How to call your parrot


Here it is, in the cage - the long-awaited bird. Looks around where everything is so interesting, unusual. New home, new people, new environment. It remains the case for small - to give her a name. And here begins the most interesting. How to name a parrot-girl or a parrot-boy? The idea turns all faster, but the solution does not come. It's so eager to be original, to show individuality. And so that the chosen name was caressing the ear, liked by others and attracted the pet himself.

Versions on how to name a parrot-girl - a great many. For example: Arisha, Amalia, Asya, Assol, Akhta, Alisa, Alpha, Bassi, Berta, Blanche, Bisha, Britta, Byash, Beauty, Bella, Beauty, Betsy, Businka, Varya, Vicky, Vanessa, Verka, Gabbi, Gamma, Glasha, Geisha, Gloria, Lady, Denise, Jackie, Jagah, Julia, Jerry, Dolly, Dinara, Erik, Zhurra, Josephine, Juliette, Zlata, Tease, Isolde, Isabella, Irma, Toffee, Camelia, Kasia, Carmen, Kyra, Leila, Lady, Lawrence, Lyra, Lusha, Malvina, Mashka, Marisha, Milady, Michel, Marquise, Maggie, Mini, Nyusha, Niagara, Nymph, Norma, Odette, Rozzy, Pusya, Sarah, Tisha, Tina, Chacha, Frosya, Erica, Cheney, Charlotte, Elsa , Yusha, Yusya, Yashma.

The name of the parrot-boy has also a mass of options. Abrasha, Alex, Ays, Arash, Alf, Ara, Athos, Asher, Alfonso, Arkashka, Bax, Broots, Buyan, Berkut, Bush, Borka, Benjamin, Willy, Vitamin, Venia, Vikesha, Gavryusha, Galfyonok, Gesha, Grinya Jack, Jackson, Johnny, Hedgehog, Jacqueline, Jacques, Jora, Zheka, Zhorik, Zero, Zeus, Kapitosha, Karl, Carlos, Kirill, Klepa, Kosha, Kuzya, Lushka, Boy, Makar, Martin, Marquis, Napoleon, Ogonek, Oscar, Pegasus, Plut, Petrusha, Plutishka, Pushkin, Prosha, Fawn, Fluff, Richie, Ricky, Romeo, Rocky, Rubik, Ryzhik, Rurik, Rafael, Stesha, Toto, Tory, Tishka, Trisha, Trepa, Tisha, Uragan, Fidel, Figaro, Fima, Philip, Funty K, Flint, Hulk, Gypsy, Caesar, Churchill, Chelsea, Chikki, Chizhik, Chika, Chik, Shrek, Shurik, Elvis, Eugene, Jung, Yash.

How to name a parrot-girl or a parrot-boy yet? Here it is best to listen to your inner feelings. You can pick a name for the color of the bird, for example: Polosatik, Lizard, Green, Limonchik, Sailor, Snowball. You can be guided by their hobbies. If this is football, then Goal, Pinaltya, Zenit, Barca, Milan, Real, Valencia and so on. If this is literature, then Romeo and Juliet, Scarlett and Rhett, Othello and Desdemona, Angelica and Geoffrey, and so on. If this is a mythology, then Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite, Amazon, Dionysus, Nymph, Nefertiti and others will do. Cars? Then Porsche, Mazda, Ferrari, beshka, Opel, Foltz and so on. You can also take the names of your favorite characters in movies, cartoons, television series. It is also possible to take the names of cities, rivers. For example, Amazon, Nile, Danube, Bermuda, Paris, Rome, Vologda. And it is possible and on the individual qualities of the bird. If the parrot is fast, restless, smart, then the name Figaro, Shustrik will do. If he is calm, quiet, then you can call Tisha, Tykhony, Silent.

In any case, how to call a parrot - a girl or a boy, a wavy parrot or a cockatoo, ara or another species - is up to the owner to decide. It is believed that these birds best memorize words with growling, whistling and hissing sounds. Perhaps you should listen?

How to name a parrot?

To come up with a name is an interesting and exciting activity. The main mistake of most people is to prematurely invent a nickname. It is best to pick a few names, and after meeting with a new friend will stop at one. Often there are situations when one glance is enough to decide. Although you do not need to hurry, you can look at the nature of the bird, its behavior, habits, and only after that pick up the appropriate nickname.

For talking individuals it is recommended to pick up simple nicknames that the bird will be able to pronounce. It is also worth knowing that it is impossible to rename an adult bird, it is already accustomed to its nickname. Therefore, the former owner must clarify the name of the feathered. If this condition does not suit, then you must select only young individuals.

Today there is a habit of giving double names. From such an idea should also be abandoned, ptah just can not pronounce it. Such difficulties will only add problems to communication with a person.

Asking a question how to name a parrot it is worth choosing a simple, but unique name. It should not be similar to the names of people living in the house or other pets. Otherwise, Ptah will be confused and will stop hailing his nickname. She must understand that so specifically fall for her.

In the absence of visible sex differences, it is better to choose a neutral name that is suitable for both boys and girls. Most often, the nickname is chosen based on the characteristics of a particular species.

