A practitioner against ticks for dogs: protection against ectoparasites through innovative means


Drops Practician from ticks for dogs - a universal prophylactic against skin parasites. The drug has broad indications for use. When taking precautions, storage conditions and the selection of the dosage, the Practitioner is considered a safe and effective means. Let's analyze the instructions for use: indications, contraindications and side effects.

Practitioner drops (Prac-tic) - are a prophylactic solution for external use. Means absolutely transparent, has a light yellow shade.


  • The active ingredient is pyriprol.
  • Excipients: butylhydroxytoluene, diethylene glycol monoethyl ether.

Drops Practician belong to the drugs from the class of phenylpyrazoles ,. Simply put, a prophylactic solution has a pronounced, contact action.

Pyriprol violates the conductance of chlorine ions through the cell membranes of parasites. Insects develop pronounced insufficiency in the work of the central nervous system and paralysis, as a result of which death occurs. Pyriprol is not absorbed into the skin and does not enter the bloodstream, but is evenly distributed throughout the coat and the lipid layer of the dog's body.

Important! Drops of the practices are acutely toxic to bees, fish, and all aquatic creatures, so the dog should not be bathed in water for 5–7 days after treatment.

Storage conditions

Practitioner drops retain their effectiveness under storage conditions. The solution is packaged in plastic pipettes sealed with foil. Pipettes are packed in cartons of 1.2 or 10 pieces. Pipettes should not be removed from the boxes until immediately applied or sold.

In warehouses and retail outlets should be respected temperature from 2 to 25 degrees. When freezing or overheating of the drug, its further use is prohibited. Humidity should not exceed 60%. In addition, the drug, even in boxes, should not be exposed to sunlight.

Note! If the storage conditions are observed, the shelf life of the practices is 5 years from the production date.

Kapel Praktik from ticks for dogs: indications for use

Indications for use of drops Practicus:

  • Fleas at all stages of development - Stenocephalides canis.
  • Lice - Linognatus setotus.
  • Voyoedy - Trichodectes canis.
  • Ixodes ticks - Ixodes ricinus, Rhipicephalus sanguineus, Dermacentor reticulatus, Ixodes scapularis, Dermacentor variabilis, Amblyomma americanum.

The drug is used both for the treatment and for the prevention of invasions by skin parasites. For the destruction of parasites, one treatment is enough.. For prevention, the dog needs to be treated once a month, during the entire period of activity of the parasites.

Instructions for use

Instructions for the use of drops practices standard. The drug is applied only to dry, intact skin. The treatment area must not be accessible for licking. Wool does not need to shear, it is enough to spread her fingers. If the dog is large, apply drops of 2-3 points to avoid spreading the drug over the coat.

After the treatment, for the sake of the pet's safety, its condition should be monitored for 2–3 hours. If the dog is trying to lick the wool, it is better to use an Elizabethan collar.

Slight depression and apathy are considered normal reactions. If there are a lot of fleas on the dog, you may notice the pet's nervousness associated with an increased activity of the parasites against the background of the disruption of the CNS.

The effectiveness of all drugs of the spot-on type is significantly reduced when the lipid layer is disturbed. The lipid layer is a fat and natural skin lubricant that is constantly secreted by the sebaceous glands. After bathing, the lipid layer is restored within 3-5 days. For the drug to be distributed on the skin and coat evenly, you need another 3-4 days. It turns out that the dog can not be bathed for 3-5 days before treatment and for 3-4 days after.

Important! The active ingredients of Practicus droplets should not enter the systemic circulation, therefore, the drug should not be applied to damaged skin!

Practitioner drops are available in different packaging, according to the dosage:

  • Volume 0.45 ml - for dogs weighing from 2 to 4.5 kg.
  • The volume of 1.1 ml - for dogs weighing from 4.5 to 11 kg.
  • The volume of 2.2 ml - for dogs weighing from 11 to 22 kg.
  • Volume 5 ml - for dogs weighing from 22 to 50 kg.

If the dog weighs more than 50 kilograms, the dose is selected by combining pipettes of different capacities. The minimum dose of the drug is calculated from the ratio of 0.1 ml per 1 kg. animal mass or equivalent to 12.5 mg. pyriprol 1 kg. animal masses.

