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How many live Pomeranian spitz and what affects the lifespan


Pomeranian dog belongs to the decorative breed of dwarf dogs. This species originates from a small place called Pomerania, which is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. German Pomeranian Spitz belongs to the oldest breed of dogs in Central Europe. According to historical data, they are considered to be the ancestors of the Rüthemeyer and peat dogs that lived in the Stone Age.

Pomeranian spitz is notable for its playfulness, vigor and cheerfulness. The height of the dog is 18–22 cm, the muzzle looks like a fox, the paws are small and parallel to each other. This species has a very thick wool, which does not allow them to freeze, even in winter. Among the popular representatives of this breed can be distinguished Pomeranian Spitz mini, medium and small. Their differences: in body size and coat color. All species have small ears, thick hair and attentive eyes.

Pet care

About two - three times a week, the dog needs to brush its teeth using a special paste and brush. Combing a pet should be a couple of times a week, special attention should be paid to the following places: the chin, behind the ears and in the groin area.

During the shedding period, wool should be combed every day. It is necessary to bathe the spitz as rarely as possible - no more than twice a month. Dog's skin is prone to peeling and dryness, so you need to pick a high-quality shampoo. It is best to wash your pet only if it is very dirty, otherwise it is recommended to use dry shampoo. Ears of an animal are subject to infection by various infectious pathogens, therefore regular hygiene is required, they must be carefully cleaned once a week with a napkin or a cotton swab.

Pomeranian bear type

Dogs of this type have a more round head and a flat face, and on the cheeks they have a fluffy and dense coat. Pomeranian bear (photo below) looks more plump than the other types, and resembles a funny bear.

Each breed has individual traits that are formed in adulthood. The weight is two to three kilograms, and the height is 18–22 cm. There are twelve types of color. Among the advantages can be noted natural intelligence, ease of care and miniature. Among the minuses - high activity and loud barking. The price for a quadruped starts from $ 500 (33,600 rubles).

Life expectancy at home

Many owners of these wonderful pets often wonder what is the lifespan of the Pomeranian Spitz and how to extend it. This breed of dogs is referred to as long-livers, as they live to be 15 years old. However, there are individuals that live up to eighteen years. The life expectancy of a pet is influenced not only by home conditions, but also by external factors, such as food, ecology, physical activity, and hygiene.

Attentive and caring owner can extend the life of his spitz for several years. The average lifespan of a Pomeranian Spitz is twelve to fifteen years. The dog must be given feed of excellent quality, and constantly carry out examinations at the veterinarian. In addition, communication with other dogs plays a significant role in this breed. Constant physical exertion is also required for the spitz. Under all conditions, the pet will delight you for many years.

Factors that shorten a dog's lifespan

Pomeranian has excellent health. They have almost no congenital malformations. Diseases that can shorten the lifespan of the Pomeranian are:

  • arthritis,
  • intestinal inflammation
  • urolithiasis disease,
  • cardiovascular anomalies.

Such diseases can occur due to poor nutrition, as well as improper maintenance. To give dry food of low quality to the dog is prohibited. In such food there are no nutrients, but there is a huge amount of starch and food additives, which, in turn, has a bad effect on the health of your pet. You should also not feed the dog off the table, as this will disturb the balance of the diet and lead to pancreatic disease.

Unbalanced nutrition and excess weight affect the lifespan of the Pomeranian Spitz. In the first case, the dog may dull, molt and fall out of hair, and in the second - a significant load on the spine, joints and heart occurs. In addition, do not ignore the means that protect the dog from ticks and fleas.

How to extend the life of a pet?

After reaching the age of seven, the dog must be shown to the veterinarian several times a year. For any suspicion of the disease should consult with experts. Feed should be alternated with special vitamin complexes that strengthen bones and joints. With an increase in the age of the four-legged, fatty foods are removed from the diet, and the meat is replaced with fish. In old age, the dog must continue to lead an active lifestyle, as despite its age, it needs regular physical exertion. Excessive weight of the Pomeranian Spitz can be reduced, so you need to keep an eye on it constantly.

