The best chondroprotectors for dogs


Dog lovers are well aware that our four-legged friends sometimes suffer from serious ailments. Help them - the task of the owner. In this article we will present you the best chondroprotectors for dogs.

There are diseases that are characteristic of a particular breed. For example, Sharpey often has a twisted eyelid, Dalmatians often suffer from urolithiasis, and a cute Pekingese almost always needs a caesarean section during childbirth. However, there are diseases that are inherent in all breeds - it will be about joint diseases, fractures and dislocations, arthrosis and arthritis in older animals. We will talk about how to help your pet in such situations. Let's discuss what drugs can cure or alleviate the condition of the animal.

Dog Protector - what is it?

This is a herbal medicine. They are classified by composition and by generations (that is, by the time of introduction into veterinary practice). Today there are three generations of these tools.

In composition, they can be divided into:

  • Glucosamine-containing ("Pentosan", "Adekvan", "Glucosamine", etc.),
  • complexes with glucosamine ("Teraflex", "Artra"),
  • preparations with hyaluronic acid ("Bonharen", "Chionat"),
  • with the content of chondroitin ("Hondrolon", "Chondrogard", "Mukosat"),
  • drugs with chondroitin and hyaluronic acid ("X-GIA").

Medicines produced in the form of a solution for injection are much more effective than those that are produced in tablets. Experts believe that glucosamine-containing drugs have faster analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, especially if they are used as injections.

Factors affecting the choice of drug

First of all, the state of the animal and the joint is taken into account, in particular, the degree of development of the disease, and also:

  • availability of a specialized doctor, the opportunity to visit a clinic where your pet will be able to get an injection,
  • availability of the price of the drug.

In addition, these preparations contain biologically active substances. This is a very effective treatment. Chondroprotectors - drugs for dogs that improve the metabolism of cartilage, slow down or suspend its destruction. In addition, they have anti-inflammatory effects.

If there are no injections in the joint, one can resort to intramuscular injections. Hondoprotector for dogs incorporates the structural elements of cartilage tissue, which are necessary for the renewal and construction of articular cartilage.

Today, veterinarians successfully use chondroprotectors for dogs. The list of such drugs is quite extensive. Here are just some of them:

  • "Biolysin-Artro".
  • "Artrofit".
  • "Stop Arthritis".
  • "Gelabon Plus".
  • "Gelakan".
  • "Stride" and "Stride Plus".
  • "Phytochondrovit".
  • Kinosil.
  • "Hondrokan".

Causes of joint diseases

We are sure that many dog ​​owners are interested in the causes of severe joint lesions in their pets. Today it is one of the most common pathologies. She is able for a long time to deprive the dog of the joy of movement.

The reasons causing such damage include:

  • joint dysplasia
  • genetic predisposition
  • age changes
  • metabolic disorders - vitamin-mineral deficiency causes rickets, osteodystrophy, osteoporosis,
  • autoimmune disorders
  • hypodynamia (lack of movement).

In large dogs, hip, knee joints are more often affected (both in adults and in puppies). Representatives of small and medium-sized breeds are prone to spinal injuries (most often the sacral and lumbar regions). Hunting dogs are characterized by arthritis and arthrosis. As a rule, this is due not only to excessive physical exertion or training of individuals that have not yet reached physiological maturity. Often the causes of the disease lie in the overweight of the animal. It is important to know that every extra five kilograms increases the load on the joints (knee) up to 20 kg.

They have a great influence on injuries and climatic conditions. Marked seasonal exacerbation of chronic diseases. Unfavorable conditions can be detrimental to animals brought from other regions. These include Bordeaux Mastiff, Mastino Napolitano, Mastiffs, Tosa Inu, Fila Brasileiro and others.

For many breeds, lesions of the joints become “familiar”, therefore, when choosing a puppy, you should be aware that, in addition to timely vaccination and high-quality food, you will have to use chondroprotectors for dogs. Description of some drugs, we present in this article.

Treatment algorithm

Animals with articular diseases need comprehensive treatment. In this case, chondroprotectors for dogs are used without fail, but, in addition, the loads must be reduced, inflammatory and pain syndrome removed, joint and limb mobility restored. Treatment involves the use of analgesics, NSAIDs.

