Eukanuba dog food: reviews and review of the composition


The most famous brand in Russia, the constant buyer of advertising space at exhibitions, sponsor of numerous dog competitions. However, the aggressive advertising policy of the manufacturer can not replace the quality of its products.

Until 2014, the owner of Eukanuba was Procter and Gamble, and now the brand, like the infamous Pedigri, is owned by Mars Corporation.

A wealth of choice

Under the Eukanuba brand, 55 different dry dog ​​food products are produced, this impressive figure best reflects the marketing research of the market.

No wonder there are a couple of dozen “pedigree” compositions (for whom for the Yorkshire terrier? But they have specially prepared a Labrador Retriever, and don’t buy it for a Golden Retriever - a special one is sold for it).

For a variety of Eukanuboy, bags "for working dogs" and "active dogs" are produced. There is something to feed pets with sensitive skin and weak joints.

In today's review, we look at dry food for small breeds.

Data analysis

The composition of Eukanuba feed for sale in Russia is different from what is produced in the EU for Europe. Therefore, it will not be possible to rely on an English-language website: the recipe is radically different.

  1. The list is headed by sublimated chicken and turkey. The process of sublimation is a chemical procedure, as a result of which liquid is extracted from the product. Unlike meat meal, there is no cooking process, respectively, all nutrients of the original meat are saved. Of course, this item can only be regarded as a high-quality source of proteins.
  2. You can not say about the wheat in the composition of dry food. In fact, wheat is a cheap cereal filler, and its presence in the dog diet at least is debatable.
  3. The same can be said about corn.
  4. Animal fat is a by-product that appears as a result of rendering (slow digestion) of meat components. However, in this case there is no indication of the source and origin of the fat. Accordingly, it can be anything: waste from restaurants, dead cattle, etc. For this reason, does not consider this component of the Eukanuba feed to be of high quality.
  5. Next comes sorghum - a cereal containing starch, similar in nutritional properties to corn. Sorghum does not contain gluten and improves the amount of sugar in the blood, so its presence here is welcome.
  6. In sixth place is rice. Being boiled, it is easily digested, but it is primarily a source of complex carbohydrates, which tend to accumulate in the body as fat. For small dog breeds, this is not the best ingredient. In addition, processed rice does not contain fiber.
  7. Barley also supplies primarily carbohydrates to the body, its nutritional value is low.

All other

The remaining ingredients of Eukanuba in the list are no longer so fundamental for conclusions; nevertheless, there are a few points that you should pay attention to.

  • Beet pulp is a waste from the processing of beets. The cheapest filler for feed. On the other hand, according to some studies, the meal regulates (like sorghum) blood sugar levels. This item is usually contradictory.
  • As in the feed of Royal Canin, the hydrolyzate of animal proteins is also present here. It is a chemically (hydrochloric acid) treated blood. High-quality protein hydrolysates are widely used in food additives as easily digestible elements. However, without specifying the source and origin, in our case, anything can be hidden here. We are sure that this component will not be welcomed by the responsible host.

The contribution of the remaining components to the overall picture is too insignificant to be mentioned separately.

When analyzing this dry food for dogs of small breeds, Eukanuba would like to draw attention to an important point: the imbalance of the recipe. Excellent sources of meat components and an abundance of vegetable cereal fillers to them.

Roughly speaking, sublimated meat is an application for a super premium class, and the vegetable base is a step down towards the economy class (read more about the latter here).

The second point - but it already lies in the area of ​​subjective assessment - how dramatically different the formulation of European and Russian food. In fact, they have nothing in common with each other, except for the same names and packaging.

Eukanuba for small breeds, produced abroad, has these first ingredients:

  1. Hen
  2. Chicken offal flour
  3. Corn flour
  4. Sorghum Whole Grain
  5. Brewing Rice
  6. Chicken fat

And this must be understood when targeting the choice of food for brand recognition and tradition.

Krokhotun Verdict

Considering the above, Eukanuba "For adult dogs of small breeds with chicken and rice, Adult Small breed" - contains high-quality sources of proteins and has an imbalance of other ingredients (vegetable and cereals). Very low fiber content.

