Stop stress for cats: characteristics and instructions for use


Animals, including cats, are just as subject to emotion as humans. So, in some situations, they can be nervous, show aggression, be afraid, hide and so on. The reaction to external stimuli can be very different. And with these manifestations it is sometimes difficult enough to cope. For such situations the drug for cats "Stop-stress" is created. More about him in this article.

What it is

In fact, for cats, “Stop Stress” is as sedative as “Phenibut” for humans. By the way, it is this substance that is the main active drug. The only difference is a completely different dosage, plus the collection of special herbs. For cats, "Stop stress" is a nootropic drug. Of course, it’s impossible to cope with an animal’s naturally bad temper, but in really nervous situations it helps him to calm down.

Why cats nootropic drugs

"Stop stress" - drops for cats that help relieve nervous tension and facilitate the experience of the animal in critical situations. It is also important for them to stay in their usual space and keep a calm atmosphere around them, as well as people. Events that go beyond the ordinary, can greatly knock out rut, make them hide, run away, rush with aggression and the like. Such situations may include relocation to another place of residence, exhibitions, transportation of an animal over long distances, motion sickness in a car, change of feeding regime, various research in the medical field, and so on.

Composition and release form

For cats, "Stop-stress" is available in two dosage forms. These are pills and drops. "Stop-stress" - drops for cats, produced in the dosage of 100 mg of phenibut per 1 ml of solution. One bottle contains 10 ml. The composition includes, in addition to the main active ingredient, also collecting herbs that are healing for the cat's body. Among them are peony, motherwort, valerian, skullcap, hops and mint. Drops contain additional ingredients to bring the solution to the desired concentration. The dropper bottle dispenser has a dark color, placed in a cardboard box.

"Stop-stress" for cats (tablets) is sold with a dosage of Phenibut 120 mg, the drug also contains aqueous extracts of medicinal plants and talc with starch. Packed tablets in a glass bottle in the amount of ten pieces.

"Stop-stress" for cats: instructions for tablets

The pills are given to animals whole twice a day. Depending on whether the cat takes the medicine, the pill is given along with the food, or by force, laying the foundation of the tongue. Dose calculation is based on the weight of the animal. If the cat weighs up to five kilograms, a single dose is half a tablet. With a cat weighing from five to ten kilograms, a single dose is from half to a full pill. That is, one or two pieces per day. Depending on the condition of the animal, the course of taking the drug ranges from fifteen to twenty days. But not more than four weeks. In order to reduce susceptibility to various stressful situations, the drug is prescribed three to five days before the expected event occurs, and take another one to four days after it. With increased sexual activity of cats, the drug is recommended to be used simultaneously with contraceptives. The duration of the reception and the dosage in all cases should be prescribed by a veterinarian after examining the four-legged patient.

Instructions to the drops

Drops give cats compulsively. The medicine is dropped into the area behind the cheek or onto the root of the tongue, while at the same time offering the animal a small amount of food. The drug is given twice a day, one drop. The duration of the course of the drug is the same as in the case of pills. When rocking in the car, the animal is given drops shortly before the trip.

Contraindications and side effects

"Stop-stress" for cats should not be given with individual intolerance and increased sensitivity of the animal to the components that make up the drug. Do not use the drug for pregnant and lactating cats, as well as animals under the age of one year. Also, "Stop-stress" is not used for tumor lesions, diseases of the urogenital system and diabetes.

Side effects can be vomiting, drowsiness, irritability or allergic reactions on the skin. In this case, the use of medication should be urgently stopped. After that, you need to contact your veterinarian. The latter, in turn, must examine the animal and prescribe medications to reduce discomfort and reduce the reaction force in the cat, if symptomatic treatment proves necessary.