Chondroprotectors for large breed dogs

Hyaluronic acid preparations ("Stride", "Bonharen") have proven themselves in clinical veterinary practice. The last chondroprotector for dogs helps to significantly strengthen the joint cartilage and alleviate pain symptoms. It is especially important that these medicines have virtually no side effects.

In clinical studies of the use of "Bonharen" in the treatment of joint dysfunction in dogs, a decrease in pain was noted. The positive effect persisted for 6 months or more. Against the background of the application of this tool, the protective properties of synovial fluid are increased, anabolic stimuli are stimulated and catabolic processes in cartilage are slowed down.

The main difference and the main advantage of "Bonharen" from analogs - the ability to introduce it intravenously. In this case, the inflamed joint is not injured additionally. Due to the fact that hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight penetrates even into hard-to-reach places affected by the inflammatory process, Bonharen compensates for the lack of elastic properties of cartilage, reduces inflammation, pain and facilitates the movement of the animal. That is why today considered by us means one of the best in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the joints.

At increased loads (agility, dressage of the exhibition), 1-3 injections of the drug are made, with dysfunction of the joints, which is accompanied by claudication, pain, the course of treatment is at least three injections with an interval of five days. Dosage - 0.01 ml per kilogram of dog's weight.

This is a natural dog chondroprotector. It provides ease of movement. It is known that damage to the function of the joint, associated with age, stress, trauma, significantly reduces the mobility and physical activity of the pet. Synovial fluid and cartilage tissue are the basis for the work of the shoulder, femur and elbow joints.

"Stride" is a powder that is used for feeding. It provides improved cartilage and dog joints.

"Stride Plus"

Natural chondroprotector for dogs of large breeds, preserving the mobility of joints. It consists of:

  • glucosamine,
  • MSM
  • hyaluronic acid
  • chondroitin.

The listed chondroprotectors for dogs of large breeds are effective remedies that belong to the new generation of drugs.

Treatment of small breed dogs

In small dogs, such as the Pekingese, French Bulldog, Schnauzer, Pygmy Poodle, Spitz or Lapdog, Lagga-Calva-Perthes disease is considered to be the most common. Anomalies of the joints occur in puppies at the age of six months, when isolated foci of osteonecrosis can be observed in the neck and head of the femur. Gradually, the focus increases, the head of the bone collapses, and the articular cavity is affected. The clinical picture is very similar to hip dysplasia. Mobility decreases, pain appears, then lameness and partial muscle atrophy are added to them. During this period there is a slight injury to the limbs. Sometimes this disease affects the shoulder joints. The illness lasts a long time. With timely treatment, the bone tissue is restored (partially), the joint function improves.

Puppies of some small breeds between the ages of four and ten months may develop aseptic necrosis of the femoral head - a genetic disease. It is characterized by impaired blood supply, which leads over time to the destruction of the hip joint. Symptoms of the disease - muscle atrophy, lameness, the animal does not step on the sore paw, it seems to be shortened. For the treatment of these ailments chondroprotectors are used for dogs of small breeds. Here are some of them.

This dog chondroprotector is a mixture of natural ingredients. Available in granules.

"Arthrophyte" is intended for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the ligaments and joints. The drug is prescribed to puppies from one and a half months, as well as adult or elderly animals.

I would like to draw the attention of the owners to the fact that this chondroprotector for dogs, the instruction to which is attached to each package, should be applied in the exact dosage recommended in the description of the drug. Changes can be made only by a veterinarian.

The first two weeks should be given to the animal at 1.5 g per kilogram of weight. Then three weeks for 1 gram. The last twenty-five days, the dose is reduced to 0.5 grams per kilogram of weight.

With considerable physical exertion (when feeding with natural products) the drug can be used for a long time, every 3 days at 0.5 g / kg.

This drug should be given to your pet with food or immediately after feeding, twice a day.

"Gelakan" and "Hondrokan"

These are Czech chondroprotectors for joints. For the dogs they were released by Orling. "Gelakan" and "Hondrokan" deserve a lot of good words from pet owners. They help to cope with various diseases of the joints, ligaments, tendons of our little four-legged pets. The main active ingredient of "Gelakana" is a high-quality natural collagen hydrolyzate. It is a product of enzymatic hydrolysis of tissues containing collagen (animal skin, bones). In addition, the preparation contains proline and glycine, which contribute to the synthesis of type II collagen. As is known, it is the basis of cartilage tissue.