The considered composition is balanced between the quality of economy class and premium. At the same time, the price for Eukanubu is at the level of super premium class due to aggressive advertising campaigns. Finally, production is in Russia (this is a negative factor in itself) and some of the ingredients are of unknown origin, and there are contradictions in the most officially published recipe.

Considering all these factors, gives a rating of 3 stars and does not recommend this product to be bought by responsible dog breeders.

We always welcome feedback and comments from readers.

Eukanuba dog food review

Before buying feed of any brand, you should definitely study its composition and read what they write about it on the Internet. Today, the site “Dai Lapu” will tell about Eukanuba dog food - its composition, pros and cons, as well as reviews of those buyers who feed or before fed their pets with “drying” of this brand.

Eukanuba belongs to the super premium class, previously produced by Procter and Gamble, and now the brand belongs to Mars. Food is produced in the USA, the Netherlands and Russia.

The composition of the feed eukanuba for dogs

Consider the composition of the feed Eukanuba on a specific example - an option for adult dogs of the Yorkshire Terrier breed. The first place is freeze-dried (freeze-dried) chicken and turkey meat, at least 30%. Meat is a quality source of protein.

Then there are the following ingredients: corn, wheat, rice, sorghum, barley (sources of carbohydrates), between them there is “animal fat” (source of fatty acids). Dried beet mass is a source of fiber. Further, the composition of another source of fat (fish oil), egg (source of protein), vitamin and mineral supplements.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this brand include:

  • real meat, more than 30% (not in all variants),
  • rich in vitamins and minerals
  • common, there are most pet stores,
  • relatively low price (many analogues are more expensive).

The disadvantages of feed include:

  • the percentage of meat in some variants is much lower
  • a lot of complaints about the quality of feed produced in Russia.

Eukanuba food for dogs - reviews

Feedback on the feed Eukanuba for dogs, writes Valeria from Moscow. As soon as we bought a small spaniel, we immediately ran into a problem - some kind of rash appeared on the skin. Further visit to the veterinarian and diagnosis: food allergies. The doctor advised Eukanuba food, and bought it. Although it is not cheap, but for how many years we have been feeding already and there have been no more allergic reactions.

We buy large packs of 15 kg, worth more than five thousand rubles. The composition of the food has everything you need, so the dog does not give any additional vitamins. In general, there are no complaints about Eukanuba, and we, and our pet, like everything. The only thing I’ll mark is the peculiar smell of food, but it looks like dogs don’t care 🙂

About feed Eukanuba for dogs review writes Elena from St. Petersburg. Good day. When the puppy was taken, the breeder recommended Arden Grange to us, saying that she feeds her pets. But after several days of feeding, it became clear that the food causes digestive problems, the puppy had diarrhea. Perhaps this is due to the transition from my mother's milk immediately to feed, but decided to check and took another brand - Eukanuba.

After the transition, the problem of diarrhea disappeared, so the previous feed was not digested for some reason. Well, oh well, this composition is no worse and there is no big difference in price, we thought. Within two months, everything was fine, but then the puppy, becoming less and less willing to eat, was already thinking about changing feed again. Fortunately, they read on the Internet and it turned out that it was just his teeth changing. Now we are feeding the option for adult dogs, everything suits, therefore we recommend.

Feedback on eukanuba feed for dogs, writes Alain. Hello! We have a big guy labrador breed, a lover of good food. Previously, almost two years they fed him Brit Care food, but somehow they had to visit a veterinary clinic because of allergies and there the veterinarians advised to try Eukanuba for labradors. They also said that this breed is often allergic. The dog is healthy, the coat is excellent, there are no complaints. In general, I advise everyone to try the food brand Eukanuba.

Findings about Eukanuba dog food

Pro eukanuba dog food reviews are overwhelmingly positive, dog owners are happy with their choice. Analyzing the composition of the feed, you can see not such a large percentage of meat, but this is meat, and not of incomprehensible quality subproducts (as in economy class and even premium feed).

From all this it follows that the food is really good, so the site "Dai Lapu" has no reason not to recommend it for the role of the main food for dogs.

