Classes and types of dog food


Absolutely all dog owners understand that similar products can be sold at different prices. Most often, the reason for the difference in quality, extensive marketing support, cost of transportation and depreciation of production. Clarifying the answer to the question of why feeds are divided into classes, you need to understand that they denote only the quality of feeds.

Naturally, the higher the quality of feed, more precisely, the raw materials from which they are made, the higher the cost. Assigning a nominal class to a certain feed is not controlled by law. In Europe and America there is a compressed legal framework that controls the quality of raw materials that are used in production. However, the legislation does not relate to the fairness of the assignment of a class to any food or brand.

Nominal feed classes are introduced for the convenience of the end user. According to generally accepted standards, classes of feed differ in calories, meat content and its quality.

Types of dog food

The range of finished products expand the types of dog food. Let's see how they differ.

Popular dog food types:

  • Dry - produced in the form of small granules. In the production of raw materials is dried, enriched with vitamins and trace elements, and then pressed into granules.
  • Semi-moist - the so-called bags or sachets containing pieces of feed gravy or jelly.
  • Wet food or pate - The composition is similar to semi-wet food, but has a completely homogeneous structure.
  • Treats - produced in the form of crackers, tablets, medallions, usually do not contain carbohydrates.

Dry feed contains little water, usually up to 10%. Important and semi-moist foods of the same brand do not differ in composition from dry foods, but they contain more water, which replaces the mass fraction of proteins and carbohydrates.

Dry foods are more popular among dog owners, as they are much cheaper. Semi-moist foods and pastes are mainly intended for feeding puppies, elderly dogs and animals suffering from chronic health problems.

Dog Food Classes

Feed classes are intended to mean quality. Many owners, especially those who have got their first dog, do not go into details and feed the pet with the products that cause the most trust. Unfortunately, the gullibility of the owners often leads to trouble - chronic diseases and impaired health of the dog.

Tip: carefully read and analyze the composition of products before buying. Even expensive food in beautiful packaging may not meet the quality or expected requirements.

Economy class

Economy class involves the affordable cost of ready-made pet food. Immediately we denote that the economy class feeds are the most recognizable, since they are widely and massively advertised. The cost of advertising campaigns, marketing research and other manipulations to increase brand awareness costs money. Naturally, the amount spent on the promotion of goods, is laid in its value.

Note! If we make a comparative analysis of the economy and premium class fodder, it turns out that their prices do not practically differ.

Foods belonging to the economy class:

Economy class feed is not recommended for everyday feeding of pets. The owners and veterinarians were convinced of the low quality of the products.

Perhaps among the economy class feed there are exceptions, but most of them are made from:

  • Waste meat production - bones, hides, fat, hooves.
  • "Empty" cereal fillers - corn, wheat, soy.
  • With the addition of preservatives, including synthetic.
  • With the addition of salt, dyes, flavor enhancers and other undesirable components.

Many owners prefer to trust the reaction of the pet, rather than the recommendations of doctors. In most cases, dogs actively eat food of economy class because it contains synthetic flavor and smell enhancers. The dog, relying on sense of smell, considers the food of the economy class more tasty.

Note! After prolonged use of products with flavor enhancers, better and more useful food may seem fresh to the taste.

Premium class

Premium class feed is considered a daily product for healthy animals. A significant minus of feed is their high calorie content, against the background of low protein content. In addition, the origin of the meat from which the food is made, most often, is hidden.

Popular premium feed:

  • Advance.
  • Brit Premium.
  • Probalance.
  • Royal Canin.
  • Purina ONE.
  • Dog Chow.
  • Chicopee.
  • Nature’s Protection.

Premium foods do not contain colorants, flavor enhancers, but may contain salts and preservatives.

Important! Among the premium products there are quite decent brands that are not included in the super-premium class in terms of caloric content.

Super Premium Class

Super premium class of feed is a daily production, which should be optimally balanced, contain the necessary vitamins and trace elements. With a more detailed review, it becomes obvious that the border between premium and super premium class is almost imperceptible.

The only indicator by which the classes of feed are clearly differentiated is their caloric content. However, everything is not so clear here, because the calorie content of food may depend on the content of fats, cereals and various additives.

Popular super-premium feeds:

As part of the premium and super-premium classes produced a variety of therapeutic and preventive feed:

  • Preventive products are intended for animals that have a propensity for any disease.
  • Medical foods are made according to specific recipes and can affect the metabolism.

Tip: The use of prophylactic and therapeutic products is recommended only after consulting a veterinarian.

