Multifel-4 vaccine: instructions (for cats)


Short description: This vaccine contains inactivated strains of the following viruses: rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia, calicivirus. It also includes strains of microorganisms that cause chlamydia in cats. It is intended for the formation of animal immunity to the above infectious diseases. If infection with one or several of these diseases has already occurred, Multifel-4 does not apply. The therapeutic effect of this drug does not. Immunity to the corresponding infections in kittens occurs 14 days after the twofold administration of the drug. It persists for a year.

For whom: for animals belonging to the cat family.

Vacation form: the drug is a grayish-pink liquid, packaged in a volume of 1 cm3 in ampoules (vials). The vaccine may have a loose sediment that normally dissolves when the vial is shaken. Each package contains 10 ampoules.

Dosage: The first vaccination with this drug is shown to kittens at the age of 8-12 weeks. It is repeated after 21-28 days. Then, adult cats are recommended to be vaccinated every 12 months to prevent the corresponding infectious diseases. The drug is administered in 1 cm3 subcutaneously in the region of the blades of the animal. Kittens under the age of 6 months are administered 0.5 cm3 of this agent. Use only disposable or sterilized syringes and needles for vaccination. Vial or ampoule with liquid must first be shaken to obtain a homogeneous suspension.

Limitations: immunization with this vaccine can only be healthy animals. Otherwise, the cats can worsen the existing disease and there are many complications. Do not use the drug in the presence of impurities in it and at the end of the shelf life. A swelling may form at the vaccination site, which usually quickly disappears on its own. The vaccine which is not subject to use is neutralized by boiling within 15 minutes.

general information

This drug has an immunobiological effect. It contains formalin-inactivated strains of viruses of infectious rhinotracheitis, calcivirosis, panleukopenia, adjuvant and chlamydia. Fourteen days after vaccination, animals develop a stable immunity to these diseases. It persists for one year. The cost of one dose depends on the region and starts from one hundred eighty-two hundred rubles.

The vaccine for cats “Multifel-4”, the instructions for use of which will be discussed in this publication, does not have healing properties and is completely safe for animals of all ages. It is a clear or slightly turbid pink or light yellow liquid. Sometimes a precipitate forms at the bottom of the vial, turning into a homogeneous suspension when agitating.

Dosage and administration

The first time the vaccine “Multifel-4” (instructions for cats is discussed in this article) is introduced to animals that have reached the age of eight weeks. Twenty-eight days later it is repeated again. In the future, adults are vaccinated every twelve months.

An injection is made under the skin in the area of ​​the shoulder blades. Kittens that are not half a year old are recommended to administer a half a lump of the drug, older individuals - 1 cm 3. For the implementation of the procedure using only disposable syringes and needles. The ampoule or vial of substance is pre-shaken to form a homogeneous suspension.

“Multifel-4” (instructions for cats, the price of the drug is discussed in today's publication) is introduced only by absolutely healthy animals. Shortly before this, they must necessarily undergo preliminary treatment from external and internal parasites.


The vaccine is suitable for use within one year from the date of its production. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the dates on the packages. Store the drug in a dark, dry place. “Multifel-4” is not allowed to use (instructions for cats are described in detail above), on the ampoules of which there are no labels. It is also forbidden to use bottles containing impurities.

As for side effects, in the veterinary practice there are only isolated cases of complications that developed after the introduction of this drug. Sometimes a small, rapidly disappearing swelling forms at the injection site. Some animals may have an allergic reaction to the components of the vaccine. To remove this effect is usually used antihistamines.

The vaccine “Multifel-4” (instructions for cats should be studied before use) is not administered to animals that are under eight weeks of age, pregnant and lactating individuals. In addition, vaccination is not done clinically sick or weakened pets. To avoid a decrease in the effectiveness of immunoprophylaxis, one should avoid violating the recommended vaccination regimen. In the case of skipping re-injection of the drug should be as soon as possible to carry out immunization.

“Multifel-4” (instruction for cats): reviews

Many pet owners vaccinate their animals with this particular drug. According to them, it does not cause allergic reactions and other side effects. At the same time, this vaccine provides reliable protection of a shaggy pet against such serious infectious and viral diseases as calcivirosis and rhinotracheitis.

