Rating of dry and wet cat food 2016


In the article I will give the classification and rating of dry food for cats of super-premium, premium and economy classes. I will make brief descriptions and comparisons of the most popular products, describe the advantages and disadvantages, indicate the average cost.

5 super premium cat food

Dry food for cats and kittens, which belong to the super-premium class, are suitable as the basic diet of the pet. Their composition is fully balanced, and as ingredients used high-quality products that are perfectly absorbed by animals. The TOP 5 super premium premium dry feeds are listed below.

1 st Choice

The main source of protein is fresh poultry and meat meal. In other diets, instead of poultry, herring flour is presented, a dry egg. Sources of carbohydrates are oatmeal and barley groats, as well as white and brown rice. Fats are fish and chicken fats.

The advantages include the high content of the meat component, a large number of trace elements and vitamins, widespread. Disadvantages - a rather high percentage of vegetable protein and a poor range (only 7 diets are on sale - for sterilized cats, neutered cats, and others).

The cost of the package, weighing 2.72 kg varies from 1350r. up to 1800r. 5.44 kg bags have a price of 2500r. up to 3000r.

Arden grange

All diets of this brand are grainless, therefore carbohydrates are represented by potatoes (26%). As protein serves fish meal and fresh fish or chicken flour and poultry meat. Also included is fish oil derived from salmon. Pea is used as fiber.

The advantages of the British product include a high percentage of animal proteins in the composition and the absence of cereals (wheat, corn, etc.). Also rich in vitamins and minerals. Cons Arden Grange - a fairly high price, a small line and low prevalence.

2 kg of feed have a cost of 1100r. up to 1500 rub., and the price of packing weighing 8 kg varies from 3500 rub. up to 4500r.

Bosch Sanabelle

The product is based on fresh poultry meat. Additional sources of protein in different diets: ostrich meat, roe deer, steers. Fish in the composition can be found trout and salmon.

Carbohydrates in Bosh Sanabele feed are represented by yellow millet, sorghum, and rice. Also included in flaxseed and fish oil, which saturate the body with essential fatty acids.

Advantages of Bosch Sanabelle:

  • A large number of meat and fish ingredients.
  • Rations are rich in minerals and vitamins.
  • On sale is an extensive line for pets of different ages.
  • In the composition there are no allergenic cereals: corn and wheat.

The disadvantages include the presence of potatoes. The cost of packing 2 kg varies from 1200r. to 1600r., 10 kg of feed have a price of 4000r. up to 5500r.

Farmina cimiao

Cimiao feeds are super premium. The basis of the product is dehydrated (dried) meat of fish or poultry - up to 28%. Carbohydrates are well digestible rice.

The advantages of the product include the use of natural ingredients of high quality and excellent balance. By cons - the presence in the composition of corn and its derivatives. Currently, only one species is on sale - Farmina Cimiao with fish, 15 kg packing. The cost of such a bag - from 5500r. up to 6200r.

Nutram Pet Product

The main amount of protein is represented by flour from poultry or salmon. Carbohydrates are green peas, barley, lentils, brown rice. The cat will receive fatty acids from the oil received from salmon. Also contains sources of fiber: pumpkin, carrots, alfalfa, apples.

The advantages of the Nutram include: high quality components, the absence of wheat and maize, an extensive range (including grainless rations). The disadvantage is low prevalence. The cost of packaging, weighing 1.8 kg, varies from 1300r. up to 1800r.

Top dry cat food premium

Premium class rations have lower quality, but at the same time most of them have very affordable and attractive prices. However, many of the feed from this group are suitable for constant nutrition of the cat. An overview of the highest quality products of this category, which are recommended by veterinarians, is presented below.

Proteins are chicken, turkey or salmon, depending on the diet. Carbohydrates are mainly corn, wheat and rice are small.

  • Wide range.
  • High percentage of animal protein.
  • Low enough price.
  • Balanced composition.

The disadvantages include the possible use of by-products instead of meat. The cost of packaging 1.5 kg - 600-800r. Also available in packages of 10 kg (4000-4500r.) And 15 kg (4500-5200r.).