Animal Owner Reviews

When choosing a drug and deciding whether to give it to your cat at all, you must be guided by several criteria at once. Remember that your cat will not be able to tell you in human language that she is unwell, where it hurts and so on. In addition, an animal that has never undergone medical examinations has not been vaccinated, may have hidden chronic diseases, defects of various internal organs, hypersensitivity and severe allergies to some drugs. If the animal was vaccinated quite recently, it is also worth taking a caution with various drugs. It is strictly forbidden to use strong drugs without the participation of a veterinarian and making minimal examinations. And, of course, listen to the reviews of other pet owners.

“Stop stress” for cats received, for the most part, positive, the drug has recommended itself from the best side. Phenibut gently acts on the nervous system of the animal, without damaging and causing harm. Collecting herbs - a means of natural origin, which is an additional plus. Many people point out that without this drug they had a hard time when certain situations occurred. Especially it concerns the period of heightened sexual activity, exhibitions and moving. There were also cases when the medicine was not suitable for the animal due to its individual characteristics. But those are not so common.

Professional reviews

“Stop stress” for cats reviews veterinarians also receives, in a greater degree, positive. Doctors say that nervous stress for an animal is no less harmful than for a person. When certain situations occur, having responded inadequately once, the cat can lose confidence, withdraw, and experience psychological trauma. For example, having left the native place, the cat will be afraid of hands, trips in the car. Horror from an unfamiliar situation can cause the animal to escape from the hands and run away in an unknown direction. It is because of such cases, your favorite pets are often lost. In the future, such an animal, spoiled by domestic life, will simply die on the street from other cats, or from the hands of cruel people. The ability to calm the nervous system in advance and prepare the animal for stress is much more preferable. Mental health in animals is no less important than in humans.

And a little about the secrets.

The story of one of our readers Irina Volodina:

My eyes were especially frustrating, surrounded by large wrinkles plus dark circles and swelling. How to remove wrinkles and bags under the eyes completely? How to cope with swelling and redness? But nothing is so old or young man as his eyes.

But how to rejuvenate them? Plastic surgery? I found out - no less than 5 thousand dollars. Hardware procedures - photorejuvenation, gas-liquid pilling, radio lifting, laser facelift? Slightly more accessible - the course is 1.5-2 thousand dollars. And when to find all this time? Yes, and still expensive. Especially now. Therefore, for myself, I chose another way.

Description of the drug Stop stress

Stop stress is a combined remedy that is often used to correct the behavior of cats and dogs. Its formula was developed by the Russian pharmacological company Api-San.

Api-San is the leading Russian manufacturer of medicines for pets

In the catalog "Api-San" there are products for farm and domestic animals. In addition to drugs, the company produces hygiene products, cosmetics for animals and anti-parasitic drugs. The manufacturer considers Stop Stress as a sedative (sedative) medicine.

Stop-stress is sold in two forms:

  • solution for watering (Stop-stress drops),
  • pills (Stop-stress tabulet 2.5).

Tablets can be bought for 130–150 rubles for a jar, and drops - for 150–160 rubles for a bottle.

Solution for watering

Drops - a solution of brown color with a sour herbal smell. It is poured into bottles (made of glass or polymer material) with a volume of 10 ml. Each unit is packed in a separate cardboard box along with instructions.

On the packaging of the drug are indicated not only the name and volume of the bottle, but also other information (composition, indications for use, etc.)

What are the drops made of?

The composition of 1 ml of solution includes active and auxiliary components:

  • Phenibut - 100 mg,
  • medicinal herbs powders (cat mint, motherwort, hops, Baikal skullcap),
  • excipients (aspasvit, glycerin and purified water).

Phenibut is a complex chemical compound first obtained by Leningrad scientists. This substance is often used in the development of sedatives. In 1975, Phenibut was included in the list of compulsory medications in the astronauts first-aid kit (in the Soyuz-Apollo flight). Scientists have found that Phenibut not only soothes the nervous system and relieves stress, but also maintains performance without causing drowsiness.

Pills Stop stress is available in two versions:

  • Stop-stress tablets 2 (weight 200 mg),
  • Stop stress pills 5 (weight 500 mg).