The price of eukanuba dog food

  • Eukanuba dry food 0.5 kg - from 240 rubles,
  • Eukanuba dry food 3 kg - from 1 215 rub
  • Eukanuba dry food 15 kg - from 4,400 rubles,

In addition to the above, food is offered in other weight packages. The price depends not only on the weight of the package, but also on the option. Also in different stores you can buy Eukanuba feed at different prices.

What dog food to choose?

Good nutrition is vital. And it is desirable to choose a natural dog food, devoid of artificial substances, dyes and flavor enhancers, which negatively affect the condition of the pet. There are many manufacturers. But not all of them are able to boast good reviews about their products. But this does not apply to Yams. This company produces balanced full-feed. This takes into account the breed, the size and weight of the animal, its state of health, the level of activity.

High quality combined with an affordable price - that's what made this manufacturer's products so in demand. Of course, this is not the only company that deserves attention. But at the moment it occupies a leading position in the market. Therefore, it makes sense to get acquainted with the power of Eukanuba in more detail. We also recommend to look at the article about dry food Akana (Acana) for dogs.

What are the features of eukanuba feed?

To make sure that Eukanuba dog food really is a good choice, you need to consider some points. How did the company that produces these products, what is its history? What range offers to customers? What is the composition of the feed? What are the benefits of Eukanuba diet? What are the flaws in the product of this organization? Only by answering these questions, you can form an idea about the manufacturer. So decide whether to buy this brand.

history of the company

The company appeared in 1946. At first it was a small factory that specialized in the production of dog food. The goods of a little-known company were sold in pet shops rather slowly. Its price was considerable. Indeed, in comparison with competitors, the product contained twice as much natural meat. Dog owners prefer to buy cheaper food for their pets.

However, over time, Eukanuba dog food began to gain popularity. The range has been greatly expanded.


Previously, dog food was versatile. Today, experts in this industry have realized that it is necessary to produce products, taking into account the breed of the animal, its dimensions, weight, and state of health. Understands this and organizations Yams. Therefore, its range is diverse.

The brand is characterized by the presence of feed:

  1. For large, medium and decorative dogs.
  2. For different breeds. For example, for German Shepherd Dogs, Labradors, Dachshunds, Rottweilers, Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, Yorkshire Terriers, Great Danes and others.
  3. For different age categories. There are sets for adults, for puppies, for dogs of old age.

In total, there are about 55 different kinds of feed. And these are only dry varieties. Also present in the line feed for active dogs, which differ in the need for high-energy food. For them, the manufacturer offers the following options: Eukanuba Working & Endurance, Eukanuba Jogging & Agility. They have enough calories, saturate the body with energy.

Particularly worth mentioning is the curative dry dog ​​food, which is produced by Yams. Such products were created not only with the purpose of feeding, but also with the goal of helping to cure many ailments. In the line there are rations designed specifically to solve problems with the musculoskeletal system, to normalize the condition of the skin, to combat obesity.

Also, medical dog food for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract has proven itself very well. Consumers say that the state of the animal is significantly improved. Disorders of the stomach disappear, appetite increases. Many owners, buying food for dogs with sensitive digestion, leave numerous reviews, which thank the manufacturer for such a diet. After all, he really helps.

A mixture of Eukanuba Dermatosis is used to prevent skin inflammation. This is an ideal choice for pets who suffer from food allergies, intolerance to individual components, which are part of the most feed of other brands.

Usually, premium canned food for dogs of the Eukanuba brand is chosen for elderly, sick dogs, when feeding with dry food is not possible. For healthy individuals, they are extremely rare. Most often canned food belong to the medical direction.

Of course, the Eukanuba ration choice is very wide. Therefore, the composition of the feed is varied. For example, Eukanuba canned food for dogs include some ingredients, and dry food - completely different. However, most products are chicken based. There are several positions with rice and lamb meat. There are options with salmon. Analyze the composition of dry food with salmon and rice.

It contains 23% protein, about 14% fat, 2.3% fiber and 6.2% raw ash. Humidity is about 8%.

In fact, the composition is really worthy of the level of super-premium.