It is based on proteins, which are represented by degetrated chicken, pork flour, salmon, and in one diet there is moose meat. As a carbohydrate producer uses corn and wheat flour.

The advantages include an extensive range (including canned food), a sufficient amount of animal proteins, the prevalence. Disadvantages of Bozita: the presence of corn and wheat, the possible use of by-products. The average cost of a pack of 2 kg - 1100-1300 rubles, 10 kg - 4500-5000 rubles.

The source of protein is poultry meal, tuna, rabbit, lamb, and ocean fish are also present in some rations. Carbohydrates are corn and rice.

The advantages of Hills rations include:

  • A very wide range (including many dietary and therapeutic).
  • The presence of natural preservatives.
  • Fully balanced diet.
  • Prevalence.

By cons can be attributed to a fairly high price, the lack of accurate data on the percentage of plant and animal proteins. Available in various packaging. The cost of 1 kg of rations Hills varies greatly - from 400r. up to 700r.

Squirrels in the rations are represented by poultry, but it is not specified which parts of the chicken were used for cooking. Also in one of the diets are lamb and liver. Carbohydrates are rice and wheat.

The advantages include widespread, balanced composition of minerals and vitamins, the presence in the line of wet food. Disadvantages: lack of accurate information on the meat component. A pack of Eukanuba, weighing 2 kg, costs from 900r. up to 1100r.

Economy class dry food: names and description

Rations, which are part of the economy group, are not suitable for constant feeding of cats. They include many sources of vegetable and not animal proteins, as well as cheap fillers, which often cause allergies in pets. A list of the most common products in this category is presented below.

Vaska - this is dry food and canned food, which are produced in iron cans or pouch bags. In the first place in the composition are cereals and proteins of plant origin. Animal proteins are represented by animal products from beef and poultry.

The remaining ingredients are wheat bran, sugar beet pulp, vitamin and mineral supplements.

The only advantage of Vaska's rations is low cost: a pack of dry food of 2 kg has a price of 400-500 rubles, and a jar of canned food 400g - 50-60 rubles. The disadvantages include the high content of vegetable proteins, low quality ingredients, the presence of cheap fillers.

Oscars are based on wheat and sources of vegetable proteins. Animal proteins are meat products (chicken, beef, lamb, rabbit, turkey). Also included are ingredients such as rice, beet pulp, minerals and vitamins.

Plus Oscar feed - low price and availability in stores. Cons - poor composition, low-quality ingredients, a large amount of vegetable protein. 10 kg of dry have a low cost - only 1300-1400r., The price of a jar of wet food 250gr - 40-50r.

The main part of proteins is represented by plant components, animal proteins in the composition of only 10%. The source of carbohydrates - cereals. Also included in the composition of the vitamin and mineral composition. Cellulose is represented by vegetables.

Plus feed Darling - widespread (wide range is available in supermarkets) and low cost. Cons - a large amount of cereals and vegetable components, low meat content, the minimum amount of vitamins and minerals. The cost of a pack of 2 kg is 300-350 rubles, 10 kg - 1200-1300 rubles.

How was the rating made?

Before proceeding directly to the rating, it is important to understand what principles we were guided in drawing up from the point of view of priorities:

  1. First of all, this is the quality of the product: the balance of the feed (a combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins, etc.), the quality of raw materials - as is known, protein and protein are different. It can be horns and hooves, and can be valuable meat.
  2. Further, the breadth of the range is taken into account - the presence of dietary, medicinal, pedigree series of cat food.
  3. Of course price matters. Sometimes the product can be really high quality, but the price is prohibitive. For a balanced decision, we proceed from the understanding of the price for 1 conditional gram of protein products in the feed versus the retail price for products.
  4. Reviews about feed from owners and veterinarians can also make their correction factor.

