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People from ancient times trusted the protection of their homes to dogs, so today the guard dogs are self-evident, especially when it comes to the private sector. Such pets regularly work, not allowing strangers to enter the territory entrusted to them, but each of them has their own approach to business. Today, there are many guard breeds of dogs, most of them are large animals with a fierce look, but these are not all the qualities that are required to be the best of the watchmen.

Watchdog - what is he

Dogs called up to guard activities are subject to special requirements:

  • must have a cold mind - despite the ability to quickly become enraged, the dogs are able to gather and assess the situation,
  • must be well trained
  • the compulsory condition is balance, such a guard will not attack if there is no obvious threat,
  • a good watchdog always has an innate sense of territoriality,
  • such a pet should be focused on one owner.

Naturally, the dog must have a large size, excellent hearing, be hardy and smart - it will often have to act independently.

Top guard breed rating

Representatives of what breeds meet such strict criteria?

  • Caucasian Shepherd Dog. A giant dog that rightfully heads the rating. Among the main qualities of Caucasians can be noted independence and confidence. Such a dog needs an experienced owner who can raise a formidable watchman. The representatives of the breed in the blood guard qualities, so they do not need specialized training.
  • Central Asian Shepherd Dog (CAO, Alabai). These dogs are often compared with Caucasians and, indeed, there are certain similarities. But the CAO has a lighter constitution, they are more sociable and patient, they are more amenable to learning. Alabai is also on the street, the aviary is best, but they need to be walked and given the opportunity to communicate with other dogs.
  • Moscow Watchdog. Service breed of dogs, which was never recognized by the International Canine Federation, but is actively bred at home. Outwardly, the Moscow watchdog is reminiscent of St. Bernards, but its character is more similar to the Caucasian Shepherd Dog.
  • Russian black terrier. Another name for the breed is Stalin's dog, which was bred for special military service. Black terriers have an original appearance - their curly coat even covers their eyes, but this does not prevent them from vigilantly watching what is happening around. Such a pet is not suitable for beginners, as it is quite capricious and stubborn.
  • South Russian Shepherd Dog Representatives of this breed worked for a long time on farms - herding herds and guarding their property. Long wool with abundant undercoat allowed them to work in harsh climatic conditions, and its white color protected from overheating. The South Russian Shepherd Dog is an excellent guard and companion, but it is worth considering that its coat needs more thorough care.
  • Bullmastiff. The ancestors of these dogs are the English Mastiff and Old English Bulldog, once they were used to harass animals, guarding and fighting. The Bullmastiffs, of course, are not so fierce, but they do not hold fearlessness and endurance. It is possible to keep such a pet in the apartment, but, one nuance - they have increased salivation.
  • Cane Corso. Among the closest relatives of Cane Corso are gladiator dogs, which have been valued since the days of ancient Rome. After the dogs stopped using in the war, they turned into hunters of large predators. Later, the Corso canes became unsurpassed guards - vigilant and harsh. The modern representative of the breed is a faithful pet, getting along well with other pets, and treating the younger members of the family with care. He needs regular contact with his family, but not intrusive.
  • Rottweiler. Service breed of dogs, its representatives are also suitable for the protection of apartments and local area. They are well trained, possess necessary suspicion and endurance. Such a pet would not make noise unnecessarily. You can keep a Rottweiler on the street, but not on the chain, and in the apartment. Do not forget about their short wool - they need a warmed booth. It is easy to care for such a pet, but it needs compulsory education and training.
  • German Shepherd. This universal breed can work as a watchman - smart, seasoned, uncompromising. Such a dog will not make a fuss, he is able to hold the attacker until the owner arrives. You can keep a German Shepherd in the house, apartment, or on the street. But there are several nuances - shepherd dogs shed heavily, the chains do not fit, they require enough space.
  • Doberman. Serious service dog with many advantages. Dobermans make excellent guards, bodyguards, and watchmen. Exposure of these dogs allows you to rush to the attack only if there is a serious threat, according to statistics, they are less often the rest mentioned in attacks on humans. This pet must be educated and engaged in his training, developing abilities.

Watch dog breeds - pets, affectionate and loyal to the family, ready to defend people, territory and property. Naturally, with such serious dogs jokes are bad, therefore, the owners should be aware of the responsibility - the animal needs socialization, education and training.


This is a large breed of dogs, with musculature and strong body, broad chest. Wool - short, tight to the body. The main color - tiger, fawn, red. By the nature of these animals are characterized by affection and love for their owner, they are active, quickly learn, hardy. The team owner of the bullmastiff perform the first time, ready to stop the attacker or someone else.