The process of choosing a name can involve not only family members, but also the pet itself. To do this, carefully pronouncing to name out loud possible names. At a certain moment the birds may begin to react, give signs. Having seen interest from an animal, it is worth stopping on this name. Then you need to teach your pet to him. To do this several times a day you must clearly pronounce the nickname.

How to name a parrot boy

The suitable name of the male individual can be chosen independently, focusing on external features. Sometimes people rely on their hobbies, such as football and give the nickname characteristic of your favorite sports team. The same goes for movie or cartoon characters - Batman, Arnold. Although some go further and stop at historical figures - Caesar.

Thinking how to call a parrot, most stop at simple, easy nicknames - Kesha, Gosh, Fedya, Ara, Yaga, Shurik. But for larger representatives are suitable for more respectable nicknames - Aristarkh, Ricardo. And noticing the unique features in the behavior, you can get the following: Shalun, Taciturn, Skoda, Zadik.

How to name a parrot girl

When choosing the name of the females, you need to focus on the previous tips. The most relevant names for girls are: Zhanna, Varya, Manya. And if we consider the original, then among them: Pretty, Ursula, Isabella, Britney, Vanessa. The list can be endless, the main thing is not to hurry and carefully think whether it really suits the pet.

Nickname for the talking parrot

How can a parrot be called a purely individual question? However, it should be understood, to speaking individuals need a completely different approach. Therefore, in order to avoid problems, you should follow simple recommendations:

  • do not choose long names, they must consist of a maximum of 6 letters,
  • they should contain the letter “a” and “e”,
  • emphasize the presence of hissing consonants and deaf sounds.

The nickname should be easy to pronounce and remember. Of course, luxurious nicknames sound more solid, but their feathered ones cannot speak their own. The macaw and cockatoo should speak their name easily.

The kind of parrot matters

The vocal apparatus of representatives of different breeds has significant differences. Therefore, picking up the nickname must pay attention to the breed of the animal. Some individuals are not able to talk, so too think about the choice of the nickname is not worth it. She first of all should be pleasant to the owner. The exception may be individuals with well-developed speech abilities. Therefore, these individuals should be given certain names:

  • Corella - Frosya, Gray. They are well trained and have high intelligence,
  • Jaco - considered the most talkative. There may be several hundred words in their vocabulary. So, the choice of nicknames can be huge - Arnold, Francesca,
  • macaw - amaze with their power. Such an individual should have a beautiful, luxurious name. For example, Rudolph, Charlotte,
  • wavy - differ in their size, so the nicknames must match - Nyusha, Kroha, Mitya.

Today it is especially popular to focus on the beloved movie characters. Therefore, to meet Sherlock or Constance today is easier than ever. Sometimes the fantasy of people turns out to be incredibly limitless. For example, car enthusiasts boldly call the feathered brands of world-famous cars - Porsche, Convertible. Fans of delicious food, opt for the following nicknames: sushi, pepper, snickers.

Parrot Name

Finding the names of a couple in love is also not difficult. You can connect the humor or remember the world famous pair. The most important thing is not to pick up consonant or similar nicknames. Otherwise, the animals will be constantly confused. You can also dwell on the characters of films and cartoons:

  • Bonnie + Clyde,
  • Kai + Gerd,
  • Ken + Barbie,
  • Chip + Dale.

The list is just endless. It is important to understand, the feathered to live with this name all his life, which means that it should be as suitable and pleasant as possible. Therefore, turn on the fantasy to the maximum and make a list.

Names for talkers

Nicknames for parrots are chosen based on the characteristics of each bird.

Talking parrots very amusingly distort their name, and it is the first word your pet will say. If you are counting on teaching the conversation to a bird, then it is better that her name contains whistling and hissing sounds of “s”, “h”, “sh”: Czech, Stasik, Gosha, Tishka.

Also useful is the letter "p": Romka, Gavrosh, Jerick, Tarasik, Patrick. Short and clear names are easier to remember, but for a parrot who has a talent for imitating human speech, longer names will not be a barrier either.

In practice, there was a case when the wavy parrot, Kirill, called himself not only Kirill, but also Kiryushenichechka. Apparently it was a derivative version of the phrase "Kirill bird".

Parrots like to stretch the vowels, especially successfully they draw lingering "o", "i", "u", "e", "a".

Sounds: "l", "m", "c", "o" - are difficult for some of the species of birds (for example, wavy).

In some species of parrots, sexual dimorphism is not pronounced. When you are not sure who is in front of you: a boy or a girl, it is best to call the bird a neutral name that does not determine gender. Then Kiryusha will not become Ryusha, and Manya –– Sanya.

Particularly inventive owners give a double name to their birds. This should not be done for two reasons: the bird may not perceive the second name or simply keep back, the next reason is that the owners themselves subsequently abbreviate both words in the process of communicating with the bird.

The name must be pronounced gently, protractedly and clearly. The parrot will copy your intonation when you reprimand the word, and your clear pronunciation plays an important role. Birds easily “swallow” the letters and even when you correct and begin to speak correctly the pet's nickname, the parrot will accept both options and through time you will hear Larik instead of Lavrik or Kalupchik, and not Darling.