# 1 Royal Canin

In general, the feed can be attributed to the "super premium" class, because the brand has not only pedigree and age product lines, but also medical. However, some veterinarians are embarrassed by the fact that in recent years branded food from a famous manufacturer has been produced at Russian enterprises, and this raises serious questions about quality. But in the premium class, of course, “drying” Royal Canin occupies the first ranking position.

As for the price range, it is not wide, but can be affordable for many buyers:

Royal Canin brand medicated feeds are a bit more expensive:

The preventive URINARY S / O LP34 against ICD is also being released, and its price starts at 890 rubles. per package in 2 kg. In addition, the manufacturer offers food for Persian cats (including kittens), Siamese and British (including kittens) breed, as well as for sphinxes and Maine Coons (including kittens).

Royal Canin is also ranked No. 1 in the premium premium cat food rating because its range of branded products also contains cat milk, several additional “drying” options for small kittens (including sterilized ones). Plus diet for:

  • indoor cats
  • occasionally facing the street
  • often on the street
  • choosy for the flavor, composition or taste of the feed,
  • sterilized cats and cats
  • predisposed to overweight,
  • with sensitive skin
  • and prone to indigestion.

Hills premium cat food is included in rating No. 2. Many veterinarians also refer to this category of “super premium” class, including them in the corresponding rating of dry cat food. The brand produces 2 types of "drying":

  • for the daily menu of healthy cats,
  • and therapeutic line for pets.

The cost of such ready-made food varies (depending on the purpose and composition of the feed), but it is acceptable:

№3 Purina ProPlan

It has a veterinary range in stock. For this reason, some consider the diet "super premium" class food. And of course, it is rightfully included in the premium rating of dry cat food 2015 under No. 3. All varieties of food are suitable for everyday feeding of domestic cats. They are balanced and contain natural chicken meat in its composition. The cost starts from 900 rubles for one and a half kilogram pack.

№4 Eukanuba

Perfectly combining high quality and optimum price. Presented on the market with two lines:

  • daily diet
  • veterinary assortment.

The cost of dry food will be affordable for many:

Dry cat food premium class made in Sweden (and this in itself says a lot). Pauchi wet canned food of this company is more popular, but veterinarians actively recommend “drying” the brand to cats and cats owners as high-quality and inexpensive - from 870 rubles for a 2-kilogram package.

Deciding which cat food is better * of the premium class “dryers” should, of course, be owners, focusing on the capabilities of their own wallet.

# 1 1st choice

A diet of great quality, positively influencing the health and appearance of the cat. Available in Canada and undergoes the highest quality test. On sale goes 3 product lines:

  • GROWTH (kittens) from 480 rubles per kilo,
  • ADULT (adults are healthy animals) from 440 rubles per kg,
  • SENIOR (cats from 7 years old) from 430 rubles per kilo.

And this is the best super premium cat food according to reviews of veterinarians for 2014-2015.

№4 Cimiao from Farmina

Elite dry food included in the rating of super premium cat food under the fourth number. The composition includes only natural ingredients + fiber. Promotes normal digestion. There is a product gradation of "drying" by age rulers. The price of a pack of 2 kg varies from 1660 rubles.

Rating of cat food category "holistic"

And, of course, no “cat food rating” can do without expert analysis of the “holistic” category of food. In particular, dry rations. And if the listing of premium cat food in the rankings can be continued for a long time, then the really excellent quality of “holists” is one or two times - and it’s off. But the best super premium cat food according to veterinarian reviews in the holistic category is Innova Cat and Kitten. Truly "the highest aerobatics" in the production of really high-quality and useful animal feed. The diet is rich in vitamin S, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which improve the appearance of the coat, making it more silky, and support the general feline immune system. The cost starts from 1000 rubles. for 2 kg. Further, cat festivities are included in the ranking in the following sequence:

№2 Go Natural holistic

Prepared by the manufacturer of the ingredients that are suitable even for human nutrition. Plus minerals, vitamins and probiotics. Excellent diet for the prevention of animal obesity, ICD and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The cost of a pack (3.6 kg) - 2000 rubles. The product line includes dry food for kittens and cats. With a green stripe on the package - this is a grainless diet for pets with sensitive digestion. With pink - food with chicken, fruits and vegetables. From purple - 4 meat.