Holistic class

Holistic class is considered the highest. The price of holistic feeds is impressive, but manufacturers assure that the owner will spend the money for good reason. In the production of holistic feed class, only products of high quality and natural origin should be used.

In holistic feed there are no preservatives, flavor enhancers, soy, products containing GMOs and other additives. According to the manufacturers, only pure meat is used in the production of holists.

In fact, when studying the composition, it turns out that many foods contain the so-called meat meal, in the preparation of which cartilage and bone are used.

Popular holistic feed class:

  • Acana.
  • Canidae.
  • Grandorf.
  • Go Natural holistic.
  • Holistic Blend.
  • Now Fresh.
  • Orijen.

Forage holistic class is often summarized with products that do not contain cereals. A grainless diet is considered more suitable for a dog. As sources of carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits are used in feed.

Important! Bezzernovye feed and holistic class - these are different concepts. Rice, buckwheat, barley and other cereals are often present in the composition of holists.

Fake fodder - what to look for

Pet food is often fake and, as practice shows, most of the fakes belong to the premium class.

Feed forgery is a spontaneous business that is rarely punished by law. Manufacturers are trying to protect their products with holograms, special instructions on the pack and other means. Being on the site of the buyer, you also need to be vigilant, especially if there is a big difference in price or the type of packaging of food you are disturbed by something.

Each feed packaging contains information about the manufacturer, including its legal address and a list of authorized dealers. If the feed is produced under a license or certificate, this information is always indicated on the pack.

To protect yourself from fraud or dishonesty of sellers, it is recommended to purchase food only in closed packs and from official representatives. Retail outlets can be official representatives if they have quality certificates that are provided by the dealer.In the absence of documentation from the purchase of feed is better to refrain.

The surest way to purchase feed, especially when it comes to holistic class products, is to contact an authorized dealer or manufacturer. Almost all feed manufacturers have multilingual sites where you can order products of interest to you.

When buying via the Internet, it is important to consider that delivery is at the expense of the buyer, and this slightly increases the price of feed.

Does the price always match the quality?

Most of the dog owners, choosing food for a pet, are guided by the logic “more expensive means better” ... and sometimes does it unconsciously. Let's see if the price always matches the quality.

If you do not pay attention to promotions, statements of manufacturers and recommendations of experienced pet owners, you can only focus on the composition. He gives you all the necessary information to make a decision.

  • If the manufacturer has nothing to hide, all the ingredients from which the feed is made are spelled out thesis.
  • If you see unclear wording in the composition, it is better to refrain from buying such feed.
  • All ingredients are indicated in the composition of the feed as they decrease.
  • If in the first place is not prescribed a clear name of the meat base, you can be sure that there are more carbohydrates in feed than proteins.
  • The compositions of high-quality animal feed are recorded with the inclusion of data on the percentage of each ingredient. Thus, the manufacturer does not hide how much meat is contained in the product.
  • The list of ingredients is completed by preservatives and additives that extend the shelf life of the feed. All formulations should be clear and understandable for a person who does not have deep knowledge in the food industry.

How to choose the right feed class for your pet?

Let's see how to choose the right class of food for your pet. Do not rush to transfer the dog to dry food, assess your physical and financial capabilities, and then make a decision.

  • When choosing a feed, it is better to immediately abandon the idea of ​​feeding with economy class products.
  • Premium class food is quite acceptable if your pet has no health problems, a tendency to overweight and diseases of the oral cavity. Premium food of specialized lines, suitable for animals with sensitive digestion, allergies and dogs with problem skin.
  • Super premium class food is considered the best choice for healthy animals and pets prone to any pathology. Most owners, who are able to provide pet food with super premium premium food, are tormented by the question of transferring the dog to holistic food.
  • If the financial side is not the key, it is better to transfer the dog to a holistic feed. If you are not sure that you can get expensive feed, it is better to refrain and not to change the type of dog food.

Note! Many veterinarians point out that when super-premium-class food is changed to holistic, dogs have health problems. Here it is not about the quality of products, but about the consequences of abrupt changes in the diet.

Should I feed a dog with natural products?

Some pet owners doubt that well-known manufacturers actually offer the best food option for their beloved pet. In this case, it is often decided not to buy ready-made dog food, but to replace it with natural food. Of course, feeding an animal with what its owner eats is much more profitable, and many people believe that food is much better. However, it should be borne in mind that the body of the pet can not easily cope with a variety of products. As a result, such a diet can cause allergies and serious problems with the kidneys and liver.

It is for this reason that most vets recommend dry food for dogs. However, they are not advised to buy the first drying "eye". Product selection must be very careful and balanced. Even knowing all the features and types of dry dog ​​food, it is not always possible to predict the reaction of an animal to a particular component.