Side effects

Side effects when using Praktik drops are rare. Possible skin reactions in the form of redness, reporting, peeling, itching. As a rule, the skin reaction weakens and completely disappears within 3–4 days without intervention.

When an individual sensitivity or a significant overdose can be observed disruption of the central nervous system:

  • Loss of coordination
  • Muscle tremors.
  • Salivation.
  • Breathing problems.

As a rule, all side effects disappear without intervention within 2-4 hours. With the manifestation of side effects, the condition of the dog is observed for several hours. If the symptoms do not subside, you should consult a doctor.


Practitioner drops are used in the treatment of allergic flea dermatitis. In this case, a combination of drugs is acceptable, but under the control of a veterinarian.

Contraindications for the use of drops Practitioner:

  • Infectious, viral, bacterial, fungal diseases.
  • The period of recovery or recovery after surgery.
  • Increased individual sensitivity of the animal to the components of the drug.
  • Dog weight less than 2 kg.
  • Puppy age less than 8 weeks.
  • Use of other insecticide acaricidal agents.

Important! Practitioner drops can handle pregnant and lactating females, but the procedure should be carried out under medical supervision.

There are no direct analogues of the Practitioner. The closest in action and composition of analogues are Advantiks drops, Inspector and Frontline.

Advantiks is a combined insect-acaricidal preparation for external use.

  • Composition (active ingredients): imidacloprid, permethrin.
  • Protection time: 4-6 weeks.
  • Indications: fleas, ticks, lice, lashes.
  • Contraindications: cats, sick and recovering animals, exhaustion, dehydration, recovery from illness or surgery, pregnancy and lactation (only under the supervision of a physician), weight up to 1.5 kg, age up to 7 weeks.
  • Side effects: redness and itching of the skin.

Inspector - complex preventive solution for external use.

  • Composition (active ingredients): fipronil, moxidectin.
  • Protection term: 4–6 weeks from fleas and ticks, up to 5 days from flying insects, up to 1 month from nematodes.
  • Indications: fleas, pasture mites, lice, eaters, nematodes, ear mites, subcutaneous mites, mosquitoes, mosquitoes, midges.
  • Contraindications: cats, sick and recovering animals, exhaustion, dehydration, recovery period from illness or surgical interventions, pregnancy and lactation, weight up to 1 kg, age up to 7 weeks.
  • Side effects: drooling, tremor, vomiting.

Front line

  • Composition (active ingredient) - fipronil.
  • Protection period: from ticks up to 5 weeks, from fleas up to 12 weeks.
  • Indications: fleas (including flea dermatitis), pasture mites, lice, lice, ear mites.
  • Contraindications: perforation of the eardrum (with ear tick), sick and convalescent animals, exhaustion, dehydration, recovery period from illness or surgery, weight up to 1 kg, age up to 8 weeks, use of other insecticide acaricides.
  • Side effects: itching, swelling, peeling of the skin, hair loss. When licking the drug: vomiting, drooling, disruption of the central nervous system.

Tip: if you can not pick up a preventive drug against fleas for contraindications, try to eliminate the parasites using folk remedies or using phyto-preparations (based on herbs and oils).

Precautions when using drops

When using Practitioner Drops, you need to follow precautions and personal hygiene. After opening the drug is not strictly recommended:

  • Drink.
  • Take food.
  • To smoke
  • Touch the face and hair.

If you have bruises or scratches on your hands, work with the drug only in gloves. After treatment, the dog must wash his hands and face with warm, soapy water.

If the drug gets on the mucous membranes, it is washed off within 3-5 minutes with a large volume of running water. If the drug has been swallowed, you should consult a doctor.

If there are any suspicious symptoms associated with the work of the central nervous system, it is necessary to limit mobility and consult a doctor.

After treatment, the dog must be made sure that it does not have close contact with children, puppies or kittens for 24 hours. Used pipettes and boxes of the drug is strictly prohibited to use for domestic purposes.