If the dog is overweight, the risk of cardiovascular diseases will increase. Each walk with the dog should last at least one hour. In this species, there are increased risks of fracture of the bones and spine, it is also worth paying attention to. The dog can not be frightened and punished. In addition, you should follow the schedule of vaccinations. When the summer comes, they cut the four-legged to make it easier to bear the heat. The most important thing is the caring attitude of the owner to his pet, thanks to which the dog will delight its owner for many years.

Nutrition Features

An adult dog is fed twice a day, and puppies up to five times. One kilogram of pet's weight gives 25 g of feed. Beef and chicken should make up the bulk of the four-legged diet. The Pomeranian spitz-dog is bear-type (photo below), just like other species, you must be given fish once or twice a week.

In addition, the dog is fed rice, buckwheat and oatmeal porridge. Vegetables can be added to the diet, and beef cartilage will be useful for puppies.


Pomeranian Spitz is not just a cute dog, but a wayward and active dog with a brave heart. With unfamiliar people, he will not be courteous, but most likely, they shine. Do not forget that this species is very energetic and you need to constantly play and walk with it. And so that the wool always remains beautiful and fluffy, regular care is required. With the observance of these simple rules, a four-legged pet will delight its owner for many years.

How many live pomeranian

According to statistics, the average duration of Spitz in the home is from 11 to 15 years. Like most other dwarf dogs, the Pomeranian, unlike the German, unfortunately, cannot boast of longevity, although there are sometimes exceptions: a pet can live up to 18 or even 20 years. Puppies grow to about 6-8 months, at this age they are already considered fully formed. The canine youth and youth last up to 3-4 years, and then the process of withering begins. During this period, the first symptoms of congenital and acquired diseases, which have a significant effect on how many years Spitz have lived, can manifest themselves. If you notice disturbing bells in time and take appropriate measures, you can extend the life of your beloved pet by 5 or even 10 years.

That reduces the life of the Spitz

The main factor that determines how long your beloved friends will live is the absence of serious diseases. Pomeranian spitz-dogs are characterized by good health, so the owners may not worry about congenital defects, however, acquired diseases may manifest themselves.

The most common diseases are urolithiasis, problems with the cardiovascular system and arthritis. All these diseases are largely provoked by poor nutrition. Many owners feed their pets ready-made dry food of not too high quality. Such food contains few nutrients, but starches and synthetic food additives are abundant. Such substances are not perceived by the body of the dog, are deposited in the kidneys in the form of stones, clog the blood vessels and settle in the bone tissues. As a result, the Spitz people begin to show symptoms of chronic diseases, which over time progress, cause pain and lead to premature death. In this case, the answer to the question “How many years have Pomeranian spitz live?” Will be disappointing.

Also, poor diet leads to a lack of vitamins and overweight. The first factor quickly manifests itself in the appearance of the dog: the wool becomes dull, sheds and falls, so owners can take action immediately and not wait for more serious consequences. Excessive weight leads to too much stress on the joints, spine, heart, and these vital organs fail prematurely.

Why super-dwarfs live very little

Super-small dogs are incredibly popular, because they are so convenient to keep in the apartment and carry with them everywhere. For this reason, tiny doggies are significantly more expensive than their standard relatives. However, the abnormally small size threatens with many health problems: the internal organs do not cope with the load and work inefficiently, causing various pathologies and mental disorders. Super-dwarfs of the Pomeranian Spitz, as a rule, lived no more than 8 years, and at the same time they needed very careful care and respect. Normal growth of a spitz is 20 cm, and smaller dogs are at risk, so you should seriously think about before taking a miniature baby.

How to extend the life of a pet

In order for the beloved Pomeranian to live as long as possible, the owners need to pay enough attention to the pet. First of all, it refers to proper nutrition. Ready-made feed should be chosen very carefully, pay attention not only to the brand of the manufacturer, but also to the seller, because fakes are very common. If the owners of the dog prefer natural homemade food, they have the ability to control the quality of the products. In this case, you need to monitor the balance of the diet so that the fluffy friend gets all the necessary substances.