If we talk about the benefits of "drying" compared with the products from the owner's table, then it is worth mentioning that all the components in the finished food are very carefully dosed and selected by experts. The ratio of mineral supplements and vitamins allows you to satisfy all the needs of the body of a four-legged pet. If a dog eats what its owner eats, it will not get the right amount of nutrients. At the same time, such a diet may contain groups of vitamins or minerals that are recommended by four-legged friends exclusively in limited quantities. It is impossible to balance the nutrition of the animal on its own, therefore it is necessary to give preference to specialized classes of dog food.

How is the diet

There are several rules that will help make the right choice. For this you need:

  • Consult with a veterinarian and drown him, what kind of food is suitable for a particular dog. When choosing food, the age, breed, weight and other characteristics of the animal are always taken into account. In addition, the doctor will be able to say what kind of ailments a pet is prone to. All this information will help to make the most suitable diet and determine the best brand of feed. In addition, the doctor can tell whether the pet has a tendency to allergic reactions.
  • Carefully study the online reviews. Dog food "Two types of meat" is sometimes more popular than similar food from other manufacturers.
  • Get acquainted with the composition of various feeds. If in the list in the first place indicates the meat flour, it is better to abandon this option. The first ingredient should be natural meat (for example, chicken or beef). Also in the composition of dog food should be no dyes, preservatives, thickeners and other chemical additives. A bona fide manufacturer will never use these ingredients when preparing food for four-legged pets. The more in the feed of natural ingredients, the better.

Do not assume that cheaper food is the worst. In fact, some new manufacturers, trying to win their customers, offer a pretty good product. In addition, in any rule there is always an exception. Therefore, you should not discount cheaper types of dog food. Mixes of premium and super premium classes are widely popular due to the large selection of different types of food. In addition, eminent manufacturers prefer to adhere to the best technology of manufacturing power.

Today in the pet market there are a huge number of types of dog food. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for a novice owner of living creatures to make a choice in favor of a particular food.

To simplify the choice, you need to remember that all the feed conditionally divided into 4 categories of classes, each of which should be considered in more detail.

Among the food for dogs of this segment is to highlight several feeds:

The main advantage of this class of feed is that it is much cheaper than its analogues. Of course, the cost 3-4 times lower bribes the owners of animals.

However, you need to understand that such a low price is due to the worst quality of the original product. Accordingly, in such dog food there are practically no nutritional or other beneficial components that the animal's body needs. Also in this diet there are no natural ingredients (for example, protein). Most often, the main component of this type of feed is cereal crops. They are much cheaper than natural meat. Therefore, by and large, this food is a "dummy".

If we talk about this type of dog food, then it is worth noting the higher quality of the components of such nutrition. Such compositions include natural ingredients, offal, specialized vegetables. Such food is much more useful than the economy class analogues. This food is more expensive, but when choosing it, it is still worthwhile to carefully study the composition on the package.

But they also contain a large number of cereals. Their volume usually exceeds the content of natural meat and other components. At the same time, premium foods may well contain the same amount of dyes, emulsifiers and preservatives as in the cheapest food.

The most popular brands of this food include:

Super Premium

Considering dog food, classes and types of food, you should pay special attention to this category. Such compositions are made only by the highest quality technologies. При этом специалисты с точностью до миллиграмма высчитывают необходимый объем тех или иных компонентов и полезных веществ. Если кормить питомцев кормом данного класса, можно быть уверенным, что питание собаки действительно правильно сбалансировано.

При производстве видов корма «Роял Канин» для собак и других аналогов супер-премиум класса применяется только натуральное мясо. Ни о каких субпродуктах не может быть и речи. Кроме этого, в корме сбалансировано содержание протеина, минералов, витаминов и прочих микроэлементов, в которых нуждается организм животного, в зависимости от его породы и индивидуальных особенностей.

In the form of dog food "Grandorf" is used exclusively natural raw materials. In addition, the composition of such nutrition includes probiotics and other components that are necessary for the prevention of most common diseases in four-legged pets.

Also, when choosing a super-premium class feed, you should pay attention to the Pro Plan and Hill’s brands.

Allergy-free dog food types are not so popular. They are more expensive than all other categories. However, if an animal suffers from avitaminosis or does not tolerate another food, it needs just such food.

The composition of the feed holistic includes only natural ingredients. If in the super-premium class food some flavor content is allowed, then in this class they are completely absent. Instead, fresh meat, fruits, and some types of vegetables, herbs, wild rice, vitamin complexes, trace elements, and minerals are present in the food for allergy sufferers.