The only thing that experienced cat owners recommend is to pay special attention to the shelf life and storage conditions of the drug. In addition, they advise two weeks before the planned vaccine to treat a pet for fleas and worms, since it is these parasites that often carry various infections.

Composition and release form

The structure Multifel-4 includes strains:

  • panleukopenia
  • rhinotracheitis
  • calcivirus
  • chlamydia

Strains inactivated, that is, devoid of activity. Deactivation is carried out with formalin. This method triggers the protective functions of the cat's immune system, but does not infect the body.

Description of the vaccine for cats Multifel-4

Externally, the vaccine looks like a clear or slightly turbid liquid, in which a slight precipitate may be present. It should disappear when shaken. The color may be light yellow or pink. Available in the form of solution for injection, packaged in 1 ml., In bottles of 3-5 ml.

Multifel 4 is available as an injection solution.

The vials are sealed with rubber stoppers, sealed with aluminum caps and sealed.

Each bottle must indicate:

  • Manufacturer,
  • Title,
  • Batch number
  • Volume,
  • Release date
  • Shelf life.

Dosage and instructions for use

First, the bottle is necessarily heated to 36-38 degrees. Then, the contents are shaken until the precipitate disappears.

  • Kittens are vaccinated at first 8 - 12 weeks.
  • Reuse after 28 days.
  • One animal is taken 1 ml., regardless of weight and breed.
  • Kittens are revaccinated again at 10-12 months.
  • Adult animals not vaccinated at an early age are vaccinated in any period according to the same pattern. twice after 28 days.
  • In the future is done annually.

For vaccination use only sterile syringes and tools. Do not use one syringe for multiple animals. It is undesirable to disturb the vaccination scheme of animals. When the timing of the shift may decrease the effectiveness of the vaccine.

If after 28 days you have not managed to re-vaccinate, then you need to do it as soon as possible. Before vaccination, the cat is treated for worms and parasites.

Subcutaneous vaccine is not completely absorbed. It remains in the form of hard capsules, which are removed only by surgery.

According to the instructions, the vaccine is injected into the cat's thigh. At this point, you must fix the animal. When vaccinating, you must follow the rules of personal hygiene and be careful.

If the vaccine gets on the skin or mucous membrane, it is washed with cold water as soon as possible. The place where the vaccine was accidentally spread was treated with a 5% solution of chloramine or caustic soda.

Side effects

  • A small amount may appear at the injection site. swellingwhich will disappear after a while.
  • Very rarely can occur allergic reactions for vaccine. To eliminate them you need to use antihistamines.
  • With an overdose of the vaccine, no symptoms of the diseases included in the composition were identified. But to exceed the permissible dosage in any case can not.


There are no special contraindications for use. But using Multifel - 4 is not always possible, namely:

  • in the last month of pregnancy
  • kittens under 8 weeks old
  • sick and weakened animals.
The vaccine should not be administered to cats in the last month of pregnancy.

Once again I remind you that the vaccine is not a therapeutic agent. Therefore, it is impossible to vaccinate sick animals. This can be fatal due to a weakened body. Before use, it is necessary to monitor the cat for several days, measure its temperature and monitor its condition.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Multifel - 4 is stored only in a dark place at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees. The shelf life of not more than 12 months from the date of manufacture indicated on the bottle.

  • were frozen
  • have erased labels,
  • have impaired packaging integrity,
  • have a changed color
  • impurities in the vaccine that are not eliminated by shaking,

subject to disinfection by boiling for 15 minutes, and then disposal. The same applies to a vaccine that has not been used for 2 hours since the opening of the vial.

The vaccine disinfected by boiling is utilized as household waste.

Price and analogues

However, this vaccine has analogues that differ in cost and countries of production. For example, Nobivac Tricat Trio (Netherlands), the price per dose ranges from 350 to 450 rubles. Or Quadricat (France), the cost of one dose of which is from 580 to 680 rubles.

The feedback from cat owners who used this vaccine is overwhelmingly positive. Animals tolerate vaccines well enough with this vaccine.

What is used for

Vaccinations made to cats with this vaccine prevent infection of the animal in the following:

  • chlamydia
  • rhinotracheitis,
  • Calcivirosis
  • panleukopenia.