Before use, the drug should be dissolved in water. In the diet should be introduced gradually over ten days, starting with 1/10 of the daily dose. The drug is mixed with the usual pet food.


Many people know that it is much easier to prevent a disease than to cure it. Therefore, do not wait for the thunder to break out. Experienced breeders worry about the health of their pet in advance. At a very early age, the puppy is shown to the veterinarian, and he selects the baby with a suitable feed supplement containing collagen.

Such drugs can be taken in courses for two months twice a year. This will protect your pet from the terrible diseases of the joints. In addition, experts have made sure that these drugs were perceived by dogs as a delicacy.

Veterinarians warn that chondroprotectors in powder, which we are talking about, should be given strictly according to the instructions. Any initiative in this matter can lead to negative consequences. Non-diluted powder added to feed may cause an upset stomach. This is due to the large amount of protein in its composition.

"Kanvit Hondro"

A special preparation created for the regeneration of joints, ligaments and cartilage, helps alleviate pain. Active ingredients:

  • chondroitin sulfate,
  • collagen hydrolyzate,
  • glucosamine sulfate.

For prophylaxis, young animals are given 0.5 tablets per ten kilograms of weight. For intensive restoration of cartilage tissue will need 1 tablet.

Can chondroprotectors be replaced?

Such a replacement is not appropriate if we are talking about painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs. Chondroprotectors for dogs are famous for their unique composition in which all components are balanced. What to replace such drugs? For prevention, we can recommend the use in the diet of the animal products containing collagen and zlastin. These are liver, sea fish, fish oil, egg yolks, cereals, etc. When the disease is diagnosed, such measures will obviously not be enough.

Today, synthetic chondroprotectors are successfully superseded by natural ones, which experts consider more effective and safe. For example, collagen is a part of shark cartilage. It is known that shark cartilage has a high capacity for regeneration. In other words, the rate of wound healing in these sea predators is much higher than in other animals. Preparations containing shark cartilage differ in anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Substances that have a beneficial effect on animals with diseases of the joints (chondroitin and glucosamine) are contained in high-quality dry food. However, pet owners must understand that this is not enough for effective therapy. Treatment of joints, ligaments, tendons requires an integrated approach, taking drugs that contain quantitative and qualitative balance of the necessary substances - chondroprotectors.

It is impossible to call the reviews about these drugs unambiguous. The owners of four-legged patients differently evaluate chondroprotectors for dogs. Reviews of some - enthusiastic. Dog owners believe that these drugs have cured their pet. Others believe that they are completely useless.

As it turned out, the positive comments are left by the owners, who began to treat their pet at the initial stage of the disease, carried out complex therapy, followed all the recommendations of the veterinarian regarding physical activities.

Those who asked for help when the disease was started, and did not complete a full course of treatment, did not fulfill the requirements of a specialist, as a rule, leave negative feedback.

Many owners of dogs say that they were misled by incorrect advertising, which promises instant healing. In fact, chondroprotectors act slowly, so experienced dog breeders recommend to be patient and not to stop taking these drugs. The best chondroprotectors for dogs are able to create a miracle.

What are chondroprotectors

The compound name is “collected” from the words “cartilage” and “protection”. That is, chondroprotectors are drugs that protect the joints. Veterinary drugs of this type are based on glucosamine and chondroitin sulfates.

Preparations are easily digested because the components of which they are made are in the cartilage itself. The point is to deliver the necessary substances in the right, damaged, place.

In addition to the mentioned substances, there are minerals, vitamins and other components in the preparations, collectively positively affecting the locomotor apparatus of animals. Chondroprotectors help strengthen cartilage, relieve inflammation, restore elasticity and prevent the destruction of joints.

The drugs are used not only for therapeutic purposes, but also for prophylactic purposes. They are recommended to be used during the period of tooth replacement, for the correction of the ear set. Large breed puppies are often characterized by an imbalance of muscular development and bone tissue progress. The first one is ahead of another in growth, as a result of which an excessive load falls on the latter. Hondroprotectors here are able to come to the rescue.