For example, certain types of Akana dog food are similar in composition. In addition, natural ingredients are contained in Pronature and Nutra Gold.

What is a dry food economy class

Since this category of food is the most popular, it is worth understanding it in more detail.

The composition of such feed includes offal of the 4th class. This suggests that in such mixtures, the manufacturer can quite easily apply the meat of sick animals. Of course, this is not good, since such a product may contain dangerous pathogens. Such a diet can even lead to the formation of a tumor in the body of an unfortunate animal. In addition, the composition of such feed often includes meat of cattle, which were grown using antibiotics and fairly aggressive growth hormones. The fact is that even after high-quality heat treatment, these components still remain intact.

However, it will be fair to say that an economy-class dry food contains a regulated amount of vitamins and certain nutrients. In addition, the compositions of this type provides for the content of protein and fat in the required amount, which is necessary for the full functioning of the body of your beloved pet.

Chemicals such as propyl gallate act as preservatives here. If we are talking about dyes and flavor enhancers, then most often these are synthetic, rather than natural substances. Such components can provoke an allergic reaction. Also in these feeds are not rarely used concentrated salts. Such additives, of course, give the food a delicious flavor, so the animals eagerly begin to eat it.

Analogy with human nutrition

In order to better understand the principle of action of the lower categories of feed, it is worth comparing such food with a more familiar analogue. Suppose a person constantly eats junk food, eat a lot of mayonnaise and drinks Coke food. Of course, he understands that such a diet is very harmful for his body, but it is very difficult to stop and switch to more natural food. It does not smell so appetizing and does not have such a bright taste. The consequences of such nutrition can be deplorable. In addition to obesity, a person may begin to suffer from heart problems, kidney problems and other organs.

The same thing happens if you feed a pet with the lowest quality feed. It will not give a visible effect immediately. However, over the years, the animal's condition will deteriorate, which, in turn, leads to irreparable changes.

If there is no financial opportunity to purchase better products, then it is necessary to take into account some nuances that will help you choose a more economical food for your pet.

First of all, it is necessary to carefully study the composition of products and not to buy food, which contains incomprehensible or unknown components.

It is also important to consider the brand of the manufacturer. A large corporation will not risk its name. Therefore, such firms usually produce really high-quality feed.

In no case should an animal be given overdue food. Packaging must be intact.

What economy class feed is better?

To answer this question is definitely very difficult. The fact is that each animal has its own individual needs. In order to assess how suitable the food is to one or another pet, you need to pay attention to how its gastrointestinal tract works. If the animal begins to suffer from constipation or, on the contrary, runs to the toilet too often, then it is worth changing the diet. The same thing needs to be done if the pet has started to lose wool or has become very stout in a short period of time.

Most veterinarians and breeders do not consider such food for animals. Such feeds have extremely low nutritional value. However, not everyone can afford to buy more expensive mixtures. In this case, it is worth mentioning the best feed from the category of the worst. Among them are Pedigree, Darling and Chappi.

Puppy Food

Choosing types of food for dogs of small breeds and puppies, you should pay attention to the fact that the structure of the body in such representatives of the animal world is significantly different. The bodies of such pets are much more sensitive. Allergic reactions are most common in young and small dogs. Therefore, it is very important to choose the best composition.

At a young age, the foundation is laid, muscles develop and bones form. During this period, the animal needs more nutrients. If you feed a puppy with an economy class feed, his body will not get stronger to the desired degree. In this case, you should at least try to enter into the diet of mineral and vitamin supplements, which slightly compensate for the lack of useful ingredients.

When choosing food you need to be especially vigilant. It is advisable to choose the best food for a pet.

Economy class feed

The most inexpensive and mass feed category is attractive primarily for its price. In their composition there is practically no meat. The whole meat part of the feed consists of offal and bone meal. The main percentage of the mass is occupied by vegetable components - soy, as well as wheat, maize and other cereals. Such feed will allow your pet to get enough, but as far as benefits are concerned, the effect will be very doubtful. They attract animals primarily with flavors and enhancers.

Feed List:

  • Pedigree (Pedigri)
  • Cesar (Caesar)
  • Chappi (Chappy)
  • Darling (Darling)
  • Stout
  • Our brand
  • Meal

Premium class

This category includes feed containing up to 25-30% of meat and by-products. They are of higher quality than the previous class due to natural meat components. The vegetable part of the product, as a rule, contains rice. These feeds are well digested, have a balanced composition and, of course, will benefit your pet. However, in some products there are flavor enhancers. Therefore, for puppies recommended feed higher, super premium class.