Also important is an active lifestyle. The fact that the spitz dog is a lap dog does not mean that he can live exclusively indoors. Like any other dog, oranges need fresh air, sunlight, walks, active games. If the owners are not lazy to regularly walk with his four-footed friend, he will live much longer. By the age of 4-5, he still loves to play and fool around. Funny, cheerful dogs live more, so the owner should not forget to play with the pet, it will prolong the life of the pet and give a lot of positive emotions to the owner.

The main factor in a long and happy life of the Pomeranian Spitz is an attentive, caring owner, healthy food and an active lifestyle. In this case, a furry friend will delight its owner for a very long time and may even add to the lists of long-lived dogs.

How many years have the Pomeranian Spitz lived?

To find a reliable answer to this question, we read the discussion of the breed on the forums of owners of such dogs, as well as their feedback. Most often, the following figures sound about the longevity of a given breed:

So if you are going to start a pet of this breed, you can be sure that with proper care and good conditions of detention, he will delight you with his company for at least ten years.

By the way, if you are only going to buy a baby - where you can buy a spitz puppy, see http://minipes.ru. Following the link you will find a list of purebred oranges offered by kennels (with all documents and the ability to book a puppy).

What determines the duration of life

It is necessary to understand that how long the Pomeranian Spitz will live directly depends on many factors:

  • Heredity. Healthy parents are the first things to look for when choosing a puppy. After all, the genes will provide the dog a chance for the longest life possible. Otherwise, the baby may inherit various diseases that reduce its lifespan.
  • Feeding. The more correct the pet's diet, the better. After all, nutrition provides the dog's body with all the substances it needs. In case of bad food, the body will receive less of these substances (vitamins, minerals, etc.), which will entail various diseases and, as a result, decrease the length of life.
  • Conditions of detention. Regular walking of fresh air, a bedding set away from drafts, prevention of fleas and ticks, and other aspects of keeping a dog also affect the lifespan.
  • Injuries. After all, the Pomeranian Spitz is rather small and fragile creatures, it is easy to physically hurt them. The presence of injuries also adversely affects the duration of life.

All of the above is important not only for mini Spitzers living at home, but also for medium and even large ones. Therefore, provide your pet with good housing conditions, good nutrition and pay attention to caring for them.

Characteristics and features of the dog

What is the Pomeranian Spitz breed, the Pomeranian is a small dog with a head that looks like a fox, it has a rounded skull and small ears.

The paws are straight in front, wide apart, the paws in the back are also straight and parallel. The hard type of hair is elongated perpendicular in length relative to the body, due to the very thick and fluffy coat. Due to this, the dog does not freeze in winter.

Even this breed has a very attractive "wool collar", and on the paws behind are beautiful "wool pants." Oranges can be about twelve different colors, although the color finally forms after six months, after the dog sheds for the first time.

The predominant color shades of this breed are: orange, cream, black, blue, brown and bright red. Colors of other colors may also be acceptable, but in rare cases. But in this breed one can easily distinguish male and female sex, the male does not look so beautiful, he is slightly larger than the female.

  • Dogs continue to grow up to about six months; it is at this age that they are finally considered mature.

These small, fluffy-looking dogs, almost immediately turn into adorable "toys" of their owners. The main advantage is not so much in the charming attractive face and gorgeous coat of the little dog.

Pomeranian, this is a huge amount of great emotions, he can constantly amuse and amuse his masters, play and enjoy with them.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that such a being the owners do not want to lose too soon, but everyone is well aware that our shaggy friends live much, less than people.

For this reason, most owners are very worried, asking the question: how long do the spitz live, and what can prolong the life of a four-legged pet?

Answering the first part of the question, you can give a pleasant news. Spitz, like most dwarf species, is a representative of long-livers. On average, the life of this dog lasts from 12 to 15 years. Sometimes there are exceptions when the animal lives eighteen years.