# 3 GRANDORF Natural & Healthy

Holistic drying with an ideal protein ratio (32%). Entered the list of the Best feed in 2015 according to veterinarians. And rightly so. On the official website of the brand it is especially emphasized that their holistic feed for cats included in the rating does not contain one of the most common ingredients in animal feed - chicken! So, they are suitable for pets with allergies to this product. The price of a pack - from 660 rubles for 3 kg.

The right to choose which cat food is better, of course, remains for the owner of the animal. He can buy premium cat food from the rating or buy one of the best feeds of 2015 according to veterinarians according to our portal.

Cat Wet Feed Rating

Next we offer you the rating of wet cat food for 2016. In principle, homemade pet can be fed and wet branded canned food. True, it will be much more expensive than the "drying". Unless, of course, to give cat food premium class rating of manufacturers with an impeccable reputation. Because to regale animals with the content of advertised cheap economy spiders and cans is absolutely not recommended. Good ready meals can be divided into 2 groups - premium class wet cat food and canned holistic food. And veterinarians recommend adding them to the cat's diet in the amount of 25% of the total amount of food eaten per day.

Top super premium spider rating, as well as canned food in cans and packs

Wet cat food of premium class is produced by the best European and American companies specializing in the production of dry and canned pet food. And the rating of wet cat food 2015 does not always duplicate the lists in the category “the best dry food for cats according to veterinarians”. But as a 25% supplement to a dry ration of pets, it is better to choose canned food of the same class and manufacturer. The expert rating of “super-premium” wet food looks like this:

  1. The first place is occupied by the highest quality canned food Innova Evo. In the composition of raw dietary meat + probiotics. No wonder that this food is the first number in * the rating of wet cat food in 2015 * year. Perhaps this is * the best wet cat food according to veterinarians *. And the cost is quite acceptable: from 95 rubles for a jar weighing 375 grams.
  2. Wet food Wellness Chicken formula. It also belongs to the “super-premium” class, since it includes only natural meat and light vegetables, plus vitamin and mineral supplements approved by veterinarians. Cats and cats eat these canned food with great pleasure. And the price for a jar is 85 grams - from 50 rubles.
  3. Italian cat food Schesir, produced in the company's branded factories in Thailand. У корма великолепный диетический состав: с высоким белковым содержанием (12%) и низким жировым (например, всего 0,8% в банке с тунцом и креветками). Стоит 45-50 руб. за 85 граммов.

Рейтинг влажных кормов категории «холистик»

  1. Лучшими в этом рейтинге можно считать итальянские влажные паучи марки Almo Nature. Целая линейка консервов с натуральным мясом, овощами и фруктами. Это беззерновое питание, подходящее животным с заболеваниями печени, почек и сердца, а также для комплексной профилактики целого ряда заболеваний. Стоимость — от 75 рублей 55-граммовую пачку.
  2. Второе место принадлежит влажному холистик-корму Moonlight Dinner (Германия). Это рацион из разнообразных ингредиентов в широчайшей ассортиментной линейке. Only selected ingredients and no taste or smell enhancers. From 115 rubles for a jar weighing 80 grams.
  3. In third place are banks, lamister, plastic boats and pouches from the English brand Applaws. Natural canned food with veterinarian-approved vitamin and mineral supplements. Included in many therapeutic and preventive vets. Price - from 76 per 100 grams.

And again - it depends only on the owner of the cat, whether he chooses for her the best wet cat food according to veterinar reviews or limited to a less expensive product.

Features of super dry premium feed

Professional dry food of “premium” and “superpremium” classes is a balanced, properly fortified and supplied with minerals food, created by experienced highly qualified technologists in close cooperation with veterinarians. The ingredients of the feed are selected very carefully. A component cocktail goes through several stages of testing before obtaining a quality certificate of conformity to the standards developed by veterinarians, breeders and felinologists. Create such a food at home is virtually impossible. Even the preparation of just homemade cat food, without vitamin-mineral and well-balanced "problems" you need to spend a lot of time. After all, food should be freshly prepared twice a day, and this is a problem for most working animal owners. Especially if we are talking about a cat with poor health, requiring a very special diet.