The tablets are packaged in blisters or jars (plastic or glass). Each jar is closed with a plastic screw cap. Each item is packed in a cardboard box with an annotation.

The international non-proprietary name of the tablets Stop-stress - Phenibut + extracts of medicinal plants (catnip, motherwort, hop, Baikal skullcap)

General description and composition

A depressant is produced in two forms:

  • drops for oral administration,
  • pills.

Drops of Stop Stress for cats are packaged in PET bottles, which are equipped with droppers, pipettes for convenient measuring of the drug. Dark colored liquid has a characteristic herbal smell.

Note! The manufacturer produces a depressant for cats and dogs. Their composition is identical, but the concentration of active ingredients is different. For cats you need to buy bottles of 10 ml with the appropriate pattern.

Tablets are available in several versions - weighing 120, 200 and 500 mg (the latter are not used for cats). Convenient polymeric jars with screw caps are used for their packaging.

The main active ingredient is a chemically synthesized substance - phenibut. Herbal extracts complement its action:

  • motherwort,
  • Baikal skullcap,
  • hops
  • catnip (present only in drops),
  • pion (present only in tablets).

Both drops and tablets contain auxiliary components. The full composition of the drug manufacturer indicates on the packaging and instructions for use.

Operating principle

Stop Stress is a combined antidepressant, whose properties are due to the main components:

  • Phenibut has a wide spectrum of action. The mechanism of its action is that it stimulates blood circulation in the brain, improves mental processes and normalizes metabolism. Under its influence, transmission of nerve impulses is restored and, if necessary, excitation is suppressed.
  • Motherwort - one of the most sedative plants, which is used for people. Motherwort has a positive effect on the nervous system, normalizes heart rate and lowers blood pressure.
  • Baikal skullcap has a calming effect, improves sleep, helps to get rid of feelings of fear.
  • Hops have a sedative effect, and also prevents the development of inflammatory processes and relieves pain.
  • Catnip is another plant known for its soothing properties. Pretty quickly eliminates excessive irritability, gently affecting the central nervous system.
  • Peony is able to eliminate cramps, and also has an antibacterial effect and prevents seizures.

Due to the pronounced sedative effect, the drug helps to get rid of aggression and excitability, including caused by unknown factors. When using the medicine, the effect of adverse effects on the nervous system is reduced, and the animal adapts to new conditions more easily.

If Stop Stress is used for cats according to the instructions, the drug does not cause a mutagenic or carcinogenic effect. It is not addictive, because its components are not able to accumulate in the body.

Indications for use

Stop Stress is used to correct pet behavior in such cases:

  • under stress caused by various factors
  • in the manifestation of fear (to loud sounds, the presence of strangers in the house, etc.),
  • with excessive activity,
  • during estrus or sexual activity, etc.

The drug can also be used to prevent stress, which is harmful not only to people, but also to animals. The consequences of nervous shock in animals manifest themselves in different ways: apathy or aggression, disorders of the digestive system, fear, etc. To prevent such problems, Stop Stress is recommended for animals in such cases:

  • the arrival of guests
  • repairs in the apartment
  • participation in a competition or exhibition,
  • visiting a veterinarian or conducting medical procedures (shots, vaccinations),
  • salon visit
  • Trip,
  • departure of the owner, etc.

Note! When meowing, tagging a territory or aggressiveness that indicates sexual activity, a sedative is combined with contraceptive medicines.

Dosage and application features

According to the instructions, the dosage of Stop Stress tablets for cats is calculated based on the weight of the animal. You also need to pay attention to the weight of the tablets, as they differ in the concentration of the active ingredients. A single dose when using tablets weighing 120 mg is:

  • for pets up to 5 kg - 0.5 pcs.,
  • for animals 5-10 kg - 0.5-1 pcs.

When using tablets weighing 200 mg a single dose is calculated as follows:

  • for animals up to 5 kg - 0.25 pcs.,
  • for cats 5-10 kg - 0.25-0.5 pcs.