Carp especially not to anything. Positions are all balanced. However, there is one point - a low percentage of fiber. Its normal should be 2 times more.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any product has positive and negative sides. Is no exception and Eukanuba. Of course, he has many advantages, and the minuses are very insignificant. But still they are worth considering.

The advantages include:

  • A large assortment. Everyone can choose a suitable option. There is a classification of sets according to breed, size, age. Firm Yam takes into account the taste preferences of animals. Therefore, it produces dog food with salmon, chicken, turkey, beef, and fish. Such a variety allows you to choose food to taste.
  • High quality. This product does not contain artificial colors, flavor enhancers, preservatives, flavors and other harmful substances. According to the manufacturer, the composition is completely natural.
  • The presence of feed prophylactic and therapeutic action. This is achieved thanks to the close cooperation of the company with veterinarians.
  • Availability of high quality animal proteins.
  • The absence of soy and wheat.
  • The products are rich in trace elements and vitamins.

However, reviews of eukanuba dog food indicate such product flaws:

  1. A surplus of cereals in the composition, which have no special importance and value. For example, barley, rice and corn.
  2. The presence of components of questionable quality.
  3. Lack of herbs, vegetables and fruits.
  4. Some products, according to the owners of dogs, cause an allergic reaction.
  5. Enough high cost. This is especially true of dry food.

How much does eukanuba feed cost?

Of course, many consumers consider Yams food as an expensive pleasure. However, for the level of super-premium price is quite acceptable. For example, other quality dog ​​food is a bit more expensive. Much more important is the state of health of the pet. Therefore, it must be said that Eukanuba sets, in principle, are available.

The price of feed depends on the type of product. For example, mixes for puppies really buy for 3,700 rubles per pack of 15 kilograms. As for adult dogs, food for them will cost a bit cheaper - around 3,100 rubles per 15 kilogram. Therapeutic and prophylactic kits and feeds for specific breeds are packed in packages weighing 12 kilograms each. Their cost reaches 3200 rubles. If you want to buy canned food for Eukanuba dogs, you will have to pay 1,650 rubles for one box.

Of course, there is an opportunity to buy and more budgetary feed, which are offered by other manufacturers. Но качество дешевой продукции низкое, а здоровье и хорошее самочувствие собаки зависит от рациона. Нужно помнить об этом при выборе корма для своего домашнего любимца.

Таким образом, сегодня корма Эукануба признаны самыми качественными и полезными среди множества других марок. Свидетельствуют об этом отзывы о корме для собак Eukanuba, которые в большинстве своем положительные. Но встречаются порой и категорически негативные высказывания. Однако ветеринары считают, что корма этой знаменитой марки редко становятся причиной плохого самочувствия питомца. В основном негативные отзывы связаны с плохим подбором смеси и с несоблюдением режима питания. Почитайте статью: Каким ассортиментом корм Хиллс (Hills) для собак представлен на рынке?

Feed Features

Absolutely natural elite product that meets all the needs of your pet, whether it is an adult dog or a puppy, is produced in Holland and the USA. The use of dyes and chemistry, according to manufacturers, is unacceptable, so there are only natural ingredients. Knowing that dogs can be different in their taste preferences, the creators of food tried to make it as diverse as possible. It is worth noting that in canned food and dry food, various types of meat are used - an irreplaceable source of proteins. It also contains vitamins and minerals that are important, regardless of whether your pet is small or large.

Given the fact that food can be intended for individuals of different breeds and ages, the composition may vary. However, many ingredients in both the dry product and the canned food are repeated, regardless of the intended use of the product.

As a rule, nutrition may include:

  • different types of meat for different breeds (lamb, chicken),
  • salmon,
  • cereals (rice, wheat, sorghum, barley),
  • necessary for the health of small and large breeds of dogs omega-3 and omega-6,
  • cellulose,
  • corn,
  • beet pulp,
  • useful substances: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, important for dogs of any breed,
  • vitamins A, B, E, C, necessary for both adult animals and puppies.

Feed line

Thanks to a huge selection of dry and wet products (in canned food), every dog ​​owner can choose something special for her. The line provides for variability of rocks, so various types of products can be offered. The age and weight of the animal is also taken into account by manufacturers, which means there is always a choice of food. There is a medical series.