To choose a better name for a parrot, most often it’s enough to watch his behavior for some time, carefully consider the coloring of the plumage and note the characteristic habits of the bird (accuracy, agility, judiciousness, good humor, vocalism or funny reaction to something). After the observations, the name of the parrot may itself arise: Shustra, Whack, Tiny, Snowball, Limonchik.

If this does not happen, people turn to their idols and after that appear in the cells: Gerara, Sheldon, Taison, Monica or Kurt.

The fact that the child called the parrot, you can easily understand when you hear the name of a member of the feathered family: Batman, Hulk, Rarity, Kusachka, Olaf or Krosh.

If there is no intention to teach a bird to talk, then choose a nickname for a parrot based only on your preferences.

To make it easier for you to navigate and find the most appropriate name for your pet, below are lists of names for boys and girls parrots in alphabetical order.

Choosing a nickname for a parrot

- not an easy task:

  • first, you should like it,
  • and secondly, your parrot should be easy to pronounce.

Remember that parrots live a long time (10 years or more), this must be considered when choosing a name. Some like to call the parrot in honor of the current cultural or statesman.

It sounds very funny, but over time such a nickname loses its relevance and becomes uninteresting.

May I give a parrot the name of a favorite hero or heroines from a book, series or movie. Foreign names are well suited, they are not ordinary and sonorous, for example: Claudia, Ordando, Miranda or Ricardo.

If you have a pair of parrots, then they can pick up the appropriate names, such as:

  • Gretel and Hansel,
  • Kai and Gerda,
  • Bonnie and Clyde.

Parrots are often given joking nicknames.:

This option is not entirely appropriate, since at the time of buying a parrot you absolutely do not know his habits and behavioral characteristics.

Your parrot will quickly learn a short name (up to 6 letters)

A long and complicated nickname can be difficult to pronounce and the parrot will not learn to speak it.

However, there are parrots for which any speech turns are available (for example, Jaco), and therefore they can safely choose any name.

Focusing on your own taste and fantasy, you can call him Diego, Constance, Jennifer, Selvester, Frederic, Mirrabella, Biate, Jacqueline, Maximus. Jaco will be easy to repeat everything if you deal with him. If your parrot is not trained in human speech, then any name will do for him.

If any individual traits are immediately visible in the appearance of the bird or its behavior, you can give the parrot a nickname reflecting them: Whack, Whirlwind, Shustrik, Tishka, Shurshunya, Vyuzhik, etc. For parrots, nicknames in the unisex style are also suitable, as in many species it is difficult to determine gender.

In such cases, such names as Riki, Quilli, Miki, Lori, Flopi, Roni, Hypo, Chunya, Robertino are perfect.

Choosing the name of a parrot needs the most different from the names of family members and the nicknames of other pets. In this case, the bird will know for sure that it is for her.

Choosing the name of a parrot, try to pronounce it in a loving and calm voice, then your pet will easily remember and quickly get used to it.

The name must be pronounced clearly, emotionally and slowly - over time, the parrot will begin to respond to the appeal from the owner.

How to name a parrot. Alphabetical nicknames of parrots:

  • BUT: Abbu Abrasha Adonis Azor Haik Akea Axel Alisa Alex Alexander Almaz Albert Archimedes Archie Arkasha Andrei Annie Andryusha Ara Ariel
  • B: Babalu Badi Baz Buck Bali Byron Balu Bam Bam Bumper Banjo Bundy Betty Bizzy Biki Binky Blaze Blekki Blinki Blondi Bonzi Brussia
  • AT: White Voucher Walter Van Verdi Wee Wizard Whiz Willy Wilson Winnie Winston Whiskey Toki Wolfgun Wonder Woody Wooper
  • G: Gaza Hannibal Harry Gator Gebo Hector Gendalf General Lee Henry Georg Herbert Gerdi Huber Hecate Henriette Gledis Glasha Glory Gloria Goldie Granny Greta
  • D: Dove Davinchi Dazl Diamond Duck Daly Dallas Dalton Dalton Daniel Dancon Dante Ginger Georgia Digit Didi Diesel Dixie Dipsi Dirti Dirti Dolti Dotty Drachma
  • E: Eugenol Evil Yegay Yeger Yegrem Yegri Yegris Eater Yeeni Yeerbi Yeerk Yezhaz Yezhno Yezheik Yezhek Yezhek Yezhok Yezhek Yeretik Yerni Yezhyk
  • W: Zhaber Zhadin Jean Zhanery Zhar Zharlem Zharm Zharnal Zharri Zhasan Zhmot Draw Zhade Zhenis Giselle Jacqueline Zhina Zhipsi Zhita Zhu-Zhu Julescher
  • TO: Kabir Kadi Casanova Kai Kali Calypso Calisto Cameo Cameo Kivi Kika Kiki Colada Colby Co Conny Corey Corky Cosmo Cutlet Coffey Crazy Xena Kuki Kuku Kat
  • L: Lavely Fight Lucky Lakini Landen Lance Lunch Largo Levi Lollipop Pet Favorite Lilia Lily Lynny Lola Lolita Lolli Luna Lucy Lyalya
  • M: Mate Mabel Maverik Magnum Mudge Mike Major Mayron Maytai Mack Mac Dundee Matti Meghi Maisie Mecca Mendi Merlin Mia Micah Mildred Mini Missy Misty Michelle Molly Momie Coin Mu-Madu Maddy
  • R: Raskal Raf Reba Raider Reko Rex Relish Remi Randy Ricky Rikisha Rasti Riana Rishka Rod Roza Roselin Rosie Rosina Rosita Roxana Roxet Rosinka Ruby Rune
  • WITH: Sawanah Salem Sampson Sani Sanfein Sancho Sapphire Sarabi Sargent Satan Satchimo Snow Snow Sophie Sophia Spidi Stacy Stella Stinky Stormy Susanna Susie Sandy Sandy
  • T: Tiger Tiles Tyson Take Taco Taluta Tamarin Tamoli Tango Dancer Tarzan Tarsen Tweets Tenor Theodore Tik Tina Tinki Tiffany Tracy Trixie Trinity Trudi Tutsi Tutti Truffle
  • H: Chuck Charlie Chankli Chanko Ched Cheddar Chez Chek Chekker Cheko Chizhik Challenger Chester Cheese Chik Chikki Chiko Chikonya Chiku Chili Chariy Chinza Chula
  • F: Filia Funtik Fidel Flint Flipper Fletcher Frisbee Frosti Frutti Forrest Franky Fredi Fritz
  • W: Schwartz Sherlock Shrek Storm Sherry Shurik Shustrik