But most often, veterinarians prescribe such drugs:

  • older dogs experiencing problems with age-related changes in articular tissues,
  • animals suffering from arthritis and arthrosis,
  • pets who are overweight
  • dogs brought from regions with very different climates,
  • as a prevention of one of the most unpleasant pathologies of large breed animals - hip dysplasia,
  • to dogs whose owners cannot provide the physical load that the pet needs - if some breeds easily tolerate the absence of “physical education”, then others need serious walking,
  • animals with a genetic predisposition to diseases of this type,
  • with impaired metabolism - deficiency of minerals / vitamins causes osteoporosis, osteodystrophy, rickets,
  • with autoimmune disorders.

In large animals, most often problems of this kind affect the knee (both puppies and adults are affected) and hip joints. Small and medium sized dogs suffer from back problems - usually the lumbar and sacral parts.

Hunting breeds are characterized by arthrosis and arthritis - too intense training and physical activity can lead to problems in dogs that have not reached physiological maturity. Excess weight is great to ruin the life of an animal. When overfeeding a pet, keep in mind that every 5 kg of ballast loads the joints above nature up to 20 kg.

Although cartilage diseases are generally universal, some breeds are more susceptible to them. Поэтому, приобретая щенка, необходимо консультироваться с ветеринаром относительно любых потенциально необходимых или полезных препаратов. Не нужно ограничиваться лишь информацией относительно вакцинации собаки.

Виды хондропротекторов

Все хондропротекторы для суставов dogs are divided into several species. The division depends on the composition. Main types:

  • including glucosamine sulfate,
  • containing chondroitin sulfate,
  • preparations with chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid,
  • complexes with hyaluronic acid.

In addition to the main components, chondroprotectors contain:

  • antioxidants are substances designed even for very sick and old animals,
  • various trace elements aimed at stabilizing the work of cartilage, zinc, copper, selenium, manganese and other elements contribute to the reduction of inflammatory processes,
  • glycosaminoglycans - elements that increase the elasticity of the joints, without these components, the functioning of the joint capsules is impossible,
  • extracts from medicinal plants are needed to relieve inflammation of cartilage and prevent articular pathologies.

Anyway, all chondroprotectors are artificial substitutes for glucosamine, collagen hydrolyzate and chondroitin sulfate, the lack of which causes characteristic dysfunctions in animals.

The best chondroprotectors for dogs

Regarding what method of delivery of components of chondroprotectors is optimal, disputes are still ongoing. In general, it is generally accepted that injections are most effective. But if there is no possibility or desire to make injections, pills, powders and syrups come to the rescue.

In the review - best chondroprotectors for dogs. They are classified according to the size of animals - universal preparations and products for dogs of large and small breeds are presented.


Contains the main components known to you - chondroitin and glucosamine - and vitamins with minerals: vitamin E, calcium, selenium. Arthroglycan restores the performance of cartilage and relieves inflammation - it is also an analgesic. Plus, it is an antioxidant and a drug that strengthens blood vessels.

One of the main effects of the drug - stimulation of the formation of articular fluid. Restoring damaged elements of cartilage, arthroglycan positively affects the entire musculoskeletal system.

The drug is produced in tablets. It is shown to animals that have problems with cartilage and those who are older than six years (as a prophylactic agent). You need to take twice a day - one tablet per 10 kg of dog weight. Usually the course is designed for at least three weeks.

Medicinal product of Czech production is considered one of the most effective due to the large number of main components. In addition, there are many mineral-vitamin supplements, collagen and antioxidants. A drug OK restores cartilage tissue in various diseases and after injuries.

It is implemented in two formats - syrup and powder. Regardless of the form, before use, chondrocan is diluted in water, and then mixed with feed. Accept according to the instructions and instructions of the veterinarian. The feature of the reception is that the first week the animal is given to get used to - these days the dog receives no more than seventh or tenth of the “normal” daily dose. The course is designed for at least a couple of months.

As a rule, during the year the dog takes a course 2-3 times. But in some cases, experts prescribe the drug on an ongoing basis.

Chondroitin complex

The drug is designed not so much for dogs, but for people, so you can buy it at any pharmacy. The result of the complex, which, moreover, is a good analgesic - the restoration of calcium and phosphorus metabolism, stimulation of collagen synthesis and protection / regeneration of articular tissues.

The complex is prescribed to animals with any problems of the musculoskeletal system, both in chronic diseases and injuries. The basis of the action of the drug - not just mentioned chondroitin and glucosamine. Available in capsule form. Usually the course lasts from 3 to 8 weeks. During this period, the animal receives medicine with food 1-2 times a day (before meals). As in other cases, the dosage and duration of the course must be determined by a specialist.