Give pills to animals forcibly. To do this, they need to be put on the root of the tongue so that the pet must be swallowed. If such a procedure is too painful for an animal, then the medicine can be mixed with a small amount of its favorite delicacy.

If a solution is used, the dose is calculated as follows - 1 drop per 1 kg of pet's weight. Drops can also be given by force or mixed with a small amount of feed.

Regardless of the dosage form, Stop Stress is given to pets twice a day. The duration of treatment is usually 2-3 weeks. With excessive arousal and the pronounced effects of stress, the duration of treatment can be extended to 4 weeks. If, after the cessation of the course, the symptoms of the nervous system dysfunction return (excitability, aggression, etc.), the treatments are repeated once more, the duration and dosage remain the same.

To prevent stress when moving, visits to the veterinarian and other similar situations, the medicine should be given 3–5 days later and treatment should be continued for 1–4 days after the incident. In case of sexual activity, the duration of treatment is determined by the doctor depending on the condition of the animal and the use of the contraceptive.

What harm can the animal's body bring?

Stop Stress for cats has a number of contraindications:

  • period of gestation,
  • tumors
  • lactation,
  • diabetes,
  • diseases of the genitourinary system.

Note! In case of intolerance to phenibut or other substances that make up the composition, the use of a sedative is also prohibited.

Sometimes the drug causes drowsiness or nausea, especially when first used. Symptoms usually go away on their own and do not require special treatment or drug withdrawal. In case of hypersensitivity to the components, the following symptoms may appear:

  • drowsiness or excessive irritability,
  • allergic reactions
  • nausea,
  • irritability.

When such side effects occur, sedation is discontinued. If necessary, use antiallergenic drugs and adsorbents to remove phenibut and other components from the body of the animal.

With a significant overdose, a pet may experience serious health problems:

  • disorders of the kidneys,
  • severe sleepiness
  • lower blood pressure
  • vomiting and other symptoms of the digestive system.

If the dose is exceeded, the cat or cat should be flushed out of the stomach.After prescribing enterosorbents and symptomatic treatment.

When buying Stop Stress for cats, please note that the price of the drug depends on the pharmacological form:

  • 10 ml drops - about 150 rubles,
  • tablets 15 or 20 pcs. - 125-135 rubles.

The cost may vary up or down in different pharmacies and regions.

Veterinarian reviews

Love, a veterinarian with 6 years of experience:

“Stop Stress is an effective, but completely unsafe sedative for cats. I know cases when the drug caused serious health problems (once a young cat had to be pumped out). In this regard, I do not recommend using the medicine without a doctor's prescription. ”

Vadim, a veterinarian with 10 years of experience:

“A good sedative. Compared with herbal preparations, it acts more efficiently, although it sometimes causes drowsiness. Among the advantages - low price and availability. In our small town, the drug is sold in all veterinary pharmacies. ”

What are the pills made of?

The tablets include the following components:

  • Phenibut (100 or 250 mg tablets 2 and 5, respectively),
  • extracts (skullcap, hops, motherwort, evading peony),
  • excipients (lactose, cyclamate, saccharin, thickener, aspartame, calcium stearate).

Peony extract is extracted from the roots of a plant (and only extracted in the spring) and is often used in homeopathy. It is believed that this substance can improve mood, relieve signs of depression and irritability. The use of the extract can reduce excitement, excitement and nervousness.

Stop stress is called a combination drug due to a combination of proven synthetic substances and natural components in its composition.

How to store medicine

The manufacturer recommends storing the drug in the following conditions:

  • in the closed packaging of the manufacturer,
  • in a dry, dark place
  • separate from food and feed,
  • at a temperature from 0 ° C to 25 ° C,
  • out of the reach of children.

The shelf life of the drug - 2 years (regardless of the form of release). After the expiration of this period, the drug can not be used - it should be disposed of with the packaging.