The main condition for long life, a good owner

A good host is the main condition that affects the long life of your four-legged friend. The main condition here is what the owner’s attitude will be, how long the life of a shaggy pet will be.

It all depends not only on good care, excellent feeding, although this is not unimportant fact. These dogs are very attached to people, they need to constantly communicate with people, play, run, constantly giving their masters a good mood.

If a four-legged friend gets all of the above, he will respond with mutual love and devotion. What will surely affect his longevity, and then at the age of ten, he will be as cheerful and active as he was in his youth.

Если хозяева осуществляют правильный уход, какой максимальный возраст будет у померанского шпица, померанский шпиц в этом случае иногда перешагивает двадцатилетний порог, это бывает крайне редко, но бывает.

При этом долгожитель не доставляет хлопот и нервных расстройств, своим хозяевам. В этом случае, необходимо правильно ухаживать и кормить в соответствии с возрастом своего друга.

Начиная с семи лет, нужно в обязательном порядке несколько раз в год посещать с ним ветеринарного врача, для профилактики.

Use mineral and vitamin bait to strengthen bones and joints, transfer your four-legged to a special diet for older dogs.

  • Make a change to natural food, removing from there a significant proportion of fat, fish in this case is better than meat products, so it is better to reduce the meat portion, replacing partially fish.

A good solution is the continuation of various games, activities with an elderly friend, you can not behave with him as with an old man. It is unnecessary to make walks shorter in time, referring to his age, this will not be beneficial, it is necessary that the dog lived an ordinary life.

What affects the reduction of life

The main reason on which it depends, for a long time, will be whether a beloved friend lives or not, the absence of various diseases. And this is caused by a significant number of important factors.

  • The first factor is the peculiarities of this breed, which determines the diseases peculiar to dogs of this type, and the ways to prevent them.

In this case, the owners can not survive, this species is not susceptible to diseases and is considered healthy, there are only common problems that all dwarf dogs have.

Problems that affect only Spitz are the problem of early hair loss, although it affects the appearance more, without affecting the longevity of animals.

  • But the fact of disgusting care and bad food will have a very bad effect on the life of a four-legged friend. In this case, if the dog is not observed in the veterinary clinic, does not receive in advance the necessary prophylaxis from all sorts of diseases and parasites, it will not live much.

Another reason for the small term of life is overeating and excess weight. Older dogs larger than normal, have complications in the heart and liver, they can develop hypertensive crisis and a stroke. Uniform food, with a small number of vitamin supplements, will also reduce your friend's longevity.

Why super-dwarfs live very little

It is believed that the smaller size of the dog is the most newfangled brand, for this reason the price of the dwarf is much higher. Owners seeking to get the dog of the smallest size, forget one truth, the standards were withdrawn for good reason.

Pomeranian Spitz - less than eighteen centimeters in size, the animal has a thin spine, which increases the risk of various fractures and all kinds of injuries.

It also leads to many pathological diseases, an example is brain hydrocephalus. The tiny size of a friend often affects development, while the body can not work properly, causing various mental disorders.

How much can a spitz super-dwarf live? Longer than 8 years, such dogs do not live, and you need very high quality care and good observation by a veterinarian.

That is why dogs of this size are considered commercial goods. Breeding of this type, traders are engaged, because of the high cost of four-legged, no serious breeder will deliberately breed spitz-sized dwarf size. Given that the normal size of the little dog from 20 to 22 cm, are small.


Shedding is the first thing worth knowing to the future owners of the Pomeranian Spitz. It begins in a puppy at the age of 4 months and lasts up to 3 years, until the soft fluff changes completely to a dense undercoat. During such a period, the spitz-dog needs regular combing: at the age of 4 months to six months - 2-3 times a day, and at the age from six months to 3 years - 1-2 times a week.

It must be remembered that too frequent and too rare combing can lead to unpleasant consequences. In the first case, the undercoat will be scanty and very rare. In the second, wool is knitted into mats, in which dirt, dust, sebaceous glands accumulate, and parasites can even start.