Nicknames for parrots

Parrots are probably the most unpretentious pets. They do not take up much space and do not cause difficulties in care. When choosing a bird, be sure to give it a correct and interesting name, because you will not have to communicate with it for a year or two. On average, parrots live ten years. And there are such representatives of the species of birds, which can delight you for over twenty-five years.

Клички для попугаев разнообразны, в основном используют сокращенные человеческие имена либо прозвища главных героев мультиков. Кличка дается один раз, поэтому к выбору надо отнестись серьезно. Постарайтесь не давать птице имя, которое уже есть в вашей семье либо в кругу общения. Попугай должен знать, что кличка касается именно его.

Проблема, с которой вы можете столкнуться – это правильно определить пол питомца. If this is difficult, then the name must be neutral and suitable for both boys and girls.

Nicknames for wavy parrots

Wavy parrots live on average for about fifteen years, breed well and become very easily family members. Can imitate human voices and bird singing. Choosing their name, it is necessary to take into account the ability to reproduce human speech by these birds.

Nicknames for wavy parrots boys choose for such features:

  • the name should contain hissing consonant sounds and vowels “I” and “E”: Abrasha, Venia, Arkashka, Hamlet, Bush, Shurik, Grisha, Gosh,
  • the name can emphasize the particular behavior of the feathered: Spark, Pyzhik, Tishka, Hurricane, Schumacher, Commander,
  • You can choose from human names or interesting nicknames: Petka, Parsley, Toto, Zephyr, Ostap, Taras, Yasha, Pirate, Silver, etc.

Choosing names for girls wavy parrots should use the same principles.

Corella are talking species of parrots. They can reproduce household noise, repeat words, sounds, speak phrases. They are also called nymphs, and they have a crest on their heads.

Corella loves society very much, easily tamed and amenable to learning. Since in this species of birds it is very difficult to identify a male or female, it is better to choose universal nicknames for Corella parrots.

When choosing a nickname, consider some rules:

  • when learning, they more easily perceive growling and hissing sounds,
  • the name of the bird should not be like the nicknames of other pets,
  • There are universal names for this breed: Basie, Roni, Stacy, Arnie and Dezi.

Try to choose from these:

  • for males: Isaac, Archie, Vzhik, Thunder, Icarus, Zorro, Lawrence, Tristan, Shrek, Jupiter, Yarik,
  • for females: Asha, Asya, Berta, Vikki, Asha, Zlata, Kira, Masha, Pusya, Ursula, Frosya, Chach, Eric, Yashma.

Names for wavy parrots: how to choose

Homepage »Parrots» Names for budgies: how to choose

Your parrot will be the next Yasha or Keshei to decide for you, however, before you determine exactly, it is necessary to think carefully. First, the names for budgies are chosen according to the principle of convenience. Note that the feathery will have to be called very often. Secondly, often the parrot itself is able to learn the nickname and thus please all family members.

Thirdly, you certainly should be pleased with the process of naming a wavy bird.

So, when choosing a name for your feathered friend, it is important to consider such moments:

  1. Half a bird As you know, boys are considered big talkers, while girls are considered to be silent. Accordingly, the latter can choose a more complex or, conversely, the most simple name in pronunciation. If you doubt the sex of a parrot, call it a neutral name.
  2. Habits and character. If the parrot is still small, then it is better to wait a little with a nickname in order to watch the pet more. The same can be said about adults.
  3. Size and color. Bigger birds are better suited to certain nicknames, such as Arnold, Maximus, Sylvester. Tiny feathered can be called Whack or Chun. The snow-white bird will come up with the nickname Snowball, and the green one - Green or Gena (in honor of the crocodile).
  4. Name match If you decide to call the parrot a human name, then you need to be careful in terms of coincidences with the names of relatives, friends.
  5. Long nickname. Initially, a name consisting of several words may seem beautiful and unusual to you. However, over time you will get tired of constantly pronouncing it, well, and your wavy friend will be waiting for exactly the full pronunciation.