Not less effective cartilage tissue regenerator and analgesic. Assign animals suffering from problems with bones, ligaments and joints. The drug effectively reduces inflammation and has a positive effect on the restoration of the functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

As a rule, a remedy is prescribed for sprains, fractures, dysplasia, arthritis, bursitis and other similar problems. Animal “pensioners” chondartron eliminates weakness in the limbs. Large breed puppies the drug helps not to get rickets.

Available in the format of oral drops and injection solution. Drops used for prophylaxis - buried in the mouth. The course is at least a couple of weeks (0.3 ml for every 10 kg of animal weight).

The injection course is also about two weeks. Injections are made into the muscle or subcutaneously twice a day. The dosage is determined by the veterinarian, but usually it is 0.1 ml / 1 kg.

For large dogs

The effect of the drug, judging by the views of pet owners, comes pretty quickly. This dog chondroprotector enhances the mobility of the articular elements, relieves pain, leads to the restoration of calcium-phosphorus metabolism.

Chondrolone is the substance from which the solution for injection is prepared. Injections are prescribed to pets weighing 30-40 kg - 100 mg every other day intramuscularly. Sometimes the dosage is increased. As for the injection course is quite long - the animal will have to move at least 25 injections. The course is repeated annually.

The drug helps reduce pain symptoms and strengthen cartilage. The peculiarity of the drug is that it has virtually no side effects. Clinical studies have shown that the effect of receiving bonharen lasts for at least six months.

Another feature is the ability to inject the protector intravenously. This provides additional protection against injury to the inflamed joint. Hyaluronic acid, which is part of, penetrates even into areas that are difficult of access for other substances.

The dosage is 0.01 ml per 1 kg dog weight. At high loads, make 1-3 injections. For articular dysfunctions - at least three shots with a break of five days.

Stride and Stride Plus

Stride and Stride Plus - Natural chondroprotectors for large breed dogs. The composition includes hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM. Preparations provide the mobility of the animal. The formation of synovial fluid underlying the normal functioning of the joints is normalized.

Stride comes in the form of a powder used in feeding. Stride Plus is sold in the format of a bottle with pomp.

For small breeds

In small dogs, the most common joint disease is Lagg-Calva-Perthes disease. The disease manifests itself in half-year-old animals - puppies suffer from osteonecrosis of the head and neck of the femur. The disease is similar to hip dysplasia. There are pains, mobility decreases, muscles can partially atrophy, sometimes lameness appears.

The following drugs are used to treat this and similar illnesses.

Arthrophyte is produced in the form of granules consisting of natural components. Basically, the agent is prescribed to puppies (from one and a half months), but it is also used to treat adult animals.

Starting a couple of weeks are accompanied by the introduction of 1.5 g per kg of pet weight. After that, the dosage is reduced - 3 weeks the dog gets 1 g per kilogram of weight. Finally, the final 25 days give the animal 0.5 g per kilo of weight. Arthrophyte is given after feeding or with food twice a day.

The drug has earned a lot of flattering feedback from professionals and owners of affected dogs. Gelakan copes with various problems of ligaments and joints of our smaller friends.

At the heart of the effectiveness of funds - natural collagen hydrolyzate. It is a product of the hydrolysis of animal bones and skin. In addition, there are glycine and proline, contributing to the formation of the second type of collagen. He is the basis of cartilage tissue.

Before taking the drug is dissolved in water. The dosage of the ten-day course is increased smoothly, starting with a tenth of the daily dose. The medicine is mixed with food.

Recall that all the above dosages, as well as the drugs themselves - a guide. Be sure to consult your veterinarians.

Description and classification of chondroprotectors for dogs

The main active ingredients: chondroitin and glucosamine sulfates, hyaluronic acid. Also in the composition of the drug includes the following substances necessary for the normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system:

  • antioxidants to restore cartilage,
  • vitamins and trace elements to relieve inflammation in the joints,
  • glycosaminoglycans to improve elasticity,
  • extracts of medicinal herbs to relieve inflammation.

The drug is easily absorbed and quickly delivers the necessary substances to damaged areas.