For large breeds

As a rule, dog food with large sizes contains everything a dog needs as a daily norm. Due to the variety, the dog will have a varied diet. Moreover, you can choose both dry food and canned food.

  • Adult Large Breed Lamb & Rice (lamb and rice). For an adult dog of a large breed, a great option is offered with a lamb and easily digestible cereal - rice. Both components contain a lot of nutrients. Thanks to natural ingredients, the large dog remains in shape, and its wool is thick and shiny.
  • Adult Large Breed Chicken (chicken). Wonderful dry food. Here is a gentle chicken meat, allows the dog to stay strong and healthy throughout the day. The components that are in the Eukanuba feed, strengthen the dog's immunity and fill it with energy.

If your dog belongs to such breeds as Labrador or German Shepherd, then specially for them were developed feed. The balance of the composition and the successful combination of ingredients helps a large dog to stay healthy. The composition of dry food has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. It is thanks to him that dogs of large breeds have an excellent metabolism.

In addition to the dry product, you can offer your pet a surprise. It is canned. Wet food with juicy meat will not leave the dog indifferent.

For small breeds

If your dog has small sizes, there is a separate line of feed for him. As a rule, they are marked with the Adult Small Breed.

For small rocks, it is important that the granules are small. Then the dry food will be easily digested in the dog's body. Meals based on chicken or lamb, as a rule, are absorbed by the stomach of the small dog without any problems. Only then the dog of small breed will remain healthy.

We recommend that you choose Eukanuba Adult Small Breed or Eukanuba Adult Small & Medium Lamb and Rice. By the way, the latter is distinguished by its versatility, therefore it is also suitable for dogs of medium breeds. Well, if you have a Yorkshire terrier, then the manufacturers have worked separately for it, so you can buy Eukanuba Yorkshire Terrier Adult feed for it.

Medicinal and dietary products

Does your dog of one breed or another have poor health? Or is it a nursing female? Or maybe the dog suffers from allergies? In any of these cases, manufacturers are ready to offer feed options that are suitable for your pet. Medical nutrition - the guarantee of health of the dog.

  • If your dog is active, then he will like Eukanuba Performance (Working and Endurance). The same food is great for lactating females, as it is particularly balanced and supports immunity.
  • Manufacturers offer medical food for dogs with gastrointestinal diseases, and this is Eukanuba Intestinal. It is suitable for dogs with disorders of the digestive system and intestinal inflammations of various stages.
  • For pets with skin diseases, a separate medicinal food is offered. Eukanuba Dermatosis FP Responce. It happens that the dog's body does not tolerate one or another ingredient, which is expressed by allergies. As a rule, this medical food copes with this problem. Thanks to the ingredients, the dog does not suffer from allergies and receives everything its body needs.

For puppies

Small puppies may be offered options that they will certainly like. As a rule, such nutrition contains substances necessary for the growing organism.

  • Offer a large pet a meal with chicken Eukanuba Puppy & Junior Large Breed, and he will be full and healthy.
  • Do you have a small breed puppy? Eukanuba Puppy Small Breed with chicken is the best choice.
  • If the puppy does not have good health, then a special option is suitable for him. This is a therapeutic product for animals with a sensitive stomach. Eukanuba Puppy All breed Lamb & Rice is exactly what you need.

Advantages and disadvantages of feed

So, the advantages of this product:

  • naturalness
  • options for different breeds,
  • variety of products (canned food, dry food),
  • there is food for adult dogs and puppies,
  • medical food.

The downside is the price of this feed, especially dry, as well as the presence of cereals, such as wheat and barley. According to customers, it is preferable to take the composition of Eukanuba with a minimum of their content.

How is this feed better than others?

One of the significant advantages of Eukanuba feed is the presence of an extensive range of therapeutic nutrition for dogs suffering from intestinal disorders, renal failure, obesity, stress, problems with joints, dermatitis and diabetes. For example, in super premium yozer, Nutram and Optima Nova feeds, there are narrower lines of veterinary nutrition, limited by problems with weight, skin and stomach condition.

The main advantage of this feed is its extensive range.