What sounds should be present in the name

  1. Hissing. Many people know that wavy parrots "love" to pronounce the words with hissing "g", "h", "sh", "y". That is why Kesha and Yasha are considered the most popular names among birds.
  2. Vowels with an open pronunciation of "e", "e", "a", "u", "and" are also under the power of wavy parrots.

  • Deaf and sonorous consonants "p", "t", "d", "p", "k" are easily learned by many males (and females too).
  • Whistling and sonorous consonants "s", "ts", "s", "l", "m", "n" should be avoided if you plan to teach your parrot to talk.

    You can call a parrot in honor of literary heroes or famous political figures (Romeo and Juliet, Zhirik, Putya, Yanyk, etc.).

    Names for boys budgies

    A - Abrasha, Ara, Arsyusha Arik, Aristarkh, Arkasha, Arkhip, Archie. B - Berik, Golden Eagle, Borka, Boria, Bush. B - Vitka, Vovka, Vikesha. G - Le Havre, Gavryusha, Gavryusha, Guy, Garrick, Gesha, Gosha, Grisha. D - Jack, Joy, Dyusha. E - Egozik, Hedgehog, Erifey. J - Jacques, Zheka, Zhora, Zhorik. Z - Zeus, Zero. Y - Yorick.

    K - Kapitosha, Kesha, Keshka, Kirill, Koki, Koko, Kosha, Krashik, Kresh, Kuzya, Kukaracha. About - Ozzy, Osik, Oscar. P - Pegasus, Petrusha, Petka, Pitti, Prosha, Fluff, Fawn. R - Ricardo, Ricky, Richie, Rocky, Rubik, Red, Ryzhik, Rurik. C - Stesha. T - Tisha, Tishka, Tori, Totoshka, Trepa, Trisha, Trash. F - Farik, Fedya, Figaro. X - Hipa. C - Caesar.

    Ch - Chizhik, Chik, Chika, Chikki, Chip, Chisha, Chucha. Sh - Shrek, Shurik. Yu - Yugo, Yuddi, Yusha.

    Names for parrots girls

    A - Abra, Augusta, Ada, Asta, Astarta, Asya, Afrodita, Akhta, Achcha, Acchi, Asha, Ashika. B - Baccarat, Bassi, Basia, Betsy, Bijou, Brett, Britt, Britta, Bootsy, Beauty, Betsy. In - Varya, Vesta.

    G - Gabby, Gayda, Geisha, Gera, Gerd, Girsa, Dreams, Greyt, Gressy D - Dhaka, Dara, Dasha, Degir, Desi, Desira, Dey, Djag, Jackie, Jerry, Jessie, Jessica, Judah, Judy, Dix , Disa, Dorri, Dusya, Dera E - Eve, Egoza, Erik, Eshka J - Geri, Zherik, Gerry, Zhudi, Zhuzha, Zhurcha.

    W - Bully, Zara, Zaur, Zeya, Zita, Zora, Zuza, Zura, Zusya I - Ivita, Ida, Iji, Isis, Toffee, Ista K - Kapa, ​​Kara, Kasia, Katyusha, Kerry, Ketris, Ketty, Kish, Koki, Cora, Chris, Christie, Krazy, Ksyusha, Kat, Katie O - Oda, Odette. P - Patricia, Peggy, Pitt, Pride, Pass, Page, Parry R - Rada, Raid, Raya, Rita, Rosa, Ruth, Raj, Radi, Ressie S - Saga, Saji, Sarah, Sarochka, Setta.

    T - Tahir, Tais, Tara, Ter, Terry, Tertius, Tessa, Tisha, Torah, Tori, Troy, Terry, Tyusha U - Ursa, Urta F - Fairy, Frau, Frezi, Vryza, Fury X - Khiva, Harry C - Tsatsa, Tsez, Cerri, Tsei, Tsypa Ch - Chazet, Chara, Chach, Cesar, Cherkiz, Chik, Chita, Chucha S - Sherry, Shusha E - Ega, Aegis, Eji, Era, Erik, Esta, Esther Yu - Judita, Jozef, Jukka, Yurga, Yusya, Utah

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    How to call a girl wavy parrot: names that are easy for the bird

    The first word that the parrot usually says is its name. Therefore, choosing a nickname for a feathered friend, you should think that the most important thing for you is that he learn to pronounce it quickly and clearly or that it amazes with originality?

    If we proceed from the speech abilities of birds, then it is easiest for them to master names in which there are sizzling and drawn vowels.

    That is why such names for parrot girls as Tasha, Dasha, Jackie, Shura, Shelley, Sheri, Katyusha, Kiwi, Koko, Tutti, Chichi became very popular.

    There are no complex sounds for the bird: C, M, H, L, C, Z. But there are their “favorite” phonemes - hissing, P, K, A, P.

    Samochka and her partner will easily learn to pronounce the name that contains the sound of R. The example of such names could be Varya, Hera, Cyrus, Rita, Prima, Rimma, Rara.