Chondroprotectors are assigned to dogs:

  • old age
  • very large breeds
  • with arthritis and arthritis,
  • overweight
  • with a sedentary lifestyle,
  • with dysplasia of the hip joints,
  • with metabolic disorders,
  • with autoimmune diseases,
  • with a genetic predisposition to disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
Older dogs need to strengthen joints

It is also recommended to give chondroprotectors to dogs during a tooth change. If necessary, you can assign to adjust the ear set.

Classification chondroprotectors composition:

  • part of the drug is glucosamine sulfate,
  • main component chondroitin sulfate,
  • facilities with hyaluronic acid,
  • complex preparations containing chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid.

The best medicines

Available in powder and pump form.

The composition includes hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM.

The drug Stride significantly strengthens the cartilage tissue and reduces pain.

Price: powder from 1500 rubles for 150 grams, in a bottle from 2000 rubles for 200 ml.

Available in granules.

The structure includes vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, proteins.

Preventive and therapeutic drug.

The course of treatment is 2 months.

Price: from 1,700 rubles per 200 grams.

Available in powder form.

The composition includes collagen hydrolyzate, glycerin, proline, vitamins and minerals.

The preventive course is two months. Must be repeated 2-3 times a year.

Price: from 800 rubles per 150 grams.

Canwith Chondro

The composition includes chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulfate, collagen hydrolyzate, minerals, vegetable components.

The drug is used for the regeneration of joints, ligaments and cartilage, weakens the pain syndrome.

Price: from 600 rubles per 100 grams

Available in syrup and powder. Production Czech Republic.

The composition includes vitamin and mineral supplements, collagen, antioxidants.

The tool is able to quickly restore cartilage tissue in various diseases and injuries.

The course of treatment for at least 2 months. In the year 2-3 courses.

Price: from 5000 rubles per 500 grams.

Chondroitin Complex

Available in capsules.

The composition includes a vitamin-mineral complex, chondroitin, glucosamine, analgesic.

The tool restores calcium and phosphorus metabolism, stimulates collagen production, restores cartilage tissue.

The course of treatment from 3 to 8 weeks.

Price: from 2500 rubles for 60 capsules.

The principle of chondroprotectors

The action is based on the restoration of nutritional functions and the natural physiological moistening of cartilage tissue, the improvement of metabolic processes and the renewal of the interarticular (synovial) fluid.

Chondroprotective preparations are prescribed to strengthen cartilage, relieve inflammation, prevent joint destruction and improve their elasticity.

The best therapeutic effects are found during treatment in the early stages of the disease.

Is it possible to do without them

The answer to the question about the need for chondroprotectors for a dog can only be given by a veterinarian.

Replace this group of drugs for other means impractical. Since the drugs are unique and perform several important functions at the same time: removing inflammation, pain relief and recovery.

As a preventive measure, while the dog is still young and healthy, a balanced diet and regular exercise are recommended. Veterinarians are advised to feed the pet with industrial professional food.

This diet is fully consistent with the necessary rate of protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals for the normal structure and development of the musculoskeletal system.

In the event that the disease has already manifested itself, it is necessary to begin treatment. One adjustment of the power is not enough.

In the article I talked about chondroprotectors for dogs. Led their classification. Described the composition, active substances and principle of action. Listed the main modern drugs.

Simplified joint structure

  • Bone epiphysis.
  • The articular cartilage covering the surface of the bone, which provides a connection without friction.
  • Synovial cavity filled with fluid, playing the role of lubricant and shock absorber.
  • The synovial membrane is a thin lining covering the entire cavity, with the exception of areas of cartilage.
  • Capsule in which the entire structure is hermetically enclosed.

In the cartilage and synovial membrane contains special cells. They synthesize synovial fluid, also with their help, nutrition and metabolism. When the disease functions of the membranes and cartilage are violated. The condition of the joint is adversely affected by an increase in the amount of intraarticular fluid (usually in the acute stage of the disease) and a decrease (in chronic diseases).

The acute form of joint disease is manifested by severe pain, fever, edema in the area of ​​the bend of the limb and below. As a rule, this is typical for injuries and some infectious lesions. Most acute processes are reversible, and the disease can be managed with the timely assistance of a doctor. But if the treatment was not prescribed or prescribed incorrectly, irreversible changes are possible.