Pomeranian spitz-dogs like to wash, they like to stand in warm water. But at the same time to wash them more than once a month is not recommended. And the washing process itself has its own rules:

  • Before the water procedure, the dog cannot be fed, but carefully combing it is necessary,
  • wash only with special shampoo, very carefully, making sure that the pet does not fall into the pet's eyes,
  • it will be necessary to dry the dog, and this is done with a hair dryer and a comb, and the air temperature should be warm.

Haircut, in turn, is not a necessity. For the convenience of the dog, it is quite sufficient to remove the fur on the paws and ears.

A balanced diet is a very important condition for maintaining and maintaining spitz health, since animals of this breed are prone to obesity. And this, in turn, badly affects the work of the heart, which inevitably shortens the life expectancy.

If the animal eats natural products, its The diet must contain: lean, raw meat, devoid of bones, sea fish, raw and river, steamed or boiled, cereal and dairy products, fruits, vegetables, brown bread, crackers.

Not every porridge will be well digested. Spitz is not recommended to give dishes from barley or semolina, as well as wheat. In addition, eggs can not be fed more often 2 times a week.

If the pet prefers food, then choosing them, you need to take into account the composition. Feed must contain meat and have a high digestibility. If the composition includes corn grits, cellulose, nutshells, etc., then such a food will not bring benefit to the dog.

Regarding the size of the portion and the frequency of feeding, the feed usually contains instructions. And in the case of natural nutrition, the portions are selected depending on the individual preferences of the pet, and the frequency is no more than 2 times per day.

Vulnerability Accounting

Not only do Pomeranian Spitz have pedigree vulnerabilities, they are just like any other dog at risk of catching an infection or becoming infected with parasites. therefore vaccination should not be forgotten: at the age of twelve weeks, you must be vaccinated against distemper; at the age of seven months, the puppy must be vaccinated against adenovriosis, hepatitis, and enteritis. A revaccination should be carried out annually.

De-worming is also a mandatory procedure. Flea collars and tick sprays will be needed regularly.

After vaccination, the dog will weaken and over the next two weeks will not be subjected to physical exertionand also have to protect it from hypothermia.

As for the education of Spitz dogs, it must be remembered that you can allow a puppy what you later want to see in the behavior of an adult dog. And to prohibit everything that you do not want to see. The main thing is to have patience, remain calm and firm. And it is impossible to make any indulgences to the pet, otherwise you will have to forget about his obedience in the future.

How many live

Average lifespan for pomeranian spitz considered termfrom 12 to 15 years. However, with proper housekeeping, these dogs can live for 20 years or more. In this activity, they do not lose, all the breeding enthusiasm is maintained with age.

Proper care, in addition to complying with all recommendations on the content, includes the following:

  • Starting from the age of seven, the pet must be regularly taken to the veterinarian for a routine examination.
  • From the same period, it is worthwhile to adjust the diet in view of the fact that the spitz’s joints and ligaments will weaken, etc.
  • Even though the activity should be somewhat benign, it should not stop altogether: you should play with a dog, a mobile life will have a positive effect on his health.
  • In no case should the dog overheat and allow overcooling of the dog.

In addition, special attention should be paid to the fact that there was no overfeeding and, as a consequence, obesity. For pet age this very negative factor.

Features of training

The techniques used for dogs of medium and large breeds, in this case are not suitable. Spitz training is based on its strong olfactory reflex, i.e. as soon as the pet understands that he is given something tasty for doing the exercise, he will repeat the action again and again correctly.

There are a number of principles that must be followed:

  • training should take place in the form of a game
  • classes should be conducted in strict mode, without changing time,
  • spitz should be trained by one person, he will not obey all family members,
  • during classes, no one except the trainer and the dog should not be present.

Delicacy, as a reward - obligatory stage after each success of the dog. But physical punishment should not be in any case. Spitz dogs are distinguished by a subtle understanding of intonation - a harsh tone will suffice to express discontent.