An immune response in cats is formed 14 days after using the medication. The effect of the use of the vaccine year. This remedy does not harm the cat's body. However, the vaccine "Maltifel-4" does not have the therapeutic effect. Use of this drug is allowed not only for cats, but also for other members of the family.

Vaccine "Multifel-4" for cats: instructions for use

For the first time, this drug is administered to kittens at the age of 8-12 weeks. Exactly after 28 days, the procedure is repeated. Both times the drug is used in an amount of 1 ml. The dosage of the medicine does not depend on the breed and body weight. The second time vaccination kitten is made at the age of 12 months. In subsequent injections, it is advisable to make an animal every year.

It often happens that at an early age the cat does not take root. In this case, the animal can be vaccinated for the first time at any time twice, also with an interval of 28 days. Further vaccinations are made every year.

To violate the vaccination scheme described above when using Multifel-4, the instruction for cats does not allow. The delay in this case may lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of the drug. If it was not possible to re-administer the drug after 28 days, this should be done as soon as possible.

Before vaccination, the animal must be treated for worms. This drug is administered only intramuscularly. Subcutaneously, this vaccine can not be pricked. The fact is that with this method of administration, the liquid does not absorb into the tissue and does not disperse throughout the body. Moreover, the animal may form a hard lump, which then will have to be surgically removed.

Consequences of overdose

Such is the instruction provided for the Multifel-4 medication. For cats, this drug should be used, of course, correctly. No signs of chlamydia, calcivirosis, panleukopenia, etc. were identified in those animals that were administered an excessively large dose of Multifel-4. The same applies to post-vaccination reactions. However, the dosage of this medication should be observed, of course, rigorously.

Sometimes a small swelling appears at the site of the vaccine. No additional measures are required in this case. After a while, the swelling disappears on its own.

How to make an injection

Thus, it prescribes intramuscular inoculation with the use of the drug "Multifel-4" instruction for cats. Where to prick medicine? The answer to this question, of course, also would like to receive many owners of such pets. In veterinary clinics, such vaccinations are usually done in the back of the animal. Similarly, should be done in the event that it was decided to carry out vaccination independently. To prevent the cat from injuring the owner during the procedure, the front part of her body must first be wrapped in a blanket.

Interaction with other drugs

What other medicines can Multifel-4 be used with? The instructions for cats allow this drug to be used only simultaneously with the Leominor Leukemia vaccine. In any case, the syringe with the introduction of this tool should be used only new. It is not allowed to mix any other drugs with “Multifel-4” in one dose.

special instructions

The vaccine should be used for its intended purpose no later than two hours after opening the bottle. According to the safety rules, it is impossible to allow "Multifel-4" to hit the skin. If this happens, the contaminated area should be thoroughly rinsed with plenty of boiled water. Sometimes it happens that the vaccine gets on the floor. In this case, a five percent solution of chloramine or caustic soda is used to remove it.

If the drug is accidentally administered to a person, the injection site must first be treated with medical alcohol. Next, be sure to consult a doctor.

Vaccine storage conditions

The use of the drug "Multifel-4" for vaccination of cats is allowed, of course, only if it was stored correctly. According to the instructions for use, keep the bottle or ampoules with this medicine can only be in a dark place at temperatures up to 8 degrees Celsius (in the refrigerator). The shelf life of this drug is 12 months from the date of manufacture. To keep this vaccine, of course, should be in such a way that it could not get pets or children.

Drug cost

Thus, it provides for a fairly simple instruction for the drug "Multifel-4". For cats (the price of the product is not too high), this vaccine should definitely be used. This will protect your pet from many troubles. Of course, most often the animals are injected in the veterinarian. There is such a procedure about 450 p. The price for the vaccine itself is only about 150-190 r. for a bottle or ampoule (one dose).

Drug reviews

So, the reader now understands what instruction exists for the Multifel-4 tool. For cats (reviews say this clearly) vaccination with the use of this drug will be very useful. Opinion about this vaccine in pet owners has developed really good. The Multifel-4 vaccine protects cats from various diseases quite well. The exception is, unfortunately, only calcivirosis. However, even if the vaccinated animal gets sick, it will most likely not have any complications (including eye diseases).