In most chronic diseases, there is a decrease and thickening of the synovial fluid. Further development of the pathology leads to the destruction of the cartilage itself. The articular surfaces of the bones begin to rub against each other, which is accompanied by impaired mobility, inflammation, pain, lameness and other manifestations. Symptoms are increasing gradually, so there is a danger to notice the disease too late. For chronic diseases of the joints, periodicity is often characteristic, when lameness appears and disappears. But during the apparent recovery process continues, and the symptoms intensify with each new exacerbation.

The causes of diseases of the joints are very diverse. These include:

  • age-related degenerative changes
  • injuries and microtraumas,
  • various infectious diseases,
  • chronic pathologies,
  • autoimmune diseases
  • genetic predisposition
  • excessive non-functional physical activity (including overweight),
  • irrational use of certain medications,
  • metabolic disorders, etc.

How can chondroprotectors help?

Usually, chondroprotectors include those substances that are contained in cartilage and synovial fluid in normal conditions, such as glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, etc. In chronic pathologies, their deficiency is observed. Replacing the loss of the introduction of drugs, we contribute to the stimulation of the synthesis of components of cartilage and synovial fluid, the suspension of degenerative processes and the normalization of metabolism in the joint. Chondroprotectors also inhibit cell destructive enzymes that are present in excess in the cavity of the diseased joint.

The use of chondroprotectors in the treatment of diseases of the joints can slow down the development of the process, reduce pain and inflammation, improve joint mobility, and prevent serious complications.

Chondroprotectors do not give an instant effect. To get a noticeable improvement, a course use of the drug is required. The effect of the use of the drug depends on the diagnosis, the age of the animal, the stage of the disease and some other factors. As a rule, in young individuals, the restoration of cartilage is faster, in the elderly it is rather a matter of slowing down destructive changes.

With serious and long-term diseases, when the cartilage is almost completely destroyed, chondroprotectors are ineffective. Only surgery can save.

How to apply chondroprotectors?

Drugs with chondroprotective action, have long been used in veterinary medicine. Most often, they are assigned to dogs and horses. The most effective are intra-articular injections that allow you to deliver the necessary substances directly to the destination. But intraarticular injections impose increased demands on the technique of administration of the drug, asepsis and antiseptic and are associated with a greater risk of introducing pathogenic microflora.

Intramuscular injections are easier to perform, but with course treatment, a certain risk is also possible, for example, the appearance of hemorrhages (hemorrhages) at the injection site.

All types of injections should be made only by a specialist.

Пероральный прием (в виде порошков, капсул, таблеток) удобен для владельца и для животного. Курс приема кормового препарата обычно дольше, чем цикл уколов. Иногда прием лекарства сопровождается нежелательными реакциями со стороны желудочно-кишечного тракта.

Also used external application chondroprotectors in the form of ointments, creams and gels. Local application has its advantages:

  • anyone can apply the drug
  • minimal stress for the animal,
  • the drug enters the joint area without damaging the skin,
  • there are practically no contraindications and side effects,
  • can be used as an adjunct to basic therapy.

"Alezan", a joint cream, is an original drug that is recommended for use in dogs in the complex therapy of diseases of the joints, as well as for prevention. This tool is based on natural ingredients and includes glucosamine, collagen hydrolyzate, mumiyo and herbal extracts. Cream "Alezan" reduces inflammation and nourishes the tissues of the joint, has a high penetrating power, does not contain synthetic dyes and flavors.

When are chondroprotectors prescribed?

Usually chondroprotectors are prescribed to dogs:

  • in degenerative diseases of the joints,
  • sprains and torn ligaments,
  • overweight
  • limb injuries
  • metabolic disorders, leading to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body,
  • age-related changes that cause problems related to the functioning of the joints,
  • puppies of large breeds during the formation of the backbone,
  • puppies with standing ears to strengthen the ear cartilage, etc.,
  • for the prevention of diseases of the joints in animals at risk.

  1. Chondroprotectors prescribed by a veterinarian. If you want to conduct a preventive course for your dog, be sure to get advice.
  2. Chondroprotectors are effective only in course application.
  3. Treatment of diseases of the joints should not be limited to taking chondroprotectors. Anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed to relieve inflammation, and antibiotics for infectious lesions. Always strictly follow the recommendations of the attending physician!
  4. In addition to medication, dosed physical load is very important for dogs with diseases of the joints. Check with your veterinarian what type of workout is contraindicated and what is recommended for your pet. Sometimes it is forbidden to climb stairs, jumping over obstacles, long running, etc.