Description of medicinal drops

Drops from Practician ticks effectively protect the dog from attacks of ixodid parasites, as well as protect against fleas, lice, lashes. The main active component of the composition is pyriprol, the main purpose of which is to protect the animal from parasitic organisms. Additional substances include butylhydroxytoluene, diethyl glycol monoethyl ether.

Active ingredient - pyriprol, paralyzing the respiratory system of ectoparasite

Pyriprol blocks specific ectoparasite receptors, disrupting nervous and respiratory activity, as a result of which they die.

The drug is a colorless oily solution, yellowish, poured into several polymeric pipettes - dispensers, providing ease of use. The absence of harmful components - perfumes and various impurities - makes the practitioner a hypoallergenic formulation, which excludes irritation of the skin in animals. Therefore, they can safely handle puppies, starting from the 8th week of life. Regardless of age and breed, animals equally well tolerate the effect of the drug.

For preventive purposes, the manufacturer advises regular use of the entire season of activity of harmful organisms, the recommended frequency of application is once a month. Advantageous difference of the preparation from analogs: the possibility of choosing one of the variants of drops, taking into account the weight and dimensions of the animal. Different dosages are designed for miniature, medium, large dogs.

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Usage guide

Application involves the processing of withers pet, provided absolutely dry hair and healthy skin, eliminating damage. The composition is water resistant and continues to work even after washing the animal. The first use guarantees complete disposal of ectoparasites. To achieve the maximum effect, the instruction prescribes the exact observance of the dosage and treatment rules of the animal, which are recommended by the manufacturer.

Places where droplets are applied

Drops from ticks for Praktik dogs, when applied to the skin, exclude absorption, and only provide for an even distribution over the body of the animal for 24 hours. Penetration into the sebaceous glands subsequently provides a long-lasting extermination effect that spreads to mature individuals and larvae. Recommended dosage guidelines exclude irritating, toxic, teratogenic effects.

Pet processing:

  1. The pipette-dispenser is removed from the blister, while it should be held strictly vertically so that the nose looks up.
  2. Lightly tapping on the tapered end to ensure the location of the contents of the dispenser in the main part of the pipette. Then gently break off the tear-off cap of the dispenser, the place of separation is indicated by a dotted line.
  3. The coat of the animal is moved apart in the area in the front upper body between the shoulder blades, after which the agent is applied.

Drops are applied exclusively on the pet's skin, gently pushing the wool with his hands

Care must be taken to ensure that the animal is unable to lick the composition. For this purpose, Practitioner is best applied at the base of the neck area.

Overall animals require treatment with a means of maximum dosage, which is applied by the drip method at 2-3 sites, adhering to the line of the spine. This option eliminates the runoff of the insecticide from the sides, and hence the licking of the solution by the pet.

The minimum dosage is calculated based on the ratio: 0.1 ml of solution per kilogram of dog's weight.

Ectoparasites will die within 24 hours from the moment of application of the compound, fleas immediately, blood-sucking parasites within 48 hours, the protective effect continues to last for a month. As already mentioned, one treatment ensures the complete extermination of all existing pests.

A practitioner from ticks for dogs is recommended for pets who suffer from diseases such as allergic dermatitis for flea bites. In this case, the pathogenetic and symptomatic agents used with the Praktik for fleas drops are prescribed by veterinarians.

It is forbidden to treat with a means sick, recovering pets, puppies under eight weeks of age, animals whose weight is less than 2 kg. Treatment of a whelping or lactating bitch must be coordinated with a veterinarian.

When planning the use of the compound, it is necessary to exclude washing the animal 2 days before and after the application of the product. Limit the interaction of an already treated pet with a child.

Advantages of Prac-tic

So, Practicing drops from fleas and ticks, have a number of distinctive features.

  • The presence of a new active ingredient pyriprol, to the action of which ectoparasites did not have time to adapt. Another advantage of it is hypoallergenic.
  • Conducting numerous studies has proven a 100% guarantee of protection against fleas, 99% of ticks.
  • Excellent waterproof properties. At the end of the day, the animal can already be bathed.
  • The use of the substance prevents penetration into the blood of the dog, which ensures complete safety Practitioner from fleas.