1. Innova EVO (Innova EVO), USA - holistic

Cat food "Innova EVO" produced by the American company Natura Pet Products can be called one of the best in the world. The prefix "holistic" means that this food uses such food ingredients that can be used in human products.

  • - excellent quality and veterinarian recommendations
  • - availability of raw dietary proteins (meat)
  • - the presence of probiotics that improve digestion
  • - lack of preservatives and dyes
  • - hypoallergenic
  • - increase the life of the animal
  • - high energy value
  • - helps prevent urolithiasis

  • - more expensive than most other feed
  • - it is difficult to purchase in a store, you need to search on the Internet (but in 2018 this feed (especially dry) became more popular in Russia)

Cost in online stores- ranging from $ 23 to $ 35 per pack of 12 cans. Weight banks - 375 grams.

2. Acana (Akana), Canada - holistic

Any of Acana's cat food contains several meat positions and at least three protein sources:

  • fresh fish,
  • whole eggs,
  • meat of chickens who grew up on "free-range".

This food is rich in such essential acids as EPA and DHA, Omega 3, vitamin B12, selenium and other beneficial substances. The composition of the feed Acana contains at least carbohydrates.

Acana feeds are perfectly balanced and help cats to maximize their potential and achieve an excellent state of health, despite the age and characteristics of the breed.

  • - increased concentration of natural proteins
  • - the minimum content of simple sugars and "empty" calories
  • - the presence of a variety of herbal ingredients
  • - lack of preservatives and dyes

  • - the lack of a line of feed for specialized corrective and therapeutic nutrition (at the time of the publication of this review)

Cost: from 360 to 4900 rubles, depending on the weight of the package.

3. Almo Nature (Almo Nature), Italy - Super Premium

Dry and “wet” Almo Nature foods contain completely natural ingredients (up to 99% of fish or meat in whole pieces). In the manufacturing process, this product is tested for quality three times and subjected to minimal processing. As a result, the feed is harmonious in composition, nutritious, and has excellent biological value. In it the natural smell of products and a maximum of useful properties remains. There are no GMOs, flavors, preservatives, antibiotics in the entire line of feed.

  • - natural ingredients
  • - absence of chemical impurities
  • - a rich assortment of canned and dry food
  • - convenient classification of feeds made with the help of colored stickers
  • - relatively low cost

  • - dry food of lower quality than “wet”

Cost:canned food (wet food):

  • from 70 r - bank 0.07 kg
  • from 150 r - bank from 0.14 kg.

Dry food in 2018 is:

  • from 860 p. - per bag in 2 kg.
  • from 4430 p. for 12 kg.

4. Golden Eagle or Eagle Pack (USA) - holistic

Eagle Pack (or Golden Eagle) cat food is a premium product available on the market in three varieties: Kitten Formula (for nursing cats and kittens), Adult Cat (with salmon and chicken for feeding ordinary cats), and Sensitive (hypoallergenic) . These types of feed are great for feeding your cat, as well balanced by the level of beneficial microorganisms and the natural bacteria in them.

  • - optimal composition of ingredients that do not require adjustments with vitamin supplements
  • - the presence of natural animal proteins
  • - balanced amount of digestive probiotics
  • - the content of branded vitamins Lactohealth ™, MicroHealth ™, BioHealth ™

  • - higher average price position in comparison with some other feeds of this class
  • - narrow assortment (in 2018 - assortment unchanged)
  • - produced only in dry form (at the time of publication of this review of feed)

5. 1st Choice Indoor (Fest Choice), Canada - Super Premium

1st Choice Indoor is a dry cat food produced by Canadian company PLB International. A wide range of these products is designed for animals with different needs: ordinary home, sterilized, picky, overactive, etc.