Another advantage of the Eukanuba rations is the presence of a special food intended not only for sterilized and neutered dogs, but also for weight loss. Indicators of fat reach only 7.6%, which contributes to the active getting rid of extra pounds and maintaining optimal weight. Optima Nova and Nutram's weight control feeds contain 9% fat, and Monge feeds - 10%.

The range of Eukanuba feed contains about 10 options for specific breeds, and their composition has been developed taking into account the peculiarities of the breed's lifestyle Such an abundance of specific rations can not be found either in the brand Yozer, or in the brands Portselan, Brit Care and Bosch.

Food for puppies Eukanuba Dog Puppy & Junior

Nutrition for puppies is designed to meet the fast-growing young body and contains all the necessary useful elements for its healthy development.

Eukanuba puppy food lineup.

The Eukanuba Dog Puppy & Junior series includes the following options:

  • Small Breed - food with a high content of proteins and fats, necessary for the accelerated metabolism of puppies of small breeds from 1 to 10 kg.
  • Medium Breed is a diet designed for puppies of medium breeds, which in adulthood will weigh from 11 to 25 kg. The main component is chicken meat.
  • Large Breed - food for large (25-40 kg) and giant (more than 40 kg) puppies. Since these puppies are characterized by rapid growth, the food contains specially selected levels of protein, calcium and phosphorus for optimal development of joints and bones, as well as proper muscle formation.
  • All Breeds - easily digestible puppy food of all breeds based on lamb meat. The optimal solution for small pets with problematic digestion and sensitive skin.

Adult Dog Food

Rations for adult dogs provide optimal intake of nutrients in the body of pets of all breeds and sizes.

Eukanuba feed line for adult dogs.

  • Eukanuba Dog Adult - a series of feed for the daily nutrition of adult dogs of different ages. Small Breed is suitable for pets of small breeds from 1 to 7 years old and has small granules for easier chewing and digestion. Medium Breed based on chicken meat is designed for medium breeds from 1 to 7 years old, and Large Breed with natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin for large dogs from 1 to 6 years. There are options on the basis of lamb for small and medium breeds, and separately for large ones. As well as the diet for all breeds, where the main component is salmon fillet.
  • Eukanuba Dog Adult Weight Control - feed for adult pets of large and medium breeds that are prone to obesity. To control the weight in their composition contains 40% less fat than normal diets.
  • Eukanuba Dog Adult Toy Breed - food for miniature dogs whose weight does not exceed 4 kg. Suitable for feeding from one year to very old age (8 years).
  • Eukanuba Dog Adult Jogging & Agility - food for active pets that need a lot of nutrients and energy daily. Contains a high level of protein (28%) and fat (18%).
  • Eukanuba Dog Adult Working & Endurance - a diet for working dogs experiencing heavy physical exertion. To preserve health and maintain excellent physical shape, the feed contains 30% protein and 20% fat.
  • Eukanuba Dog Adult Breed Specific - specially designed food to stimulate an active lifestyle and healthy digestion of pets of certain breeds. There are options for rations for Jack Russell Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, West Highlan-White Terriers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Boxers, English Cocker Spaniels, Dachshunds and others.

Feed for older dogs

A series of such rations is designed to improve the general well-being and mood of aging dogs. They contain ingredients that help maintain optimal physical condition, organ activity, joint mobility, healthy digestion, and strong immunity.

  • Eukanuba Dog Mature & Senior - feed for older dogs of different age categories. Contains in the composition of special carbohydrates, providing a constant flow of energy to maintain activity and agility. There are 4 options: for small breeds over 7 years old, for medium breeds over 7 years old, for large breed dogs over 6 years old and for all breeds with skin or stomach sensitivity.
  • Eukanuba Dog Mature & Senior Toy - food for elderly dogs of miniature breeds, taking into account all the needs of small pets.
  • Eukanuba Dog Adult Daily Care Senior 9+ - food for old dogs over 9 years old.