Insecticide can be used to protect puppies.

Even such babies need protection. The minimum age for using drops is from 8 weeks

Given that the side effects of Praktik drops from fleas and ticks are practically absent, and all that is required from the owner of the animal, it is strict to follow the instructions and recommendations for use, the conclusion suggests itself. Prac-tic medicinal drops (Germany) - is an excellent highly effective innovative tool, which is an excellent option for the long-term protection of pets from ectoparasite attacks.

In addition, the drug can be used for dogs with increased sensitivity of the skin, its action is safe for people.

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Form of release of the drug Praktik

Practitioner drops from ticks for dogs are the leading means to combat ectoparasites, among which Ixodid ticks are especially dangerous. Means is issued in the bright packing supplied with all necessary information. In the box there are three yellow pipettes, each of which is sealed in a separate blister.

The form of release is classified by the following parameters:

The package also has detailed instructions for use, as well as a plate with stickers for a passport.

The principle of the means and its composition

The active ingredient in droplets Practitioner from ticks for dogs is pyriprol, in addition the preparation contains butylhydroxytoluene and diethylene glycol monoethyl ether. Pyriprol is an insecticide that works against both ticks and insects: lice, fleas, lashes.

Pyriprol - the active ingredient in the drops Practicus

Practitioner drops cause blocking of certain parasite receptors, which provoke a violation of the transmission of their nerve impulses, leading to paralysis and death. After the pet's skin has been dug, for about 24 hours it gradually spreads over the entire cover, retaining a long-lasting insecticidal and acaricidal effect. The insecticide does not irritate the dog’s skin when the recommended doses are observed, the preparation is non-toxic and has no side effects, but it is deadly to fish and bees.

The effectiveness of droplets Practitioner compared with similar means

Drops are the most convenient form of insecticides to protect a dog from fleas and ticks. Their main advantages are ease of use, the almost complete absence of allergic reactions after use and safety to a person.

  • The practitioner contains the innovative component pyriprol.
  • These drops are hypoallergenic.
  • There is evidence of almost one hundred percent of their effectiveness.
  • Excellent water resistance (you can bathe your pet 24 hours after applying the drug).
  • The components of the product do not penetrate the blood of the dog, being guaranteed to be safe.
  • Возможно применение у щенков начиная с восьмой недели.
  • Капли Практик не содержат красителей и отдушек.
Капли Практик эффективны против большинства кровососущих паразитов у собак

The following table will help you compare Practicator drops with similar drugs:

Composition and release form

The development and production of a drop of Praktik (the original name of Prac-tik) for dogs is handled by the large European company Novartis. The manufacturer produces many veterinary drugs that are popular throughout the world.

Ectoparasites remedy is available in the form of a transparent oily liquid. The composition of the drug does not include any odorants, so it does not smell. Medicinal liquid is packaged in polymer pipettes, which makes processing painless and easy for pets and owners. The pipette volume varies from 0.45 to 5 ml and is designed for a specific dog weight. Pipettes are packed 3 pieces in cardboard boxes and are completed with instructions for use.

The active substance in the drug is pyriprol, a hypoallergenic substance that has a detrimental effect on parasitic insects. Does not pose a danger to animals, if not exceed the dose, and rarely causes side effects or allergic reactions. Butylhydroxytoluene and diethylene glycol monoethyl ether are also included as auxiliary substances.

pharmachologic effect

Pyriprol has an insecticidal and acaricidal effect that spreads to fleas, lashing, lice, scabies and ixodic mites. The substance is active in relation to parasites, regardless of their stage of development. Effectively destroys sexually mature individuals, which are a serious danger to the animal, and the larvae.

The effect of the drug is that it blocks the transfer of chlorine ions through the cell membrane. As a result, transmission of nerve impulses is reduced, which subsequently leads to failure of the nervous system, paralysis and death of parasites.

After applying the drug by the spot-on method, the active substance is evenly distributed over the skin and retains its effect for 28-30 days, so the treatment should be carried out monthly. Pyriprol is not absorbed into the blood, so it does not affect the functioning of internal organs and systems.