The company's specialists have developed a balanced composition of the ingredients included in the data feed, which is ideally suited for cats at different stages of its life and corresponds to their current physical condition.

  • - wide range of products
  • - excellent nutritional value and great taste
  • - high content of animal protein
  • - the presence of rice - one of the best sources of carbohydrates
  • - the presence of probiotics and prebiotics
  • - optimum concentration of vitamins
  • - balanced antioxidant formula
  • - ability to reduce urine and feces odors

  • - the absence of a line of wet feed (at the time of publication of the review)

Cost: from 280 to 5300 rubles, depending on the weight of the package.

6. Now Natural Holistic, Canada - Super Premium

Now Natural Holistic is a completely premium-free, superb premium cattle-free fodder that contains boneless fresh meat, fruits and vegetables and no by-products and hormones. The list of ingredients of these feeds is extremely wide: fresh meat of duck, turkey, salmon, canola or coconut oil, spinach, cranberries, peas, blackberries, pumpkin pulp, alfalfa, carrots, lentils, brown seaweed. The feeling of freshness of the product is the main distinguishing feature of these feeds.

  • - lack of animal fats
  • - lack of low-quality proteins
  • - no toxins BGT and BGA
  • - optimum content of high-quality proteins
  • - the presence of a balanced vitamin formula
  • - great taste

  • - no wet feed line
  • - higher average price position in comparison with some other feeds of this class

Cost: from 260 to 4500 rubles, depending on the weight of the package.

7. Orijen Cat (Canada Cat), Canada - Holistic

Orijen Cat is a premium-freeze-dried cat food that consists entirely of natural ingredients, contains no preservatives, and its taste and natural value are at its highest level. The meat content in these feeds is at least 70%, and the remaining ingredients are herbs, fruits and vegetables. The optimal combination of all nutrients makes this feed one of the best in the world.

  • - made exclusively from natural products of high quality
  • - the maximum allowable meat content
  • - balanced vegetable vitamin formula
  • - The presence of Omega-3 - acids of marine origin, useful for wool and skin
  • - antioxidant properties
  • - excellent taste
  • - prevalence in trade networks


  • - relatively high cost compared to other feeds of this level

Cost: from 320 to 12 000 rubles dependingand from toesa packaging.

8. Frank´s Pro Gold (Franks Pro Gold), Holland - Super Premium

Frank´s Pro Gold is a perfectly balanced premium cat food that does not contain cereal, GMO and soy supplements. A distinctive feature of these feeds is reasonable price and excellent quality. A wide range of these products allows you to choose the optimal diet for your pets, regardless of their age, physical condition and breed. Among the rich variety of flavors are present: fresh meat of lamb, rabbit, chicken, turkey, fish.

  • - affordable price level and high quality
  • - the presence of a special dietary feed line for diseases of the liver and heart, digestive system, kidney diseases, urinary system
  • - no gluten component
  • - the presence of preventive feed to strengthen the teeth and bones
  • - special food for cats and cats over 11 years old

  • - average quality level among premium class feeds

Cost: from 1110 to 3400 rubles, depending on the weight of the package.

10. NERO GOLD (Nero Gold), Holland - Super Premium

NERO GOLD is a complex of high-quality super-premium dry and “wet” feeds for cats, with a wide range of flavors: fish, turkey, chicken, lamb, meat cocktail and even venison. The assortment of feeds NERO GOLD is designed for both ordinary adult cats and nursing cats, kittens, and elderly animals. It may contain rice, barley kernels, sweet potatoes, beet pulp, brewer's yeast, and other components rich in natural vitamins and beneficial to your pet.

  • - hypoallergenic
  • - only natural meat is used
  • - balanced vitamin formula, the presence of all useful minerals
  • - reasonable price in comparison with other forages of the same class

  • - the package does not indicate the percentage of meat
  • - hard to find in a store (available online)

Cost: from 91 to 3500 rubles, depending on the type and weight of the package.

11. Eukanuba (Canada), premium premium

Eukanuba is a premium dry food for cats divided into two large groups: for daily feeding and medicinal (veterinary).