Premium feed rating:

  • Royal Canin (Royal Canin) - the most popular
  • Probalance
  • Pro Plan
  • Hills (Hills) - the second most popular
  • Purina ONE (Purina van)
  • Brit Premium (Brit Premium)
  • Advance
  • Nature’s Protection
  • Chicopee

Super Premium Feed

High quality feed, which contain at least 25% of natural meat and offal. This food is well absorbed by the dog's digestive system, contains high quality products. The main feature is the presence in the feed exclusively meat, without bone meal. By-products can also be present, but only in high-quality and clearly marked proportions. Also, the composition of the feed often includes fish, selected cereals and other useful herbal ingredients.

This category also produces specialized pet food with certain health problems. It can be food for dogs with low immunity, diabetes and other diseases. Produced and compositions for puppies that veterinarians recommend using instead of premium products, not to mention the economy. The composition does not contain any flavors and artificial flavor enhancers.

Super Premium Feed List

  • 1st Choice (Fest Choice)
  • Eukanuba (Eukanuba) - the most popular
  • Schesir (Shezir)
  • Josera (Yozer)
  • Trainer (Trainer, Trainer)
  • Gina (Gina Elite)
  • Pronature Original
  • Nutram
  • Arden Grange (Arden Grange)
  • Monge (Monge)
  • Dukes farm
  • Brit Care (Brit Care)
  • Barking heads
  • Dailydog
  • Genesis pure

Feed holistic

The most healthy and high-quality dry food option for dogs of any age. Holists contain a large amount of meat, do not contain offal, not to mention bone meal and other substances. Also in the composition of this category of feed includes natural sources of vitamins and minerals - fruits, vegetables and berries. All the elements are perfectly balanced, the products are fully functional and contain all the substances necessary for the organism of the animal. Of course, at the price they are more expensive than all other categories of feed, but this is justified by the undoubted benefit for your pet.

Holistic rating:

  • Acana (Akana) - the most popular
  • Now Fresh - the second most popular
  • Grandorf (Grandorf)
  • Orijen
  • Canidae (Kanide)
  • Applaws
  • Go natural holistic
  • Summit
  • ANF ​​Holistic
  • Holistic blend
  • Pronature holistic

Wet food

A separate type of feed, produced in the form of pies, canned and pauchi. The meat content may be different and you need to carefully study the label. Most of the meat contains canned food, it can even be visually determined by looking at the product in an open can. Wet food contains cereals, fish, offal, as well as vegetables and other sources of vitamins. Quality and percentage composition depends on the class. Like dry foods, wet dog food is divided into economy, premium and super premium. Approximately the same is the content of meat, offal and other useful substances.

List of basic wet foods:

  • Economy class - Chappi, Pedigree, Cesar, Happy Dog, Darling, Eat without problems,
  • Premium Class - Hills, Purina Pro Plan, Dr. ALDER’s, Royal Canin, Brit Premium,
  • Super premium feed - Arden Grange, Eukanuba, Animonda, Berkley, Almo Nature.

Types of feed

Depending on the form of release, dog food is divided into:

  • dry - presented in the form of dry granules of various shapes and can be stored for a long time without losing their beneficial properties,
  • Wet - are sold in a soft sealed package or metal cans, but for long-term storage they add preservatives that do not bear the health benefits of the dog.

Most manufacturers offer both types of feed in their range. They are made from the same components of animal or vegetable origin, but dry granules have a minimum water and fat content.

It is dry granules that are considered the most suitable for forming a daily ration of dogs, and canned food and other types of food are recommended to be used from time to time as an additional additive or a pleasant treat.

Important! When feeding dry food, a dog should be provided with round-the-clock access to drinking water and ensure that it is sufficiently consumed.

Dog food is divided into certain categories - classes. The basis of this separation is the quality and balance of the components from which they are produced and, accordingly, the price category.

Economy class

Packages with similar nutrition can be bought at any supermarket, and their advertisements are often shown on TV. Already from the category name it follows that the products have a minimum price and maximum availability for buyers. But it is made from raw materials of low quality and mainly of plant origin. As meat components, offal, veins, bone meal or other meat production waste are used, and they account for 4-5% of the total mass. A large proportion of the composition is occupied by cereal components, as well as flavor enhancers and other ballast components. Products of the economy class do not take into account the physiological characteristics of animals and do not contain many of the elements necessary for the normal functioning of the dog's body, therefore this diet is least suitable for daily nutrition.

Energy value: 250-300 kcal / 100 g

Manufacturers: Pedigree, Chappi, Darling, Our Brand, Oscar, etc.