The ideal place to store drug Stop-stress - this is a first aid kit

How does the drug

Pharmacological properties of the drug due to its combined composition:

  • Phenibut improves blood circulation in the brain and metabolism, and due to this processes in the central nervous system are normalized,
  • hops have a mild sedative effect, reduces general tension and fears (besides, hops have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties,
  • motherwort prevents cramps and spasms, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system,
  • skullcap calms, improves sleep and reduces weather dependence.

I try to protect my pitotsev from any experiences, but not a single animal is insured from stress. For example, my older cat's behavior changed dramatically with the appearance of a new animal in the house. The young cat was too active, and we were afraid that she would fall out of the window. Previously, the balcony window was opened in the "airing" mode, and now I had to install a dense mesh. When Honda was sad, we took her to the vet. Her regular doctor said that the appearance of a new animal is always a lot of stress, and the grid on the window only aggravated the situation.

Plants whose extracts are part of the preparation are also used for the production of “human” drugs.

How to apply drops

The solution for watering should be administered orally 2 times a day. For this, drops can be added to wet food or dripped directly into the cat's mouth. The solution may have an acidic smell, the cat can recognize it (in this case, it will refuse to eat), so the second method is preferable.

Treatment regimen drops

Apply drops need 2-3 weeks. If some signs of inappropriate behavior (hyperactivity, high arousal, etc.) persist, then the course of application can be extended to 4 weeks. If necessary, the drops can be reused, but before that it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.

Drops Stop stress is more convenient to pour directly into the cat's mouth (in this case you need to slightly throw back the head of the animal)

Precautions when working with the drug

When working with drops and tablets, you need to follow a few rules:

  • when working with pills and drops Stop-stress should follow the general rules of personal hygiene and safety,
  • while working with the medicine you can not smoke, drink and eat food,
  • after work, wash your hands with warm water and soap,
  • people with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug should avoid direct contact with the drug,
  • in case of allergies or if the drug is ingested in a human body, you should immediately go to the hospital,
  • do not use empty containers from under the drug for domestic purposes.

Can I use pregnant cats and kittens

Pregnant and lactating cats can not use this drug. Kittens can use it, but with great caution (due to possible difficulties in dosage).

Few people know, but kittens are considered animals under the age of 1 year. And for some breeds, a lot of weight at a young age is considered the norm. For example, a two-month Maine-Coon may weigh more than 1.5 kilograms. Therefore, the limitation for the use of Stop-stress is rather the weight of the animal, and not its age.

My grandmother once lived a cat named Mureon. She was already old, but brought several kittens every year. One day, immediately after the next birth, she became ill with something, and the grandmother had to make her own decision about her treatment. Since we lived in the village, there was no opportunity to call the veterinarian, and at that time it was not customary to “pull” him because of the cats. The grandmother tried to give Muryona the medicine left over from the previous time. The cat recovered, and the kittens, unfortunately, died. It turned out that this remedy was contraindicated for babies.

Pregnant and lactating cats. Stop stress is contraindicated.

Interaction with other drugs

According to the instructions Stop-stress can be used in conjunction with other drugs. Most often it is used together with contraceptives (with increased sexual activity).

When my sister's cat started the first sexual “hunt,” I had to turn to a veterinarian. Donut methyl things and furniture, scratching the doors and wallpaper, meowing loudly and "howled." It was not possible to find him a female for mating, and her sister did not dare to release the cat on the street. A veterinarian recommended Stop stress and a few more drugs. I was shown all the medicines I purchased, and I found out that 3 of them are sedatives. I called the vet clinic to clarify. The veterinarian replied that a good combination of several sedatives would give a more lasting effect.

Possible side effects and contraindications

At observance of all recommendations specified in the instruction, side effects do not arise. However, in some cases, unpleasant consequences may occur:

  • allergic to the components of the drug,
  • drug overdose.

For allergies, the following symptoms may occur:

  • excessive agitation or drowsiness,
  • nervousness,
  • nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite,
  • skin problems (itching, rash, etc.).

In such cases, the use of medication can be canceled, and the cat - show the vet. If such symptoms occur after the first use of drops or tablets, then you should not panic - it will pass spontaneously.