    If you give the female a name consisting of complex sounds, she will still learn to speak it, but this may not happen too soon.

    "Talking" nickname: we select a name by character

    If you are looking for a name for a parrot girl, then it is better not to hurry and watch her character for a while. When she gets used to the new house and its inhabitants, there may be any features that distinguish the bird.

    By temperament and behavior, parrots are very different. Look at your pet — perhaps one of these names will do:

    • Thunderstorm, Zhuzha, Tigra, Bullfight, Blizzard,
    • Egoza, Yula, Arrow, Shusha,
    • Swell, Gimmick, Coquette, Fun,
    • Button, Doll, Bead,
    • Muse, Orchid, Fairy, Dawn,
    • Sonya, Quiet, Frosya,
    • Happy, Dobryana, Dushka.

    Do not forget that the name can also affect the nature of the bird. Try not to give such nicknames: Evil, Voracious, Harmful, and so on. Note: the more bizarre the name, the more difficult your winged pet will become.

    The most suitable names for boys parrots

    A parrot is a pet that lives long enough (up to 10 years). This is an easy to care and funny pet. That is why it is important to choose for him a name that everyone, and the parrot itself will like.

    Of course, we can restrict ourselves to simple traditional names for parrot boys: Gosh, Kesha, Ass.

    But do not be afraid to be original and show imagination! After all, the parrot will probably quickly become a member of the family and become the universal favorite.

    The bird eventually remembers its nickname and begins to respond to it, and if it is a talking breed and you will be engaged with it, then the bird will be able to pronounce its own name. In this article we will tell. What name can you choose for a parrot boy, so that it is beautiful, memorable, and the pet can easily learn to speak it.

    Where to look for inspiration?

    When you have just brought the bird home, it is still difficult for you to judge its character. In addition, over time, the behavior of the parrot can change.

    Therefore, to come up with nicknames for boys' parrots, reflecting behavioral traits (Screamer, Badass, Talker) is not the best option.

    As well as topical names in honor of pop singers, politicians: in a few years they will not be heard, and the meaning of the name will be lost.

    It is best to name a bird in honor of a popular character in a fairy tale, a book, a movie, in honor of an exotic island, in a word related to the jungle, the forest - its homeland.

    If the bird says

    Many species of domestic parrots (Jaco, Amazon, Corella, wavy) "speak" - that is, sounds of human speech are very similar. Abilities to this all parrots are different. For example, Jaco can learn many words (up to 800), and Corella says the words more clearly.

    Usually the first word that a parrot is taught is his own name. Of course, such activities require time and patience, but if you are determined to learn a pet to the sounds of speech, then it will be best to pick up a name that will be easy for him to pronounce and remember.

    Not all sounds are easy for parrots. They pronounce hissing well: “h”, “sh”, “u”, consonant “k”, “p”, “f”, vowels “a”, “i”, “e”, “e”.

    It is not easy for them to pronounce the protracted vowels “o”, “a”, “u” and sonorous consonants: “n”, “m”, “l”, “d”.

    Best of all, as a first word for a parrot, a combination of 4-5 "easy" sounds for him.

    How to name a budgie

    Budgerigars - the most common of domestic feathered pets. His plant most often due to its compact size and bright color.

    In terms of “speech abilities,” the wavy parrot “middling”: he can learn up to 150 words and pronounce them quite legibly.

    The names for boys wavy parrots are best to choose from "light" sounds. Here are some examples:

    The simplest nickname for a boy wavy parrot will be a disyllable name, the best of four letters using the vowels "and", "e" and hissing consonant.

    Names for Corella

    The Corella parrot is a large bird with a beautiful tuft and a bright yellow head. Therefore, the names they usually give more sonorous and "solid" than wavy parrots. Corella is also best taught words of two syllables and hissing sounds.

    But their “diction” and “language skills” are better, so the name with sonorous sounds and long consonants is also suitable for them - the main thing is that you and the rest of the family like it. If you study with the parrot for a long time, he will remember any word.

    Here are some examples of beautiful names for Corella boys' parrots:

    Choose a beautiful name for a parrot

    If you do not want to teach the bird to speak for some reasons - for example, you have a “non-speaking” breed (cockatoo, macaw), or there is no time for “classes”, or you do not want the “talk” of the parrot to break the silence in the house - the list of names becomes unlimited. Even if the parrot does not learn to pronounce its name, it will soon respond to it - in this case, the name can be anything (reasonably).

    You can call the parrot the name of your favorite movie actor, character - or just a word that you like. The names of exotic islands, natural phenomena, everything connected with Africa and the jungle are well suited to parrots as names. Here are some examples of beautiful names for parrot boys:

    Funny names for birds

    Parrots are very funny pets. And if you teach them to pronounce their own name, they can cheer up all the guests and family members! Therefore, many people choose “funny” names for parrots - so that every time the bird pronounces it, there is a reason to smile. Among the cool names for boys parrots can be:

    • Names of funny or comic characters (Chaplin, Goofy, Pinkie, Chucky),
    • Funny combinations of sounds (Chacha, Kuki, Bobo),
    • Nicknames characterizing the parrot itself (Taciturn, Bully, Bird).