  • devotion,
  • simplicity in dressure.


  • often make decisions on their own, not obeying commands.

The German Doberman has a muscular and well developed body, slender legs and a wide chest. Color - black with red, wool - smooth and short. Doberman loves his master, but is suspicious of strangers. Quickly excited, but when trained calmly reacts to stimuli. The dog has an excellent sense of smell and keenness of intelligence, can be kept in the apartment and used as a guard.


  • loves children
  • calm and balanced.


  • requires long training and education.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The best guard dog is Caucasian Shepherd. Also, the breed is recognized as one of the largest among all, wool - thick, color - gray, white, brown and fawn. Easily tolerates all weather conditions, learns quickly. By character, pets are distinguished by perseverance, courage, and wit. Shepherd suspicious of strangers, but requires constant training.


  • hardy
  • can live in any climatic conditions.


  • requires attention and physical exertion.

Considered one of the oldest Italian breeds, it can be used as fighting or guarding. The body is medium-sized but muscular, slender paws and a broad back. The main instinct is to protect and protect the family. In the character of perseverance, endurance, intelligence, dedication. The Italian Cane Corso has developed intuition and memory, does not show aggression without command or threat.



  • quite loyal to strangers.

Moscow Watchdog

Another leader among the guard breeds Moscow Watchdog is considered to be distinguished by a large body, developed legs and a massive neck. Wool - thick, straight, color - spotted with red spots. By character - it is sociable and calm dog, which laid the protective qualities from birth. Rarely leaves the territory reserved for protection, clearly executes commands. Moscow watchdog is tied to one owner, requires dressage.


  • never leaves a protected area,
  • loyal to the owner.


  • will need training and constant attention from the owner.

German Shepherd

Also the best guard for the house and apartment It is considered a German Shepherd with a high level of intelligence and good memory. It has a large body, strong legs, thick coat of black, spotted hue. The breed was bred for protection, hunting, search for people and drugs. Character is inherent activity, obedience, poise, leadership. The German Shepherd can be trained in several types of commands at once.


  • may even be a companion and guide
  • loves children and the whole family.


  • approval and attention from the owner is important for the dog.

German boxer

Large breed of dogs, wool - short and smooth, color - red, brindle, has strong paws. Loyalty, obedience, calmness, loves children and his family is inherent in the German boxer. Quickly learns and executes all the commands the first time. Used as a guide, companion, guard, detective or watchman. Distrustful and suspicious of strangers.


  • learns quickly
  • almost not sick.


  • guards the owner and family rather than the house.

Large, service dog, wool - short and shiny, color - black with red spots. It has a wide back and a large neck. The dog is active, hardy, ready to work hard and to endure different climatic conditions. Loyalty, sharpness and courage are inherent in the short-haired Rottweiler. But they are aggressive, require dressage, training, long walks and attention from the owner.


  • hardy and can resist even man
  • learn fast.


  • need a lot of walking and pay attention.

Black Russian Terrier

A medium sized dog with a strong body and good health. The paws are muscular, the coat is thick and dense, the color is black, sometimes with gray spots. The Russian black terrier easily transfers any climatic conditions, does not sort out with food, almost does not get sick. Easy to learn, quickly remembers the team, but requires attention from the family. The dog itself makes decisions, is friendly to other animals, reliable.


  • hardy, not pretentious in choosing the place of residence,
  • calmly reacts to familiar people.


  • will require training and attention.

Central asian shepherd dog

The dog has a massive body, short neck, strong legs and a big head. Wool - straight and tough, color - black, red, fawn and brindle. Instinct laid guard and protection, able to learn new teams. In the character of the Central Asian Shepherd, strength, endurance, loyalty, moderate aggression and suspicion towards strangers are laid.


  • basic teams do not need to be trained,
  • hears only the master.


  • long and regular workouts.

The dog belongs to one of the oldest breeds, was bred for protection and protection. It has a broad back, massive body and a large head, legs - short. Wool - thick and soft, color - cream, black, blue. The Chinese chow chow is loyal to the owner, almost non-aggressive, but very suspicious of strangers. They study hard, are stubborn and make decisions themselves. It is better to keep in the apartment, because the pet is not too active.


  • quickly remember the team, get used to their place in the house,
  • do not require long walks.


  • without training and dressings become lazy and disobedient.

South Russian Shepherd Dog

The dog has a large body, strong legs and long hair, color - white, gray, gray-piebald. By character - this is a bright, confident and active dog, which itself makes decisions. Easily gets on in any conditions, it is betrayed to the owner, but is aggressive and careful with strangers. The South Russian Shepherd Dog considers its house its own, therefore it begins to protect it from two more years. It requires education and attention, otherwise it will even rush to family members.


  • protective qualities laid from birth,
  • loves family, does not allow strangers to it.


  • constant training and training.

If you choose a defender for an apartment or a small cottage, it is better to pay attention to the breed of medium size, but with fighting and guard qualities. Such pets are easier to maintain and train.

Belgian Shepherd

The dog belongs to large breeds, the body is powerful, strong, at the same time proportionally folded, seemingly light on the side. Pride head landing (head raised). Variations in the growth of females from 56 to 62 cm, cables - 60-66 cm. With such growth dogs reach 25-30 kg.

Color and type of wool depends on the type of breed:

  1. Gruenandali (long black wool),
  2. Laqueno (curly, red with white patches),
  3. Malinois (short-haired, red with coal edging), Tervuren (long, red with coal edging).
Belgian Shepherd

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Dogs feel good in the aviary, unpretentious to seasonal changes.
  • Excellent trained.
  • Chooses only one owner.

It is not only an excellent guard, but can also participate in rescue operations and the search for drugs. The dog is indifferent to other dogs and people, and when interfering with its personal space and territory, it can be thrown.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Ridgebacks have a muscular taut body, height 63-69 cm and weight up to 37 kg males and 60-66 cm and 32 kg bitches. Hanging ears, wide skull. The hair is red and short and thick, on the back a strip of growth of wool, on the contrary, is a ridge (ridge).

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Feels comfortable in the apartment.
  • He loves children.
  • Prone to dominance.

It protects all members of the house and the territory entrusted to it, although it perceives only the owner.

Komondor dog

Komondors are voluminous because of the coat-looking dogs, with a powerful body and paws, a broad chest, and well-developed muscles. The hair is spirally braided in the form of braids, reaching from 10 to 30 cm, white (sometimes black), covering the face.

Lives 12 years. Height: up to 65, weight up to 60.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Not aggressive to others.
  • Willful and stubborn individuals are rare.
  • Good health.
Komondor (Hungarian Sheepdog)

They protect their territory well, in emergency situations they quickly react to the threat, make decisions and act independently.

Rottweiler dog

Large in size powerful dog, reaching in sizes from 60 to 68 cm for males and 55-64 for females. Weight 50-60 kg. Color black, shiny with red face, paws and chest. Muzzle large, hanging ears.

Life expectancy up to 12 years.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • It gets along well with children, but because of its massiveness it can upset or hurt the child.
  • Tendency to laziness.
  • Resistance to training.

Rottweiler reacts to aggression in the direction of the owner, acts quickly and prudently. Superbly monitors the security of the premises.

Akita Inu body build is dense, long tail, short muzzle, erect ears. Wool most often bright peach-red color with a white muzzle, chest and abdomen, is gray. The dog weighs from 30 to 45 kg depending on the gender, and the size is 58-70 cm at the withers.

Dog lives up to 12 years.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Shows aggression to dogs passing by.
  • Long stays a puppy, growing up only to 2 years.
  • May not obey when training.
Akita Inu

Does not show aggression to strangers, however, it is suspicious to treat it, when aliens invade its territory, it reacts with lightning speed.


Large tall dog, massive body. Growth in withers ranges from 60 to 70 cm, weight from 35 to 50. The head is rectangular, there is a mustache and beard, eyebrows, and ears are hanging, as if bent forward on the face. The coat is shiny black, especially long on the paws.

Lives 10 - 12 years.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • A lot of time for walking.
  • Without training and a strong willed master will become uncontrollable.
  • Can not be kept in the apartment.
  • Socialization is an important factor in the fight against possible aggression.

Can guard not only the house, but also the owner’s car (when traveling).

The big, lean dog, the constitution seems to be fragile due to its slimness and muscularity. 63-72 cm - growth at the withers, 40-45 kg weight.

The tail is cropped, the ears are erect and sharp, the color varies from beige with white tan to black with brown (the latter is more common).

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • There are attempts to dominate the owner.
  • Perfectly gets on with children.
  • Remarkably trained.

Aloof to unfamiliar, but the proprietary character makes the dog an excellent caretaker of the premises and things of the owner.
Pay attention to nutrition (to avoid turning the stomach) and the work of the heart.