Indications for use

Practitioner drops are used to prevent infection and to treat ectoparasites. Effectively the drug acts against such harmful insects:

  • fleas,
  • Lashing,
  • ixodic ticks,
  • lice
  • scabies mites.

It is necessary to use drops for preventive treatment during the period of activity of external parasites - from March to November. Sometimes prevention needs to begin even in February, depending on climatic conditions and weather.

Before applying Practitioner to protect dogs from ectoparasites, carefully read the instructions. Do not exceed recommended dosages.

Rules of application

The instructions for use give clear instructions on how to use the Practitioner drops for dogs. You must perform a series of simple steps and follow simple rules:

  1. Two days before processing, redeem the animal with shampoo.
  2. Carefully cut off the tip of the pipette and apply the preparation at the base of the skull and between the shoulder blades. Be sure to drip on the skin, not wool.
  3. On a large dog, drip in several places. Allowed to apply drops along the spine. The main thing that the pet could not lick the drug.
  4. When processing, the skin and hair should be dry, because low humidity can greatly affect the effectiveness of the medicine.
  5. Two days after treatment, the dog cannot be washed and allowed to bathe in the reservoirs. After this time, water procedures can be carried out normally - water will not affect the effect of the drug.
  6. If you use a treatment agent, apply it once. When using the drug for prophylaxis, treatment should be carried out every 4 weeks throughout the entire period of parasite activity.
  7. Practitioner can be combined with symptomatic or etiological drugs, but with other anti-parasite drugs can not be used, because toxicity can increase to a dangerous mark.

It is strictly impossible to use the medicine for injuries of the skin (scratches, cuts, etc.). Before applying the drops, carefully inspect the animal.

Owner reviews

Zlata, mistress of 2 small dogs:

“I know very well how dangerous ticks and fleas can be to dogs, so for two years now I regularly use Prak-tik to prevent drops. I can say with confidence that the drug is effective because we live near the forest-park zone, but during the whole period of use we have never contracted parasites. The high price of drops fully justifies itself. Additional funds do not use.

Oksana, hostess greyhound:

“I bought a drop Practitioner on the advice of familiar dog lovers. Pretty high price, but decided to try. What was my disappointment when, a week after the treatment, I found a tick on a dog, while it felt good and securely attached itself to my pet. Four days later, she found two more bloodsuckers. I think that the drops do not work, I had to look for other means. I do not recommend! "

Veterinarian reviews

Egor, the vet in Kolomna:

“Drops Practician not only advise clients, but also use them for their pets. Of course, the drug can not give a 100% guarantee, so prevention can be approached comprehensively. In order for the medicine to work, I recommend treatment every 25 days. ”

Svetlana Nikolaevna, a veterinarian with 20 years of experience:

“I never recommend my clients Praktik and other expensive preparations. As practice shows, the more expensive the medicine, the more often there are fakes, and therefore the result is absent. I believe that domestic drugs, for example, Bars, do an excellent job with their functions, and you don’t need to overpay. ”

Composition, release form, range

Colorless oily drops on the withers Praktik (Prac-tic spot-on) contain:

  • 1 ml of the active substance pyriprol per 125 g of product;
  • excipients: butylhydroxytoluene, diethyl glycol monoethyl ether.
The drug in the form of drops Practitioner is designed to protect dogs from blood-sucking parasites.

The preparation is packaged in convenient polypropylene pipettes of various sizes, enclosed in blister packs of aluminum foil, three pieces each.

Various combinations are presented in veterinary pharmacies. Practice:

  • for dogs weighing 2-4.5 kg (0.45 ml of the preparation in one pipette),
  • for small dogs weighing 4.4-11 kg (1.1 ml pipette preparation),
  • for medium weighing 11-22 kg (2.2 ml in one pipette),
  • for large animals weighing 22-50 kg (5 ml in one pipette),
  • Practitioner Komb with pipettes of different dosages for dogs weighing from 50 kg.

Practitioner goes on sale in cardboard boxes containing 1, 2, 10 blisters.

Important. The legal owner of the Prac-tic brand is the Slovenian company for the production of veterinary drugs Novartis Animal Health. On the Russian market are droplets produced in Slovenia and Germany.