    Remember that you should not write indecent nicknames for your pet: firstly, it is not very beautiful in relation to an unreasonable creature, and secondly, the parrot can suddenly "introduce itself" to your family or guests.

    Name for wavy parrot: how to name a feathered friend?

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    Trying to teach your pet bird to talk, you must take into account the structural features of its vocal cords. Call a wavy parrot should be so so that the name prevailed sounds that it will be easier for him to play.

    For example, such deaf, hissing consonants like "K", "P", "T", "X", "H", "W", "Y".

    The sonorous sound "P". Short vowels - "A", "E", "I", "O", "U".

    It is desirable that the name chosen for wavy parrot, did not contain the sounds "L", "M", "H", which make it difficult for the bird to pronounce. And of course it is important that the owners themselves like the name of the bird.

    Name for boy wavy parrot

    Many human names fit the birds.

    For example: Arkasha, Archibald (Archie), Abram (Abrasha), Arseny (Arik, Arsyusha), Ara, Archi, Boria (Borka), Vova (Vovka), Vincent (Vikesha, Kesha, Keshka), Vitya (Vitka), Vasya , Gosh, Garrick, Harry, Gabriel (Gavryusha), Grisha, Guy, Gena (Genka), Jack, Joe, Dodo, Dodi, Darius, Giuseppe, Joy, Yermey, Jerzy, Jacques, Jora (Zhorka, Zhorik), Zheka, Zeus, Zurito, Yorick, Joseph (Yosya), Izya, Kapitoshka, Kiryusha, Koko, Corrado, Kuzya, Oscar, Ostap, Ozzy, Petka (Petrusha), Pierre, Prosha, Riccardo (Ricky), Ramses, Rokki, Ricci, Romao , Buben (Rubik), Rodrigo, Savely (Sava), Stepka (Stesha), Tisha (Tishka), Toto (Toto), T Aras, Toby, Figaro, Fedor (Fedya), Javier, Charlie, Shurik (Sasha), Eric, Elvis, Eustace, Yasha (Yashka), Yarik.

    As a name for a wavy parrot, you can use and such funny nicknames: Irish, Acha, Barbecue, Golden Eagle, Bingo, Baron, Whiskey, Grand, Degree, Zen, Givenchy, Zero, Zephyr, Cucaracha, Commander, Petrushka, Pirate, Prince, Pyzhik, Silver, Trash, Gucci, Padede, Pretty, Peach , Reggae, Ryabchik, Rickshaw, Sushi, Sexy, Sapphire, Tigra, Tofi, Taro, Wushu, Chopin, Khryusha, Tsunami, Shokko, Union, Yakuza.

    Name for girl wavy parrot

    Choosing a name for a female wavy parrot is even easier.

    Let's start with human names: Augusta, Alice, Agatha, Assol, Ada, Asya, Astra, Accha, Aphrodite, Barbie, Basia, Betsy, Babette, Britta, Becky, Varya, Gabi, Hera, Pear, Greta, Gita, Gressi, Gerda, Gutya, Galka , Goldie, Dasha, Dora, Desi, Dita, Jackie, Jesse, Judy, Dusya, Dorri, Eve, Juju, Josi, Zuja, Zara, Zeya, Zaza, Zosya, Zul, Zita, Ida, Istra, Ivetta, Iris, Isidora , Isis, Isolde, Kerry, Kira, Koki, Kupava, Kora, Kristi, Ksyusha, Katie, Carmen, Mira, Odette, Peggy, Patricia, Pitta, Peggy, Rosa, Rita, Rada, Sarah, Sofa, Taisia, Tutsi, Tata , Taffy, Tess, Terry, Tessa, Tori, Ursula, Frosya, Frida, Firuz, Harry, Circe , Erika, Era, Erna, Esther, Yuta, Yaza, Yasya.

    The name for a girl's wavy parrot can be picked up quite ridiculous, but at the same time very accurate for her, noticing a bright character trait.

    For example: Alaska, Africa, Businka, Blizzard, Gamma, Thunderstorm, Fidget, Blackberry, Bunny, Zabava, Lyre, Dolce, Smoke, Toffee, Willow, Eastoma, Ibiza, Button, Doll, Bullfight, Candy, Koko, Coquette, Quint, Muse, Oda, Orchid, Prima, Button, Ryabinka, Siesta, Sonya, Arrow, Fairy, Happy, Swell, Little Thing, Shusha, Yula, Yagodka, Yabloko.

    Choosing a cool beautiful name for wavy parrot, jaco or Corella is a difficult matter. Especially if you can not accurately determine the sex of the bird. Prostozoo will tell about how to choose and which can be given a popular name for a parrot-boy, girl, and in the case when the floor cannot be precisely established.

    Each owner wants to come up with an original name for his pet.

    In this case, it often happens that the boy bought becomes after some time a girl and vice versa, or that the name absolutely does not fit the bird in character and temperament.

    Therefore, most breeders recommend not to rush to choose a name before buying, but first bring the bird home and watch it for a while. And to make it easier to choose a name, use the following tips.