If your cat has allergy symptoms, you can contact your veterinarian.

In case of overdose (except for the listed symptoms), the following signs may be observed:

  • lowering blood pressure
  • renal dysfunction,
  • problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

In this case, the cat must immediately show a specialist. The veterinarian will prescribe a gastric lavage and enterosorbent.


  • increased individual sensitivity of the animal to the components of the drug,
  • diseases of the genitourinary system
  • tumors (including mastopathy),
  • diabetes.

Before use, you need to make sure that your cat is not contraindicated. There were cases when the owners treated their animals with Stop-stress, and they only got worse because of an undetected illness. Although the drug is sold without a prescription, consultation with a veterinarian is still desirable.

Description and composition

The drug is available in two versions - drops and tablets. Both are applied exclusively inside. There are two types of drugs, one for dogs and the other for cats. They differ from each other in the concentration of the active substance. Drops are a dark liquid with a characteristic odor. As a rule, they are available in 10 ml pipette dispensers. Tablets of the drug are less convenient to use, but they differ in a wide range of dosages - from 120 to 500 mg.

The main component of stop stress is phenibut. Its positive effect is enhanced by herbal extracts:

  • motherwort,
  • hop,
  • Baikal skullcap,
  • catnip - only in drops,
  • peony - used in tablets.

Stop stress for cats

In addition, the drug contains auxiliary ingredients. The package is full, and the instruction repeats it again.

Why do cats stop stress

Any pet should feel confident and calm. Sedatives can alleviate their experiences in difficult situations. Participation in exhibitions, travel by public transport, relocation and other factors can adversely affect the psyche of the cat. Because of this, it can become aggressive or, on the contrary, frightened and downtrodden. Stop stress will help to avoid unpleasant consequences.

How does stress appear

Stress state can be asymptomatic or expressed characteristic signs. In the first case, the animal becomes apathetic and lethargic, hides from the owners, in the second it shows increased activity, anxiety or fear. In addition, there is something wrong with the following symptoms:

  • thorough licking of wool,
  • increased appetite without changing body weight or, on the contrary, refusal to eat,
  • inhibited reactions or excessive excitability,
  • property damage, ignoring the tray,
  • manifestation of affection or, on the contrary, aggression.

Cat aggression can be a sign of stress

When the listed symptoms appear, you need to show the cat to the veterinarian who will tell you how to solve the problem.

Indications for use

A sedative should be given to the animal in all situations that can cause stress.

Most cats live exclusively in the house and do not go out. Therefore, any innovation may cause them concern. Stop stress will help to cope with it. You can give it to your pet in the following cases:

  • long absence of the beloved master,
  • situations where communication with other animals is inevitable,
  • visit to the veterinary clinic
  • moving to another place.

Each event listed changes the familiar environment, leads to poor appetite and sometimes disruptions in the functioning of the nervous system. The animal becomes aggressive, sleeps poorly and refuses to play. Stop stress will save the situation.

You can give the drug to your pet in cases of a long absence of the owner.

Experts advise to give the drug to the animal in advance. For example, if an exhibition or a trip is planned, it is advisable to drip the cat food three to five days before and after a couple more days. All this time, the pet will look sleepy, may refuse to eat. There is no reason to worry - after some time after giving up the drug, the cat will remain the same.

Mode of application

The dosage directly depends on the weight of the patient. The drug is given twice a day for two or three weeks at the rate of one drop per kilogram. In severe cases, when there is a strong overstimulation, it is acceptable to extend the therapy to 4 weeks. It is possible to repeat the course of treatment if, after drug withdrawal, the symptoms return with the same force.

The tool can be mixed with food or enter forcibly. In the first case, it is enough to drop it on the treat and make sure that the cat eats everything. Unlike other medications, Stop Stress can be added to feed. If the cat refuses to eat, you need to fix it, open your mouth and drop the medicine on the root of the tongue. This can be done with a pipette or a small syringe without a needle.

Tablets give the animal inside according to the table: