Simple bulk structures
  • Dosing systems
  • Self-opening feeders.

Some of the models are complemented by an automatic drinker, in the form of a container with a teat valve mounted on a tripod. Such an addition will not be the most superfluous, especially if there is no possibility for the dog in the aviary to make water for several days.

Automatic feeders - dispensers

A truly automatic system can be called the system shown in the photo below.

A feature of this device is the presence of a special elevator, through which a portion of the feed is fed from the bunker to the bowl. The portion, once issued by the automatic feeder, can vary from 60 to 500 g, which is quite enough for organizing the feeding of a large dog. The weight of the delivered portion is adjusted on the digital indicator on the side panel. In the bottom part of the device there are special clamps, allowing to fix the device on the flooring or on the floor.

The automatic feeder can work in software mode, from an internal timer or at the command of an external computer. Before issuing food, the machine issues a buzzer and opens the elevator only after the dog approaches the bowl. In the upper part of the apparatus there is a tank for food. On average, the bunker is designed for 3-4 kg, but there are models with a capacity of up to 10 kg of dry food.

Feeders for small and dwarf dog breeds

For small breeds of dogs, the automatic feeding of the rotary type is more often used. Structurally, the device is a ring tray, divided into 5-6 sectors. In each sector there is a portion of food for one meal. The top of the tray closes the cover with the cut out central sector. During the rotation of the cover, the sector window opens alternately the cells with feed in the tray. One or two sectors can be opened per day.

More advanced are the designs of automatic feeders with a timer. In fact, it is a tray with a portion of feed loaded inside. The tray is closed with a hinged lid held by a magnetic or mechanical lock. As soon as the timer is triggered, the lock is unlocked, and the lid reclines, giving the dog access to the feed. If desired, you can set the required number of automatic feeders, equal to the number of feeds dog. According to the manufacturers, thanks to a tight-fitting lid, not only dry food, but also canned meat or fish can be loaded into the feeder. Of course, this method is not suitable for large breed dogs, the dog will open the tray earlier than the timer will work.

Bulk feeders

The simplest type of dog feeder on a stand is a tank or a vertical hopper mounted on a special tray. At the bottom of the bunker automatic feeder there is an annular gap. Part of the feed wakes up in a small amount through the gap and locks the main mass, preventing it from getting enough sleep in the tray.

As the dog eats part of the food in the tray, a new batch is poured out of the bunker in its place. From the design of the automatic feeder it is clear that the food will get enough sleep until the dog carefully picks it up from the tray. At normal humidity and temperature, dry food retains bulk properties for a long time, so once filled with an automatic dog feeder, it can work for 7-10 days.

Homemade options

Using the principle described above, you can make an automatic feeder for dogs with your own hands. Best of all, a piece of plastic sewer pipe with a diameter of 100 mm and a length of 80-90 cm is suitable for these purposes.

The pipe must be mounted on a vertical steel rack, which is screwed to a plate-support cut out of plywood. At the bottom of the resulting vertical hopper, you must wear a tapered adapter with 100 mm per pipe of 50 mm. For a more presentable look, the structure can be painted with spray paint in any color you like.

So that the feed does not erode, the container is closed with a lid - a cap. Given the considerable height, it is desirable to fasten the structure to the floor or to the wall with additional metal strips and self-tapping screws. It remains to adjust the position of the bunker with the food in height, put the bowl for the dog and fill the container with dry food.

In order for the food not to be caked and not stuck in the bunker, many home-builders rigidly fix a small electric motor of 5-10 W with an eccentric on the pipe. The engine is connected to a timer. The sound of a vibrating engine dogs are able to hear for several tens of meters.


According to manufacturers, the demand for automatic feeders turned out to be quite high, so it is planned to release automatic feeding devices that are controlled via the Internet and even equipped with a video camera. In addition to dry food, there will be three or four types of food, freezing and warming up.

Automatic feeder devices

Technical characteristics of all feeders are almost identical. The owner needs to fill the food in the tank and set the timer for the delivery of food and the volume of servings. Automation provides strict adherence to all recommendations of the veterinarian for the control of pet nutrition.

Feed from the tank enters the tray only at the appointed time, and only in this case the dog can eat it from its tray. Most often sold automatic feeders for dogs, allowing you to set the number of feeds from one to four times a day.

This is important when feeding puppies who need to eat more often than adult dogs, but eat smaller portions. In some models of devices, you can set a feeding timer even up to one hundred days. And record voice messages for the pet so that he does not get bored.

Varieties of feeders

The auto-feeder is a device that delivers a certain amount of feed to an animal at a time programmed by a timer. Even in the absence of the owners of the house, the dog will receive the necessary portion of food.