    • Make a list of the names of all relatives, friends, neighbors and other people who visit you more often or less often and in no case call so a parrot. This will save you from problems and embarrassing situations in the future.
    • Если кроме попугая в доме есть другие птицы или домашние животные, то у нового члена семьи кличка должна максимально отличаться от других, чтобы попугай знал – это звуковое сочетание касается именно его.
    • Если хотите чтобы попугай быстро привык к своему имени – произносите его почаще, эмоционально, но не громко, четко и медленно.
    • Если вы купили пару попугаев и точно знаете, какой у них пол, то можете смело назвать их в честь известных исторических или литературных пар – Бони и Клайд, Гретель и Гензель и т.п.
    • For fun, some owners call the parrot in honor of a political, state or cultural figure - Zhirik, Chubais, Yanik. However, this is an unfortunate choice of name. Such people are popular temporarily, because soon the joke will cease to be funny, but the name will remain. It will be unpleasant for you to pronounce it, and the bird will suffer from a lack of communication.
    • Do not rush to give nicknames to parrots of the type of Skoda, Warbler, Pyshka, etc., it makes sense to give such nicknames to birds already to adults who have developed character and behavioral traits rather than little nestlings. Let it be a pet nickname, not a permanent name.
    • If you can’t determine if a boy (male) is a parrot or a girl (female), then it’s logical to choose a neutral name, such as Robertino, Quilly, or shorter Sunny, Ricky, Hypo, Roni, Flopi, Laurie, Chunya, Mickey etc.

    Choosing the name of the parrot, it is advisable to take into account its breed:

    • to parrots that cannot reproduce the human language, any name, short, sonorous, clear (Chiki, Stepa, Richie, Stesha, Kesha),

    Why the parrot may not like the name

    But sometimes the pet ignores the appeal to him, and the person is to blame for this. The owner certainly wants to give the parrot a nickname that no one has, and sometimes it recalls rather exotic, unusual words. As a result, the name may be too long or difficult to pronounce. However, in relation to the wavy parrot, it must be remembered that he should, if possible, learn to pronounce his name, as this becomes one of the conditions for good contact between man and bird. There are cases when a parrot itself replaces a name that has not liked it with a more sonorous and convenient pronunciation. Ornithologists, who are well aware of the features and potential abilities of this species of parrots, give advice on how to avoid a mistake in such an important matter.

    How to name a wavy parrot - expert advice

    First of all, we must proceed from the fact that the name should be short and easy to remember. If traditional Kesh or Boatsman seem commonplace, other options can be considered, but only taking into account bird perception. So, parrots are very fond of hissing and whistling sounds, and especially rumbling sound [p]. You can be sure that their presence in the name is likely to delight the parrot, and he will immediately try to pronounce a new word. Easy to pronounce and drawl vowels [a], [y], [e]. But sonoric [l], [m], [n] and the vowel [o] are unlikely to be liked, and he can change the word, trying to get rid of difficult sounds. It is better if the name is one- or two-syllable and include approximately the same number of consonants and vowels.

    Dual names are unsuccessful, for example, Mary Poppins. They are undesirable for the reason that they are long. In addition, a parrot, accustomed to its full name, may subsequently not respond to its shortened version, which will make communication more difficult.

    Another tip: choosing the name of a parrot, you need to exclude those that are already worn by someone from the family or pets, otherwise the bird would be at a loss when he heard a familiar word addressed to someone else.

    If a couple of parrots live in the house, they should be given nicknames that are completely different in sound so that the birds do not get confused.

    How can you call a parrot depending on gender

    Coming up with the bird a specific name of a boy or girl, you need to be quite confident in its gender. Otherwise, it is better to dwell on a neutral name, such as Sashka, Stesha, Roki, etc., so that in the future the male will not be, for example, Alice.

    If the floor of the bird is known for sure, you can choose one of the sonorous names recommended by experts. Here are the variants of how to name a boy parrot: Kesha, Kuzya, Arkasha, Boss, Vasya, Gosha, Jean, Zhora, Chris, Max, Misha, Roma, Semyon, Shurik, Yasha.

    Females are more difficult to learn than males, so sometimes the first word spoken by a bird becomes their name. But most often the owner himself decides how to name the parrot girl. For the bird language, for example, Alice, Asya, Arisha, Irisha, Glasha, Dasha, Zhanna, Katie, Rosa, Rita, Shura, Ulya are more suitable.

    Of course, this is a small number of options that can be offered. Someone calls a parrot the name of a favorite character in a book, movie or cartoon, someone prefers to give a human name, often a diminutive. The main thing is that it should be liked by its owner and reflect the peculiarities of his character. And yet - the funny name of the bird, pronounced by itself, is capable at any moment to lift the mood and create a cheerful atmosphere.

    How to teach a parrot to name

    Wavy parrots perceive information differently. One will immediately remember his name and even try to repeat it. It will take time for another to get used to it and learn how to respond. In this case, you need as often as possible to contact the parrot by the name of a calm voice. Slow, smooth pronunciation of sounds will help the bird to quickly remember and repeat it.

    So, the decision, what to call a parrot, should not be spontaneous. His choice should be approached seriously - because so you will call your pet for a few years. Here are the main criteria that you need to be guided in solving the problem of how to name a parrot: brevity, absolute clarity for the bird, sound accessibility.


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