Indications, contraindications

For dogs, chondroprotectors are used in the treatment of the following diseases:

  • arthrosis,
  • arthritis,
  • joint dysplasia
  • spondylitis
  • bursitis.

They are also used during the rehabilitation period after a fracture, surgery or a serious illness.

Recommendations of specialists. For preventive purposes, chondroprotectors are recommended to be given to dogs older than 8 years, and for large breeds at any age. In older animals, glycosaminoglycans are produced in insufficient quantities, and in large dogs, their rate of production lags behind the rapid growth of bone and cartilage tissue.

Special contraindications drugs in this category do not have. In rare cases, due to individual intolerance, an allergic reaction develops in a dog, which disappears on its own after it is stopped. Veterinarians recommend dogs with pathologies of the kidneys, as well as pregnant and lactating females, supplements containing GZG, given with caution.

Top 10 best chondroprotectors

Biocenter "CHIN", Russia

For dogs over 6 years old and animals with joint pathology

Hondartron AlexAnn LLC, Russia

Tablets, gel, ointment, injection

170 ÷ 200 (tablets), 250 (solution d / injection)

It is prescribed for arthritis, fractures, dysplasia of t / s, bursitis. Puppies of large breeds are prescribed for the prevention of rickets.

CJSC Microgen Russia

Tablets, powder for the preparation of in / solution

Appointed with arthritis, arthritis

Chondroitin complex PJSC "Fitofarm", Ukraine

Combined preparation for the regeneration of cartilage tissue

Hondrocan Orling, Czech Republic

Feed additive for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the joints

Dolfos ArthroFos DOLFOS, Poland

Chondroprotective vitamin-mineral complex

Canvit CHONDRO ON "Canvit", Czech Republic

Feed additive with glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid for large breed dogs

Hip and Joint Regular Nutri-Vet, USA

Chondroprotective complex for dogs of large breeds

Hip and Joint Extra Nutri-Vet, USA

Chondroprotective complex for dogs of medium and large breeds

Joint Care for Dogs Hartz, USA

Glucosamine-vitamin complex for joint tissue repair

It is important to know! Chondroprotectors do not belong to fast-acting drugs and cannot be used as a one-time, symptomatic treatment. To get the desired result, they take long courses.

Svetlana Romanovna Kupchenko, veterinarian:

“Joint diseases are a real scourge of large breed dogs, they are capable of turning a large and strong animal into a disabled person. Blame is often insufficient activity and unhealthy diet. Chondroprotectors for dogs can eliminate glycosaminoglycan deficiencies in cartilage and restore joint function. Preparations with GZG should definitely be included in the diet of a large breed puppy until the age of one, and for older dogs we recommend chondroprotectors for permanent use. ”

Ivan Ivanovich Lisyansky,veterinarian

“I have been working in the veterinary hospital for more than 10 years, it was useful to be on duty in the emergency department, where owners of injured dogs often turn. After providing first aid to shorten the rehabilitation period, I often use Hondartron. Injections of this drug greatly accelerate the repair of damaged joints. ”

Vladimir Nechitailo, Moscow

“To our pet, Chihuahua Tom, is already 12 years old, it’s practically an old man. It is already difficult for him to jump on a bed or a chair, and when walking he becomes a limp. The veterinarian advised to buy pills of the Russian Artroglycan chondroprotector and give it to the dog all the time. So that the dog could eat the medicine, the pill must be ground to powder. After a month of taking Artroglikan, Tom was noticeably “younger” - he became more active, he jumped onto the bed himself, there was a limp. ”

Larisa Novikova, Samara

“Half a year ago we bought a brown Labrador puppy. We live in a country house, so the dog is where to run. This is a wonderful companion - playful, obedient, intelligent. We pass veterinary examinations regularly, we do all the vaccinations on time, we feed the puppy correctly. The baby is developing well, there were no problems with health. But at the last examination, the doctor found Archie's minor signs of rickets. Therefore, Hondartron was registered for the dog. No side effects of the drug did not, pills Archie eats without objection. The doctor says that they need to be taken for a long time, but already now, a month after the start of the reception, the effect is visible. ”