Active ingredient and mechanism of action

As a practitioner in droplets, Practicus uses a poisonous substance from a series of phenylpyrazoles - pyriprol. The mechanism of action of phenylpyrazoles (fipronil, pyriprol) on insects consists in preventing the penetration of chloid ions through the chloride channel tunable by γ-aminobutyric acid. This leads to slowing down and stopping the transmission of information from receptors to the nerve centers, muscles and organs, the onset of paralysis and the death of ectoparasites.

The main active ingredient of the drug Praktik is pyriprol.

The drug was purposefully developed to combat ticks and insects that parasitize dogs. Drops from ticks Praktik, in contact with ectoparasites, have at all stages of their development (egg, larva, nymph, mature individual) insecticidal and acaricidal effects. A parasite that has moved on an animal can have time to bite it, but, having received a dose of blood with the blood, it dies, not having time to inject the infection. According to manufacturers, the mass death of parasites (100% fleas, 99% of ticks) occurs within 24-48 hours.

Important. Drops from fleas and Praktik ticks do not have repellent and repellent properties.

Drug dosage

Instructions for use clearly indicates the dosage of the drug. The minimum required dose of pyriprol is 12.5 mg per 1 kg of animal weight, which is 0.1 ml of the drug per 1 kg of weight.

The dosage of the drug Practitioner calculated by body weight of the dog.

Everything is calculated individually, based on the exact weight of the dog:

  • for dwarf breeds and puppies weighing 2-4.5 kg, pipettes with a volume of 0.45 ml (pyriprole per kg and weight of 12.5-28.1 mg) are used,
  • for small dogs weighing between 4.5 and 11 kg, 1.1 ml pipettes will be needed (dose of pyriprol 12.5-30.6 mg / kg),
  • with a pet weight of 11–22 kg, a 2.2 ml pipette is used (pyriprol 12.5–25.0 mg / kg),
  • for large rocks weighing 22-50 kg, pipettes with a volume of 5 ml will be needed (dose of the active substance is 12.5-28.4 mg / kg),
  • for animals from 50 kg you will need a combined set of pipettes.

For the prevention and destruction of ectoparasites, treatment is carried out once. In the future, the drug is used as needed, but not more than once a month.

Important. Practitioner drug is used to treat allergic dermatitis of dogs, provoked by parasites. Doses and the necessary combination of medicines is determined by a specialist.

Security measures and personal prevention

Active ingredient drops Practitioner - pyriprol belongs to the conditionally-toxic substances of the moderate hazard class.

Using it, it is necessary to observe obligatory precautionary measures:

  • during work with the drug is forbidden to eat, drink, smoke,
  • after the procedure, the hands must be washed thoroughly with soap and running warm water,
  • caught on the skin, mucous membranes, in the eyes of the drug is required to immediately wash off with plenty of water,
  • treated animal should not be ironed and allowed to children during the day,
  • if symptoms of an allergic response appear or if the drug is accidentally swallowed, you should immediately consult a doctor,
  • used pipettes can be disposed of as household waste,
  • the preparation should be stored in the original packaging separately from food products and animal feed,
  • should not be stored for more than 5 years from the date of issue.
If Praktik drops on the skin, it is necessary to wash this place with water as soon as possible.

Important. All phenylpyrazoles are toxic to bees, fish, aquatic animals and insects.

Customer Reviews

Olga Last year, Praktik was dripping, but she still found several live ticks stuck in her fur, fortunately not infected. Our vet explained that if the dog’s coat is very thick, like our dog, the dose should be increased. This season followed the advice. They took off more than a dozen parasites - all dead.

Paul. I have a spaniel, quite often we go hunting with him. Practicing a dog I process a month before the start of the season. It helps. I remove ticks, but the consequences were not even once. I caught a lice-flea a couple of times, and after a few drops they die every other day.

Sofia. I have a dog exhibition. In Practice, I like that it does not leave nasty greasy stains on the fur and acts quickly. Our dog is sociable, often communicates with friends, but there are no fleas, no lice, or other bad things.