Transfer cats "Multifel-4" cats are usually very good. Many pet owners even note the fact that after vaccination, their pets become much more active and playful. Also, cats in many cases, improves appetite.

Instructions for use

Immunobiological Multifel-4, according to the manufacturers, assuming the timing of vaccination forms an immune response to:

Are you curious what the vaccine effect is based on?

The immune response is formed by the formation of specific memory cells. In the case of Multifel-4, memory cells form weakened strains of the 4 diseases listed above and this happens two weeks after vaccination.

The same immune response persists for one year.


The drug Multifel-4 does not have medicinal properties!

Dosage and timing of vaccination

The Russian vaccine manufacturer, the Vetbiohim Group of Companies international holding, produces the drug in transparent 1 ml bottles and 3 ml ampoules. The vaccine itself may be either transparent or turbid. Do not be confused by the color (yellow or pink) and the sediment at the bottom of the bottle; shake the bottle before use to dissolve the precipitate.


Если время вакцинации пришлось на холодный период года, ампулу необходимо подогреть до температуры 36-38°С.

  • Первая вакцинация делается котенку в возрасте 8-12 недель. To do this, 0.5 ml of the vaccine is injected subcutaneously in the area of ​​the shoulder blades,
  • The second injection should be 3-4 weeks after the first one.
  • The third is at the age of one animal,
  • All subsequent - once a year.

If re-immunization is missed, just spend it as quickly as possible!

Basic rules for successful immunization:

  • The animal must be great
  • Before vaccination, de-worming is MANDATORY
  • We recommend on the eve of vaccination to give your pet an antihistamine drug,
  • Observe sterility,
  • Process the injection site with alcohol,
  • After vaccination, it is important to observe a quarantine of two weeks duration.

If you follow these basic tenets, the vaccine will work correctly!

Advantages and disadvantages of Multifel-4 for cats

  • Low cost,
  • Chlamydia in the list of diseases against which the vaccine is directed.

Indeed, all - more obvious advantages we have not found. The list of shortcomings, by the way, is also not great, but what are these shortcomings ?!

  • Regular manifestations of local allergic reactions,
  • The drug is not recognized in Europe,
  • Injury to animals.

Are you already scared? Warned - armed!

Reviews of vaccine Multifel-4 for cats

Sergei: “I took the cat from the volunteers, who demanded from me an oath that I would surely have“ Multifel ”the cat (the first vaccination had already been made by them), I am skeptical about vaccination of domestic cats, but then I succumbed to persuasion. It was a big, huge mistake. Within three hours after vaccination, the cat has faded. Then she began to limp, lay down constantly on the floor, refused to water. In the morning the cat began to fever. During this time I managed to read a lot of reviews about this drug and realized that I was in a hurry. The cat was not saved.

Daria: “Kotu is already 8 years old and somehow it turned out that we have long ceased to vaccinate him, hoping for strong immunity. But now the cat became apathetic, lost his appetite, playfulness. Worms drove - it seemed to help, but not for long. Turned to the vet and he advised to instill Multifel. And it helped us! The cat woke up just a dog appetite)) and, it seems, the second youth began. ”

Evgenia: “And I, and my aunt, we kill the Multifel-4 animals and without consequences. I do not drive to the veterinarians, but want to know how I do it? I tightly wrap the cats in a blanket, leaving only the part to which the injection is made. Then wipe the injection site with alcohol and quickly inject the drug. There were no problems yet. ”

Novel: “I support those who are aggressively disposed towards Multifel - that is another crap. The vet introduced the vaccine to the withers and let us go in peace. After 10 days there grew a bump. After another two weeks, the wool over the cone peeled off, an impressive bald patch was formed and it did not grow. I later heard that many faced such a side effect. ”

Vaccine price

The price of one dose (1 ml) is not high. In Russia, it is 180 rubles and 91 hryvnia in Ukraine. official site with information about the manufacturer and the vaccine.


  • Quadricat
  • Nobivac Tricat,
  • Vitafelvak,
  • Leocorifelina
  • Quadricat.

Let's sum up

Multifel-4 for cats - the drug is not expensive, but not safe. In a favorable case, the immune response is formed 2 weeks after vaccination and remains active for 12 months.