Automatic dog feeders are also installed in the case of obesity in an animal in order to clearly control the amount of food and the time mode of feeding. There are many types of feeders:

  • For dogs of different breeds used feeders of different sizes and heights. The bigger the pet, the higher the device you need to purchase. This will make eating comfortable.
  • The number of sectors may vary. Some devices are intended only for the dosing of dry food, others can be placed wet food. And there are also such auto feeders in which sectors for placement of medicines and delicacies for a pet are allocated.
  • Some devices have a host voice recording function. It helps to attract an animal that is used to being called by its owner to eat. Most often, this function is necessary only for those people who leave for a long time on business trips. At other times, out of habit, the owners themselves call the pet to the trough.
  • Automatic dog feeders can operate on battery or mains. There are also combined devices.
  • The wide model range allows to pick up a feeding trough of any design and a complete set.

Thanks to the automatic feeders, the pet becomes independent, because in order to get food there is no longer any need to wake the host in the morning or get under his feet during the day.

Where to buy a feeder

Automatic feeding devices are expensive, so they are sold only in large stores. It is not necessary to buy goods in unchecked markets and at a low price, since in this case it is possible to purchase deliberately low-quality goods that could harm the animal.

If there are no such specialized stores in the area or city, you can order automatic feeders for large dogs in the internet markets. Here, too, you need to be attentive to the choice and buy only licensed devices with a guarantee.

How to make a self-feeder with their own hands

You can make a similar device by yourself. However, such automatic feeders for cats and dogs of small breeds are suitable. It is necessary to take the mechanism of a quartz watch and cut the shape of the desired height from a tin can. The jar is covered with clay outside. Internal partitions are also produced from it; a compartment for the quartz watch mechanism is molded in the center.

The mechanism is used as a timer, so that the feed is fed to the animal at the right time. The cover of the feeder is made of thin plywood or plastic. Holes are drilled in the center to ensure that the lid is attached to the watch movement.

An automatic dog feeder, made by hand, is a budget option. Still, better to buy ready-made devices. They will ensure uninterrupted operation for a long time and will allow you to leave your pet with such a feeder.

How does the auto feeder work?

The auto-feeder is used to ensure that when you are not at home, the dog is fed on time in accordance with the volume of food required by it. You install the program you need, and the device itself performs the established mode and dispenses the dog food. Automatic feeder is very convenient if, for example, you often linger at work and do not have time to feed your four-legged friend.

All feeders are arranged according to a single principle. You fall asleep dry food (or put canned food) into a container, from which it is served at the right moment in a limited quantity into the tray from which the dog eats it. You can be absolutely sure that the automatic strictly observes the dosage and does not give the animal extra food.

Manufacturers of automatic dog feeders produce them for breeds of different sizes with different number of meals - from one to four times. This is important if you are leaving for a couple of days, or if your dog is still a puppy and feeds on a “childish” schedule, rather than twice a day, like an adult animal. Some models of automatic feeders are programmed even up to one hundred days, providing good nutrition to the dog for a long period of absence of the owner.

Particularly advanced devices have the ability to program different dosages of food depending on the time of day, and even record and play your voice messages so that the dog does not get bored alone. On many versions of automatic feeders there is the possibility of installing a container for ice.

Proper feeding for your dog - what is it?

The size of the device must be correlated with the size of your four-legged friend. If you choose a feeder for a puppy, which soon reaches out to an Estrelian sheepdog, 70 cm tall at the withers or a cane Corso (more than 70 cm), then immediately buy an “adult” feeder and an adapter that will dispense the “puppy” portion of the feed. This adapter is designed for installation in a standard feeder and eliminates the need to spend on a small one. It should be borne in mind that auto feeders are expensive, so buying them for each age period as an animal grows up - frankly, it is too expensive, and meaningless.

In the large specialized shops of goods for animals, if any, in your city, you can find such expensive accessories for a comfortable “dog” life. However, in small cities there is a problem with them - you need to place an order in a small pet shop designed for the mass consumer. Wait, when brought avtokrmushku usually have a long time. There is a simpler solution - buy an automatic dog feeder in a specialized online store. Right on the site of the store, you can find out the capabilities of various devices, their technical characteristics and compare them with the price / quality criteria. The order will be delivered to you by the courier directly to your home or to any other place where you will tell. Manufacturer's warranty applies to your purchase in any case.

To accustom the dog to auto-feeding is not so difficult. She will quickly get used to the sound signal announcing the beginning of the meal, since she has developed a conditioned reflex.

To teach a puppy to certain signals that determine the beginning or end of feeding, you can record the owner’s voice or the desired signal on the built-in voice recorder. You can record your voice, which will call the animal to eat. The recording will be played on time, and your pet will every time resort to your call.