Daily Care Feed for Dogs with Special Needs

This series includes several feeds designed for pets with individual body characteristics:

  • Sensitive Skin - a diet for dogs with sensitive skin, which include almost no components that cause itching and further scratching. The main source of protein is fish.
  • Sensitive Joints - special food, designed for adult dogs with a predisposition to diseases of the joints. The formulation contains glucosamine and chondroitin to preserve the health of the joints, as well as L-carnitine to maintain a normal weight, which helps reduce the load on the joints.
  • Sensitive Digestion - food for pets with sensitive digestion, which includes sugar beet pulp and FOS prebiotics to normalize the digestive process and optimize the intestinal microflora balance.
  • Overweight, Sterilized - food for sterilized or castrated dogs, as well as for pets prone to gaining extra pounds. Contains 15% less fat than a special diet for losing weight Eukanuba Adult Weight Control.

Medical feed Eukanuba Veterinary Diets

This is a series of specially designed veterinary diets for treating specific diseases in a pet.

Medical feed Eukanuba Veterinary Diets

There are the following options:

  • Dermatosis FP - dog food designed to maintain skin condition in the presence of dermatitis, excessive hair loss and allergic reactions,
  • Intestinal - diet for pets suffering from intestinal disorders (there is a separate Puppy Intestinal diet for puppies),
  • Joint Mobility - nutrition with optimal content of chondroitin and glucosamine for dogs with joint diseases,
  • Renal - food with a limited level of protein and a low concentration of phosphorus to save kidney function in chronic renal failure,
  • Restricted Calorie - a low-energy diet for obese dogs
  • Weight / Diabetic Control - good nutrition for regulating the level of glucose if your pet has diabetes,
  • High Calorie is a high-energy and easily digestible dog food during the rehabilitation period after illness and during stress.

Attention. Most eukanuba medicinal feeds have a number of contraindications, of which the most common are pregnancy, lactation and growth period. To prevent undesirable effects, only a practicing veterinarian should prescribe rations from the treatment line.

Vet reviews on feed

Victor, vet, 39 years. The entire range of Eukanuba feeds consists of exclusively natural products, which is an indisputable reason for purchasing these products. Given the fact that dogs are by nature predators and require large amounts of meat, there could be more meat ingredients in the Eukanuba feed formulation. But this is not a reason to refuse these diets. The manufacturer offers a huge number of balanced feed: and medical, and for everyday feeding of puppies and adult dogs, and for pets with special needs. And they are not at all inferior in quality to similar feeds with a high content of meat. I can safely recommend these rations as a good product for daily nutrition.

Lily, the vet, 56 years. Eukanuba dry feeds are classified as super premium, and therefore have good quality. In their composition there is not only meat, but also whole eggs, cereals, vitamins and minerals, as well as a large number of useful auxiliary components. From the presented feed, you can choose a diet corresponding to the pet's age, his physical condition and lifestyle, which is an indisputable advantage. I recommend this feed as a quality and proven product over the years.

Dog breeder reviews on Eukanuba dog food

Tatyana. Our American Eskimo spitz is already 3 years old, two of them we feed exclusively on Eukanuba food. Up to five months they suffered with smudges under their eyes, which they had long and unsuccessfully tried to cure. But as soon as they changed the food to Eukanuba, all the hated smudges disappeared. The dog liked the food, eats it with a big appetite, there are no problems with health and wool. Previously, they bought food with the image of a spitz on a package; now we take for adult dogs of small breeds. The option is certainly not a budget, but we are not going to change it. We buy 3 kg at once and we eat for two months.

Helena. Our baby breed Yorkshire terrier is very picky in food. Tried a lot of options from cheap to the most expensive - in the end, the dog ate barely, happened, and all day could not touch the food. I recently bought Eukanuba Adult Small Breed feed and was pleasantly impressed. My york is eating with such an appetite that I have never seen before. The only negative - too frequent trips to the toilet (6-7 times per day), accompanied by a strong odor. But in general, the dog is playful, active and cheerful. I will continue to watch.

Conclusions about the feed

Analyzing the composition of the Eukanuba feed, one can see a small percentage of the meat product, but there is no doubt that it is pure meat, and not by-products of dubious quality. In general, the food is fully balanced and corresponds to the stated price, which is lower than many of the analogs of the super premium class. The average cost of a small 2-pound package is from 600 to 1050 rubles, and a large 15-pound package from 3800 to 5800 rubles.