The presence of all the minerals and vitamins necessary for the animal, as well as their excellent balance, is a guarantee that your pet will be healthy and contented. The medical line of these feeds implies the presence in the composition of special ingredients, which are shown in specific diseases.

  • - high quality of used components
  • - optimal granule size
  • - high energy value allows the cat to eat a relatively small amount, which contributes to savings
  • - positively affects the coat, which is important for animals participating in exhibitions

  • - relatively high cost
  • - low content of natural meat in feed for adult cats (only 20%)
  • - presence of vegetable fats

Cost: from 410 to 5700 rubles, depending on the weight of the package.

12. Hills, USA, Netherlands - premium

Hills are premium-quality, high-quality, daily and therapeutic cat food, in many countries proven to be healthy and wholesome food for pets. It is important to note that conventional Hills food is significantly inferior in quality to the curative one and therefore, after one or two weeks feeding the animal with daily food, it is necessary to pass tests for testing and find out how well this food is absorbed by its body. But in general, the food meets all the requirements for quality and cats really like it.

  • - relatively low cost
  • - the right balance of magnesium, phosphorus, calcium
  • - a detailed indication of all the ingredients on the package
  • - a wide range of medicinal feeds

  • - high content of vegetable proteins
  • - excessive concentration of carbohydrates
  • - can cause allergies
  • - sometimes increases the smell of excrement

Cost: from 250 to 6000 rubles, depending on the weight of the package.

13. Bozita (Bozita), Sweden - premium

Bozita is a wet (pauci) and premium-class dry food for cats, which are ideal for daily feeding of an animal, supply its body with the necessary energy, and also contain a maximum of vitamins and minerals for good health. Be aware that Bozita food is recommended exclusively for healthy cats and is contraindicated for animals that have chronic diseases.

  • - all components are subject to state control, which guarantees the absence of harmful substances
  • - besides fresh meat and fish there are taurine, proteins, natural minerals
  • - there are no dyes
  • - excellent taste and pleasant smell
  • - wide range of products
  • - affordable price

  • - the presence of corn flour, which sometimes can cause diarrhea
  • - insufficient amount of prophylactic additives
  • - lack of medicinal feed

Cost: from 113 to 6100 rubles, depending on the weight of the package.

14. Purina Pro Plan (France Purlin Proplan), France - Premium

Purina Pro Plan is a line of “wet” and dry premium class feeds for cats, in the development of which veterinarians and nutritionists take an active part. In all Purina products, optimal trace elements and vitamins are optimally concentrated, and a balance of natural food components is observed, which has a positive effect on the functioning of the immune and digestive systems of the animal. Your pet's coat and skin will always shine health. A variety of tastes of feed Purina will not leave your cat indifferent.

  • - high quality raw materials
  • - reduces the formation of tartar by 40%
  • - the presence of special additives for the prevention of urinary diseases
  • - wide range of
  • - optimal balance of minerals and vitamins
  • - availability of medicinal feed

  • - exceeded the content of vegetable fats
  • - Strong smell

Cost: from 260 to 4750 rubles, depending on the weight of the package.

A more detailed review of the feed Purina Proplan with reviews of owners and veterinarians, read our article.

15. Royal Canin (Royal Canin), France - Premium

Royal Canin is a premium high-quality cat food from one of the world's largest manufacturers. These feeds are produced in the form of everyday food and medical, taking into account the needs of each animal separately. Products from Royal Canin is distinguished by the presence in its composition of all the necessary components for the proper functioning of cats. However, these foods are not the best in their class, but in terms of price and quality much more preferable than others.

  • - affordable price
  • - higher quality than economy class products
  • - an excellent solution for feeding sick animals
  • - accessibility in trade institutions
  • - wide range of

  • - presence of chemical preservatives, dyes, odor enhancers
  • - high content of vegetable proteins: gluten, soy, cereals
  • - low quality of meat by-products

Cost: from 71 to 1300 rubles, depending on the weight of the package.

Feed review prepared by the vet Kuznetsova Natalia.